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Color Puzzle:Offline Hue Games

Color Puzzle:Offline Hue Games for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by SimpleLife Studio: Offline Puzzle Games for Free located at [email protected]. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I've played a game like this before, but I find that this one feels more casual and relaxing than the other one. Also, the layout is much more pleasing and the colors feel softer on the eyes. Overall, I'm very happy with my experience.
Honestly a great game. The only thing I wish were that there weren't adds, but you got to remember that people make the game free in some way. And if that way is through adds, then so be it. There aren't a lot of ads, realy. But they do pop up sometimes.
Wasn't sure if I was going to like this but it's nice to do be able to relax and put together pretty colors. πŸ˜‰ It is very enjoyable and relaxing, good for de-stressig.
Very interesting game , the grafic is really good and I like that it doesn't have lots of ads if you enter in the game with the wifi on.
This game is so relaxing. The ads are not as annoying because it does not pop out too much. I love playing this game. You can also play it online
Very nice game. Thank you. (EDIT) installed to new handset, and now there's an ad after every board. Makes it seriously unplayable.
Its very relaxing, addicting, and fun of course !! The amount of ads are absoloutely reasonable, so thank you ❀️
Not many adds and some really good puzzles that are hard but not too hard with great hints when you get stuck
I think is it really good. It keeps tou distracted in a good way and i just love it. It helps me use time and the game is satisfing
best app of this kind i've found, not a lot of ads and a fun addition with the create your own puzzle. the challenges for wallpaper are a nice touch too! adds a little extra in every area 🐣
Fun game! I think instead of average score, placing world best score would be better because we can play for the least moves. It would also probably ease the pressure on casual players who think they are "below the average"
For me it just doesn't get boring. I have like too many games and the only reason I have so many is because I get bored of them. I've had this game for about a month and it just keeps on giving.
Not the most attractive color hue game... the colors are not real vibrant. But that may be easier on the eye for some people. I'm just on the easy puzzles, so it will be interesting to see where it goes. The App seems to work well.
Very relaxing and the colors are nice. I like this better than the games similar to it. There are less baby levels to have to get through before it gets fun
This game is so cool! Colours are so satisfying! And the game is cool and helps you to think clearly! :)) <33
Beautiful, relaxing and intuitive. Forced ads are a bit of a nuisance in such an aesthetic game, but well, devs gotta eat. Will consider buying the no ads version, it's very affordable too.
This game is simply amazing. Its a great game and its very relaxing. The ads are like nothing even appeared in the first place. I really recommend this app for people who like solving puzzles and like looking at beautiful gradients
Adorable, calming game with nice designs and nice ideas! I like the Leaderboard mode, the Puzzle Creator and the other modes. It makes the game very unique and it seems to be made with love. Just a nice lil thing:)
I've played the game before on another android. Decide to install it again. It's soothing. My scores are higher than the average player. It's about sequence of colors in various hues and tones, getting lighter or darker. No math or words, just colors. It involves one player. But with ingenuity, it could involve two people. Concentrate, make mistakes, and learn.
I have enjoyed this game very relaxing but challenging really makes your mind and eyes works, I was looking for something different and now I found it looking for a challenge or something to kill time with you will enjoy this I am!
Is what it says on the tin. Occasional ads but you're not bombarded. It's nice and fun to pass the time with.
The best color game ever I like this game because I like comparing different types of hues or color its so amazing thank you so much my skill in visual arts surely is increasing even I'm not doing an artwork this game is best for digital artist and traditional artists because it helps you know the right arrangements of hues and to differentiate it to other hue tiles or colors form warm to cool or light to dark. I recommend this to all visual artist out there.
It's beautiful and gorgeous ❀️. It's helpful to know colour shading. It's very good relaxing game. You will get a wallpaper as rewards
this is great.. it's a good balance between simple and challenging, beautiful, and the ads are unobtrusive enough to not ruin the experience. and there are so many levels! and you can make your own! love it
Really good game. It's an amazing stress reliever although it can be frustrating or repeating but other than that it's great!
Great game. Relaxing and original color puzzles. Only complaint is if you close the game it doesn't save your progress on current puzzle.
