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Cookie Mania - Sweet Match 3

Cookie Mania - Sweet Match 3 for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by GAMEONE. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Game would not connect then when it did I lost all my rewards in my bag and have no coins. Please restore my game and give me back what I have earned.
Nice and beautiful ☺️ app. Interesting to play I would like to give 5 stars , but given 4 stars because I have updated the app but the other stages are not opening. I have been finished up the last stage with 3 stars then also.
I think its a great game for minimal/no ads and the ability to play offline. I think its a brilliant time waster and filler when you just want to zonw out. Thanks
loved playing this game until last week. Won't connect to tournaments. it just keeps saying "connecting" but never does. Can't return to main screen. Very frustrating
the game keeps on freezing. please fix the problem. I'm installing for now until it gets fixed. thank you.
Like this game so much... Can't stop when started... The best puzzle game I've add... Keep it up all... πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Finally end all level..level800 My fev game ever..πŸ‘βœŒπŸ˜˜
I enjoyed the game. However, the app cheats you, it ask you to watch ads for 20 or 25 coins & it never ever gives you the coins after the video ads end, actually after the ad ends it returns you back to the game page to claim your coins but you never get to click on the page to receive the coins because the page freezes up every single time 😏😀
This is the most fun match-3 game I've ever played! Bright colors, cute characters, can be fast-paced (if you are really good), easy & also challenging levels, & a great way to pass the time! It's really addicting! Once you start, you may never want to stop! I HIGHLY recommend it!!
This started off being a game I enjoyed until I played all levels available. if your going to develop a game you as a developer should stay ahead .......not allowing your players to get ahead of you and or spend monies that can't be used.
As soon as the app is opened it cuts off automatically. I can't say if I truly like the game because I haven't gotten passed the point of it automatically cutting off on its own for me to actually play the game. Please fix the issues. I will wait until they're fixed before I try again and then rate the game as needed since I had to rate it before I can post a comment. Thank you in advance.
Its a little bit not cool. It says there devil level you must change it into hard level or like other name and for me it needs more improvement. Thank you.
Same as others have indicated. After watching ads, players do not get the perks. Game is stuck on level 7 hundred and something, no longer able to get bonus spins any longer and only one room is available for tournaments. Use to really enjoy this game. Now... not so much. Disappointing and frustrating! FIX IT!!!
This game used to be so fun. They will not update/upgrade the levels past level 800. So pathetic and annoying. The game cheats & does not give you all the points for your score that you deserve or all the items that you collect. The counts are completely off for everything you collect. It takes way too long for the power up to even kick in for you to use. Definitely disappointed. They had already promised to add more levels and it has been so long since the conversation. Very disappointing. Delt
Too. Many. Ads. Fun until it gets ridiculous, as all of these do. Just started making me angry at one point, which was my signal to uninstall.
Great game except it won't go past level 640. Not sure if it's the end of the game or a glitch. Update.....ok now some my coins are just disappearing. I know I'm not imagining this! Like today when I turned the game on I was short 200 coins! How does that happen when I haven't used them!! Getting really frustrated with this game!
Game was great till I reached level 800 and then nothing! It's been like this for almost a year now. Can't get free spins on the wheel and the tournament cheats you. Loved this at the beginning now I'm uninstalling it after this review. It's a good game to begin with but it needs updating and fix the glitches.
Like this game so much... Can't stop when started... The best puzzle game I've add... Keep it up all... πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
I like the game but all of the sudden I am not getting any of my rewards or extra coins. I watch all of the ads and receive nothing. Not sure if the games worth it.
this game is interesting but got very serious issues such as: 1. i passed some levels but didnt move to next level. i was forced to repeat the same level that i already passed. that sucks and fekt cheated. 2. there are ads that if we click we can get 5 extra moves as what it says, but after i click and watched the ads the extra steps were not given. that su. 3. soooo many ads that malfunction as per #2. please make this game more civilized. level 528 is impossible to solve!
i like to play and am willing to watch the ads but not going to download everything just to get a couple of free moves.
I've enjoyed this game for awhile, but with the latest updates I find I play it much less. Every update takes away some of the more enjoyable perks; it's real close to the "why bother" point of playing. I'll hold out, maybe next update will make it fun again.
Every time i click on watch ad so i can get a reward i watch all the way through and it DOES NOT give me a reward. Its extremely annoying and the glitch should be fixed asap!! Its been doing that for weeks please fix it.
It's a fun game and gives you extra chances to move ahead. I hate to be challenged too much when I'm just trying to play a relaxing game.
I have email the programmer to no avail. Can't get 5 free coins , when you watch the ad before a level can't get the free prize either. Now I'm at level 794 and can't go any futher. I really enjoy this game , but unless it's fixed Im deleting. It's shame that they won't fix it , so fun to play.
i love the game however it takes way too long to load, there are too many pop ups like ads and videos. it takes so long to even play the levels cause of pop ups. Also im not getting points when i watch the videos and when the level has failed it asks to watch a video for 2 extra moves and it either doesnt open or if the video opens i dont receive the two moves. i rated 3 stars cause of this. and you need more levels.
awesome game until the other day. it will not open at all now, click on it and it opens to main screen then immediately closes eveytime....please fix
The little prompts to keep my eye on the goal is annoying after 4 or so moves not intended for the goal... But its a good game. Im still going to keep playing
I play this game constantly, I'm currently waiting for levels above 640. If you are annoyed with the ads change your phone settings to gaming and the ads will stop popping up.
