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Cooking Crush: cooking games

Cooking Crush: cooking games for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Flowmotion Entertainment: Restaurant Cooking Games located at 1440 - 1188 West Georgia Street Vancouver BC Canada V6E 4A2. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Has started really well. I've played many cooking games over the years and they all get so hard that it gets impossible to pass through even the most difficult - especially when its lack of coins or diamonds and you cant go any further. But I'll enjoy this one until it gets impossible yet again!
I like this game because the screen is to big because the other game I doanload is the screen is so small but this game is to big screen I like it so much good game for me so I give it five stars
I love this game I mean you get free diamonds free rewards so far so good not like other games they have a lot of ads and in the fifth level they already have to buy diamonds good job I'm enjoying it
its amazing in the start of all level,,but when lev3l going up,,its more harder,,coz they always give combination serve to customer but the time give or extra is not enought..the reason make me mad,,and also so expensive need to pay for getting extra customer uff e
I agree with Myla, it sucks that y'all took all the gems away, I have finished all restaurants, but one and I'm used to getting 5-10 gems or a booster with completed level. Then you took away the gems in the daily happiness and replaced them with coins. Some levels are harder to get through and I need gems to complete. I hate this new update and I'm really not happy with game anymore. If you hadn't changed the daily happiness it would be 5 stars.
Disappointed as you need boosters constantly and to keep up with your own play, these boosters need to be added by buying gems as the rewards given are not ample to continue the many levels and quests available. This spoils the most part of an enjoyable app and is very costly 😕
I love the game. I also like that u can win stages without making in app purchases. When I got to Canadian treats, the 1st level refused to open. I am stuck
I was looking for a different game to play and I love cooking games, I was not expecting to see a daily happiness block with daily quotes..very cool!!! All in all 5 stars 🥰
Love the game my only problem is that they take way to long with releasing a new restaurant and when they do it's only 1 and the long waiting make the game become boring and also with the new restaurant hospital care the were lots of bugs hope they at least release more than 1 restaurant if they are going to take a long time to release them
Great game! Exited for the next restaurant! For me, it's the best way to relax after a hard day at work! Some things I want to say: First - in the Indian restaurant I did not like the fact that the food was very small, there were sо many pieces in the plate and I strained my eyes to see them, I think the portions should be large, colorful and juicy! You can think about changing the characters too, we're a little tired Difficult levels!!! In every restaurant there are difficult levels, I love them, I love challenges, but in the conditions when you have to make 44 servings without burning food, there are finally 5 seconds in which you have already fulfilled the condition, you have served even 48 or more dishes and in these final 5 seconds the food always burns and the level is considered unsuccessful. It's a little unfair, especially if you've spent crystals, fulfilled the condition, and finally have to start all over again.
not as good as cooking fever. but still a great time passer. most certainly if you're in lockdown x edit: the app has a brilliant support team who, after emailing them, they have always replied in a very short time. Resolving any problem and with great offers.
I like the game but when I got to level 9, a demonstration of how to dispose of incorrect order popped up. The game froze on the pointing finger, I had to keep closing out the game just for it to happen all over again. Very Frustrating Please Fix!
They cheat! Soon as you start cooking the timer starts at 5 when you have 25 customers to feed. I'm over this game. They just want you to spend more money!
I hate this game now I can't play this game because the stupid screen keeps freezing up on me and I lost 2 lives because the screen keeps freezing on me "WHAT THE HELL MAN"😡
It's a fun game, but you don't earn nearly enough coins to upgrade appropriately, so you have to use diamonds for extra time, extra customers.
the game is really good the fact l gave 4 stars is because I thought that there would be like .. big recipe but thanks for a wonderful game
When you get to a certain level like 14 or above it is 3 times harder to finish that level which makes the game not very relaxing kind of stressful
I am giving 5 stars to this game because I am enjoying this game there are so many levels in this game there are so many things to upgrade and make we can make cake🍰,cupcake🧁, sandwiches, sweet bread🥧 and doughnut 🍩.
The game really needs improvement. Sometimes it stuck and I won't be able to serve customer. And I can't use the money I earned in one restaurant in another restaurant. The graphics need to be improved. But it's very challenging. So i liked it.
There has been a glitch for weeks now where the cooking tournament banner pops up and won't allow you to close it. I used to really enjoy this game but now cannot even play it. It also won't allow a screenshot to be taken.