I really like this game i got addicted to it really quick plus I don't think the Ads are bad there aren't constantly popping up and this is kinda calming to play its simple and easy(opinion)I'm happy I downloaded it
Like the puzzle ,being an artist it helps me make better choices when matching color schemes. & blending colors.
Still my favorite color game by far! Challenging and fun, plus my eye for colors & tones has increased tremendously. A friend saw me playing & was so enthused, that she got it for herself & daughter.
So relaxing and calming. Makes time pass as easy as drinking water. Just put on some relaxing music and play this and you'll feel so disconnect from this earth and what's around you.
For the color-savvy, great fun with this color puzzle! I love the more challenging levels which you'll need to turn up your brightness for. I also recommend a stylus for use on phones.
This is just so therapudic. It has easy gameplay and the end result is so satisfying. You move through levels that slowly unlock but you can still go replay each game or look at your score compared to world averages for each level. I love this game, great for any age.
It is SO fun to play when you're bored and when you need to be relaxed! And it's nice because there's not a lot of advertising only when you finish the puzzle. I love it!
I really love this game. Organization is relaxing to me, and organizing a color palette just makes sense. I do find myself wanting a bit more of a challenge, but if I'm looking to kill some time or wind down in the evening this game is a great choice.
I don't normally write reviews but this game is amazing! I haven't come across any ads, it's therapeutic and passes time. 100% would recommend.
For me its a little difficult cause I am stupid! I see weird always have. Read backwards and such school was hell and teachers were monsters! Same with employees coworkers making fun!!!! Family. Hate my life! Love love the game though!!!!! Its helping!!!!! Thanks for your smarts!!!!
I love this game, it's great when you are trying to fill up your spare time and the like. Just relaxing in general. The only thing I'd say is the ads get annoying but there are tricks you can use to get rid of that.
Addictive. So addictive! May also be useful in learning about how you perceive hue, chroma and value, if you are into that. Color gradations become more subtle as you advance.
This is something different and I really like it. Very relaxing as no time limit and you don't need to earn coins. Very enjoyable playing with pretty colours!
Nice, but I don't appreciate the push for other games and once the app demands $ instead of being a pleasant, soothing distraction, I won't comply.
I love the game. I have played all of the puzzles they offer to the point that I can solve them in the minimum or fewer number of moves. I wish it were possible to keep score on the puzzles I create myself. It seems strange that the puzzles I create do not have cumulative scores so I can figure out if I'm getting any better at them. I wish it were possible to save games because I don't always have enough time to play one to completion.
Cool puzzles πŸ‘ Keep making amazing and good games. I do have one request though, could you make us able to view the finished puzzle without all the X's? I understand if you won't or can't do this.
Very well done! Some of the puzzles are harder, but they're all solvable, unlike some similar games. It's actually kind of soothing, looking at all of the colors and the patterns they make. I like it!
I really liked that if you were struggling then you could use cheats. Some of the levels are hard, but it looks really satisfying when it's done. I really approve of this really cool game. Plus, the color schemes are very unique.
This is so relaxing and you can also ss(screen shot) it and use it as your color pallet if you are a editor or an artist like me! :))
Dope game, I love the first 16 levels so far. It's not too hard and not that easy, just right to pass the time :) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
This color-hue puzzle game is ONLY one of three I ABSOLUTELY MUST have on my phone. It's absorbing and mentally engaging by beautifully combining both left-brain logic & right-brain artistic intuition. Each new level brings a bit more complexity & challenge than the level prior; when I think I've mastered all levels, suddenly a game update notification announces more levels have arrived. Don't you know that I just love to see that?!! Thank you so much for this game!
Great Game It is a great game and truly relaxing. I am loving it. The only drawback is I am unable to get a glimpse of the complete picture at the start. But you can get that as a hint. So far this is the best game. Because I usually get bore after a few days with most of the games but this one is different.
