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Cooking Diary®: Tasty Restaurant & Cafe Game

Cooking Diary®: Tasty Restaurant & Cafe Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by MYTONA located at Clementi Central Post Office, PO Box 041 Singapore 911202. The game is suitable for Teen (Language) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a fun and casual game, very engaging and quite competitive, which makes you want to keep playing. It surprisingly doesn't get boring in spite of the gameplay being so repetitive, so congratulations to the developers for such a well thought-out game! I however find it VERY annoying having to sit through a 1.5 seconds animation every other 1.5 seconds. May I suggest adding a feature to disable animations?
Really fun game, but you do have to spend actual money to keep playing. Also the chests you get for completing a certain amount of levels need have better rewards. Not just 1 or 2 gems. It just isn't enough to keep playing. Since the upgrades cost soo many gems its impossible not to spend money. Gotta uninstall for that reason.
This game is definetly challenging & fun. However, the cost to upgrade items should be between 2 -15 rubies! And the maximium time you should have to wait until you receive your delivery should be 1 hour! Its ridiculous to have to wait 8 hours for an item you just paid 20 rubies for! I do spend money, but the cost to upgrade things is too much!!
I've been playing this game since 2018. The updates to the game have been great. The issue I have is that once complete a restaurant you (those who have been playing for a long time) aren't able to get any further in the game until there's an update. Why haven't the developers come up with an option for gamers to use or convert coins from the previous completed restaurants? Also, you can give your feedback on the game. But, it will most likely be pointless.
U see the game is wonderful but the reasons why I put 3 stars are - 1 you have many in app purchases that is very partial. 2 you take a lot of rubies for simple thing. instead u should take 100 coins or 1 ruby like for level revivals. 3 and you should put upgrades at a lower price like 2 banknotes for a photo or 5 bank nothes for table settings and also 1 or 2 rubies for upgrading or boosting your kitchen. 4 you should give a bit more time. Otherwise I love the game. - my regards.
I have to uninstall and redownload but there should be a sooner way to lookup my account. I have to make someone play it for 6 levels then I can look up my account... and btw I have to do it this way because everytime there's an update it always tell me I need more space. At 1 point I was deleting apps. Until I just started uninstalling and downloading. Its becoming a lot.
I've used to love this game, but last about two months all packs are same prizes but you getting much less than before, levels are more difficult, some of the levels required using busts and perks or upgrading restaurants what you can only do if you spend money in a game. Its sad that we have a times where games are not for fun anymore, poor kids without own money, getting frustrated trying to pass levels, no metter how good you gonna do it, without buying packs with diamonds, you gonna stuck..
I really like this game but have noticed the last couple days I can not put the pizza down to get pepperoni on them.. This is super frustrating a I lose a life and am unable to complete the level.. Please fix this.. If it was working right I would for sure give this game 5 stars.. I figured out what the problem was & have bumped up my rating to a 5 star.. Need to make a way to get more rubies without having to pay..
I enjoy playing the game but I don't like the fact that it take forever to renew lives and how much the rubies are and if you need the play cards. Like the instant cook. 20 rubies for one playcard thats not fair. Dont want to keep paying for rubies when its not enough for anything. Not wasting any more money on this game. I will just wait 54 mins for new life.
I enjoyed playing this game. However, i need to buy rubies in order to level up. There used to be free rubies in exchange for watching videos, where is it now? You also increased the cost of rubies and decreased the number of rubies as prizes for completed tasks, this is discouraging!
The game isn't enjoyable anymore as it is almost impossible to beat even with upgrades. Rubies are super expensive. Buying the golden pass is only for cosmetics and rubies are very limited. Although it's free to play and purchases are optional but how do I get past a stage when I'm stuck when I don't have enough upgrades? Rubies are unobtainable from anywhere else. And that few rubies isn't gonna help when the upgrades require even more rubies.
I have spent enough time in the game to see several points to comment on. Firstly, it's a very fun game at its core. However, the in app purchases are very predatorial. Game progress should never be locked behind a premium currency. I would rather just outright BUY a game than spend $100 just to get through the core game.
