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Color Story - paint journey for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by foranj - farm day games & paradise township hotels located at Russian Federation Moscow City, 119435 Maly Savinsky per. d5 office 3. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game itself deserves 5 stars, but it won't let me connect to fb so that I can save my progress. Each time I open the game, I have to start all over again
This was great until the Rome level Coluseum number there is one thin slab of paint needed 24 and 46 don't allow you to color them I tried bombs and paintbrushes and nothing. I'll give it a few days but deleting is likely if not fixed
I'm extremely picky when I'm trying to find games, but this one I actually really like. It has ads after every round but other than that its really good
Once u conplete a world its too hard to get the tickets to open the next one since the orders to get the tickets only come ONCE every 24 hours and then u only get 20 at a time
Would be nice if it would let me connect it to Facebook instead of saying there's an error, and the notifications when your being made to watch an add get old quick especially when you can't turn them off in the game.
Love this game. But I wish that the coloring bomb was not on. There should be an option to take it off. I like to color the picture myself without having large parts done for me. Do not like the flashing off it.
I like the concept of this game a lot but it has a handful of glitches where colors won't fill in because the space is too small to register. I can't pass the picture I'm on due to this problem. It's extremely frustrating. I'll update my review when that issue gets fixed.
The game is quite good, dont get me wrong. Bit it is a nit annoying as I cannot proceed. Ive finished italy and i cannot move to the next country.
I really liked this game but am uninstalling it simply because I am colouring the same pictures over and over again and don't seem to move further on in the game.
This is a fun, relaxing coloring game with really cute art and a good theme to tie it all together. One big improvement for the English version would be to have a native speaker go over the text - it can be very clunky and sound strange. Devs - I really enjoy your game and would be happy to help with the English translation if you want!
I've just started playing the game and I love it so far. The only problem I have right now is that it will not let me connect with Facebook, please fix this issue. Thanks guys for a great game. I still give it 5 stars and it still will not connect to my Facebook.
It's fun. Wish they had more games like this. I hate match three games. I love to color to relieve stress. This game holds my interest and calms me. I just hope it doesn't turn into a pay to play game. Games should always be fun and shouldn't pressure you into spending money you don't have.
Good game. Love the game play, but please fix the facebook connection portal. Wont let me connect to save progress
To easy, they gray out where to paint instead of letting me find where to paint. Don't like the auto complete when close to finish would like to finish the painting myself.
I think that it's a very interesting game and you can get to do something that is on the creative side to. And on the crafty side too.
I like this game,alot.I love to colour in pictures for a couple of hours a day.It helps to past the time,and it also helps me in my work.
Hi there thanks so much for this game!!Just started and loving it so far,great graphics and addictive and awesome story attached to gameπŸ™ŒπŸ˜
So far the story seems to go a bit slow it's almost mostly coloring and not enough story but I'm not taking the rating down too much on account of I just started I would love to be able to find out when there is a baby like in the photo I'm hoping if not just a download bait
I completed 3 country more than a month I am waiting for MADRID country but it shows comming soon now I m frustrated With I can't wait .it can't login with fb
Lovely!! ❀️ Much better than the other such games. Pictures are so nice. I also love to read Sara's conversation with boys Liam and Jack. People who wrote and translated it must be very good persons. πŸŽ€
I love the pictures and the different games so far loving it...well until now. Need more tickets to move on but can't !I've on without any pictures
It's fun and I love it, but when will the next update be available? I reached the end of Madrid paintings several days ago, and I'm still waiting for the next one to open πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
Nice game, issue is money collection is slow ( or say less ), countries are completed at early, no new are available at continuous time. It's a great game uninstalling for that reason only.
I love the game, my only problem with it is that if you don't finish the coloring of the picture and return to it later to do. You have to start all over again 😭😭
Game is updated and I passed the picture that was glitched! Seriously if you run into issues, email support and they WILL respond!! Ty Ty Ty πŸ†
I like the game I have played two similar apps but this one is a lot better only one thing I would change and that would be to make the bits you have to colour a little darker for older eyes thank you for a lovely game
Pretty fun and relaxing for the moment . But thanks anyways I have uninstall it........... After so long playing you have to give real money to continue because you run-out of energy 😑😑😑😑. The energy still has 30 so why can't I still play and the energy timer is just way to slow more waiting than playing and purchasing energy is just way too much I guess you don't want us to play and enjoy I will be installing the game thank you
Still waiting for new levels to open.will be deleting app soon because theres no point in having an app i dont use anymore
WHAT WAS THE POINT WITH THE NEW UPDATE????? Still no new cities to do. Just a waist on the collections thats still the same, you just combined 2 OLD COLLECTIONS into a new one just to waist your time a d coins again waiting for the next cities!!! Even the planner is not working right. When I want to do a painting it shows it's already finished. If this goes on I'm going to [email protected]!
The game is good but the pictures use too much energy. I'm now receiving notifications every 5-10 mins telling me my energy is full but it's not. I can no longer watch an ad for energy either.
Was great till i had to update it. Then got stuck and won't let me pass to a new level. I deleted it and re installed it and not i can't pass any level
Am very disappointed with the game as I progressed well and then all of the sudden the energy no longer is replenishing and its as if the app has froze as per daily pages to color. This is a huge bug that need fixed asap!!!