You CANNOT be serious! It was slow enough earning coins in the different diners without watching ads. NOW the upgrades cost coins AND gems??!! Thats taking it TOO far. This was good while it lasted. While I understand that a free game may cost money, isn't that what ads are for? I should've waited until the update was forced instead of doing it myself; now I have to find another cooking game to play and I was enjoying this one. Thanks a lot guys for this awesome xmas gift: ruining this game.
The game is fun playing but the problem is gems and money its very little to even upgrade and some levels are very hard for me too.
The game was ok until it wasnt. By the time your enjoying it, you have no jems. The every day bonus cost 20 gems to start over and doesnt let you get to the 7th day even when you go on it every day. Time to delete and find a better game.
love the game. nice graphics and it's not to hard and not to easy the reason for the two stars is that level 2 and 5 freezes, if it wasn't for that I would of Givin the game 5 stars
I so much love the game . To the extent of downloading it like 5 times.. once I get to a certain level the game will just seize to movement. Until I uninstalled and download again. The only level I could press and play during that time is the first level.. I'm so tired you guys should do something.. this is the second time I'm complain about how my game seize in the middle of the road. I'm going to uninstall and download again ND this will be the 6 times I've been going through the same problem
Used to love it, but they keep making awful changes. Now u gotta wait for appliances updates to arrive 🙄 or, ofc, spend more gems. Awkwardly, there are just a few ads you can watch before it runs out 🙄Feels like any other game that tries to force you to buy gems in order to have a decent experience. They added one more way to spend the gems, but ofc they didn't add an extra way to earn them. Prob gonna uninstall soon.
At starting i like the game so much..but this is not right to watch 6 or 7 adds continually to update the ingredients.it is so irritated. If we are updating with the money and diamonds..then why the updation is so delay.. and what is the use of the updation after 9 hrs if our level will end earlier.???? I am going to uninstall the game now.. only because of this non sense
I enjoy this game over all. its not boring I highly recommended, It's so fast to cook in seconds and all ready to be served, you can tell your friends too to play this Game I swear it's nice So Good..
I really enjoy this game. the levels are not too hard to pass and you do not have to spend money to continue on in this game. very enjoyable
This game NEED to spend Your Money! This game is fun that is only reason I gave two stars but if you wants to advance then this game want you to spend money to buy boosters. Some points even there are some customers left but it block you and ended game. For your ingredients, it updated not long ago, you need to wait for 10 hours to update. Dont play this game if you dont want to spend about TWENTY DOLLARS each level.
Overall, this is a fun game. Fast paced, unlockable goals and ads are rarely played. I would have given it 5 stars, however the developers keep mentioning that "all levels are balanced and do not require in-app purchases to complete", they are not lying, but it is misleading. There are absolutely levels that are not beatable without spending your resources (either gems or boostables). This I assume is to have you eventually want to spend money to replenish those things. It's sleazy.
I love this game😍😍😍😍. The pace is just what I've been looking for. The graphics are awesome and they award you gems to keep upgrading cooking appliances. I recommend this to everyone looking for a fast paced cooking experience. Happy crazy fast cooking everyone🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
It's an addictive game. But sometimes I wouldn't complete some levels due to stuck with some options. For an example countdown show the time is up (0 sec left) but still the customers keep coming or all the other things work properly but your fryer got stuck and don't let you cook anything on it. Happened with me couple of time. If this gonna solve soon then this gonna be one of my favorite games. And when I got to the Tandoori treasure it made me completely mess. Couldn't identify graphics.
Game is good. But so many drawbacks. 1st I reached till 2nd stage. & next day the game started aging from 1st stage. How many times I play , I could nt go beyond 1st stage. I serve customers within seconds. Still I never reach the target. Need 3 more customers. Why can't u send customers, while i serve? . They come slowly one by one. Really getting fed up. Good bye!!!!
Great game but why is the soup pot so big you can't even get to your second cup of soup because the soup pot blocks the way thats why i gave it four stars
Love the game! Especially the daily goals which are super practical. You've made my day with your daily tasks so thanks a lot! 💕
I still enjoy playing but 2 things happened that may cause me to Uninstall. 1. The chance to get gems every night from Daily happiness has been replaced with coins which is going to cause the user to have to spend money and I was very happy to find this game due to it not being predatory. I know the developers have to make money but trust me, if you have loyal gamers who truly enjoy your game and don't feel as if they are being MADE to spend money..They will automatically spend money..
