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ColorMe: Colouring book & Colouring games for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Dot to Dot s.r.o. located at Rohanské nábřeží 678/23 186 00 Praha 8 VAT: CZ06603246. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like it but when you want to buy some more stuff to draw with a add ever sigle TIME !!!??but the other two thing that I like about this game is ... It's not like the other ones like color by number . It's like you giting a coloring book that you always want to get but they ran out of them but now you can color it the way you like it 🥳🥳🥳💯💯
Is a very nice game but too many adds the colouring and EVERYTHING is nice just that too many adds. Make it more interesting like if we finish the girl's painting then she will turn herself and she will be nice I don't know how tk expalin it but make the game interesting but I will still give it a 5 stars because is very nice and colorful . And it always needs internet 😕🙁
Yes, this is a good game but there are too many adds. For me, as soon as I press a drawing to color it, some random non skip add would just pop up for half a minute, even when I am in the middle of coloring, again a non skip add pops up. Overall, the game is pretty good but so many adds.
Its very nice. I am able to do art any time I want. The only thing is I am not abke to access some stuff because you have to pay monthly for that. Other then that beautiful game.
Worst... We are just not able to collect a particular colour... The paintings and varities of colours are good but we just can't collect a particular colour properly it try collecting yellow u get green... Etc... There are variety of games then with good colors etc... And better thn this... I wasn't even able to paint one picture properly... Gonna uninstall it right now!
I've downloaded multiple apps that let you freestyle color and this is the best one out of the six I've tried and the best part about this app that it doesn't charge a lot of money in order to have premium and it doesn't charge monthly it's a one time fee I love this app and I plan on using it for a long time definitely deserve 5 stars and even more great app great designs Great art
The app is amazing. I love the colors and the different features from live colors to textures. However I hate the adds in the middle of my relaxing session. Perhaps they could be put in a less disruptive way like as a bar on the top?💖💖
Vary fun app if you like drawing it's the game for you! I would just love to have a search bare to see if they have any animal drawings for example 😁 But I don't have any thing else to add. The game is perfect 👍😁
Two years still One of the best coloring apps ive tried. Great choice of pictures. Wide variety of colors and options. Gradient colors without a premium subscription. Thank you developers.
Wonderful... I'm in love... The only thing that i didn't like is that there are ads like every 5 minutes..... if there weren't any or not that regular it would be cool and super fun!!
I love this app because it lets you take a break from color by number and do your own thing. The ads were annoying, but i was actually able to get it premium from a spin of the wheel, and I couldn't be happier with it.
Longtime color enthusiast and lover of all things: Creativity!*! I've tried every coloring app in the Playstore , managed 2 yearly subscriptions for two well known coloring app, and have struggled to understand and use digital painting software as well. I LOVE this app. It has excellent image content, an adequate set of brushes and tools, plenty of color combination choices , and the best thing about it is : No subscription fees or in app purchases with the Google Play Pass.
I have used before only stopped using it. Only because I had trouble with downloading. Because lack of space on my device.
This game is awesome and the reason I gave it 🌟🌟🌟🌟(4)stars is because let's say for instance i take a brown but then when I touch a small thing like a piece of hair it paints over the face that's why I gave it four stars but anyway it's awesome and I definetly recommend it for kids and adults it is honestly AMAZIMG
I thought that this was a great fun coloring game. I won premium versus through an event which took me hours of watching ads because I don't have 20 dollars laying around. I was so overjoyed and the app is great. The only thing is the app rewards me my time watching ads wining premium by taking it away wiping me of colorings i spent hours and hours doing. If that seems like it would be fun to you then i suggest you trying this game.
This app is great and all but the reason I gave it three stars is because it says when an add is coming, and some times I mess up cuz it says that and then I try to click around it, but when the ad comes, I accidentally press it and go to the play store. I also dont like how it doesn't show unfinished art. Otherwise, it's a really good game.
I enjoy coloring with this game. The choice of colors is different with great options. The problem I have with this app is to many ads in the middle of coloring. Can't they be saved for before and after coloring.
I like to colour and paint but whenever u paint, my hand hurts. So I decided to colour in my phone and found the perfect app, Colorme!
