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Color Hole 3D

Color Hole 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Good Job Games located at Akat Mahallesi Besiktas Istanbul Turkey. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great little game to pass time or chill out before bed. The most recent update brought some new content that I'm enjoying like the scenery changes and coin levels. Two issues, the "remove ads" button won't work. I'd buy the game if the button worked because the ads are ridiculous now and you can't just exit out of them like you could before. Second, the coin levels are cool but the lag is crazy. I'll swipe to grab coins and it'll freeze and lag and my timer runs out so I can't collect many!
downloaded hoping it might be a challenging game but is just the same levels repeated over and over again. no challenge what so ever and ads between pretty much every level mean you spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game. wasted potential here. dont bother with it
It really fun!! Even tho I have lots of games like it but I like this one the most!!!its much more fun!!!
No instructions as to the object of completing a level. Keeps going to the "Continue play?" pop-up in the middle of a level, but won't let me watch video to continue.
Bonus level works and then disappears. When you are at the bonus level to get coins, you can hit the continue button and keep getting coins. There are only 5 background purchases that can be made. What is the point of collecting coins if there is nothing to purchase. Bonus level also disappears and cannot be accessed. Continuously plays the same 15 levels over and over and over.
Pretty satisfying game for me. The ads don't enen bother me. I just wish I could save my progress! I was up over level 3000 and had to start over when I got a new phone.
I give it only 1 star because this is relaxing at some levels but if there is colour box then it will most relax. Game. ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜•
This game is amazing if you just want to chill out. The levels don't get harder as you go. Excellent tactile feedback, which is very satisfying. Way too many ads though! May not be worth it to pay for ad-free for most people. Also, once you have won all the backgrounds, there's no other features. Please add more backgrounds and other things to buy with the coins!
Really fun game. But the ads! I'm not one to complain about an ad after each level...ya gotta make a living somehow. But on the 1st level, I had to watch 3 ads before I could finish it. About a second and a half, then a 30 second ad. And so on. Nobody makes a living that way cause most are going to uninstall it after 2 levels (and 7 ads) like I am.
This game is most relaxing game it is nice and in this their is enjoyment also but I am giving it 4 star because in this so many ads are their ๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ™„if they will update it and make less ads or no ads so then it's very very very gorgeous game I prefer that ease download it but if you like the games with ads also then it's most good and nice game please download.๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
To answer the question that was in the ad "why is this game so difficult?" it's probably because you are retarded or have some other mental illness or something like that... Reached levels 100+ with no real challenge... Don't bother installing this...
i completed level 300+ in just 2 or 3 days so easy need more difficult stage. but one problem is too much add pop up. this game is for off line no online.
Just started playing 2 minutes ago and I'm already being asked to rate it. So far, I can fairly give it 3***. Perhaps after 20 minutes of play I'd be more inclined to give it a higher rating. It seems to have potential. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Fifty levels into the game and it's as difficult as the first level. No challenge. After every level, few seconds of ads. Gives the impression of being merely a vehicle to collect info and propose ads. They should make it more challenging for it to be worth your time.
Your advertisement is a disgrace. I hate aggressive advertising. I haven't played the game and I don't intend to but your advert gives you a 1* It pretends to be an interactive one so it deceives the user into clicking on the screen that then brings them here. Disappointing to say the least and likely a reflection of the app itself
Repetitive is an understatement. I played till about level 150 and its just the same 20 or so levels in different orders. At one point it gave me 10 levels in a row the exact same. Also, the levels in the screenshots, yet to see some of them even after 150+
So much wasted potential! This is a great concept for a game, but the developer has put minimal effort into making a quality product. There's no sound, no music, clunky controls, repetitive levels. I was looking forward to playing only to be sorely disappointed in how incomplete the game is. It feels like a beta release. In addition the game feels like nothing but a delivery system for ads to make money for the developer. It's sad that I dread finishing a level because it means more forced ads.
Fun game, bonus rounds a bit annoying! Main levels are fun, with great accuracy needed sometimes. The bonus (timed) levels are sometimes ok but most of the time it freezes for a second, and does it several times per bonus level. This means as you are going up a line of coins it freezes and when it continues you have jumped to the end of the line and have loads of coins that have been missed. You then have to spend time going back to get those coins.
