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Cooking Cafe – Restaurant Star : Chef Tycoon

Cooking Cafe – Restaurant Star : Chef Tycoon for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by AppOn Innovate located at AppOn Software Pvt Ltd. C 12 Liberty, Phase 2, Northmain road Koregoan park, Pune- 411001, India. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really like this game. Love the graphics. Its very addictive. Love serveing the customers. I play lots of cooking games i love them all. All of you that makes cooking games your number 1 in my books. Each and everyone that make cooking game you do outstanding and wonderful job. I am giveing you 100% . from Missouri U.S.A.
I love the game 😍 but when i go to dressing room i want to watch a video and ist says "No video are available “ please fix it so i have a clothes.
I love the game but i have a problem. There is a problem with ice cream. ie..When you have 2 separate orders one white ice cream and a second for purple &green combo. When you are making one for each hand it always combines them together. How do you solve this problem.
So I beat all stages and now waiting on new areas for the game developers to update the game so I can play on new levels wonder how long that will take for an update
Smooth game. Controls good but too tiny. When play fastly the controls are confusing. One major problem Location 3 Sea lounge challenge has freezed. Pls do something. I need help.
Okay, too many adds and it costs energy for each level even if you win so you can only play so many levels per session.
This is a awesome game the levels are different you can actually cook dikferent foods and you dont have to wait on lifes. They actually give you a choice to watch videos which is really short for 100 coins to helo you buy appliances to get you further along in the game.
Character freezes up when trying to serve shrimp dishes and i lose the whole level. Lets me make the dish but customers will notntake it. Like the game but cannot continue to play until this issue is fixed.
i did all cafe shops.. this game is really enjoyable.. but after american street food shop we have no more any shops to cook.. please update this game with new shops...
Love this game been doing updates but im out of levels when will there be more levels? Ready to uninstall bc the updates are not giving me no more levels 😔😔
Was fun til I beat all stages and now waiting on new areas for the game developers to update the game so I can play on new levels wonder how long that will take for an update.... it's been two weeks since I beat all levels n now from 5 stars to two I will be uninstalling this game
Good.but one day I stop this game for 5 minutes. When I open app again it is not working... Pls look that problem
Update: now deleting as developers still have not produced any new levels for over a week now. Shame as could be a great game. Downgraded to 2 stars as levels have run out, and yes, i have updated and no.....there are no other locations available. Great game but what I don't understand is why you are only allocated a certain number of tokens to play with. Once they're gone you have to wait for more. Why oh why would you want to stop people playing your game?!!
I like the game, but its gets to fast for older people, & it freezes B4 the video is done & l don't get my double coins😡
I love the Game but energy timer is very bad... 1 energy in 60 sec (1min) which means 5 energy timer takes (5mins) needed for playing 1 level... if we purchase this energy timer from gems then its toooooo costly... Eg:
This is a great cooking game to install,I love,just the kind of game I've been looking for,but the only annoying thing there is the ads that pops up when my data is on,bit without my data on there is no ads,this game is just great!!!
To much adds. Constantly have to wait between stages. I defnitely want to give a 5 star . But the adds is to much
Excellent game that i have never seen This is very nice cooking game Having fast cooking Having slow burning Having more customers patience Taking less money to upgrade items or foods Such a beautiful game
The game is interesting but my worry is after the six restaurant ,the next doesn't open .n its devastating
Very nice game but when you reach some level is too difficult 😒💔 to play. Please when will the location 7 be unlocked because am than with the location 1 to 6 but I don't know why ...when I type it ...it says coming soon but till not coming
This game very nice and super game.I love this game supeeeer and picture and constomer in super👍👍👍👍
I love playing this game ,my problem is my internet has a glitch every second and it freezes on me,but from that other wise I enjoy playing it slot.
This game is awesome. But I already finished the last cafe and waiting for update for so long but still 😔😔😔😔.
its a real additive and fun game however when i want to upgrade my chef no ads are ever avalable. Please fix this problem Thank you!
easy to choose and pick up each beverage and accessories. the time given is possible to pass. Nice game to kill time during this COVID-19
Same trap other cooking games use. Maxed out on upgrades, served the customers very promptly, but failed the level because I didn't serve all the customers? Really? Then asked to spend gems. Look ashamed developers. This is a well-known trap in cooking games.