Im really enjoying this game its a nice change from the usual match 3 decorating games one thing I would like and maybe im doing something wrong but I'd like it to work in landscape mode too
Fun paint by number with story. Still being developed so sometimes long wait shot next city to be available. Had to uninstall then reinstall for latest update so lost all my progress.
I quit playing pretty quick once I realized there was no way to turn off hints. It stressed me out because I like to color each area myself to relax. The game has a giant arrow pointing at the rainbow can that won't go away until I use it. Stop that.
If you love coloring you will love this game! Though I wouldn't recommend this game for younger kids, because of the story outline. There is a break up at the beginning.
While I do enjoy this app, it just frustrates me that miles cannot be earned enough so I can get to the next country. Like I just finished all levels in London, but I have to accumulate a total of 700 miles to get to Rome and I only have 640 miles. I mean why set it up like that? I'm now merely relying on orders so I can complete the miles needed but ohmygod, I have to wait a whole day for the next order to come. I just hope that earning miles will be much easier bec I truly enjoy this app.
I love the coloring, but wish there was more interaction with other characters. The biggest problem I've found is I've finished the Paris section but don't have enough money to go to the next city. I have to wait until I can "sell" some more paintings and since they are timed, I literally can't play the game until I get another painting.
Liked this quite a bit until I have ran out of puzzles until london but I only have 450 tickets and need 580 tickets which means I only have the orders to collect tickets and that's 20 tickets a day. Hard to play if you don't give me something to color!
It is fun but do l don't like that l can only color 2 pictures at a time. Then have to wait for my energy levels to go back up.
So far like playing it, just a few things that's bothering me, like the over excessive puff while colouring and the uneven sizes of the numbers, some are crossing over other numbers, when I can't find the highlithed number I rely on looking for the numbers, please see to it, but over all I like it.
After playing for so long and enjoying the game very much i got to Madrid and now the game frose it doesn't allow me to go forward to the next stage, what a pity i really liked this game alot
Well it was pretty good game until I got a message on Colorchat and I can't make reply. Plus I thought this game was renovating type game not a restore color type game.
It's fun so far, but I miss not being able to save partial paintings. Annoying when you have to quit half way and restart, especially for the larger ones. Got stuck with a painting in Rome, area that couldn't be painted (first Colloseum painting). Bug report sent, pending feedback developer. Also I was expecting more interaction with color chat.
I am really enjoying this game... I wish tho that the paintings were a little bit bigger & more challenging.. πŸ’œ
Truly loved it so much i'm enjoying it it so much fun, Thank you for making it and i hope you can keep making more game like this. Happy Holidays from 2021.
How can you call this colour stories when there is nothing for me to colour & probably won't be for 2 to 3 days... Very disappointing!!!
This game is very entertaining, I already finished all the maps available, I liked the idea of coloring stories around the world! I'm waiting for new updates :)
I'm deleting this app because all my progess was lost. Many times this happened so that's why it's irritating
This is an awesome game... This game should have more stories and more variations of painting... But, still I really love this game... πŸ˜πŸ’– Thanx for making it...! 😁
Its a pretty good game not like the others only please put let the paintings be less energys it will make the game better than we can do more paintings
Things I love about this game: The pictures are themed to the place, so you get to go on a cultural journey with the main character. Also, there really aren't that many ads. Which is nice. Things I don't like about this game: The story has been broken for me since literally the first area. I kept going. Some of the pictures include colors that are nearly identical to the "this spot is the right color" color. I clicked on those incorrectly so many times! Also tiny color spots that I can't touch.
Really do like playing this game in my spare unfortunately I can't log into my Facebook to save my progress everytime I try it says error
So good love it , I love painting games and this game is different there is a story with painting i love that idea
I'm giving 2 stars. I love this game but I could only get halfway through Rome. If you could fix the first colosseum picture, I'll consider reinstalling. The picture has some sort of glitch no matter how many tools I use it doesn't help. I can't use all of the 24th color nor the 46th color. I've found the places but there's nothing to color therefore it won't allow me to do so. All in all great game but I hate that I can't even finish it because of your mistake.
I really really like the game it fun playing and i really like the art works it creative infact the whole thing is creativity
Love this game just like gallery thatsba little bit better but I enjoy it all the same and keep up the good work with more games like color stories thamx πŸ˜ŠπŸ’šπŸ‘
I love your game !! Its very relaxing & interesting !! I should of gave you 4 stars only because when you click on any of the numbers some times it clicks once & sometimes you have to click on the number several signs. It could be aggravating but i love & enjoy playing the game. Ty ☺
I dont understand why i cannot get past madrid.i completed everything and now i try to go further and it will not let me the levels say coming soon.
I`ve just started but i like it. It`s cool mix of coloring by number and stories. I wanna see more cities I can travel to color them. And I`d like to share this pictures from my gallery to my friends plz make it!!!
Fix the Colosseum picture please. I can't move on to the next picture because of #24 and 46. I keep on clicking it, I even used bombs to clear it but it does not work.
Would love to play this but every time I try it turns upside down it does not stay still and I'm not going to color upside down fix it and ill play