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Color Switch - Official for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Color Switch Phoenix LLC located at P.O. Box 940596 Simi Valley, CA 93094. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game. I remember asking my grandma what she was playing and she said color switch. After that I downloaded the game it was so cool. Good job. Keep up the good work.
This game keeps lagging and whenever i go on it. When i play this game it runs very slow. When I play the classic part of this game its like it goes slow. Then when i die and restart it like it goes every other tap then its like im not even tapping and i die. And it does this every time. And it has dome this with the other parts of this game. Please fix these to get the 5 stars you rightfully deserve.
Yeah probably its the best offline game, but the reason that I give it four stars is that ads always showed up even if im done with the level. Can u fix this problem? If u can fix this, next time this game will have a five stars came from me and others.... And tnx for the game! I appreciated it! Keep improving!😊
This game is very amazing. It help us to timepass easily. This game is like we just balance our life from danger zone means we just balance the ball. This game is very very very and very beautiful,interesting,awesome . If u play this game so write ur review it is my humble request to u all my frnds. So enjoy this game balance ur life
I am happy and also sad with the game. I am happy that i got this game and it have a plenty of game modes,but the sad thing is the update. The only last update. It has removed my favorite game modes and added plenty of useless modes which hurted me and I also deleted the game. But then I reinstalled and I had seen that there are also some great new games. Better old games also there. With regards, One of the fans of the game.
I played this 3-4 years ago, and I stopped using that device, so I forgot about the app. Now I come back and I see that I have many badges and stuff, + levels and difficulties played, but when I go back and try to get those when linking the account it shows up as if I have nothing, like it's a new acc. I go to settings in the left upper area and tap the recover from google option, but I waited for 15+ min, nothing happened. It just kept loading and I wasn't going to wait for 30 min lol. help?
It's a fun, classic game! My only problem is that sometimes it freezes for a second or doesn't respond to the tap in time so I end up losing... But I don't know if it's just my mobile (due to the high graphics) or if others are finding the same problem. All the same, I enjoy playing it!
Pretty Good and fun, I enjoy it and it really helps calm me down. I recommend downloading this if you get calmed down by this app, its awesome and the color themes are amazing!
Earlier when I had played it had just the one mode. Now you have made it a multi game with amazing game modes. The Classic is the one that sets the bar but alongwith it Escape , Castle , Dungeon , Shoot , Run and all the others add an exciting incentive to keep playing the game. One of the most evolved game since its launch. Keep adding more game modes ❀️ Just want to add one thing that I noticed in a game named Mini Metro, you can add the COLOUR BLIND mode in our Colour Switch too.
I haven't played this game in years and I finally found it! The game still has the fun years ago so I rate it five stars but if I could rate it more I would most certainly do so! Love this game!!! β™₯️
This game made me and my friend cry because it would not work and made you lose on purpose so I do not recommend this game to anyone and this game only deserves 1 out of 5 stars do NOT want anyone to go through the same thing that I had to am still crying because this stupid game!!!
The problem is not the ads The problem is that you thought it was about ads what I really was trying to say after a 30 second ad I have to start over from the beginning I watched an ad to continue but instead it said I failed the level. If yo patch the glitch, I will remove the critical review and replace it with a postive review.
It has many ads prevent it please . First I like run and galaxy in the games . Second there are many games . And dont think this is a mistake . First and Second they were my favaurits . It is a grest game of time pass also . And pease there are ads in every minute please prevent it . Thank you β—†
When the original color switch got taken down I thought this would be a great replacement. Now don't get me wrong, all of these game modes are awesome and creative, and compared to the old color switch this is way better. But what isn't better is the loading times. Sometimes it takes 10 seconds to load into a level selection page, and 15 seconds to load into a level. I understand the game had to be rebuilt from the ground up, but surely it couldn't have been this badly optimised.
Live the game. My only issue is the cloud save not working. I had to reset my device, and when I went to load from the cloud, it forever says "Checking Cloud." I've tried on both data and wifi, and both yield the same results. Maybe have it just link with Google Play or Facebook? Hopefully this gets fixed. Great game otherwise.
