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Combat Strike PRO: FPS  Online Gun Shooting Games

Combat Strike PRO: FPS Online Gun Shooting Games for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Gakmob LTD located at Turkey,Istanbul. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The Sound When U Walk Sounds Like U Just To The Footstep Soundbites And Looped Them And The Graphics Feel Very Rushed And Lazly Made And Cheap So This Is My Biased Opinion So It Is Your Choice To Install The Game Or not But I Personally Would Not Recommend This Game But Then Again It's Your Decision To Play It Or Not
Pretty cool once get hang of controls. Have phone cabled to PC but really need to control mostly w/ phone unlike some games where big monitor helps.
i like it easy controlls and good gameplay. The game would be so mutch better if yall would add wepon skin/ camos in the game
I got several problems while playing this game. First, when I kill a player turns out that the kill/score goes to another player. Second, the animation in SCAR Heavy is error please fix it and the animation for the shotgun. Third, when I reload the ammo sometimes increase (math error) sorry I can't really explain it. Fourth, sometimes the game get out due to lost connection which doesnt make any sense because I always online. I think that's all.
I put one star becuse to easy,bad graphics,armer dont seem mater on any head shot and the unknown disconect when my wifi fine.I allways win but standing aming up boring.Not even online worthy.I played better offline shooters than this runs better too.Come on a year past fix it
The Sound When U Walk Sounds Like U Just Took The Footstep Soundbites And Looped Them And The Graphics Feel Very Rushed And Lazly Made And Cheap So This Is My Biased Opinion So It Is Your Choice To Install The Game Or not But I Personally Would Not Recommend This Game But Then Again It's Your Decision To Play It Or Not
its very fun u should try it it has lots of map choices and has renting for guns but i have a problem that there is no friends list so u join as a team really good
the come is very nice but there is a problem that I rated it 4 star because In these game player can't crouch and jump
It is the awesome game after COC which I have ever played.... I think it is better than hopeless land... That's all thank you.
I am addective to this game. This game is reaaly amazing in first chance i was afraid but now i am a pro in this game .I have no more words to say about this game .Even this game has offline but there is a problem there are only three online levels
after playing for so long, found that this game does not save your progress .. dont waste your time playing this game.
outstanding graphics, awesome gameplay and sweet controls everything you want in an awesome exciting game!!!
the game is fun but the grapheck is not bad but not god the game dos't have any lage and that is good
Bad game according to the money required the main problem is that there are a lot of terrerists and they start firing from anywhere so, ACCORDING TO ME THIS IS WORST GAME I PLAYED EVER 0 STARS I GIVE IT TO
it's awesome there 's loads of cool guns if you to play with your friends you play online if you to play by yourself you can go on private missions and if you finish the missions you get a P90 the best assault rifle in the game
if you can add ranking based on kills in addition to winings , allow weapons on ranking , adding increase team to 8 and give us a flag we will be very happy
Awesome game, just i wish that i could revisited all level in offline mode (single player mode), also there has to be an arrow pointing to next objective such as entrances, holes on the floor, or tunnels, on single player mode! Other than that this game rocks!!!
Basically a good game overall but I stopped playing. There are a ridiculous amount of adds in this game and it is supposed to be premium. Most free games don't have half as many adds. Get rid of the adds on premium version and make a free version if you want to have adds pop up every time you complete a segment of the game.
overall it is good but i hate it..... It do not have flag of my country... We don't have our flag by buying this game also... R.I.P... just go to hell..
overall a good and fun game. The only problem is a lot of bugs, for example - sniper crosshair does not shoot second bullet untill you move crosshair and place it again on opponent. And too much unreal recoil makes game a bit more challenging....sometimes difficult. Interface customization should also be added
Great graphics and animations, but you are way to desperate for money. I have never seen a paid game that is so packed with adds. Also the game idea is poor and boring. Even the fact that the game is being developed by very few developers does not excuse how poor the central idea of the gameplay is.
