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Cookie Clickers™

Cookie Clickers™ for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by redBit games located at redBit games Srl Via Ostiense, 177C 00154 Roma. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
There are too many glitches, it can't handle when you click too fast and when it reaches ×50 it starts at the beginning instead of where you were. what a rip off. I've been ripped off a lot in this game, including purchases. Thanks.
not as good as the original but still good also if you go to the website game right click and inspect and type this inthe consol Game.Earn(99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999) you can put any number but i put this because its alot. happy hacking :)
The original afk game as it is the first to come up with the idea I rate four stars purely on originality
I like it but it dus not make me hungry and people say that there are 2 many adds just put your WiFi of why 3? Because it's a clicker game if u instal another clicker game and it's the same
This game is so fun to play, and it's so easy!! You literally just have to tap the cookie to get MORE COOKIES!!! I play this game all day. If you're really bored and have nothing to do, then download this game, and get all those cookies!!!
It's fun and all and I like it. But it made me bored... If there were other cool stuff to do like feed customers. That would be a clicker and restaurant game at the same time. I would give it a five if it didn't get me bored... Sorry though.
Please add more cps items please many people still play the game and it would be amazing if u could add more cps items for people to work for
The game keeps crashing when I open it. I mean, It might be because of a problem with the internet signal, but... Hold on! The internet signal is fine, and it keeps crashing... I think there is a problem with the app!
This game looked really promising when i saw it in the play store. Downloaded it, not only did it take a lot longer than necessary to download onto my phone, i couldnt even start a new game after i was prompted to go to the store and buy a "powerup" after which i began to play by rapidly tapping the cookie like i was instructed. Not only did the gameplay register, it proceeded to completely freeze my phone, thought maybe it was a glitch having to do with my PHONE. Force stopped the app and tried again. This time it not only froze my phone, it completely caused it to crash and shut off. Definately DO NOT recommend unless you like crashed phones and frozen screens...
This game is truly a rip off. You guys released this game "cookie clickers" on September 29th 2013. And "cookie clicker" by orteil was released on August 8th 2013. Therefore this game is a bootleg or a copy of orteil's game. And if you don't think so, hear are a few reasons. Golden cookies, cursors, grandmas, and factories. That's what I can remember. You bootleggers. Your "team of developers" should of done some research. Everyone who reads this, check out cookie clicker on pc and android. Bye!
Way to many adds. About every five seconds there's either a pop up or an add that you can't get it of. And why are there so many instructions that pop up and get in the way too? Do the developers not think we already know how to touch a screen in one spot?
There's a certain arrogance to this game which I hate. The way it displays good reviews across the top of the screen, calling itself "the best cookie clicker game." Also for a game that relies on tapping the screen repeatedly, pop-up ads? Really? Anyway great game to waste my life away on, five stars.
I played for a year prob in total on my last iPad, I got like trillions of billions! Now I lost that progress but it'll be fun trying to get back there! I loved this game.
Just saying I'm pretty sure they haven't put anymore powerups in the game since the very start of the game years ago so the more powerups coming soon is bs
I just like it not really a lot of ads and it helps me with my stress so ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ for me and I like the halloween theme :)
It is a really good game, BUT i would have given it 5 stars but the ads that pop up when you open or close the store... come on really!? You’re forcing people to watch ads when they open or close the store in the game and that is very annoying. PLEASE FIX IT.
I played the game, and I like it. I get that people don't like the ads, it's how the devs make their money
This would have been a decent clone of cookie clicker, however it has one major issue. The issue is that, as far as I can tell, it doesn't save your progress. This means that you can never restart from where you left off or earn cookies when your not playing. If you are interested in this type of game I would recommend something else, like the real cookie clicker from dashnet (which recently got an android version) or clicker heroes from playsaurus.
Took the most basic auto clicker to crash your game, try optimizing it since your game can't handle 5 clicks per second which its overtly average for a person to achieve, fix the games engine or abandon it altogether, and don't bother replying with some automated response, seriously no one actually cares about those copy pasted replies Another thing, majority of your lag comes from too much going on on the screen, I run this on an Gs10+ if it can't keep up with a modern phone maybe rethink this.
Game's great. Like it how it's all about a competition. And wow i got in top 3% in 1 day. Trying to get to top 1% really hard challenge tho but I like hard challenge. So here I come try to stop me top players.
