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Coloring Games-Color By Number for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Best Coloring Pages located at Beijing, Chaoyang District, Xibahe South Road 3, Haohongyuan Jingyuan 1H. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Only writing a review because I am Disatisfied with how they handle customer support issues. I was having issues canceling a subscription that I dont use through them and they never respond even after more then a week and several messages to them and the issue has still not been resolved more then 2 weeks later.
UPDATE ON MY REVIEW : I gave 1 star before but found out you Just X out the pay to be VIP AND for no ADS. Really cool pictures in the free pictures. I play several of these color games for free. This one has great pictures I have not seen in other apps. The app makers are very quick to assist you, quite impressive. So I have revised my rating to 5 stars
Its AMAZING I love what they do with the glitter it's fun i don't see anything wrong with it yet Because I download this game on the 7th of August at 3:00AM i know it is kinda the Morning but ya i love the game
It's a great game but it's annoying that you have to either use gems or watch an ad after almost every picture you color just to color another. I do enjoy, however, the fact that you can search. Please put more Pride pictures, especially since it does happen to be Pride month. Thank you for a great game!
I love the game. Its awesome in every way except, I don't like that we have to watch an ad for EVERY pic. I understand the need for ads, and it'd be fine if you just had to watch an ad for a special pic. But that's not the case. There are probably HUNDREDS of other coloring games that don't make you watch an ad for every picture, and they'd easily outrank this game. This is my Only complaint.
I love this coloring app but I bought the 1 year plan for $9.99 on Dec 23,2020 and I haven't got to try my free trial or now even getting to show I have the year plan. Please help fix this asap for me. I still have not gotten a response and I'm still very upset wit this!!
The ads show being able to get batman stich and so on. To bad they are not real. Don't download this if you were thinking they where going to be there.
Was a good game but now for some reason, it keeps saying network error. I have checked my internet connection and all my other games work fine it is just this one that doesn't work anymore.
I enjoyed the pics while they lasted but i completed all of the pics in 20 days. Some are harder then others,as the spot you're looking for is microscopic,even fully expanded to my 10 inch screen the lines are so blurry it's impossible to see a miniscule spot. It's not so much color by number as it is color in this order, where 1 number is as many as 10 different colors, and sometimes colors repeat 3x with different numbers, like why have 10 different numbers that color black?
I took a star away because now when I finish a picture and exit out of the app it resets the picture as a work in progress, after already completed it, down loading it and sharing it.
It was pretty good for a few days, then it started not letting me use it, when i tapped on a picture and watched the video it just went back to home screen. If it hadn't did that i would give it 5 stars.
Love the way that you put the colors. I can not get enough of the graphes that you also have put on canvas.
Hi so this game is so nice I really like it. There's nice pictures the animation are so pretty......but when I first download this game it said offline game and I was really happy cause I wanted to download a game that was offline. After I played and played the next day I was out of the house and there was no network, and it said pls check your connection..... But wait wasn't it offline? So yes pls tell me if I'm wrong or if this game isn't offline. Thx but otherwise I still like the game!!πŸ–€
I love this app. I am pressed for time like most of us are and this is a wonderful app that lets me create beautiful pics, some I use as wallpapers they are so nice. You can complete a beautiful pic on no time at all and the long press to change colors is so helpful. I love it πŸ’•πŸ’•. If you need a good way to unwind I highly suggest this coloring app!
Ok so, based on the other reviews and my opinion, I this game is great! However, I saw the ad for this app and the pictures that I saw were extremely inappropriate and unsuitable for the children that might see it. When I play this game none of the pictures are like what I saw on the ad. Please fix this. Thank you.
Very good quality, I like girly and horor stuff. One of the best girly games ever to me, one thing is that I would like to see more fall stuff please! The colors are nice, off the chart! ( In a good way.) I realy recomend it to those who want to relax and let loose.
Just love these type of pics..these are the type I draw.they give me alot of inspiration.the colors are just making them pop.I just wanna do more.I wanna see how they're gonna turn out bc they're beautiful on their own..I just started so ill have to come back when I know more..I did become a subscriber tho.I thought the $ was kinda high n I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to be getting but I do know they said no ads n I've had to watch them 4 times now..n yes I turned my device on n off.
It's real good i love it! Just one thing is i hate watching ads to get pictures to do. But still i give 5 stars cuz its really amazing fun relaxing and satisfying to color!