I love the game. Simple, yet challenging and addictive. But I don't like like ad policy. After every single round a video ad is shown. Could be a bit less ):
Used to be good... I played this game ages ago and there wasn't an ad in between every puzzle so it was much more fun and "elegant and relaxing"
I don't even understand how this game works, but I try to make everything look nice and the level is solved. Difficult and simple at the same time. For me it is not relaxing since I try to make as few steps as possible, but for people who can get into the game without going too deep into steps count it should be a real relaxation. Creators, I tip my hat for you!! Thank you!! πŸ™‚
Like this type of game but there is an ad after every puzzle. They only take a minute or two to play each, so you're watching an ad every 60 seconds or so. Would rather play 12 games with a 60 second ad then 12 games with a 5 second ad each.
I have always been really attracted to color and this game is the absolute most peaceful and enjoyable activity I have ever done on my phone. Hands down favorite app πŸ₯°
Love this!!! I find myself unable to put it down. Great game for the mind. Relaxing yet tense at the same time becouse i cant put it down! Fast game play and the color puzzles are rewardeing becoyse each one challenges your thought process in the way you percieve colors.
I have very good colour perception, having been a portrait artist for years. This game still challenges my eye for hues. Update: level 73 - cadmium yellow with royal blue still combine to make dark green. What am I missing?
Level 13, amazing! stimulates the brain, but relaxing. it doesn't pressure you to reach a certain goal. but if you're competitive like me, having the least number of moves is pretty competitive. I love it. must download
Really liked this game but it still blocks you at game 10 in an attempt to get you to complete the level, at a lower number of moves than the world average. My eyesight isn't the best and I live a forest, so matching the colours takes times. It would be great game if it just move from level 10 avoid if your eyesight is poor or you wear glasses.
Super chill! This game is so relaxing but challenging. I love how you can compare your score to the world average. It makes me feel like I'm smarter than the average person. I love this game! Plus ads aren't that bad.
So cool! I really like the 'gradients' the colors are in like for an example there's orange and blue and you have to find colors in-between them. It's pretty relaxing and if you like colors you will like this game :)
I don't usually rate games, but this one is such a pleasant experience i had to share. It's aestethic and calming, but also fun and interesting. I really like the wallpapers, it's such a nice touch and it really fits the theme. There are quite a lot of adds, but they are bearable. Congratulations to the team!
10 levels went by and were a nice pastime. Pretty and just challenging enough to be not boring. Then I was asked to provide a 5-star review. I did. Suddenly l can't play one level without ads in between. Not the thanks I had been expecting. The game is not THAT great.
Love it! Super calm and relaxing game to pass the time. If you're playing the free version, the ads are well placed and aren't crammed down your throat like other games. Would recommend!
Enjoying the game. Only part i am not a fan of is seeing the world average at the end. I downloaded the game for it to be a casual relaxing game, but my competitive drive kicks in when i see that im 2 moves worse than everybody
This game is amazing. Its relaxing and challenging at the same time. they have a variety of different puzzles you can choose from ranging from basic to intermediate. I love it! thanks for making this game; it really helps calm down my anxiety especially in busy areas, I just pull out my phone and play this.
I love it! The challenges seem to be similar sometimes, but they do get more complex as the game goes on. Plus, if you finish the challenges, you get a FREE wallpaper for your device, how cool is that!
Very good for visualization practice, development of attentiveness and taste. Navigation is perfect, graphics is beautiful. Real aesthetic pleasure)
I like this puzzle pretty well. I'd like to be able to zoom in or otherwise have larger tiles to work with, as I find myself having to squint and pull the device closer to my eyes, which tends to make my eyesight get pretty blurry after I've played a few puzzles. Otherwise, I like it! Thanks for making it!
Very cute and relaxing game. It's definitely not boring. It's really satisfying when the puzzle is done. Highly recommend to everyone.
I was looking for a relaxing game. This game is fun and addictive. Plus, you can stop in the middle of a puzzle and easily pick it back up later. Who knew hues could be so entertaining.
This is a very enjoyable game. The puzzles only take just about 1 minute or less, for me atleast. It can also keep your mind busy. I recommend this game, its amazing! :)
I feel like I have been able to better my color differentiation because of this super addicting game.. Tripped me up a few times too And it's only getting harder as you progress, ever increasing challenges are the way to go
I'm addicted to this game. I'll complete one section then think "just one more" or "i can complete it in fewer moves than that" then ten puzzles later i have to force myself away.