Nice causal start, a lot of micro transaction pop ups and a known end game where the pay wall comes. Its not a surprise, but by the time the 4 type of "currency" came into play, I was ready to give it up. It's not that its complicated It's just unnecessary. There isn't enough to care why these currencies are here except to fuel more micro transactions. I think there are better, less interruptive casual games out there, but I give kudos to the artwork and the very...unique story lines :)
i really like the previous version. it was easy to acquaire the gems. however, now i find it hard and it has become such a pain. every items need a lot of gems to upgrade. and the number of customers hardly increase but the number of prices goal keep on increasing! thus the need to upgrade all the items.. and no gem no upgrade. 💆🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️
I really love this game when i first tried to play this but as time goes by, it starts to get harder and i have no choice but to buy gems because i can't complete the level without upgrading the kitchen. I hope you can fix this because i really love your game. It's disappointing to see it like this.
This was super fun. The update they just released is horrible. You can tell it is a greed issue $$$$$$ game keeps crashing and taking assistants with it. with over 200 Facebook friends and 40 game friends, I should have a fairly steady supply of assists. They used to stack, which was perfect and a good reason to have so many 'friends' .. new update assists are not showing up even when sent. My daughter sent me one when I only had Johnny. It has now been 2+ hours and NO assists at all.
Game is really awesome but at some stages it doesn't let you play. Sometimes we get infinite play time still it doesn't make you win even if we give best to clear up the stages. So I just hate this thing about this game. Even if we play smartly and doesn't move money from counter it still creat hurdles to play. And hide dishes so we get stuck and if we stop it just end up game. Hate this really. Really annoying. Fix this or we will uninstall this game 😡
Updating my review and changing from 5 stars to 3. It recent changes you can move to a new restaurant after completing 50 levels, well then you max out and have to wait for updates. During this time you have to go back and play those levels, at this point I don't remember how to make all the specific dishes. Refreshing or having an option to have papa reshow us how to cook the dishes would be great, or remove the option to move past the level at 50 and make us finish it at 80.
Love this game. It's a little money hungry though but you don't have to make purchases. Sometimes it's really hard to earn gems that you need to upgrade your kitchen to beat a level so that sucks. But it's possible. Lots of active members in guilds and great events and updates. It's my favorite cooking game so far
When I first started playing, I rated this game 5 stars, but now I've spent some time in it I've realised it's really hard to progress without spending money. Unfortunately you need gems to upgrade equipment, now these gems are very scarce to come around and you don't get enough throughout the game to progress quickly enough to win challenges. I think it would be better if the gems were scrapped all together and keep it as coins to upgrade equipment. It's a shame.
This game is fun... but when the level is getting higher... the higher it cost gems to proceed with another level... I suggest that the developer should increase the giving of gems such as for achievement with completing the 50 level will receive 30gems and above... and for other achievement too... And i notice that there are no free gems when player help friend... And problem with update the game too... Maybe the developer should make player update once a month and not every week... Thanks...
It's a fantastic game that's going bad,the makers are trying to get people to spend money to go further and get new looks and upgrades, that's fine if you have the money. I play this game to chill out and it's turning into a nightmare, teammates are getting fed up and are questioning is it worth it. I've rated this game a 3 star, 2 months ago it would have been 5.
It's a fun game ,I really enjoy it. The only complaint I have is not enough gems to do what needs to be done. Example buy something for your restaurant to progress better. Since gems are used for pets, upgrading resturants etc they should be easier accessed. My suggestion would be once a restaurant is completely completed instead of getting money you get gems. You cant used the money once a restaurant is completely completed.
I really like this game but I feel like a lot of the other players, it's really hard and discouraging when you don't have the rubies you need to advance in the game. Progress is what makes it enjoyable and if there's not really any progress because of lack of rubies, then it's no longer fun. I think the game should give more incentives than it does. Everything seems to be so costly in the game.
Very addictive, often challenging but fun. You can play without in-app purchases***, but it's admittedly a little hard without them at times. Definitely recommend giving Cooking Diary a try! ***Editing 2 months later: the price of gems (needed to progress in the game) has gone up and it's hard to complete levels now. Used to be $0.99 for 100 gems, now it's $3.99. Takes too much time/money to progress now. Disappointing because I really like this game.
I love this game. But as you approach to open next restaurant in the same city, the items are more expensive to upgrade at the beginning stage. Which sometimes requires you to pay for coins or diamonds in order to upgrade so you can past a level. Should offer a higher reward on each level when things are more expensive to upgrade. If this game come to a point where I need to pay to keep moving up in level . I would not be interested in playing.
Great little pass-the-time game. However, and I'm sure a lot of people have said this already, costs waaaay too much money to get rubies. As the levels get tougher, rubies get harder to get AND you need more rubies to upgrade. Super disappointed in most of these flash games.