I checked out the one made by DashNet and this one and by a lot DashNet's won.The one made by DashNet is way less laggy and has way more features.So if you want to play a cookie clicker,put DashNet in the bar and get DashNet's.
Horrible copy of the original cookie clicker game. It's sad that this has 10million downloads and the original real one only had 100k. Also it says cookie clickerS. And stop with the fake cringey reviews at the top. 1 star
This was one of my original apps, and coming back to it, what, 5? 7 years later? And it just becomes ad central... I'm more than disappointed... Go to the shop? Ad. Wanna see your stats? Not before we TRY TO GET YOU TO PLAY THESE OTHER GAMES FOR mOrE cOoKiEs!!! Sure, one could argue that to stay on the app store they need money, but, like... This is too much. "WhY dOn'T yOu BuY tHe Ad FrEe-" not for, what was it, 10? 20 bucks? No way. Not for me. Goodbye for maybe ever, cookie clicker. RIP.
Forced ads everytime you open the upgrade menu. Five seconds or not, it's just too often and zero incentive. Create your game to view optional ads with incentivized rewards. Key word optional. Uninstalling.
Every 10 secs ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad! And sometimes it gives me no ads but then it kicks me out of the game but kinda good
Although they stole an idea, the game is extremely addicting. I was a fan of the original, and they just added on to it. But sometimes things just randomly pop out or you get an ad, and I understand and can love with that. The new upgrades and the newer design improves the experience, and although it's a rip-off of the original, I think they did a better job than DashNet for Mobile. DashNet wins for PC, redBit wins for PC.
chocolate milk looked like sewage water. not the broswer game or similar enough to be decent. tutorial prevented interacting with golden cookies, which are nearly impossible to hit anyway. advertisements played on their own in the middle of gameplay. don't appreciate the two social menus, video menu, or paid boost menu, that's far too much in such a small game. needs landscape mode.
This game is addictive and its really fun i like it. I started playing almost a day ago and i only have billion and this game is awesome and i really like it.
Great game loved it until it crashed on my device and I wasn't able to open it so I uninstall and lost everything
Omg! When I found this game, I was so happy! And now that I play it, ITS THE BEST GAME EVER!! Thanks for this awesome game! But it would be cool if you could do different cookie types. That's my only suggestion! Thanks!
The only upgrade worth getting is power click, the rest is absolutely useless. Also it is laggy af when the golden rain come I have to stop tapping in order for the golden cookies to even show up + there isn't really any point to tap when there is no chocolate milk cause it is just so OP that you get way more then you could ever get in the downtime. Great concept though.
If I could rate the game lower then it would be a negative review from me. It is a horrible rip off of Cookie Clicker which is by far better. If anyone is reading this review then you should NOT install and instead get the actual Cookie Clicker. This game is a discrase to Orteil's work and should be removed from the app store.
Kinda addictive tbh i was just trying to find a game then remembered i used to play cookie clicker on my brothers old phone when i was little and this is the exact one i love this game sm it doesn't really get boring my only complaint is that even tho it says when ur gone it will still auto click it doesn't which is fine but im just putting it out there but over all a 5 stars😼
I was loving this until I realized that the daily reward always sets back to day one no matter how diligently you check in every day. I also suspect staying in the top ranking is very dependent on how many ads you watch. Pay attention and see for yourself. Just a pale rip off of Orteil's work look for Dashnet games instead, it's slow going at first but once you do the first ascent the game flys and is great fun.
It's a fun game but the ads keep popping up on the screen please fix it it would really help but the game it's very addicting when you click
Well, First of all, a tip. Do not waste cookies on anything but power click. Then, wait for chocolate and you're rich. Then, spend your cookies on 12h boosts and stuff, ALSO please... Get this game. It will make you happy. Money can't buy you happiness but cookies obviously can. But, the best thing about this game... You don't have to buy anything! This game is entirely possible without in-game purchases. I could go on forever. 5 stars.
Cute game, terrible UI. This is a masterclass on what NOT to do when designing a game. Whoever made the hitbox on the golden cookies so unbelievably small needs to fired. Also, genius idea on the POPUPS ON YOUR CLICKER GAME. "What happens when this bar fills up? Keep playing to find out" like duh, I'm already thinking that. Thank you so much for popping up a message, stopping my play, and tell me absolutely nothing.
