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Kakuro: Number Crossword

Kakuro: Number Crossword for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Conceptis Ltd. located at 11-A Yakinton St. 34792 Haifa, IL. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Clean interface. No annoying ads. 100 free puzzles plus weekly free puzzles. Lots of good priced puzzle sets.
for the people who Hate SUDUKO ... you WILL LOVE This Game! It is a great Challenge & Change of pace from Other math Japanese games.... It should become a quick favorite as it has become one of Mine for the past 20+ years ever since I discovered! Electronic Version is Sooo MUCH easier than the pen & paper Method since You're never needing an eraser!!!!🀣🀣🀣🀩πŸ₯°
This app is okay, but lacks functionality. There are no game options. Because the game automatically removes possible numbers from rows and columns around a new # entry, one must use the back function. If you enter a #, then change your mind, for instance, you need to just go back. The back button does help to test ideas. Big points off for having no way to tell the game to not automatically indicate mistakes. Difficulty is good at the hard level only for experience solvers.
Really great game, they give you content every week. Button response sometimes are slow but the new update make it worse. Game sometimes crash. Can you fix this asap please?
Excellent... Best app for Kakuro. Numbers repeated as notes delete themselves when they are used in another box in the row or column. Gave saved if you leave before finishing. Overall it's my favorite to use.
Good range of games. Limited number to complete. Downloaded the app only to find there is a limited number of easy, medium & hard levels - 30 each. After that you've either to repeat them or buy new ones.
Love this game. It really makes you use your brain. I loved it on paper, it's so much better on the phone app.
I love this puzzle game. It's helped me memorize math facts without having to count it out. I started with a paper version, but when I couldn't find a new book, I looked for this app.
I was rather disappointed when I found that the app comes with only a very few "puzzles" of Kakuro to play and that I'd have to purchase all these other "Packs" in order to have more puzzles to solve. What's the matter? Can't you create an app that can create random Kakuro puzzles? From what I've seen, that put's you all alone in the app store. I can understand if you had additional packs to buy ON TOP OF a good range of puzzles to start with, but to only have, I think it was 3 puzzles and then 1 free puzzle a day it not worth my time, not even for a FREE app.
A great change from Sudoku! I wish the numbers would grey out already selected numbers from row and column when selecting for a particular square. Also wish you could select a number then tap on multiple square to fill. in squares where multiple hints need to be put in, perhaps we could swipe instead of having to tap each one.
Very good app. The price for purchasing new puzzles is a but high. If there was some regional pricing like steam, it would have been affordable for everyone.
Some of the "Very Hard" ones are just that, and it's great. I'm thrilled to find a Kakuro app that contains puzzles that take a substantial amount of time and focus to solve. I only wish there were more of them.
Love this, I feel like the first 8 in the easy was hard but then it got easierπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
This is so far the most challenging kakuro I have played. I would really like to be able to pencil in all digits, 1-9, with the tap of one button. This would save a lot of tapping and hence further improve the already good user interface.
Absolutely love this game. The only thing lacking is cloud backup. When I got a new phone I started over. They missed out on revenue because I just re-solved all of the puzzles again instead of buying new packs. 5/6/20 still waiting for cloud backup. Would gladly pay an upgrade fee or beta test this feature......
Fun game. Better app than all other Kakuro I've played. Has a note feature to keep track of possible numbers. Can show you the combinations for any sum across or down to help you solve the puzzle. Thanks for a great game!
I absolutely love kakuro. My first impression is that it was going to be easy with so many helper tools and extra tools. However the hardest puzzles are logically challenging but not impossible. Other apps tend to need brute forcing or is too easy. Also find the appearance very pleasing.
Best Kakuro game I have ever played! Great interface, choice of challenge level, timer on or off, check for errors on demand... so customizable. Perfect!
This kakuro app is slightly challenging even though UI is simple. The amount of puzzles this app offers made me interested, too, to purchase the 50+ volumes more, and they're surprisingly inexpensive! I hope to see more updates and improvements in the UI so solving puzzles will look more exciting. Great app!
I'm playing on a tablet, but it won't let me download the "tablet only" puzzles. Thank you for helping me resolve the issue!
This along with Conceptis' Sumduko are among the digital creme de la creme of these types of puzzles.
Love this game although some levels seem impossible without guessing. I don't like to guess and has spent hours and hours trying to complete some of the hard ones. It would also be good to have a feature where you can put a line through some of the combinations when you have eliminated them. You can eliminate some of the suggested numbers without knowing exactly which numbers go where if that makes sense.
