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Color Switch World - CS2

Color Switch World - CS2 for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Color Switch Phoenix LLC located at P.O. Box 940596 Simi Valley, CA 93094. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It needs a lot more work. The graphics looks like a Roblox game (no offense Roblox but it's not for everyone). The over all aesthetic is gone. As well as it wont sense much of anything I do. It crashed the first two times I opened it and still does. I think this has potential but it needs work :')). (Also, junking up your original for ads about this makes me hate it more, bc I cant experience what I have beforehand without seeing this :/)
This is a really fun game but at the end of every city it glitches so much then it is back to normal. The whole game is GLITCHY. Please fix. Also add some more music. Thanks!
Very addictive and awesome it gets hard. Super HARD but it's worth it. Can't wait for the update to try out the new roads and balls
I kind of like the sequels but try to add more game modes. Also add more, trails and characters. This he is so far pretty boring compared to the first version.
Worst game ever developed, gameplay sucks. I can't believe that this game is created by the creators of COLOR SWITCH. Like man come on; I love COLOR SWITCH but this game literally sucks. I would definitely not recommend this to anyone who has played COLOR SWITCH because you would be really disappointed. I would give it thumbs downπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž.
Color Switch has done it again! I was a huge fan of the original, and kept coming back for all the new stuff in the original. This sequel is an amazing base game and I can't wait to see what they add to it! Already got a high score of 355! Somebody beat that!
This game is SUPER laggy. It is so laggy and glitchy that it KICKED me out of the app. It didnt even let me play for even 9 seconds!!!!
This is barely playable. It's so laggy that you can barely see where you're going. And besides that it seems a little basic.
This game is great!! Its so addictive. 100% recommended playing this with volume up in a dark room, it is a very surreal experience and I love it! It is its own game and also apart of the original color switch at the same time.
I was kind of addicted in the beginning but it doesn't has any daily challenges like the normal ones or nothing to buy because it literally has 2 items to buy. I hope color switch world creators will update it soon. Me in 9th - still not updated 😭😒😡😷😞(Β΄οΌ›Π΄οΌ›`)😣😑(β—‹ο½€Π΄Β΄)οΎ‰ο½ΌSTOP!(๑‒̀д‒́๑)ヽ(`Π΄Β΄οΌ›)/(β€’Λ‹ _ ΛŠβ€’)p(╬ Γ’ β€Έ Γ“)qπŸ˜–πŸ˜«πŸ˜‘
Yeah so the original color switch is an amazing game, i played it in the past like without stop playing but this new game is totally different, I mean it could be amazing too but it is glitchy and laggy as hell, I hope you will fix this issue and also update the previus game:)
This app is so fun. I really like it. But, it does need more work on the controls and gameplay. #3star
I am a huge color switch fan I cleared all the levels in the Original and it is by far my all time favorite game I played this game for a a few hours and I would rather play the first one their is just nothing to draw me to this game the visuals are basic and the controls are either too lose or to tight hopefully you guys get your stuff together and make this just as addicting as the first one will uninstall for now maybe in a year or so it will get better and I'll check back
Well... the game is not nice... I prefer the first version... remove those annoying 3D ads that you break through and just let the ads appear after 10 rounds... fix it and i will rate it to 5
FUN. Its a new spin on games similar to subway surfers. I can't wait until new updates come along with balls, trails and roads. 😁
It's a cool game. I can definitely tell it's a little unfinished but it's definitely promising. This could definitely be close to the original in terms of how fun it is when new game modes and other features are released.
Hi Team The game is awesome and need to include a perfect tunes/ music to be more immersive. But there is a bug - the Quit button is not working. When I click on the quit button, it does nothing.
This game is soooooo good nice music 🎢 and nice gameplay. This deserves more than 5k downloads. Great game πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘both of your games are great keep up the great work.
AMAZING!!! Color Switch has done it again. I can't wait for all the updates to start. The quality is second to none.
The game is fairly new yet it is already unplayable in my device! The lag is just the worst! Don't start to reason out that it's because of my device. Similar games with same objective like Rush and Unpossible has way better graphics yet they are as smooth as butter on my device! You created a new game yet the older Color Switch still has tons of bugs that you seem unbothered to fix. How about try fixing the bugs on that game first before creating a new one with new countless lags and bugs?!
Ehh. The graphics are typical of a cheap mobile game from a mobile game ad. The game is okay, but way too simple and low-effort seeming. It got boring pretty fast, too. I wouldn't reccommend it, unless you like those copypaste mobile games. Final note: I get that color switch is their main game, but I don't like how they called it "Color Switch 2." It rides on the success of the other game and was never ever necessary. Overall, 3/10.
Love the new world of Color Switch! Already know there's new modes of the way! Keep em coming!! Runs very smooth too.
I feel that game makers have tried to exaggerate everything including graphics, animations etc. and thereby have ruined the simplicity of colour switch Its my suggestion that please keep it as simple as possible.
There seemed to be many reviews saying the game is laggy, boring, or don't lime the name. I think the game is fun and liked it a lot. I had made a request back in 2019 for a 2nd game and coming back to see this was very exciting, the reviews worried me but i had installed the game and it ran smooth as well as the game being quite fun. Thanks for making this!