Firstly I'd like to say that i loved this game, buuut to fight my way through hundreds of millions and millions of players to finally become no one only for the high score to reset and revile millions more was gut wrenching... Further more to take a calm down break from the game because of the pre mentioned issue, only to come back and habe all my progress deleted even though i was logged in with my Google play account was the last straw.. I wont be back
It's a close-to-be "rip-off" of the original Orteil Cookie Clicker. After a few minutes, it gets very boring and dull, there's not really anything to do, except show off your progress to your friends. But that's it. Khrone does not recommend.
This game is so fun and so addicting its like that one game that you love so much because the clicking gets so addicting and at first your like boring but then once you play it you can't stop its that addicting and the gameplay is really good its also a good time killer especially in quarantine right now because I spent 2 hours - 3 hours playing cookie clicker and it wasn't boring and made it feel like thirty minutes
I love the cookie clicking it's so smooth on the looking and you can just wait and boom get cookies with auto clickers even I'll say "it's awesome🤩👍"even clicking just is calming I love it
Super duper fun cookie clickers maybe took some inspiration from some other games it is not a RIPOFF of other cookie clickers, Very fun download if you want a game that wastes time now for the negatives every single time I enter the shop n stuff but i turn on airplane mode so that fix's it, The golden cookies have a super small hotbox. That's my rant and THIS IS NOT A FAKE MASSAGE!!!!!!!!!
Good game I play it white I am bored.this only issue is I can just play the original game which doest have ads,I would definitely recommend this one if it has less ads, a 10 out of 10 if your internet is off :-)
The game is a good game to get if you are ever bored. It offers no in game purchases and is all round a good game. Its a 4 star from me mainly becuase the game is a bit harder than you would think when it comes to your mind that you just read the game and it said cookie clicker. I thought different when I read the game title. Otherwise this game is a very good game.
This is an epic game, if people diss it dont listen to them, play it anyway bc its a great way to pass time and the graphics are great
Honestly, one of the BEST mobile games IN THE UNIVERSE. Incredible graphics, infinite playability, and cookies!
Back then when I used to play this on a tablet a few years ago it works really fine and I had legitimate fun and pleasure with it. I decided to play this game again on this phone but it's super duper laggy and most of the times it doesn't even open... Nostalgia ruined
I love this game so much I would give it a five-star but when I downloaded some games to get cookies you never gave me the cookies I will give a 5-star once you fix that thank you 😁
this game just.. it just isnt the same as the original computer version. It lacks so much- It's hard to even explain. I can only recommend you play the original, to understand. Its not addicting, or visually appealing- rather it is cluttered and boring, and painfully slow. Progress is just non-existent. Its bland and uninspired. It feels like no heart went into it.
Its so fun! but, if your finger hurts, you can use an auto-clicker for help. but, not always using it, it's called "cheating" if you used it all the time. THIS GAME IS SOOO FUN!!!
This is the mother of all lazy cashgrab, datasteal, advert pushing, addiction fueling, time wasting abominations targeted at children. Meaningless exponential progress requiring constant ontime. Try it, have a chuckle and throw it away. But don't give this to your kids please
Kinda good like the first cookie clicker it's a bit annoying that when you dont click your cookie 3x or else will go down
Its very good it is true that it's addicting although if you have a personal life this may stunt it. I suggest holding on the power clicker until you get like 1 million per second
Omg this is so fun and cool i had to click fast to get more money but you could also get auto clicker to get more money
Now this is a very fun game. The game starts out very slow, but the more you tap the richer you become! You will eventually be able to just watch your money increase, it's amazing. I logged on everyday for 4 days, as I really wanted to buy the factory. Overall, a very addicting and worthwhile game.
Its a ripofff of the one on the pc, the title,the upgrades, the concept its just a ripoff of the other cookie clicker, this game just copied it the game isnt even that good and i played for 10 minutes.
Great game but I need to get my progress back after having to get a new phone and my purchase of no ads restored.
Hea, a cute simple clicker game with nice graphics and really is addictive! 6🌟 stars as you can play without wifi! 😙 COOKIEES! Update: Bought a new phone and had to start all over. I request a cloud save feature asap, thank you. The game keeps glitching the bottom chocolate milk bar disappears, the drop down # thing, as does the stuff on the hiding left menu. This needs an update asap!
