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Cookies TD - Idle Tower Defense Games for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by PIXELCUBE STUDIOS located at PIXELCUBE STUDIOS 420 Main Street East Suite #558 Milton, Ontario, L9T 5G3 . The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good idea. Good fun to begin with. gets repetitive as it goes on. not s great deal of variation. some towers locked behind a pay wall... a weekly pay wall at that. possible 4 star with out the harsh pay wall and 4.5 to 5 star if there was more variation.
I find this game great to play!! It has very good experience and enjoying, tho I wish we could battle against other players to see who can keep their recipie longer I hope we have that update, also I want this feature trading, Trading will be a feature that you can trade things you have and get something else, so I hope this will come in the feature and have a good new year!
Its acully a cool and nice game , but i think it woud be better to make a little tutorial at the start ! But its really nice game and it deserve 5 stars , have fun!
Can't play it the stupid cookie club subscription thing keeps popping up and I can't get it to go away.
This game is already so good! But still needs sandbox mode and the jurassic world so plz do that as fast
It's a fun game. havent figured if all out yet but I am enjoying the play. its a game I can play why watching tv and dont have to give it my complete focus. I enjoy that a lot. Will probably be the game I play at nught when im laying down watching tv ready to sleep.
it's... pretty boring. Tower attacks don't feel at all impactful and after 20 or so levels of constant upgrading they feel like they don't even deal damage anymore. Enemies are getting closer and closer to my secret recipe every wave now, but I have no way of dealing more damage. I can't imagine even reaching the next world, let alone surviving it.
You guys just clear data in your settings/app/cookiestd/storage so you don't have to watch a minute long ad every time you want to restart
You basically force people to buy your $25 a month premium to even think about progressing. How is that the max amount of towers allowed all at level 31, or substantially higher as I have 2 at 45, cant even come close to beating round 31? Are you guys that awful at balancing? No that isn't it. You're greedy money hungry savages. Disgusting. I'd hate to be married to any of you. You can't even satisfy users with flashing lights. How can you be expected to satisfy your spouse? Don't get the game
I love idle games like this. This one is very well done and does not force ads at all. Thank you so much. Will gladly be supporting this game and cant wait to see how it continues to develop
Love the game and how it handles. It's kinda addictive. Great to kill time. But still trying to figure out what to do with the cupcakes you get when you prestige.
Another copy/paste TD game with a weekly charge of $5. As I always say, you could pay for Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, WoW or FFXIV for cheaper and get more value. What a waste.
So I've played up to wave 18, so far, I love the concept. I think I never played this kind of game before. The interface is super smooth (though I hope there is a tutorial in the beginning), it does make me wonder what will happened once I reach harder stages and I guess I'm looking more into it. The game suits well for idle play time and I really appreciate the fast forward as well as the power up cannon power. And it does not expired when I stopped playing it! So I guess that's pretty cool!
Good overall . But really need to show damage numbers, I cant spot the diffrence between lv 1 and lv 25 same tower.
Actually enjoying this game I'm addicted already. Absolutely love the idea of cards to give bonus to help progress amazing idea to who ever decided on that. just I wish yous had a shop like your other games where we can buy like rainbow cookies or even put cards in the shop and have like 3 of the cards in the shop a day so you kinda have to hope the shop has the cards you need and hope you have enough to buy them with what ever currency yous decide. Normal cookies or rainbow cookies.Just an idea
Game is pretty nice. Unfortunately its incredibly boring. Not a lot of towers. The cards that give you upgrades is so minimal and unengaging that its a mechanic you pay no attention to. After the beginning the game in general has absolutely nothing to keep you engaged. No numbers, literally nothing that tells you if a tower is actually useful, which is a very horrible design. Worth trying not much to keep you playing.
Love this game! Would like to see an automation wave restarter when you fail the wave instead of having to press to return to a wave or watch a video (automated rewind to a previous wave within a time limit) can't wait for future updates and contents 😁
The game progresses very slowly. It now has a prestige function that allows the user to reset their game and tower level for a 0.1 percent bonus income per level . This translates to 1000 levels for a measle 100 percent increase income. I'm struggling at level 150 and I got a out 15 percent higher income. The developer asks for 8 euros for a monthly pay to win subscription which I find very expensive. In the other game developed by this company I could buy the best upgrades for about 10 euros.
The game is a basic TD. Nothing special, kind of just meh. You have to pay a subscription to unlock all the towers which is pretty disappointing. If it was a one time thing I'd probably pay just to help the devs but oh well. You can't see how much damage your towers are doing and that's the most frustrating. There isn't a tutorial or anywhere to go to figure out the features of the game. For example when you lose, does it always start back at lvl 25 or does that change as you go?
Gets kinda boring quick, not much to do.. after 30 mins of playtime, i realised the game icons have been burned into my screen when on fb etc... Definitely wont be playing again.
the game seems to have no objective, doesn't tell you how much you upgrade your towers by. seems to be very little of difference between a level 1 and level 8 tower
I'm a game dev too for 3 years, i know how hard to make a game / add new features. And that.. that's perfect game lol. Running so smooth. And i seen just 3 ppl in their team. That's so good. Good Job friends, waiting for new updates :) and ppl says there is not much towers, cards etc. Just wait. i believe they'll make that perfect.
Difficult to exit out of premium membership option if you press a tower that uses it in the menus however dev responded so hopefully it will be easier soon. Fun game other then that.
It's easy to play and no explanation needed. But do like to have some story lines included though, and the game is straight started without a tutorial (it's fine for a person who played any tower defense game but it might need some tutorial for those who never played before). The cookies is cute anyway but we need to know the purpose of killing them (in storyline).
it's a really good game manly cause of the offline earning, you could ad more towers, its a good game I'm looking forward to the new things to come.
