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Constellation Eleven - space RPG shooter

Constellation Eleven - space RPG shooter for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Astrobionics located at Москва, улица одесская дом 22 корпус 3. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence, Occasional Swearing) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is pretty cool and I love the concept! It could use a better tutorial, though. Especially for crafting. It would also be neat if a story could be added and the U.I. was improved a bit, because it's hard to read. Thanks for reading!
Some of the translations could use some improvement, but this seems like a cool game. An interesting mix of retro star-fighting and rogue-like.
It's a magnificent game. The Joysticks work fine for me and the controls are great and for some reason it gives me a star wars feel. I would like to see an upgrade to make your ship to a certain size and make the factions a bigger part of the game and have more of a variety of missions for them. The game is very simplistic and shouldn't involve much skill other than circling and strafing. I would like to see you have that factions symbol branded and you. Also shoot asteroids bro.
Interesting top down shooter. Mechanics are easy to learn and the game works well. Improvements to your ship and character are saved though the levels are rogue-like. Reminds me of the classic DOS game Solar Winds but randomly generated.
This is a really great game. Please add something like crews or maybe a small drone that could help you in fighting or heals you. Or maybe add a solar system where you could do more side mission
Gameplay loop is satisfying. Perhaps more diversity of gameplay would incentivise playing past the 7th galaxy, but overall utilizes a fun set of gameplay mechanics. (Maybe, stations and different ships other than cosmetics. More gun or armour slots. Perhaps a more restrictive inventory based on ship.) Shoot, loot, upgrade and repeat.
The game is great shooter, but to look up explanation about stuffs may takes time. Definitelly not for players who don't like reading tutorials.
It was okay for a few hours, the auto aim that you cant turn off misses too often. No clear way to leave a cruiser if you control one. An enemy i has to fight for a quest flew away faster than i can catch up to it..
About as exciting as minesweeper on intermediate. Also pretty sure the slot machine function doesn't work, takes money but never pays. But it does pass time.
Ok so far would like added settings such as text larger it's hard to read the lettering on my phone. Perhaps a tutorial or maybe if the text was larger I'd understand. Currently I'm not really enjoying the game as it sits, it isn't something I'd keep on my phone.
The game is great, but more content is needed. Also is it possible to move the controls closer to the corners, as they take up a lot of the screen space.
Rated for ship pack, but game has potential, but needs LOTS of polish, first and foremost because of the amount of variables for damage types devs NEED to implement a +/- style system to see at a glance what parts are better than others , too much fuss to keep checking if one part is a little bit better than another, you need to show how much upgrades cost, i dont see it anywhere, also bow to get skill points? so far its almost too much effort to play
Love it because we can pick our own design but for the character is not but still they are cool and we can get free decoration for ship by just rating haha i wish u would add more games because im starting to be addictive in this game
pretty alright, just gets boring pretty quickly since every item is basically 30 seconds of looking to see if its stats would make it useful, and the upgrades come too slow for that, the ships are so frequent its more of a chore than either an epic battle or a rare and shocking occurrence, it shows that this has more than enough effort to become better though it is really missing some features that would make it much less difficult to pick back up, basically the flying is tedious, please help
I like the game although the controls when you have at least 3 fingers when you're playing is a bit wacky and annoying though in general I like it and hope there's a story like lost ruins or hieroglyphs in space added soon
This game is really good. Although it's confusing at first you'll get the hang of it after messing around.i would recommend reading everything and restart a few times in the begining
its cool better space shooter than most out there. pixelated graphics are just what ya want. needs more depth though, more things to do than just shooting enemies. missions are basic. more space stations with different missions like boss fights would be cool.
GREAT GAME! This game is sweet for sure, theres is alot of places to go and challenges to do, I hope to see graphic enhancements for the future, but doesnt need to be epic either just clear quality less pixel like so you can see more ship design and it adds more visuals that pixels would make difficult to know what is what but same gameplay and style other than that just being able to customization for your ship and adding more bigger or different types of ships with different buff and debuffs.
Great game but bugged. I don't get the items I win on slot machine ships or buy from shop ships. They don't appear in my inventory. Other than that its fun to shoot up ships in space...
Great gMe, enjoying it a lot, aim control is tricky to start with, some controls can be a bit fiddle and could do with more in game help to explain various gae menus.
I like the feel and looks, but wanting more! I'd like to see a real story mode, and to have missions where you have to board enemy spacecraft or land on planets and complete missions on foot.