Super fun cooking game! Challenging but not impossible and although it starts costing more coins and rubies for upgrades as you progress further in the game and unlock more restaurants, they do reward you with a few rubies throughout. It's easy to get coins because you can still play previous restaurants and keep earning. The rubies are very hard to come by unless you spend actual money but they do have good sales on a regular basis. All in all it seems this game is a long term investment
I like the game but now that I'm on higher levels I believe 254 the game keeps shutting down. I have uninstalled and reinstalled only for the problem to continue I will try one more time in a few days and if still doing it I will have to uninstall for good ./ After clearing the cache occasionally I have no issues with the game, so I change my rating from 3 to 5 star. it's a fun game to kill time when you are bored. Plus I found a fantastic guild:-)
Was a great game until the most recent update. A whole level of serving nothing but "geeks" makes it impossible to move forward to the next level. Not sure why this change was put into place aside from attempting to force people to spend money to complete levels. And please don't respond with your copy and pasted "every level is winnable" response because no one is going to spend a month trying to complete one level.
I really like this game. But the rubies are so hard to get, and even if I purchase something, it still won't be enough to upgrade everything. I'm just stuck. I am really hoping you would award players rubies after each level or maybe just a reward for the TIME remaining after each stage.
I love the game its very addictive and I spend a lot of time playing it but my only problem is the rubies. It takes a lot of rubies to upgrade and its extremely hard to earn enough rubies so it gets you very frustrated and bored after a while. Other than the rubies problems the game is great. I really hope something could be done about the rubies thing so as to make the game a lot more enjoyable if not perfect.
Great and fun game 1. There are ranking in guild games, I suggest that there are also individual prices for the top 3 for example. To push other members to participate also. 2.But, diamonds are hard to earn. Although, I spent for them, it seems that the buying price of items are too high. I can only upgrade 8 items for 100 diamonds in just 1 restaurant -_-
Fun game but you need to use money to continue. There's comes a point in the game where the upgrade gem cost out weighs the gem given in the game. This was ok every so often. Then it gets worst. It gets to the point that every new restaurant you need to buy gems to play. It's fun, just I need to look for something else now
It's been more than 24 hours that by magic I lost over 360 rubies and the developers are NOT responding or helping me. Every time they do an upgrade they mess up everything including the way you play the game, loosing rubies and less boosters. From Happy Fan restaurant and on you won't be able to pass levels. They do this on purpose thinking that you are going to buy rubies therefore the game is not balance at all. They don't like to help anyone. Same message over and over. VERY GREEDY PEOPLE.
I used to play this game a couple years ago but stopped and eventually forgot about it, but I found it again and I still enjoy it as much as I did before! People say it's too hard to upgrade the kitchen/food items, but I personally don't think it is. I have never spent money on this game, but I do watch ads whenever they're available, and it really helps move things along! If you don't have the time or patience to do so, then I expect it will be more frustrating to play
I've enjoyed this game in the time I've had it, but after a certain point, upgrading equipment (which becomes essential in actually finishing levels) becomes impossible without rubies, which are available with real money. My progress has stalled significantly waiting for the Wheel of Fortune to reload every day, and even then you're not guaranteed rubies. If you could watch ads to get rubies, I'd change my rating. As is, it's fun, but if you're playing free, don't expect to get too far.
Very ill thought out game. Need too many gems and too hard to get. Pet supplies are rarely given, so why have pets?! Adds are ridiculously excessive. Seems like developers care more about flooding you with ads than your enjoyment of the game. Sad part about it, all these issues could be easily and quickly fixed, but they're not
Love it! But gems are getting way to expensive, used to have great deals but not any longer. Been playing since beta. I'm addicted 😂. Loved the stranger things theme . Love the added golden ticket. And the new way to get friends. I need to go to cooking diary anonymous....
Great game.thAt was my review 2 months ago with five stars. Now whoever sanctioned the new updates will cost you players. First u make d levels shorter and harder, 80 levels to progress instead of d 50, so we will have to spend rubies to upgrade . Make low decor points for high money and high points for ruby. Reducing food truck rubies. Spent a lot of money playing but this is just a rip off. Uninstalling.