This game is a complete waste of time. It's about as difficult as tearing through a wet paper bag. Was it bring you child to work day when this game was made? Seems like somerhing a 5 year old would design designed it. How is putting 3 tiny coloured blocks on the board suppose to make it a challenge or an enjoyable game. The white blocks get sucked into the hole while the coloured one's you have to go right under it to make it fall in the hole.
Boring game after 20 levels and violent ads. After several levels its the same boards repeated causing the game to get very boring. There are ads between every level and the ads are all violent focused games. The level play last less time than the ads.
Nothing but regret, I purchased the ad free option as I felt this game had the potential to be a fun and challanging game, boy was I wrong. It never gets challanging just a small number of patterns that repeat constantly in different combinations throughout the game. Don't waste your time or your money on this heap of garbage.
The only really negatives of the game is that it does not clearly explain which blocks you should be aiming for. You soon learn though as soon as you swallow the wrong colour. As there are way too many ads in this game.
Fun to play but forces you to watch a new game after every win which comes at you very fast and often. They do not allow you to back out of these game demos and it takes a very long time before the X appears. Too controlling. Un-instslling it.
I love this game (my grandad thinks it is boring but it's not I really like this game ) and I got passed level 100 in one day ! I like that you can change ur skin thingy to which is really cool
Overall this game good bt one thing is really annoy me is sound , why this game don't ve sound? Plzzz do something nd fix sound..if u fix sound then im gonna give u 5 star.
The game itself might be alright. I didn't play that long. Too many ads thay are way too long, and no option to exit them early.... you have to listen all the way through, and this game isn't that interesting to put up with them. I am uninstalling the game.
Trash, wasting time. "Harder than it looks" my ass. Unless you have Parkinson, the game is so easy that it's not even satisfying. Remove the balls in the midle when going from one part to the other, it eats battery and power for no reason and the background too. I made it to lvl 100 in 20m is this a joke? The game is so bad optimised that my phone got hot and i can play pubg 1h before it gets that hot. And i played it offline because, i'm not going to give you money from ads for a trash game.
This app is awesome! There are ads, but games that I would possibly play There are no repetitive levels like some other reviews said. The other people are haters, do not listen to them Keep up the good work! Keep Calm & Keep up the good work!
The game is programmed badly. There are too many vibrations, which cannot be turned off. I could not play the game even for 2 min
good graphics but next to no levels - and the level in the ad and a couple of the 'screenshots' aren't even in the game! contact me if you do add more levels and I will reinstall
No. It never does get challenging. I went to lvl 105 thinking surely by around lvl 100 it will get challening... No. It repeats same levels. Disabled data around lvl 20 to eliminate the ads between levels. Only challenge is staying awake long enough to realize it is just a time wasting ad machine that goes on forever repeating the same lvls. The one slight challenge (a single level) is when they put a color piece on top of white pieces which you should be able to figure out in about 2 seconds.
Got bored after lvl 1, but played to lvl 100 hoping for something different or challenging...was disappointed. This game needs some form of challenge, whether it's growing and shrinking hole, more coloured shape traps on top of white shapes, or something else more creative. It's a good start to a potentially really fun game, but definitely needs different stages and not just dozens of levels of just eating mass amounts of white blocks while occassionally avoiding coloured blocks.
it's ok. I expected it to have more challenging puzzles maybe every 10th puzzle or so. It also does not have an exit from the game. you have to swipe the game away to close it. It does pass the time away and the few challenging puzzles make you think.
Have to be in airplane mode or the ads will drive you crazy! I'm over level 1000. The levels don't get more challenging and don't get anymore exciting. I want a level right full of blocks that takes a minute to clean up!
i don't know how many levels they claim to have, but they start repeating at level 20 or so (<10 min play time). each level takes 10-15 seconds and there are ads every other level or so. literally half the time i spent with the app open was in a non-mutable ad, or pulling down my drop down to restart my music after the ad closed.
This is a game ny 4 ye old daughter absolutely loves! Its teaching her to slow down and make more precise movements/better hand & eye coordination .