Only during the first 5 levels can you watch videos to earn extra coins...way to expensive!!4 different categories to buy but most want coins gems and sometimes tickets all at same time. Stuff earn they want you to buy with 5+ plus gems
I'm liking this game alot because it's more my pace. I love these cooking games, but it usually gets to a point where I'm not fast enough and end up uninstalling the game. This one seems more relaxed so I get continued hours of play time. I am retired and this is one of my guilty pleasures. Hopefully I've found a "Keeper".
Loved cooking in the kitchen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner which included an appetizer or dessert. Each level you can earn more coins or gems to buy decorations (cabana tent, table, beach ball, with surf board) to entertain your guests.
My game was stopped responding and when i reopend everything was reset and the fackebook account i used to connect seems to be of no use. Such a bad experience.
It is so fun to play please download it you can easily see me wear one of these weird looking things and you can play it so easy so fun and
I enjoy it tremendously, only negative is there is no storyline.only thing missing.are you eventually going to have daily quests?
So far so good...the game is not too difficult that you have to struggle too much , it's fun and interesting. Well done
The game still exits itself after each level so I got a response that it was fixed but it wasn't so m uninstalling.
Make the games more interesting n easily can win diamonds n coins can score more coins for the next rounds...
I really enjoyed this game until I was halfway through the 4 location when game reset to the beginning. If that glitch were to be fixed game would be 5 stars.
I am stuck at level 24 of Sea lounge because some of the items are just not responding. Please fix this bug
Its a really nice cooking game. Probably the best one out there... Got to know about different countries' cuisines. The new feature with room decoration is really nice. Absolutely love this game... A must try!!! I have played many cooking games but this one is on another level. It is super fun,entertaining and addicting
Start out good, but i have played games like this before, the more you play the more impossible it gets to get more money to upgrade, so you are just stuck, so ism going to look for something else thats not so impossible to win and advance up in , good luck with the game ♦️
I really like this game so far! It's my favorite cooking game! I don't really like the Sea Lounge bc the dipping sauces are too close together & it's hard to hit them without hitting the wrong one, if you could spread them out just a little bit would be so great. But I love the concept of the game & I love you can decorate room's but I'm waiting on the next room to decorate hope they are coming soon!! Great Job Developers!!!
Fun! I have really enjoyed this game, but Ive been waiting a long time for the new levels to open up because Ive completed all that I can. Hoping Im not going to have to delete the app.
I really enjoyed this game, and I managed to get all the way to restaurant six,took me ages,just logged in now and all my hard work has been wiped out again!
Good game! Although it is a little slow when u try to touch the items that the customers want. U have to touch it 2-3 times, sometimes.
Its a really nice cooking game. Probably the best one out there... Got to know about different countries' cuisines. The new feature with room decoration is really nice. Absolutely love this game... A must try!!! I have played many cooking games but this one is on another level. It is super fun,entertaining and addicting... Should alsolutely give the game a try
Really enjoy the game just wish the 6th location (American Street) can be open... I've been waiting. Please do something. I don't want to end up deleting the game. Thanks.
I love this game very well, it is really easy to play and very interesting,i can't just stop playing it, it is like i am just addicted to the game.I keep getting to higher levels and earning much coins so i will give it a five star.
This game keeps switching off when moving to the next level. It takes too long to go to the next level then it stops working.
I enjoyed the game itself, it was a nice mix of variety and it didn't take long to obtain enough tokens to continue playing. My only problem was the glicthing particularly when ads came up, the entire app would shut down so it prevented me from watching any to double coins. In saying that I liked that I could go back to unfinished levels and saved money that way. Thanks
Really love the game but really getting tired of waiting for new sites to open up. Leaving game is starting to be an option in my mind, but really don't want to. If you could give us a time table instead of really soon comment
It's fun, but my only issue is the trash can beside holding container, and where we serve. I keep throwing food away I'm trying to serve or store.
I also purchased a value pack. My account was charged but did not receive the items purchased. My initial review apparently was not posted. I really like the game but I have downloaded several games on the app that say you will get coins for downloading. I have not received any coins for the downloads. Again, game is fun but will uninstall. Sent emails to developer but no response.
Boring. Have to start from the beginning every time I start to play again. Loose all my points, coins etc. Will be uninstalling it.