First time I installed this game it was fun to play, but now I'm frustated LOL. The levels are getting harder, it seems impossible to pass the level if you don't have or use any boosters. The upgrades are getting expensive (for rubies). Creighton's Challenge seems hard to pass. The first time they asked for stars I gave them 5, then I changed my mind into 3 stars. Thinking of uninstalling Cooking Diary, because playing this game doesn't give me any more fun 😂
I agree with other reviews that this is a fun game but the enjoyment definitely wanes as you get farther along. It costs a lot of rubies to upgrade. Someone said you can earn 9 free rubies a day. That is true (if you don't mind watching ads) but it takes 17 gems for 1 upgrade in some of the farther levels. I'm not interested in taking 2 days to upgrade one thing. (I refuse to spend money on a game). I may end up playing a different game if the rubies keep being so hard to get.
It is a great game but as you get higher in the levels the fun starts to decrease as you have too little lives and it cost too much rubies to upgrade and purchase improvements for your restaurants. If this continues I don't see where I will.continue to enjoy the game as I did when initially installing. The developers of the game should really look into an alternative to this.
Highly addicting & fun! (At least it used to be): 7 Month Update For the past 3-4 updates, Mytona has taken away many perks & features that once made this game enjoyable to play. FIFTEEN gems were removed from food truck prizes, but the price to purchase remains the same. New restaurants/levels are becoming impossible to win w/o using boosters. The clothes being offered in food truck & path to glory prizes are no longer worth the money. This game also lacks fresh ideas to keep it interesting.
Very enjoyable, and the challenge / learning curve is perfect! EDIT: New updates seen unnecessary. E.g low fanfare for the spinning wheel landing on anything (bit irritating) and the high five at the end of winning levels. It's a bit patronising I feel, and the spinning wheel updates are starting if in headphones. It also adds to the time between winning a level and playing the next. Red in time bar also induces too much anxiety I'd say. Prev issue fixed thanks!
Fun, pretty non stress game. Only be better if you could get more gems free, but also understandable. Best game for getting free upgrades tho! Edit: After recent updates, I am not nearly as pleased with the FREE upgrades. Now they make you use gems for speeding up upgrades when it used to be ads. Also, once you buy a package, they stop giving you the cheap option.
added 1 star for a response even if it is probably a copy/paste bot. you buy one or two things and then you never get offered the cheap deals. i hate games that do that too, not just this game. 2 stars for this: i hate that you force people to unlock restaurants when they haven't saved enough money and gems to upgrade anything. let me unlock it when i want to.
Good thing bout it is u can get enough gems(eventually) and speed things up with ads. Just need to login and collect your daily gems and eventually u can complete the stage. There's also lotsa events that would give you gems if you can get within the top 10 ranks. Basically you will have ways to get gems even by just completing the stages and getting chests by default, so it's pretty playable and advanceable. Addicting game
With every update it has become more and more difficult to get anywhere. Rubies are hard to come by as it is, now almost impossible. No one wants to play an unfair game. Some people have videos for free rubies while others do not. Some can get extra rubies by playing daily. Others dont get them. I used to purchase rubies for 0.99. After several times buying them the price jumped to $3.99. They say its random?! Nope. Not buying it. Mytona, your losing players and money.
This is such a fun and beautifully cultured game, I love to play it with friends and family, it's a hard game once you get far into it. If your not good at moving really really fast I don't recommend this game( not saying that you can't but if you want to challenge yourself go right on ahead!! ) But if you are and want a challenge you can play it too! But over all I recommend this game and hope you enjoy!!!
Reading from the responses below, I agree that game is free to play. But then that will only get you stuck in a stage. That's not fun anymorr. The only way to move forward is to buy rubies whicn gets pretty expensive as you level up. Bring back the viewing of videos for free lives or upgrade speed. Either way, we still do in-app purchases. The game gets greedier as you progress in my opinion. When you start buying rubies, at some point the game disables the freebies like videos so caution guys.
Down to 1* for your latest update. The new interface sucks, everything is harder to see, all was fine with the old interface. You made restaurants harder and the character slower. I'm losing levels in restaurants I never had the slightest problem with. I don't mind a challenge, but this is ridiculous. As long as a game is fun, I like to spend, but this no longer is!
This is my third time writing a review, I just want to join in with the disappointed voices (and rightfully so!) of long time players. With each update your team just makes the game worse and worse. The amount of money people have to spend to progress is outrageous, and all you can reply is "we are sorry you're frustrated, the team is working to improve the game, your opinion is very important" well clearly you don't care about our opinion, just know that your game is not irreplaceable
I absolutely love this game! And the story line is awesome. The only complaint I have right now is that we aren't able to watch videos to upgrade the kitchen, interior and decor anymore! This game is super challenging and the rubies aren't easy to come by. So when we can afford to upgrade why take away the easiest way to do that?! You almost HAVE to buy rubies just to make it to the next restaurant. It's even more of a money grab take away the free upgrades! Fix that please!
