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Cooking Dream

Cooking Dream for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by iKame Games located at 143 Nguyễn Tuân , Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
there is something wrong with the game . it doesn't open any ads. so I can't get more jems. it's been 3 days.
I love fast pace 🤩 games. If I actually owned a restaurant I would like it to be one like this one. The controls on this time management game is great. The graphics are good as well. Thank you for providing me this game to play. I have costumers waiting so I will keep this short. I give this app a score of 5 Stars for this game.
What a great game!!!😊😊😊 i hope i can play ads all the time to get more coins...keep it up😊😊😊
Very interesting game and you have been able too much time with my friends are going through some reason
It's a wonderful game I'm just loving it i am in Tokyo city right now... All the levels are very gratee..
My game is stalling and the videos won't load to get 2x the coins or diamonds. This has happened to me multiple times and I'm over it!!!!!!!
I love this game because i learn how to be fast at cooking...guys i hope you like this games because its good..more than good its very good woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
The game was fun until 3rd restorant. At that point just like other cooking games the odds of winning against you. With the updates insanely expensive, huge influx of customers to serve and crazy cooking speed it's impossible to win a level without paying real money for playing it. It was fun while it lasted, I done with cooking games as they seem to follow the same boring game play and pay for win model.
I love this game I always win and get new restaurants open I don't need to buy booster but. 😘😍I love this game really you should download this game and really you will find something new.
I like this game😀😀 .I think by the help of this game people will know how to make different kind of food. It has a lot of thing to know 🤗🤗.
Got to level 90 started level and no customers show up.. a couple other levels in the pizza shop. Paris level 93 you have to get 16 thumbs up in 10 seconds...come on man. Have to be a magician or a junkie to do that. Please fix.
I absolutely enjoy this game! But now when I try to open it, it just closes. I dont know if it's my phone or the app.
Why have suddenly the option of doubling my earnings thru ads stopped? Any update on my question? I really like the game but without doubling coins and gems it doesn't work for me. I can't spend real money to buy these Now that I have given the review about ads to double my coins you have stopped it entirely.
I like this game a lot, I give 3 stars because the game is cheating, it has a reward of gems when pass a level or pass a Extra Job but they DID NOT give the reward!!!!!!! Please fix it............
There are five times when this game would not give me any customers at all and then it would count it against me. I'm uninstalling this game because it is glitchy at best. I would not suggest installing this game unless you want to have problems constantly
Bug alert! After the latest update it is stuck in the same place. My progress is not been recorded at one point onwards! Please help
This game is addicting for real enjoyable on the hand with great graphics I recommend everyone to play it you will not regret it
Best game ever. Easy to get ANYTHING from the game by just playing and you choose if you wanna watch a video and get extra rewards. I love it!
The game is having a lot of problems The game has become very useless after the update, either new map The game was running very well without any updates coming, or correct the game again by giving new updates and also give a new map
The game is fun, when I can play. I keep getting kicked out of the game, straight back to my home screen. Can't enjoy a game I can't play.
I already left a review but it wants another hahaha . My experience with this game is fantastic it's nothing like the other cook games this one is THE BEST TRY IT I PROMISE . One thing I am so happy about is this game dont get u so far in to the game and just stand you at a level u cant pass unless you pay money not this game you get plenty of pink diamonds and u can watch videos like I do if u need more I love this game and I know u will too happy gaming everyone stay safe out there
This game is super fun and easy but too much adds I hope you guys can fix that bc it super annoying please fix it
Ok, Nice game But too much add, literally too much... Means, there are adds just after a couple of orders , which made me rate it 4 ,,, But otherwise very exciting game. 😅😅
Good game. Plays well, but upgrades are too expensive. $5500 for a plate to put eggs on? Takes forever to save enough. Might have to drop this one...
This game is fantastic mind-blowing and very nice this is so cool and I practice to play fast and good for better results. I think this is a very good cooking game ever.i think you should also play this game for better experience.thanks
This game is a pretty good, it has few problem like there is ad after completing a level but we can skip that. I will recommend to download this game.
