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Is a Arcade game developed by MAGIC SEVEN located at Pokfulam Road,Hong Kong island, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Honestly enjoy it to a point and am now up to all they have out for the game I think? Game crashes everytime I try get it working now despite uninstalling reinstalling etc plus I have an up to date phone purchased in the last year
When I started playing the game it was bit great when I had to reach level 2 it started freezing up, I thought it was my phone then I restarted my phone when I was done it did the same thing all over again, if you guys could fix my problem maybe I could change my rate
it is an awesome game to play if you like cooking and serving people and I do so I love playing this game it can be very addictive I would try it guys I don't think you would be disappointed
The experience were fun, but as the stage goes up it was getting harder, if only I could obtain the coins though I failed on the round, Free to Play here
Worst game ever. They don't let u pass the level unless u pay then for boosters. And sheer amount of ads in the app is really frustrating. This game is only targeted to get you to make in app purchase.
I've played and u installed this game 3 times and it still crashes e ery time I play it so unable to write a proper review waste of time
I really enjoy this game. It gives me a glimpse of different food from different parts of the world. Last week the game stopped and I can't open it anymore 😭
it's much more fast paced and challenging than other food games. fair with payout for upgrades on appliances too,. let's see what happens on higher levels.
it is the most coolest game i have ever yes, it gets hard sometimes but other than that it is so fun like the customers are happy your happy playing this game win win and the food looks so good like you want to eat it yourself it is so amazing you have to play.
Time game , it takes 10 minutes to get just 1 REFILL, even when my phone gets lock it only takes 2 minutes to unlock and this game takes 10 or more than 10 mins to JUST get 1 refill and all others are good
I really like this game. I like putting together the combos and upgrading the kitchen and moving on to new shops. I've gotten very frustrated on some levels but no level rivals level 40 of the snack shack in kyoto! They recommend using the freezer boost, which I've done 8 times, 3 times I've used a second boost. I'm not even talking to get the key, you need 3 stars to get the key, I can't even get one star! I've racked up over 150k to upgrade the next shop though, if I ever get there 😠
I was having fun but then after every level you get an offer that disrupts gameplay, and after choosing not to watch ads, they're then forced on you without rewards. One star because you guys suck.
Frustration! I've heard of games becoming difficult to master levels after a few months into the game, but never from the very beginning. It's difficult to pass the levels. You don't give out the boosters enough. If I'm supposed to serve 14 customers and I only serve 12 in the allotted time, you don't give out the monies! You should at least give out the monies that are earned. Without monies it's difficult to upgrade. I've only played this game a few days and only reached level 13. I'm done.
Amazing game! Cooking unlocking new shops and servering those orders and level up!i love this game right now❀❀ And even the other levels are also hard i cant reach the coin but thats ok I love this game right now❀ i well never uninstall this forever❀ Also i love the graphics
These changes in the game are very awful ... especially in the Sweet house in the western city .... The place of cakes and donuts has changed and one gets confused while playing .... The game in the cities of Rio de Janeiro has become a way that you must continue the game from extra points and spending jewels .... The face of the girl who is the chef to start the game is awful ... why is she so thin ?? I hate new game changes .... 😀😠😑
Really fun game, but as others have said it becomes impossible to beat the higher levels without boosts, and in order to get boosts you need to buy gems. I get it, developers need to make money but it becomes excessive. I bought a gem pack and blew through it in no time as boosts are required for almost every level. Sad, because I really enjoyed the game but it is too expensive to keep playing. On the positive side there are very few ads during game play.
This game was great. WAS. You reach a point where you HAVE to use power-ups. I dint want to waste anymore time watching ads for rewards. I have a fully upgraded kitchen and cant beat 3 levels without using multiple power-ups. At 50 gems each. This game is making tons of money on ads, and making levels impossible to beat without gems. Sad and disappointed because I really liked this game.
Excessive ads that cannot be skip. 70% of time spent on the game was watching ads between each stage. If game allows the ability to close out the ads, it would be 5 stars.
I've given this game 5 stars but i just changed it to 1 it's full of bugs and currently can't even play it because of the road to chef bug it doesn't go away I've tried everything but I can'tplay the game the screen gets frozen its a pity cuz i really loved this game
It was fun when I started now it keeps saying to update I've been trying all day, and all night once it loads at 100% it would say try again later than when I tried again it loads to 100% and restarts loading again like wth that's it I give up I don't have the time for this... time to move on, and find another game to play.
I love this game so so much...Beautifull animations,Amazing events,and so on..I am recommending this to cooking lovers or someone who is in search of some awesome cooking games.It will be really fun...
