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Conduct THIS! – Train Action

Conduct THIS! – Train Action for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Northplay located at Northplay ApS Pilestræde 43, 1. sal 1112 København K Denmark. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Just completed the game with each gold trophy..really enjoyed the game. Hope in future you guys will launch similar games. A big hug to the developers❤
In the first 5 seconds of the game (Introduction) it asks you to press the "A" button to slow to the train and there is no such button on Android. Obviously poor testing...
The great graphics and simple controls of this game make this game easy to learn and addictive to play. However, I do not really like the monthly conductor pass concept. I fully understand that the pass is meant to earn constant revenue but it prevents some that want to support the game from fully experiencing the whole game. Suggestions are to allow users to watch a certain number of ads to unlock levels and using coins to upgrade the HQ to get more trains, increasing the need to obtain coins.
I loved the way that you can get the time portles and now I have been sad that you have to buy the computer pass
I was found in the wreck with my hand on the throttle. Scalded to death by the steam... You need to do a version 2 of this game or add levels faster.
Just completed this game and really enjoyed it. The game is challenging enough to make it interesting but not so difficult as to make it impossible. It's just a shame the developers have decided to go down the subscription route to get access to extra levels. I'd be more than willing to make a one off payment but there's no way I'm going to agree to pay £3 each and every single month.
I really do love this game, except it gets super frustrating at times, you should add a difficulty slider. EDIT: Thank you!
Runs smoothly, nice art style and surprisingly intuitive game play. The difficulty starts to get challenging really quickly but not too challenging until you get into the much higher levels.
This is one of the best puzzle games I have ever played. Unfortunately, you need to pay more so that you can completely finish the game. I have no problem with that, it's just that the game is challenging I want more levels. Overall, the graphics are excellent, gameplay is excellent too, and the soundtrack's also fun. (I also really like the outro of this game :D) Looking forward to more updates! :)
The game is good but some of the levels are almost impossible for me like barn yard buster and its labeled normal. The game is good tho
Great game, but controls are horrible-Half the screen isn't used for any actual gameplay, making the track-change button area too small. need more flexibility, like an infinite mode or different time and difficulty settings.
Awesome! I love this game a lot--I have it in switch, and I've played it all the way through. I think the difference between that version of the game and this version are small but effective. I only wish that I could use the payment for that game to login and have full access to this game without paying again. But I understand why that's not a feature! Thanks for the great game :)
Completely broken on Galaxy S20+. Used to enjoy the games, now it crashes just seconds after starting. Devs need to hire some better QA...
I love love love this game! If you're looking for even more fun, try it with friends and/or family on the Switch, where 5+ people can play together! The music is awesome, the concept is super simple to learn (but can be very challenging nonetheless), and the game is super addictive. Kudos from a fellow sw engineer to all who worked to create this masterpiece. My sole complaint is the subscription model. I would happily pay the steam (PC platform) or Switch price to own this game on Android.
The game is a fun game but the tracks are complicated. The time should be longer inorder for slow gamers to play without stress😃😃
A very great entertaining game, but it has a bug.... some time the "tap to retry" button doesn't work..... make me annoying many times plz fix that quickly
Fun game. However, I noticed that while on the first few levels of the game, the online subscription was $2.99. Was happy to consider subscribing, but upon playing a few more levels and assume closer to the end of the game (trial?) the subscription cost increased to $4.99. Hope this was a genuine price change rather than an increase because i was more inclined to purchase being closer to the finish.
Really enjoyed it, till I saw, still, a lot of stuff is locked behind a paywall. Also older version was much better, tutorial wise, levels wise, even the colors of trains were playful, rather than bland to be "classic/original". You could unlock seasonal levels like santa one for free. Get coins when sharing a crash as gif. But it's all been stripped out. At least could've given free players chance to unlock "premium" levels through grinding, but no. 2 stars for gameplay.
Nice puzzle gameplay, but retry button doesn't work. I have to restart the game everytime I crash two trains.
I want there to be more levels and worlds and locomotives.Northplay can you make more levels and worlds I want there to be new levels and locomotives. I'd like there to be more levels and worlds.
just to tell you there is a problem sometimes i cant retry so i will have to reload the game but eveything else is fine for me at least.
