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Cooking & Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Thinkplay located at Room 14B, 14/F, Wah Hen Commercial Centre No.383, Hennessy Road Wanchai, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Better than a lot of other match three games! Like everything about it! Really like that it has teams too!won't be deleting this game soon!hope there are a lot of levels!
Great game so far. Hope it doesn't get like other games impossible to progress without money. Otherwise very enjoyable.
The "hint" flashing DOES NOT provide the best option, i have had it flash for a standard 3 in a row, when there is a pattern to make a bomb, happens often. I use it as a tool on what pattern not to use, lol.
The choices for flooring, wallpaper nd furniture etc is awful. Apart from that I like the controls nd the story r good same with the levels. I hope the choices will be improved.
The next level will not download . it saying something about my internet. But all my other game r connected. Why ur wont. Now the game won't connect to facebook
Hello I wrote back in December about how the game freezes so I decided to play again and guess what yup it's still freezing you have very poor customer service because you don't respond to anything I will not try again it's ashame because I really wanted to play it looks like a great game thanks for nothing
There's nothing bad about this game it's everything you want a game to be. Graphics , color scheme, characters and control storytelling.
The character design in this game is awsome. My favorite one definitely is Juliet. She is the most classy lady i've ever seen. The puzzle part is really challenging but absolutely fun, loving to beat these well-designed levels. Oh, I have to mention the food cards. i really learned lots of puns related to food from that. Really cool game😍
Absolutely love this game. Helps me with my eye/hand coordination and gives me more than just one thing to do. Kiddo's love playing also.
Started out like all the rest, fun and enjoyable and then ya all have to do the levels that are impossable to win. Very aggravating.
I'm having trouble logging into Facebook. Every time I try to login into Facebook it says that the game has stopped.
One of the best puzzle games I have ever played! πŸ’™ The graphics, music and plots are truly amazing! ✨ Things will be getting hard once you have reached level 50 and onwards which are really challenging for me but fret not as they are very generous with money and boosters so you can always come back and try again the level once you have run out of lives! πŸ₯° I truly enjoy this game a lot!! πŸ’–
Cooking and Puzzle is amazing 😍!!!! I really loved how the game was made because everything looked like a cartoon game. Their gameplay was awesome, love the graphics of the game cause it has cartoon decor and characters, their controls are so simple! Every aspect of the game altogether is beyond exciting and easy for me to play.... I encourage the team to make more of these πŸ˜‰ games!!!!!!
its a nice game ...good grapics as well but i am stuck in level 101..i cant move to the next level pls fix this
Ive been stuck on level 210 for over a month. I like this game but tired of trying to beat the level and no luck. Guess time to uninstall!
I really enjoy this game and ones similar to this, this one is very relaxing, I enjoy the relaxing music, and no ads. Puzzles are pretty easy, they do get a little more difficult as the game goes on, so its all good. Love it. 🎸🎢😎🌻
When I get to a level where it is ridiculously hard without having to waste all my boosters and having to buy and buy to get more and still not pass, that is when I uninstall. For example the levels with the sardine cans, you have to use bombs and such to rid of them but it is virtually impossible to get what you need and if you do they are usually not close enough to matter. The first sardine level took me about 10 tries to complete and I had to use almost all of my saved boosters to do it.
I am giving 2 stars because I sent a email March 9th about a $31.99 package that was charged to my credit card and the package was not load to my game. I haven't gotten a response or refund or the package.
Love this game the graphics are ace. Just love playing it got other games but just go on this one a bit more
I like the gameplay. Perfect combination of level difficulty and dialogue/design. The problem is that it's a design game, you're supposed to make the nicest restaurant possible, but the design options are downright ugly (the flooring would have been ugly in the 70s), and the design elements do not match one another. It is impossible to make a decent looking room. Fix design elements to even just match and I'll improve this rating because the puzzle gameplay itself is good.
It's fun,But when l get to the end of my games and l need 3/4 * l finish my 3rd or 4th game and game turns off and l have to start all over. To get my let's do it 3*s or 4*s. :(
The next level will not download . it saying something about my internet. But all my other game r connected. Why ur wont
Update the game and it needs notification for lives refil and add a gift at the end of the chapter. Fix fb login to save progress
Your game was so amazing but the levels are too difficult pls. Make them not too hards and make the furniture lively and colorful so we can enjoy the game...and pls give us some monthly event like valentines,christmast easter bunny and many more,so pls make the levels not too hard..and next update i will give u 5 star
Love the gameplay but the design of the decor doesn't match and doesn't look good. Also some stuff doesn't even have an options to choose from which is a bit disappointing. The game has lots of potential but, needs work in the designing part.
