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Coloring Diorama: Color by Number For Adults

Coloring Diorama: Color by Number For Adults for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by FatherMade located at 서울시 마포구 매봉산로 18 창업복지관 402. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is one of the cutest coloring game for my grandson and I to do together. He loves how the colors pop up and I like how bright they shine. We are both very happy that this game was made. Thank you
So far I'm really enjoying coloring with this diarama game. The first few pictures are easy, as they should be, and the instructions that are shown with them are helpful and easy to follow. I think this game will be a keeper. 😊. UPDATE! This game really is a blast. I enjoy coloring games and this one is wonderfully different from the others. Keeps you on your toes! Check it out.
Surprised that I quite enjoyed this. Is Daphne a bit of wellness time usually chance to switch off Thank you
This is a fun and easy coming game. It is relaxing except for the ability to rotate the item being colored - I wish that you could move the button to another spot on the screen and possibly make the button a little bit larger as my fingers are quite large. This can make it difficult to manipulate the image.
The developers are super friendly and responsive, and the game is working fantastic now! It's a cool take on coloring by number, and pretty satisfying ♡ The scenes are beautiful, and it's a fun way to relax- I'm hooked
I love the idea of coloring something and seeing it appear in a scene! However the energy thing is somewhat off-putting. You can only color so much before you have to pay real money for orbs.
I really like the 3D aspect of this coloring app. Cute pics and nice colors also make it enjoyable to use. Recommended for easy stress relief.
Excellent, interesting, supprizing, lots of fun, easy to follow instructions, only wish they were more life like, Great Job Guys.
I used to like this app so much that I decided to subscribe. But when I transfered to a new phone as my previous one is broken and cannot be repaired, all the progress I have done so far are gone, even though Play Store still said I am subscribed!
Beautiful game, just in time for me to use this beautiful app because i am just learning about blender so i can make my own 3d game! Thanks for your time
I have to delete this unless someone tells me how to get the enormous amount of diamonds required. Im just level 3 but have less 50. Also how do i get one into the gallery. And it looks like people add items make their diorama cuter. If thats true where & how do you do that. You need a much better intro and explain. This is so stipud im very frustrated. Hope i hear from you by Monday
I've only just downloaded this app. I haven't had time to learn how to use it but it is facinating at the very least. Very different from other coloring techniques. I dont' see anything that allows me to share it tho. I would like to with the animation. Am l just missing the possibility? I am interested enough to continue but sharing to My Story in Facebook is fun too.
Since I only just started playing, I'm giving 4 stars. I like the game so far. I will change rating once I've played a little longer based on the game.
Good game, very addicting, relaxing, and very fun, would recommend this to anyone that wants to be relaxed, I've finished the first structure so far, but it's very fun
This app is very well created . I love the way you color different sections and end up with the full picture. Its addictive, relaxing and challenging. Recommend for anyone who loves this type of coloring .💖
I really like the whole concept of drawing a story it's straight forward but still a new addictive way to go about doing a old concept that everyone learned to do when they were still.toddlers. Great job.it couldn't have been a easy task.ā
This game helps seniors with the ability to complete art without feeling frustrated it is short and to the point I have alzheimer's and dementia beginning stages so the games might help slow the process.
I've just found this little gem of a game and so far it's fun. With a different perspective on the usual colour games they have come up with a good idea. Well done , worth a download if you want to get lost in your mind a relax for a while. The only drawback is I found it a bit slow , I'd prefer a faster colouring version. Thanks.
Best ! Coloring game which can be also played by adults in which a small parts are coloured one by one and it forms in 3D and put a live picture can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. And we can too save it in our gallery and it is made by the creation who had made fuzzy animals by animals park . Thank you to them who had made the game.
Nothing to color for over a week. Subscription ended and I'm out a weeks coloring and rewards. Hate this
This is one of the most UNIQUE and fun coor app. There are more ads then I prefer they're somewhat quick.. very cool app with ways of turning the picture in a 360° with zooming and dragging color. 3d its extremely addictive.. I just starting doing these color apps by far this is the most addictive one of all.. in fact I believe I have deleted the remainder of ones I was willing to try so I absolutely recommend no matter what age I guarantee you're going to enjoy something fascinating
I didn't like it at first only working with it giving it a try I love it try it. I checked and it was a game playing game because you have to learn how to maneuver the picture around to get to the bottom in the sides. It's a very good app you'll enjoy it.
It is fun and challenging, yet the pictures are simplistic, but being 3D makes it challenging. It is very different from my other coloring games. Will I stay with it? Not sure. Do the pictures get more complex later as I get used to the game? Who's to say since I just started today. I like it though and can't wait to see where it takes me. Although, I do not usually like games where I have to earn diamonds and other items to use to either play or do things within the game.