Its an ok game, I just dont like that I can't color certain parts. It just colors in the whole thing. For example if I want to color the hair instead of coloring idivudual strands it colors the whole head and I dont like that.
Beautiful But it can be more good if you add more photos of princesses with their beautiful dresses 👸
Amazing! I can never find an app that allows me to color with whatever I want not by numbers! This game has great color choices with the exception of limited art available for none premium players. But I could do with some more guys to color! Even little boys! Friend pictures and poeple with other poeple pictures are all great looking forward to more artwork! I wish it went a little faster I've been waiting for new artwork for 3 days!
I love it! ❤️ I've had it for quite some time and every update they've made makes it even better! The only problem is on the new "create" feature. When the image it just black and white, there are no lines so you are forced to color each part with the pencil choice. This makes it hard to get things exact and wish there were gide lines. Other than that, it's great! 👍
Absolutely love this game. I was always a creative person and having so much colours, palletes, brushes and pics to work with was amazing. It has so much even without premium. Definetly recommed. I dont really like the ads tho cuz it gets in the way. But thats forgiven because of the gameplay.
This game is so so fun!!! Its just it has to much ads they should really fix that. Also its fun becuase its not hard and kids can play it. Also please fix they ads. Won last thing is the small areas. Some areas in this game r to small to see. And if i see them i cant even touch it😭. Anyways i think this game is 4 stars becuase of the ads😁. Keep up the good work
Do you like coloring. Well you came to the right app today we are going to be exploring 2 reasons why this app is cool. 1, it does not glitch. I state this because, I played it myself. 2. I waisted hours playing this. I am addicted. We have explored 2 reasons why this app is cool. I hope you learned a lot from this!
I do like this game but i wish more things were available without having to pay! Also there are sooo many ads its almost unplayable at times. It is calming but i wouldnt suggest it if you dont like ads being constantly shoved in your face. Please give more pictures and pallets to non-subscribers please
This is a super fun game! I love how I get to pick the colors and filters. I also like how it tells you when there's going to be an add instead of just throwing in your face. Lol. I kinda wish that there were more drawing options, but other than that it's a great game!
Simple, easy to use, and gives you many chances to win ads free version. With new content almost daily, there's plenty of drawings to color. Would be interested in an app for making drawings for this app. Would add a user created aspect to the app.
Its a very nice game, you can pick your own colors to use. I suggest you to download this. but sometimes its glitching like whenever I pick a color,it moves? Another thing is it has loads of ads like any other game. but still its a cool color game.
Fun coloring app and my favorite feature is you can download other coloring pages to boot. Easy interface to work with no hassles. Try this app out. You won't be disappointed.
I've always wanted to find a color app that lets you color a picture however you want. I just reinstalled this and I'm going to use it after a while of not having this app. There is quite a bit of ads the last time I played but the app is still good
If you haven't downloaded this app, you're CRAZY!!! You need to do it NOW!! The BEST APP EVER!! I can't wait until I get paid, I'm going to purchase the whole coloring book for $19.99, that's an awesome price for what you get. CHECK IT OUT!!!
OMG, I have wanted ReColor for the longest time but I haven't been able to get it. Then I saw this app and it is amazing. Only problem too many ads. If you want something you need to watch ads. I would also like to be in ad for this app if possible.
It's a nice game and many pictures for colour. Different type of thing like bird , animal , face , owl , food , folk art , collection I , heart , flowers , butterfly , sea world , fashion , hairstyle , place , fairy tale , people , pop art , basic and many more things. Many item so I like these and you choose a filter and many colors option in there so I give ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Star
This on of the best colouring apps I have used. Even though I had to pay little bit to get the premium version of the app without adds and all the things in the app. And it was only a one off fee no a subscription I had to pay every month. Thank you.
Really loved the diversity of pictures available. There are many pictures you can paint without buying the premium. The constant adds are bit annoying, yes but they're really short, so it works for me. All in all, I'm pretty satisfied!