Great Game! This is an amazing game for all ages. I don't mean ALL but if you own an electronic mobile device, then sure. You can make you own levels too. Great graphics, easy to use, and wonderful color schemes. It says this game contains ads, and it does. They're after every single level. But they're less then 5 seconds each so I wont complain. Very easy to use as well. I recommend this to ages above 8 for the most part. There are some child appropriote levels though. Keep it up! Goodbye!
A beautiful, elegant game which is both simple to understand and deceptively difficult at times! Displaying the world average for each level is a nice touch as it gives you something to compete against without any pressure. Ads are the best kind: short and unobtrusive. Best game I've downloaded for ages, an all round enjoyable experience.
Update 1: 24, Feb. 2021 Currently at level 21 and so far, I'm enjoying it very much.. its very eye pleasing but just as confusing when you begin .. I enjoy the challenges it has, a good brain work out... Will update as I progress P.S. Soooo glad it isn't timed
It's a really fun game. I was going to give it 4 stars because I don't think its the best, most entertaining game, but then I thought there was no real reason to give it 4 starts. It can get a little boring once you play for a while ( I got board when I got to level 15 ) but its still fun.
Was fun for the first 10 levels. Then they start showing a video ad that can't be escaped initially between every single level, and the levels are short.
Enjoyable for when you're bored, just plug in some music and try to complete the gradient in as less moves as you can. Definitely recommend πŸ’•
Totally addictive. I have gone all the way through two of these. Now almost through the third time. Got my husband hooked, too. We both feel that There should be a "relax mode" that doesn't count your moves. Sometimes we are just thrilled to get through one. Also, there should be a way to just pick the kind you like, we both hate the ones with just one in each corner, and that's all there seems to be toward the end. Don't worry, they are all challenging in their own way😊.
It is very interesting. I have had many arguments with my husband on what is actually the color "red" or what "pink" actually looks like. With this game, we don't argue about that! Now we just argue about which hue is the real definition of the color. -_- Like I said... Interesting! On a serious note: I do like it a lot and I will be playing it for a long time!
This is a fanflippingtastic game, well I'd call it a relaxer as I get lost in it when I only wanted to do a couple of puzzles and an hour later im still doing them. Well worth installing, you will not put it down.
I highly recommend this app to people who can relax their minds with puzzles and such. Very challenging yet satisfying.
I like this game very much! I can make one of it become my wallpaper. About the ads, I don't really mind! You can just turn off Wi-Fi so you don't get any ads . Anyways this game is very good! I like it :D
I was enjoying this, until I reached #322. The colors are so vague and fuzzy that I can't sort them out. I've tried at least 20 times. I had skipped it and solved 323-350, but the game won't let me go on from there (unless there are no more; I can't tell). The only help the game gives is either to show you the finished puzzle, which is no help with this one, or to show you 1 wrong tile. Not where it should be, just that it's in the wrong place. Also absolutely no help with this puzzle.
It's nice and relaxing as long as you don't try to compare yourself to everybody :-) The ads are not too long and they're not too frequent so I don't mind that. Overall it's a good game I like it
This game is entirely a rip-off of the app "I love hue". The menu and Gui is nearly identical and the gameplay is exactly the same. I wouldn't be surprised to find the same puzzles included too. This is just a shameless recreation.
Fun, simple, colorful! Just organize my color. Relaxing game if you enjoy sorting, organizing, or love colors!
Gerat game to play if you are bored and you you can just lose track of time easily as the game is quite engrossing
I love this game when I just need a break and to relax for a few minutes. No timers, no complicated rules, no opponents to mess up moves - just me and lining up colors.
10/10 I love it, it's very satisfying to play y'all, it doesn't interrupt you slot and it's so good for when you're stressed out, definitely recommend.πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
It is just relaxing. Everything is great about this game. I play it every day and whenever I am frustrated about anything in life it calms me down.
I like this game because I like puzzles that are very challenging. If you like to solve puzzles, Well Here you go. Enjoy! πŸ’―
Very nice game, relaxing, beautiful, few ads. Keep up the good job. I'm thinking of buying the paid version just to support the devs.
