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Color Rings - Colorful Puzzle

Color Rings - Colorful Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Fast Fun located at Cherry Hill, NJ 08003. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I read tons of reviews that said this game is so simple yet equally addictive. Well I can now join that group of fellow gamers in saying just that. This game is super fun and easy. I absolutely love this.
Love this game! Perfect relaxing, no-pressure game for decompressing. Simple, uncomplicated. No levels. No world score boards. Just best yourself. Only one ad after each time you end a session, which can last several minutes (or hours if you put your phone down ten times while playing like I do).
What a delightful fresh game! Tic Tac Toe has never been more fun. The levels of strategy fits every skill level. The colors are delightful. The play relaxing and challenging. I love this game!!
Pick up a ring, put it where you want it, right? Not when it gets stuck on the frame and the one next to it gets put in place. Like the game though frustrating when you've just begun a round and it glitches.
Beautifully done, highly enjoyable game. And No long annoying ads to sit through;ads only when you loose which could be several days of play. Small ads at the bottom of the screen are barely noticeable.
Fun, and very few ads. No interruptions at all! Ads only come up after the round ends... Nor does it make it impossible to end without watching ads. Very refreshing!
I like the challenge of this game. It's not too hard, but it's more challenging than you think. I wish it had a way to earn "do overs" so if you lose once you have to start the whole game over from the beginning. That's frustrating.
I enjoy the game once I understood how to play. Nice and simple, but keeps your brain working. I like the fact that it is stress free, great way to relax! For my age bracket, your games provide the challenge I am looking for without getting a panic attack to reach my goal. Keep up the good work!
Realism doesn't apply to this game. I have played this game before so it is quite clear. I switch out my apps and this game is in the rounds.
Easy, mindless, entertaining, some bugs. I've had it twice now tell me I have no more moves when I absolutely do have moves (like blank squares). Otherwise game is relaxing, entertaining, qnd little repetitive. I still like it though.
Wow.. love this game.. just got a score of 6744.. It took a few hours to achieve, but once you start you can't stop! Fun fun fun..
Enjoyable game play. Not hard, but not easy either. Makes you plan your moves and think about what you are doing. Once you place your circle in the square, you cannot change your mind. Your strategy better be correct. I like being offline and being able to pick up where I left off.
This is a fun, quirky little game. I would rate it more highly if the developers had written a line or 2 of introduction, instructions etc. And also, where are the settings to turn off what is a frankly irritating sound? I don't want to keep turning the volume down on my phone or disconnecting from Bluetooth. Please sort it out.
It really makes me pay attention and use my observation and brain thinking. But not hard enough to be frustrating to where I don't like to play it.
Took me a minute to realize that each ring of color determines the success of eliminating the circle. Its ever changing and soooooo NOT boring. Love it!
I come from a tetris and trigon background. Part of the appeal of those games is that you lose so often. This game scratches a particular itch... you can "button mash" (for lack of a better term) up to about 1000 points, but you have to stay strategic to make any headway. It's still easy to lose, but also not impossible to really succeed at. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for a pattern recognition type game that allows you to step away and come back workout consequence.
Well I absolutely loved this game until they put fb at the bottom of screen. I won't play it as long as the advertisement is there.
Fantastic! Endless replay. You only see an ad when you lose. Engaging sounds and no annoying music. Great for ages 8 and up! I highly recommend.
Learning the patterns just intriguing enough to keep one coming back, but not so frustrating it makes you want to uninstall.
1st- Mute sound by hitting the Pause on game [II] speaker icon there to mute. ..I dont EVER call a game "addicting" but this is! it's relaxing, looks easy but often takes strategy and is clever. you're basically playing tic-tac-toe but have to think. NO AD interruptions. have played to very high score dozens of times then empty cache and wipe out high score to get "new" game. would LOVE if more were added to this as theres many similar but gets tedious. none have rewards, side daily game, etc.
Best stress relief game, while I play I'm not thinking about anything and that's the only reason I play games on my phone, too take me away mentally. After 2020 we need this game
Game play is good, nice colors and graphics, and no ad bombardments! But... TOO easy. I played on and off for HOURS and have never lost a life. So, if you want a time killer, this is it. If you want a challenge? I'd pick something else.
The game starts out simply enough, but eventually, it just presents rounds that cannot be completed. It gets very monotonous and boring. Also, when I first downloaded the game, there were annoying ads after every single round of course, but the ads could be closed very easily. Now, it plays ads that cannot be closed until they've been active for a certain amount of time, usually accompanied by loud annoying music, video, etc. The game itself is just not interesting enough to put up with the ads.