Was very disappointed that you have to pay just to play the game. Didnt have it for even five minutes. Uninstalling. Dont install it unless you want to pay to play it.
Good graphics, strong colours and good categories overall, But how about Gothic, Dark Fantasy and Horror categories. Keep up the good work.
This game is so good get me some food spotify and some battery and you could for hours 🀣 causual but fun game pictures arent to tricky but there is hard ones for people who want it hard.
Poor Design. Very laggy, except for screen dragging, which makes it worse. Screen is constantly dragging a little while you try to click. WORST PART: That damn "watch an ad" button suddenly shows up in the middle of the screen while doing a picture. HORRIBLE!!!
I cant play this. It keeps saying network error. Please check your network, and I have, still the same network that I've been using for 6 years. I suppose if I uninstall this game, then I will lose all of my colored pictures. Now a Facebook add comes up and says skip, so I have tried numerous times to skip it and then the game just locks up and can not go any further.
Sometimes it will not register your coloring and it makes you go back even though it's already completed and do it again. Also sometimes if you want to get a reward and watch a video it will not register either you have to watch more then one ad to receive your free hint and sometimes you never get one. I might have to find another coloring app if it doesn't get fixed
It's amaizing and relaxing because I don't always feel relaxed because I have a sister but this game makes me feel better, I only have 1 problem and it's the ads, sometimes I wanna do a picture but it sometimes I need too watch an add also a other thing about the ads is whenever I'm done with an picture and I press continue there's an add, if you fix it a little then I'll edit this but out off this all it's amaizing 5 stars ^-^
Wonderful pictures to color and very addicting. Coloring in this book again! And very relaxing. Thanks for this book. I really like the challenges.
This is a relaxing game and sooo easy to use.Coloring games is a game where you choose witch picture to color.Then, click on the picture you want to color.Lastly, just start coloring and havw fun!
Amazing colors, pretty pictures and I enjoyed my time. I could not give 5 stars because some of the spaces are very small. I guess this makes the game challenging.
I love this app the only reason I gave it 2 stars was because when I looked at the app it said it could be used offline, but when I go into the app I have to turn on my wifi to get pictures and start coloring. I would consider changing it if there was an offline version.
Fantastic fun for your mentalhealth illnesses .....recommend bigtime..helps my anxiety alot and you concentrate continuously. Wonderful pics to colour aswell..πŸ€©πŸ’―πŸ‘Œβ€
My first of coloring games. I LOVE THIS Game. I have been using the other ones BUT.....they don't even get close to CG. Thank you
This game is good overall but its just the ads but you need ads for your app to stay up so my only complaint is the ads but overall its good
I like alot of the pictures that I have done, the only thing is now that the app updated I went from 1100 hints down to eleven hints and trying to figure out how that happened ?
I really liked this app. But i was dissapointed when i saw the Love Catagory. I was really hoping for some Lgbtq pictures. There werent any. I would really enjoy if they added some. Also sometimes when I watch an ad for a picture, it doesnt work.
Really love the amazing and awesome picture. Very relaxing and fun coloring game/app. Just don't care for the fact that when in the middle of coloring how the hint light bulb will pop up right in the middle of the picture and linger for a few moments. Other then that so far it's awesome, so thats why I give it a 4 star rating. But besides that to be honest wish I could connect and save through Facebook. Love the app though.
I'm a true artist,whether its acrylic,watercolor,sketch,charcoal..this app gives me anan other way to Express myself
I liked playing this game up until a couple of days ago i even paid for subscription to make the ads go away well it has a continuous ad when I open the game up and when i push skip it just goes to a white screen and yes its up to date so i would really appreciate it if you would fix this issue i even emailed you about this issue and no response i would have gave you 5 stars but with the issue that is happening that's why i only gave you 1 star
I love this coloring game. Would give it 5 stars BUT.... I bought the Yearly Subscription and there are still ads at times and I NEVER have access to use what should be Unlimited Hints. The Ad is still on the hint button but it won't even let me watch an ad to get a hint. Please fix and I will give 5 stars
I love this colour game, the pictures are fantastic and good for a wallpaper. There is nothing wrong with this game. I would recommend it for both kids and adults
This app will easily become my favorite coloring app if my experience continues to be as enjoyable and relaxing as it has been so far. I haven’t opened the coloring app that I had considered my fav.
Love this coloring app besides when you want to watch videos to earn hints I keep getting that it has failed to load the video and for some reason when i have reached the goal for my achievments its not recognizing that. It happens on and off for both things.