Amazing! This game is so great and entertaining, loads of colours too! Buy one thing I think you should add is free custom pallettes, if not just one? Thanks
This game is so much fun and my favorite part is the colorful picture but there are a lot of adds whenever I finish a coloring there are a lot of adds I am still giving this game five stars because you can share your pictures with friends and family you can color it yourself a few weeks ago I installed a coloring game and I have to follow the numbers (if you know what I mean) THE BEST GAME EVER (IF THERE WERE NO ADDS) I love this game
I love the game. Coloring is very nice but I gave it four stars because 1. WAY TOO MANY ADS, I know there has to be some ads, but ads after every move is very frustrating. 2. More detail. it doesn't take that long to color it in I would like some more detail 3. Make more things available. Whole your coloring if there isn't a color you like theres a personalization bar where you can customize your own colors but it' only 3 slots and i would like more. Other than that it's a great game
Relaxing to my mind and I feel myself getting better at this coloring. When I'm having a hard time I open up this app and it helps calm down my anxiety. Seriously I enjoy this app.
Love your app,but whould like if I could save the pix to my phone. the only way I'm able to save your pictures to my phone, is by sending them to friends on messenger and making an album in my phone'$ gallery to keep the pictures
very good colour game I have played like 4 or 5 colouring games but they are not the best colouring game it is a wonderful amazing game and the drawing in good nice
Good game! I really love it there are like millions of, pictures love this game... i really enjoy it. But please put boys picture in it! Thanks, 😊 again for creating this game there are no problem in this game 👍🤓 and please update the game!! Its my last word lol.
best app ever !!!!! This is the best game in my life. Thankyou for making such a lovely game i rated it all 5 stars . But many ads. No problem still i love it. My sister play this game like 24/7 Before she used to play pubg . But now she is only playing game .Thankyou for making such a lovely game. She almost finished all the pictures and even i play this game because its the best!!!!. l think more pictures are coming and even the graphics are great.Cantrols are awesome. Thanks ones again.
I LOVE THIS APP!!! This is an excellent coloring app. Great templates, tools and colors. They have ethical prices, and I enjoy the app. Absolutely great.
I think this is a game where you can express yourself, but then they added premium. I think that pretty much ruined the whole game.😕Now you have to watch SO MANY ADDS!!!!!!!!!! It only gives new pictures like, twice a week! I loved this game, but now I play it rarely. Please take premium away, or make more pictures more often. 🙂 I'm not hating, but I don't LOVE this game either. Whatever you choose, I'm not stopping you.🙂❤️
This is the best app of colours what actually happened was like I was seeing the images and first I thought they would give number and we should colour it, as u know every colouring app is like that and those are too boring but this totally different I highly recommend u this app what a lovely, amazing, super, extraordinary app but the reate was like 4 stars or 3 stars but don't believe those believe me really nice app it has many colours . A loveable app please install this app
It's a fantastic app, but I'm not sure why once winning Premium, the editors choice pictures take longer to come out. I used to get two a day and right now I'm having to wait over 40 hours for the next one.
Very fun! But THIS PROBLEM I HATE is TO MANYYYY ADSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Plz fix them oh and I have ideas for you 1. Maybe ad drawing to? 2. And ad more tools? 3. Make it very colourful plz? Done with my ideas bye I love this game install itt byyy!
This game is awsome. I love it so much its exciting to color diffrent people everday. Also there is new pictures everyday and you get daliy rewards. Super fun keeps you doing something for the day. Please make more games like this one.
I love the page options and the color selection is great!! I would really love this app if you were able to change the opacity of the coloring tool you're using, and the size of the tool as well as being able to choose different hues of a chosen color!! I like being able to blend my colors and not having those options makes that nearly impossible. But for basic solid coloring this is a good app!
Love it!! They kept it original instead of switching to tap to color by number- Thank the app gods!! Great time filler and boredom fixer!!!