Simple and fun. No timer or deadline so you can pause whenever and resume when you like. The game can go on indefinitely.
This game is fun to me, at times I do have a hard time with it when I've played to long, it gets very addicting!
This is one of the games I've gone back to again and again, over the longest amount of time. So relaxing, great for little moments of just needing to be a little extra occupied.
Love this game. My highest score so far is 24,146. I like that the game is saved when you have to quit. Such a great modernized tic tac toe.
Fun game. Makes you think about the next move. Sometimes it works sometimes not so much. Would recommend it. Not a lot of ads so far. Try it out!
I have had some glitches; I believe related to the intrusion of ads...meaning the function of moving the ring can get hung up as an ad changes below. Surprised there isn't a push notification for paying something to eliminate ads.
It's a fun game, not too complex. The only reason I took off one star is because there are no levels. I wish there were levels. Otherwise it just feels like being stuck at the same place.
Great game for keeping the brain alive! Took a while to get into it but the more I played the more I was hooked!
Easy to play but if you want to go deeper you can with placement. I enjoy it, no time to run out or stupid side stories.
It was okay right up until the point where I updated the app and my ultra high score was lost!!!! ☹️☹️☹️ Plus now the sound it used to play as the combos increased is no longer there so I hardly ever play now...
I enjoy the game, but the constant, after every game over, request for a review is absolutely infuriating. So here's your token review.
Awesome time killer game! NO ADS...or very few! I enjoy playing this game while I'm listening to an audio book. No interruptions to my book because there aren't ads! Highly recommend this game! It's great for chilling after a hard day!
Simple game play and great for relaxing, yet, very addictive. Not a whole lot of ads, and no in app perchases, perfect.
I really dig this version of this game due to having 3 availible sets of rings to give the player a a larger ratio of plausable moves. Thank you
Simple and nice game. Can play without any stress or hurry. If there was option for "undo" once, it will be great. Kindly provide "undo once" option.
Challenging, not as easy as it seems. You have to keep check on all the colors to clear rows, similar to playing tic tac toe.
Its good if you don't mind repetitive games. You just keep trying to beat your previous score. Its straight forward. The least ads in a game ive ever seen. No issues. Its pretty decent really
Very easy, relaxing, can play with low mind power, yet it's still fun. A great game to play while winding down in the evening or recouping from stress during the day. The colors are bright and pleasing. Definitely some strategy involved, but so relaxing that you forget that part.
So far it's quite good. I would love a choice of slightly bigger grids, ie. 4x4 or 5x5 to add some challenge. Otherwise it is a good time user with very few ads.
Great game but rings catch as you are moving them on to board so you have to stop game and reload it.
This is a simple idea. Start with tic-tac-toe and take it up a notch. Entertaining! And here's another simple but great idea: don't inundate the player with long annoying ads. These developers are my new heroes.
I like this game. It's quick to load, easy to play, while difficulty increases and you complete with yourself. The ads aren't intrusive, annoying, or game play disrupting. It's a good variation of naughts and crosses. Very enjoyable and easy to play, and pause, in between moments. Thank you for a good game.
Great relaxing fun, especially for the hi-anxiety people! Adds are brief and quick to bypass. This is one of the best uninterrupted game apps on playstore!
This game keeps you engaged. It's like tic tac toe but better. I'm enjoying this new type game very much
This game is so much fun, I can't put it down. Not like those games that are over in 3 to 5 moves. This game last for hours. And it keeps you thinking all the time, and still very easy to play. I think everyone should try Color Rings. Thank you for making a game that older people can injoy. Patty
This game may seem simple but there are a few layers involved and it becomes addictive. Sure, you can match certain colors and get one row done but if you're able to strategically set multiple rows at once you get a bonus. Definitely a good game to play when you need a stress free challenge.
its Ok, I do like this kind of game. Ive been playing "Color Rings" for months, but this is not challenging enough. Too bad .
Love trying to get better high score. Trying to figure out how to get myself out of a jam I just put myself in by dropping a ring in the wrong spot is challenging but fun!😊
Simple, uncluttered and enjoyable. Ads only run when the game is over. I need more games like this in my life. Addictive!
I love this game! I saw several reviews saying the game was addictive...so true! First time playing and I lost track of time. Part way through, had to plug in my tablet so I could keep playing, lol. Also love that ads don't interrupt your game, and only one short ad will play in between games.
CONS: (1) There are NO directions! You just have to start playing and guess how it works. (2) For maximum enjoyment, there really needs to be an undo button, like in card games. (3) The only "undo" function in the game is "trash the current game and start over" - and you have to guess how to do that, too. PROS: (1) The ads are the "good" kind, quick pop ups with a close button. (But I paid for this one quickly anyway.) (2) It's freaking ADDICTIVE. I've missed my transit stop while playing this.