Color switch is a pretty impressive and fun game! It has many game modes and fun things and it really challenges your mind, sometimes I forget what the color is and I die, but that's the real thing! I gave it four stars because some of the game mods are confusing and a bit boring. When I used to be little I played this game, and the mods were better before, but its still very fun, keep up the hard work!
ok this game is fun i am 10 and i am still a big fan a of this game ot can ne hard but still fun in any way i was.on playstore and i searched for piano tiles and i came across this game coulour switch it is because if your are somewhere and you are bored you can play ot does not need wifi πŸ˜πŸ˜Žβ€πŸ™‚πŸ€©πŸ˜˜ loveing it
I think there's a bug in Bee mode at level 26. There is a circle (third obstacle) just standing and you can't pass it. I shouldn't be able to see that circle, it's a mistake with switching colors.
It is a a pretty good app, I was at the end of finishing one of the levels and then it just reset itself, and all the levels I got to restarted. It was rly frustrating!
Loved the game. However, it has been three times already where I have more than 30k stars, and all of the sudden the count goes to zero and I lose the recent levels passed. That is really frustrating, so I opt for not playing this any more. Hope you fix it.
This game is fun and can be addicting, but I only gave it 3 stars because sometimes it won't register my taps. So I die all the time.
OK so I haven't actually played this game ever, which is why I gave it 4 starts but I gave this game 4 stars because I looked through the reviews and saw that the creators had replied to All!! Of the ratings which is pretty impressive and shows me that the creators care about making a great game and that they will do anything to improved this game. Please download this alot of work has been put I to it. πŸ‘ Creators, keep doing what your doing, and hope you have a great day y'all.
I don't play mobile games that much but when i do this is a great time killer. Multiple game modes and a great art style makes the game so fun.
It's cool y'know. But, I'm just gonna say.. the first time I downloaded this app was like tons of years ago, and it was amazingly fun and entertaining. I'm not saying that this latest one is not good, its just not as fun as the old one.. I have no troubles with ads online or offline which is good.. I will rate it 5 if you keep improving the game. Although for now I wanna rate it 4.
I had previously rated this game 4/5 for a wide variety of game modes, fun music, achievements and daily challenges. I didn't quite think it was worth 5 stars because there is no way to continue playing but with a variety of game modes, as you have to switch between them yourself. This morning my entire game progress has been wiped. My achievements are in tact, however I don't have any sort of Google Play backup, no in-game stars and my stats say I have not played any levels. Brilliant.
i use this app a fair amount and enjoy but when i opened today I'd lost ALL of my stars! Every single one of them! I had had over 40000 stars and now they're all gone! I'd bought more than half of the balls but all of those are gone too :(
To: Colour Switch Sorry for the 1 star. This game was fun in like 2018 but it kinda sucks now. Firstly it took a long time to load. Like about 5 mins. Then i clicked the game modes and had a black screen and 2 ads already pop up. But no game modes. There are also SO MUCH ADS even if you arnet allowed to purchase the ad free version then its so horrible. And i hate the music and the new game modes. Wheres Target? Used to be my fav. Improve it please because you havent improved it since november!!
Color Switch is the BEST game to play when you are bored and have nothing else to do. However, there is a glitch on level 26 of BEE - it is literally impossible to complete. There is a closed circle through which the ball cannot get through... Anyways, apart from this glitch, which I am sure you are going to get rid of, the game is AMAZING!
A great game nice to play I enjoy it very much on daily basis 😊 and the thing I love is that it works even without internet connection. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ But the ads during levels are annoying . Please reduce some ads fix the issues as ads make the game lag sometimes. Still enjoying it v much β€οΈβœŒοΈπŸ˜„
I once liked playing this game but from time to time they patched it worse. The problem are not the ads, you can easily play in airplane mode if those annoy you. Good modes were removed and instead the developers added "new" modes just reusing the concept of another gamemode (castle & dungeon). If you want a fast paced game, this is nothing for you except you wanna see the same coin-collection animation after each try. Plus they added random elements that kill you certainly in some runs (saw).
This is a great game. It has a big variety of levels, gamemodes, and you can even play the endless versions of them. It also has a lot of customization for the ball that you are playing as, and is overall fun to play!
The only reason I rate four stars is because they got rid of the old game modes. For example (my favorite game mode) break. They took break out and now my heart is broken. Everything else about the game is amazing.
