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Connect Me - Logic Puzzle

Connect Me - Logic Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Viktor Bohush located at 5-y Sknylivskyi provulok, Lviv, Ukraine, 79000. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game. Ads are really unobtrusive, I think they possibly were after each level, but since the levels take long enough its not really annoying. I paid for the pro version though cause I like the game and the ability to get hints without ads. I really like the sound of the game and it's a pretty fun an relaxing game. The game looks nice too. The controls are pretty intuitive and can be easily played with one hand.
I honestly want to pay more than 1dollar for this game. The adverts are limited and unobstructive, the puzzles are engaging and intuitively teach you what the peaces do with the healthy difficulty curve. I thourally recommend this game.
Awesome game. Very challenging. Real mind/brain buster. Very good game for those who have hand/eye coordination like me. HIGHLY recommend. Please create more like this, maybe as a plummer/rod connection game. Small suggestion; find a way for us to get a hint after each level.
Everything is good in this app till now (level 50). Ads are not disturbing et al. which makes it far better than the most of the other gaming apps. Game is also good.
Better than average puzzler, the introductory levels may be a little too simple but the advanced ones get pretty challenging. Cheap entertainment for under $2 if the ads annoy you. The developer was generous enough to make them fairly unobtrusive.
Fun puzzle game. Not hard yet (level 50 or so), but I can see how it will become more challenging. Meanwhile, it's fun and meditative. Doesn't drown you in ads (I don't think I'd seen a single one up through level twenty-something, where I was offered the option to pay $1 for the no-ads version. Which I gladly did. Also, did I mention, the no-ads version is only $1? Cheap as heck, and well worth it. Give it a shot, and spend a dollar to keep this guy making cute little indie games!
Absorbing time filler. No tutorial, just jump in. Rotate pieces until all are connected by 1, 2, 3 or 4 prongs or just closed off. Some pieces are fixed in both position and rotation. Some just by rotation. Still others can be moved freely. This review is based after completing 50 levels of the first 200 of what is called normal difficulty. It seems that some trial and error is necessary which is a negative for me if that is really the case?!
Simple mechanics are built upon in a way that leads to more challenging levels without being too much. I've finished all but the triangle levels at this point, and have never experienced any issues with the app. Truly a lovely little puzzle game, and I hope they continue to add levels.
Fun and challenging, but it only saves each time you beat a level. It doesn't save any progress you made within a single level, even in some cases when you switch to another app and back.
Very nice game. Not your fault, but with Motorola Gesture Navigation in Android 10 activated, is frustrating when trying to move a tile that's close to the border, because you end up going to the previous screen and lose what you had accomplished.
Good acess to harder levels, you can skip to the next section when it gets too easy. Not too many ads. Great 10 minute game to play when you're waiting for things.
Amazing game exactly what I've been looking for. Need to think and plan moves and no ads so far ☺ Finished the impossible section which are not that hard. Would love a harder section with no red or blue squares ☺
App works fine and you're not drowned in ads. So that's a bit good. But it's too easy. Even on "impossible" difficulty challenging puzzles are far apart.
I was very skeptical about this puzzle game at first but after playing for a while now it appeals to my "just one more level" tendencies. That "one more level" usually turns into "just one more hour" of playing. There's just enough of a mix of easy compared to challenging, though I have yet to come across over that takes more than a couple minutes. Definitely a good time waster. What's nice is the banner ads on the bottom of the screen really do not detract from the overall game itself.
Updated review: 324 levels in and am thoroughly this puzzle. Upgrading review from 4 to 5 stars. Original review: Fifty levels in, seems quite fun. Will update when I reach complex levels..
Nifty concept. Good progression so far. If it continues to be this good will definitely pay the small upgrade price to support the developer.
Fun at first, then gets kinda repetitive. Either you pass levels easily and get bored or you tesr out all of your hair trying not to press the 30 second hint button ad. Theres no in between. Something positive is that theres no add unless you use the hint button.
Really very fantastic app i have solved 200 from first level and more than50 from remaining (except impossible mode only 3) .without using any hint... Search @10PRABHAKAR in Google play game for my game. Connect with me on social 🆔 Fb, i sta, etc @10PRABHAKAR
delightfully challenging! All of the variations are doable, some are easier, some harder, but all are great exercise for the brain!
Easily five stars from me. I have completed the normal, advanced and impossible difficulties, and I have moved on to the shape ones. The impossible levels will take longer to figure out, but overall a very easy game (so far) and I believe that anyone could enjoy this.
A challenging way to spend a little time with the simplicity of concept and complexity of the challenges. Loving this game! I will be sorry to complete all the puzzles.