While this game is tons of fun they advertise it differently than it is. They say it is so stress relieving, and relaxing, it really isn't. You have to avoid different colored shapes. Which makes it slightly less relaxing. Then there are very many ads, which if you are really trying to make a stress relieving and relaxing game you wouldn't put so many ads in it. So I am sorry, but if you are looking for a relaxing game please keep on looking.
This game is awesome and it us releiving.... only problem is that I did not download this game to sit through yet another 30 second commercial.... there are too many advertisements....
This game is fun and satisfying but, there is a add after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL if someone could fix this and make there be an add after every like 3 or 4 levels that would be great.
Adverts adverts adverts. Nice little game to waste a few minutes, but does it need an advert after every other level? No. I know you want to make money, but come on, all those adverts do frustrate and they do detract from the game itself.
Cute game idea but it forces the player to spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Uninstalling after less than 5 minutes.
Its only fun for a bit, then starts repeating itself. Highly recommend for people you like repetitive games.
Like other reviews have said, the game has potential. There were a couple (literally just two) levels that required maybe 10% more effort other than just mindlessly sliding your finger back and forth. It's just a big ad-grab much like their TwistHit game or whatever it was called. Also, leaving a one-star review because your game crashed has nothing to do with the actual game. Give it a one-star review because it's a bad game, not because you can't play it.
I have nothing bad to say about this game! u do have some things that whould be cool to add to the game though, 1. Skins for the hole.2. play with friends in a challenge or something.
I'm really torn between 2 and 3 stars. Is the game addictive? Yeah, i can say that as I'm already on level 638. Is it fun? Eh, not really. Many levels are repeated and there is no challenge to the game. The difficulty you'll encounter on level 1 is exactly the same difficulty you'll encounter 600 levels later. Don't get me wrong, it's a great game to mindlessly play for a stretch of time, but it's nothing more than that: mindless.
In the advertising of Color Hole it showed big buildings you capture in the hole. Well I'm on level 704 and there has never been no big buildings to topple. That's called false advertising. A scheme to get people to play. That's why I rated it 1 star
Fun fact. Any game you come across on a Facebook ad with a caption like "It took me 5 hours to to get to level 2!" or a side by side type of thing with one side labeled "noob" and "pro" is straight trash. This game is no exception. Don't download unless you like constant ads.
Way too many ads. An ad after every round is too much. What's sad is when an ad gets interrupted by another ad and then the first ad starts over again. Was a fun game until that started happening. Don't download this game if you don't like ads and we should NOT have to pay to stop them. Uninstalling.
It's a good game, quite lackluster though. The animations are very slow, and the shapes need some color.
I enjoy this game but it seems like I'm playing the same thing over and over. Its getting pretty boring. And the ads... way to many for this girl. And I have no clue what level I'm on. It just says next level.
I like the game it's a lot of but I was reading a commentand the person was talking about how you should be able to swallow every colour I I didn't really think much of it but now I'm starting to play the game more often and I think that is true and then again the ads Jesus Christ so much ads keep popping up on the.I don't mind but so much ads I love colouring and colouring games but this one is not one of my favorites I mean I mean like come on I've seen a lot of games that are really good๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿคจ
It can be addictive for some people but after about 50 levels I got bore. Also, I didn't like the 3D version much. The previous one was much better.
while the initial gameplay isn't bad, ie... going from level to level. On the other hand when it comes to collecting coins the game starts to freeze, making it impossible to collect as much coins as one would like. So unfortunately while you come up with a bug fix to this problem I'll have to uninstall this app, sorry guy's
I expected better I was hoping for it to be like on the add when you can draw it well not that fun you get diamond s but you don't buy anything from there weird soo 3\2 stars not great
I'm in love with this game. At first it was really frustrating but then once I got the hang of it, it became very easy. This game is satisfying and has honestly helped calm me down when my anxiety is very high. Thank you for the great game! Keep up the good work and keep adding new levels please!
it's not particularly challenging. the only levels I've had trouble with so far were because i got too complacent in the easiness and stopped paying attention. still, over 300 levels in, and I like this game a lot. it's incredibly relaxing. I wish there were more colors to pull into the hole than white. that gets pretty monotonous.
