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Comix Zone Classic

Comix Zone Classic for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by SEGA located at Sega of America, Inc 6400 Oak Canyon, Suite 100 Irvine, CA 92618. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Hello Guys! You bring our childhood back by bring Sega to android. It's amazing. But in this game, I am not able save my game. There is some issue with this. Please help if someone can
It's fun to play the game again, It's just a shame that, even after paying for the game, I'm still bombarded by ads. I would expect an ad-free experience from a game I actually payed money for.
as great as the game is, I would just reccomend you to get the Sega Genesis classic collection and play it there. controls are much smoother and there are way less ads than there should be
It bought my 20 years of memories back, when i was 19 years i used to play this game. I absolutely love the gaming experiance
This is a must play from the Genesis era, a truly unique game with great graphics amd gameplay, even today! If you could get used to the touch controls, pretty sure you would have a blast with this game. Recommended!
i remember playing this on a genisis and im suprised its on mobile. i knew all the combos and everything and i remember it being challanging.
THANK YOU!!! You see, I got this genesis, when I was younger, and it broke. Thats all I used to play, that and MK. I always got got stuck on the 5th page tho. So thank you 5 stars, thank you for giving back memories. 🌟🤘
Same game, new platform.. Just takes a bit of ram or else you are looking at a jittery freezy mess..lol
This game is so bad on mobile it won't even let me play! I start a new game but then it controls by itself it's so bad I got happy to play this game but then it just doesn't work please fix this 😕
My favorite sega genesis game as a kid. The mobile controls are as expected. Its pretty tough, so i havn't managed to get too far... but it works great. I was willing to drop the 2 bucks to deactivate adds, etc.
Game is no different then comic zone on original Sega, which is a good thing. BUT! Besides the graphics being good and the game being fun, the directional pad DESTROYS this app, shame too. Your either crouching or upper cutting when you want to attack straight forward, meaning the forward button has to be hit JUUUUST right. Let me tell you you'll take SO MUCH DAMAGE from this error it'll ruin the game for you, that's why I'm uninstalling I've tried to many times but it's aggravated me forthe last time
Fix your game please, it, for some reason, won't start when I push the START button. I don't know what is going on with it, but this bug has to be fixed, or else I can't enjoy my childhood classic
The music and the combination of of combat is divine it like I'm playing a music video it the best even if it 2D I wonder if it going to be 3D as the development increase
Like some other reviewers, the game simply won't start. Start will highlight, but there's no way to select it. Extremely disappointed.
this is awesome! Just like back then growing up love it love it! All the sounds all the hope and excitement before we knew what anxiety was :-)
Controls are very clunky and are prone to delays. This is somewhat a fast paced game. Hope you can improve it.
Wrost game i played today we have to save game by watching ad literally dev so stupid control was terrible no coin system u die then game end f this this 😂
An amazing game, I downloaded it blindfolded, I was just trying Sega games and I got to this one and God it's amazing. It's a very different beat 'em up game and has that arcade style. The game is hard af but ia enjoyable, it looks good and it sounds good. The controls are fine and you can play with a gamepad. So, is the game worth it? Of course it is I want to see Sketch Turner, his rat and the boss from this game in Sega Heroes, it would be amazing.
Controller Problems. This is not compatible with standard HID controllers and the on screen controls are unusable. Looks amazing, which make this a real shame.
I was so excited when I downloaded this, this game was a part of my childhood! But I don't have any movement controls! It's like you download this to watch a demo of the game. Do better next time, guys. This is not the way.
Excellent game with excellent game play true to the original. Especially for the 'on screen" controls. May be even better with the addition of a blue tooth controller
Please fix controller support for direction/movement or at least touchscreen, the Sonic games work. Id really like to actually play comic zone, everything is fine except for directional input.
My favorite game growing up ❤️ Such a nostalgic awesome thing i found it here. Thank you for makin it and uploading it here. It's one of the best games I've played because i love comics and there aren't games like this.