Amazing game. Came here looking for a game with pixelated graphics and this fits right in. Controlls are awkward from the beggining but you'll get used to it after a few minuites. Inventory and upgrades UI are kinda bulky. We should have an option to check how many materials we have for upgrades, unless there already was. I dont think there was a tutorial but if there was it wasnt very thorough. The gameplay is good but repetitive. Quests are hard to come by but im hoping see more in the future.
Uh yeah... you're attacked non-stop, right from the start by enemies, all of which are stronger and faster than you, and you just die over and over again. I'm boggled that anyone can find this type of "game" acceptable.
missed opportunity. all style no substance. no story. every sector is the same. same pea shooter guns forever. enemies get different ships and weapons, but you cant. lame. guilds to join, but all missions the same, and seems to have no point. translation is also very bad. updates and some more content would make this game amazing
Open Galactic RPG. Pretty great. Doesn't bombard you with ads, easy to pick up, complex tech tree, level your ship and character. Kind of a shooter meets sandbox.
Great game! Really fun to play, easy to get gear and to lvl yourself up. It is allot of the same thing over and over again but the grind is at least fun. Zero advertising! I would love to have more guns on my ship, I would like to buy bigger ships, It be cool to see my shields around my ship, would be awesome to have power ups or skills to use (missile systems, arc weapons, seeker mines, drone systems), different backgrounds showing other parts of space, would be nice having planets to raid.
Wow...caution objects appear closer in the rear. Approaching objects goes at 1/10th the speed where as leaving the object goes more like 100/1 so going in a circle actually puts you up to a few minutes behind the object that you have to now chase. Theres no map so good luck on figuring out where you are. There is no tutorial so you're 100% screwed there 2, also some of the text is in Russian which I can't read. Play it for like 30 min then delete this game off your phone because it sucks
The game is perfect. The guys really know what they are doing. Autoaim can be troublesome sometimes when you try to switch targets, but it would be hard to kill anything without it.
It's definitely a good time killer, however there is se translation issues, where sometimes you'll hit a button and then it turns into russian, and a couple instruction pages are completely untranslated, but it's still fun
Seems to be the beginning of something great! Many tool tips and a tutorial are needed, and alternative controls would be nice aswell. ps- the character select screen looks amazingly cool to me!
Nice game however the turning speed is too fast, it dosent feel like real space, you know, no gravity.. also I suggest adding explorable planets, randomly generated with different colors.
Fun game, I love the never ending part, but I wish there were more side missions and maybe the ability to upgrade the sane skill more than once would be nice. And maybe like a alien mothership boss that appeared every other galaxy with really nice loot. Games nice though please keep the updates coming!!
Omg this game is the thing i needed its simple love open world feeling love i say All round great i spent hours in it sofar more than24 But has some bugs and needs tweeking I dont think an story line is for this game Would like to be able to get someway to see which parts or component i have cause i dont like guesing and scrapping my gear that much But this game NEEDS to get an way for youre aircraft to grow meaning ... Being able to modify the ship Ex.custimizing 4 more Speed Guns Etc
Pretty decent, controls are simple, but there's some issues with translation where it defaults back to the original language so I can't understand what I'm reading
It's a nice game but you could do a little better like adding damage indication on ships to feel it being wrecked but your and the enemies....and also maybe add recruitment of other Mercs to aid you in gathering...it would help alot ... great game by the way
Excelent game ngl, Pretty smooth nice missions and as a whole is very good, tho i would really damn love if you guys could add Bigger ships more mission add more story to the game and also u can have a companion or escort that help u destroy enemy ships and stuff that would be nice but besides that Great game, keep it up
Lvl 94 ship. Cool talent / skill tree. Fun hunting cruisers. Suggestions: Different backgrounds when you jump to new systems. More encounters similar to factions. Multiple audio tracks. Add a story / main quest line. All in all, excellent game. No ads (thank you!!). Check tool tips to ensure correct dialect. Looking forward to updates
There's a lot of information missing. Not sure what components i get when dissasembling and what the requirements are to upgrade weapons/armor. XP needs to be visible as well.
I absolutely love this game but there is one problem or an idea for the game which would be if any way you can keep track or be counted for how many kills you have cuz basically just fly around and shoot people and there's no count for how many things you kill or whatever that that's just the basic idea for the game I think I don't know how to reply legitly to you guys but that's an idea for the game which it would make it more could baton and more fun because everyone's competition
A very good game even for a work early access. In the universes 50 and up you get swarmed by enemies and the flagships will end up killing you in a fes shots sometimes. I think that will need some balances but this game is headed in a good direction.