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Hashi: Connect the Islands

Hashi: Connect the Islands for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Conceptis Ltd. located at 11-A Yakinton St. 34792 Haifa, IL. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great app. Difficulty can be from very easy to extremely challenging. Every puzzle is solvable with logic (no trial and error) and there is a button that tells you if you made any mistakes. If only there were more free levels available.
Excellent game even the easy game can make you stop and think. Tried a hashi game from another source on my Kindle and they were too easy, even the supposedly harder ones that I paid for. This game is excellent. If you like puzzles this one is perfect. This game makes you concentrate, and observe. I think it's a brilliant puzzle for using the brain and keeping it active
The app itself is well built. The fact that you need to keep paying for new puzzle bundles keeps this from a five star.
If you like puzzles, definitely try this one. It's satisfying and fun while being good for your brain. It's a connect-the-islands format and it's very well constructed, with a generous learning curve of 40 very easy puzzles to start. I haven't seen an ad yet, so I suspect there aren't any. Yay! I'm so happy I found this app.
Nice logic game, not too hard at easy stages. You have to be careful l, one mistake and you have to backtrack. Not overly addictive, just nice to come back to if you want a little mental stimulation.
Good game, i actually like it, at first it seems difficult but once you got the hang of it its fun! No ads and etc. So 5 star! The problem is the game is only limited to 3 volumes which is why you really need to top up just to open new volumes overall its fun and exciting! Kudos!
After finish easy, I'm just barely able to finish a single round of medium. Wanna learn again in easy stage but all complete. There's only 30 of each stage (easy, medium, hard). Other than that u need to pay. There's really2 need more free puzzle at easy stage so newbie can learn.
It is nice that you get 40 puzzles for free per level, and the puzzles are fine, but the prices for additional puzzles are simply insane..
It has few free levels and then you have to buy extra levels to play more. But it's OK because passing those levels may cost you weeks.
So much fun! I found these puzzles in a book one time but couldn't remember the name, so could find them nowhere online. Now I have a whole app and couldn't be happier! The controls are easy to use and I like the design.
Great game, fun. I would give five star if they add this feature: some puzzle may require trial and error but they don't have the "marker" feature (i.e: this is where I start the try) so in case it's a failure, I have to remember where to go back.
I love puzzles and now I love Hashi puzzles. There are no intrusive ads, you start out with 90 free Hashi puzzles, more in batches of 50 (for the phone) are incredibly cheap to buy, and more batches are released fairly regularly. This is a fantastic app and I intend to slowly work my way through every single Hashi.
Nice puzzles. First time I had seen this game, even the easy ones to make you think. Game functionality is good, controls work the way they're supposed to. Also ability to purchase more puzzles.
What a great game. So simple and addictive. The gameplay of this app is really smooth and bug-free, with lots of puzzles to choose from.
The hard puzzles are not solvable by logic alone, guessing is required. There is a solve option, but no way to indicate a next step. There are much better apps for Hashi available.
I'm a big fan of puzzles and have played a lot by them and this follows a lot of their pay system. You buy sets blah blah. This puzzle is not earth shattering and similar to other like slitherlink but it very enjoyable. Like most apps it asks for a rating before I have really hit the meat and potatoes of the game. Let me knock out the easy and get into the hard puzzles to really decide but from my short experience with the game I enjoy it a lot.
I'd never come across the Hashi bridge game format before taking a punt on this one - and i must say that i think it's a fantastic puzzle. For those who enjoy logic games this is a "must have". A true sense of satisfaction upon solving them, and this particular app keeps a record of your times, amongst many other nice touches i have yet to fully explore (have only had it for a day) Coming in at under 9MB, even the most cluttered phone has room for this - and so it should. Full marks.
Sadly, I'm not smart enough for this one. Otherwise, it plays fine. No gimmicks, just puzzles to solve.
Alright but not perfect. Main thing I would change is currently hints are either fully off or tells you all wrong islands immediately as you go with no option to have a "check for errors" button that only checks when you ask it to. It is either none or automatic hints with no middle ground. With automatic it is way to easy even on the hardest puzzles but with none well then you can't see what you messed up.
