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Colorzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Darong Studio located at 경기도 성남시 분당구 대왕판교로 645번길 12, 창조경제혁신센터 . The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The puzzle are fun and challenging. I wish it could have had a longer play time with more puzzles, but even so, definitely a 5* rating from me and worth a purchase.
A very relaxing game. The graphics were beautiful and the gameplay fairly simple. I played through all the levels in 3 days because this game was addicting.
Kept me entertained for about 90 minutes. Would be great to see more of this game! Really cleverly done and such define yet cute graphics! And NO ads!!! Love it! :D
A lovely puzzle game. I like that it started off simple, but gets more challenging. Maybe when you get stuck on a level, you could use points to skip it or watch an ad to get a hint?
Fantastic game. Very relaxing music, great game mechanics that are always evolving to add something else to the puzzles. Bug:I've gone through the whole thing twice, but I only have two achievements.
This game is like the best cross between "I Love Hue" and a Sudoku. The color matching can be logically puzzled out with some experimentation and experience. The difficulty curve was not terribly high except on the Impossible levels (2 within 119 levels). It's definitely a low key, calm game you can play through at your own pace.
First 30 levels are easy, but things gets harder later, and is a very original game. Very nice game that works perfectly. I hope to see a lot more levels.
Very minimalistic, but that's part of the charm. Good to have to use your brain instead of being spoon fed information. There are NO ADS!!! I can't stress this enough! There are NO ADS WHATSOEVER! Hope Devs keep it this way. Looking forward to next updates. Sandbox mode would be good too. Still a well designed game and definitely worth 5/5
I got this game for free in a sale. The game is very simple to follow to difficult to level up. With 120 total levels, this game can be finished in 2-3 days. I found the level 117 to be very difficult. The music is soothing, and the graphics, although basic, is elegant.
This is a really fun and challenging game! I absolutely loved it, but once I beat level 121 I noticed that the levels started repeating. I don't know if this is a bug or if it was intended. Either way I definitly recommend playing!
What an amazing time passer. I would rate it even higher. The only problem is that they have a limited number of levels (120) after which u have to stop playing.
Decided to buy this game after reading a few reviews and I'm not disappointed. I'm only about 30 levels in but it's such a simple and relaxing game, the experience is comparable to the feeling of playing on a Nintendo DS. Fun, as all games should be.
It is a great game! But a level editor of some sorts would be a nice feature. The things you can do with the given puzsle pieces is endless. Loved it nonetheless
Some levels were absolutely infuriating at times but nothing you can't solve by taking a break and coming back with fresh eyes. Having absolutely zero ads is a plus. Worth your money.
Short but we'll polished puzzler. Gets more difficult for adults at level 60 or so. Would of been nice to have more levels.
The tutorial levels go on for ages. I didn't even get a whiff of challenge until about eighty levels in, and iirc that was just because I forgot that you can make yellow from green and red. The difficulty rises from there, though, and now after getting around to cracking 100 I can finally call this an actual puzzle game. That sounded sarcastic, but really, now that it's stopped holding my hand to pad out the levels it's gotten pretty fun. Decent little time-waster.
Loved how creative and colorful the game was, but I didn't think it was that long till I completed all the levels. May you please put more levels in the game.
Great Game Overall! Some Levels Can Be REALLY Challenging But If You Try Hard Enough You Can do it! 5 Stars In Pretty Much Every Category.
Amazing puzzle game. I don't normally rate games but this game deserves it. It's short but sweet, only requiring a couple hours to finish. There are zero ads or requests to rate the game, no currency, buy-able powerups, none of those annoyances from typical puzzle games. This really stands out from the crowd because of this and it's simplicity. Only minor complaint is that there aren't many difficult levels out of the 120. You should definitely try it out!
I adore this game it is wonderful and I hope you make more levels of it as I finished all the levels. I hope more games like this is made. Endless thank you for the people who made such supercalifragilisticexpialidocious game!!
Excellent music. Excellent atmosphere. Excellent minimalistic graphics. New mechanics are introduced in a simple way. Although I'm a bit disappointed that the game ended rather lacklusterly, with a very simple puzzle that was hardly cinematic. Granted, the previous level was the hardest level I could remember. I am satisfied.
I've played other puzzle games and had always rushed to test myself, as I was approaching the end I got stuck on one of the levels, while trying to find the answer I realize I was playing the game the wrong way, your game is simple yet beautiful and is meant to be enjoyed and take it easy, it truly is a wonderful game and I look forward for more of your awesome work.
It's funny - not asking me to rate your game every 5 seconds results in me rating your game. This was a great, calming puzzle game. Very pretty. Not terrifically long or difficult but enjoyable. Love the minimalism of the UI and menu overlay.
Very beautiful puzzle game that requires a bit of patience in the later levels. I have beat all the levels and wish there were more. Very fun, would recommend.
Fun, relaxing and easy to learn. Colorzzle is great for anyone who loves arranging their coloured pencils into a rainbow. Kinda short with only 120 levels, but it was time well spent
This game is really well done for its concept theres some challenge anf beauty mixed in. Relaxing music, and no popups at all, no ads, no asking for ratings, just the relaxing and challenging color gameplay.
I got this free in a sale, but I would have gladly paid for it. Finished it in 3 days, playing on and off. I really loved the simplicity and the way it teaches the player the mechanics of the game. The only thing I would like is more levels, because it's just so much fun :)
This is a really amazing, very polished, original and most importantly fun puzzle game! My only criticism would be that the menu options could do with some labels maybe so it's easier to tell what each of the options does. Thank you for such a great game! More levels please :)
Very calming, relaxing little puzzle game. Starts off easy but can get genuinely challenging down the line as new mechanics are introduced. I'd like to see more levels added, but I enjoyed the game for what it already has.