Missed opportunity it could've been a game that controlled similar but still was in 3d but instead they made it an easy game that was nothing like the original they don't even have different game modes
It has no lag at all! (But when it starts) i rate it 5 starts bcuz i like the graphics. I expect more apps from the devs. Really aprrove it! Edit: The devs respond to your reviews! That's why this game has a 5-Star rating. πŸ’œβ£β€πŸ’žπŸ’•
The reason I'm giving it 3 stars it's because it's glitchy. It's glitchy when you start the game and when it ends to when it get's longer it will lag and it bothers me a lot. Ain't gonna lie it's a fun game it's a time killer. I'll play it until the glitch is no more.
I don't really know what to make of this, color switch is the best mobile game I've ever played but this "sequel" doesn't do it any justice. It is boring and there is no variety. You should stick with what you're good at.
It's a great concept, reminds me of Sonic 2's special emerald stages running through tunnels for rings and avoiding mines. Just an idea: Add gyro sensor mode to tilt your phone left to right and limit the camera's angle. Also jumping would be interesting in gyro mode if you can flick your phone up. One of my favorite games in the good old days was Kirby's Tilt and Tumble.
Honestly, color switch is much more fun, challenging and repeatable concept as of now. I see this having some potential, but in its current state, there's not much going on really. Also the controls seem wonky and there's not really that much fun to it. The camera angle change is absolutely unecessary playing-wise and it's an obvious attempt to make the game look better, plus the color theme is present only to give one a reminder of color switch so you'd like it more. Will see later development.
A Sequel worth playing. The essence of Color Switch is front and center with a brand new experience. Most sequels miss the mark but they hit a home run. Can't wait for all the updates to start flowing.
Way too many adds that it is ridiculous!!!! Why can't you purchase an add free version? This would be an AWESOME game if adds didn't pop up in middle of the game.
I feel like this game has potential to be great. But there are no other game modes, there are not that many skins and overall it feels pretty generic. But I like the original color switch references in the background. That was nice.
It's okayish needs a lot more work and more features the slide controls are hit n miss even with the selection to speed up or slow it down. I only tried the easy level that was tough enough, why not add this to the original app for those who have achieved a certain percentage of the puzzles and battle against others in random time trials. It seems rushed and not polished the overall speed of the game was laggy at times mid game..
I love the game but for some reason it keeps crashing I'm gonna keep it installed and hopefully they fix cause I do love color switch 1 and was hoping the best for 2 and was having fun and it's really cool but it crashed several times I will update this if it get better and quits crashing oh wait this is an edit it got better I just needed to restart the app after that it ran smooth no frame loss no crashing amazing give it time of your all also crashes from the beginning restart it and see
It was laggy and it kept exiting me out after like, 3 minutes a few times. I liked the first color switch better because there are different modes and daily quests, and I know this is still being worked on but this is what I think right now. Also some games are better 2d than 3d. My opinion though. If you're reading this about downloading, try it out.
Cool concept, but needs more work to make it great. Could use optimization, I can see it's not a stable framerate. More items in the shop too.
Really fun game, great job!! There's some lag, hoping it's fixed soon. I want to see multiplayer, and race against others. If this is like the original, with new modes added every month, I'd like to hang on to this game to see what new modes are brought to the table.
Well, naturally i had high hopes for it, till started playing it. About 15 seconds later couldn't go anywhere, everything stopped moving and couldn't do almost anything. Only watching the billboard in the distance playing the ad for CS 1. The impression i had was.... Hmm visually too dull, hope things get better later, a wish that didn't materialized at all. (video grab is available in case someone is interested)
Very simple, controls are wonky, and the camera angle changes unpredictably and makes it hard to see what's going on. I hope they can fix this and make a more interesting game soon, because I loved color switch and I can't believe they stopped adding content to that game to make... this.
I've seen a lot of reviews saying that the game is laggy I didn't experience any lag tho The first game was pretty decent but this one is very similar to those games from Voodoo The pixels are visible, low quality textures (im talking about buildings in the background) and the gameplay gets boring in a few minutes of playing. Giving it 3 stars only because it is a slightly above average time waster
Bruh this game is Very laggy like VooDoo games and I'm very unhappy about this, it is very unplayable and most of the time when you swipe it doesn't move and it freezes for a few seconds, stick to the classic color switch
It isint as good as the first game but otherwise its pretty good. Please add some updates to keep it having endless things to do like the first game
This game is great but I want a color switch 3 changelog: multiplayer all skins for free editable color 4D new colors
The cursor dragging doesnt match your finger rate and the amount the ball moves varies based on the camera angles (which arent the best). Its a neat concept but it needs some work.
I love the original Color Switch game so when I first played this game I was definitely surprised and a little disappointed however this is a different game, not what I was expecting but after I looked at it as a completely different game it was actually fun. Right now it's very simple so I'm definitely looking forward to updates with new balls/trails/roads to unlock and new features!
So much nostalgia. great graphics, Loved this game up until it decided not to work 2 days after downloading it so i had to uninstall it. Im gonna reinstall it again and see if that helps