Great game. Ads are reasonable.. The only problem is that it locks up my Samsung tablet occassionaly. That requires a soft reboot.
One of the best simple puzzle games I've found for ages. It starts off easily enough, and then builds into more challenging solutions. With no time limits, and very few irritating ads, it's become one of my favourite armchair games. Thanks to the developer.
Simple, intuitive, self explanatory, relaxing connection game that inspired me to take action on this one~ish particular thing ,, ,
Very chill. Stress reliever too. I like to play it when my brain is on overload & I just don't want to "think" or browse stuff online anymore. It's just a narrowly-focused game that doesn't have a score or timer, which I like because you can take all the time in the world to complete the puzzle. You can really lose yourself in-game and it resets your busy-fiery mind after a while.
Got game today; completed level 50. One high-40's level was difficult, but the rest weren't. I expect the game to get more difficult as I advance levels. The only time I saw an ad so far was when I was getting a clue. (However, I did not like that the clue gave me the actual solution.) Removing ads is only a dollar, but since I've only seen one so far, I don't need to do it yet. Developer could insert an ad every 7 levels; it wouldn't be a problem, IMO, & he'd get a few more well-deserved bucks!
I like the challenge and it's not that difficult that it takes 3 days to figure it out. I play when I get home from work to decompress. Everything works perfectly. Very Happy with my purchase 😊
Love this game. Challenging enough, with a solid variety, and a ton of levels. No timed trials, just pure and simple. I'll be sad when I complete all of the levels.
Stellar user interface, makes this game a gem. No documentation or tutorial, which I typically consider a fatal flaw. But this game doesn't need it, given how intuitive everything works. And new types of pieces are introduce one at a time. Red are static, blue can only be rotated, green can be moved, and orange can be moved & rotated. And the puzzles are short; great way to kill time (e.g. waiting for everyone to show up to a meeting). You cannot exit & save in the middle of puzzle, but as other reviewers have noted, starting over doesn't lose much. If you need to stop in the middle, don't close the Connect Me; you can resume your current game as long as you don't close the app. Very addicting. Got it yesterday, and completed over 100 puzzles. Was always curious to see what challenges the next puzzle presented. Only gripe is in the description: The developer doesn't mention that for a $1, you can opt out of the ads. It's well worth it. And consider a significant selling point. Hope by the time that I complete all 1000 puzzles, the developer comes up with more.
I only rated this four out of five stars because, of the five levels offered, only one is any real challenge. Given even an ounce of logic-oriented brain cells, Normal and Triangular could be accomplished by a 6th grader; Advanced and Hexagonal probably by a high school senior. Impossible is the only level to present any puzzles which actually challenge your logic skills, and many of them do just that! The controls are simple and easy to understand and master. The graphics are crisp and clean.
Well thought out puzzle; not terribly challenging after 40 levels, but I expect it to become more difficult. Surprisingly relaxing, great game!
The puzzles themselves are nice, with enough elaboration that they can get quite tricky. Could use some two-finger gestures or something to eg swap two pieces or spin a piece counterclockwise (especially for the hex board variant). Unfortunately, the app will sometimes make my Samsung Galaxy Tab A lock up hard, needing a hard power-off to restore function. Possibly related to the banner ads (which are otherwise very reasonable and unobtrusive).
I've completed all 800 levels in this game. Has someone who generally despises mobile games, I've started testing a few to see if I could find something actually good, and I can confidently say that this game was a pleasant surprise. Simplistic premise and graphics male wonderful games, and this game is a perfect example of this. Banner ads aren't invasive to gameplay, and you only see video ads if you ask for help to solve your puzzle. This is how mobile games should be made. Congratulations!
Fun little game to kill time. The advanced puzzles are quite good, mix of medium to hard. I'd skip to the advanced puzzles if you find the normal ones too easy. The first ten normal ones I played were tutorials, not sure about the rest.
Nice puzzle game that starts easy and then moves to fairly complicated levels. It does have a hint system if you get stuck. However I try not to use it and solve the puzzles on my own regardless how long it takes. I like that it's a puzzle that you can play while listening to podcasts or other audio.
This game is so epic!!! When I move the chips and they connect? Score. This isn't even difficult for someone like me. You can't win if we play together. Only I can be the absolute winner.
Good and decent puzzle challange. Bit of a deduction cuz the none square gamemodes are way too easy and could have been intersting but i wont play thru 100s of baby lvls in hopes they will be challanging later. Would have been nice to be able to jump to the harder lvls
Really fun game, unfortunately it completely freezes your phone occasionally. Have seen the same thing mentioned in other reviews. Perhaps there is a memory leak in the code somewhere? Would be willing to improve the review rating for a bug fix.
