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Cookies Inc. - Clicker Idle Game

Cookies Inc. - Clicker Idle Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by PIXELCUBE STUDIOS located at PIXELCUBE STUDIOS 420 Main Street East Suite #558 Milton, Ontario, L9T 5G3 . The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 8.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
:(when I got my 14th showcase item my mega magnet is bugging out so when I hold the screen in one spot they all go to where my finger is and they don't get collected PLEASE FIX IT!!
So I love the game but something is wrong the overlay doesn't have the cupcakes or dark cookies and quite a few things are missing and I think things are really expence for some reason I don't know why it's like this edit: ok so I was an idiot I used to play the game when you had everything unlocked so you could go to the dark cookies thing right away
Great! Have been playing since the first cookie clicker, and revisiting for nostslgia! Never gets old.
I've enjoyed it but it's pretty scummy that it let's you watch the same ad then when the ad is done tells you that you never watched it
Is super fun and addicting I just love this game it's so cool like collecting everything and I'm so good at the game
Fun game but for some reason some of your Baker name codes are not working for me can you tell me why
I love everything about this game! I love how generous the developers are! This game isn't like most games where they shove ads in your face, but instead, ads are completley optional in this game. This app just keeps getting better with every update! Keep up the amazing work devs! I highly recommend this!
The only addition should be when players get to infinity baker 1 there should be a bar telling how many cookies to the next crown.
Super fun! Ive been playing thus game for a while and its very very addicting. I would reccomend this to anyone who just wants a fun relaxing game to hop on and pay every once in a while!
Its Pretty average for the cookies sections ( 2 stars ) The Clicking is kinda cool so is the upgrades. ( 1 star) The Gameplay is super amazing. I like the cool cookies ( 2 stars )
To anyone who gets drawn towards this game : Update 100 got rid of the old dark cookie system (I don't even know how you get them now since there is no tutorial) and now features inflated rainbow cookie prices, thus it is ever so slightly more pay-to-win.
I just have a Cool idea. What about a new upgrade called giant cookie. A giant cookie has a 1% chances to spawn after collecting a cookie. It will give 5 times the value of the original cookie. Will you think about adding it?
Great game!!! Very addictive and one enjoyable grind (even if a little repetitive at times)! Idea for the next update: Cut down the super League cookie requirements because you can get 20 a week maximum but even the fastest collectors are getting less than 10 of them a week. Also, can you bring back the old dark cookie upgrades because when the new ones came out, they crippled my gameplay. My cookies decreased massively!
Really good game but I knocked down a star because I have more than 1 friend who plays this game and I can't refer them all can you make it so that we can refer more than one person
I've gotten it today, and I fudging love it, but there is some things that are flawed. I'm to lazy to say them, so five stars. :)
This game is really cool! At 1st it might be confusing but when you master showcase items it gets really easy. Recommend playing this.
Tjis game is the best! I think that there really is no way to make the game better so I just cant say anything bad about it.
Such a fun game but the only reason I rated it 4* is because it is too easy to progress and it get hard really fast but put that aside it is a really fun-filled game with lots of different stuff to do in itπŸ‘
Honestly one of the best idle games out there I just wish some of the old graphics or just the old version of the game in general was back and actually rename back to cookie collector
It's a great time killer and a pretty good idle game. I have alot of fun playing it so it's worth the download
Love this game once u get 3 trophies and upgrade them it gets super easy so I'd try to make that a little bit harder but love the game 10/10
Loved this game new update killed it. Dark cookies gone, oven on main screen gone, other bits that make the game smooth and good gone πŸ˜” been playing for ages now I will be uninstalling
I love this game so much! I really like how you don't really complete the game, but you still have fun!
I like the game, but I wish there was a Co-Captain feature. I'd also like it if you added "God Pack" where basically it gives leagues rainbows and lights. And 1% chance for a +3% boost on everything. And no jackpot will give +7M leagues +1.5 M rainbows and +2 M lights. Jackpot is +15 M leagues, +3 M rainbows, +5 M lights.
It is a very good game and I had alot of fun. I got this game because my favorite food is cookies and at my school, I'm considered the CookieKing. But, when you get really good at it, it starts to get boring, and you get punished for being offline for too long. Fix that. I also think it would be fun to add a new currency, like I think chocolate chips. The rules for chocolate chips are every time you collect a cookie, you get 5 or 10 chocolate chips. Simple, but more exciting. Thx for the game!!
I love this game it is super fun and addicting I only have 1 problem for some reason it keeps taking me out the game but other than that it's good.
So many reviewers mention no forced ads. I don't actually see forced ads in games often. I also don't see banner ads often which drive me nuts on my low res tablet. This game definitely has banner ads. I no longer have this game.
Awesome. This game is just awesome. It has crazy ways to make you addicted to this game. The team leaderboards makes it more fun week by week. I wish there was a leaderboards for the top people out there. To see what rank we are with everyone in my team and around me.