I Love these GAME!!!! I appreciate your time and hard work just to make these game. I haven't seen any bugs or glitches here, in these game, you have many worlds of different restaurants, you can play without using any data.. My suggestions are: Make more worlds, more costumers, more levels, more recipes and more avatars, and add some interior designs in every restaurants. And that's it, i hope you add this,
Great to play n challenge myself, doesnt need money to play or purchase tobkeep on playing, fun and interesting to have new restaurants in new cities.
This would be a great game if it was finished. I got all the way through the first city then nothing! I was so disappointed! Update: Started playing again. And lots of great additions. Loving this game. Very reasonable ads and ways to advance.
You're giving an ad after literally every level. It's really irritating and to think that the ads are half as long as the level itself... I don't think the game is worth that much. Uninstalling after just 8 levels.
I love the game...the controls are working just fine, its simply too fun to play but the reason am giving it a 4 star is because when you get to the 3rd eatry, upgranding items becomes way too expensive.
This game is great fun to play.it has good graphics too. Am still enjoying playing this game. The challenge of getting all the orders done and to the customers in time gives your brain a good work out.
So far this game has been quite fun. The game goes just fast enough in order to keep up with it. It is really not fun to play a game where it is so hard to get to the next level. I'm really hoping that as I continue playing that I don't run into that problem. So many of the food games you end up needing to buy something before you can continue. If you want good reviews for your game, I would suggest letting your customers get farther in the game before it nickels and dimes you to death.
Good app really but problem it gives 5 heart ❤and if you lose whole heart then it gives onew heart in Half hour
I like this game. But I'm giving it only 2 stars for the following reasons: -sometimes you have to watch 2 ads instead of one to get gems which is not cool. -i finished Paris and nothing comes after. It makes me keep playing old levels. Nothing new.
It was really awesome to play this game the best thing is that it had sequence from easy to medium to hard
Good game. Very much fun, but too many ads. Like, after finishing a level, I mean each level you get ads. That's annoying.
I just purchased more gems. The game then restarted and my gems are not there but my card was charged for the purchase
A really fun game and from where I am you dont have to pay. Will update if needed. A great time waster.
I love the game but there is to many ads and I fell like the rate thing comes a little to much but still love the game
The adds are so annoying. I just downloaded it plays till level 6 but the adds keeps interfering. Should give it 5 star though.
this game is good but always moves are completing,when l play this game i did n't get sufficient time.
Was loving the game, I'm in the 3rd world now and it requires boosts to pass some levels which is fine...but now I can no longer watch ads for gems and the gems I'm supposed to earn for beating some levels don't get added. Now I can't get the boosts to beat the levels. Just started happening today out of the blue and I can't seem to fix it Update: I have to constantly uninstall and reinstall to fix the issue as it repeatedly happens
I am enjoying the cooking game very much. The higher levels are not so impossible that you never win.
Like the game, but it is is now buggy. No matter how many times I reload it, it will no longer allow me to tap on food to put on plates for serving.
The game is impressive.. it's just that it has too many ads. After each and every stage an ad pops up which makes the game less interesting
The game has been frozen for 3 days. It's stuck when I first open it. It's showing a purchase for s-14.99. I CAN'T BUY OR EXIT OUT
Am so annoyed and disappointed by the game cause is not same as on the advertisement Is fake , and I'm damn sad
Ridiculous! I've been kicked out twiceand I just downloaded it. I tried two others like thisand they were'nt this way. Are there no decent cooking games these days!!!
We didn't get diamond in extra work, in game it's show reward, but in result it's doesn't. I'll give five star if this error solved
Not the same game as advertised. Ad shows pre cooked dishes to be served, going by on a conveyor. Game has you making donuts. Uninstalling...
Too many ads. Once you complete one game it will proceed to ads. Its irritating because you cant focus on the game
Great game! I love that the game has different concepts when you level up. It makes the game not too boring to play. I'm only playing this for two days now but i opened 3 restaurants already! Lol! I super love it!
I love this game, but I want to say that in the beginning it's absolutely one of the best games but as you move further you need boosts and stuff to pass levels bit overall I love it.