Nice game ........butttt........ there's no way to go back to restaurants and play levels over after completing the 3rd star. No way to get extra coins. I find it dull and frustrating because of that.
Its a great game. The reason I gave it a 4 star. Is because it takes so long for the lives to regenerate. It takes like 30 minutes to get 1 life. Also on some levels its so hard to pass. And you need like 30 gems to get 3 boosters. And leme tell ya. 30 gems is really hard to get.
I love it it gives you inspiration throughout the game it tells you to do things that you probably normally wouldn't do as in I mean like that's how you eat fruit it until you take time to tell someone you love them until you drink Life water I love the game it's awesome it's great for kids whenever you bored or whatever you're not doing anything
This game is fast-paced and fun. It is surprisingly generous with the diamonds compared to other games. They also provide regular 20% discounted boosters to buy. I really like that. It doesn't get boring. I am deducting 1 star because I experienced a glitch in Rockin' Diner with the french fry maker. I had to use 3 groceries booster to finish the game.
This game is great at first, but then it gets annoying. ON most levels the system will ask you to use your jems, and even if you do, you will not win, so don't even bother spending them. Furthermore, even if you use 3 boosts at a time, will NOT let you win to pass to the next level. I have been trying to win 1 key for over a week now and used up all the jems as well as 3 boosts at a time, and still was not able to acquire it. A game should be fun and enjoyable, not frustrating.
I'm actuallly enjoying the game but when you get to a certain level 3, the game doesn't respond mostly when you're trying to sell lobster to customers. it's so bad for business it makes me to keep losing me levels over and over again.
I really love this game. The only minor fix would be the sound on the latest Android. I have to turn it down way low, and even then it is a bit tinny. Otherwise, very fun to play.
Fun at first but lemme just say what's IRRITATING...🗣NOT LOSIN A CUSTOMER, NEEDIN TO ADD MORE CUSTOMERS(FOR WHAT!!??) COMPLETING ALL TASKS AND U STILL EARN ONE STAR!! COM ON PPL🤦🏽‍♀️!! FREAKIN GREEDY!! NONSENSE PPL..LISTEN! TO! US! and I thot I was gonna change my rating 😔. Damn. Not kool. Again...I agree with the others.
I'm enjoying this game, but something went wrong. I now have to keep tapping the products because they wont go to the customers. I noticed that for 2 days in the party parlor that when I use the pink sprinkles for the cookies, they won't send to the customer. That means I loose the game every time.
Once again I downloaded the update on dec 1 and you have taken the gems off of the daily happiness and replaced with coins AGAIN this makes it next to impossible to get past some levels!! Plz change it back😡😡😡😡😡 stop changing it plz..if it's not broke don't fix it!!!! If you insist on taking it off the daily happiness then give more than 2 at a time on the video for free gems!! I really would hate to delete this game ,that was great ,over this unnecessary issue!!
Great game. Many rewards easy to play. Some levels challenging. There are ads that pop up but they are for getting rewards. I personally think this so far has been one of the best cooking games I have played. Really enjoy this one.
All you games have a problem that they stuck while playing online I don't get it why it happens. I play kitchen craze and it has got the same issue. Please solve it
Was thoroughly enjoying the game, especially with the game only requiring in game earned currency to upgrade. Would have rated this as five stars except for the fact that I'm apparently one of the 50% of players who have been so "lucky" to have gotten chosen to be given the requirement to spend gems to upgrade items. If this becomes permanent, it will likely mean the end of me playing. There are plenty of other cooking games out there.
I have passed level creme cafe how i am supposed to play dream deli . I am not able to play it.. its showing level is locked.. though all previous level of creme cafe is unlocked
New to the game and love cooking games. But on some levels you have completed the level, served all the customers etc..but the level doesnt end. So you have to end it ... which loses you a life. Now i cant progress in the game. Pointless.
Super buggy game, some products are behind others and you can't click on them, you don't transfer money from one restaurant to the other, unless you use power ups, you can't pass levels - not really fun and relaxing to be honest....
