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Color Rope

Color Rope for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Bigger Games located at 17 Savile Row, 3rd Floor, London, England, W1S 3PN. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Seems fun, but it wouldn't let me collect a single reward. The "watch an ad to receive reward" function seems to be broken. Lost interest quickly.
Game is fine to do without thinking to much. You're supposed to be able to get new skins and coins by watching ads bit the ads don't work, especially when you earned enough to get a new skin anyway. Waste of time.
Looked cool in concept but the solution to too many levels is just to wrapping around each peg and then doing so again backwards to either get to another peg or to the hole. Levels should be designed so you dont have to do this so much to win and there should be a limit to how much rope you could use. This would make it a colossally better game.
You have to watch an ad to get your reward. After a while, this stops working. You can't watch a video to get the reward but it forces you to watch a video you play the next level.
It wasbjust what I was looking for until it stopped giving me my rewards. I hit 100%, tap to watch the ad for a new ball end and nothing happens. I have to give it up to continue. I'm done.
The concept is somewhat interesting, and when playing it on airplane mode (since it's pretty obviously an ad filled nightmare), it's fine. The execution is poor though, it just handles poorly. The end of the rope seems to not follow the motion of your finger exactly, and is also covered up by your finger, making it a little irritating.
Ads EVERYWHERE. Furthermore, the gameplay is braindead (only got to level thirty though). Also, if you let go of the rop to pick it up again, it wont properly be where you're point anymore.
Way to many ads. First ten levels take about 1 second each but have 30 second ads ever 2-3 levels. Significantly more ads than play time, in my opinion doesn't even count as a game.
Ads every two levels? No thank you. I realize the developer has to do something for revenue to offset the fact the game is free but that kills any enjoyment a player gets because it kills your concentration
I know if people continue to playthe ads pay off, but make a paid ad free one for those off is that don't want 200 ads an hour. I will pay for programming but i won't suffer that many adds.
Boring and way too easy. They repeat the same puzzles but just rotate it 90 degrees. After every puzzle, which only take 10 seconds, you have to watch a 30 second ad. This "game" is just an ad platform.
Levels like 42 and 66 are great but 95% of levels require no thought to clear and a lot of levels you straight up need to try to fail them. Quality over quantity. Overall this game has some good ideas but does little with them
Fun game. A little hard to control. Sadly, my biggest issue is that the levels start repeating after just 70 or so. They flip them upside down or something to make it seem like they aren't repeats, but I was really disappointed right about the time it got challenging the level started repeating.
Rope doesn't always lock to hole. Ads after every level. Can't turn off vibration (why do these games even have it to begin with? It only waste battery life).
This game is relaxing. No pressure, but a lot of fun. If you've had a stressful day this game will calm you right down
When you enter a level, an ad. When you hit the reverse button to do the level over again, an add. When you decline a gift just to hope you don't have to sit through a 30 second ad, you sit through one anyway. Each ad is longer then doing each lesson. I will be uninstalling it!
Extreamly poor game control. Way to many ads. A 30 second add before a challenge starts, then another 30 second ad when done. That means one minor ads between a 110 second game. If you want any of the bonus awards, add another 30 seconds ad between challenges. So, you get 10 to 15 seconds of play time for up to 90 seconds of ads. This is nothing but adware.
Not terrible, but it's incredibly easy. The puzzles never get more difficult, and you end up spending more time watching unavoidable ads than actually playing the game. That's just bad design.
All the other reviews complain about ads but i came to give this 5 stars because of how little ads there are. Im at level 80 and ive seen maybe 5 ads total.
Too many damn advertisements. Go figure. Can't get past a single level and not have to watch one. Why cant they make any games without these stupid ads..
Way to laggy. It was also extremely easy. You'd think that the more levels you pass, the higher the difficulty, but it was just different shaped rope pegs. Total waste of time.
Too easy, does not progress to more difficult game play. So many ads it just feels like an excuse to shove as many ads in a users face as possible. Not addictive or fun at all.
I'm not sure what the point is with this game. It's ABSURDLY easy. After easy levels followed by more easy levels, what do you finally get? More easy levels. You do nothing and go nowhere. The only bright side is that they seem to have eliminated the bugs that plagued earlier players.