I like it because it feels good to win I get a bit frustrated because I have to cook fast but I still love this game I am never deleting this game it's really fun
I was loving every thing about this game and was so eager to get to the next world. I finally got there only to realise that I have to leave all my coins I saved in the previous world to earn new currencies in the next ???? I mean, what headache??? Isn't it a game??? Shouldn't all the currencies be the same??? What's the reason for changing it??? I've tried different cooking game and they use the same coins in other worlds. Why this game when I thought it was better than the previous ones😔???
Here latley well about since i have got to level 20 somthing it has started to just exit off the game everytime i try and play a level it exits off the game and it really aggervating because my phone doesnt need to be updated and neither does the so can you fix it or do i need to unistall it and get a different game
This game is so good many customers 😂😂🤣 is so cool they need food in time otherwise they go and my food is going waste😂😂😂I love this game and I always enjoyed it me and my sis play this game crazily she left side to play the game of mobile and me right side we played it so fastly otherwise customer is asking me to give me more food But the game is really good I love it.
I change my review to 1 star as I have been waiting for weeks for more levels to be opened. I have contacted developer through email and have heard nothing. Don't waste your money trying to get too far because once you get to a higher level you can't move on. All it says is coming soon. Ridiculous
Too many ads...u cant even play a stage properly without an ad at the end..I dont have the patient for it..
This is my favorite game I love this game. I was bored in lockdown. And I was seeing YouTube and saw LaurenzSide's video and before the video start your ad showed up. That is when my sister download this app
It is a nice game not a boring game it is so interesting and hurry burry I like it so much that's why I have rated this game five stars but I have only one threat because sometimes the food will burn or the customers will be hated that is only I did not like
Having a lot of fun playing game is awesome thanks to the play store there is just a little problem ads look a lot, but awesome game.
Lots of content, including replayable missions. I have center once needed to spend my own money on buying resources as they are easy enough to earn in-game. A great time killer that gets progressively more challenging but is always fun.
From my experience cooking Dream is a must to play, it make you think quickly and act quickly, you push yourself to the limit, which is a good thing.
So many bugs. The game itself is ok. Typical and entertaining cooking game. Character unlock needs work and better development, has bugs with the avatar system that are frustrating. The achievements are broken. Not getting credit for completed cities. Game still needs work and would give better rating.
This game is totally based on ads!! For lots of diamonds we need to watch too many ads.. most of the time ads wont be available.. this is very annoying!! Plz add more extra games to earn diamonds
I like this game, but why don't I get gems when I supposed to get them by passing hard or super hard levels? After winning super hard or hard levels the game must give gems as a reward but it doesn't
I enjoyed the game up until now I am stuck on 14 on the new city the boost they gave me to use is not working I can't even collect diamonds anymore what the heck I am very annoyed. I thought I would have fun with the new city but I'm sad to say for the first time I am not very disappointed
Nice game but I am fed up of extra job it's like never ending after 75 levels I'm getting extra job and new level is not comming. Other then that everything is good👍
I love this game. It's really appreciated game. In the staring it is slow,that is the problem. I thought let me uninstall this game, but when I played once I love this game oooo much.
This app is asome than other cooking app but, there are too many add .I have waste my real money 💰 my mom is very angry 😡 so this app is not too good 👍or not too bad 👎.
Very enjoyable. Not bugging to spend money. Also, what a relief to play a game and not have friggin adds every two minutes.
Game is good, but the ads of plunging toilet & horrible things creeping & crawling all over the kitchen is sooooo disturbing!! HATE to see such worst kind of ads. I mean seeing such disturbing things in a cooking game is so delightful right? 🤮🤮 I'm never ever installing this game again!!
Hate it because after play for one point must have ads. It take so long to wait the ads finish. Please i hate ads so bad!!!!
I like this game very much but i give it only 3 stars because it doesn't allow me to watch ads so that i get gems...
This game is very interesting but you've made it too frustrating. Why is there no option for money exchange between the cities since they spend different currencies all together It's so frustrating since you always have to start all over when you have so much money from the previous city.