So far .. best cooking game I've played, with nice vibe and the characters are interesting. Graphics has original layout with good size food images. Challenges are doable and addictive. The boosts are sufficient, and the rewards are generous. 🤓 If this game experience could go up another level -- then i would recommend a "multi-simultaneous" dishes served to different waiting customers at once, ie with two thumb game control, simultaneously. Overall a nice frenzy cooking game 👍
Fun game with decent graphics that so far doesn't require you spend money to actually play and have fun. I am still only on the 2nd restaurant so its still too early to completely tell. The reason I left off a star as the touch sensitivity seems to be off when hitting buttons on the choose level screen and upgrade screen which requires you to tap your level or item to upgrade several times to select. This would be a major issue if it were doing that in game play but fortunately is not.
I found this game taking my coin slowing up my game to take my gems that have spent buying loads of them game freezing multiple times allowing me to keep spending money on gems to keep up not fair game.
After weeks of chatting to and emailing the customer support team, still no response! This game is fantastic to play however the Daily quests section used to gain diamonds and coins keeps freezing, after a certain amount of game time, that entire section freezes, possibly to force a gamer to pay for diamonds. Quite manipulative! My last response from the CS was "give us time", I did and am still impatiently waiting 2 weeks later with no response and the problem persists!😡
This is a very fun cooking game. I downloaded it because the game said it was free. Hope I can still keep playing with out purchasing anything. Just can't afford that right now. The game is truly awesome.
I love the game, but it has some glitches, or crash? The timer often stop. Sometimes it's the oven, or even the game timer, that i have to restart the level.. please fix it, thank you Oh, and i think the double coins booster doesn't work..
I was very pleased with this game until the update. I don't like being required to use diamonds just so I can upgrade. We don't get enough of them as it is and can't pass levels unless we upgrade.... I guess if it doesn't change back, I'm going to uninstall.
AWESOME game. I really enjoy the daily goals. Play a couple of your other games and like playing them too. I have recommended your games to a few friends and they like them as well. I LOVE the way you interact with the players, especially in your weekly live sessions. Can't wait for your new game to come out. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!
Game is nice but has problems. I have a lot of situations that I finished level but it didn't count... For example: I had to get 420 coins, I got 581, didn't burn food or trash them and level failed... I really don't understand why. I have a lot of situations like that...
I love this game as I play it every day but now it's taking 2 of everything and the game keeps starting me over. It's taking more time to get to a new level because of this glitch. Ugh not fun at all
I'm enjoying this game, but something went wrong. I now have to keep tapping the products because they wont go to the customers. I also think it's rude of them to continuously pop up the question DO YOU WANT TO BUY GROCERIES in the middle of the game. They'll do it several times making you loose the game on purpose. This should'nt be done.
I loved this game until I got to Tandori Treasures. My biggest frustration is the poor graphics in the food. If I could tell what items were on each item I would easily be able to complete the level without using an excessive amount of boosters, particularly the groceries booster. I was spending approximately $60 a day for boosters and blowing through the levels. Now my piggy bank has disappeared. I will no longer be playing this game or any game your company makes. I give up.
Like the game, but all the coins you earn in one restaurant doesn't carry over to other restaurants. Impossible to get ahead without making a purchase. Will delete. Can't make any progress.
Too many pop ups! After about 5 pop ups, you think you would be able to play the game, but no, it crashes! 5 times I've restarted the application, even turned my phone off and on and still the same thing. The other issue I've found is it does not always log your progress so I have ended up playing the same levels at least 3 times. Was enjoying this game but when the game itself doesn't let you play it, nothing more you can do!
I've sent the screenshot and my id#, and I still have not received my purchase. I purchased this tonight between 6:30 and 7:00 pm. I'm not sure exactly about the time No, they have not credited my purchase. I just purchased the bank last night between 6:30 and 7:00. They have not credited it. I've made other purchases right after This particular purchased has not been credited
Playing from 6 month after few level what tha pho it not showing 10th key , but it showing all 10 level completed with 3 star. If am playing next level it going to 41 level , for this bug I have uninstalled and installed again , but not working pls some one can help to get key next level.
The best so far. I have played so many cooking games already and this is the most gamer friendly so far. You can survive the game without using real cash and i'm loving it. Hope it stays that way.