Good game. Well designed. Recommended even to those who don't know it if you like these types of games.
I do like the possible routes on click. I try to play the game withlogic and the route display helps me to quickly identify links ready to draw. (a lvl 3 with only two paths will have at least one path to each adjoining island.) My issue is that elimination style deductive reasoning alone does not work on all levels. Therefore a "what-if" approach is required. Because of that, a save place and restore option is a must have. Also add packs are rediculously overpriced. Imho.
Its seemed bland at first for someone used to playing on other genres. But once I know and understood the rules, concepts, and applications it became so surprisingly enjoyable really had a good time. Cant wait to finish all easy modes and go to harder modes. Thank you whoever created this game, its like looking at Moments fall into their place like a movie with a good plot. — Good/benefitial for spontaneous people. Like me. Thanks again. ~(つˆДˆ)つ。☆
edit: There are no updates of *free* puzzle samples. it's ok, but there are no updates so eventually the app bocomes irrelevant
very easy to use and user friendly. great game to challenge your brain when you have a couple of minutes here and there.recommended!
Great logic puzzles, clean look and controls, a good mix of difficulties, and it includes a comprehensive guide for learning the techniques needed to solve them. For a free app with no ads, what more could you want?
Great app, quite minimal but it has tons of puzzles. They have a wide range of difficulty and a lot of replay value, so it's easy to spend a lot of time on the app. Haven't had any issues with controls, and the ui is pretty intuitive. Also not many ads :D. Definitely recommended!
No stupid ad videos interrupting and crashing the game, so you can even play in airplane mode. Best designed puzzler app I've seen.
Very good game for keeping the mind busy, the graphic is simple, controls precise, not too much ads intrusions.
I was going to give it four stars just because it is fairly simple but well executed, however what makes it five stars to me is the fact that it has a section for giving you the knowledge of how to solve harder puzzles and the logic behind the game.
I really like this game. It's similar to the Bridges puzzles I've seen elsewhere. Easy to understand and love that there are no ads. Rating 4 stars because I don't like the controls. It would be better to tap the Bridges together, not swipe. I also think that showing the possible connections is pointless.
Love the game, love the control, but there are only 3 free volumes I can play for short time. The rest 261 volumes cost $2-5. I can't afford it and I don't think this game is worth thousands of dollars. I wish there is a one time purchase to unlock all volumes at affordable price.
I've had a lot of fun with this puzzle. I think it could be improved in a few ways. A simple pallet to enable coloring the lines would make backtracking easier so that you could flag questionable lines and wouldn't have to rely on hints as much to recover from errors. A move counter might accomplish almost as much, and would be helpful. As it is, it's still a nice app.
It's pretty good. It's a nice varied of puzzle and they're well crafted in this. Every week you get another one for free and there's plenty of extra packs. No annoying adverts either. The apps a little bland looking and could do with some note features but it works well.
This app is so well made. The UI is super intuitive, the puzzles have a lot of replay value, and the expansions are reasonably priced.
One of the better versions of this always challenging game. 2. Less showy, more traditional (probably. How would I know?) Anyway, I like it, and I still give it give stars.
Nice game. But once you're done the free games, it can get expensive quickly. Shame that the packs are as expensive as they are.
I think this game also requires a method to mark any fixed connection (similliar as minesweeper's flags) and option to see possible connections available where there hasn't been any bridges already
Would love to see the dots change colour if there is an error. And penalize the player for having too many errors? Just an idea. Right now, the game is very white and bland.
I knew this puzzle as the 'Bridges of Königsberg', originally a maths problem so of good provenance. Conceptually it's similar to Sudoku, it makes you think. This version here has 90 free puzzles, no ads and decent gameplay. 5 stars
Great game but I was looking at all the content after the free stuff and 294 packs sounds great, but each pack costing 1$ to 3$ is extremely too much in the long run. Also screw buying all of them one by one since there aren't any bundles.