I absolutely love this game. It is the most awesome game ever. What i love about it most that the levels keep on becoming challenging. Me and my sister enjoy this game. I have been playing for4 weeks and we enjoy it alot.😁😁πŸ₯°
So far so good. I've played several cooking games on my phone and this one seems to be the most generous with coins and stars and such so you dont have to spend as much money. There are more ads though.
It's amazing only that if you don't want to spend your money u may play a level for days and coins from a City can't be transferred, this Makes the game difficult at the beginning of each city. Please you can improve on it.. please I just finished updating and the city that I almost finished starts saying updating since. Please rectify it for me. What should I do now to go back to my current City
Extreme entertaining game!!! kids can boost themselves to play this game... even elders are capable to play. However i conclude that am addicted!!!βœŒπŸ˜„
It's ok it kill time it gets fast but I keep up Little bread burn here and there but it's a cool little cooking game i.m likein it.
Why did you change the graphics? It is not as well as it used to be. It is so normal now. I mean the game used to stand out.
The first two restaurants aren't too bad. Then half way through the third, you can only get a star by using boosters. Gradual hardening is fine, but not from the Font Shop level 15 on...
Super addictive....just even waking aup around 2am just to play it.....dont really care bout thee price costs of things buh it would hve been much better if thee diamonds were purchased with thee money from the game .... not the real one
I love this game very much!! I rate 1000/1000! Why? This game always make me more focus and when i play it fast ,And i win. im very satisfied! This game is so easy and challenging at the same time!
I am playing other similar games but although the graphics is good but the worst problem is that you cannot get enough coins to upgrade. Worst part is that from the first level itself you will fed up because you will never b able to complete because neither you can upgrade nor you can complete the levels because of the difficulties. 2 star only for graphic.
The game started off being enjoyable to play! Once I got to level 40 in the ice cream shop, the game is very difficult. I've been trying to pass this level for 5 days and still no luck!
if it was a possible , i wouldn't even give this game even a single star. that's just how bad it is . i installed it yesterday and everything was going well , amazing actually . i enjoyed it very much . until today , when it didn't allow me to have access to it . i have been trying so hard to play , but it just loads and then automatically goes back to my homescreen . i don't know what to do right now , i have even tried rebooting my cellphone but no , nothing is working .
It's amazing only that if you don't want to spend your money u may play a level for days and coins from a City can't be transferred, this Makes the game difficult at the beginning of each city. Please you can improve on it.
Very bad game. They will block your progress after 20-30 stages so that you have to buy diamonds etc and spend money. 🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬
This is the best one of these games I've played so far, ads aren't intrusive, levels are challenging but possible, a fair and fun game.
In as much as the game is interesting. It is annoying. Frustrating players is not a way to make people pay to enjoy a game . Being stuck on a level for over 3 days is a bit much.
I think there is a problem in game ...my levels are cleared automatically in joy coffee please solve this issue
Has issues. A very enjoyable game except the game did not sinc between devices even though I was logged in with Facebook on both devices. The biggest problem was the game did not serve the customers in the correct order therefore making you loose a life.
You know, this could be a game that I might actually enjoy but there's too many force shut downs for me to actually enjoy the game. especially when I try to watch ads to double my coins or to claim a reward. I like the click/tap game play and the graphics are nice when I do get to play and the ads are minimal. It's the force shut downs in the middle of the game that make it annoying. Fix that and I might give it a better rating
I enjoy this game but I've gotten to a level that I can't pass. I've upgraded everything and used all the boosters at once but haven't cleared the round yet. May have to delete the game.
I love this game it is so addicting however I had no problems on my otha phone playin but since I got a new phone it has been stoping N while playin not able 2 claim my double points an when I buy 2 upgrade it doesn't jus takes my money . overall I love this game and when my otha phone wants to work right I get on it and play because I have no problems not sure y it does it on this phone. would recommend this game plus u can play wit no internet or wifi only need when u double πŸ’° or jewls..
Since the recent update this game refuse to work perfectly on my phone and worst when the internet is on,start glitching and freezing.apart from that my progress on the phone is lost and refuse to load by itself.pls do something about it
Best game in the world. I rally love this game. But one thing i can't finish the levels when there is time, my request is that please rwmove the time. I know it is good to had time from this the game become more intersting but.. This much i can tell, if u can remove it u can please. And i will be happy if u reply to my comment.