This game will have you playing for 4 hours straight without realizing its been 4 hours. Very time consuming and satasfiing for the eye. I love it
A nice relaxing game to pass the time! The game does contain ads, but I can easily skip them. Feeling strong anxiety or stress vibes? This game will help you find your inner stress free spirit!
I love it even though I can be a little hard I still make it though and I tried this and toy should too! It's a very good game.
Phenomenal game. Truly amazing! I have ADHD and ASD, I tend to struggle to focus a lot. This puzzle game instantly captured my attention and created a sense of calm and serenity to my mind. It turned off the other sounds and thoughts and gave me a true sense of peace and quiet. Highly rated!
Very challenging, and I recommend to everyone! There isnt a lot of adds which help! I highly recommend!!!
Great concept and more difficult than it looks. Very relaxing, and so rewarding to see the final result sorted by colour. Exactly my style of puzzle!
I'm just finished level 6 and so far I'm loving it! It is so relaxing and stress free. It's amazing how relaxing it is! And the only ads are very unoticable rectangles on the bottom. It's almost like this app is the only game who cares more about the users experience than money!
This is a good way to learn the difference in color hues. It's pretty hard to start with but it gets easier as the levels increase.
Really relaxing! I play while Im watching tv and chilling! All the colors are really soothing. My only complaint is that the patterns are a little repetitive. Maybe some diamond patterns and such would make it more fun.
It is a very relaxing game and I like the fact that it has an endless number of levels without being boring is a remarkable feat. The only reason I gave it a 4 star is because the wallpapers in the challenge level could not be saved separately. All in all, loving the game!
Out of all colour puzzle games, this is the best one. Though puzzles' colour schemes get quite similar after a few dozen rounds, it's really relaxing. I find the transitions from one colour to another to be much better than in any other similar game, so patiently waiting for newest update to enjoy the game some more
I just love this game xD at first I thought I would go blind but then if we find the rules then it's easy to finish the puzzle. I rly love the color palette of each round
This game is super relaxing and very satisfying. It's pretty easy to get the hang of once you get going
Very engaging. And quite a challenge to the mind. If you enjoy a challenging game to engage yourself in, then this is the game for you.
Therapeutically relaxing, but with an element of competition! This is incredibly satisfying, and pleasantly calming, with a happy wee boost if you beat the average number of moves for completing the puzzle. It's a premise so simple ..and it makes me πŸ˜ƒ πŸ™‚
This is a simple quiet game that challenges my skills of observation. I'm not artistic, but my daughter is-- she is the one who recommended it to me since she enjoys it so much. I didn't think I'd be able to learn it, but I caught on fairly quickly, and now I'm hooked. I love playing while I listen to audiobooks with my kids.
The game is very relaxing and fun. Its a great game to spend time and as the levels get harder your brain has to think harder as well.
I love seeing all kinds of new colors and learning about their shade. Being able to organize colors for fun is very stress relieving and it consumes my free time! 😊
As some one who really loves colors and organization. This is the best thing ever. The ads do get annoying but the satisfaction after finishing each one is worth it.
Frustrating at times but so relaxing too. It's weird how your eyes struggle with certain colours......just makes it more challenging. Off to download colour puzzle 2 now.
Very fun! I've always been able to see more hues of colours than my friends so this is really enjoyable!
Great game! Very relaxing. My only issue is that there are ads after every level, but they're all skippable after a few seconds.
This is an incredibly relaxing game!!! Beware though ~it's addicting too~ I love making the beautiful gradients the puzzles make! 10/10
This game is super fun and relaxing. You pretty much move the color blocks into the right order and create a beautiful ombre piece. I'd say it's the perfect amount of challenging and not frustrating. This game also has challenge mode. This mode has a limited amount of moves, and of you solve the puzzle, you get free wallpaper! It does have some ads, but not too much and they don't disrupt gameplay. Overall, I recommend this game!
I really love this game! It works really well and the colour schemes are always really nice. I also love how they get more difficult as you go along, I'm always excited for new levels to come out! I think my only criticisms are that the DIY levels only go up to 11Γ—11 when they could go up to way more and the new levels take ages to come out, but that's about it! Download this game if you haven't already!