I would give this 5 stars if it weren't for a couple of reasons. One, I dont understand how it's doing coins. Like I have 3,007. I did a level and it said I earned 750 PLUS 250. That should be 1000 coins which would make my coins 4,007. I only have 3,757 coins. Meaning the couns from combos aren't adding. And it's been doing this for a while. And my second complaint is that you can't double small amounts of coins by watching ads. Every other cooking game I've played has given this option. Weird
This is a great cooking app, i love it so much! I dont see any fault, that's why im rating this app 5stars 👍👏
Ok i don't usually five stars but maybe this one very hard to get to new reataurants but you can without having to buy a package huge plus it may take awhile but hours of fun 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🙏
It is fun. The game and art is amazing. I cant say for the higher levels but when i reach the third restaurant, the upgrade costs too much other than that its great.
This game is fun at first but then they force you to use real money to buy gems and all those stuffs. The updates become very expensive while you earn very less coins. Really pissed me off
I've played pretty much every cooking game out there this is absolutely the worst. Completely shady once you get far enough it leaves you absolutely no way to pass levels without buying items and I'm not talking about in the normal ways like on combo levels but they don't give you enough items even if you do 5 item combos each time.
Game is good but all my progress is gone, Ihave spend lot of money on this game but now all of it is gone.Now i have to start from 1 level.
Its hard to get to the next level. You have to keep spending a lot of money No friends can help you at all. You can't request friends also. Nice game but cost too much.
Was really enjoying this, until a few week ago when it wont let you progress or move levels. Think it must be a bug or something but deleting this now
I love this game and graphics look amazing as well as the food a fun app all around and a blast to play👌👌👍.
Why can't the gems get added even after watching it multiple times? Pls fix the issue this is happening a lot now.
I like this game but its getting more difficult and now my game has been frozen/not saving my levels for the last 3 days this is frustrating please sort it out thank you 😊
This game is just awesome for the person who like cooking games like me. This has no such ads that irritates is It's just so good If it had 10 stars then I would give it happily I mean till 15 levels it's really good After that who know it changes
I love the games but I want to point out one thing about the sound system. Other games have two different sound , cooking sound and background music but your game has only one sound. But I love it , thanks
Love this game, could play for hours; addicting. The only downside once you get so far in the game, you have to purchase boosters to get further... Only suggestion make more ways to earn boosters. No one wants spend dollar after dollar to progress in a game... I had got so far in the game where I was stuck not progressing, had to purchase a bundles of boosters to get farther; quit playing for a while; discusted that I had spent money. It shouldn't take so many diamonds to get boosters.
The game is cool but i hate the fact were i get to lose all my coins nd start gathering again from another kitchen its really frustrating but all the same its a good game
It went from 5 stars to 3 stars to me ... i have finished all NYC levels 115 and i did not receive my 5 diamonds Second in rome i cannot use the coins that i have in NYC + it is so hard to get coins in rome !!
I like this game 🎮 but I am giving 3 stars because I finished Paris level and it is saying again to play the old levels which I finished 🤔 but I won 🏆 2 thousand 300
The constant need to sell inside the game gets to you. And the amount of ads is insane. It spoils the entire experience. There are levels where you just won't be able to cross till you don't spend money on diamonds or whatever.
Love to play this game but it keep on starting over at level one. each time I pass a level an reach far it keep on starting all over again
The game is amazing its just because too many ads and if you fixed it would me so awsome and thank you for listening to my opinion
Great game so far. I am giving a 4 because the amount of coins used to upgrade is much compared to the amount of coins gotten as the game progresses. Please work on it.
Hi, I'm giving this game a 5☆☆☆☆☆. Bcoz First I thought this will be Hard and Super fast. But Now I know that it's simple And So Much more fun.. So, That I loved it Loads.. Thank you.
This game is fun, but the way to discard items should be changed. I keep accidentally discarding items while trying to serve them (which usually causes the level to end). Discarding items should not be done by double clicking it!
It's an awesome game.... Till now I have played.... Just amazing ...but little improvement is needed.. About the ads..
It's my favorite game but the reason for giving 1 star less coz after going to another country, coins are not carried forward & in next level everything is costly. So as usual I have to delete the game.