This is one of the games I've ever played....the ads don't take too long and it's easy to learn I love it😘
Was a fun game, fast, but 2nd day took me to start all over again, would rate it 5, but starting over sucks, will uninstalling it . until thing r fixed
I really like this game so far! It's my favorite cooking games!! Right now I'm waiting on more restaurants to open bc I've completed all & I'm also waiting on more rooms to decorate.. This is a fun, challenging game & I hope you upgrade soon!! Great Job Developers!! Bring on some more fun!! 😀
This game is amazing,I really love this game.I played many cooking games but this one is different from others,which have many decorative ideas which attract people to play.This game is really very awesome I request you to play😊
A very interesting game . Compared to the other cooking games I have played I found this addictive. The right amount of challenge . Variety. Lovely upgrades and not too stressful. But I am compelled to give it a Three Star Review as I have run out of levels ! There are no more restaurants to unlock : instead it says 'coming soon' ! Please try upgrading the game with more levels !
I like the game I would give it a five-star but I can't get past locations 7 it keeps saying coming soon just as well as the rooms that you can fix up a coming soon and I ain't came yet
Very intersting game I've have only one complementary!!! That is the dressing we couldn't unlock anything without net if we on the net try it shows there is no video try again later!! and some dresses want to be purchase using diamont and the decortives also ask diamond and we want more characters to cook any way there are many worst game but it's a good game and i like the graphics it such a beautiful!!!!! You would also this game!!!!!!
I just gave it 4 star's I like this game but will see how far this game is gonna take me mostly every food game's I played honesty it never last cause they end up cheating and ripping me off so will see
I. LOVE. THIS. GAME. I'm absolutely OBSESSED WITH THIS GAME, I CANNOT EVEN DESCRIBE HOW ENJOYABLE this game is. It's such an amazing, fun, enjoyable and an addictive game! There are no issues, or crashes or bugs with this game. And for the ads, there isn't a lot of ads, so it's not that bad. Which is AMAZING. I even recommend this game to everyone I know, such as my friends and family they absolutely loved the game and so THEY INSTALLED IT !! Thanks so much for creating this game! ♡♡
Love how thier only short ads between level ,it's fast between level,and to get to another restraunt it's only 10 mittens for now ,you also get to I'm only on second restraunt ,decorate your home !! I voted 5 stars to soon the OUTFIT and HAIRSTYLE I waited for and payed gems they took away WHERE IS IT? One star down!! Taking stars away but i can cuz you down one more took my hair away again
I liked the game in the beginning. I USED to play a similar game called paella story. Never had all those timed TASKS. I am a senior citizen and cannot complete timed TASKS. Don't have trouble keeping the customers happy.
it is a great game it is the best game it is just that there are to many ads and it is easy some of the levels are not too hard and it is fun you have to collect these mittins it is wonderful some of the other cooking games that i downloaded are terrible but this one is easy and fun so you should download this game but i should warn you there are ads i would say they come up after almost every level but not always but if you hate ads on a scale of 1-10 the ads are about 5 so download this game
I really like the game, but you have to be careful when it comes to using boosters. You have to turn it off because they don't shut off themselves at the end of the level and will continue to waste them uselessly.
Very good game comparative to others. Ads are short, levels, even at their hardest, are not difficult to complete. Upgrades arent OOP if you do the extra levels. All things considered, not overly intrusive, while still being a challenge, all without having to spend my own money. Win to me.
The game is really nice and cool but I have finished all levels and the last location is yet to be unlocked.
Love the game all except the outfits and hair only being 1 time use and then charging 100 gems to use again. So that's why I didnt rate higher
THIS IS A FUN GAME BUT HALF THE TIME THE SANDWICHES DON'T WORK. IT WON'T LET ME ADD THE COLD CUTS CASINO ME TO LOSE THE GAME. . That is working now but I have another issue. In sea lounge the customers won't take the lobster with pineapple again causing me to lose every time. I can't move ahead. Please fix this bug
It is very essy and very enjoyable game. 2nd time I dwnld this game. And enjoying me or my daughter ❤️
Cld do without ads after every round but thankfully not very long. Game is relatively easy to play, times for each round isn't outrageous as ive seen with other time mgmt games. Not forced to spend ur own money to level up. Overall one of the better time mgmt games ive played & ive played alot! Edited to add, I did finally connect to Facebook but never received my 50 gems for doing it.