Good gameplay ruined by microtransactions. I'd much rather pay once for the full game without ads than to pay for microtransactions. In fact, I don't pay for any microtransactions at all. Instead, I just uninstall the game and leave a critical review.
Ads pops out suddenly even I didn't touch anything. Plus, new updates changes EVERYTHING, the kitchen, the ingredients are not at the usual places. wth. How can I win like this if u changes everything? don't be ridiculous. AND the customs come in tooo slow thus wasting time and couldn't finish the task.
Aweful, I can not get to load . When it did load could only play half a Level. only to have the game jump to the opening page.....I am definitely deleting this game...
I like this game but it takes too much time to load so pls work on that 😊 The next thing I want to talk about is that level 3 is too difficult so work on that too πŸ’— This game takes too much money and I don't want to spend y money
I love it. It's fun pass time with. There are new events and different kinds of food. It also gets challenging at times which is nice.
New love ... now I had previously complained that the game was becoming a "money" thing but today when I logged on, the ovens were actually cooking fast enough to make fast combos. I guess I've changed my mind. I love this game
I don't like it where you dont have customers for 10 seconds when you count down then you lose and have to use your boosters and you still lose. You need to fix that cuase its not fair when you have to use all of your gems. Fix it or I'm deleting the game.
I have been playing this game for a long time. I like it very much. It is challenging and has many levels. But suddenly it has stopped working and won't open again. It says " cooking city keeps stopping" The game keep crashing. This has never happend before. Please help me what can I do to get the game open back. I tried cleaning the cache but it still won't work. 😭😫 I will change my rating after the problem gets fixed.
It's a really nice game, but it kept on stopping every after game i clear. I don't want to restart the app everytime! Shame. I really like the graphics and gameplay, and wouldn't mind giving a 5-star if it weren't for that issue.
Working is reality........, But, what I don't get is just because you don't have cash to pay for boost then you don't or the computer won't let you win the level........,I wonder can you be able to fix that? Thanks!
I love this game... and guess what as soon as the levels are up it's seems difficult for me to play but still I pass all levels.. u can try it once..πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ‘Œ
This game is very beautiful!!!! If ur searching for a cooking game with a high and beautiful graphics, I RECOMMEND THIS TO YOU!!!.. My suggests are add more cities and levels and much improved your graphics. My only problem is, the upgrading the appliances/ kitchen upgrade is too expensive. Like the pan in the burger shop, the upgrade money cost for it is 'bout 2,600 and my money is not enough to upgrade my kitchen appliances and all the levels of breakfast bar are got all 3 stars. Fix this pls
I have been stuck at joy coffee level 38 for the last 30 games it does not provide the given 75 seconds. It does not allow u to cross the levels until u have played atleast 30 times the same level .
I did really enjoy this game, but it seems that the more boosts and gems I purchase it becomes impossible to pass levels. This game has you constantly spending a fortune. I wish I'd never started playing.
It's great, but when you need to move something to the trash, you should tell us because it's not in the tutorial, and sometimes I accidently put things in the trash when I don't want to, so you should change the way you put things in the trash. Like double tap on the food, and an 'ok' button will appear and you push that. Or something similar to that.
A very lovely game. Still waiting for the addition of African cities. However, can't see the option to/for the current update.
Very good game i like it It was amazing I was finding a game but I found it out superb graphics and too good levels but but but one thing I don't like that Everytime when we failed the level it comes to purchase so much of ads and purchasing force this is not good. Please immediately improve this
I finished all levels in all cities, with three stars, leading up to Sydney. Now, I'm trying to complete Sydney. I've completed the first restuarant and it was said to be open in November. Well, November had came and went. Where is the update??? Obviously, this game was fun (to me) now...I think I'll have to delete it.
Well I hung in there and cleared many levels, but there are still several levels with "glitches" that won't let you pass. Be prepared to spend money for gems to pass otherwise you will be stuck. I sent the levels with the problems and....they still have the problems. There are several where you achieve the challenge but the game denies the heart or coins. You will pass the time for sure and it's a fun game despite the money grab...
I love this game, but i am just annoyed with the fact i have failed to open a new city even after completing the one i was playing. The feedback i keep on getting is updating for the past five days. And the only response i get from the customer care is that the head chef might not be online, is there a way of sorting out this issue at hand?
I love this game except for the challenges is too hard sometimes and if you dont buy gems and stuff you will never pass the level. The game is too difficult sitting on a level for too long. The first app before updating had amazing graphics and layout. Now after updating the graphics and layout sucks. Usually you could have also played a while before all the energies are out. Now you can almost play one level and energies are up. I would sugest make levels easier and use less data
Useless game just for key u need play twice completed task . Just irritating. Player lost temper to play same level just fir sack of ket or else show as lost game . I not playing anymore.