No ads during the game but the links to use ads to get bonus don't work. The piggy bank males you watch an ad to close it. Somewhat difficult and too many add ons.
This game is so colorful and has such great graphics, it actually makes me hungry. It plays fast and sweet, does not cost half my salary, and I would play it with my grandchildren if I had any.
I love this game so so much. It's not PTW and the levels can be difficult but achievable. There's also extra areas which are more challenging if you're really good at the game. Plus the tournament is great.
Screen is frozen. Won't go past 794. Have to play finished levels to keep playing. Will not give extra moves or anything after watching videos.
Paid to get more coins, and it took the money but froze the game so i couldn't use them. Not impressed as this is the second time it's done it in a row. I didn't buy any coins for a long time because it did it before, and then stupidly thought I'd try again after a few months. No reply from the contact email either.
Love to play this game and have played for quite some time. However, since Android Pi undate, I install play, and after closing, will not open. Must uninstall and reinstall every time I want to play. Exasperating!
DEFINITELY THEE BEST MATCH 3 GAME I HAVE HAD THE PLEASURE OF PLAYING IN A LONG WHILE!!! The levels are challenging and quite rewarding, bonuses are ample and abundant, and I LOVE that I can replay a level if I don't like my score or if I just simply like the challenge of a particular level. AWESOME GAME! THANKS TO THE GUYS + GALS WHO CREATED THIS WONDERFUL APP! ROCK ON!!
One of my favorite games, I love competing with people all over the world in the daily tournaments. well designed game that has been on my device longer than any of my other games,yet I still play it every day. thanks Cookie Mania and keep up the good work.
Freezes often forcing closing completely out of app and loosing a heart. Often tapping on the bubble to get an extra move does not work. Fun otherwise. Ads are 30 seconds and comparatively often as other apps.
The game itself is fun and sometimes challenging. Easy to get life hearts and coins but the amount of ads and mandatory 30 second ads that pop up are absolutely ridiculous and take away the enjoyment of the game
Love the game, but there are several issues. I never get my free 2 tries, extra 5 coins, don't get my free tournament level, can't enter tournament - none without watching 20-50 ads, time after time. The game doesn't give you anything it is supposed to. I've spent the last 45 minutes trying to get into my free tournament, watching ad after ad. This really sucks for such an enjoyable game that doesn't work properly.
Good game. Enjoy playing it. only problem is confusion as to how you can get extra chances or would take way too many coins to "buy" extras.
Sweet Cookies is a nice game but its too easy also .I would like to give it just 3 stars .And it should be more better .So please make it more better if you canπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
Stuck everytime I use Spoon or Exchange in Tournament. The cookie response very slow. Graphic movement very dissapointing! Only one room for tournament. No more free spin. WTH. I used to enjoyed but recently, I hate it A LOT....
This rocks! Everything you do is accounted for and you gain experience and treasure along with power as you move ahead. Its awesome.
What's wrong with this app? I've tried all day to play but when I go on the app, time it opens up, it briefly shows that I need to connect to Facebook. Then before I can touch it, the app closes. Please can you fix my app?
Fun game. Did not have any issues until yesterday when the game froze. Ads still pop up though. There are a lot of ads, but it's a free game so it was expected.
I absolutely love the game and I don't even mind the ads. however, I keep watching videos for rewards or extra turns but never are granted the reward. it's highly irritating and is kinda making me not okay as much
great game! especially the daily tournament. But some errors need to be fixed. Joining tournament by watching ads stopped working. Now the free spin wheel stopped working! Very disappointed!
i would love this game and I would rate it five stars if it didnt lie about rewards and how muchyou will receive if you sell earned rewards off the spinning wheel.. always rips me off everytime i seel herts rainbows whatever you may sell i never get what is said .. sketchy indeed. fix this for fuve stars and quit with the lues.. its a game folks
You dont get very many chances to earn things or win that help you with the game. Also when you earn extra lives you loose them because they are not saved for you to use when you need them, at least I dont see where they are saved.. And there are a few to many advertisements.
Having issues today with it opening and staying open. Keeps shutting off, won't let me play. Overall, love the game and it played fine up until now.
Love the game but once you get to where you have gotten to all the levels it has taken more than 2 months to update and get to the next level.
Game was fun until I started reaching the 600 level, then it would randomly stop, wouldn't open back up & use my lives. Also would not send me my extra lives after watching stupid 30 second ads. I was at level 631 & suddenly, it reset the game & started back at level 1.
after about level 300 or so, if you hit the present tbing to get a free assist, it will show the ad, but give nothing in return
This is an awesome game. Except it knocks you out of the game. And it takes me 3 trys to actually get to s level. Thinking of deleting if not improving and now when i watch an ad i dont recieve free heart and when you get on winning streak it will yall dony tead these im deleteling it
WAY too many ads. And even if you have the music and sounds on the game turned off, the ads pop up at full volume! So much for playing secretly...
I am on level 372 i watched the video to get extra moves and it wont give me the extra moves. This has happened several times before this. i really enjoy this game. But if u cant fix it and make it right i am going to delete the game. i have wasted several lives and all my extra goodies. Lost all of them several times. Please fix