This game use to be my favorite cooking game until after spending your coins and gems to upgrade on kitchen items then have to wait so long and watch so many video ads just to get them
I give this 1 star. It would be a great game but it kicks out all the time, after an ad runs. I have click on it to get back in.
The visual design is terrible. Yes, it is colorful and high contrast, but the food you are supposed to make is so small it's hard to see. Considering that the pictures are the only thing we have to go off of for making a dish, and how fast we have to do it, it's just annoying not being able to see it. It starts getting more frustrating than fun for me, but some people might like it.
Fun so far. Until now I can play and make upgrades without paying. Thank you for making it challenging but not to the point where I want to give up. Games need to be fun, you delivered it.
Several times I've watched ads to get gems or other prizes (speed up time) and have not been credited. I have waited until the end of the ad, not stopping it early and, nothing. Disappointing. Got 10 gems as (not much) compensation. Why bother addressing the review?
The game is so frustrating, no issue is resolved and what a waste of time and energy to play a game with such flaws?! DO NOT DOWNLOAD! Successfully deleted this annoying game that makes me loose my gems on purpose! What do you take me for to keep collecting them only to loose them because of your system malfunctions?! I regret downloading it.
1. I passed the levels, fulfilled all requirements. system said that i failed. Not only once but several times 2. Why at the end of the levels, each item is only worth $10? After upgrading, each item will cost more than $15, we dont earn the amount we are supposed to.
I just started playing but it was nice to see you can earn extra coins but doing something nice for other or yourself.
Awesome game, so addictive! Keeps you on your toes and brings a lot of fun especially with the situation of the world now. This game serves as my sweet escape whenever I feel lonely. Keep it up and excited to see the new restaurants!
There is a great blockage in this game, once ypu upgrade the soup, it has a glitch you can serve only one soup even you have upgraded to 2 soups, hence customers leave as you are uable to meet more demand . You stuck to a level due to thoa glitch. Horrible tech glitch !
I really enjoyed playing this game especially the daily happiness rewards which are actually beneficial to the players. Its the first game ive seen that shows actual interest in the well being of the gamers. thank you!
20 May 2021, update review: Now even worst game they purposely slow down the customer walking, and is a must to use a booster to complete each level. Sometime you need to use 2 boosters, non-burn + extension in time of 30secs. See how cheater Bug game is this? Kindly fix the timing of the customer walking and extend the burning time. Thank you.
After buying about $50 worth of diamonds and boosters, I cannot play the game. A screen pops up about a tournament. None of the buttons work on this screen. The only way to get out is to close the game. I would like this fixed or a credit to my card. I would like to change my review. The tech team fixed the problem. I have a new problem now. In the Photo restaurant, it will not let me make a sandwich. Help!
Tandoori is way to difficult take times to deliver the items... Can't pass level without using power ups. In some levels there aren't enough customers to achieve the goals... Win or loss does not depend on how fast you can play.
Would rate more but it's kind of greedy to use coins and gems for upgrades as well as not giving credit for orders. Tap, tap, tap still not complete. Then game saved decides to take ALL my progress away... Yes I meant to rate 1 star. I'm not changing it bc it's more than appropriate. I had salty taverna open, now it's closed - not even dl'ed. I was in the top running 3rd place with 804 now my game is completely wiped and this just happened after my re-entering game since I had no lives left.
I just love to follow daily happiness section in your game. Please extend that section by commanding different ideas. It's just great. Instead of 4 commands please add more. Additionally, please take care that customers don't scream at all and they are stading with patience. Thank you....
Awesome! This is the best cooking game! It offers a lot of restaurants and they will surely add more. You should try this.
UPDATE FROM 4.14.20...(3.23.21) If you have to factory reset your device, say #BuhBye to your current status! They eventually help you find it BUT...ADIOS GEMS & MONEY EARNED! I had close to 2700 gems, but surprisingly, everything EXCEPT my gems was restored & I was told they "compensated" me by #Giving me 400 gems! 🤨🙄 #UninstalledForever
I hate the fact that anytime they said choose in data information all my progress will be gone everytime.It is so frustrating...Even to the fact that I got so annoyed I ended up deleting the app😤😤😤
Great. Just dnld, so far so good! ** 10 minutes after giving my 5 star rating, the game shutdown twice, each time I had to close out the game and go back in it, to continue playing..so..It is a fun game and the best cooking game that I've seen in a long time.
very fun and new. love the happiness rewards. it really makes my day. and a easy way to make coins in a positive way. easy yet challenging
This is a fantastic immersive game. It is challenging and fun! You do not have to make in game purchases in order to complete the levels which was important for me as money is tight, so kudos for this. My only complaint is that the game froze every now and then, a little glitch, however, I contacted customer service about this and their customer service was excellent and prompt. Would definitely recommend!