A cute little puzzle game, pretty fun. Not that many levels(though they're adding more over time), and not an especially big difficulty spread, which is why I only gave it four stars. But it's solid.
decent game, still in early stages. not difficult. simple time user for when there is a short time with nothing else to do & hard to concentrate.
Absorbing and suitably headscratching once you get past the first two levels and onto the 'Impossible' ones. Simple but effective puzzler.
Can't save your progress but the puzzles are short or small enough that if you get stuck its just as easy to start over. Some are pretty easy others more challenging both within and between categories. I couldn't figure out how the hints work but eventually got through all of the square and triangle puzzles without them. Haven't tried "impossible" yet but everything else is doable so far. Can play for a few minutes at a time or much longer. Lots of opportunities to stop and restart later.
The main game is challenging yet beatable. I wasn't a big fan of the triangle and octagon games. They just lacked a certain symmetry; hard to explain, but I was a big fan of the squares.
Game works flawlessly. Eases you through from basic to hard, without getting tediously complex. The three types have their own quirks. Great way to kill a few minutes and stimulate the neurons.
Great game. I loved playing it, my 4 year old also has started playing (squares only so far) ans got cross with me when I removed it once I'd completed the levels that were on it at the time. It's since been updated.
An excellent puzzle game requiring logic and deduction to solve. I just finished all the levels. It took me five months. At $0.99, I feel I haven't paid enough. If there was a random level generator in-app purchase (for $3 to $5?) I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Bonus points if there was a way to mathematically calculate the difficulty of a board to allocate a fair number of points received on completion along with a scoreboard to see how high we can get!
Very well designed puzzles with a good progression of difficulty. 3 different levels of difficulty for the square puzzles, plus hexagon and triangle based boards, and all 5 modes can be swapped between at any time. The only downside is that there's no skipping a single level if you get stumped by it. Ads are wonderfully done for a free mobile game: none between levels, small, unintrusive banners at the bottom of the screen, and the only time you'll see a full ad is when you need a hint.
I love this game I started playing this game about a week ago on my gaming phone The game left off where i stopped playing it Now that im playing it on my gaming phone it isnt keeping track of where i leave off on other levels-- please let me know how to track my progress -- or i will have to uninstall!
Brilliant! Each variant stimulates your brain in a different way. I have completed all puzzles and feel like I will hardly find another game aa stimulating as this one!
Nice casual game. Very easy to learn how each piece operates. My only suggestion is if there is a way to rotate counter clockwise in addition to the default clockwise rotation, that would be a nice update.
Only played 50 levels in Normal mode so far. Fun enough, though not particularly challenging if you use a bit of logic. I can see where the other modes could be quite challenging. Looking forward to playing through. Recommended as a good idle-time game.
Super fun and relaxing. Easily a 5 star game. The ads are not bothersome in any way either. The main negative is how easy it is. Even on the Impossible level it's way too easy and mostly the puzzle pieces just go together. You don't need to think much. Just slide the pieces and they'll fit right in. It's still fun and relaxing but it becomes an automatic instinct. Desperately needs a much harder level. But it for sure can get a bit complicated at times.
Very relaxing. I enjoy playing this. It requires just enough concentration to distract you from the stresses of your day.
Really nicely made game. The interface is simple and easy to navigate, the puzzles are satisfying and relaxing. There is something very pleasing about lining things up and watching them all fall into place. Ads are not intrusive. If you don't need hints, buy premium just to support the dev! Nice work!
YES!!! Today I finished the game completely by just playing on instant app, isn't it amazing?! I've also made the in-app purchase for this hardcore puzzle game.Although some levels were almost impossible without hints, still I defeated those levels by using those valuable hints and have become the game finisher today WOW!!!
I've completed all the games at each level and this is an enjoyable strategy game. It would have been nice to be able to save progress on some of the more challenging levels and to be able to move the "can move anywhere" pieces off the grid board to make maneuvering easier.
I'm on to level 50 and this game has just the right amount of challenge for days when you want to feel more than brain dead but have less energy to really think. Thank you for giving me something colourful and fun!
Horribly slow response times, more than 1s just to move or rotate a piece. The graphics are quite simple, so why does it take so long? Okay, my Note 8 is 3 years old, but it should easily be able to cope with this. I've only played it for 10 minutes, but it's frustrating, so I'm uninstalling.
Perfect puzzle game with virtually no ads. Difficulty scales really nicely. Wish there was a daily challenge puzzle to keep things going, but honestly this was a ton of fun to play and beat all 400 levels. Thank you!