I love the game but whenever i click on a filter that i need to either go premium for or watch an ad for, no ad will load and i don't have money to spend and don't wanna spend money on a game just to have all the filters each month
Finally! Finally, finally, finally! I've found a color app that let's me color my own other than numbers color! I like this app and use the pictures as pfp's or just for saves! I really do enjoy it♡
I love this game it's so much fun and easy to use but it has to many adds when your playing an add come up every time you press a piture and it's so annoying and most of them are about simply piano and it's so annoying so please fix it over all it's still a good game 😎😆☺
Pretty darn snazzy. I may or may not be addicted already and I've had it for a day... The pix are wonderful and all you gotta do is watch a short ad to unlock cool stuff. Def worth it so far
UNINSTALLED !!!! This game is RIDDLED with ADS!!!! everyone has bills to pay however; it completely impedes thee ENTIRE gaming process!!! You're allowed 2 color a few sections then BAM!!! You're already hit W/ an AD! A few sections more of coloring & the same thing occurs. If you would like 2 choose other colors, Guess what? MORE ADS! So the conclusion is Pay your bills but figure out a way 2 do it where it doesn't completely stop gameplay. We want fun not stress!
It was fun until an advertisement popped up while I was coloring. It's extremely frustrating. Why can't you be like all the other color apps, and wait till we're done to pop up the ad? Uninstalling. Thanks for making a good app suck!
This is a really cool app..it is without ads so that nothing can disturb u.........there are billions of images to colour , .......but the thing is it starts very slow and take my too much Internet...but it's a good and awesome app....You should download it.........it has many colours , even it has many kinds of glitter and tattoos...............I love this app so much that I can do anything for it.....
I love this game because it's not color by number, and I like that you can unlock locked things by watching ads instead of paying money.
This app is awesome, I have been searching for a perfect app but this is the one. This app allows u to do any type of colouring.
This is a nice game, especially to relax. But the thing is if your relaxing and trying to do a picture, theres a random 3 second coutdown saying "Sponsered ad". And sometimes you forget to turn your volume down.
Really nice game, but I am giving it 3 stars because the pictures you design are saved only in-game and you aren't able to save them in your phone and there is also the issue of ads, if you can fix that then you can have 5 stars from me
I love the pictures and I love all the colours and pallets and other stuff like that that's why I really like this awesome amazing fantastic games and it's so easy to come on the people because you have so many colours to choose from I just love this game whoever invented this game you're awesome
This app truly has gotten considerably better since I last tried it. Keep going. Check out your competition. The ones with higher ratings. Aim for flawlessly going from "fill" to pencil/crayon coloring/filling and back to "fill" again. Make it pressure sensitive for those who use a stylus because they can make pictures look realistic, while simultaneously growing their coloring skill... And finally... Super Heroes. Both male and female. Everyone loves a Super Hero. Just might get ya 5 stars.
I love it me and my friend have not been playing for that long and we already love it! I really like the free premium thing, its kinda hard but still very fun. I love the controls and everything else about it, its really easy to play and very satisfying!
I really love this app. When I first got it, there were a lot of ads, but you could pick from a lot of pictures to color. After many spins on the Special Event Wheel I won premium, which is really cool. I love all of the colors and filters. I could spend hours coloring on this app!♥️
TOO MANY ADS! This game is almost perfect! If it wasn't for the long video ads about every 60 seconds! I was so excited to find a coloring app that isn't done by numbers, where I can pick my own colors and placement, which was very hard to find. But now I'm going to have to Uninstall this app and continue looking for another because it's supposed to be relaxing but I can't find peace with how many ads interrupt during one coloring page. Very disappointing for such a greatly built app 😕
This app has been such a welcomed surprise. Thank you for providing an app that is not only a stress reducing, relax inducing, anxiety relieving, and a overall a on point nerve calming app..
When I installed this app I was like its proply going to be a paint by number but its not! So I give this app 5 stars cuz you can do whatever you want with your colouring and even the way that you can redo a picure that you've aready did, when you tap on one of the picures that you've done and it says start a new or finsh where you stopped you should install this colouring app if you love colouring this is GREAT for you 5 stars.
Welp i rly love this! Its not one of those color by number games. you get a new thing to color in in a couple hours so theres no end to art! I completely recommend getting this! You can basically color in things any color you want! And there are many colors to choose from! I have been playing this for about 2 hours and i have only had one ad!