Pretty cool. I admit it was a bit frustrating to try and understand where the colours go, but once you get the hang of it then the game is really fun and relaxing. I've learned a lot about colours now, lol.
Love it so far! I get easily bored with a lot of puzzles games once I've found proper strategy. This one is different; it seems pretty simple, but it's actually diabolical. You don't realize how your eyes perceive color until you move a tile that looks blue between two blue tiles, and turns out it's more green then blue. Just when I think I've got it figured out, I've got 3 more tiles that now are clearly out of place. Controls self explanatory, aesthetically pleasing. Worth a download!
M gonna unstall this wonderful game because of "ali baba's ad". This ad ruined the charm of this colorful game which I loved very much.😭😭😭
super fun game. thoroughly enjoy it. simple interface and gameplay!! 6/5 would recommend if you enjoy organizing and colorcoding
I love this game! So calming and satisfying πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘β€οΈ i usually delete a game within 2 weeks I get bored, but this game is different , maybe its been 3 months this game stayed in my phone , and it get more fun with the creative mode , I can make my own puzzle with colour that I want! Thankyou for creating such a beautiful game ! ❀️πŸ₯°
I imagine playing this game with any form of colour blind would suck I think that they should have it so it takes more tapes on a hue to switch it instead of two because multiple times I have accidentally tapped and moved a block, other than that the game is amazing and quite fun to play :)
This was something I've always had enjoyed doing whenever I create a quilt- this is good for meditating, to center your core, to relax and calm your mind...
Relaxing, very very few ads. Throughly enjoyable, no nonsense, no animation or annoying attempts to make you play against random strangers. Just lovely. Thank you so much.
I like the game only problem is that there aren't very many levels and some are really easy so if you could make more levels and make them a little harder that would be great
This game really helps to bring focus back . I have been playing this game and its really nice . Although at first i didn't knew how to play but then i started to arrange the tiles in decent manner and eventually the level is completed πŸ˜„ really liked this game .
I really enjoy this app. It is a nice simple design. My only complaint is that sometimes when I switch between apps, like to text or take a call, when I return to the game it completely resets the puzzle and I lose all of the work I did on itβ€”very frustrating. It does not consistently do it, and I have not been able to figure out if it is caused by certain other apps.
the game is very very good relaxing enjoyable appealing and many more stuff but is there any dark mode for this so my eyes are less strained? (I'd like it if it has a dark mode)
reeeeeally nice game it's so aesthetic the hue and colours used are so nice !! Helps me destress too :) the option that allows you to put the finished product as your wallpapers is so nice too and I really love how the developers are so polite- you see ":)" and ";)" everywhere so niceeee
BEST. APP. EVER!! As someone with a very short attention span the amount of puzzles and the difficulty is absoloutly perfect
This is the only game I have been installing on my every new phone for years. I will never get bored of it. No adds are bothering me, the layout is very clean and simple. Amazingly satisfying game, love it!
I love this game! Not too many ads! It is relaxing πŸ˜† and the fact that u can use it as a wallpaper is so cute 😍 would recommend thisπŸ’œ keep making games like this!
I wish I could give more than this!! It works amazing honestly. It tells you the global avarage and you get to see how you compare. You can make your own and share them with your friends. But best of all, you can win cool wallpapers when you complete challenges. I love this so much so far!!
This is so my type of game! I love color and hues and i find this game challenging, satisfying, and soothing on my eyes. I also like showing off my scores to my family members as well as sharing the beautiful end result of the color palate.
I just got this game today becuase i only had two games and i love puzzle games, and i cant recommend this enough. It is such a good way to pass time and its good for visual arts becuause it teaches you how to see the different hues and tints in colours. Once again i totalt recommend this game to anyone who likes puzzle games it has to be onemof my favorites so far.
Very good game to help me when I get anxious! It also sorta helps me understand color palettes, I recommend it as an easy way to pass the time! I do wish once you're done with a puzzel that they remove the crosses, it would make it prettier. :)
I have very good colour perception, having been a portrait artist for years. This game still challenges my eye for hues.