Hooked!!So interesting and different from the normal color your picture games,I've tried many,deleted many,looking forward more to what this one has in store for me,so far no ads or push for sub,but I wasn't really looking at those at the time,was ready to get busy,and busy I did!Thanks Del.Team😚
I wanted to love this, but I can't. An unskippable ad in between each and every puzzle, with the only way to remove them being an expensive $20/month subscription. Absolutely not. On top of that you have to spend "orbs" to buy each individual piece of a diorama, AND watch the ads. Ugh. The greed is real.
Not as good as I originally thought. It's just another coloring app that has an overinflated opinion of how valuable it is. 22 bucks a month is ridiculous. Each part is the diorama is colored on it's own and have to be bought separately, blades of Grass, rocks, pieces of fallen timber, not to mention the actual focal piece, whatever it may be. Even when you subscribe, you only get so many gems to color dioramas with, so you pay 22 bucks a month and if you happen to run out, oh well!
Colour in game with a difference. You develop your sense of 3dimentional perspective. Sometimes the help button is no help at all
I like this game but unsubscribed cuz there hasn't been an update in months. I've done all the pictures. Please update!!
Wow! The game is just perfect. This game can actually relieves your stress. It is just a perfect game to waste your time on. If you are into art, this is the game I would recommend.
So far this is one of the best colouring apps yet I love the way you rotate the image which ever way you want to and love when you can press the star and get loads of fireworks going of its relaxing and I'm highly stressed out and when I play it carms me down I would like to give it more stars but you on get 5 songs I'll just have to⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Full of micro transactions. You have to unlock each part of what you are painting with these blue orbs. You get the orbs by buying them. When you paint it looks like paint by numbers, but all you have to do is blindly drag your finger over the image to paint it.
Really cool game, I loved it. Just 1 thing though. The pic currently being colored would disappear when adjusting it to color the other angles. Had to back up a page then start again every time after trying to adjust the position. Had to uninstall 😫 Note 8
The reaction time between when I click and when it's placed is a little slow. But over all a really great game programmed together very well. Colors are of a softer variation and done well. If click speed is increased I'll change it from 4 to 5 stars.
Love this game, great everything. Just everything is super expensive for a coloring app on your phone. $25 a month (or over a $100 for a year) for a "subscription" that still doesn't let you color as much as you want. You would still have to buy the "gems" on top of having that $25 subscription. And the cheapest the gems go for is $10 which, again, its a phone app. Not a computer game. For that reason i gave it only 4 stars. Everything is perfect in this game, except for the insane pricing.
It's really fun! I wish there was a way to access premium things with effort or ads, and that we had free save files for ones we've created, but I cant have everything. It's fun to color in 3d and creating my own diorama out of what I have let's me do so many fun creative things! Would recomend.
I love this game a lot so creative and unique, takes colouring to a new level. Doesn't bombard you with ads and can be challenging at times. Thank you for making a great game. I love it!!
I like the game it's very relaxing but a couple of issues. One is the stars, you have to almost complete the picture to actually use them, I feel like it's pointless to have the stars at all. Second is creating your own Diorama. I try to make one but it's glitched and is adding the objects out of sight so I can't move or delete them to add back into inventory. I've tried zooming out and it won't let me, so I don't know where they went.
What a lovely game to play, gives a new perspective of colouring. Hope it stays this way as I will be doing more of these
Fun but a little frustrating. It crashes a lot in the middle of a puzzle, which means you have to start over every time. I also have trouble working with the rotation axis. I wish it was fixed to the center. If I move the image, I can never tell where the axis is going to be and it's difficult to adjust the position of the art. It's to the point I never move the image around the screen, only rotate. BUT this game is SUPER CUTE and I enjoy playing it when I can. Great potential! Just a few bugs.
Learning curve is a bit frustrating, but once you have figured it out, the 3D feature adds a fun layer to coloring apps.
I've only just started playing this and it's quickly becoming my favourite game, definitely my favourite colouring game by far, I literally cannot put it down. The dioramas are so beautiful and I even love the way you colour in shapes, it looks so cool!! My only worry is that each part you colour you have to use potion and I'm guessing that once you run out that's it for a while, if so I'm going to be gutted
I dont usually write reviews but felt the need ,its the best game I have played, great job guys , reccomend to every
The game is fantastic good quality and easy to colour and good graphics I would recommend everyone to try it. It's very relaxing. You are doing a good job keep it up.
Awesome game. Love that you can just swipe to complete the diorama, no contant tapping. This makes the game more relaxing, and able to focus on the nice picture more so than the mechanics of it. Also no constant ads. My only suggestion would be to keep adding more dioramas. Great game!
its so easy but You need to put more energy but so easy because just swipe not click so i gave it a 5 star
The game is beautiful and relaxing but the rotation toggle is reallllly annoy it's constantly in my way unless I zoom really far out. It would be more helpfull if it showed up on the very bottom of the screen and not in the way of the object that's being colored. And or was on a spot where you could click it on and off to use it instead of it just floating there. Every thing else is great
Thanks colouring diorama for making this game I enjoy your game, the first time when I play, it looks so complicated but after I know how to play this game, I love this game so much please update this game a new diorama so it will be much much funner