The game was okay at first, then the addition of the ad drones was the final straw to uninstall. Potential for the game, but disappointed by the constant pestering for the "cookie club" and the ad drones.
It's cool but since the last update was a while ago it's looking like abandonware. If it's not I'll keep it 3 star just for lack of more content that's obviously needed, especially if you guys want to add a $20 subscription option.
Pros so far- relaxing music, cute graphics, runs smoothly, no ads besides a few optional ones but once you finish them you'll only get extra cookies, which us very good. To add- i would remove the subscription and replace it with in app purchases or make stuff available with rainbow cookies, even if expensive. That way a good balance for f2p players. Also, could use a google play connection, or some way to save progress, i hope that gets done eventually. But good job developers.
Ok well to be honest it should have idle mode but its not like idle games its like your towers fight a god cookie that does not move more upgraded towers more cookies but the subscription took away 2 stars ye boi has no money
An idle game with no auto continue? Thats just lazy of the devs to forget such a simple option. Otherwise, its basic and offers nothing new to the genre.
Make it so you can time warp back to level 1 so you can easily grind. I'm stuck on level 27, forced to time warp to 25 and haven't been close to completing 27 after 5 time warps. Not good.
Extremely disruptive game play always pops up trying to get you to buy a subscription, and has no obvious to close the window
This game is amazing and it has everything, it has good design, easy playability, it's not a P2W, it has an easy to get in game currency, not a lot of bugs, great towers and it's really addicting. I would suggest a few things, new towers which I have one that I call the acid egg thrower, new cookies, new areas, and maybe a prestige system, I don't know if the prestige would be for towers or for areas, or maybe you could add elemental towers maybe at Lvl 150 the tower turns into a random element.
I've been captivated by the gameplay and its Smooth UI and Animations, as I've played tower defense games before this game does a good job in combining cute characters and the enticing feeling that draws me to keep playing and i really enjoy the progression system in game. (Suggestions it will be good to have a main menu scene before entering the game itself as its a integral part of a game where players can customize their options and utilitarian functions but. Overall this game is a must try.
Whatever was changed in the update is causing me to lose on level 175 when I was previously beating level 179. Not happy at all.
Enjoying the game so far. Characters and towers are creative and fun. You can earn cookies while you are away so you have cookies(coins) to upgrade with when you return. A little repetitive but the fast forward option helps move the game along
I like how its not like the other tower defense games it's really good I have a lot of fun playing it
It was fun a first but I got stuck around level 30 and at that point it got verrrrryyyy repetitive. I cant say its a bad game, just not that fun at the moment, I'll probably check it out in a few months time to see how it's updated.
Nowhere near enough content. Only 2 maps and completed in the space of an hour or so. With more maps this game could be a fantastic little pick up and play, until then though I simply can't recommend it.
Teribly unbalanced.. with all towers level 550+ you cant get to stage 300, new update made it so you lose all tower progress upon prestige so now you can't even get back to the point you were if you played before the update..
I got past stage 100 in the kitchen, and now I earn hardly any coins to upgrade my towers. I logged out for 12 hours, and only got 2200 coins. No point in playing anymore.
The game has a fun core but feels unfinished. Towers need balancing because it seems the best strategy is to just use donuts. Adding numbers so you actually know what towers are doing would be nice. No forced ads is a perk. The premium sub is way overpriced at $5/week but it's also fairly unnecessary. Nice artwork. I'm hoping the dev expands this into a more serious game in the future.
This game is like zombie vs plant game but in cute version.It is interesting to play and we must plan a good strategy to prevent our secret recipe to be stolen by bad cookies.So far, I really like the game which this game I recommend to someone that prefer to defend something special.
Very fun game. I think there should be an option to restart from round 1 instead of a check point. Becomes slow paced and hard to farm gold which makes you feel like you need to buy the weekly pass. It also shouldn't be a weekly pass, make it permanent and charge a little more; I'm all for supporting the creator but not if it feels forced. I just stick to ads for the mean time, The ads don't feel forced like most other games
They do everything they can to make you join their "Cookies club" which is insanely expensive. It costs more than a WoW membership hahahaha what is that devs come on.
For this game it is really easy to control and all the description is really clear to know.This tower defense based game is not too hard to play and some of the enemy is kinda challenge to be defeated.For the graphic is nice and all the performance is really smooth.Hope still can be more surprise gamemode for the next update.
I was looking into buying premium, to you, support the developer... But they want $4.99 not per month friends, PER WEEK. That is outrageous. I would consider per month, but honestly that is way too much for a mobile game. Want to charge $5-10 for permanent premium? Sure! I'm in! But 5 bux a week is actually offensive.
Personally, it was very simple and easy to learn game but definitely not an idle game style as for now. As this game is relatively new, i hope more feature to support idle game style is further implemented, like setting the defence towers to aim who, where and for how many rounds so the users can let the game run while he/she does other work.
Passive game which isn't very engaging. App is also buggy. Many times the option to multiply points gained while away doesn't appear. Other times the app has a notification on it, which usually indicates something you need to claim but when you open the app, nothing is there and the notification won't go away. Daily rewards don't always collect as they should. You tap collect and they don't update the donut counter which means that even though you collected them, they app didn't allow you to.
There were no ads. The models for everything looked really nice and sometimes its challenging. There are 2 things I would like a 3rd world and a button for each of the equipment witch can say where you want to target it.
Great game. Only thing is I'm getting bored of being to good. And Im am only on day 4. It was hard yes but the only thing I ask is another world so I have more things to kill.and try to make the boss for said world harder then the other 2. They were to ez to kill. thanks, love to see the game grow. Its special because its not like other tower defence games. It has its own way of cash, towers, and people to kill. This game is worth getting and you don't even need the donut launcher or pay anythin