I love this game, I get to control the trains and help them go in the right directions, it feels like I get most of my favorite trains from around the world.
not for kids. good adult puzzle style game where you have to use your brain but we got this for our 4 year old & he cannot get passed island 2.
Its a good game with decent graphics. But it has some bugs which needs to be squashed. When the game is over or the train crashes, and when tap to retry is "tapped" sometimes the screen freezes and nothing can be done. You have to end the game and restart. Please fix this.
when I was on the second land on the second level why does a other train come and get more people like the train that your using is different then that other train and it makes me crash I to it
The ticket system is impossible I can't do it. I only got one ticket and then I get no more than 1. I think it should be like if you get to 33 or less rankings that means you're going to get a locomotive fix this please
Whilst I love that new features are coming to the game, the newest feature of train of the month seems impossible to achieve. Looking at some of the high scores being achieved there appears to be some sort of cheating going on, how can people score 9999 repeatedly, meaning others have no chance of getting anywhere near the top 10 therefore not being able to get points for the new trains. Have stopped even trying now as it's a waste of time
I like the game, and all the trains you can get! Difficulty may be a bit of an issue, but I still like this game!
the game is really fun it has a lot of nice trains but i would like it better if the developer could add more trains
This is my first review for a game on play store. This game is wonderful. The levels are well crafted.The ending at level 55 was a surprise. I thought the game was over and then we landed on the moon.More levels yay. Very well designed. Keep up the good work team.
I usually never rate games, but when I do, it's usually because the developer did something right in its execution. I like the concept as well as the minimal override of ads on the game. Game play involves starting and shifting stoping trains around. The only not so notorious bug was that sometimes you might not hit the train just right to stop it. Otherwise it's a great casual game.
Love the game, but can't open on my Galaxy S20 after recent update. Has been an issue for a full week with no developer response. Very frustrated commuter pass subscriber here
Hi,after my first review I need to update mine. So, I try to subscribe to avoid any adv. I switched off the game and phone, I tried few times but all the time I need to watch the adv after my subscription. How is possible?
So recently I gave this a 1 star because it would crash as soon as you start it. That bug has been patched and now the game is actually surprisingly really fun. Give it a try.
The game was fine, and is still fine - but if I'm listening to music, and you stop it because you want to play an ad, you can get straight into the garbage.
I really love and enjoy playing this game. However, some levels are sooo difficult they get frustrating. I've played the level "WINDY REEFS" like a million times but I just can't get all the stars. There should either be less trains in that level or more time given. EDIT: Thank you very much!!
The Game is really very good, it doesn't have any problem also the ads are not so many but then to I have given 4 stars and you know why Because you have to pay for the level, and this is bit disappointing , overall the game is amazing.
Amazing graphics and awesome physics in game. I played this game back when it had like 6 squares and still with all the new add ons it still never gets old.
Game is very boring, wery less content and level 5 in this game is as hard as level 1345 in other games. Controls are not smooth and graphics and gameplay are very bad.
Love this game, not too many ads and addictive, a breath of fresh air from all the ad heavy games I've uninstalled recently, Just completed, and what a joy it has been
great idea and gameplay, although way too many ads, time limits are not very generous, and some levels are very challenging. I suggest a hardness level setting which would limit the speed and number of trains and also allow stopping of non passenger trains. also as somebody else has suggested, an emergency stop to stop all trains would be good. my 6 year old son enjoys these types of games, but gets way too frustrated with this one due to the speed and difficulty, not to mention the ads.
FUN!! FUN!! FUN!! Love it!! 👍👍Great strategy game to pass time. Better watch out or your trains will crash and explode!! Hope it stay fun!!
Good game, just not for me. Challenging puzzles but something about the trains crashing and exploding just rattles me. Not too many ads either.
I JUST installed this and it won't even open. if you can fix this issue, I will give a better review. By the way, I'm playing on Samsung Galaxy Tab A
Really good and not much ads. Also the levels are hard unlike any other trash mobile game that makes them easy
I really enjoyed this game a lot and the special thanks at the end when you finish is absolutely amazing. Please add more levels, trains and more, i would recommend adding the old train models btw, that would be great. Really look forward to getting the commuter pass, just wanna take a break from all the frustration lol. But anyway, great game keep up the good work and please make more games similar to this.