Edit: I emailed them and haven't gotten any help. Played this game for months spent a lot of money then my game wouldn't open after a challenge, when I was finally able to load it my progress was lost. Lost all the money I spent and all my progress. I was already done with all the levels just waiting on the new city now it's all gone and nobody responds to emails!! DISAPPOINTED
Kind of difficult getting to some levels especially after you've upgraded your products it's kind of frustrating.
I like this game so much and when I get bored i play this game then i get unbored. i like the levels and the other thing i like about it is that you don't have to repeat level it goes forwad so download this game you will see amazing things
THIS game is fabulous. No mistakes and no complains. There are ads but not like other apps that it come in every single tap . I is very good but a issue is in the burger level the stake frys very slow just correct that . Otherwise all is good
It's very challenging!! Great innocent fun. Like working in a real restaurant. 🌝 Some levels are impossibly hard, but with boosters you can pass the level. They also have pink levels that enable you to win!! Well I've opened 5 new restaurants beating difficult and pink levels. Love this game it's my favorite!
nice app and the phone will be not hot too much and we can play very simplely and having so much level and amazing
This game didn't suit me from the first toast. Exiting was impossible. Oh and I lost energy for exiting. In the developer's minds, life doesn't happen for regular players.
Fun...getting to new levels are easy....adds are ok....like graphics n sweets are my favorite items...like that I can continue in the bakery on different levels....dont like burgers....thanks for the reductions on gems since I really can't afford to spend
The game is amazing. Compared to other cooking games, this is one game I will definitely recommend. However I'm playing the Pizzeria and having trouble with releasing the pizzas from the grill when tapping on them, not allowing me to move to the next stage.I have updated the version, the problem still persist which is annoying. Please fix.
Its an interesting game to start with. But as the game level increases to upgrade the appliances becomes more costlier... better to make it a paid game then making people download for free and later keep asking to buy coins. I am uninstalling this useless game.
I very much like this game.. It is so funny. But i get crazy in 11 level it so craziying because that we take then see there refilleπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œbut spr gameπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
It wont go past the loading screen, it crashes every time I try to play it and ive never had this issue before. Its a great game but please fix this
I love this game so much! I just hate when I have to spend 100 diamonds to just to pass a level right now I'm still in delicious town on the bakery level. Lots more to go probably take me a couple years to pass all that πŸ˜²πŸ€£πŸ€—β€οΈ
Superb!!!! I have downloaded several cooking games but uninstalled them after a while. Yet this is my favourite and I encourage other players to install this ....gives you good vibes...I imagine myself after the counter serving my clients! Well done developers!!!
I love dis app so much, I love everything about it, but I gave it four stars because de passes dat is needed to de next shop is too much for me. I love de boosters, de food sold at each shop n everything.
I love the game but what made me change my review is the challenges. You have a time limit to complete the task but 10 second runs off the clock before the first customer comes. That make you use you booster. I guess that's the way you make your money but it is fair if you can really complete the task and it makes you not want to purchase any if you wanted to.
It's amazing only that if you don't want to spend your money u may play a level for days and coins from a City can't be transferred, this Makes the game difficult at the beginning of each city. Please you can improve on it.. please I just finished updating and the city that I almost finished starts saying updating since. Please rectify it for me. What should I do now to go back to my current City.
revised my review as i have been struggling more than a 3 days plus to update the game to latest version. There is no update to be found in google play no matter where i look at all. Very dissatisfying as i really like this game a lot.
Trella Just like any other game; you either HAVE to use boosters and/or they want you to spend money! When you get x5 in combos IT DOESN'T INCREASE YOUR MONEY BEYOND 5xs!!!! ~Buh-bye
Dear Team Your game is really good. But of the recent an Adv from Amazon is quite a problem. It seems to have forgotten EXit button. Making me loose many gems. Please solve this issue PS : 02/08/2020 Dear Team Thanks for Response at present there are no hang ups BUT if I face them again shall surely update : God Bless You All
Months later here I am stuck in Sausage World...I reported a glitch and I sent a screenshot showing the level and that I won but it didn't credit me it said I failed the level and then it stole 70 gems for me to clear it when I already had! They still have not returned my gems...they are "investigating"...go ahead and do that but give me my stuff back! I haven't spent anymore money and so I'm stuck. Protect your wallet from this money grab! :(
Really enjoy playing this game but unfortunately I can only seem to ever get to level 3 on the second restaurant and then it just crashes. Ive tried several times to uninstall and replay but it happens all over again. Shame as I really enjoyed what I could play.