Excellent learning curve, starts off very gentle with simple and easy introduction then gets trickier as it introduces new elements. Kept me occupied for longer than most puzzles. Thanks developer, bravo!
Such a beautifuly simple game. Can teach without words and it helps a lot. The learning curve can be a bit wanky at times (a few times I felt it was a bit too much but once I leave and come back it clicked). Still I really loved it. I wish there is a part two and/or more levels. Beat this in a single day but it was amazing none of the less.
Great Game. It can get very difficult at times but its such a great feeling when you finally beat that level you gave up on earlier. They figured out how to make the perfect tutorial because it shows you the basic mechanics of the game but it doesn't completely hold tour hand the whole way through. Well done.
Neat game. I'm a bit color blind, so that made it a little harder for me, but I didn't find the game very captivating. It does look pretty.
Excellent game. No words. My problem with this game is about the few stages has the game. No more. Excellent and pretty game
A great game, but the first 50 levels or so are essentially tutorials to teach you the mechanisms. After that, there are only 57 "real" levels. Adding another 50-100 levels would make this a five star game.
The game was really challenging and fun. I really love the graphics and music in this game, how there's so much logic put into this game. Without the basic understanding of colours, this game would be a little difficult to complete. Game was easy to follow and graphics were simple but beautiful. Really loved the vibrant colours ♡ I really wish that they will be more new levels to play!
Just finished the game, beautiful soundtrack and cubes. Killing time with relaxed game, you should try this out guys.
I got this game for free in a sale and it was an incredible experience. The graphics are great and it's so easy to understand the concept. But the games a bit short so please add more levels. 5 stars!!
Fantastic game, it's beautifully simple in style and colour. This game was definitely worth the cheap $1 and I would totally recommend! It gets hard at times *cough cough* 117 but it's one of my favorite games on the Appstore! Keep it up, can't wait to see more from you two~
Beautiful graphics and level design. I love chill puzzle games you can play at your own pace, and this was great. Wish there were more levels because it feels like it ended too quickly.
It's a chill puzzle game, gives you challenges in some puzzles. A great experience overall. I hope they bring new levels after a while.
Absoloutely love it. Got it from the 0$ Sale. The only problem is it's too short. Can you perhaps add more levels please? Or maybe add a part two? And can you add a creating mode where you create levels and share your levels with other people?
Just finished, absolutely adored every part of it! The puzzles are such a lovely variery of difficulty and good atmosphere that it's very hard to feel completely stuck or as though there's no challenge. The balance is superb. This is the perfect game for a pleasant pass time, I would recommend it to anyone and actually have done so more than once. More levels and a hint system would be very welcomed additions, if this is to be developed further in the future. Other than that, thank you dev/s!
Uniquely charming and zen. Please make more. I would easily buy this game. I'm so sad I finished it. There is nothing out there like this spacial logic puzzle game. Good job. Now make another one. 🙃
Colorzzle is a somewhat challenging and very pretty "light puzzle" game. I'm not sure how to explain it; but it's easy enough to pick up and very fun. Great music and great graphics in this game. Of note; it has 20 Google Play Games achievement trophies and it took me about three hours for me to unlock them all. No cons of note.
Puzzles were pretty tough but still relaxing with the grapics, sounds and background music. Really mind tricky throughout each levels as it gets harder. Finished it in a day, I'm glad I had the opportunity to play this while it's free. Thanks game developers! Hope there would be more levels in the future :)
Excellent game, even though the 120 levels are cleared quite fast. The game is beautiful and pleasing ❤️
Very fun, very beautiful. The only problem is that its finished too soon. The colors are pretty and the mechanics are fun and pretty easy to understand
It could be a quick relaxation game with soothing music. Unfortunately on my Note8 it is unresponsive & slow. I have to wait as it advances to the next screen, then wait until something starts working. It could relieve stress if the delays weren't stress fully irritating. It may just he my device, it's work a look if you are trying to unwind without too much mind play.
A fun, casual puzzles, revolving around colors (NO racist!). The 120 levels will go down quickly, unfortunately, some levels are designed more for beauty than challenge. The graphics look good, fortunately, but the background musics are even better. Puzzles revolve heavily on colors though, so if you, or your phones are having problems on this area, don't bother. Playable offline and has GooglePlay Achievements (20 Ach, 500 XP each). Recommended!
Very fun and relaxing. Didn't stress me out with a million ads. It provided a challenge that was simple yet not so simple I got bored. All in all, great relaxation game and lovely puzzles.
A brilliant puzzle game, gorgeous and expertly executed. I'd give it 5 stars if the game remembered the sound settings between sessions. When I play mobile games, it's usually with people around, and I don't want music blasting when I open a game. But when I reopen this game, the music starts at full volume regardless of my previous setting, which is more than a little annoying. Also, it's a bit short. I hope they add more levels.
works nice on kitkat although i believe the tutorials could have been done within fewer levels so as to input much challenging ones wouldn't it be better like that? and about the colors / theme not sure what you intend to do but it somehow gets my eyes weary quicker with those that i tend to just finish a few levels and stop afterwards thanks still
It was a pretty game but the levels were really easy... If you made harder levels I definitely would enjoy playing it more. Overall a good game, would recommend others to give it a try.
Interesting puzzle game with 120 levels. Simple logic puzzles with a few tougher ones that might take a bit trial and error.
Very good puzzle.. Very light on battery, excellent game. Everyone new will think that it's game for kid, wait till u hit 60 level.. Awsome experience. Though i will suggest a dark mode / background for levels. Screen is too bright at night when I play in bed. Rating 5/5 for easier, simple, colorful puzzles.