Excellent game and an easy input and option modes with very little and unobtrusive ads. 10/5 ***** Please a Daily Challenge and/or more MEDIUM to HARD (less VERY EASY) puzzles in the Weekly Free Puzzles. All your games are great! Thanks.
Puzzles are good but 1 huge flaw! Every time you put in a permanent number it erases all similar pencil marks in the row and column. Now if your number is wrong you have to redo all rows & column pencil marks. Hard to be deductive if all your clues are removed. Will be finding a better version to play.
Great help if you want it, but not hand-holding if you are experienced with these types of puzzles. Still working through the base puzzles as I'm writing this review.
I like these games. No need to carry a puzzle book now for these puzzles like I had to before. They could be bigger though. I hope they are bigger if you buy it.
The game princple is really fine. I find the program leave too much clerical work to the player (as determining row and line intersection). Also why to wait having finished a block to know if mistake has been done (or force the player to click twice to know about). However, up to now, it is the best kakuro on the store I know!
I love most things about this game. My only complaint is that often on Hard, and always on Very Hard games I get stuck and have no way to figure them out. I won't even attempt the Tough and Challenges versions. It would be awesome if there were something that could show me what I am missing so I could improve my skills. I'm certain it's a related to being able to see several moves ahead. I'd like to learn how to do the harder puzzles.
This is a great Kakuro app for advanced players. The higher levels are actually challenging, and the game features put focus on logic over mental math. Game play is far superior to other Kakuro apps I've used. The free puzzles are limited, but the increased difficulty allows for longer play and the puzzle sets are very reasonably priced for the many hours of game play they provide. Thank you to the developer for this well designed app and for continuing to release challenging new puzzle sets!
Very enjoyable pastime that makes the brain work. The app is well developed and I have not discovered any faults in it. Thank you Concepts Games.
Overall well done! The option to see possible solutions for each number is very helpful. I wish there was a semi-hard category. The mediums are too easy and the hard are too hard.
Good kakuro app and hard/v hard is actually hard though doable unlike most apps where hard is too easy. I don't mind that you have to buy level packs because the levels are well made and give a good challenge for me as long as i stick to hard+
Really nice puzzle game. Good mix of difficulties and sizes in the free version. Intuitive game play.
No ads, and provides a list of the possible combinations when you highlight a cell. Haven't found a better or even comparably good Kakuro app.
I've been using the iPad version for quite a while and love it. This version is as good. Easy to use, good puzzles, intuitive.
Enjoyable game! Play at my own speed and level with no ad breaks. No hints, but a "check for errors" button. A new free puzzle each week. This game keeps my mind thinking.
I play this game all the time and enjoy it a lot. The varying levels of difficulty allow for easy or more challenging play.
I've always loved this game & to find it here, I was overjoyed. I love this app. It is now my new favorite.
Only the second easy puzzle and it already says that there's an error but when I check the solution, there is no error. Plus the display is blah.
I love this game. It's like suduko but using addition to make it a bit more challenging. You can pick a level your comfortable with. No interrupting ads either.
Love this game! I solved the free puzzles in a couple of weeks. After that, there are packages to purchase or a new free weekly puzzle. I like the interface because the eligible combinations of numbers can be displayed easily to help see what numbers are needed (or remaining) to sum to the target number.
I really like your sudoku, kakuro, tic tac toe (although I haven't quite figured out its logic), and hashi? games. As I'm older my eyes however have a very hard time seeing the larger more difficult boards because the squares get much smaller and I frequently hit the wrong square because my finger is bigger than it is. I had the multi sudoku but couldn't see anything. I tried to install it on my microsoft edge but couldn't find it.
Hard and distracting! At first, I didn't read the rules or instructions so I struggled with it but now that I understand the game it is satisfyingly hard and distracting.
Addictive and fun game which is good for your brain too :-) Price for extra levels is too high, other games have multiple 1000s of levels and cost about the same as 1 pack of 40 levels for this game, Also doesn't keep your progress between devices.
I wish more boards were available for free. I'd be willing to watch ads to access extra boards. Otherwise it's a great app!
I love that this is challenging. The hard puzzles take me a long time and I do have to check for mistakes. They seem inevitable for me at this point, although I have only completed a couple of those puzzles. I like the mental exercising.