Im enjoying it.. Only no mins, hour reward when puzzles are successfully done..just having fun dont make it so difficult as we a go along, kinna'boring,irritating when we cant pass the puzzle but as for now its exciting and addictive...
It's a very pretty game, good graphics nice storyline but theres no cooking element. You simply play a candy crush game to get resources which isnt really my thing so I uninstalled.
Can't make a purchase. Denied because you say time zone. My device changes automatically and is correct. I have no problems on any other games. Your lost because I do like the game!
It is just like a copy of other game. The worst game I had played and after 100th level there r no other level r present.
Really love this match three game. It has an exciting story and makes you feel part of it. Not too challenging and no adverts .
i love this game very much im really enjoy playing n couldn't stop playing. it's really help me easy to pass my time. i gave five stars hope to have more decoration games like this one because i like decoration games keep it up.
Smooth gameplay and cool graphics..only one complaint..why are the chips so tiny ?pls can you make them bigger?
It's a fun game but now it won't let me past level 101 it says more level and furniture but nothing happened yet. I hope it will soon or I will have to delete it but I like it.
Game takes too long to update been sitting waiting for update please update soon or I'm going to uninstall overall good game I'm still waiting for the update as of today today is June 13th 2020 this game still has not updated the task it still has a message task has completed please update still waiting
been looking for a game like this!! 5 star to everything! but the decorations isnt that kind of matching (?) if ya know what I mean
Great game until I got to level 25. It won't allow me to play that level and you can't skip levels so I'm stuck with nothing I can do in it. Please fix this glitch and I will gladly change your rating for my review.
It's basically the same as Gardenscapes or any of the other many match 3 games like it: play match 3 levels to gain points needed to renovate a place by choosing from a whopping three choices (in this case, a restaurant). Looks cute, has an average story, lots of food puns and jokes, and if you don't stop playing after the inevitable pay wall comes along, this is your type of game. Not bad, just...not unique enough to impress me when seemingly most Match 3's follow thus recipe.
I hardly write any reviews but for this one, I had to. Nice story, graphics and levels. That story with Juliet is a nice touch.
I really love this game. I love graphics, characters, puzzles,..... Background music also soo good.... Excellent game.....
Thanks for making this game this game is do some if you just look at the wallpaper that does not mean that it is bornng it is very fun maybe one day you should try it is very fun you can do very fun things for free no ads at all it is very fun for for third graders and up good kindergarten might even like it so let me talk about what you could do sofos when you enter the restaurant you would see your parents that you have not sought a long time but not your real parents and you will help them
Game is to slow and it keeps giving hints when they have already showed you how the game is played witch i already know how its played that's all i play is match three games and the storyline is so boring i can do without the storyline it just slowes the game down i just want to play not be looking at Know story line this game is just to slow sorry i have to uninstall it
This a great game in the beginning. But, it isn't Fair. They let you play a few levels. Then want you to wait for an update. Only you don't know when!
I'm on leave 45 and so far it's been an extremely enjoyable experience. The levels are challenging but not so difficult that you're forced to use boosters just to pass them. They also seem to be very generous with giving away boosters so you're not forced to pay to play or watch a ton of ads. I currently have 17 boosters(3 different types) and I've yet to buy anything or watch a single ad. In my opinion this is a match 3/design game done right. Keep up the good work developers! :)
This game is too hard in some levels.Even you have boosters not guarantee you will pass the hard levels. Very frustating.
Its a nice game to play look like the same game of homescape and gardenscape. The good thing also has a story bet. Family. Its wonderful . Thanks and god bless
I do not have to pay for boosters and coins to progress so far. However one should not have to pay for the bank.
I was loving the game until I got to level 240😬the board is almost impossible to pass. Uninstalled in my phone and won't return. There are a few other things but I don't have time to name them. Good try devs
I took one star off because of some ridiculous stuff. For instance, since when is there a rug in the kitchen or a tablecloth on a counter. Just not happening. Would be better if things were more realistic and not put in to waste effort or to make the game look "pretty"!