The game was fun. But as you go further to it the upgrade became so costly in gems that we need to puchase to proceed instead of being stuck. It will be appreciated if you take back the free ads for gems. Also, can we save the game on different media such as an email perhaps? Not on facebook? Hopefully, there's also a reward for those who gets in the top 3 of the team guild.
I enjoyed this game alot until the recent update that was offered. Since then, I have experienced multiple glitches in the game that have left me more and more frustrated. For example, in a restaurant when I go to make a customers meal at the prep station I am prohibited from doing so. I am met with the "mm-mm" sound as if the meal is incorrect when it hasn't even been made or given to the customer yet. Another example is watching ads repeatedly and not getting the promised reward.
I love this game as it have so many food varieties. But the latest update kind of disappointing, since this new graphic version are confusing cause some of the ingredients were place differently hence the new 'look' of those foods. I had to try and error a few times just to get familiar with it again. One more thing, do fix the tutorial too cause usually if the customer order a certain food, it will show you how to do the exact same food but now it just show a tutorial of a random one.
The recent update has ruined this game completely. I was even happy to have restaurants that were not completely furnished - I know they have to make money somehow. But since the last update, I have been on one level for at least a week with "forgetful geeks" and I've even spent actual money to buy rubies to upgrade the entire restaurant yet the level are becoming impossible to complete. Will be deleting if this is changed soon.
The game was fun for awhile but then there's a huge difficulty spike making it too hard to progress or even enjoy myself and part of that is due to almost every upgrade requiring gems and gems take forever to get unless you're willing to throw money into the game so all in all fun game up to a point, then it's just give them money or suffer
Absolutely BEAUTFUL GAME. I was very impressed how CULTURALLY DIVERSE the characters are, too! Easy contols and fun to play, Cooking Diary has had a LOT of work was put into it. However, no game is perfect. Cooking Diary can be expensive if you're a pay-to-play player and will move very slowly if you're not. It does NOT HELP when stages go from challenging and fun to extremely difficult to complete, even with a full kitchen! The abomidable snow man makes the game feel burdensome. Please remove.
I'm not sure if it's a glitch or a new tactic they are trying it to make more money, but watching ads use to be an optional way to speed up upgrades and the like, but as of recently, I've been forced to watch ads even when I back out of my current restaurant to view the map or after I complete a level. It's awful.
I love the game however, I feel that we should not be forced to progress furthe when we want to continue with our current restaurant. It is so expensive to upgrade restaurants and difficult to keep up with events such as the like marathon, for the like marathon I think we should be able to get likes from any restaurant we are in. A suggestion is to have events spread over the month instead of weekly, so it is easier to keep up with for some of us that are busy but enjoy taking part in events.
Its a good game. But dosnt calerbrate properly and makes me pick up the wrong items. I have burnt so much food because of this and got super confused because i have got the wrong thing from this or i have the same items that i thought i gave the costumer. I also hate were the special things are because the way i hold my phone i accidently click on them and waisting them. So please move them! And fix the bug!
Looks like a cooking game for 2 year olds now. So ugly after update. Waited for the whole stranger things garbage to end just be disappointed by the new lazy childish graphics. Plus, the higher the level the more rubies needed to upgrade your kitchen, like 25 rubies per upgrade high. Used to be one of the best games on the market. Bye.
I truly enjoy the overall game BUT (and it's a huge but) it's entirely to hard to get rubies which you need to get further in the game. I rarely get discouraged especially while playing games but I've closed out the app several times and vowed to never rerun... Yet I'm about to play as soon as I finish this review because my guild needs me.
I love this game! It's fun and doable without having to spend money (though that makes it easier & gets you cool stuff!) and stays pleasantly challenging without becoming impossible. I love the regular updates & events which keep things fun. My only complaint is I hate being forced to unlock a new restaurant when progressing to a new area - I like getting the high score before moving on! The 1st time made sense as a tutorial but after that it's unnecessary. Love it otherwise!
This new update made everything harder and more expensive. Restaurants where I had enough upgrades, now I cannot reach the limits. Decorations are twice the price, the helps are disappearing if you have more than 16. The game wasn't super easy before the update either and the diamonds were scarce as well, you had to work a lot for them. I kinda hope the developers would revert back the latest update, but I know this won't happen, because money talks. Really sad.