Great way to pass time while waiting, whether for your name to be called at the dentist's, for the load of laundry to finish, whatever. Its deceptively simple but satisfyingly tricky to get out of seemingly game--ending situations. No timer, no rush, close it down and go right back to where you left off. Also, very few ads.
Don't trust the bad reviews! No instructions? Literally all you need to know is in the app's description. Too many ads? One ad at the end of each game that can be closed after 5 seconds. Annoying sound? Push pause and mute the speaker. Levels get impossible? Uh, nope! There are no levels. Only continuous gameplay based on YOUR pieces placement. Bugs and glitches? Update apparently fixed those. No meaning to the score? It means that's how far you lasted the previous game. Now go beat your score!
Nice. Just enough to occupy my eyes and hands when I need it. I kept my very first game going for a week, and scored right at 10,000 points, so I won't call it challenging by any stretch - but I didn't want it to be. This was just right. UPDATE: I'd give it five stars *and* pay for it if I could turn the sound off. Why are there no settings available?
Fun, fast paced. I need to slow down or does 1 circle get stuck between my finger & the board? P.S. Great game.
Great job with this game! I find it challenging yet not impossible. I almost regret having found it as I've got little done today. I won't be deleting this one any time soon.
Simple and enjoyable. Nothing fancy. Not 5 starts due to advert between every game - it's a bit annoying but they can all be skipped with just one click after 5 seconds (other games take at least 2 clicks and last longer) so not unbearable.
I don't know how I happened on this game but I REALLY like it! Simple but elegant. A mind sharpener. I gave it 4 stars cause it crashes and I have to uninstall then reinstall. But I like it! Perhaps I should now say that I liked it! Crashing is now nonstop!! I am considering not reinstalling it. To bad! I really do like it! PS, I removed a star! I had to remove another star due to crash issues. I have reinstated this game yet again! In October at ,the time of Coronavir.
This is a cool game, something different. It's not easy but it's not really hard either, it's a nice distraction. Be warned tho, it's "that close " to being addicting... you know... the "just one more round" thing? Yeah, that. Give it a try. 👍
Straightforward, simple to play and understand but seriously addictive. Wonderful idle game when you may have to put it down at any moment.
Great game! Not at all what i was expecting but super addictive! You'll spend 30 seconds learning how to play and the next hour trying to stop :) Also not many ads.
Super fun and you only get an ad when you lose. It's like tic tac toe on steroids! I find the noise it makes when you make a match really satisfying.
The only thing keeping this from five stars is the rings freeze pretty often and you have to close and reopen the app every time. But, it opens back up pretty quickly.
Like some others, I wished there had been instructions but I managed to work it out. Very addictive game once you get the hang of it
To any of you confused about what this game is, it is a very simple 3x3 grid where you match 3 colors in a row to to get a higher score. The twist is you must carefully place the multiple colors, and 3 sizes to fit inside the puzzle you create for yourself to get the largest combos, but the game only gives you 3 pieces at a time, and you must use all pieces to get the next set. The game is very forgiving by giving you colors and sizes you need to get out of a tight spot. And now I'm out of char
Fun match 3 game. 5 second ads only play when you run out of moves and start over. They never interrupt game play. There are no neccessary purchases in order to move on. I can play for hours or until I decide to be more productive lol
So far I really like it though I am just learning. It's relaxing but challenging enough to keep me interested. After several months it becomes a bit too easy to be a real challenge while also bit nerve racking just because it moves so fast. It is essentially three dimensional tic-tac-toe. I enjoy it anyway because I like to play with color!
Such an addictive game!!! I think in colours and circles now! For seriously, there are few game that I fully enjoy and this is one of them. I have thoroughly enjoyed the logic and strategy in gameplay. I did notice a very minor glitch once or twice where a circle wouldn't move for a time but other than that such a good game 👌
This is a really cute game that will work your mind too. Trying to match the colors in several different ways is stimulating and a little frustrating since I invariably put the pieces in just the wrong place. Lol It's going to become one of my all time favorite games for winding down in the evenings.
I luv this game. One of the best features is NO ADS! I cant think of one time i seen one. So very fun,time consuming (in a good way) n last but not least NO ADS!!! Try it you'll like. Bet.
So dangerously addictive I paid the .99 for the ad free play! I have to set a timer or time passes and before I know it 3+ hours have passed! Timer is a must😁!
Super fun straight forward game. I love challenging myself to beat my previous score. I wish there were less ads and more levels, or an increase from 3x3 to 4x4, 5x5 etc
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I was actually shocked how much I love this game. It is very relaxing yet fun. It loads immediately unlike so many other games, and it's not filled with ads. Its one of my go to games to chill but have fun.