If you are going to give hints, for which the player must watch a video, the hint should be visible for at least as long as the video! The hints in this game are visible for literally 2 or 3 seconds. Geez!!
can be slightly confusing at first, but overall fun and kinda addictive. good way to kill time while waiting at a dr or dentist office.
This is a good game, and games should aspire to be like this. Even if it doesn't hold your attention for the longest time, it makes up for it by having non-invasive ads, well laid out design, simple but expandable mechanics, and only lacks a little in variety.
I like this game because it is different from the usual match 3 or word games. It makes you think, which is great! All the puzzles are solvable, you just have to experiment to get there. I've played many levels and have not seen an ad or been asked to buy anything. I highly recommend this game.
Decent logic puzzle game, non intrusive ads and doesn't hassle you all the time about buying or rating. Well worth the download and purchase price.
An interesting and enjoyable game. Offers different levels of difficulty for all. The "Impossible" level is ideal for those who enjoy a challenge.
Connect all the lines, how hard could it be? Until they introduce the orange parts that can move /and/ turn, not very, but I'm 50 levels in and actually having to spend a minute or two to solve each puzzle, now. Perfect bite-sized puzzling when you just need to solve something or kill a few minutes.
My only criticism is I finished all the levels and would like to reset the game progress and do it again, but I'm having trouble with that.
What a fantastic idea! I sent a link of this to my parents even. It's a different kind of brain workout. There are no ads unless you desire a quick help . For $0.99 you can buy a one-time only ad free pass for unlimited helps. Totally worth it. Great job guys!
It's a great game that can be played offline. It does require patience & logic. It's keeping my brain cells from atrophying.
So far I've paid for the no-ad version and am enjoying this puzzle a lot. It's simple to understand but I can see how complex the Puzzles can become. Nice easy phone-friendly controls, good concept. Basically the blocks have a number of connectors on some sides, and have to be matched up. Some blocks can move, others rotate and so on.
I have enjoyed playing this puzzle. I am on the lowest difficult level. It wasn't until puzzle 46 that I had any real challenge. However, a couple puzzles later was a very simple puzzle. I am looking forward to trying the higher levels.
Wonderful game. Starts out easy and gradually gets harder, up to seemingly impossible puzzles. Great range of difficulty in the middle. Nice interface.
Awesome! I love it! I can't stop playing it. The levels are fun and intriguing, but not too difficult that I give up. Great job developers!
I feel I need to leave an actual review, something I rarely do. This is an absolutely phenomenal game. Each level offers some sort of minorly unique challenge while using the same basic principles throughout. There are hundreds of levels and you can complete one in about 3 minutes, perfect for downtime at work or poopin time. Hardly any ads besides the hints, which is absolutely reasonable. $1 to remove all ads almost feels too little.
Starts easy and progressively gets more involved. Ads are displayed on a bar at the bottom instead of disrupting play. Refreshing.
Fun game. Not overly hard but you need to think. For me, the Advanced levels are easier than the Normal since some pieces can only take 1 of 5 positions. Impossible is tough. It would be nice to have a way to save the game, especially the impossible levels where you may not get finished and are forced to start over the next time you start the game.
Great game. An interesting concept that scales well in difficulty. Plenty of challenging levels, though I would like more!
I really like this, gets more challenging the longer you play. An excellent time killer while using your noggin. A huge recommendation for those who like logic puzzles and especially for those who code oop.
Good for the brain, but irritatingly contrived: why does EVERY piece seem to be one turn too many to connect so that you have to tap each piece AALLL the way back around to get to the proper position? I can understand randomness, but this is purposeful. Makes me not want to play
Awesome game. I found the early levels too easy but good for learning the moves. Once I got the hang of it I moved on to the impossible level. It takes about 4 to 5 minutes per level. I'm currently on level 27... I only play every now and then, so with 200 puzzles it should keep me occupied...
Great exercises! This is a awesome for mental exercise. I found that it made me use logic, deduction, & mentally juggle. The ads are not that annoying, unlike other ganes I play. The only thing negative is, there seema to be only the original ganes. There haven't been any additions. I want more.
It's still early but I think I like this game. Most of the puzzles are easy but there are some not so easy ones thrown in too. Quite relaxing and fun. Ads aren't obnoxious and don't annoy but if this game can continue to entertain & not stress me, I will seriously consider buying it. Definitely worth a try.
Great game. I enjoyed this very much, as I have the other games by this developer. I completed all 200 of the impossible levels. They're not that difficult, although one can get a long way into a puzzle before reaching a dead end, as I did with 114 and 125.