Super easy game. Some repetative levels with some a llittle more challenging. Each level takes a few seconds and I was very pleased that the ads are very spaced out instead of every 2 levels like so many of these quick level games.
Uninstalled due to frustratingly unresponsive controls. The end of the rope rarely goes where you try to drag it to (if it registers your touch at all), and in the rare occasion that you do get it in the hole, it's far more likely to freeze or crash the game than it is to actually send you the next level. That, coupled with excessive ads, make it completely unplayable. They've managed to make me feel cheated by a free game, wasting my time, and I feel scammed for watching any ads paying them.
Just far to many adds game might be alright Asked for rating after 3 rounds.! adds after each level Just can't get into it to many stoppages Uninstalled lucky to get 1*
it was really fun at first but the problem was as you kept on getting just very simple things and nothing complicated or are you had to use your brain in order to figure it out.
Ugh, the app just repeated the levels over and over and all of the ads were short but the same one over and over.
There is no difficulty to this game at all. The patterns repeat after level 70 and for all the ads just not good enuf. It only got 3 stars cuz it's a good idea.
This is my 2nd review. I was going to add on but I can't find it. I like the game and the ads aren't any worse than most games I play. I'd like it to get a little harder as it goes along but it's still fun. BUT.....for 3 days I've been playing it and have gotten the EXACT same ad except for maybe 4 or 5 times. If I'm gonna look at them, they need to be different.
Love it so far. We'll see if the ads are too many thus making the game too infuriating to play! If so I'll sadly uninstall it.
Starts out ok, but when the add time to puzzle solving time gets to a 6:1 ratio, that's time to uninstall. I'm not going to watch 60 seconds of adds for every 10 seconds of game time. Not challenging enough!
If you want to see just ads download this app, is super easy to play, no difficulty at all, you won't have fun
Neat game. Too many ads, they got ads that I couldn't get out of. Had to back out of game and restart. Waste of time.
First I use a styles the game turns its off why. Second ads whats up with that? Then the one time you need to see the ads to claim your prize it won't work until you hit lose prize. Come on it's a kids game lets have something fun not unfairly made just because you can.
Finally, a good ftp mobile game. The ads aren't excessive and they don't shove the fact you can pay to get rid of the ads in your face constantly. It can be a bit hard to control sometimes, but you get the hang of it. It's a good time killer, as it isn't excessively easy or excessively difficult. It has everything it needs, and other than the puzzles needing to be a little more zoomed in, i don't think it really needs any changes. Would recommend.
It's pretty simple. I feel smart playing this. Adds are annoying, but I've had thst problem with every game I download. I can't blame the app/game itself.
Simplistic puzzles & overly persistent ads. Closing one often simply opens another. Uninstalling now (you shouldn't bother...)
The game is fine, but you only get to play like 3 levels before you get and unskippable ad. And since the first levels are so easy you'll get 5 ads the first 5 minutes of playing. I get developers have to make money but the amount of ads is absurd.
Game is super easy got through the first 25 levels with no effort. Not wasting my time on something that's not challenging at all. Would have given three stars except it crashed every five or so levels.
Would give it zero stars if I could. I refuse to like a game where the ad for it shows someone doing awful at it on purpose, that doesnt make me wanna play it at all. I wanna see someone doing good so I know how the game actually works. The amount of ads in it are ridiculous. For every 30 seconds of actual game play you have 2 minutes worth or ads. Even skipping the prize so you dont have to watch and ad makes you watch one.
I enjoy games like this that do not require any thinking and give you a stress free way to wind down at the end of the day. I however am on level 40 and it has not allowed me to claim even one gift. It has a watch ad button but it has not worked one time.
It's not a bad game at all. The ads are all skippable in 5 to 10 seconds so it's not annoying. It's just very basic and easy to move on from
Loved it for the short time i had the app. So many different ways to wrap the rope. Had to uninstall to make storage space or i would still be playing!
this game is ass nd has a lot of ads every next level i would give it a half star if it was possible harder than u think stfu wack ass advertisement