Terrible. First day I played it it was a lovely game I enjoyed but today the game crashes repeatedly. I can't even get through a single level without the game crashing and the app shutting down. If this would be fixed I would give a five star rating.
I love the game, the support team is great!! The game however still has alot of problems, like freezing at the wrong time ect. I have lost lots of boosters and diamonds when this happens. Otherwise I would rate it 5stars. Still my favourite online game though.❤❤
Fantastic game for anyone. It's not too easy and not too hard. Give it a try. I'll bet that you enjoy yourself.
Said to connect to Facebook to get diamonds, it connected, but never gave me the diamonds. I played, sick in bed, for hours, did a bunch of upgrades, passed a bunch of levels, THEN when the game exits, it puts me back at the tutorial and all my time and progress is GONE...
Gameplay has many issues. Food can stop cooking in the middle of the game. Need coins, gem and alot of additional waiting time just to upgrade the food ingredients, which doesn't make sense. Not good to play at all.
Fun game, but any game that doesn't allow me to carry over coins from one level to the next is getting uninstalled. Obnoxious nickel and dime practice, and I frequently pay to win, so your loss.
I'm uninstalling because after playing far a couple of days I can't get anywhere without paying. Not worth it
I like it so far. Only been playing for one day. My major grypes are that you bank does'nt carry over to the next restaraunt, you start with very little money even if you had like $9000 coins left at the end of the previous restaraunt. Makes it really hard to upgrade the next place quickly and makes the game less fun and slow for me. Upgrades are ridiculously expensive which makes it hard to upgrade also. Will probably uninstall in the next few days because of this.
Another fun cooking game, but I only gave it 3 stars because you are not able to carry the coins that you earned to the next restaurant that you will be working at. You have to start all over collecting coins. Plus, the cooking time for the stoves, griddles, etc., are extremely slow.
It fun and entertaining, I love the game so much,,in fact I finished playing it waiting for the next one to come..weldone guys keep it up
Oh, these upgrade popups after every level are terribly annoying! Turn them off please, its impossible to play!
Would be so much better if we could watch an add and double our coins. Takes way too long to earn enough coins to upgrade appliances and food. Without the upgrades it is hard to level up. Upgrades are also way too expensive.
I like the way we earn the gems, and how tough it wants to keep you go along, its my best game yet...
Updated review .. Please please stop ruining the game every update make the game even worse , now the level ends and after i accomplished the target in that level and the level never seems to end it stuck until i press the quit button and loose one live !
Amazinggggggg Fantastic gameeeee.....😍😍🔥loved it.......Usually I don't like cooking games☹But this really attracted and inspired me.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Fabulos game🔥
Got to the 3rd or 4th level, cant go further need to buy coins and diamants in order to upgrade the soda machine. Without that you cant get any further.and at the start of the game the guy that pops up, keeps on interupting the play to show where to do what, and cuases you to loose, as when you try to proceed there is a delay
Love this game. The levels are great to advance you and give you the items you need. Never a need to spend actual money. Great graphics, the music is a bit annoying, I just leave it off. Good job and good game!
I am playing it for a while and purposely pushing this review aside, just because I wanted to reach further restaurants. But now , I am ready, and I can't tell how much I want to thank you for this amazing journey. I have my team - they are amazing. One thing that I just love is : when you cook , the food is actually mooving and there are so many little animations that makes you feel like you really cook. Simply amazing.
I had completed all the levels of cooking crush.. I am waiting for new levels after what the poh.. Perfect pie is very hard.. In that I had used money maker and 200 diamond s to win that level .. Really hard.. But after that the caker corner is nice... It is good to take in the events like the great coin cookout. ... By playing in this we can so many 💎 Overall excellent The first game that I had kept so long... I request them to please create the new levels after the level what the pho.