At first it was really fun but when my device was low I quited the game and the next day I took it off the charger and boom ALL MY PROGRESS WAS GONE!!
I played for 8 days and was really liking it and then I woke up one day and everything was restarted. Not going to restart now.
Dude this game I love it so much because I can click a cookie like I'm BREAKING A COOKIE and like... I get cookies and I play this everyday! I just downloaded this game 4 days ago! Now since it's the 5th day.. I will play this now! I love to get those golden cookies too! This game is AWESOME!!! No joke!
Do NOT be fooled. This game is a copy of the game Cookie Clicker not Cookie ClickerS. The original has superior graphics,tons more features and a pc version as a web game with even more features than on the phone. More copy proof:autoclicks are a thing in the original and are called cursors,so are grandmas, and farms, and factories,and i am too bored to say more but thats not all. If you can't find it on the app store, it's android only. If you think the og copied this one,it was out in 2013.
Amazing. I LOVE IT. I'm so addicted! One day, its gonna be so addictive everyone is gonna have this game, make videos on it, eat cookies for breakfast, and cookies for lunch, and cookies for dinner. We will all bow down to it and say "My Queen! We have all been following the rules of the cookie gods, Now let us go, as we shall consume more cookies and play more COOKIE CLICKERS" 💜💜 Btw when are you guys gonna consume the whole human race alive?💕💕😊😊hehe I love the app!
Everybody knows how clicker games work, no need to have your hand holding "tutorial" hand force me to click on things I don't want to click on, speaking of which, the first 12h offline upgrade is free which is nice, but your helping hand forces me to use it as soon as I start a new game, that's wasted cookie xp. I just want to click on my cookie without interruptions. At least make it an option to disable "hints." I'm so sick of this hand holding bullcrap.
Amazing Game . But if possible add a prestige button or a new currency and use that currency to get better boosts like double click, auto click,etc. Anyway great game.*
Cookie Clickers is an amazing and nostalgic mobile game that, while somewhat similar to the original Make It Rain, can have you pressing the center cookie to produce lots of them for hours on end! This game was super popular about 7 or 8 years ago, and it still holds up in popularity even to this day, which is just absolutely wonderful, and it makes this game one of the best!
I have deleted this game so many times but after how many times I deleted this game I'll always come back for more COOKIES! This game is fun addicting and I recommend it to anyone who wants to click all day long
there is a button in play store (were you got this game not an in game feature) that is 3 dots ontop of each other, press that than press "flag is inappropriate" scroll down untill you find "copycat or impersonation" press that than press submit. this should mean that if enough ppl do this someone that works on play store will see it and take it down :), also follow this tutorial on its seaqul "cookie clickers 2" and let people know this this is a worse copy of a game I played for 3 weeks strait
I remember when I had this on my old phone, after it broke, I got sad because I lost all my progress, I thought about downloading this game again, so I did, instantly got memories, my goal is to reach my old score and beat it!
I was in the top 3percent and didnt get my time warp i dont know if it gives it to you or not and i think its to hard to get to 5x i have to click like 15x per second and i think the chocolate milk is to long because in that time i already got 2 golden cookie rains
All you do is tap a cookie and that's it. You also can get ridiculous names for cookies and the events take so long to actually happen and they barely change the game in the slightest way, i also had a part of the tutorial RIGHT WHEN THE COOKIE RAIN HAPPENED and i missed all of them
Very addicting, but there isnt much variety. I would like it if you make it so if we buy ANY auto clicker, it would appear SOMEWHERE. Even if its just one thing for the first one you buy. The first auto clicker appears as a mouse which is good but the other upgrades seem so boring. Also sometimes ads pop up when Im spamming the cookie. I really doubt you would fix these though since you didnt fix anybody elses problems.
cheap knock off of ortiel's cookie clicker. when i saw this i thought he finally released the mobile version he had talked about but no, just a really terrible bootleg with an absurd amount of ads that pop up while clicking. in regards to the devs response, i dont think you should improve it. i think you should remove it from the app store because your trying to trick people into thinking your something that your not.
Thx for fixing when I send the feed back it was not installing I will always support pls make cookie clicker 3 this is ultimate fun
Very Fun. One big glitch though. Sometimes when I load up the game, the background cookie sprites repeat to quickly, and make a wall of cookies that lag out the game.