I played this and it's truly AMAZING it lets u upgrade with or without money and only with Ad's! it can get hard but there are some stuff that you'll want to get!!!! I recommend it for you or anybody who is reading this!
it's a really cool game I found games like this one but I think that this one having a cartoonish look and the way they made avery restaurant is really fun
I love this game but they need to fix the fact that the people walk up too slow and it takes away from your time. You only get about 60 seconds to finish the goal and it takes 15 seconds of your tume just on the customer walking up alone.
This game was fun when I first started playing, but it didn't take long to realize that the only way to get through the more difficult levels was to spend real money. I'm still in the Burger restaurant, but the food doesn't cook fast enough (even with all the upgrades) and the customers lose patience way too fast. Uninstalling.
Dear cooking city. I love to play your game ,but it would be great if u guys stop cheating me , I am stuck at a level ,it would be great if you guys can upgraded ads so I can have more diamonds to play hard levels I have wait over a month to play a level only to not pass and all my diamonds gone, it's not fair ,...1:ads with more diamonds ,,,THANK YOU IN ADVANCED, PLEASE HELP πŸ™„
I was enjoying this game for about 19 or 20 levels then you get to a point where you can't beat the level unless you buy the boosters I've spent money and bought the booster and now I'm at a point where I can't even beat the levels with the boosters it's so crazy to make them so hard that they're impossible to beat this is why I don't play these kinds of games because if you don't spend a bunch of money you can't win
iLOVE THE GRAPHICS but if you can improve the it do it more brothers also i see the game is not that money grab you know what i mean i like the rewards too all in all the best cooking game experience great job devs.
After 2 restaurants it got to a point where it's just impossible to beat. Even spending I can't seem to pass so I'm not a complete idiot. I'm done. Sucks because I really liked it...
Amazing game with beautiful graphics. And the game makes it possible to get diamonds without purchasing which is one of the best features of this game.
I've been playing this game for almost 2year's. I give 5 star for this games.But now,it's hard to claim may reward, i'm already refresh may phone but still the same. it's already 2days,I can't continued may games.πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯
Ever since the update, everything changed. Took some time to get used the new interface. The daily bonus now only poped up after you passed one play. That is fine. But the problem is , even tho the daily bonus popped up, I clicked claim, it didn't give what's shown to me, especially not the unlimited play. The bonus used to be applied immediately after I clicked "claim". Now sometimes it gives to me automatically, sometimes it doesn't. I don't know if it's a bug or what. But please fix it.
Game was fun, but costs a lot to win levels & advance. They are very stingy with gems, coins, & power ups. I have watched ads to get temporary power up & multiple times it won't give me my power up & freezes. As other reviewers state it starts to not be fun anymore & can be frustrating. You can see patterns in the game & how to win, but the game rips you off on moves or says you threw something out, when you didn't & have trash set to multiple taps. Customers will take a long time to order etc.
Super fun and entertaining!! Even better that you just keep having opportunities to level up, and find new things to do without HAVING to spend money! Wonderful for stress and anxiety as a distraction!!
I love this game so much, so fun But the only is too much ads 😑😑😠😠 it irritats me so that's why I gave 4 stars . There must be limited ads 😑 . Please fix this problem.
Really disappointed In beginning you'll enjoy the game but after that it was so much frustrating that you can't win level without any bonuses n after that you can't win game
I really love this game. When I have free time at work this game helps me to escape stress. Before I go to sleep Im also sparing some time to play this game!
Awesome game, cute graphics, great way to pass the time. Hats off to whom ever invented this game him or her should get a noble prize for the best game ever.
in real l M fe I cannot cook but here I have a 6 streak win and I love it. the game is easy from the start. as you. continue to play higher levels I see the challenge. the graphics are very good. the people who are purchasing the food are not that bad either. I encourage people who normally don't cook or want a challenge to play this game. it is hard to put down and it is fun to play. I have no concerns at this moment.
I have downloaded and deleted many games like this, but i like this one. The more I play the game, more I enjoy it. I like the different resturants, its always something new.
I enjoy a lot but at some levels this game sucks and wants us to try again and again . other than that I enjoy a lot
Its really good... when its not crashing constantly. Its a really promising game but it keeps crashing making it annoying sorry uninstalled 😊
Got to level 38 watching numerous ads. Now you have to use all boosts and this game does not give you enough opportunity to collect more diamonds. Wants your money! Not happy with this game now!
