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Fill-a-Pix: Pixel Minesweeper

Fill-a-Pix: Pixel Minesweeper for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Conceptis Ltd. located at 11-A Yakinton St. 34792 Haifa, IL. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Enjoying the game. Would like a hint button so when I get stuck it would show a move to keep me going. Tool tips to show what the buttons are would also be helpful. The very easy advanced puzzles don't seem very easy which is where the hint button would come in handy to help me get better at those puzzles.
Really good game. Sadly it's let down by the overpriced puzzle packs, up to £7.49 for 20 basic puzzles. Seriously, that's ridiculous. You get 50 free puzzles and that's it, plus a few crumbs on a weekly basis. Thankfully there are no adverts which stops me scoring this lower. Game could be improved by allowing the highlight on a chosen number, a 9x9 cursor (centre square placing the cell), ability to change the number colours for complete/incomplete numbers.
I've been playing on and off for around three years I think; and this game has little to no ads, (there might be none at all, I don't remember tbh) and the puzzles are fun, though I've had to guess sometimes. Two additional features would be cool, 1. The ability to get rid of unpurchased puzzles cluttering up your menu, and 2. Hints instead of solve/check. Ty creators!
I Love this game. Everytime I felt I can't make it and thought about giving it up, I told myself insist and I always succeed in the end. This kind experience made me feel great!
Great game! Super addictive, onestly can't stop playing haha. The only thing that is missing is maybe a clue button that won't solve the whole puzzle but will give you a hint if you're stuck
9/10. I love this game, like all the Conceptis puzzles - Fridays are my favourite days because that is when we get new weekly puzzles. Only one little irritation... I wish there was a zoom lock or something. It's a little annoying when you try to move to a different part of the puzzle and accidentally resize the thing. Not that it stops me from playing, mind you.
I love this type of game. What I don't love is that you can only play 42 puzzles (plus one weekly puzzle) for free, and then have to pay $3+ for each additional pack of 21 puzzles. It would be great if there was a way to earn free packs.
Now I can give it 5 stars!! I kept replaying smaller puzzles until I figured out how to zoom in THEN move the screen around (use 2 fingers) great job! I fell in love with this game playing an escape game and searched for an app version for years!
Brilliant game for losing time with. Only game I ever buy. Each puzzle gets you thinking in a different way. Levels for everyone and every amount of time you have from minute to hours.
Good challenging puzzles. would be great if you could have option to enhance the "smart fill" feature to automatically fill in the obvious cells for combinations like 4:1 and 5:2 and 6:3 in adjacent cells. and maybe others such as 7:2 and 6:1 in diagonally adjacent cells. Wouldn't make it easier just faster - usefull for the large hard puzzles that can take a while to complete.
simple, good controls. I absolutely love the auto fill feature. makes it so I make less mistakes from fat fingers. sometimes I have no idea whatsoever as to what the picture ends up being, but I still thoroughly enjoy the puzzles.
As much as I absolutely LOVE the puzzles, I can't afford to pay for the packages. I just wish there were more options for those who are unable to pay for the other puzzles..
Had a game like this on my first phone, spent forever trying to find a similar one. They are rare! This is a good one, though I would like more tips and tricks for the Advanced Logic puzzles. Love the box mode, makes it so much less tedious. This is my go to puzzle if I need to lose myself in logicky thought. The pictures are intricate for the size, (e.g. a 32x20 of Rembrandt's Night Watch) Plus there are free weekly puzzles, 1 per week. These take awhile, so that's actually enough. Great job!
Amazing!!! Sometimes I stop playing for months or years at a time but it's always great to come back to
One of the best puzzles. I'd love to give it a 5 * but the pricing is so insane that I can't. I can buy whole games for the price of 20 puzzle here...
I've been playing this game for quite a while and really enjoy it! There are puzzles of different sizes and difficulty, so I can always pick the right one for me in the moment! I do really wish there was a "dark mode," though, that would invert the colors or do something similar so the board wouldn't always be so bright. I like to play the game before bed, but it's not exactly relaxing having a super bright screen in your face.
Challenging but satisfying logic game. The finished picture at the end is surprising and amazing. I also appreciate that there are no ads that pop up.
I like playing it the. the longer you play it the better you get. I used to play a couple years ago and then stopped but I'm hooked again
There's something to be said at the feeling of accomplishment one gets when solving a difficult puzzle that while simple on the surface, is one that requires logical deduction exclusively. Sudoku and Picross are the more well known of the games that provide us these feelings, but Fill-A-Pix is just as good as those, especially if you are like me where other logic games started getting rote and too easy. This will require a different approach to logical deduction than those other games, meaning one more fun way to exercise your brain. An excercise that even Spock himself would approve of, saying to it, "Live long and prosper."
Great app, lots of good puzzles. Packs are a bit expensive but enjoyable. The option for one finger moving of grid with long press and smart fill cursor enabled would be nice.
Wonderful game! Very challenging on some puzzles, but not impossible! Boo to all the "Karen" people complaining because they are not the brightest crayon in the box....or worse too lazy to figure it out.
I like this puzzle a lot. The advance level is very challenging. The controls could be better, e.g. dragging from a cell to another should copy the previous cell content rather than clicking cell by cell. It has the usage setting but i might not really know how to use it.. jus not giving me what i want.
Can you add in a package option? So you don't need to buy packs separately . I cant afford it and would invest in multiple packs
Absorbing and well-designed, I love the gridline feature that completes for a number when you've solved it.
Fun puzzles, my main gripe is that sometimes when moving you may accidentally fill in a couple squares without knowing it, and in big puzzles it's almost impossible to see where the wrong squares are when you reveal mistakes.