Great pictures, but making me watch a 15/20 second advert every few pictures and another adverting between those is making me uninstall. The light bulb popping up randomly asking you to watch another advert to gain hints is also annoying! Sorry. You gotta up your game, there's others to play without all this nonsense! Sorry, but I'm out..
It's a so-so app but some pictures really stuck and a lot of them are rather ridiculous. In quite a lot of them you click in a number only to find that the same number pops up with a half a dozen colours or more. What happened to 1 number, 1 colour?
I enjoy the whimsical pictures but I just finished a picture that has a number of swastikas on it. Other than that I enjoy the game
It was a nice game but it has quite bad moving graphics, it gets all glitchy and some parts are just a bit too small for me to see and i get confused, but it was a lovely game
Love it at first I thought it wasn't working but it was my Wi-Fi that wasn't working anyway I love I definitely give it 5 stars it's awesome I really appreciate it whoever made this game I give you πŸ’―πŸ’― prosent so awesome really
The pictures are very unique and antique . There are very difficult too. But interesting to play. Only for hints we need to see the adds for 30 sec. But it's not too bad nor too good . Its ok.
Yet another colouring app that does not have ANY of the pictures it uses in the ad to entice you to download it. Same pictures as most other apps. So don't worry about the lewd pictures in the ads, they aren't there. False advertising, one big con. Developers, you know which pictures I'm referring to. They are YOUR ads. If you don't know what type of pictures are used to advertise your app, find another advertising agency that works with you, and show the pictures you do have
Awesome pictures & features! πŸ‘Œ but I gave 3 stars because there's way to many ads especially considering you gotta watch ads to get hints too. πŸ‘Ž other than the ads I love it! 😁
App is still relaxing you can just press wherever you need to and then it colors it and so perfect I would recommend you installing this. Install it now please please please please please please please please install this app.
I don't think you understand what I'm saying; I was on the last number to completing the picture when it froze. When I tried to get back in it cost me 20 diamonds to get back to try and finish the picture and it still won't let me finish that one number to complete the picture....| yes! That I can do! it's the one in wallpapers. she's wearing a blue dress. Blonde hair with her hands cupped out in front of her, wearing a crown.
Developers Attention!! I love this app so much, just one problem. There are no frog pictures to color. And frogs are my favorite animal. Please add frog pictures!
There are quite a few things that are free and they're really good picture quality the one thing that I don't like about it is how you have to tap in a precise spot to actually color it in but my experience with other coloring apps is you just have to touch near it or relatively close to it so that just makes it a little harder to color in but I'd still rate it five stars it's an amazing app.
I've coloured in over 350 colourings from this game in the past few months and I just love it, but if you tend to have a short temper this game's probably not the ideal game for you since sometimes it takes a couple of tries to fill in some of the smaller areas. I love how beautiful all the pictures are and the fact that new ones come every day. the game does tend to glich and the entire thing turns black, you can still colour it but it is pretty frustrating.Colouring games has my approval
I love this game because you can colour the pictures with just your finger and you can choose really cool and cute pictures. You at least get a new fun colouring picture every day! You can also colour in a picture and set it as a background on your phone tablet ipad whatever. The annoying thing is that it has ads.
I absolutely love this game! Will you be able to add a feature where people can choose from a wide range of colours to use making it completely customisable? That would be amazing! Keep up the good work!!
What's the actual point of this? You don't get to choose the colours. You can't do anything except tap and its done for you. Dead set boring
Love the pictures but they are way to easy to color fill and not enough challenge for me. So if you like easy color fill this is the one for you.
I found this game was nice but I found it hard to press I guess you have to get the hang of it, I Love these pictures there are nice and awesome. Lots of variety I just can't wait to color more of them great coloring
This is a very relaxing coloring app. There's a wide variety of pictures to choose from and they look so nice when finished. I'm glad I found it.
Very Addicting / πŸ˜‰πŸ˜I love to color and the pictures are amazing. And it will keep ypu relaxed. But I have so much to do and shouldnt be this.
I love this coloring app , I enjoy all the great pictures, very addictive im loving it. thanks again for making such a good relaxing fun cool coloring app, Keep up the good work, very awesome art work as well, can't get enough , takes all the stress away from these pandemic days. Thank you all great job.
