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Pic-a-Pix: Nonogram Color

Pic-a-Pix: Nonogram Color for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Conceptis Ltd. located at 11-A Yakinton St. 34792 Haifa, IL. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Quite literally some of the worst nonogram controls I've seen... And I thought using a D pad was rough. I took a chance because the developer remarked that they were updating this aspect over a month ago. Apparently they aren't in a hurry.
I've gone to their website for the better part of a decade, and the app definitely lives up to the level of quality I've come to expect.
Fun game... definitely makes you use your "gray matter." Consider having the rows/columns automatically fill with dots for remaining cells once all the other cells for that row/column have been correctly highlighted/shaded.
This is a super fun nonogram game. It has a great starter pack and additional packs are very cheap. The best part about conceptis puzzles is THERE ARE NO ADS. All of their games are offline friendly too and take up barely any space on your phone, but with hours worth of puzzles!
I used to love the Conceptis website. When they started charging money for the puzzles, I enjoyed that they still offered one puzzle of each type for free each week, and I was glad to purchase credits to buy more puzzles. After buying the credits, I could choose which specific puzzles I wanted to buy. This app, however, gives you a few "ultra easy" puzzles, and then you have to purchase packs of puzzles, sight unseen. I am so disappointed.
I love the website and the android version. The only part I don't care for is the dragging game controls and would prefer to just be able to touch the squares. Otherwise, it's a good game!
No pictures at the easy 5x. You have fill in everything even the non "picture" squares and the color puzzles you have to manually switch between colors.
The game board mechanics and features are amazing, but there are very few free puzzles and each pack seems to cost quite a bit. There are also no bundles that make buying the puzzle-packs worth and you can only get them individually and not for cheap, at least not for me :/
Clean interface, puzzle packs are a bit pricy. Difficult to organize puzzle packs. No "hold position" option to easily revert to a position before testing a milti-stage theory.
While I absolutely love this game, I can't seem to be able to change colours on either my Android phone or Android tablet. I tap, long press, or double-tap the colour palette dot at the top of the window and nothing happens. I only get the default colour, no choices. Is it me, or is it you? :-)
You cant remove the grid lines so it takes twice as long to complete a puzzle because you have to drag the grid. Needs to be an option to remove this
I love pic-a-pix as a puzzle, and Conceptis has amazing web puzzles. But this app's control system is easily the worst I've ever encountered. I cannot imagine anyone playing with this control system and thinking "Oh yeah, nice." Makes me wonder what Conceptis was thinking.
This game has all the possible controls: mark the filled numbers, mark empty cells, enlarge the view and so on. Very well designed.
These are the original and one of the best of logic picture puzzles online. They did a wonderful job creating a mobile app. Lots of puzzles. Various prices including regular free puzzles. No ads! And it can be played when not online. I keep some new puzzles on my phone to do when I have no wifi. There's even larger puzzles available if you're using a tablet.
I uninstalled the controls make it too easy to accidently change the color of a box. ends up being frustrating.
I have been a fan of Conceptis puzzles for a very long time, sadly the app isn't very user friendly when doing the pic-a-pix puzzles. There are other apps that are significantly easier to use where you can drag to colour squares, I would recommend trying those first. If you change how squares can be filled you'd get 5 stars from me Conceptis
Nice and simple. You get a pretty good number of puzzles free, and then if you want additional puzzles, you buy the ones you want. No pop up ads. No energy running out or other app tricks to get you to spend money. Just a straightforward puzzle game. The art is also pretty impressive, given the small number of blocks they're working with.
I really enjoy all of Conceptis' products. I play yhem online as well as thru the apps on my phone. I love getting a free game every week.
The game is OK, if a bit fiddly. My main gripe is that the game doesn't rotate to fit the screen so the wide puzzles become very small and difficult to read. It would be so much better if the puzzles fit the screen.
Fun time with puzzles that can call or frustrate. It's a little challenging to hour the right squares on small screens.
Too complicated. The easy puzzles seem are because you don't know where to start. I think the block-a-pix is a lot easier. Even the challenging ones
I love these pixel puzzles. Great range from novice to expert no matter your skill level you'll have endless puzzling fun. Highly recommend this app, it is by far my favourite.
While I love playing Pic a Pix on the website, I find the app version rather fiddly, especially as you cannot zoom in on a smaller screen, making it impossible to play larger puzzles. The control scheme is OK, as I am used to playing Fill a Pix, which is actually easier in the app, however it would be good to have the option to change the controls to be able to directly click on squares to mark them, especially the clues.
the controls are really awful. instead of just taping the space you want to colour you have to move these grid things around. it's really annoying.