It's a pretty fun game. Not sure if it's addicting since I just installed it. I would give this app a five star, but I gave it four since theres too many ads. After every level theres always an ad. I do not recommend this game if you hate ads.
Game isn't challenging at all. Looks like someone just made this game to show you ads. An ad after every level wether you want one or not. Don't waste your bandwidth downloading this garbage.
I hate ALL the advertisements. But this game REALLY helps me when I having a panic attack. And it may not seem like it in the beginning but trust me the levels do get harder.
The game is ok. I bought the ad free version. But none of the levels that they use in their promo are actually in the game. Game developers do not respond to any questions. The coins you earn are useless. I have unlocked everything, and i still have 600k coins. I dont know what they are good for. I played over 5000 levels and there is no giant cube. And its just the same 100 (?) levels over and over again
I give 5 stars because I like the I like the game and it is very relaxing for me and it is very easy game also I enjoy when I am playing this why we cause the relaxing game which I play this is my first game I think this is the best game I have never played play super
I Like the game but how many level do I have to redo to get to the one you show in the ad.. I have gotten over 2000 levels complete and they just Keep repeating otherwise the game is great... I would give it 5 Stars if I could do the one shown every now and then...
the game overall is actually good, the movement is a little laggy here and there but nothing too bad. I'm on level 186 and I've noticed the levels are repeated, there might be a slight change in the size of the obstacles but its the same, theres no new levels that are challenging.
A good game to pass the time. However, this game freezes up at each level past level 20. The hole freezes and no way to play the game. When you hit a barrier, you wait over 3-5 minutes for the game to start again that's if the game does not freeze up. Good game but it sucks at the same time. Some programmer needs to fix the issues!
Let me think. Oh yeah, I understand about food ads needed to lie about the their ads like ice cream that is actually instant mashed potato but The ad I just saw while playing other games shows a hole getting drawn from a small size to big size, but when I downloaded it. I was confuse. I only get to play in the same size level after level. Not even getting bigger and bigger everyday.
I uninstalled this within a few minutes of installing it. I'd read reviews so I expected the ads and they weren't unbearable. Despite no instructions, it was easy to figure out not to touch colored blocks. Scooping up the white tiles was fun. Then suddenly a few rounds in, there were red tiles balanced on the white. Figuring out how to super carefully nudge the tiles without the red ones falling in and making me lose was insanely stressful. This game makes anxiety.
Game was advertised as "harder than you think". The things that made it hard was sitting still long enough to get through the ads. I stuck it out for more than 60 levels crushing 20 minutes of ads inside of the half hour, playing simple levels during the intermissions. 1 star is generous. i compare this game to waiting in line for the "Stand In Line" Ride. In fact, I enjoyed wasting my time writing this review far more than any part of this game experience.
Very fun to play BUT, every level there is a 30 sec ad. It's rare to get to the next level without an ad. With so many 30 sec ad, it actually ruins the game play.
Good game, but need more chalanges. This game has no chalanges at all. Besides, i didn't understand what's the point of collecting coins and buying expensive skins if it doesn't do anything at all. ๐Ÿ˜’Also, coins collecting impossible to pass more than 3rooms.all works too slow...
Very satisfying, but not very challenging game. After like 100 levels, the levels just repeat themselves in other colors. Many people here complaining about the advertisements, but turning off internet for this app (in the settings of your phone) solves this problem.
This game is wonderful i love it but sometimes for me it gets stuck which is very annoying๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿคฌ๐Ÿ˜กbit other than that it is very good i recommend everyone to play this game๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
Not nearly challenging enough. The levels are just the same every single time, and there is little or no skill required. It claims "New and harder levels added". Totally untrue! It certainly would be better if the levels DID get trickier, with more obstacles and more complex patterns. Also, nearly everybody has complained of the intrusive, repetitive and frequent adverts and they're right. it really is all style and no substance. This whole game needs a lot of improvement.
WARNING! AD FARMING ONLY! Play a level (2 games), watch an ad. Lose a level and you can watch an ad to save your progress. BUT, If you click no thanks you STILL have to watch an ad. At the most you'd have to replay one game if you lose a level. The games themselves are too easy. One star is being too generous.