I have almost 48,000 coins from the Western World. All my appliances and ingredients are upgraded to the max and I have completed three stars on each level for every food cafe. To my utter disappointment the coins DO NOT transfer over to the next world. Yet, the diamonds transfer over.
Honestly entertaining game. After 25 rounds they make it impossible to pass and anything with spending money. Unstalling and move on
Would be better if you earned more coins. I play a cake game and you earn alot of coins and gems so you can upgrade. You can't make enough money to upgrade more than 1 item...no win situation. Uninstalled game
Nice game, its only the loading and waiting makes me tired of waiting to play the next level, sometimes i end up sleeping..please try look for a solution..
They will let you get to the last order and then you run out of time. I buy a lot of gems and boosters packages and because of that they have targeted me as a buyer and they really take advantage of that fact. All they do is pit put up ads for you to make purchases to pad their pockets. Not a fun app for various reasons.
I am impressed with this game! Let me tell you why........I have been playing other cooking games and they are just too fast for me. This one I can keep up so much better, although I have missed plenty and have to go to reentry. You will love it because I know its gonna get more challenging. So far there has been no ad interruption. The only ads I've seen are when I want to double my coins. I am a Grandmother who loves all games, but especially cooking games! And this one is great!
awesome game, ads are ads, doesnt change that the game is good, use better ads though, get relevant related ads.
The levels are too difficult, especially the mini games. Diamond earnings from everyday login is very less. I can't play ad video also. I've been in the same level for more than 2 weeks.
The first game that allows you to watch ads by choice and you can upgrade equipment when you watch ads. It's a reward in itself. Great graphics, great tutorial, my kinda game.
amazing visuals ,sharpen your brain, makes you work fast, helps in taking quick decision & beautiful animation .review by Gautami Miriam
WAS a great game until this new update where the rules are explained E V E R Y T I M E you play a board. Its annoying as hell
Ok, I have changed it to a five star because I'm loving this game, I really like the extra challenges that come in now and then spices up the game, to give you a break from the normal game play. 😊
My only problem is the prices for upgrades in this game is too damn high can you at least try to add something to lower the costs like a 5% off coupon or something besides wanting to take our money .
Fun game! Challenging but not impossible to collect gems and boosts for advancement. Great way to pass time. One suggestion, make the progress bar more visible when a window pops up.
Poor since recent update, you used to get free 15 mins game play when you logged on everyday -thats gone. You don't get half of what you used to boost, coins or gems - what a turn off!
Edit: THIS GAME KEEPS CLOSING !!! πŸ–Ive passed all the 9 cities by fast playing with boosts, 5 combos, and seeing the rhythmic attack patterns by trial and error. The game was fun.πŸ€“ I've been waiting for Duck Confit in Paris since scheduled: September 15 2020 ?? πŸ•° πŸ™Please FIX.
The first restaurant is ok. But don't hold your breath, after that there is a huge paywall. It appears that the cooking category has been hijacked by the same developer popping up under different names. The game play is the same just slightly different graphics purely designed to suck you in and take the real $$ out of your pocket. Don't fall for this scam. Save your money for something better.
Good game, but if you accidentally tap one time on wrong item it's game over. Wish you could have it 2 or 3 taps before it makes you lose game
It is so fun the game does get me a little mad sometimes when i dont pass i give it 5 start because i have been looking for this game for mothes and there is not alot of ads like the other games so i love it 😘
The timed levels are ridiculous. Why do I have to wait 3-4 seconds for the customer to walk all the way across the screen and order 1 dang drink? Wasting time purposely. So then at the end, I would have completed the level with the first 3-4 seconds that were wasted. Why not start the timer when the first person orders??????? Fed up.
I enjoyed playing it at first, but as I progress app keeps on restarting by itself like every single game especially when the device is connected to internet. Too many ads. Will uninstall if issue continues. Update : the automatic restart thing has stop but now it literrally stops you from playing every after game (stucks you on loading page) which i have to close the app and the coins I earned didn't add up to my coin balance. So annoying! Ended up uninstalling this app.