A very cool game that needs concentration. In this game you have a ball of a certain color , either pink , blue , purple or yellow and you have to only touch the things that are the same color as your ball. Very entertaining 😁
I love this game, really recommend it. The only complaint I have is with the really annoying ad that displays on the lower center of the screen, everytime it pops up it makes the game laggy and unresponsive, which is a dealbreaker for a game that requires so much precision and good timing, I can't even count how many times I died because of it. I get that you need the ads to generate revenue, but I feel like just 1 or 2 ads after every match would be much more convenient.
It worked really well before the latest update. It doesn't save my high scores anymore. The daily challenges work at first, but as soon as I go back to the levels, it says they're all unavailable. Ever since the update, I haven't played it as much. I went from playing it everyday to maybe once a week. Maybe it's just my phone, but it's just different now.
Hi. About the free spins, i have to watch ads to get extra spins. But it says that didn't work. Please fix this bug
Used to be a good game but now the game spams ads for color switch world. The whole bottom of my screen is just an ad for their other game. I don't want to download it, stop spamming me. If it weren't for that the game would be 4/5 stars.
The game is great and all, but the endless amount of ads just ruin the game. They even mess me up mid game when they switch out, causing a lag spike that doesnt let me jump or move at all and most of the time it kills me. If the ads were more reasonable for gameplay then it would be a 4 or 5 stars
I absolutely love this game. It never gets boring. I remember playing this game a long time ago and its still super fun! I love the different modes that you can play and I love all of the skins. It is a challenge, but thats the good part. There are ads, but I feel like it doesn't take away from the game too much. The only bad part is that its really hard to get a lot of coins (at least for me). That refrains from getting cooler skins, but overall the game is soo fun and I 100% recommend it!
Before, it was really good, but now it's not working right, all the time there's some bug that make me fail, I'm just fed up with this
Love the game. Plenty of content with a bunch of different modes to choose from, each with their own unique gameplay. However I am only giving it 4 stars due to the frequent ads I receive between levels, which makes trying to play through the modes a little annoying. Otherwise, a great game, and I definitely recommend it.
I used to love this game, and had a high score of 47 (?), however an update sometime earlier this year has completely ruined it for me. I lost my high score completely, and now the game glitches every time, dropping my ball/icon - making me immediately fail? Please fix this, I used to really enjoy colour switch and now its practically unplayable. :/
The game is really good but it like cheats suppose you lost in a game and you press on the add, after the add is finished the game gets stuck it has happen soo many times And yesterday i bought a new ball and today it's showing that i haven't. These small mistakes may effect you're rating, i hope you fix it all ✨.
The game is simple and fun but the animation for losing includes a white flash which i find annoying and distracting. I play the game around about before i go to sleep as its a game i enjoy which also has a mainly black theme, but the white flash ruins this for me. Please change this slightly, i see it alot because i die alot :/
I really like this game! There's so many mods to choose from and I've completed many of them. But the reason I gave it 4 stars is because its quite boring and I rarely even played it. The ads aren't an issue and I haven't been facing problems. Other than that I would recommend this and have a great day/ night πŸ˜‰β€οΈ
Why does it not register when i touch the screen, this game is so simple it should not be struggling, if i touch the screen then it should do actions as if i touched the screen, also ads for this commeon ill just code my own in an hour.
This is really fun and addictive! After you start you just want to get 100% on EVERYTHING! I totally suggest getting this game! It is a great mobile game time killer, tons of skins to unlock and use, A lot of fun game modes that just make you just WANT to get 100% in all of them, and it has some intense strategy! So like I said earlier, I would suggest getting this game on your phone, tablet, iPad, Chromebook, etc. and rate it 4-5 stars for the game's support and new updates! Get Color Switch!
To be honest, it's better when you're playing it on a brand new phone! At first, I was going to give the game three stars, but that was only because I was playing it on my old phone. Once I updated my phone, I started to realize that it didn't glitch out and it started to work properly.
ive played this game for a long time across various devices and it's an amazing game !! unfortunately i developed tourettes recently and a tic formed that was triggered by losing any level. i cant play anymore because of that, so if anyone else suffers from tics of any kind id watch out for that. i still wanted to leave a nice review either way, because this was one of my favorite games. :)) highly recommend !