This is a great game! Definitely one of the best on mobile. Everything works pretty much as it's supposed to, and the graphics look great. Multiplayer is fun and addictive, but Campaign is more challenging than PvP. The campaign is certainly not a breeze and the locations in campaign are very well done. Enemies in campaign feel challenging and they will shoot back so don't expect them to be a pushover. Overall this game is just really well done and feels great to play. A well-deserved five 🌟
Good graphics. Worth checking out. Docked 1 star because its a premium app but has ads. Docked a second star because my character can't turn right. I guess he's Zoolander?
I am stuck at level 51. I am playing the game for long time but still no improvement in rank. I have the highest kills in each game still no improvement in rank. Can u tell me how this issue can be resolved?
this is a online game but when i reinstalled it started my game from lvl 1 but i was at 101 and i linked my account from facebook
Good Game But I suggest that please make a Offline Lan Hotspot System so We can play with our friends without internet
your game is trash and copied its content from other, dont buy this game, its horrible, and the crashes everytime you play a match
stupid ... there is no jumping ... no crawling no nothing ... the only thing that you can do is shoot and reload even aiming is hard .... guys do not download this app its not cool.
I enjoy playing, just wish you would make more single player maps. Far too short. Edit Multiplayer: I've been stuck on level 51 for over a week, no matter how many matches I win, you can't progress. Clearly trying to get people to purchase better weapons. Not cool. Edit: 5 months on still holding at Lv51. Another star lost...😕
the app info. states 8 maps ,yet in singleplayer mode maps 5-8 are under development. as for the graphics, very good. the gameplay aswell.
This is the best game ever. I love that it is offline. but there are only 3 missions. I could have gave it 5 stars but there a little bit of missions. I wish the developers can make more missions. VERY GOOD GAME. THANKS FOR MAKING THIS GAME Fakmob LTD.
Ok so i was looking for a decent game with good controls and gameplay and im glad i found rhis one this game is not pay to win like other online fps multiplayer games everything is great i just have one issue i have 10mbps wifi but sometimes the game loses connection between battles and shows a glitch screen lost connection if you guys solve this problem the game would be perfect.
you are just money hungry unskipable ads after every level and game even costs 4 dollars almost 5 dollars
(* ̄︶ ̄*) best game ever I had but the only trouble is that the weapons are not given in rent always. so I would request the games team to work in it. THANX
Good game so far. Down to one star because watching ads doesnt upgrade guns. It's not working. Also I can't move over the 51 level nothing seems to work. Developers where are you?
OMG! Don't want to brag, but I turned out to be good at killing. The game is pretty awesome. I wish weapons upgrades were more visual, even as far as what is upgraded... Otherwise, YEAH! rockin!
Great game for what it is. I think all the issues that you see in the ratings are due to server issues. There have been times players are moving in like 10 foot steps also times where my gun just keeps reloading and many times when I get no points. But I believe it all server issues- not the game itself.
I would give this app a -5 rating if i could. its not realstic plus the enemies can shoot through the wall for 410 rupees that is such a ripoff and the graphics is mediocre.
Enemies can shoot thru every wall. Enemies just appear constantly. Your gun doesnt fire right away it lags. switching weapons always comes with a cocking animation that takes time leaving you open for damage. Everything involves watching ads even in game just to get health or cash. At the end of every match you get a lost connection. The setting options are useless once applied they change seconds later. After all of this you are still forced to watch ads that give nothing. Nope
more controll option.. button size, jumping, crouch, move joy size, position. funny and cool gameplay but need many things!!!
If you are considering buying/downloading this game, please, just dont. everything is knicked from some other game, or other wise poorly made. One of the maps, (I didnt play all of them, but im sure there are others.) is a complete knock-off of counter-strike's "nuke" map, and the guns/models/sounds, are the exact same! But atleast he didnt just steal from counter-strike, or call of duty for the hud, instead he just reused it from his other game. Its complete garbage. Feel free to talk to me dev
It has a good concept like other standard multiplayer shooting games. Controls is limited to walking. No jumping or crouching. Sometimes the game lags and the shooting and aming button as well.