EDIT: AFTER the UPDATE .. THIS GAME FINALLY STOPPED CLOSING .. NOW its GAME ON ! πŸ– Ive passed all 9 cities by fast playing with boosts, 5 combos, and seeing the rhythmic attack patterns by trial and error. ThIS game is soo fun. πŸ€“
I love this game but it's full of bugs and currently can't even play it because of the Road to chef bug it does'nt go away and i can't claim my rewards its so frustrating
Fun game to play πŸ˜€πŸ˜Ž It does get harder as you go onto upper levels but of course you just gotta bear with it and go no matter how hard it is. Just like with life you do as l best as you can no matter how hard it is
i love it but i had some problems with a event, although i had collected enough keys for getting the reward, they couldn't be collected, the previous and next one are collected but not the middle one... idk what is the problem
the best game ever cause it sure teaches u how to create a meal u ever thought about that is quick and fast and also it's off the chain
Nice game I don't think that it has any probelem but thier are some levels that need some boosts and if you out of boosts or you don't have enough coins and gems to purchase some so to complete the goal of the level automatically becomes hard or impossible
I did really enjoy this game, but it seems that the more boosts and gems I purchase it becomes impossible to pass levels. This game has you constantly spending a fortune. I wish I'd never started playing. Update: You did it, you listened and made positive changes. So much more enjoyable to play now that we can earn more gems without paying through the nose. I don't even mind spending money anymore...lol KUDOS!!!!
I love it! Sometimes I feel like there is not enough time on some of the levels. But other than that I literally spend an hour or more playing a day. My streak is currently 150.
As of Aug. 17 to Aug. 22 The chef rank is making the app not working. Everytime i press the rank it will exit me out and now the rank is finished when i open the app it will just exit me out directly and it will say app not working please fix the bugs. I like this game so so much
Was enjoying this game casually. When it came to the end of my first section of levels and I successfully collected all the keys to open the next restaurant, the game made me redo levels..? Why? I had additional customers and everything so I don't understand why I couldn't move forward in the game until redoing levels. I'm annoyed about that and because I'm not a paying player, I doubt my say matters.. however, I will uninstall this game despite that.
Worse game since they started only opening new levels certain days. They say it will open Nov 20th-30th...well it's December and still not available. Why the change? I'm on level 19 and level 20 won't open.
The equipments and ingredients in burger shop are too expensive. I can't upgrade them. It made my game difficult. πŸ˜‘
So far this is the best cooking game I have played! They aren't greedy with forcing you to buy stuff to move on and its challenging enough to be fun but not so hard you can t move forward. Love it
I'm enjoying this game. It's a very nice games. you win coins very easily and your upgrades are not too expensive.
Loved this game until the app refused to work. Only option I had was to uninstall then reinstall and I lost all the progress I had made!
I got disappointed. I have completed two city's restaurants. But I'm unable to use the coins from completed cities to current playing city restaurant.. the third city level is too complicate. I wanna to buy machines but because of less money I'm unable to continue 😭. Pls give some options to use money's from completed restaurants..😢
I love this game. It's kind of relaxing. Although it gets harder each passing level, it is still worth it. And it's kinda challenging.
I love cooking games but it seems like they are all pretty much the same. So far this one is a little different. Just started playing so we will see how it goes.
This is an awesome app but the reason behind giving 4 stars is that when we upgrade something slowly the cost of things increases thats why i have given 4 stars otherwise this game is awesome it is for kids teens even its fun for adults
It tells me that an update is possible but when I go to Play store its only possible to open or uninstall the game. I am unable to play the Valentine event because of that.
this is a good game for me i enjoy every level of cooking and serving but eventually i did not win to level 29.i try so many times but still im lost.thats why i give 4star. because eventualy i did not enjoy more level
I really love this game. Very exciting ! But still needs a lot of money and gems. And my problem is , i can't play ads so i don't get free gems. I need to store lots of gems to buy boost so that i'll pass the hard levels. And one thing. Can we have the money even if we failed ? Haha because we really need money tho. By the way i am really enjoying this game. It made me think of a real business . And you should be wise enough to spend all your money .
Thanks for this amazing game, at first I was surprised, but in burger shop I got shocked , 'cause the charge of upgrades doesn't fit to the earns if each level, for example each levels earns 65 up to 110$, but the main upgrades need more than 500 $, you dissapointed me!
Love to play this game but really annoyed with the ads that always keep showing up after every level. Used to be one of my favourites but the frequency of ads can be lessened.
My eggs doesn't work! everytime;i click on them they don't get to the plate... so it's unfortunate I can't progress
I have played a few of these cooking games now and so far I must say this is my favorite. Challenging but not impossible. A fun game.
Enjoyed playing until game cheated me out of my auto delivery booster. It worked for like a minute and then stopped midway through level. Need to fix these bugs...