Hi guys!! I am 11 years old and I just want to say FANTASTIC JOB!. BUT!!! there is 2 problems. when you color instead of it showing all the numbers it just turns black but I can still see everything so it dosent bother me at all but I thought you would like to know so you can check that out but that dosent change my feelings for this awsome game! And the 2nd problem is that it's laggy and slow and dosent keep up with my fast typing fingers...... XD, so please fix it and I will give it 5 stars.πŸ˜‰
I absolutely love this app, only problem I have with it so far is some of the spots are so small it's extremely hard to find and color them
Awesome and I just colored 1 pic and so I will let you know when I have tried it more.I tried coloring the hot 1 yesterday and it wouldn't let me color 1 of them and number 1 on the picture was the part I couldn't color and so I couldn't finish it and I need to know if you can fix it, so I can finish it. Other than that, I love this app.
Ive only colored 1 picture so far but the one i colored turned out so pretty and i how i just tap and it fills it in. Other coloring apps i have to actually color in the spaces. Dont get me wrong thts fun and all but it gets hard when there are REALLLLY TINY areas tht need to be colored and i cant do it b/c theres a glitch in the game & it wont let me do it. So like i said i like this app. So far its let me color everyspot on the color page.
Its very relaxing I so love the pictures their amazing thank you for making this great coloring application
Its absolutely a good game and it have more cute arts and i love arts so much and im also looking for an colouring and art game so i see this game on playstore so i install it such a good game for me :) hope u will also make a game like making art not colouring pls make a game like art making art pls hope u will do this ao people will also download "i only want that what i want so make it :) thank u for making this game have a nice day !! :)
Look if your gonna make a add for an app don't put a bunch of cool Harley quinn posters then I look up Harley quinn and there's nothing?! Over all its a coloring app but be more specific when your making a add!
It was really good and some of the other comments aren't true that u have to pay to be able to colour but that's premium and there was a x in the corner so ye I absolutely love it
The only thing I don't like about this game is that you have to watch an add every time you want to color by number and then when your done and, like, three when your coloring
This is so much fun to do. I'm 73 and can't always see even with my old magnifying glass, to many scratches on it, but we get it sooner then later. Love the colors and all of the AWESOME pictures.
This game is the most best game i ever played for relaxing my mind. Im not gonna talk about the ads because there's barely ads pop up when im playing. But this game is the best!😌But this is the best than any colouring game i ever play before so i give 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 stars! But actually I wanna give 100 stars but it just let you give 5 stars :( It's ok this game is the best!
My problem with these apps is, yes it's clear befΓΈre hand that they are color by number, & then the game the choices of color & where And what parts of the picture are chosen for you. Apparently I just have a difference in expectation based off some good ads. Although there is always room fΓΈr improvement.
Omg love it there in nothing wrong with this app from the controls to the game play to the everything the graphics are amazing on wish bone i made a post between to of the amazing art works i finished my username is kiribaku-tododeku i did unicorn vs wolf so you can see the art for yourself but I highly recommend this game 10/10 love it πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’– 1,000,000% recommended
Easy and Fast but you have way too many ads. Before you start a new picture to color and after not to mention if you need extra hints. πŸ˜”
I love this coloring game in the awesome pictures that they give to color make more coloring games like this I'm sure to download them and tell me why there are not if I'm the best downloader game ever bye and I didn't say Batman although my little cousin does like that man though he is too like the number two yeah bye oh now you want to let me in That's not what I meant to say don't read that part oh now you want to let me in literally forgot to turn
This is an awesome fun app but my onley problem is I can't do the exclusive pictures. I hope you can fix that problem but otherwise I love this app I hily recommend you download this app.
Awesome pictures to choose from and c olor. I love sharing with my beautiful babygirl ( Jaclyn Rose Bolt). She's my everything beyond words can be spoken.
The game is good so far. My only problem is some of the coloring parts are so small, that I went through 2 or 3 hints trying to figure out what I was missing.
I've just done my first, picture, it's beautiful, and I love the colors. I've looked through, the pictures, and I see a lot of pictures, I can't wait, to color. Love it. πŸ’―πŸ₯° Thank you, for such a wonderful, coloring app. I appreciate you. Be Safe. Billie Stewart. 3 5 2021.
It shows pictures in the ad that aren't in the app. THIS IS NOT RIGHT! I signed up for the tractor pics, and they simply aren't there! You can keep it!!!