This game is simply awesome. It reminds me of when I was a child playing videogames all day with my brothers. Thanks for this Sega!
Razer kishi controller not working though you're on the list for compatibility. Doesn't allow you to move but face buttons work.
So with my experiece so far ive beaten the game ounce on mobile and many times on the sega its an exact replica execpt for the save and rewind but they do make up for the controls which arent bad its just that 1/4th of the time i dont know what buttons im hitting because theres no sense of feel for what button your hitting.Other than that fantastic job
When i saw this, i said wow, finally. I loaded the game. I have to say congratulations guys. You're changing the standards. The whole idea is so clever. The ads on save, wow loved it. Controls are not that bad, can handle it. The graphics i loved it. But more than all. That icon... I have a specific icon for comix zone on my phone. Thank yoooouuu sooo much. Please keep it on. You have tons of great games. They could all at least have 1m+ download you can rock the play store
Nice,My Favorite Genesis Game On The Go,But I Do Have One Problem With The Controls,Is To Spaced Out I Usually Use A Controller For Games Like These,But I Decided To Do It On Screen And For Some Reason It Wasn't Working As I Had Hoped And It Felt Like It Was Spaced Out A Little Bit,But Over All Same As Genesis
The game won't start when I press the start "button". I was excited to play one of my favorite childhood games and then nothing!!! Please fix the problem!
Cool memory fits original but game got to much extra like you might well just test every game off one
The game runs well sometime.But, sometimes it laging to much.The controls are horrible to the point that the original is better.But, this you can play on the go so that's cool
Great game originally. Not much to change... The "rewind 15 seconds" is the only mallor thing. For those who haven't played this yet... Its dark souls the single player fighting game XD
very fun game the movement controls could be done better like when you put your finger anywhere to move should be able to move instead of having the movement permanently there.
Game is Good, but the Controls are just Unecceptible! What a shame that an Emulator is still better Than the official Work of SEGA!
Awesome game! Keep in mind this was meant to be an arcade game! So only 1life. Pretty easy to spam moves. KEEP IN MIND THIS GAME IS FROM 1995. So it's literally classic.
Controls to move are awful. No way to load the game from pause if you die. Must go to main menu to load saved game. Annoying. Yea, controls are horrible. And seeing as it hasn't been updated since January I can see this isn't going to get fixed. Oh well. Was only two bucks for ad free. I'll live.
Great game but does not work with the Sega Saturn smartphone controller. The controller advertises this game on its box yet it does not work with it. Clever.
Just as I remember it back when I was a kid. Only this time I actually got to beat it because these days you can actually save your progress and not have to start over from the very beginning every time its "Game Over"
I like this game on of my favourite game i can only go to the temple and I die please please put some of that drink that gives healt and when I pass a level please make my items there what I have bringed last round I have sign in to. This game is 1995.s best game ever. Make the health bar more long and big for me to go to the end
Comix Zone is a good, yet pretty difficult game. Even if it's basically a emulated Genesis game, I still recommend it.
Amazing. This game aged well as so far as, if you were to add in collectibles and a few other mechanics you would think it was a modern game. Some features were added at the in-game menu's. Sadly, it is hard to play action games on a cell phone. So just a phone with no controller feels off. I feel like you have more health in this version or you just take less damage. Solid free game and a good showing of an classic game. You dat boy SEGA. (Game developer's)
Love this game I grew up playing this game but I can't play it now it will not let you start the game and it's not free you still have to pay 1.99 for offline saving if it works for you, great
Definitely one of my all time favorite classic retro Sega Genesis titles from way back in the day when I was just a lil guy with a love for Superhero Comics & Video Games like Double Dragon and any other beat em' up title I could get my hands on. Well here into my adult years and I'm still a fan of all those things to this day... I just don't get as ecstatic as I ised to when I was a kid. I've developed new obsessions thats all lol...
An absolute must have if you're a fan of Sega Genesis, Retro games, Comic Books and the Beat Em' Up genre. One of my all time fav's!