UPDATE: developer reached out to let me know about the recently released fix, and the game loads up seamlessly again. Many thanks! Looking forward to cracking these puzzles. ORIGINAL REVIEW: Excellent game... When it works. Latest update completely breaks it on Pixel 4. Game won't even open.
I like the it the best. But l wish you Unlock the Castle Level by play Levels. I don't like you have to pay. can you PLEASE FIX THIS that would be great
I really love this game..from iOS to Android..please add new tracks soon..will eventually pay for it in the future to show my support..☺️
Its a very good game but the only thing I dont like about it is that on some levels, there is no possible way to get 3 stars on it if you want to fully complete the game. Overall, it is a very fun game where you direct the trains to where they are going.
MUCH FUN and entertaining...would suggest increasing the detail a little bit. Also--what about "sounds"? Realize the game moves quickly so the sounds can just be 'background'. Just rambling...
This is simply the BEST mobile game I've ever played (and I'm a hardcore gamer). Brilliant in all aspects. Never subscribed for a monthly fee to any game, except for this one. Keep up the good work, guys.
crashes alot. the game is great but crashes after everytime you fail a level and has to be restarted to continue.
after crash the screen gets frozen and touch dosent work it says tap to retry but no touch response. only way to colse and restart a game. nice game please fix it asap
Nice game but I finished it. Have to pay to unlock remaining areas. Will uninstall game. No reason to keep it.
Love the game, couldn't get enough. I've completed the game, and can't wait to see what the developers come out with next.
I love this game!! It's super addictive. I had a monthly subscription though (excessive, right?), which would be more tolerable if there were ever any new levels, which there weren't, even after months and months. It's fun though. I'd recommend it, but don't bother keeping a subscription.
Me and my little nephews absolutely love the game, however this new ticket feature seems just ridiculously difficult, to the point of being nearly impossible. In any case, it's just utterly daunting and not fun whatsoever. Maybe I'm misunderstanding something here, but I thought a game was supposed to be fun to play. Re: Maybe it would make more sense if you did top 50 instead, then the first place would mean you're getting a train. It could actually be fun, but as is, it's just discouraging
I completed all levels including moon also game is interesting update the graphics to realistic and add the under water station , volcano mountain try something new good luck .
The graphics are great, love the music, intricately timed trains and again great graphics. It's so satisfying. The details like raising water levels and lava spilling from the volcano are great. Am not sure if this will be helpful but if there is a one time payment option to open all locked stages that would be good.
good game but needs improvement....lots of bugs..it doesn't move on once u end up with a blast even though how many times u tap...
Great game so far, each level has a great challenge and takes a few tries to get. The art style though nothing special looks great and I have absolutely no complaints. I like that the trains are based on real trains. The world system is and awesome way to have the levels set out much better than the common way of having it level by level with nothing special about them but their number, over all it's a great game very addictive gameplay and super enjoyable
Suggestion An awesome game. Having fun totally. The only suggestion I would like to give is regarding the color of the passengers/stations. There is a shade of purple and blue which is difficult to recognise for the color blind persons like me. I would request the developers to change the colors to some other dark color which will help us to recognize the colors better. Overall a great time killer
Controls are terrible. It's annoyingly easy to accidentally click on a train instead of a switch. On top of that, you're forced to watch an ad every third try...which doesn't seem bad on paper but it is infuriating in practice. The game can kill maybe a couple of hours, but the entire game is just too short.
Games should not be a service. The game is fun, but it's locked behind a monthly subscription. There is no way to just spend a one time lump sum and buy the game, like you can on the Nintendo Switch version. The ads are limited, but still. GAMES ARE NOT A SERVICE. I understand the indie company needs cash flow, but this ain't how you do it, chief. It works, but that doesn't mean it's right.
Ridden with ads. Horrible game. 30 seconds ad because you weren't quick enough to stop two trains at once and then again after three retries, another ad. Asking for 5.45€ to remove ads or suffer 30 seconds ads all the time, sometimes up to 4x in 5 mins play session is absolutely disgusting. Stay away.
It's sad that neither PC nor mobile is perfect - Please integrate Conduct World into this, I know it's not build upon Steamworks. It should be doable.