This app used to be fun but most of the "game modes" are just different versions of the classic one. Ads are annoying and you may need to restart the app multiple times. Ads pop up in the middle of the screen and don't go away for 5 minutes. Edit: Ads are still annoying but slightly better, to whoever replied to me, I understand that the theme is switching colors, I’m not stupid, I’m simply saying they are extremely similar. Personally, I will not be purchasing the ad free as I have heard to many times of people still getting ads on the β€œad free version” Thank you for making time to reply to my review and I hope you understand my concerns
It's an overall fun but simple game. Not only does it have an endless base mode, there are multiple different modes to choose from! The downside is some of the achievements that make you watch ads to earn them; that's kinda dumb but nothing super horrible.
I haven't tried this but I've been seeing the commentary and it's pretty good keep up the job! I remember the time I played this when I was little and it was amazing and again it would be really rare for me to play it anyways have a good day! πŸŒΈπŸŒΊπŸ’— Edit: I love your games!
I really like this game.they continuously make new game modes and there are absolutely no ads.it's also amazing because u can get new balls and sometimes they are not balls but other cool shapes. Each mode is different and there are easy medium and hard for each mode. I happily rate this game 5 🌟
Fun and simple to learn. Graphics are bold and sharp as its mainly just shapes and colours. Ads aren't frequent and annoying. Different gamemodes for variety so you dint get bored quickly.
I had been playing this game for quite a while now an I'm starting to notice a few issues. 1.The game seems to sometimes randomly lag or even crash foe no reason and put ypu off from playing. 2.The cloud saving feature doesn't seem to want to work despite me having a decent connection. Aside from those 2 issues i've found everything else is fine. The graphica look great, the gameplay feels good. All in all i enjoy the game i just wish it wasn't so buggy.
At the beginning there are lots of new game modes but lately there has been so many new kinds of game modes that it's getting very confusing.
I really like the game, and the ads are very controlled! Its not like there's an ad after every level like with other games.
When I first download this game it had a lot of potential, but it got boring very quickly as there was only one game mode, the classic. Now there are lots of game modes to choose from and there are lots of levels on each of them. You can customise your game by changing your character, and the ads are far enough spread out that it doesn't bother you. The game is very straightforward but still fun the only thing you need to be able to do is tap the screen in any place you like. Highly recommended
The old Color Switch that is still installed in my device works better than this one. The new CS has too many bugs that are not fixed for almost a year! Ads sometimes not working, very long loading time between levels, and cloud save feature not working. My last cloud save was September 2019! Lastly, my records in Endless modes have been wiped out! If you cannot fix these bugs and errors, I might uninstall the game for good. Until then, I will NOT change my 1 star rating.
Very fun game, has many modes to keep you entertained for a very, very long time!! The fact that it's offline is magnificent, I never get bored of this game!! I have no issues with the game at all πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ I DEFINITELY, reccomend this game! πŸ‘Œ Definetly play when you have nothing to or are bored.. Best game EVER!
This game is rigged. It randomly drops the ball down, or raises it up, and causes me to die. This game would be fine, but it is a cheat for time.
This is a really addictive game because it's not one of those games that is really easy, it starts of easy and then eases you in to getting harder. You can play classic or even find lots more levels like Magma Level, Star Level and lots more! Great game!!! It's worth downloading, you won't regret it!
(Edit) After purchasing the no ads, I'm still getting ads. Waste of money thanks. Definitely keeping the one star.
No at all a good game. It just keeps lagging everytime. I am not at all able to play. It just keeps ruining my game and every second there are adds.
It's really fun to play. I really enjoy playing this game with friends. I play this everywhere I go everyday. I love playing the daily challenges and love to see if I can get a new ball from the prize wheel. The game modes I like to play are Run, Flip Flop, Clock, Led, Track, Bee and Sled but my favourite is Clock mode.
Addicting!! Just want ads on demand instead of onscreen ads coming up by thier own, in game Purchase or continue Level ads would be genius !
The gameplay is actually very good, very fun and dynamic. The problem that I found with this game, and the reason it didn't get five stars, is that each level takes a long time to load. It doesn't actually take very long to complete each level, and so lots of waiting is involved, and there are quite a lot of adverts too.