Fun! Zen time! This is fun on a break, or last chill after the news and emails at night. But be warned, it's addicting! Ad after each game with five second skip (for now, of course).
Enjoyable way to pass the time, but it becomes too easy. I hit 1 high score, hit another high score - and then I haven't lost again. I've been playing the same round for several days (ongoing, it saves your place), and it's just too easy to never lose. Once you understand how it works, it stops being challenging. I would definitely rate this a full 5 stars if there were a difficulty setting or something that could make this more of a brain teaser.
Love this game! I have reached almost 8k points and my man's is struggling to beat my score but is only up to 7k. 😂 Very challenging and LOTS of fun!
Uts a very fun game, however when you get the hang of it, you can go on almost forever, kind of like Tetris. But very nice idea and i like the colors.
I'm really enjoying this, but I wish there was some sort of celebration when I get a new high score. I vaguely remember my previous score. When I finished playing last night I happened to notice I passed it a while ago.
Excellent game but recently it occasionally says "no more moves " and stops the game when there are actually possible moves. Frustrating when I am doing well! Please fix! Then I can give you 5 stars. Xxx
Fun, not mindless! Addictive. But I get tired of it because there's no end like if you clear the board which is very hard you get no special thing I mean it should say you passed a level, or you should see how high your score is after say 50 moves and then try to beat that score. But it's continuous with no end in sight no feeling of completion or satisfaction. However the game works perfectly smooth, very nicely developed
I've just started playing this today and found myself completely absorbed. I think I've found my new obsession! It's fun and requires you to think fast but isn't frustrating. 👍
This is a very unexpectedly addicting game. Very little ads, colorful and simple game play. EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE. I have no idea how other people have gotten such high scores. I spent 1 hour on 1 round, scored over 10,000, so proud until I looked at the leaderboard. Lol it's ok, the game is soo fun.
This game is somewhat addicting. It seems easy until you don't get the color and size circle you need. I wish it had a back button. Oh well, I still play almost daily.
Great game! There are ads after every game but they are not long. It would be nice if you could change the background though.
I LOVE this game! The colors are beautiful. You can play Forever and just when you think you're stuck...Whew! That was a close one! But best of all the are NO ADS during your game!!! That is HUGE in this day of ads, ads, ads. My husband keep playing it on my phone until I had him install his own. Good job on this one! Thank You.
So far all the reviews I read were right on the money. If you like a puzzle game with very few ads, then you've come to the right place.
Can be a relaxing way to pass time by matching tic tac toe colors. Or sometimes I play for speed to check how quickly I can see patterns. And sometimes I play for points and set up as many combos in a row as possible. Good game !!!
Fun! Only problem with the game is when you only have a few moves left, instead of 3 options for next set of rings to use, they only give you one? Does not make sense, it's like they are setting you up for failure. Other than that, the game is a nice change from most other puzzle games.
Occupies the mind without stressing you out or trapping you for tedious hours on a particularly difficult level.
Fun, colorful tic-tac-toe style of game. No directions, so confusing at first, but easy to catch on once I realized that it was a similar to tic-tac-toe.
Addicting, unpredictable fun. Once you start you'll have a hard time putting it down. I keep running my battery down on a full charge, addicting.
Enjoyed myself so much and the momentum was just flowing and I got up to 3042 as my high score on the first night
It's a really good game in my opinion and very addicting, I currently still haven't lost once and I have almost 20,000 score, even so it's still a great game and I would recommend it. Update: still going I am now at 42481, I haven't been playing as much so it hasn't increased exponentially.
I like this GAME but when it says you get 25/50/200 more Pushed for free I counted it Several times when I win so many more It comes to "10" ! Other than that I like this game but if it says 25 let it be 25 If it says 50 let it be 50 . Thanks
Mindlessly addictive. The only problem is that it shuts down & gives the "no more moves" message even though multiple spaces are fully open and available.
Really simple addictive game play. Great game to chill out with. Nothing fancy and it doesn't need to be.
Simple and terribly addicting! Three of the same colour ring in a row or the three different sized rings of the same colour in a single block. It takes pure logic and planning to keep the game alive, but I had to FORCE myself to put it down! Great for puzzle lovers of any kind. Just don't get mad and throw your phone. 🤣
It can be one never ending game if played correctly. Hence, a reminder after, say, 750 or 1,000 points to take a break. Not many adverts is an appreciated advantage
Best brain testing without really knowing it......Easy easy easy BOOM no more moves....gotta beat my score. Brilliant colours.