The Game is Good!! I just don't find it reasonable for using gems when upgrading every single time! maybe for the last upgrade but every upgrade seem kinda stupid. Paying for gems for the upgrade is reasonable enough but using gems for upgrade every time is stupidly ridiculous. Main point is what's the point of griding coins if you can't grind gems??
Hi. I suddenly came back to this game and it seems like my account was gone? There were two accounts to choose from. The account on the first download and next is THE SUPPOSED ACCOUNT SAVED ON MY GOOGLE PLAY GAMES. But what happened? The account was not mine. With a different name and level. Please help. I've grinding that account ever since. Hope someone can help me. Thank you.
Angry that the ability to earn free gems by completing offers was a scam and short lived. I completed one offer, never got the gems, and was working on two others when I stupidly made a purchase to support the game, now I can't find the complete offers anymore. Angry AF. Thinking of deleting now. Bring it back!!! Your gems are expensive!!!!
Use to love this game, but lately the prices have gona up (new items in old restaurants have to be purchased to be able to complete levels) and now when you reach the second stage in your restaurant you HAVE to open the new one. Doesn't give you the option to go back later to open it. That means you have two "unfinnished" retaurants and more diamonds needs to be used to update both, that is if you want to get further in the story/complete the daily tasks. Really unhappy with the update...
This game is actually really fun! A lot of the advertisements can be SUPER misleading though, so it actually took me a few months of seeing them to finally try the game out. Now that I am playing it, it's very entertaining and quick paced, making progression easy and enjoyable. I also enjoy that there aren't any in-game ads to deal with. The only thing I would change would be maybe fixing how guilds can be searched so it isn't so weird making and joining them.
I was loving the game until the most recent update. The game is repeatedly force closing and costing me assistants in the process. I'm able to play 2 to 4 levels before it force closes. I also do not like the limit placed on assistants. I did not add over a hundred people to my facebook account to not be able to get assistants from them. What is the point in having them if they go to waste? Very unhappy with this update.
Been playing this game for long now, it was satisfying and so good to play with until these recent updates that there are so maaannnyyyyyyy addddsssssss!!!!! 😫😫 I mean, c'me on, why does the ads are keep on popping and popping!!! So frustrating.... Makes me really disappointed... 🙄😓 Yes, Ads are helpful to gain Diamonds/Gems as well as for other matters, but the pop-up ads are so annoying to the millionth power... Huhuhu
I really like this game! I like the many customizations of our character as well as the diary stories! However, I am really finding difficulty in progressing after the 'watch ads for rubies' is gone because that was my main source of rubies...please let that feature return! 🙏😭
It is a pretty fun game where you can form guild with friends. It is nice to play together with friends. But can I have a suggestion for the daily outfits, to show us the individual pieces of clothing, before we purchase it. Sometimes when the set of outfit has an apron, i am unable to see the design of the shirt/pants becos the apron is blocking. I can only see it, AFTER i purchase the set of outfit. Thanks.
I just upgraded my phone and the game is starting me all over again. Why is that? ***UPDATE*** DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!! The makers of this game have done EVERYTHING to ensure that you will spend LOTS of money...and you'll get stuck if you don't. I'm on a board where I have to get through the "Lunchtime Express," and unless you put out some money, you won't get past this board. I used to love this game, but; it's not worth it anymore. You have to spend a lot of money just to get a few rubies.
** Edit: don't install the update, if possible. It is just a constant push to join a guild or pay for upgrades, which it was NOT like before. After the most recent update, it is more than difficult to complete levels that used to be manageable- with this new prompt, before you even attempt the level, it says that you need to upgrade (spend more money) to most likely pass the level. With this new tactic, it is just obnoxious and manipulative.
I used to be addicted to play, get rubies and upgrade. I play offline cause i don't have data, i need to play for days and days on the same levels because one upgrade is not enough! We earn too much money for nothing! I hate to play it now! Character is slow, level needs more than one upgrade and it needs too many upgrades. And i play offlinee!!!!! It's upsetting.
Great game. Enjoying the challenges and the different ways to customize the different restaurants, BUT the further you go in the game the more gems/diamonds you need to buy things for the shops like a faster oven and it's hard for someone who doesn't want to buy gems the whole time to make a success of their restaurant.