Have mailed them about the critic achievement not being unlocked and other few bugs that I had observed with screenshots. They were responsive initially asking me to set up email to back up data on cloud and then give a feedback later from that email. Had done that as well but after no response even after sending reminders. My aceivement is still not unlocked and waiting for them to get back
Hi great game i just installed it today and the game is so freaking fun there are many game modes many mini games many challenges and this game is so good that you don't even care about the ads one of my favorites mobile games ever!!!
I used to really like this game, and I even paid for no ads, but now I am seeing them again after levels. The banner ads at the bottom (even during levels!) of the screen are also annoying, but are much smaller than they used to be on "no ads" mode, so I would let those slide if it truly had no other ads after paying for there to be NO ADS. This is ridiculous.
It was one of my fav game for years but the advertisements had really ruined the whole fun. The game keeps lagging leading towards hanging my device. Hope the issue would be resolved soon.
Great game. Experienced glitches with the Easter eggs.. they just kept growing in size as I played. I didn't think it was supposed to happenπŸ˜…
It's fun. But not when it glitches out ever other level. Not to mention, on one of the levels it kept glitching out so I watched an ad for a skip and it worked and I did the level after then was working on the next level when I took a brake(ok maybe I got a little frustrated and threw my phone across the room...). When I came back, I was back on the level I got the skip for and it wouldn't offer me to get another skip and I had to redo the level after that one too. This is for patient people
Massive rage game, too many ads, slows down midgame and doesn't register. Never will be installing this app again. Sorry, Color Switch. But that's what I've decided on your app.
This game has 30+ gamemodes and 2,700+ levels. This game is ok and I would recommend. But the lag in this game is not good and it takes about 15 seconds to load. Can you add a retry button to every level? I'm meaning that to place the retry button on the level (When you are actually playing the level. You can put a retry button at the top of the level) And there are a lot of ads, video and pop-up. Other than that it is a fine game.
Wth?? This app is soo addictive nd soo good but, one complaint, an ad came on randomly after level 6 or something and there was no x button so i couldnt get out of it, and the back button on the ipad wasnt working either. But the game is so good. Download it but i need the makers to fix this problem please? (If possible ) Thx!! β˜†β™‘β˜†β™‘
Honestly, it's a good game, but it's very, very, very glitchy. When you tap the ball, it won't move, and you just die instantly, and then there are times where it goes up, even though you haven't tapped the screen. I enjoyed the game but this really annoyed me, and it resulted in me deleting the game, so my experience was not good, therefore I have left a bad rating.
Very challenging and fun, I liked that a lot but every single time I died there was an ad! I would die then click onto the screen thinking it would put me into the next game and I would click an ad instead and then it send me to a website and it's so annoying!
I love this game its super easy but really fun but for children under age of six seem to like not being able to do it or is that just me but anyway as i said before it's really fun and active lots of activities on it....If you haven't I think you should get this game. I highly recommend this app
This game is so addicted. I get to lose sometimes but we know it's part of the game. My bros and sisters and so as my friends enjoy playing this game. Thankfully I managed to find this one while browsing in the apps store. Love it.
I am giving 5 stars to this game but it is very difficult. Like a impossible. It is irritating to play again and again the same level in classic mode.
The game concept itself is good but the glitch is annoying and I end up losing over it.Not going to comment on ads as I understand that free fames do this.Also,some of the modes are basically the same other than a few details and the name so it can be repetitive.😬
Do not and I repeat DO NOT play this game if you are a person with anger issues...this is a game for those with patience and for those who don't get angry fast. I like the game but I got angry issues and um, yeah...it is a good game and I do recommend it.
Game is solid and fun but I came across a bug where the game was literally unplayable. I could load any level but I couldn't actually start any of them. I reinstalled and that fixed my issue but all my currency is gone now and that was a lot of saved currency. Willing to change my review. This is all on a galaxy s20
This game is amazing! It's such a time killer and it's so cool how there is separate levels too. It's great! My son is having a blast to this! There are not many ads so that's great too. I'm so thankful for your app. Me and my son love it so much! Thank you.