I don't really know know why people are saying "this is sooo relaxing" I got annoyed at the moves but I only gave it 3 stars as there wasn't many ads
I love this game! For someone who loves puzzles and colorful games this is the game for you. I have a hard time putting my phone down because I am playing the game so much. It is a great way to pass the time too, it's perfect for roadtrips!
Unexpectedly Addictive. Just installed the game and did 26 levels in one sitting... I never expected it to be as satisfying as it is to complete these puzzles. The ad remover is a bit on the pricier side but the ads are pretty non invasive so it's not really an issue.
Interesting puzzle game utilizing shades and tints transforming from color to color... Mesmerizing how moving one piece around the board can make it totally different based upon the surrounding colors. One second pink, then grayish when movedπŸŽ‰
Really good calming game, I love how nice and warm the colors are and how they don't hurt your eyes to look at, and also great game for strategies and plans.
good time killer, pretty easy for me since most puzzles I finished with around half of the moves needed for world average, plus it gives me a lot of new ideas when it comes to creating new color palettes for my artworks. however I wish there is a way for users to share the creative mode puzzles they created with other players (like entering a code or something similar) because I really want to share my puzzles with my friends
its relaxing and yeah sure, ill admit that. It helps me to stay calm whenever im panicking or just stressed- but the ads are annoying. Theres too many ads, for me, every time i complete a levels ill immediately get ads. Also , with the "world average" thing , whenever im over the average i just feel like i have to do it again, but thats the only flaw ive noticed so far, might change in the future though. But definitely less ads, its not that relaxing with ads.
So it a great game and plus u start off with a great amount of skips plus not that many ads anyways also it shows like little pixels in some parts so yea but I think its good
I really like the game, but around level 12 toy ads begin and then pornographic ads immediately following. :\
Based on my personal criticism, I thought at first this game wouldn't work for me. u see I have a toxic family and i would often get anxiety attacks and when i play this game with some tunes in the background it instantly calms me down. also the colors are pretty it keeps me distracted worth the try :)
This is so addictive! I like the mix of easier ones (more tiles already in place) and the harder ones (only 4 tiles in place). Great game!
I give this 5 stars because as a digital artist, this kind of color hue sorting really helps me to better understand how colors blend. Its a great game for digital artists or just artists that want to become more familiar with the colors and how to work with them.
Really nice relaxing game. Also cool, that you can make your own levels. But pls make more! I was done with the game in my old Phone, now I'm starting again on my new one...
Excellent game. But cross doesn't appears on darker colors if you can change them to white it'll be awesome
Great game I am colourblind myself but I really enjoy going through this and seeing how much I am able to do without having to ask someone where the colours go
I dont usually rate or review apps that i use but this game is one of the best games ive ever played. Its fun, makes your brain work also minimal ads! Longest ad ive seen on this app is 5 seconds (which was after i finished a level. I dont know if app has a "watch ad to earn hints" kind of feature. I've never needed to use any hints so far) I hope devs wont put longer ads between games. Novadays new apps tend to use longer abnoxious ads which destroys the game experience imo. Thank you devs <3
I've been playing this game for a few years now and it's one of my favourites. I like the puzzle design feature (though I hardly use it lol), and there are TONS of puzzles. The app runs smoothly and I have not encountered a single issue with it - impressive! I kind of wish there was an undo button so I don't have to restart the entire puzzle if I want to go for the fewest possible moves, but that's a minor complaint and I understand why it isn't there. The ads are unobtrusive, too.
Really fun but it wont save my process if i leave the app :( as in i go to another app and when i come back it randomizes the colors again
I really like this game because it gives me color combination that I use to make quilts Lol. I have completed all of the levels except level 322. I find it to be really difficult. What seems like a hundred times of trying and I still can't complete it
OMG I LOVE THIS APP.. I have only had color puzzle for about 10 minutes and I am now on level 26 its so fun and relaxing. I rate this game 5 star because its so addictive and you dont have adds popping up every 10 seconds the grafics are really good I would defently recommend this to all my friends ❀️❀️❀️ THANK YOU
This game is so relaxing. The shades are nice. It is good for eye practice. Loving it! Keep up the good work, devs! :)
Simple it is the best game ever there is a challenge section is in it and if you finish and win the challenge than you get a new wall paper for your phone that is the thing I liked the most
I find it hard to find a game that can satisfy me actually, the fact that this game satisfied me is amazing! I really did love the colours and how fun the game actually is, it is indeed fun and calming in my opinion i love it!