I suggest making marking empty spots optional - if all the colored spaces are correct, the puzzle should be considered complete. Marking the empty spots is a helper, not part of the picture. I believe this is how it works on the website (or at least used to).
This has the worst controls ever. One of my favorite puzzle styles but I am deleting it because the controls are too frustrating. And was is this "turn off cursor" setting? I don't see that anywhere.
Well designed and no ads, but EXPENSIVE. 42 free puzzles are included, as well as a weekly free puzzle, but you could spend a significant amount of money purchasing any of the 300 or so available puzzle packs, each with only 20 puzzles, some costing over 5 bucks. Purchasing all the packs will cost you well over $1000. IMO, there are better options, even with ads. Devoloper: Please put at least 50 puzzles in the puzzle packs. Make them worthwhile to buy.
Controls are pretty terrible. Feels like they were designed for a controller. Also can't seem to mark of hints automatically which is a pretty basic feature. Looks nice, but poor functionality.
Appalling controls. Love these games completed many 2 minutes after installing I uninstalled it as the controls are awful. Change please and I might consider reinstalling.
terrible control system!!!! who on earth had the idea to colour the squares this way. would be much easier to just tap the square(s) you want coloured instead of navigating the grid to each individual square you want coloured. would give 0 star if I could.
Puzzles clues are too vague and require guess. Should instead start with a few blocks already filled in, e.g soduko
I spend more time fixing mistakes from the overly sensitive controls than solving the puzzle. It's not my idea of fun. Edit: changing the cursor control makes no difference. I still end up with mistakes all over the place. maddening.
Very poor, annoying way of filling cells Hard to control, useless. These grid lines spoiles everything and there is NO option to remove them in settings.
not even a minute after installing, I uninstalled because of the control system. letting us tap the boxes instead of having to navigate the grid is much more convenient than what this game requires us to do.
This is my favorite puzzle on the web site. The controls on the mobile version are so tedious I find it unplayable.
I usually love conceptis games but in this one the interface makes it really tedious to fill a puzzle. I keep making accidental clicks without noticing, and the fact that there is no autofill for completed lines makes it really tedious to finish a puzzle.
Would be a lot better if the ones you've already filled in correctly vanished or something. Kinda hard to tell what still needs to be filled in.
I am rating this 5 stars for the puzzles but the controls are terrible. Can't move the crosshairs without accidentally selecting squares on the grid. And if you don't notice that they are being toggled the solution becomes impossible.
I've been playing these games forever. They're really fun. I like to play them on my laptop too. The pictures are much bigger and can days to finish. They are my favorite.
Love this game on the PC. The app game is too annoying having to tap each square instead of clicking & dragging. Major fail for me. Deleting app & sticking to PC version.
Gameplay is awkward and tedious. Having to mark empty spaces slows play down. Graphics are very good.
Somebody wrote "too many ads" but I don't see ads on my free version. And I just keep playing the ones I already paid for. Love the free weekly ones - I call Friday " puzzle day". I have pxp, seab, dot to dot, and sudoku.
What a ridiculously stupid way to have to colour a square! Instead of a simple tap, you have to move two controls to get to the square you want, which is totally unecessary and makes the game awkward and painfully slow. Gave up after two games and will uninstall.
Too small for a phone but I'll probably try it again on a larger device. Unless you use a stylus its too easy to constantly make errors
Great game, but you only get a few starter puzzles before you have to pay for more, and they are too expensive in my opinion
There should be an option to REMOVE the pink cross-grid control...I would have kept app if that was an option. Makes it too complex and frustrating when users are playing on a touchscreen.
I enjoy the intrigue of the game. I just can't afford to purchase very many of the games after the starter games.
I've done these puzzles in Games magazine for years, and there is virtually no difference in the play!
This is my favorite type of puzzle, no matter what platform. But for a digital version, I prefer conceptis. These are all high quality and the app itself is very user friendly. But for me, the customer service by itself is worth it. Especially Dave, who is knowledgable, patient, quick to respond, & committed to successful resolutions. Thanks again!!!
Way toooo many ads, also when u think and don't do anything pop up ad appears for 30 secs... Also it gives you the hints when starting and if u make a mistake it takes your life out and after 3 mistakes u have to either buy something or start over again.
Really super bad control setup. You have to move two sliders, one for each axis, to select a square, then you tap to color it. Completely ridiculous for a touch screen.
Good game but just did the update and the cursor is overly sensitive. Also there aren't enough black and white hard puzzles for the phone.