I like this game but I gave 4 star because we will finish the selling then ad will come so I gave 4 star but it is nice game I like it
I complete four cities, after buying gems and watching so many ads to earn them now I can't move on to the next city. Please guys don't waste your money, time you will never complete all the cities 🤦🏾‍♀️
really good it has one or two adds in I'm not saying or not to play the game it is really nice it teaches you how to cook and first off it's a very nice game don't get me wrong it is basically for you to learn how to cook as I said it is just an amazing game it helps you to be patient have manners especially patience and you're too to be kind and patient to workers in restaurants is not because they're working at the restaurant that you have to be mean to them be to them please play the game
Originally gave 5 stars but after third destination it says next is coming soon. When is that exactly? I have completed every level, got every chef hat. No more to do but wait?! Please, when is next destination available??
I love this game for the graphics i like them very much the customers are very Patient and upgrades can come easy keep up the good worj
I'm giving this game only 3 stars because I do like this game. I USE to love playing this game up until the last couple of weeks. None of the videos are available for extra time, plays or gems forcing you to use up all the ones you have banked or to buy more. I tried updating and reinstalling...still no videos available. ***PLEASE FIX OR I WILL BE UNSTALLING 01/01/21!!!***
OMG, the game was funny tho but the ads were too much. We can't enjoy the game properly. We are supposed to enjoy game, right? you shouldn't have put too many ads there. I mean it is totally okay if the ads don't need time, but in this app, it takes 30 seconds geez. In conclusion, I uninstalled this app.
It's a very nice game really but there is no mini games to earn more and more coins and diamonds please install mini games for better experience
Was enjoying it but you get so far and a level is impossible even with all the boosts and all the upgrades
Great! I love playing this game. But stop letting the cook pop up every so often telling you this or that. Annoying.Duh!!! I can see if food is burning, or, as I'm about to give a customer food, he pops up to say someone got angry.. So what?! Ppl get angry all the time for all kinds of silly stuff. That's life & that's reality!!! Fix this, p'se.
The app is great but it takes too long to load and you guys keep on raising up the upgrade too high and matter of fact there is too much ads. So I give it a 3 star if you can make the game a little better I would really appreciate that. Thank you
Very enjoyable game there are so many ads in it but that's not big deal because ads are not too big overall 5 out of of 5 starts
Why is that everytime I attempt to play this game it always ends up and back to icon again...hard to touch the play bottom pissing off..soon if I cannot play properly I will delete this game
The quality is good, the ads is not too much but its hard. U wont be able pass some levels without using power double money. N you ve to spend diamonds n moneys to buy the power up. And they still asked though to upgrade the shop appliances so i could win the level when i already upgraded everything but still the level is hard without using any power
Why i play another games and there is this.BUT i make 3 stars BECAUSE the furnace is very slow and i don't have MONEY to make it then PLEASE make it faster OR make the money you take BIGGEST to be nicer and PROMISE i will put 5 stars IF it's nice IF it's not i will NOT TOO.goodbye
Game is good very intresting But one small problem one game by one advertisement its too bad and irritating plz chage it But game is good I love it ☺️☺️☺️
Amazing game!Shame that each game/level lasts only 1m maximum.It should last at least 3m bc its hard to get the diamonds &the boost are expensive.Also the game is making me loose several boost by saying that i trashed something:its too sensitive & it also says i trashed ice creams when i didnt even touch on them. NO ADDS in Tokyo city!!! Can you fix it?? no adds no free boost etc ADDS Dont Play :(
Am really loving playing this game because I get customers like in a row u just cook and serve very fast with profession in cooking I give the food they like and end up being the best chef in my theory
Would not recommend. After the 1st world, you do not get a chance to transfer your coins to Rome. Moreover, the game does not give you enough customers on purpose (even on levels without the timer), does not give you enough money to buy upgrades, and forces you to spend money. Uninstalling.
Just because as much as Im loving this game , more the ads are making me bored , as this game contains more ads than actual game , so I hate it otherwise the person playing game for fun will be more irritated through the ads 😡😡😡
highly recommended game! It is sooo amazing. I love the graphics most. I love how they add customers as the level goes up. It is very entertaining. 💓
Great game teaches you a lot about the food industry it's hard word fast paced. The game makes the time fly. And if your hungry you get full fast🎃
Gave a four cause ever since I got the update its been shutting off when I just start it. It will load at first, take me to he levels then when I'm about to press play. IT SHUTS OFF. I love the game but do something asap I need it in my life.