5! 5! 5! this is such a good game! i have never been impressed by a cooking gake before but now i have. the graphics are adorable, the gameplay isnt too hard, and the controls are amazing! once you get into a rhythm this game is easy. plus, you can join guilds! i am currently in a guild and it is so fun being able to interact with others and doing challenges. the characters have depth too! my only complaint is how they try to shove you buying something in your face. but it is still amazing! 😊🤩
Ads, a *** ton of adds, double unskipable adds when just accessing the city. And the biggest problem - sometimes after I pass a level i get adds that are weirdly cropped - they look like they were portrait oriented, then they got landscaped but werent scaled correctly - so basically the close button is cropped and I can't exit the add, I have to exit the game and if I do so the level is considered as lost and it breaks my streak. Except that, the game is nice.
The best cooking game I've played so far. The goal is reachable unlike from other cooking games. I like most also it is not boring because you can unlock new level or you can open new restaurants eventhough you're not yet fully done with the previous level but you can still come back to it anytime. The animation is great as well happy to say that I discovered this game. ❤️
Can you look into the placement of 'continue for 20 gems' or add a confirmation button? I'm sure it's done strategically but it leaves a sour taste in your mouth about the game when you accidentally press it when it pops up as soon as the game finishes (as it's likely you're still tapping) –especially if you have actually bought the gems. Feels a bit slimey and less inclined to purchase anything again. But thanks for updating the game play again, ive noticed a difference, feels playable again!
I used to give this game a 5 star,but have since dropped it down to one, actually considering uninstalling it after 2 yrs and lots of money spent/wasted. This last update took away features us players because familiar with and enjoyed. It is a FREE game, but beware, if you Do DECIDE to spend cash the free "video watching" to speed things up will not be for you. I spend money weekly and therefore have never had a "watch video" option. And now they took away our ability to stock up on assistants.
The game used to be great but now its so full of micro-transactions. The screen is so cluttered with offers and every few minutes you have at least 3 offers pop up. The new ads are also so misleading it's sad. This game used to be great but it's gotten so cheap and tacky it's sad
Really use to enjoy this game but the further you move in the levels the more you must rely on in-app purchases to pass levels. The developers always say in-app purchases are not required to pass levels but that is a lie. The developers want you to spend real money so that they can get paid. Unless you want to lose money and help the developers get rich avoid this game and others like it.
This last patch is horrible!Game crashing every 5 mins.Now we lose helpers.On top of that you can keep requesting helpers& get deleted after 16?! I wasted so many helpers. No blocking it so if you have 16 you cant request again like before. I am not a free player. I pay to play and this is becoming a waste of my money. Its not fun. Why put something in the game to take it away? Why mess up the game so horribly! Can't even keep up with opening new restaurants. And making us do guild quests in new
I used to like playing this game but lately they are only interested in money. The game has too many upgrades which messes it up and you can't play without upgrading which costs gems. Some items cost as much as 22 gems to upgrade and there is no means of getting gems unless you buy. The food truck gems that was supposed to be 65 when you buy a key is now reduced to 50 gems. The sales they do on gems only appears to those that don't buy it,if you buy,they will stop the sales so you buy expensive
This is a fun game and the developers really listen to the players. A bunch of people complained about changes that where made in an update. And the next update everything was fixed. The only thing that's keeping me from giving this game a 5 star rating is that some people have the option to speed up deliveries by watching a video while others do not.
It's really fun! Great game and the stranger things event was amazing! I really have only one complaint I guess. It gets harder to accrue gems the further you go into the game and you really have to grind the levels to get gems but you also need gems in order to complete levels so it's a bit irritating but I'm hoping as I go there will be more opportunities to get gems.
I love this game so so much. It's fun and engaging and you even get a good amount of freebies and bonuses. Unfortunately I'm at such a level where it is impossible to proceed without spending a considerable amount of money on the game. I'm truly disappointed as I love the game so much. Don't get me wrong, I'll spend $5 or $10 every once in a while because I do so love the game, and I want to support the developers, HOWEVER... As it is right now I can complete a level 100% (i.e. serve every customer every item with a full mood meter, while collecting combo coins, AND not fail any of the requirements) and still fail the level. You must spend gems to upgrade your restaurant and the cost of upgrades in the higher levels means you will not ever be able to upgrade without spending money on the game - even with the freebies and bonuses. I'd still recommend playing, but know that your days are numbered with this one - ESPECIALLY if you want to play for free.