This game is really fun you should check it out. I did make a bad report and if you saw it please ignore it. Also, if you were mad at the fact that there old modes were gone the story is that someone pretty much stole the game and refused to give it back so they created the game all over again so we can still play the game. Some of the old modes are still on there just with different names. I am so sorry for being so rude to them about the game. Definitely check out the game.
Just like I remember from so long ago. This is a really fun game. I recently downloaded this after forgetting about it for many years, and it plays just like how I remember. It's passive and simple, but still fun& able to hold your attention. The only issue I've seen so far is that there is a slight lag. I dont know if hitting the wrong color causes it or if it makes me lose control, which then causes the ball to break...or both πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ It's still fun tho :)
It has different variations of modes that are hard and easy and the fact that when your bored or already mastered a gamemode you can just go to another game mode or play endless
The game is very fun and all the game modes set a challenge yet a goal to beat them all, only reason I have 4 stars is that some levels nothing appears on the level yet it acts as the colours are there (more specifically deep ocean 44) if this sort of issue can be fixed then instantly earns a 5 star
Its good, there's a lot of modes, which mix up the game and makes it fun. Though some of them are really similar, its kinda like you guys wanted more modes but couldn't come up with more. Like castle and dungeon are pretty much the same thing, and mini golf and launch, ect. But other than that its a good game, not too many adds either.
Downloaded this game again after a long time, and for some reason I'm experiencing input lag (as well as general lag) during gameplay. It's not as responsive to quick successive taps with both thumbs as it used to be. I don't know if it's the App or my phone's problem, but a solution or bug fix would be great (Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus). Otherwise, GREAT game as always.
I like this game and all but I gave a three stars cus sometimes for no reason it's starts to glitch and u get out. If the app wants u to get out then it will surely get u out by hanging the game which is what I really don't like and there is like a small glitch in BEE level 26 and there is no way you can get past that.......... And one suggestion that I want to make is that if u off ur wifi or mobile data u won't get and ads........... And I also want to add up that there are a lots of ads......
An update somewhere between April and now made me lose 50% of my overall progress, probably when the game modes were renamed and switched around. For example, I know I completed Run in its entirety plus the secret levels but now it's back to 0%. Several other game modes have been reverted to 0% as well. Also, like others have said, the loading time is very annoying.
I've re-downloaded the game to play it again. But it seems like the ads are really excessive which makes me don't feel like playing. I just want to enjoy a game without that much ads. This game fails to do.
There is different, MANY different types of mini games, not counting the regular. The mini games can get you new balls, there's a lot of them. You can also buy trails, balls, and different colors, with stars. Stars you get from mini games and the regular. I count this as fun as can be, but not when you don't have Google plays games. I recemond this A TON
Its a pretty good game. I love the different game levels, however it has your share of ads. Which I understand they need ads to keep the game free. Overall its the kind of game you would enjoy whithout getting to upset about the problems.
I remember this game being really fun but now it is just frustrating. When the ads at the bottom of the screen refresh clicks don't register. This is annoying because you constantly need to continue clicking to keep the ball up and when it stops it is almost inevitable that you lose. Would be five stars except for this problem. Please fix.
Its a great game with so many great modes. But sometimes the game freezes during an add. I have to get complety out of the game and then go back in. And then it takes forever to load the game. Its getting very annoying.
This game is fun but sometimes the ads on the bottom annoy me because when I tap the bottom for the ball to go up the tap doesn't make the ball go up and instead I get a ad if you fix it I'll make this 5 stars
I really love this game and the most important thing is no ads and there are so many modes to play,my favorite are escape, run and classic so if you are bored so play this game this is so much fun πŸ˜ƒπŸ€—πŸ˜‰
I played this before with the old version, but in this new version I sees so many changes rather than the old one, but this one, I like it but I hate when I'm in level 44 in deep ocean (my fav mode) I don't where is the obstacle its just all dark and when a go down it went die, so please do something to fix this kind of idk if mistaken or whatever
Used to be a big fan a few years ago. But now it's packed with even more ads, everything is slower to load & run, and the game randomly glitches where you can tap anything except the buttons, so you can even start the ball moving let alone play the level. And they dumped a bunch of really great game modes from before too.