First things first, just go play the original game. You can still play it on your phone's browser. The global leaderboard should show the top 10 and not what place you are around the 10 players and whatever placement you are at. This game is already super boring and I've played it for 20 minutes. That's really saying something, even on Roblox I don't get bored that quickly. Also you have no right to trademark the name "Cookie Clickers." Too similar to original game.
Not the original "Cookie Clicker". Great an all this game has 10 Million players but like... TinyGamesSrl used Ortiels "script" for a lot if not all and gave no credit where credit was due. Its been like... 10 years. Cmon now!?
Great game! This is so oddly satisfying, I downloaded it about half an hour ago and now I am already soaring up in the top 10 leaderboard! One small flaw would be the fact that I keep getting Duolingo advertsiments for absolutely no reason, which I think is it bit annoying at times, but anyway, play now because if you aren't, you are missing out on all the fun! But take my advice, don't listen to me, listen to Cookie Clickers!
A ripoff of the game I used to enjoy online. Multiple ads, and a system set up to not allow for a casual enjoyment of the game. It forces you toward purchases.
I love this game its super fun i love it sure it may sound boring from the name but try it and you will love it i just played for 12 min. and i have 10 auto clickers
It wouldn't let me save my progress I was at top 3 present I tried to uninstall it and log in and it didn't work
The game aside from being a cookie clicker ripoff is also filled with ads and uses stock images and has terrible sound effects. This game has such a similar title to cookie clicker that people might be fooled into downloading this and RedBit games have also made a frogger clone so if you want to buy cookie clicker for mobile then find the one made by dashnet not redbit.
This has to be one of my favorite clickergame it's actually better than most the games I play I really like this game but I have one problem that stops me from giving it five stars most the time it doesn't register I have Wi-Fi connection and because of that it doesn't give me free spins on the lucky wheel and every couple of minutes it gives me a message that stops me from being able to click until I press okay that says you won't be able to access your offline earnings if you don't have Wi-Fi
I'm a simple man I see cookie I click it. Now I have gone down a deep spiral of cookie addiction. Fun game would recommend :)
The game is fun, but not addicting. I would give you five stars if you didnt post fabricated (fake) reviews on the scroll bar at the top. To be honest, its super annoying and i might delete because of it.
It's a supper cool game I like and every three minutes you get chocolate chip cookies bit I don't get there the same amount of chocolate chip in it as before pitnits a super good game but there is one problem when I try to download a game to earn cookies and play the games when i tap on the game I want to download I'm stuck on the loading screen!😐😢😧 pls fix it.
::Honest Review:: started off fine for few minutes then when u really get to tappin it lags bad. when u open app the screen comes up covered in cookies and frozen for 5 minutes you have to let it sit there. everytime u open the store to upgrade something it plays an ad. so roughly every 2 minutes cause u have to upgrade alot and its a dice roll if it freezes up after ad and thus have to wait a few minutes again. same for others with other reviews ive read. needs to be able to disable cookie fall
this game for me is a life saver in a pinch, i mistake heart burn/integestion for vomiting symptoms ALOT (thus get worked up and risk vomiting from nerves) This game is perfect for me to keep me occupied and my overactive thoughts at bay, the progression bar to the "storm of cookies" is a perfect in between to the grind of rapid tapping to earn more cookies. Would i sit and play this when I'm bored, probably not. While im having one of these moments, 30 mins solid. Takes your mind off stuff
I don't know why this exists. I can make a living in the world, do something cool, or make something productive, but instead I click cookies and love it. This game is super addictive and I don't have any complaints.
You can play this for hours just trying to get the best upgrade but bored with the game installed play game
Terrible graphics. When i started playing i couldny so anything it was just saying go in the shop and i couldnt ho any gurther. I was in the shop and it told me to buy autoclick. It wouldnt work. Every time I clicked on "Autoclick" it would just put a cookie falling in the background. DO NOT INSTALL IT IS A BAD GAME WITH BAD GRAPHICS AND TERRIBLE GAMEPLAY.
First it tells you when to buy some upgrades, second it sounds like a cheese grater from 1969 and the cookie looks like a gold plate and watch great videos is just ads so play the original orteil cookie clicker on computer or download orteil's mobile cookie clicker