You can color it how you like unlike other coloring apps where you just have the color by number. It's an amazing app with good graphics. Totally recommend it
I love everything!! The colors are amazing and all the different ways to change the drawings. If you enjoy coloring apps this one is awesome!
I like the game besides the ads and premium. You should really remove it. Also you should let us spin the wheel once, then make us watch an ad to do it again.
Best color app I've found so far. Even without paying the premium they provide many great images and tools. EDIT: they are not adding new pics now. It became less and less and now the time doesn't even show new pics will come and I paid for this app.
Great for people who just want to color, if you don't have premium though there are quite a few adds but they arnt long... So many choices. I had gotten premium before and when I try to restore it the entire app crashes.
I love this app for a relaxing thing to do when I am tired and bored, but I do have two things I would change: 1. Not so many ads, I have been inturrupted multiple times while I have been drawing. 2. More pics of people and horses. Thank you makers of this game for making the app :)
I am 10 years old, and This is definitely one of my favourite apps! You do have to pay for some things, but most of it is for free or you can watch a video to unlock some stuff. One of my favourite parts about it is that they come out with new pictures lots, so you'll never run out of things to colour. This app is so relaxing, and it's really nice to play if you're ever bored or just for fun. I rate this app mostly for 7+ It's definitely THE BEST colouring game
(This is a 7 year old) This game is super fun but why dont I rate it 5 stars,first is there are so many adds I do not like adds because some can be scary to children but if you make sure your safe when playing its an awesome so give a try!
Its very fun and relaxing there are a wide range of colours and effects (even without premium) and filters recommend 100% the reason for 4 stars is that it contains a lot of adds (but not as much as other games!).
This is an awesome game you can make your own designs and you can pick your own filter but that's not it you can take a picture of yourself and you are able to color yourself this is an awesome game 5 star review. tho could you please remove the adds they are really annoying please remove them🥺🥺🥺😊🤗😌
It has all the cool colors but to big of areas are covered with one touch. Widen the lines .10 and we'll be able to have a better experience.
Fun app. Downloaded it a long time ago and it was simple and didn't have nearly as many choices. Not really liking the "game comercial" interruptions though. Just want to color my picture with no interruptions or distractions. I have plenty of other distractions without those.
I love this game!! It has many filters for the picture at the end when you feel like you finished the picture and it is really cool!! You do have to watch ads every now and then but honestly I dont mind it!😁 I hope this game gets good raitings!!!
It is an amazing game. I love how I spun the luck wheel and got premium. A few days later however, it somehow deleted the premium, and I can't get it back. So I have limited colour palettes. So if you don't mind please just make it that if u watch one ad u can get premium things. Otherwise it's pretty good 👍🏽
It is so fun because there is so many choices and you can choose any category you want there is so many categories you can choose from and the best thing is you can choose any colour you want to colour it with and you can choose to either like actually colour or tap and the thing you want is coloured it is a wonderful game i recommend it ❤❤❤❤
Excellent game! Awesome features, ad timing is terrible. Like unibstall the app terrible. Why put an ad up while someone is coloring the photo? Most apps will put an ad before or after the activity. Not the middle.
I love the game. i love having to color free!!!i love to It get to make it however I want it!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍And its just...1 problem 🙄 is the adds.i have to watch every 2 minutes and then an add 😑😑😑😑😑can you pls fix it and ad "add free"...I hope you have a good day bye 👋 😊
i really like this game. there are many different choises of drawings, colours and brushes. but i think they should not show ads when we are drawing. it destroys the fun of colouring. but i am giving this game 5 stars because there are many beautiful drawings and colours even of we dont buy premium. THIS GAME IS WONDERFUL. i will recommend to try this game. bye.😊
I like this app because you can do your own design. In all the other coloring apps I have I dont get to pick the colors. I love this game the only reason I didnt give this a 5 star is because in the middle of coloring it theres an add. I would give this a 5 star rating if there weren't as many ads and the popped up after you finish 2 pages.😁😁😁
This app is AMAZING. It's really simple,and really I like how you can choose your colors. The ads aren't bad at all. I really recommend this app to anyone who is an artist. I have NOTHING negative to say about this app. It is amazing,you'll really enjoy it.