Watched about a half a dozen videos without my coins being doubled and had over 10000 coins, I bought an upgrade for 800 something and now I'm down to 240? No I didn't see the numbers wrong. I keep getting screwed out of coins.
Wow, I am so excited😊😉. I updated the game and now my missng key issue is fixed. Also I had some freezing moments last time , now is perfect. I am playing like normal. 😆😆😆😆😆
It's cool but am having a problem joining teems It keeps showing error even if my data is on. I will have rated it five stars,if not for this so please fix it. IN case you ask I'm in the salty tavern and i have passed level 14 of the dream deli. Thanks for the advice you have your five stars already
I love playing time management games, particularly cafe/restaurant ones. They used to be games you could buy outright, but now the model is more in-game purchases that can get out of hand very quickly. This is far more balanced in those terms, so I've stuck with the game quite a while now... while I've quickly ditched the others in the past. The game has great graphics and fun challenges... The only trouble is it is quite addictive 😉
Used to LOVE this game but new updates make you wait for upgrades. ALSO, more important than waiting for upgrades, I reached the Hospital restaurant, got 3 stars on all 10 of the first levels and the game is stuck.....will not let me get any farther. If this doesn't get updates, I will stop playing this game. Says I'm on level 54 but won't let me upgrade refrigerator until I reach level 26?!?! Grrfrffff
I really like this game. Fun, easy to play, good time spender. You don't have to pay for gems either unless you want to, This really is the best cooking game I have found and I play alot of cooking games. Thank you for a well put together game.
just started playing but so far I am enjoying it. nice graphics. as I continue to play the and get further into the game I will give it another reviews. I'm further along in the game and still loving it except i can't pass level 38 in tandoori treasure and I have bought diamond and earn diamond and used 63 to almost 100 and the game would end with just serving 2 to3 customers so for that I'm going to uninstall it. and give it 3 stars because I feel like the game is cheating me
Gameplay has many issues. Food can stop cooking in the middle of the game. Which means I won't be able to serve the orders of the customers. Not good.
This game is easy to play as the levels do get harder each time. I enjoy this very much to pass the time with during these hard times with Covid going around.
I used to play this game everyday and loved it. I have recommended to all of my friends and everyone installed. But recently the update has ruined the fun! Which is the whole point of playing games because it's fun and enjoyable. Now I'm so disappointed and sad that I don't enjoy it anymore. I don't know why you have to change it when it was working so well at the beginning. Having to watch a video to upgrade the appliances and ingredients is killing the fun and joy.
Game experience is wonderful. Be aware that once you get to hospital restaurant it is very challenging you have to spend money to move through the levels. To upgrade equipment has triple in value as well as food supplies and you cant get through levels 10-40 without upgrades. Thanks developers for spoiling a great game with such pricy equipment and food. Was enjoyable while it lasted but I will not spend any money to move forward. Update game was reviewed and rectified. Gameplay now balance
From an enjoyment level, this game deserves a 4. And the reason I installed this game was because of reviewers who called the game "generous " with resources - which it was! But now we have gotton to a place where you are charging diamonds for upgrades? I feel like I have been "paying my dues" by watching numerous videos on a daily basis as this is also a revenue stream for the developers. Extremely dissapointed!
I actually like this game. Its easy to get diamonds to upgrade. And its really fun. My only problem. Is i wish the money you earn was merged. That way you can upgrade with the coins you earned from the previous restaurant.
Nice but has flaws. The coins don't carry over from cafe to cafe. The soup cauldron on the dream deli level is so big that I can't serve 2 cups of soup only the first one and when I click on it the cauldron just bounces...I don't know...its annoying.
I would have given this game five stars but do to the unfairness of this game you are getting three stars if I could you would get two and a half Stars I just upgraded my new restaurant that took me 3 months to get to cuz I played hard determination I upgrade to a soda machine for a thousand coins also Three diamond Jewel pieces I go back to play my game waiting for them to deliver my soda machine and you know what you tell me at this game to read by it again but you already took my thousand coi
Good Game Would be better if you didn't have to earn over the money for each new cooking restaurant. So that way, the upgrades would be easily accessible. These upgrades are too expensive. And earning the money from scratch for each restaurant is taking way too long.
Amazing experience with this game. I completed all the level and now waiting for next...as levels up excitement is also up for playing this game.