It's a shame because I really like the game, but it's another all about money game. The developer makes it next to impossible to advance unless yours willing to buy. Another game uninstalled because of this issue
It is a very interesting game i always plays cooking city it has so many branches and so many things to upgrade i really like this game
Has anyone else had problems with level 30 (ice cream shop) I'm not getting any coins from the people I have served. It seems I only get coins from every third person.
Fun but a shameless cash grab. Been playing this game for years and it is becoming more evident that it is pay to win. As others have said, some levels cannot be beaten without boosters, which cost gems, which cost money. It is intentional as level starts and first person doesn't order until 10 or so seconds into the game. Becoming less fun and more frustrating.
Ads pops out suddenly even I didn't touch anything. Plus, new updates changes EVERYTHING, the kitchen, the ingredients are not at the usual places. wth. How can I win like this if u changes everything? don't be ridiculous. AND the customers come in tooo slow thus wasting time and couldn't finish the task.
Love this game. But started to get annoyed when it costs way to many coins to upgrade, you dont win money when you play a level and you loose, on most games you do at least get the money what u earnt in the level. Then it wont let you just simply reply the level, you have to either upgrade or go all the way back to the start in order to try again. Just seems like the creators purposely made it 10x harder or more of a pain to play, just so we spend money.
Nice game but i don't know that why the customers go fast please fix this problem please! please! These are 4 stars if you can fix this problem so then I will give you all 5 stars
I love cooking games and this one is the best one I have found so far and I've gone through quite a few. The levels are challenging but not impossible without boosts or special items. They offer you free coins and gems for watching adds. I think the system they have is fair and you don't have to buy anything to advance. I have played many games that use gems to upgrade your shops, but this one just uses coins and the gems are for continuing if you fail a level. Did I say I love this game?
So much fun, love the graphics and detail of each restaurant. Levels are great because there is a variety of easy and more challenging. Love all the boosts, makes the game even more fun to play. This is the best cooking game I have played and as I love these kinds of games, I've tried many. This is by far the most rewarding and fun to play. Love the new rewards, makes it so interesting and keeps you motivated to continue playing. I'm never bored when I'm playing this game. Super cool!
Loving this game, so addictive, the levels aren't impossible to beat either. A lot of these kinds of games make the levels impossible to beat unless you spend a ton of money!! Great job on making this game so fun and easier on my wallet!!
I love love love cooking games,this one seems a little easy.The other ones I played want you to pay money to play as soon as you lose, or pay money to up grade. I'll give 5 stars when I play all the way through,but so far so good.
I have found a game that I finally enjoy. I enjoy the pace and challenge. Once you figure out the rhythm and things to do you can pass the levels no problem for the most part. The only complaint is that sometimes I will have to press on an item twice before it will go where it needs too.
Ones you get to the burger shop, it's impossible to beat without using boosters. They expect you to cook on 1 stove, 1 burger at a time for 3-4 customers who is waiting for a burger. It's impossible To serve them all in the time frame.
Very nice and challenging but I ain't receiving "road to chef & mini cafes" like others 😑 since everyone has this at home. 2 stars until my issue is fixed.
Dont get this game unless you are prepared to make lots of purchases. It gets to a point where levels are impossible to beat without boosts, even if you have upgraded everything in your kitchen. The only way to get boosts is using gems. Gems are acquired very slowly unless you buy them. This is one of those game I would have paid for up front to play, but I refuse to buy boosts.
Beginnigly I was liked this game much. But after the recent update(valentine's Day), I'm not getting any bonus level after completion of all levels in restaurants.. please check this.. it's really disappointed!
Everything was fine till the last update. I can't get it to update. It won't load the new mini games like mini cafe. So have deleted it from my phone.
You should really consider the money from the mini game to be added to the main game cause its getting so hard to just to get through the levels im considiring deleting the game. No use in taking one whole week for a level then its not fun anymore!! Its getting annoying cause every level u nedd daimonts to finish.
I love this game and look forward to playing. I haven't encountered any down sides..I'm currently at the The Breakfast Bar, Level 13. Install and play..you'll love the fast paced, easy play. :-)
Wonderful game. Love the breakfast options -eggs and pancakes. Can play the game with friends. Allows you to decorate different restaurants as you move up to the next level. For instance, seafood place or burger joint.
Great but some levels hard to win without updating machines and stuff,,, they are expensive. Give us more gems and money for free or more boosts pls. Love to play this all the time. 😊
I just update this game and its keep jumping off the screen so please could you fix it because i love this game
Very nice game. I enjoyed the game. But l complete all levels . Next level coming soon . I expected the new city and new level . I enjoy enjoy very much . I like and love the game.