I love art, no matter how you do it and l've also got another artsy app that I love as well. They make it a little too easy to find where you need to color in, but I like a challenge and there's really no big challenge in this app. Like l said; l love 🎨🎭 and the pictures are very pretty so far. I haven't had a chance to look more into this and I have only done one painting before they wanted me to rate this. So, there you have it. Go with the flow and have fun with it. Happy painting everyone!
Love the app but the ads get stuck and it won't let me get to the coloring pages. I get so mad every time this happens, which is every time I use t he app.
I am loving the pictures in this app. I only have one problem. There are tons of these apps and I've only found one that lets you long press to pick the number of the color to use instead of having to swipe through to find the one you want. I wish it did on this one since so far it's had the best pictures. So other than that, it's great and I love it
$90 a year to allow you to color pictures when they are so many free and ad supported ones out there.
This game is so good!!!! When you color it, it looks like an acrylic paint! And some galaxy colors! πŸ’–πŸ‘
I'm really enjoying this game, but it won't let me complete the landscape stars. I got to the last star & it erased all of the stars I earned but didn't erase the pics I colored. Got back up to 9 stars on landscapes & it's deleted my progress again. Landscapes is the only 1 I haven't finished in the award room. It's getting really frustrating.
Really? I have to watch an ad when I first open the app? Well you can forget that. This app is not improved one bit. Uninstalled.
too many extending difficult to find tiny sections ... random color and section pairings ... uninstalled
Based on all the gaming and coloring experience that I have I think this year is the best game that I played yet so thank you for creating such a great game so keep up the good work
Keeps your mind relaxed. Variety of very colorful art pictures. I do wished it would go with my phone too landscape mode.
The best color mixing that I have ever seen. I really appreciate and enjoy myself to the fullest extent of relaxing. Thank you.
Great app with awesome colors fantastic pictures and hours of fun I can't stop coloring they're like Lay's potato chip you just can't color one
I love this game,,, it is easy to color and has beautiful pictures as well..Thanks,,, keep up the good work...
Awesome game love the pictures and how U can hold down on the next colour to select it is a great addition well done.
So far... So good... It was an extremely easy picture. Hopefully the next one will be harder. If it's not... Then I'll save this area for my grandsons.
I love this app. However I have the yearly subscription and im not getting the things I am paying for. I'll get 1 or 2 pictures before I have to watch an ad to Get a hint.
It is fun and relaxing and there are LOTS of AMAZING pictures on here. I would definitely recommend for you too download it and color some pictures. Also too have fun and relax/relieve stress.
Update. I gave the app a third try. This time i was able to back out of the premium page. Still a few hiccups, resolved by closing and opening the app. I like the variety, although a few apps offer the same pics, i do like the layout of the app as a whole. The explore section is, to me, more visually appealing as to how it is catorgized. All categories have simple to very detailed pictures. Giving this app another chance and more weeks gone by I can say this is a fun, relaxing, enjoyable app
I was very excited to play this, but when I try to color a picture the screen just goes blank. I've tried going back, that didn't work. I tried reinstalling and that didn't work. And then when I try to go back, it wants me to watch an ad to unlock the picture. What the hell?!?!
I loved it you should download it it's soooo relaxing I almost fell asleep it was so relaxing I give this five stars because I love to draw and if anyone likes to draw you should install this app it's so relaxing and fun so you should get it!
Pros: has a lot of good characters, a lot of hot drawings, cool drawings, supports LGBTQ+ Cons: will randomly restart and not save your progress, has some spots that are impossible to find, not a lot of black people. Over all I think it's an alright drawing app, but I just choose to ignore the cons.
Really annoyed with the new update! Can't get the app to open past the stupid add and when I press skip the screen goes blank! I've deleted and redownloaded the game multiple times this is ridiculous.. Please fix this because I really do like the app and don't want to get rid of it.
I love this game but if you are looking for a really relaxing game this is not it when you're done with one color it vibrates and it's really loud but you mite like it so excited give it a try πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ‘πŸ‘
It was my first picture. I liked the picture, painting it was easy enough. I initially had to uninstall and reinstall it, as the video feature wasn't working, it seems to be working now with the the reinstall. I do not believe in paying, until I find one app that adds the variety of pictures that I love the most regerally. So far, I like many of your pictures.
Love the pictures just wish i could pick the colors to color the picture. I would like to view and color the pictures off line.
