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Combat Strike 2020: FPS War- Online shooter & PVP

Combat Strike 2020: FPS War- Online shooter & PVP for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Gakmob LTD located at Turkey,Istanbul. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game sucks when i login with facebook when I tried playing multiplayer it doesn't interact with it I tap it 100000 thousand times it doesn't work this game scams me so much
After the update the online muliplayer is not working at all. When i click battle nothing happen. I have installed & unistalled but still not working what the hell ? You have ruined the game fix it.im gutted & pissed off.
Very fun game, with danger around every corner. Just need to have private teams or clans to battle against other clans. Don't like being teamed up with people I don't know.
I love games like these: simple and playable offline. Good time killer as it's easy for anyone to play, only if you know how to of course. I hope you continue the story mode and give us more opportunities for money. Some people would say it is a PTW game, but I didn't use a single lick of USD and here I am at really high ranking. Got addicted to the game first minute of playing. I love the guns, skins, upgrades, gun perks, multiplayer, singleplayer, and anything else. Please keep updating it.
It's a lot of fun, until you realize that most of the players are bots (I think even the players with the username of, "Player #" are bots too). You'll run into another real player every now and again, but it's rare. Either way there are many different guns, each with its own abilities and really cool skins for your weapons to keep things fresh. A decent selection of maps too. I only wish there was a way to customize the apperance of your character, there were more maps, and more weapon skins.
BEST FPS game on here; Read on- I had issues Saving my Account information and I figured out the problem. If you want to save your Progress/Account information do the following, when you enter a Username, it has to be 1 word not 2, so for example if you want your Username to be GunWhacker, then enter it just like that, don't enter it like this- Gun Whacker, because that is 2 words and it won't accept, only 1 word for Username! I've played a lot of FPS games, by far this is The Best!!
Downloading a second time because this games multiplayer is the best for most Android users I believe and its fun ... Would like more maps for multiplayer and a ability to crouch or go prone possibly . Ill rate 5 stars if more things start happening with multiplayer ... ohh yea and and grenades / flashbangs cause its easy mode holding a doorway/ corner and mow them down. I have or had the best loadout hope I still have it but basically the sniper rifle gives u health + knife and S-pistal.
Fantastic game.. Really entertaining.. But while playing with single play battle, it seem that only one gun useful and others bullet once end then not filled.. I think only improve it at that point.
Hi developers there's no such problems with your video game but you need to improve management and need little bit of fun with world and regional chat to grow competition between players your game is great only that the major problem is ..... thank u
This is an amazing game with so much potential but what makes this game a 3 star review instead of 5 is the fact that theres really nothing to show how far you have progressed or compare to the rest of the world on the online leaderboards, theres just really nothing to see accept 1 leaderboard that tells you nothing lol.
No, I don' t like.It's graphic is not colourful and it is not good to play.So,upload the old version of this game in google playstore. I can' t log in with facebook account. Please, I want to live to facebook while is playing this game.So input this function in this game.Thank you.
The game is good but whenever the match begins and I start walking so it says "lost connection" and takes me back to the homescreen. I have checked everything which is fine but still it sends the same message and ends the battle. I hope you guys fix it. Otherwise the game is good except for that bug.
Its fun overall but you need to remove the ability to rent guns for ads. There are theese kiddos that keep renting the best gun in the game and slaying people Also this game needs more content overall more leagues amateur rookie champion or peacekeeper and something to slow progression like more guns and overall not like 3 gun unlocks for one level but one or two This game needs gun evolution every 5 levels for gold, plus upgrades need to be more worth it and🔫need to do less dmg when you buy.
nice app...nice game...needs update...i cant pass to the next level,im stuck to level 201...please make some update...update as well the upgrades for all weapon,if i upgrade it won't change the ability or damage of the weapon.i also paid for a full upgrade and it didn't change it remains on the original set of the weapon....please help us as a user of your app....its a nice app,just make some update...
The game is great! Shame to lose the weapon levels though with this latest update, but still got my armor. 👍🏾Hope to see more future updates soon (leaderboard please)! Mostly bots, occassional real players, but overall fun game.
Ive played combat strike when it first came out, im waiting for skins to be added just like the other franchise but its a good game, i do want to point out the great graphics and the physics are just great, i was more addicted to the game when it first came out but here i am today
I bet everyone who is playing this game. Its open challenge no one can have more kills than me. I m the boss of the game. Touch me if u can in this game. It's not about the gun it's about the tactics and gameplay. I saw a cash icon. I have 2.5 lakh in my game account.I would be happy if hazmob developer can give option of payout or redeem payment . Hazmob from Turkey, It's a kind request to you plz increase location and levels. I m in 100 level. How many levels are der? #challenge
Ok this app is basically a knock off of Special Ops but I personally think it's the better version. The reason why is because this game has more types of guns, and has better maps. I would like to see a couple of new things added in future updates; for example I would like it if we could get skins for our guns, and get some new maps. Also my game runs smoothly sometimes but it crashes once in a while. It would be cool if you guys could fix that overall great game👍.
I love this game. have been trying to find another game like Special opps,this is right on. addicted. This game needs an objective, like capture the flag. I dont know how to go to private/custom room since it changed.