I had been playing for a coup of years, I had restarted my progress a couple of times, just to keep things interesting. But now with this new update all the parts of the game I had previously purchased have been wiped too. I had purchased to get rid of ads, and had purchased the extra levels as well. Now the game won't let me play any of these levels and ads keep popping up in the game. Since when does resetting your progress also include wiping your purchases?
Very interesting brain storming game.. Concept is very unique.. Smooth controls and no ads problem. I really loved it. And recomend others too..
The gameplay is fantastic and addictive. It can be outright frustrating sometimes. I just bought a month subscription to the game to eliminate the frequent and often long ads. I still get ads, but from the game instead -an obnoxious effort to get me to join their gaming channel and now an ad for one of the developer's other games. I'll be canceling my subscription as it just changes when and who's ad is displayed. Game is fun. Shame they can't turn off the billboards when you pay to do just that
i love this game even tho i got my dream train but it would be greater if theres new trains also it will be more greater if there is data save
sorry to say this.....i am unistalling this......tired of getting two stars for every time.....with one second difference...good bye😊😊😊
This is. great game - keeps u entertained for hours (as well as fustrating at times). Also i have a suggestion that there is a button/ lever to stp all trains in an emergency
Awesome game. Great gameplay and graphics. Despite of the free part gives enough play, I want to buy the game but it's a subscription... meaning it's to expensive for a mobile game. 3€/month should be 3 or 4€ for life. This way I'll pay without hesitation !
I dont know what you people are saying that it's bad. Downloaded this and instantly loved it, great controls and fun overall gameplay. One thing I would add, though: more trains.
Great game....this game will test you. Squeezes your brain for concentration of focus. I lost my temper frequently. I sure hope there is a sequel to this game because I love it. It's almost like those endurance arcade games of the 1980s. The trains in this game seem to have arbitrary stopping times, I swear I would tap.and tap sometimes and they would not stop. Anyway, great exercise for the multitasker inside us all.
Nice game the data of trains are real like the shinkasen its from japan but the problem is that u have to buy a commutar pass to unlock new region
Last update forces incoming trains. I mean, the new train is unstoppable untill it reaches the station (when the train is glowing).
This game just keeps crashing, conduct this? I would rather conduct electricity by sticking my dong in a power outlet, worst part is it isn't even a bad game but keeps crashing when I just started a stage or when I am about to finish it and it PISSES ME OFF!
Great game and lots of fun but the monthly subscription is too expensive really. I'd pay a one off amount for the full game though
This game is great! Love the ads for rewards method. I'll deal with the 5 second ones all day for a game like this! Very few anyway!
I love this game!!!! Like many others here, this is the first game I ever paid to play and enjoy more of, and paid gladly! The price is well set, the levels are super well done, graphics are amazing! I can't comment on the soundtrack, as I turn sounds off on all games. I'll have to check it out though! I noticed there is a general difficulty setting, so I'll have to see what that does, I assume it speeds the trains up? Amazing job well done :)
Nice game. Feels like sometimes misses touches and makes me restart the level 🤬 Also, there should be like 5€ one time purchase for couple months, not reoccuriing.
Nice game idea and graphics are simple but amazing. However after finishing every level it gets quite boring. But nonetheless a great game.
Fair but got annoying. The game is small, a bit challenging but they want $36 a year to play the extra levels. Really!? Now after the last update you get ads in between returns of the same level. What! It's just freaking annoying, not playing anymore. If you want to put up with the ads, download, otherwise, stay away. I would maybe consider playing the extra levels if once won with 3 stars they would stay playable but you would basically would have to pay again every time.
Absolutely amazing game! Graphics, controls, trains, and difficulty. You really need to be focused. Only bad thing is that it needs more levels. completed the game in about 5 hours. Anyways awesome game!
Perfect game! I really liked it, played all levels and payable levels also! Really nice graphics and design. So addicted. Please please add more levels soon.
It becomes unclickable once trains go fast. Can't click a damn thing. It's been like that for a month. I'm a paying subscriber. Put subscription in pause until they fix it and if I was you I would do the same. They will not steal my money any longer. When they fix it I will renew and fix my rating, meanwhile I will keep giving the reviews it deserves every week.
I want to see a new game like sail this cause yall made a train game and a plane game but not a boat game so I want to see it Please make it