I absolutely love this game! If you enjoy puzzle games and have a good eye for colour this will totally be your jam. I've always been very peculiar about colours, shades and undertones, so to me this game hits the spot. It's so relaxing to unravel something that seems like a mismatched Lego creation in the beginning and see how it becomes a gradient of satisfactory colour blending together. If you aren't very good at seeing colours' undertones and shades, this might be a bit of a challenge.
Wonderfully neutral chaotic puzzle solving game. Do not play if you are color blind or have a discolored screen. Other than that, 10/10. Feels good to play
Really great app i like it a lot! But the reason i gave it 4 stars is the fact that on the top of my screen while I'm playing says: ralaxing and elegant. No pressure First of all its not relaxing with ALL of those ads!! And second, loads of pressure because when i finnish they show me the world average! When im far over the average, its not relaxing anymore, instead it feels like a test that i can fail!! Please allow me to change this in the settings!
I really love this game. Its my go to favorite game to relax with. I don't know how to get into contact with the developers in regards to one issue, possibly outside of their control. Most of the ads are fine, but once, I recieved an ad for an underdressed female and it said, merge items to take clothes off. I don't know if you are able to control who places ads in your game, but if you can, please take that one off. My son wants to play but I need to know ads like that won't pop up again.
Levels are designed well with increasing difficulty. This is a mellow game to play and challenge your artistic eye for color and undertones. Simple design but well executed.
Really love the game and enjoy it a lot. It doesnt mentally taxing and helps you relax, which is nice! So far my experience withads wasn't bad, only get an ad once every 3 levels or so. (im only level 15 so maybe that might change?) Either way there's nothing wrong to take a star away for, therefore its 5 stars so far! I would like to recommend that you add an option to change the interface theme (color) because this one is kind of ugly in my eyes.
It's simple, but it gets your brain working too. Love how soothing it is to organize the colors, perfect game for people with OCD.
after some time i played this game, i feel my color vision is better (i dont know why). i cant go into details, but the game is relaxing but challenging. thankyou!
I am definitely loving this game. Highly recommended.. Though not very sensitive to colour blind players.. Kidding lol. But yeah it's very relaxing and easy to play without being too mentally challenging, great time passer.
Genuinely fun, moderately challenging, and I really do respect any mobile game that doesn't give you a billion chances to spend money. Loving it!
Pretty much as advertised but challenging enough and good for some colour match and colour wheel training so good for artists, but a chill game
Very nice game, relaxing, beautiful, few ads. Keep up the good job. I've got the paid version just to support the devs.
I have no complaints, I love the fact that u can play mucic while playing it is so stress reliving, it has indeed helped me recognize patterns and colors more easily I love it,πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ˜πŸ€“
I loved this game because it was super relaxing. I've ever played, but I definately recommend this game to anyone who has a knack for simple yet satisfying games. I personally liked the color scheme of every single one of the levels but a few, and they do get rather creative in the sense that every level you finish is assigned a color, and the ending result looks really beautiful. Thank you for reading this and taking my opinion into consideration, (sorry if I spell wrong) and have a nice day.
It is a very good game but after around level 13 or so the ads are coming after every level so it gets kinda annoying. I would say 3.5/5
Something about this keeps me coming back to play more. Several times I almost finished all puzzles, then more appear so I have never run out. It really helps train your eye for colors. At first, it was hard to see differences sometimes. Now I can distinguish the slightest nuance differences. The most complex color gradients are taking much longer than I like, since they have so many squares. Not too hard, but too long for my breaks.
This game is so soothing, the colors are really pretty and really satisfying to see when you finish a puzzle
This game is so hella addicting and relaxing. I've been playing it for the past 20 minutes and I can't get off it. I really recommend this game to relieve anxiety.
It is very relaxing and helps you understand colour more.It is probably sorting to do when your bored but it is a really good game