Update : I realized what is happening. The game is making me use my red gems for kitchen upgrades, even though I have enough gold coins. Pretty bummed. Great game, lots of fun. I haven't been playing long, but I really enjoy it so far. But I am wondering where all of my red gems are going. I had 17 when I closed the game yesterday, and now I only have 1. Also, I was pretty bummed that I had to spend 50 blue ticket things on a hat I didn't want.
I am 😡, This game is starting to turn more and more into a money grab. I am getting so frustrated I stopped playing for almost a year because I felt as though a had to continuously purchase gems to move forward. I started back again a couple months ago and they decreased some of the event pricing. Now they have removed the feature of watching videos to speed up the upgrades of appliances and now if I want you use the appliances I purchased I have to wait hours or purchase the instant function
I played the game for quite a while now and mostly it is a positive experience. I rarely give a game such high ratings. It is challenging to acquite gems, but it is not grinding for days and weeks unlike most other games. There are many events to slowly accumulate gems and it is quite balanced and well paced. In the recent update the graphics are too cartoony for my liking. The old graphics for dishes are much better. My only complain is that the game sucks data very fast! Do something about it!
I really used to love this game, but after the latest update it's gone down the toilet. They've made it ridiculously hard to pass levels now. I'll lose by a few coins even with a near completely upgraded restaurant. The upgrades are very expensive and it takes a long time to upgrade anything unless you want to spend a lot of real money to buy rubies. There are lots of cooking games out there that are fun and not money grubbing. Pass this one by.
Love this game, but enough with the updates... Every update gets larger and larger and everytime I have to delete something on my phone... I find that very frustrating given I've played this game since it came out and it's getting to the point where I might just stop playing... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ease up on the updates...
I love this game!! Its so much fun! Absolutely recommend. Only 2 things: - there's too many adds popping up at the same time, while you're just trying to chill and play. - while you go up levels the ruby cost to upgrade gets too high, even if you watch adds, making it really difficult to keep playing. This can make people go play other games meanwhile and eventually lose all interest.
I used to looooveeee this game. Very addictive & fun. But now I feel stress, coz its so hard to win a level now. I don't enjoy it. I'm just so close to un install it. It's so hard to get Rubies without spend real money. Everything cost much more expensive to upgrade a restaurant. All I need is my old cooking diary. I hate the updates.
It has become impossible to play the game without paid for cheats and upgrades. Don't believe that the game can be used 100% free, that's not at all true! With each update, the levels become less and less passable. I've been playing for a year now and the charges have gone up but you get less for your money. It It seems to take 4-6 weeks for restaurant upgrades and only 2 restaurants at a time are ever made which leaves you playing the same levels for weeks. Zero reward for loyalty too! Avoid.
I really enjoyed this game for awhile, but they have become so greedy it sucks the fun out of it. I've paid several times for items, but they have it rigged where once you get into the higher level restaurants, you can't advance very far without a bunch of rubies. Their upgrades are so costly that you have to buy rubies every few levels or wait days or weeks to collect enough. Thanks for taking a good game and ruining it by forcing people to pay ridiculous amounts of money to play!!!
They are doing too much to this game! I've been kicked out 2ce in the last 20 min of play and it's it's not giving me credit for my finished levels using my guild assistants. These games always do this! They start out great then they start trying to do everything they can to get you to spend money, then the game starts glitching out and becomes more of a frustration then anything else.
Fun cooking game. The in-game purchase pop-ups are a bit too much. You get 2 between each level you play and about 9 the first time you log in each day. Worst ones are when you dismiss and you get another "are you sure you want to miss out on this one-time (lies) deal?" and you accidentally hit cancel.
this is such a bad game! very addictive and very frustrating! you can never be satisfied even when youre in the zone. and yes, i still keep playing because what the heck it kills time and extends my patience on a daily basis. enjoying it will never be a problem coz the algorithm of the game can sense how you want things to flow out (at least thats how i experience it). love the mini side games, but i wish you can cut some slack on Creighton's challenges..please? xD Congrats for the award!
Love this game, but since the last update(stranger things event just ended) my game will no longer open and load. It freezes on a conversation between grandpa and my character. I've tried closing it out and restart the game but it still freezes right there again. I'm rather disappointed since I've been playing this game since the beginning and this has been happening for a few days now. Please help so I can enjoy this game again!!!!!
Great game! It is fun and also challenging! Update Nov 2020: It has become unbelievably hard to complete levels now. You need insane amounts of money earned from your restaurants and rubies to upgrade your restaurants. I spend a lot of money on this game, but at some point I have to step back and think. We've already lost some of our guildmates because they cannot complete levels and have quit.