This is a great logic puzzle, and you can play at your own pace. The lack of ads lets you stay focused on the game, and the layout is very clear.
Nice puzzles. Even the easy ones make you think at least a little. Hard puzzles really take some work, and you can purchase many more puzzles, some large enough for tablets. Controls work the way they're supposed to. Game functionality is very good,.
I've been playing this game for a few days now and really enjoying in. Unfortunately, there are a limited number of free puzzles, and the cost of additional packages is just shameful. I can't imagine that many people are spending on them. I definitely won't be unless the price and value even out quite significantly.
Really enjoying this game. The instructions are very good. I wish the graphics were cooler like the iPhone app. Minor complaint.
I've never seen a game so shamelessly filled with content paywalls in my life. Even learning and meditation apps rarely go that far.
Seemingly simple at first, it develops into a surprisingly challenging and rewarding game as you progress. For free content, it's hard to complain!
Such a surprisingly fun and addicting game! While the interesting puzzle idea works well on its own, like sudoku, there are some truly interesting, unexpected, and elegant pieces of logic you encounter along the way. Plus, there are a seemingly boundless number of puzzles, so you never have to worry about running out (or, even worse, suffering through a randomly generated puzzle). All in all, good stuff :-)
My favorite Hashi, and path highlight feature facilitates weeding out closed circuits. סבבה של גירסת המשחק One post claims bug found in Easy puzzle 30 - that's not true, there is no bug.
I'd never heard of this type of game before, and it's very generous in its free puzzles. The games are fun and interesting. The best thing of course, thankfully, is that there are NO ADS or a flashing, blinking, spinning UI. Love devs like this!
This is a been and addictive game. You'll burn through the free games once you get the idea of how to win.
I love puzzles. This one is good. Enough the easy ones are somewhat challenging, enough that you have to think through them. These are a form of logic puzzle but the are visual and require a little math but a lot of visual thinking, which is a nice change from text logic puzzles and from sudoku.
This puzzle game is a nice complement to the Conceptis Sudoku puzzle games. The user interface is simple and intuitive like all the other Conceptis puzzle games. The ability to highlight a connected path via long press is especially helpful for larger, denser puzzles. The puzzle difficulty ratings are represented accurately. Hashi is a great way to pass time while still exercising your brain.
I like a good challenge and I believe I've found it. The game play is pretty straightforward. No. 14 of the hard starters took me 4 minutes and 48 seconds then took 3 hours and 19 minutes on 24. I really enjoy the game. Recommended to everyone who enjoys a good challenge.
Great and easy to learn, but quite challenging bto solve. My favourite quick puzzle, great while commuting or before bed.
Great game, and we'll designed. I would give it 5 stars if it had more free games (at least one a day, currently it gives one a week, and a very simple one), or if prices for packages were not so over the top.
Hashi is a very fun 1min or less line puzzle based on the number of connecting lines between each point. No intersections or diagonal lines.
Great puzzle game, I used it to unwind to help me sleep. I would suggest a night mode, and maybe an option to always highlight different connected groups of islands
90 free puzzles, but you can finish all the easy and medium ones in maybe four hours. The 30 hard puzzles are quite difficult, but can be finished within a week of casual play. There are four free bonus puzzles with one new puzzle per week, but they're mostly easy to medium, and therefore not interesting.
I've been playing this since before smart phones/tablets existed when it was a web app. Great implementation of a classic puzzle.
Simple rules. Calming play. Like the timed games for self-competition, beating my own best time! I wish there are larger, more difficult boards. Overall good free game!
Firstly, I commend the developers for having creative and unique games. I would relate these games more to math-based mazes than logic puzzles; ie learn the techniques to not get trapped, not so much to discover a solution. For many of these games: they're not engaging (despite promising appearances) but require your full attention. The concepts are too simple to be in love with, and too difficult to have in the background. For people looking for something in the middle, this is for you.
Fair prices, great replayability. The difficulty ranges are balanced. I hope for more giant stages for non-tablets in the future.