I love πŸ’˜ it every is so chill your game tho has some really weird things I don't know how to unlock many stuff in the menu? But its still a great game love it ill problem rate ot better next time😴
I Rated 2 Stars Because of Annoying Updates,of January 4th,2021,The Gameplay and Graphics are Fine but Not Controlls,Pixelcube,Stop Putting Annoying Updates,this game is yet Pathetic,they Keep Popping Up,this Joke is Getting an Master X Cookie and no One gets that,1000+ Super Cool Upgrades?,your Wrong,I dislike the Game Expect Gameplay and Graphics,This Needs to Stop becoming Annoying To Play Pixelcube!
Really fun and easy game but you can get bored pretty quickly anyways it's a really rEaALLY fun game, Keep up the good work devs πŸ˜€πŸ‘
The best part about the game is that I can use multiple fingers at once the graphics are great and it's pretty easy to learn all the mechanics
Honestly amazing You can only get ads when you want / ad prizes it doesn't force you to do anything it let's you do what you want and its kinda unfair you can't use your own referral code ;( but overall this game is great with the feature if they can't find ads they give you the prize for free:)
Best idle game I've ever played! Does lag a lot though (even when disabling a lot of options). Cookie noises are very satisfying and you don't have to wait hours to make any kind of money! Honestly it's a 5/5 for me! Edit: The game used to work but now it crashes every 2 minutes and resets some of my progress.
Guys this is the best game ever don't spend money on this game unless your buying cookies but rate this 5 star and repeat what I have said
This game is amazing but do not do the time and date glitch because if you do it to much your saved file will get deleted. It is counted as cheating.
Its an OK game but once you get a new showcase item it starts you all over and you can't go back to you're other game. But other then that the game is fine.
I think this game is wonderful,would defenetly recommend. If you are in to tycoon games you are gonna like thid game!!!!:)
It's pretty good game and i played it for a long time, though I was dissapointed when loot bags were removed from the game, could you add them back or add something similar because I really enjoyed opening them
Wonderful, suprisingly addictive, I love it! Once you start playing you can't get off! Really fun game and thank you for the free premium upgrades. And all the cookies look sooooooo delicious! :) and the music is good too! Number 2 of my favorite games!
Played this a ton and really enjoy it. It has lots of cool upgrades and mechanics and I would recommend trying this game.
Before the Valentines update the game would run smoothly, no hiccups. Now, however every 10 seconds or so the game will lag and freeze up. Am currently on Android 11
This is amazing and sorry for changing the date to claim daily rewards it was from a video I won't cheat again I promise!
Loved this game before the 100 update,couple of showcases a week but now cant get anywhere near the next one so hard to gain cupcakes possibly time to change game
An absolutely wonderful game. The only way to earn certain rewards is either pay or watch an ad. I love how there are no ads in-between gameplay
This game is really fun but one thing is glitches I'm not complaining about the one I'm about to say. I got 26 million rainbow cookies I don't know how but you know when you start the game and you join a team and you get 1 million rainbow cookies well I pressed the join team button and it didn't work so I pressed it a lot of times that it gave me 24 million lol
Hey developer(s) I love this game I have been playing for about 3 hours now and I have enjoyed all 3 hours it has little to no ads unlike other games I have played I would like to check out other games you guys have made so could you respond to me with the game title
I had been here since day 360 I remember this game a long time ago and I loved this,it still is the same game but better :D I miss cookie collector 1
working fine yesterday,now suddenly it says I have no internet(I used my phone internet and same thing.I can't do anything.Can't see my teams, can't watch ads or do my leagues, I tried to save and create a code to uninstall and reinstall but surprise surprise I need internet connection.I close down the app and it rewinds my cookies and league back?Honestly don't know what to do, saw one other person in the same boat as me and I'm really hoping it's the games problem and I haven't lost everything
It's a good game to have even if there's no internet connection, you can just vibe away while you vacuum cookies just by tapping the screen. I personally enjoy this game for it's simplicity, easy tasks with endless play will get very far
I love it mainly because you can lose yourself with the cartoonish music and bright, flourescent colours. And (despite being a cookie clicker clone) it still has quite a few unique mechanics that are really fun! Honestly, you should check this out. And hey, if you don't like it you can always delete it (but you won't!) if it doesn't suit your interests. That being said please enjoy this really enjoyable game! -Alex L
It says I got no internet when It can run internet games fine, wont let me go into teams, cant let me watch ads, but just lets me do everything else
I've played this game on and off for a couple years (since it was called cookie collector 2) and i really don't like the quick progression. You can reach ungodly amounts of cookies in days (for example im galaxy baker 3 and I restarted 3 days ago) and the game is very p2w in some aspects. Please make sure people can't just buy their way to first. Let them buy cosmetics and minor boosts. Also please slow down the progression by a lot. Make it take a week at least to get 1 quintillion.