I like the way I can zoom in or out with 2 fingers. Checking for errors is also helpful. This game is my favorite!
I have always love logic puzzles, especially these, since I was a kid. I would have my stepmom print them off for me to do (sometimes 10 or more times a day). And now that there's a mobile app, it's even better, mainly because my girlfriend hates when I do them because she doesnt understand the rules.
Even one marked "ultra easy" required guessing. Several others that way as well. Only about 40 free puzzles (almost half of which required guessing), the rest are $3+ per pack. Not worth it for so much guess work. I did like the ability yo check for errors.
I love this game but the Advanced Logic puzzles are literally impossible. I even referred to the hint page on how to play the Advanced Logic puzzle but that seriously didn't help at all. It literally only shows you ONE instance of Advanced Logic using a 3 and a 5 and that Advanced Logic doesnt occur ANYWHERE on the actual puzzles, let alone in the corner. Any help more useful then the terrible hint page on the app would be nice.
Great app and very fun puzzles. Love the tougher ones, they really are difficult to solve. Maybe a tip for the developer: the movement through the puzzle using two fingers is not ideal. Sometimes I accidentally colour blocks because of it. Maybe add a movement and draw button to the top bar? This also makes it possible to play this game with one hand :) But overall, great app!
Really great puzzles, good time waster without being so easy as to be mindless. Been fun to learn a new type of puzzle. Good pictures, too. I dont like the interface, however - the 2 fingers to scroll is unintuitive and can easily lead to misclicks that go unnoticed for a very long time. You basically have to leave it in smartfill mode, or else it scrolling will leave streaks that you didn't intend. I'd like at least the option for a different interface - taps to change tiles, drag to scroll.
Amazing app, I'm enjoying the puzzles very much. Sometimes I even repeat ones I've done before to set a personal time record.
Fun game but need to: 1) add hints, 2) keep track of lowest time record for each puzzle, 3) add a way for user to highlight all non-filled squares (especially on large puzzles that only hv 1 or 2 remaining, it's hard to find the ones that still need a decision) 4) lower the cost to buy new levels---way too pricey 5) add explanations on how to use controls
This is one of my all-time favorite games. I began playing it on paper decades ago. Conceptis puzzles are challenging and fun.
Very fun game but expensive if you ever want to do more than the first few dozen puzzles. They don't seem to do sales, either. Worthwhile if you have a lot of play credits or just really love logic puzzles
Fun puzzles, but using it on my chromebook, the larger ones desperately need scrolling bars when enlarged.
The concept is definetely excellent and so the game is great. You got no ad and no annoying stuff like that BUT as it's free and has no ad you have to pay for every pack (except the 2 first that are free and the weekly challenges) which is pretty bad considering the amount of packs available in the game.
Very engaging puzzle game. The game itself is solid, but I wish it had a control option for one-handed use, and it is occasionally annoying how it does not follow common Android conventions.
What a great puzzle. Just loved it!!! Few suggestions- 1. Increase more free levels 😅 2. Include scrolling and zooming bar 3. Zooming button can also be added
Good game for people who like logic problems. Would like to see a toogle switch for the cursor (similar to the one for the smart-fill cursor).
Very fun puzzle game. Only downside is the relatively small number of free puzzles compared to the amount of puzzles that have to be unlocked by spending money.
Started with only playing basic free puzzles. Now I'm playing the tablet sizes, but still not doing well with the advanced.
Conceptis knows puzzles; been a website member since 2003. This is a great math logic puzzle, basically minesweeper that generates pictures.
Super addictive. I play this game regularly when I want to play a game that isn't completely mindless, but doesn't require a ton of concentration either. You can put five minutes into it here and there. There are tons of other games out there that are similar to this, but none of them are as good in terms of game play, controls, and overall value. This is basically minesweeper with an artistic touch. If you like minesweeper, you'll love this game.
This is only partly a logic game. There is too much guessing. It was a little difficult to learn how to use.
Intelligent game. Time consuming and comparatively difficult than other puzzle games. But very interesting. Must try.
I love puzzle games so this one did not disappoint! I downloaded it on my phone and my tablet. When I complete all the puzzles, I redownload it and start over.
Love this game. Extremely addictive. I would rate a 5 but i do have a small problem. I don't have anyway to get more packs because I don't have a bank account I have access to. So if you could have more packs, than just the two starting packs, for free that would make me very happy. I know about the weekly bonus section and i do them, but there is only 1 new puzzle each week. I love playing the puzzles, so it would be very nice to have more packs for free.
It was fun until I finished the game and no new free puzzle package was released. The price of the paid packages is WAY too high, and it didn't make sense to keep the app on my phone just for the single puzzle on Friday so I uninstalled it. I remember the days when conceptis used to release SIX new puzzles for free, EVERY week..
Not going to update to be able to save to yet another google service. Why not saving to phone and just export the file to wherever it's needed. One star subtracted for this update /new permissions. Game itself is great, with excellent controls.
I love this game and I've played for over a decade. I have only been logged in on my phone for quite awhile. I wanted to start over on some of the puzzles. Before doing so I tried to login from my desktop. My login name and password didn't work. I emailed the contact email and was told my email and login name didn't exist. I would like to resolve the problem. I have spent quite a bit of money for these puzzles.
Has good puzzles and some free ones but the puzzle packs add up and are pricey, especially when purchases are not recognized across platforms, i.e., kindle purchases cannot be registered to google play store.
Great fun and once you are done with the free games the paid ones aren't too expensive! I play this at least once a day, usually before I go to bed