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MultiSudoku: Samurai Puzzles

MultiSudoku: Samurai Puzzles for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Conceptis Ltd. located at 11-A Yakinton St. 34792 Haifa, IL. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great fun. I`'ve done 5x5 on paper and enjoyed them. Now I can do 2,3,4,5 linked puzzles. Running out. More coming?
Sudoku was too easy, so I did some research and I found this. It's great if you think single-square sudoku is boring at the most difficult level.
I love how seeing the wrong anwsers are an option and not automatic like in other apps. Love the different styles and how they come in different difficulties. Being able to have it add or remove the "notes" is super cool too. Best of all there is an undo feature. Overall nothing to complain or nitpick over. Oh yeah you can even buy more puzzles at your preferred level as well. Plus daily puzzle fun. 10/5
Very good game. No ads, good game play, and challenging puzzles. While the area where the multiple-puzzles overlap is not strictly correct or accurate, you figure it out. I recommend this game.
Really good. Great distraction. Loads of additional puzzles. Highly recommended. So good I am happy to buy additional puzzles.
One of the best puzzle games I've played, and I have bought so many puzzle packs, but I figure if I was a kid and this was Chuck E Cheese, I would have dropped a dollar on far less. Some of the controls weren't intuitive and figuring out you can press and hold a number to be able to click and fill was a game changer. But this is a great game to play while listening to podcasts before bed. I am in LOVE with the new combo puzzles!! I want more please!!
Great design and execution of this app. Very satisfying to use. The range of types of interlocked Sudokus gives choices between quick and challenging puzzles to solve. Great job! Revision after 7 months regular use: faultless in execution and captivating in use. Have rated this twice already - no change. If asked again - I will have to downgrade rating because of hassle element. June 2021 update: great app. Don't ask me again, please.
Can't believe how good this is. So much better than other sudoku apps I've tried. Exactly what I wanted.
I've always enjoy this game. I have never played this game but I find it very interesting and fun. I like to challenge myself. It helps the time go by when you are waiting or just when you re not doing anything. Great game!👍
Anybody remember Laugh-In & Artie Johnson? Well, this app is "very interesting, ya". 1st time messing w/these, I enjoy 'em,tad challenging when starting,but pretty cool.
Sure beats dot to dot or color by number! If it wasn't for eating or a toilet run, I'd play this game all day. Maybe not all day but I get the idea
Very interesting game . the 5 boards in one game are not as challenging as i thought. But over all - its fun to keep my thinking sharp and my mind focused.
This took me 55 minutes with an easy puzzle. So far I'm enjoying this I like the feature where I can check to see if I made a mistake. As long as I don't use it too much.
Great design and execution of this app. Very satisfying to use. The range of types of interlocked Sudokus gives choices between quick and challenging puzzles to solve. Great job! Revision after 7 months regular use: faultless in execution and captivating in use. Have rated this twice already - no change. If asked again - I will have to downgrade rating because of hassle element.
I'm so excited about the ajoining 5 Sudoku puzzles phones and tablets and computers instead of me having to wait till Sunday to get the hi-fives to do go out of the newspaper because that's the only one that's challenging to my mind now so I thank you so much and I love
I've just started with the easy puzzles, and like the extra level of difficulty added by combining more than one puzzle. Not sure how I'm going to feel when I hit the difficult puzzles, but that's me.
They forget to mention yoy have to pay for harder levels. I got through all of the free puzzles in 1 day. They mislead their customers.
I loved the free games but now that I've finished them it won't allow me to purchase any new bundles because apparently I can't purchase from Google play.
Best Sudoko puzzles. The game play and use of toggle button to place number or make a note works better than any other sudoku game. Love that you get a weely gsme also!
Awesome game but no Google Play back up to store progress Instead they use our personal drive to save back up n can use our contents from drive which is risky
For now, the game is working perfectly, sudokus are free and the rules are clear. It has a check button which you can click for free, no extra videos or ads, and tells you if you have errors. It also has the pencil option to write down numbers in small which disappear as you fill in the sudoku and those options turn out wrong, meaning if you add a 7 to your line or square, the small 7 you wrote on another box will disappear automatically. It's great!!
This is an absolutely thought provoking app. I truly love this version of sudoku. Conceptis has a wide variety of games & so far I have enjoyed all of the ones I have downloaded. They sharpen your mind while you are having a great time. I highly recommend this app & their other games too!
Amazing game with progressive maps when done sequentially. I haven't had this much fun doing sudokus on other apps. Great work, I don't even think it has ads!
Excellent! Only problem is the tiniest numbers for the notes! If these were just slightly bigger you'd be getting 5 stars. Otherwise it's brilliant and I love it.
Great puzzles. I just wish their were more free ones due to the fact that I finish them so quickly. Love it so much I will delete app and reinstall just to play again.
Shame there's almost only p2p puzzles, also didn't like the controls (I'd like to be able to select a number and then fill that in by just tapping cells). Nice concept though. Edit: 3 to 4 stars because i didnt knew about the controls.
Challenging and fun. Many variations available and fun to play for free, too. I enjoy the updated challenges and the option to review your play while still playing.
I really like this sudoku app. An idea for improvement would be to be able to change the color of the pencil marks. Sometimes depending on the light I'm in it's really hard to see the yellow/orange marks. I would've given it a 5 but there's only a limited number of puzzles and I've done all of them already.
I've enjoyed doing sudoku puzzles since they first came out but this game is amazing. Once you understand how to play, it REALLY challenges your brain and sometimes even the easy ones take a little longer. I'm going to share it with my Mom, who is 76 and loves sudoku just as much as I do 😊
Limited but moderate collection of free puzzles. Excellent user interface. Excellent puzzles, as I would expect for conceptis.