This game is quite interesting but no matter how fast you are still unable to hit the target as want you to buy the jewel to pass the level.
I used to love it but now its just not working right ..my daily rewards are stuck on the extra people and everytime i win a level and i turn the game off then open it back up it doesnt seem to save it cuz i have to repeat the level ..so im just deleting it all together
This game is good to play but hard and super hard levels are very hard and I want gems but I don't have much gems to solve it
The game is real good but the most annoying and distracting and discouraging flaw is the 30 sec add after every game and so many ads. Ads are longer than the game itself. Very very annoying. Other games may not be so good but atleast they don't send so many bugging ads every 10 seconds- 30 sec ad. Very annoying.
Rated this 5 stars a while ago.But giving this a four right now. Coz what's wrong with that nescafe ad. It doesn't go away. I mean I'm fine with the ads after each level. But hey! What's wrong with that nescafe ad. Had to exit the game coz, ugh!
It was amazing I have been playing with my sisters and brothers and even my cousin. To me it has no flaws
I like the game but can't open the next location. It says, "Coming Soon" for almost a month...😂😂😂
Great so far, but it is still early in the game and I don't want to get too excited too soon. 😊 I like this game it's fair and I can say generous , it's always giving gems and rewards I don't mind the ads they double your coins! I'm giddy . Graphics are great, food cooking time good still playing.😊
Its interesting and good but i cant pass the last levels of each country as they are super hard and takes 2 or 3 days.it bores me😞
The best cooking game ever.. Have many things so you will be not bored at all. After some levels new food is available and old food are discard. Few ads but not irretating I mean ads did't fris
Challenging no t boring. You get new restaurants and I say you get this game if your looking for a cooking game. It has super hard levels. I love this game.
Enjoyable game good graphics like that you have option to play previous levels. However am stuck on level 75 have upgraded everything cannot move any further without buying gems.
Enjoyable at first but gets too tricky after completing the first two restaurants. Upgrades are expensive & takes me ages to get enough gold coins to purchase a faster grill/serving plate. Also, the customers get angry too fast & i dont have enough cupcakes or lollipops to keep them from leaving.
Great so far, but it is still early in the game and I don't want to get too excited too soon. 😊 I like this game it's fair and I can say generous , it's always giving gems and rewards I don't mind the ads they double your coins! I'm giddy . Graphics are great, food cooking time good still playing.😊 why can't you take your diamonds and coins with you ☹
My experience is great because so far my costumers are patient enough to wait for their food and it impresses me that i can get free diamonds at the end of my sessions when i finish cooking for my run in folks
The game is fun and all but each time I play a level the game stops working and I end up right back at my home page.. it's really annoying. Please to fix it.
Am loving it so far, hope it stays that way, but i dont like the way the equipment at the upgraping keep getting expensive but its a nice game to download
The game is so beautiful, am so addicted to it. I get even more excited when I see that am opening new restaurant👌👌 it's keeps me busy.
This game is fun to play . Especially when you are bored . So please try this game and you will like it very much. There are not that much adds so it is better than other games .
The overall experience is nice but the game stops to respond after almost every advertisement. I then need to restart it again to play every time. This is really frustrating! Kindly solve this issue.
Nice until level 43 where you have no chance to upgrate because of the high prices. It is pushing you to spend your money or to spend your time watching adverts so you can win gems. You can not enjoy the gane anymore. Disappointing *1000
It's a very good game. I recommend it to y'all. It's just it gets harder as we unlock new levels. But the game it aweosme
Good fun, challenging but not stressful! A nice game to play when you have a couple of mins here or there.
Its an amazing game just dat when u get to level five its give u five seconds ads if u could do something abt dat
I like this Game and i spend all time for this , it's just looking hard but you can pass the level's simply .
I don't expect that when I open the game its so enjoyable and non-stress coz every level i play, they give me gems or diamonds and then it's fast cook and the costumers are so cute🥳and I hope I finish my new York level fasten so that I will proceed to Rome✈️.Thank at maraming salamt po