Everytime u update your game, you kick off most of your player base until they update too. Don't do that stupid thing, learn to auto update next time. Til most of the playerscome back..1 star. By the way, it is pretty embarrassing to have Little players with more than 5 million downloads. It shows your game has no staying power, and we can tell most of the players r fake. When it's 5v4 the 4 players are fake, only in 5v5 do u face another real player. U should just delete all the fake players 😃
I appericate this gameplay but need lots of improvement 1. Fix lags 2. Please remove the overpowered gun . So the game is not 1 sided. 3. Add the feature to make friends and play with them. 4.I will tell you more tips to make this game best . Just contact me☺️
Played all mission to level three( 3), now it won't go past level four(4). keeps saying under development, new levels coming soon. What you don't speak English? I said i can't go past mission 4 is that the end of the game, answer in English.
Good graphics easily controlled and extra ordinarily fun but sometimes it's lagging whenever I connected on multiplying server..i've experience disconnect in the middle of game fight this is a bit frustrated for me.:'(:-\
this game has become one of my favourite game so i give i four stars. i recomend to all friends to join tis game and play together. but one small problem is we cant make our own team by choosing our friends it makes our team randomly by itself so we have to play with it.thats why i gave it only four star.and when we play in single mode its not playing for further levels and it says,underdevelopment, new levels are comming soon, yarr what is this plzz do something for the single mode
The game very interesting. I ts a nice shooting and multiplayer game. Guns are dashing and wonderful. Mostly I liked the single player mode. I ts fun to play it. A good game for time pass. Graphics are also outstanding very less glitches are present. The developers has made this game wonderful and amazing. It's my request to the developers to add more things in this game, specially its my request to add more guns and more missions of single player as its my most loved part in the game.
I Like the game you just cant jump its easier but harder to kill the damage on the guns are acurrate like the AK-47. Please add a Jump Option to the game. Also make another map like America im american i like my country. This game really does stick up to its Older Brother, Counter Strike.
Ok I had downloaded this game a while ago kinda got out of it but got bored and thought I'd try it again prior to this I had spent around 3 dollars on the game to buy over powers guns to just win all games ok so I'm loading the game and I get in and it's got a new format and I'm level 1 all my money is gone and I have no guns. Trust me the game is great but because they took away all my guns that I spent money on I'm giving it a 1 star rating
Awesome Graphics, very nice game and maps are so good, however need to work on weapons controls for ease use esle very good game. Also my single player mode does not work it keep saying wait we are updating.. pls take care of it.
great game,still a few bugs, the worse one is if you have a failed upgrade it still takes your money or gold which needs to be sorted asap.otherwise if you're looking for a fair game not pay to win this is it.great stuff developer's but can you please fix the failed upgrade bug. thanks
Its ok i like the base game, but it doesnt feel like your playing other players online, the matches keep on starting right at 13 seconds like its been preset before it begins searching! And it would be nice for other players be able to join your custom game!
It is a great shooter. I am loving this game a lot but I am giving it 4 stars b'coz when I am leaving a battle to join a new one the game is just REJOINING ME in the same MATCH with the OPPONENT TEAM. That is my only PROBLEM if u r the developer and reading this MESSAGE then plsssssss FIX IT IN THE NEXT UPDATE......... :) :) :)
After new update the game work is not proper and all my data is gone. I complete 122 lvl and after i update 155 mb all my progress is gone and i start for again firs lvl why. Need more map include for more enjoy. I like to paly game. But my game is not start. I dont know what is the problem.
for few days i enjoyed this game .but then i noticed that there is no option of see my position on leaderboards .i am MVP ranked but still i coudnt see my position .another thing is ads suck.so thats why i am giving this game 1 star .
It's a request to the developers not to oversee a major problem that many of us are facing. Our levels are not increasing whatsoever. All the people who downloaded the updated version of the game are struck at level 51. We cannot buy weapons for that reason. Please remove this bug. After removing one bug, another comes. It is such a good game, I had rated it 5 stars but I cannot withstand this problem anymore. I am eagerly waiting for a favourable action...
Game is good but u have to improve aim auto set the aiming system like in crime revolt online shooting game the game aiming is superb .please improve aiming
On high level there are lots of india people which are hacker . I love india no hate to it . Striker shot gun can kill any person with 1 or 2 hits at close range but it only deals 65 damage to them . My humble and peaceful request is you must remove indian hackers and fix the costom room system . Please it is a (REQUEST) .
I have been playing this game for more than half the year. Salute to you guys who brought us a game that goes with any connection . You still can develop your single player mode
excellent fps arena, good graphic, game control is perfect and it's really enjoyable cuz it's not a p2w game, just skills and pure fun and it doesn't take too much room in the phone, it runs pretty smooth, if you'll add more maps it's be 100% perfect. Btw good job guys
fairly smooth controlls, still a newb , couple of levels and I'll update! With the new update they've added many categories of weapons, ie, shotgun , machine guns, and added many more weapons in each category. But I've had to start completely over, the purchase with real money was restored but the armour,and all weapons earned and bought with game currency's was not restored. -1 🌟 for my update on theirs. A new update and drop down colomn lists guns in each category easier, can't get crates