What an amazing game! It's super fun, addiciting, and pretty satisfying when you're collecting the cookies. I just love it. Totally recommend if you're looking for a game that can be played offline, does things while idle, and more! 5 stars.
One feature i want it can still collect cookies or league points when not in the app it should be like an upgrade and if you buy it it can do that but its pretty slow at collecting.
A clicker game that pulls out all the stops to keep you busy and engaged, with very few moments of boredom or waiting. My only criticism is that it'd be nice to upgrade all the structure tiers with one button like you can with upgrades, because every restart takes an unnecessary amount of time catching up to where I was before with my structures.
In the next update I want a captain underpants cookie set, dog man cookie set, and you can enter as much refferl codes as you want. If that last one dosen't work with you, then how about showcase resets also resets you not bieing able to enter a refferel code becuse you already entered one?
Game is fun at the start but after you progress in the game it just gets harder and harder and you make no progress causing you to afk farm and the game is super repetative and theres almost nothing new.
I would rate this a five star, but my rank will get non stop reset and it's really annoying! I've been kicked out of multiple clans now after logging in and seen that I am now no league. If it wasn't for this, u would be playing the game much more but for now I'm rating this a 2 star. Once I'm back at my rank of experienced baker 2 (last rank since I first got reset) I might change my rating.
Love this game. Since recent updates it nearly impossible to advance. Been stuck at the same level for weeks. It's a lot harder to earn cookies and cupcakes. Please fix it!!
This game is Amazing i've been playing since it came out (with the mystery portal and named cookie collector 2) og :)
Can you make founding bakery more simple like putting in in the top right so I do not get problems on trying to find my own BAKERY. And update this game, !thx!
This is one of the only games that don't have ads constantly. The only time ads are a thing is when you pick the things with ads, and it makes it obvious it will cost watching an ad.
Wow i did find A secret what is when you go to the top you can select the stuff of how many you have just click on the stuff you have what are the rainbow cookies and normal cookies
I love this game and it's my favorite and I've got over 1 Duodecillion Cookies! There are lots of OP teams to join and I've got over 2,000,000 power soo I'm pro at this with one chunky cookie. I have Three showcase items also
This game is sooooo good ive been playing this game since 2018? And im sorry if i rate this in 2020 its because im a little kiddo that time but then my experience in this game is like a child hood but theres a bug that the fever is so fast to gone like i just start a fever and goes out quickly pls fix this bug but then i still rate it 5 stars for respect have a good 2020 keep safe and keep up the good workπŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ˜
Its very addicting and fun and the cookies are super interesting. I say add food cookies because of the candy land cookies and stuff so it would be too much candy . So I think food cookies are a better idea.
I absolutely love this game!! I used to love idle games and I love math so I just enjoyed seeing the next number.
Then why is the game not working I click feedback and then my marking feedback agent is not working is there something wrong with the game please fix I played for so long on it sok please the bug
I've probably played this game for about 5ish months.. probably the best game to play if you wanna play something.. just a great overall game
extremely good game. Although i would rate 5 stars if there was a tutorial that explains everything because at the start i had no clue what i was doing.
Really addictive and really fun. When you get started you cant stop playing. Every feature of this game is amazing some of the best I have experienced. So many great things, and this could be a very long lasting game.
The fact that there's almost no ads just surprised me, I fully expected there to have a lot of ads but it doesn't plus the game is really addicting
The most addicting tycoon game ever, not pay to win, and when I can barely afford anything I can just get a new show case item and their pretty easy to get, then I can get up to where I was in a matter of minutes. If you like tycoon games you'll love this.
You should add a boss that everyone can fight and it should have 1 trillion health. The event should come every now and then, and it should last a week so people can defeat it. The reward is based on hoe many clicks you have, if you have 100 million clicks you would get 1,000,000 rainbow cookies (divide their clicks by 10) the same goes for the light cookies. Sorry if it is too complicated but this is just an idea to make the game more fun
Fun game Could you make it easier to upgrade struts when you reset Also maybe backup game progress via Facebook or Google play
It's very well done I love how the number elevations are very accurate and the amount of cookies and type of cookies there are I've only gotten 1 elevation above tredecillion and 3 rebirth but still a very fun and easy game to play, test, and maneuver. Overall 9.5/10 ❀
This is a great game. The developer routinely updates the app with new features and experiences. One suggestion for an update is having a way to bulk upgrade a group of structures, similar to how a user can do this with a cookie pack. Maybe even a more compact view like the cookie pack list would be nice as well. Thanks! Keep up the good work.
Alright game ever but eats your battery unskippable ads it's sad to see such a game ruined by money grabbers
This game is awesome and I love it but could you please remove the ads because it block's me from clicking the X button and it saves the game so I can't do anything about it.
This game is so fun and satisfying so I asked my cousin to install this game btw can you put this on ps4? but so far I'm loving it keep the good work up and please update this game more so I can have more fun Thanks for reading this :) can you also make a part 2? if so then I'll love this game and put it at number 1 favorite games but it's a number 2.