The trash can is way too close to the customers because you'll hit that more often than ever every time I go to give it to the first person right by the trash can somehow the trash can gets hit so it ends up getting thrown in the trash the game will be awesome if they move that trash can or make it not so touchy
Really enjoying the game but after every level a ad is played and my screen goes black. I have to guess in which corner to close the ad to continue to the next level. Very annoying😠
Sometimes it is confusing when other clients are placed in front of those already being served. It would appear that tricks are placed in the game to confuse the players
ok this game is really interesting and can be potentially addicting..I'm ok with the 5 sec ads after a level and the challenge which u set really at perfect point makes ur game quite challenging yet players still keep their fun and interest (hope u can keep this as always since compare to others these are ur pros among them)..but I want to have a chance to collect additional coins from extra shift of completed previous levels.. I'm really looking forward this and perhaps I will increase my star
Wow 🥰🥰🥰🥰❤❤❤😘its really wonderful game ❤🥰❤😍🔥😍🔥🔥its really awesome,fantastic,superb, amazing❤❤❤❤❤❤ seriously I don't have any words to say 🤐🤐🤐🔥🔥 such a wonderful game 👍👍😀😀I recommend all to download it 👍👍it can be downloaded 😀👍 really good job done by whole team 👍👍👍😀😀❤❤❤ loved it. Thank u for such a amazing game ❤❤👍👍😀😀.
This game is great graffic are awsome i love that theres no lag and it dose not kick you out its fun and exciting to play
Good gameplay! I was also actually surprised that it also contains decorating features. Love it! Please make changes all for good. I love this game already.
Edit: ready for the next update! Just finished the last cafe & from last update. Lots of other time mgmt games out there but this one is by far my favorite. Hard at times but if u stick with it, u can get past the lvls. Cld do without ads after every round but thankfully not very long. Game is relatively easy to play, times for each round isn't outrageous as ive seen with other time mgmt games. Not forced to spend ur own money to level up.
Great game but what I don't understand is why you are only allocated a certain number of tokens to play with. Once they're gone you have to wait for more. Why oh why would you want to stop people playing your game?!!
I complet all the levels but the last level is not open ..it's shown (it will be open soon) but from the last 2 days it's not open
I don't know how the experience but it's good and I feel like like iam really cooking in the kitchen 😃 I love these games and you should try it !! Love it 😌😌😅😅
It's a good game! However there are a bunch of 5 second are after every level. However, I do understand that the ads pay for the game to make it free. With that being said I wish there was a way to just have less ads.
Absolutely love the game but still waiting on new levels. Not sure how long it take to get new levels but if they dont come soon i will be forced to delete the game and move on to something else.
I'm in love with this game. It's a relaxing mind game for me.I love cooking in playing the cooking games as well....
Frustrating. I love cooking games, picky with them tbh, and this one I REALLY enjoyed! Played it for nearly 4 hours yesterday when I found it however logged in today and it completely reset my game?! I even spent money on it yesterday. Lost my entire progress even though I am logged into my same FB account.... Am I going to keep losing everything every day?!
this is really addictive and fun to play this game I love it plus I would recommend this game to all my friends and family that plays games..
I would have rate it a 5 but after u complete a level it takes forever to load for the next one I can deal with the adds coz it's not long but that make me bored an don't want to play but game okay just work on loading the levels faster
When will you add more levels? Reached so far and the game start back from level 1. Lost all progress. Nonsense. Poor very poor.
I really love this game,so great is just that the time for restocking is really not too fast,if they can just remove that restocking or they should increase it by 5 not 1 it will be fine
Just the right mix of challenge per level. Enjoyed this game. Just too bad ive already completed american street and it doesnt have any additional levels. Hope they update with more levels othereise ill have to unistall since i cant play finished levels.
I can give the game 5 stars but my only problem is I loose the process again and again.That just turns me off
Fantastic game...I love all the cooking games of app on innovate.. Please bulid us more cooking games like this..
Good game my issue at the moment is i have to keep tapping order because its not responding to my touch please fix this issue and i will change my rating thanks
OMG I love this game its to amazing I love how there's different areas to go to that you can unlock and things like that that is so cool to me I just love that part of the game I love how you go back to the last location and replay some of the levels from that one I just love this game I am obsessed with it I play it every single day whether I'm just doing nothing or that I'm really really bored and I just need something to do or I just need to take a break from other things.
Logged on with facebook and didnt receive any diamonds as promised. Instead the game froze upon returning from logging in and had to close.