All the pictures were very beautiful ❀️😊 and there are a variety of different colouring pages in different categories like : special pictures , animal pictures , character pictures , etc that's a great ideaπŸ‘ and all the features are working great πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘. But I think in the game there should be some background music like a relaxing music with the game then the game will be more fun ☺️☺️❀️. I loved that you guys have updated the contents of exploring page but now also I think you should add music.
It's good but it keeps telling me to check my network connection when I'm trying to paint the picture and also there's a lot of ads which is annoying and that is why I rated it 3 star otherwise it is good and another thing please make some free so we don't have to waste our mobile data it's a good game
Enjoy the app, just don't like that I can't get Into it! When I try to open, I get an Add and when I hit skip I get just white screen. Wish they could fix that. If can would give it 5 stars.
I don't know what happened with this last update but it took all pictures away! It says " NO DATA" on everything! Don't want to unistall and then reinstall cause I will lose all my work. I have rebooted it like 4 times and all my other games work plus I notice other reviews say the same thing. Please FIX!!πŸ˜– Update: It has been fixed!! Thanks!
While I don't mind the ads -- I understand the need for them -- it's the insane price for the subscription packages that has me unable to give it a higher rating. The price is way too high! I paid a flat rate of under $30 as a one time Premium fee for two other coloring apps and they are still supplying wonderful new pictures and and a great experience. Fix that and I'll come back to the app AND buy a Premium membership.
Amazing pictures ! I could color all day ! Love it for relaxing and it's great for relieving stress. πŸ€—
I love that game, it's very awesome 😍,I love the pictures I love the colours .. .... I love the animals, I'm in love with this game .. I play this game very day . That's only thing I do or play πŸ˜‚πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ love it so much I this people should download it and also play .πŸ˜œπŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
I never ordered this app. $89.99!!!!! It took the money from me. Not amusing. This is FRAUD. REFUND MY MONEY PLEASE AND THANK YOU
I love it.. it is very fascinating .. i love the colours .. and also the pictures we should colour in..
I gave this game four stars because I like all the pictures and I love coloring them but almost all pictures need gems to be able to unlock the pictures.
Pictures are nice but some of the color spots are so tiny it is almost impossible to find them. There doesn't seem to be a way to search for the spots. Other games I've played that are similar you can at least long press the # or color and it will take you to the spot still needed. This one doesn't have that option so far. Also you aren't really coloring so much as tapping and the area gets a full coloring.
It's so fun even if it takes a little time it's still fun and I love it I almost every time I delete games to get another game and I'm definitely keeping this game
I love this game!! It is sooooo addictive. I can't put it down. I get so involved that I lose track of time. I really like that it automatically starts you at number one color, and then automatically changes to the next color when that color is finished. Fit those who have tried many of these coloring games, this is one of the best and most user-friendly apps among them.
I was using a totally different coloring up and I hated it a friend of mine turned me out of this app and I love it. I would definitely suggest if you don't have this app get it
Latest update: The company has emailed me back, and it looks like the image has been removed. They have also said they are going to find out where the image originated from (as they have said again that the images are obtained via a third party). Once I have that information, I'll edit this review again and track down whoever provided the image to them. Many of the images in this app are tracings of images and are used without permission. My wife spent a dozen hours on a piece of art, and it's been reproduced in this app without permission and without being paid for it. My wife relies on this income and it's hard for her to continue as an artist when others are making ad revenue off of her hard work. Contacting the email address on the app store page is fruitless because there's no response. If you truly care about the art, you'll avoid this app. EDIT: I contacted the email address listed 10 days ago (June 10th) as per their request. So far I haven't received any response. Meanwhile the app developers are STILL making ad revenue money from my wife's hard work. It's sad that many artists can't make ends meet because their work is shamelessly traced-over and planted into apps like these, or stolen and sold. If I get a reply, I'll update this rating, but as of writing (20th June, 2021), all my points still stand. EDIT 2: They've updated their response. At first they said they bought the images from a third party design company, now they've changed their response to say it's all done in-house.
THIS IS A HORRIBLE APP! You have to pay or watch loads of ads to colour in STOLEN ART! Don't support this app as it steals from artists who work hard and just changes it to crappy lineart. Support artists not thieves
I love this game is is so easy and relaxing and if your bord you can Play this game if you don't have nothing to do you can play this game so yeah.
This game is nice not bad the ads not coming up to much I were give this game a 5 stars because when you are bored you can paint and when you don't have wifi You can still paint