Pls add the old music back..i remember always playing the old version of the game and enjoying the diffrent level sound tracks so much but now its just one song playing over and over and i just end up turning the music of the game off altogether
A disappointing reboot of of what once was a great game. Too many classic game modes are gone and the new replacement ones are unable to fill that void and some even feel out of place, like they belong in a different game. It's not true to the spirit of the original. And there are no more original soundtracks for each game mode, it's all bland music now. A true shame. However if by some miracle you never played the original then you'll find this new one just fine.
Am I right in thinking that an ad featuring a naked woman popped up? My 6-yr-old said 'Yuk she's naked!' but the ad had gone by the time I looked. He had played several times with his Dad and my husband has never seen such an ad. A quick Google search brought up a forum featuring complaints from parents about this. Is there a way of using parental controls on the ads or not (I'm not the most tech savvy). Any feedback from Color Switch or the community gratefully received!
A really fun game if you like simple arcade type games but theres just one problem. Those ads that stay at the bottom of the screen when you are in the middle of a run tend to refresh and make your taps not register and then you die. There are pop up ads that aren't really consecutively annoying, but if there are pop up ads why are there ads at the bottom of the screen while you play. It takes some fun out of it. Please fix this. If there are ads at the bottom, make them refresh between games.
Very hanging app. It was glitching in the first round and my friends started raging after playing this game. Would not suggest to be played by easily raging people. Please fix this problem. Before this happened it was my favourite game. Please fix this.
This is the best game ever I remember when my cousin showed me this game a few years back and it was really fun. I have this game installed on my phone and my iPad and I play when ever I get bored. This is a very cool game and since it's challenging it's more fun. Keep up the good work
This is a really fun game. I love the mini golf levels because they are easy and fun. I wish I got this game earlier. When I'm mad or angry I play this game and calm down. This game is also relaxing. Best game ever.β€πŸ˜€πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜. I recommend this game.
Almost good, the last level in the mode Freedom from Medium difficulty cannot be passed as the first obstacle does not align correctly for you to pass, no matter how much time you wait.
That games are really fun game I tried it and it's an amazing game I love especially cuz the ball moves on top I love that game I've been incessantly my phone I've been doing all along and I feel like that in itself is the best game ever stuff but I hope there's more games are like that he and get your robot stuff but nothing of this gives us both but that's what they gave me my family wants Roba so I'll say to this whole
Amazing legendary game on kill time but I put only 4 stars cause there is only one song and old color swtich had more great songs😒. That one song is just annoying when you hear it for to many timesπŸ™„. I loved another songs :)
This game is good overall, but the creators should really allow the player to retry as many times as they wish before restarting. It's so frustrating to be on the last part of the level, and not be able to continue because of a limited amount of retries. Color Switch Phoenix, LET US HAVE UNLIMITED RETRIES
I dont like the gameplay, they make the game so difficult on the first part they give you such a small space and the ball jumps very high, it's not fun it's angering and everytime I die I get another ad they need to reduce the amount of ads becaus I dont wanna have a 20 second ad everytime I die in a very difficult game.
Fun to play, very modernistic feel and never ends. For those who get tired of ads, they do run no-add versions if you pay a bit extra, but that's optional ;)
The game is fun, but the lag kills it. You get halfway through a level then the game lags out and you die... Get close too beating your high score, it lags out and you can kiss it goodbye. Don't purchase anything in game, because you likely won't play it for very long. There is so many game modes that feel like filler, some of them are quite fun, but the lag kills them like previously stated. A lot of them just seem like the devs were trying to fill blank space in game. Uninstalled
This is hands down the best game there is. It keeps you occupied but not too much that you get addicted, which is unhealthy. This game requires pure skill, hand eye coordination, and patience to some extent (in the tougher levels). In short: The most amazing game!!!
This game used to be fun, now it lags and at random times i can't jump. The ads at the bottom of the screen get annoying too.
This game is amazing!!! I love playing color switch. But my only issue is that on some devices, I have to download google play games or something. Otherwise its very fun. would recommend!
Love this game since a young child and have had it on my tablet but then it had an update and it restarted me from the beginning I don't care I Still love this game πŸ˜‚ I used to play and now there are different levels I used to love finger spinner but most levels have been renamed and new has been added I love the new and improved version πŸ‘Œ