Just played my first baby game, and I love it! As I get used to it, I can't wait to play the four boards. They used to have these in the Sun Post. For the person who complained (yeah I read the review) you don't understand the concept.
I like sudoku and all but the controls are stupid. There should be a way to pick what number you want to work with then add all boxes u want to put that number in and then go on to work with the next number. You literally have to press the box -> what number to fill then box -> what number, up n down up n down. Fixxxxx! Uninstalled until then! Oh! And add dark mode, I do this at night to relax and its simply too bright 🌞 Peace outtt!
Over all very fun and challenging I love the idea of this version of sudoku. But room for improvement, I personally play it by listing down and sorting through 1 number at a time and find it very time consuming to have to click the same number every single time I list it in a different box. Might make it easier for like users if we can select a number pen or pencil and it inserts into the boxes we tap whilst it is selected. But over all I do enjoy it
A really good challenge. The problem is that I've now worked through them 2 or 3 times now and I want more!
Love the multiple grids and how they interlink. Would be 5 stars, but you get a limited number of them before you have to pay for more. 24 Easy, 24 Mediem and 24 Hard are free. Beyond that, new packs of 24 range from $0.99 - $5.99. Once I'm done with the free, I'll likely delete the app.
Logically delicious. Levels are consistantly well done and mechanics are clearly and effectively done. Still terrific after a full year and the weekly bonus helps a lot.
I love it. It's more of an challen.ge than my Sudoku & Math Puzzles that I subscribe to . I have not picked them up in the past week. I'm usually on them 10 -12 hours going through each of the magazines. Sincerely; Catherine M. Balester
Good spin on the game but I can't hardly see when 'check errors' is activated. Which means start all over.
A high quality game with NO ADS! This is far too rare these days. Thank you! And, unlike some Sudoku games that advertise multi-sudoku and don't actually have any kind of multi-sudoku, this one actually has many different types of combined puzzles, everything from 2 grids to 5 grids.
The highlighting option is too sensitive. However, overall the game is great! I've been looking for a multi-grid puzzle for years. Too bad there's not more puzzles.
I would like to see Rows and Columns highlighted when I click on a number. That shows where I have placed the numbers.
Lots of fun. New irregular puzzles are challenging and great. Could use more contrast in the borders of irregular sections. Maybe a control of what thickness or color the borders are would help.
Most stupid interface ever seen anywhere on entire net. On the puzzle screen, the actual puzzle appears like a small thumbnail, and all digits and controls cover half of the screen. cannot even see the puzzle boxes properly, let alone read or change or play it. I repeat - Yours is the most stupid app.
This adds an extra layer of complexity making it more fun. I like having a second keypad for the notes and the sticky keys. I wish I could get this on my PC.
I love this game mostly. It's the most challenging game I've ran into. The brightness of the white tiles is almost blinding causing eye strain and I have to turn my brightness down on my phone to very low. Sometimes it will not let you make the tiles larger to make them easier to see. I think this game was designed by an Opthalmologist to drum up more business, lol.
My favourite sudoku app out there. I just wish there were daily puzzles or something to keep to going without having to always pay for the big bundles. I would accept more ads to use this feature
Sudoku with more than one 3x3 grid in each puzzle. More clues because you compare numbers in your working grid against other grid(s) numbers at the same time.
Great game. At time of posting I wish there was a way to bundle purchase like 10-15 packs at a time for discount.
More challenging than the other sudoku games. I beat all the free games, so I'm going to do them again.
Impressive GUI. I especially like the auto fill feature for pencil marks, but of course, that's all you need to start filling the answers. I have worked about two dozen of the free puzzles. I doubt that I will pay for others.
Really good game an fp it really does get the brain working!!! Really hard levels but deffo worth it if you're bored of the regular sudoku
Different configurations keep you challenged and the "show errors" button helps! I would like it to be a little more colorful with maybe red borders just to make it more visual. Excellent game.
I thought this game would be hard because I have never played it before and there really were no thorough instructions, but it was easy to catch on to. Anyone who enjoys a challenge would enjoy this game.
I have loved Sudoku puzzles since very young and I'm always looking for the fun ways that help get the gears rolling in my head with these puzzles. This app helps with opening my mind to problem solving and keeps my interested. Thank you so very much!
Great he for people who love sudoku. I wish it had more contrasting color options. It can be hard to see some of the differences if you have any some colorblindness
I love the variety of puzzles, from easy to hard, and weekly puzzles as well, so no time to get bored
I like it so far, and the more I play, the more "tips" I teach myself. However, the multi-level puzzles add a more difficult dimension than standard games, and thus it is easy to get tripped up. That said, in the name of time, where I only have 5, 10, 15 spare minutes to play, I also enjoy playing easier levels that are not available here.
Love this version of Sudoku, it's more challenging than standard versions of the puzzle(especially the 5 grid puzzle )and it is very addictive.
I've been a fan of Conceptis on line for 20 years, and their App is the best I've found. No need to read the rules because everything is intuitive. Don't like the number you just filled in? Just try what makes sense and it will likely work: Tap it again to "unmark" it; Tap the X to clear the box. Easy to use, but whatever your skill level, you'll find a game to challenge you!
The games are really fun, but there's a limit to how many can be played for free and a new one, an extra, appears only once a week. It feels more like a demo
All the puzzles I started had conflicts implicit before I even placed a number. Waste of time. And I was not missing the Special Rules. Each game started w the same number in the same column. Numbers already put in, not numbers I added.