Does not give the user a sense of improvement. All levels are extremely easy to be done, I'm at stage 118 and they are just as easy as level 1. They should get at least a little bit more challenging but they don't... The game has pontential to be a really challenging one if proper development is put onto it.
Ok, i played till level 44 and the game looks ok. It can be more challenging. Why not make it continuous in stead of two floors connected and an automated transport? Make the two floors as one. Next to that. After playing it this far the only thing irritating are the adds. There are to many and they are mostly the same adds over and over again. Ofcourse its a money thing but in order to purchase the adds free version your game needs to be a hell of a game and it simply isn't.
BIG FAT NOPE! UNINSTALLING IT BECAUSE YOU CAN'T PLAY A GAME WITHOUT CONSTANT INTERRUPTIONS WITH ADS! These developers are going to find out that a lot of people are going to get rid of their apps because of the constant interruptions!
I played to level 200 just to see if it would get harder or if the levels would stop repeating, it did not get harder at all and the levels kept repeating. It really is wasted potential. Another issue I have with this game is after you complete a level you have to watch an ad, that's too many ads to watch and the game quality does not justify having that many ads.
It is very interesting I have finish about like 50 levels and I just realized there are different themes!!!
Is it just more did the ad for it say you can draw shapes first that's a fake ad. If this was not satisfying I would put 1 star. To much ads like if you finish the first one and going on to the second one there is an ad to much ads dont play pls dont
Past level 500 and no changes of levels as they seem the same and seen the same ones over and over. Still on the yellow board and no color change for free. Good game, mindless no thinking required not great either. If you want to waste 5 mins then play this.
Terrible. Horrendous. Worst game I have ever played. The graphics were terrible, the game play went to quickly and wasnt realistic at all. When ever you go to the next level, black screen and you have to start all over again, therefore gameplay being terrible as well. I do not suggest people play this fsme until the creators fix these problems, maybe making the game more like the trailer. This game is a total time waster, but it's fun to people who love restarting the game over and over again. ๐Ÿ‘Ž
Ads are better than the other reviews say. Relaxing game play. All around I would recommend this game.
Better advertising than game play. Has potential, but moves way too slow and controls are sticky. The design is too elementary not to have a compensating game experience. Also, seems to only be a platform for other ads. Even simply, game design should be for the integrity of the game, for the benefit of the player experience and in relation to creative designers who benefit from other's love for their game designs. This game doesn't instill product loyalty. Uninstalling.
I don't understand how this has over a million downloads in less than a month. It's shallow, repetitive and there's an intrusive ad every two levels, which wouldn't be so bad but the average level takes about fifteen seconds. I'm not saying there's some fake download number buffing going on here, but... Actually, yes I am.
It's very good game!I love it..... IT'S SO SATISFYING ๐Ÿ˜ I didn't find a single problem and I'm in level 106 just can't believe it! It's a good game I suggest you to play... Just one problem, ADVERTISEMENTS!!๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ก
It's a pretty fun game I get addicted to playing it but I would rate it higher stars if they would cut out ALOT!!!!! of the adds cuz there's WAY!!! to many adds there's adds between every single game and that's just plain ridiculous!!!! and frustrating, come on guys cut how many adds in like half. I've never played a game with so MANY adds if you cut the adds in half I would give you a higher rating. New message 9-29-2020 game is lagging and acting slow since i updated it please fix
The game is fun but doesn't take any skill to beat. Having no sound is fine but having sounds would be much better. There's also no tutorial it just throws you in and doesn't tell you how to play or what the point is. Also after every level there is an ad which is only skippable after 15 seconds. This is also how long it takes to beat a level. Would not recommend as it gives you an ad after every level and feels like they didn't polish it off before putting it out.
Way, way too many ads. I understand ads help cover costs, but you can't even finish one level without being interrupted by the ad. Definitely not the relaxing game it is advertised as. Uninstalling now.
Ok. So i know the 1 star may seem a bit harsh, but i got 14 levels in, and dealt with 14 adds. It sure is "relaxing" when the hole glitches into a block im not supposed to hit. Instant loss, and AN AD! This happened to me 4 times out of the 14 levels i made it through before throwing my phone, and then promptly deleting the app. If i wanted to play an ad farm, i would have downloadong one of those cash making apps
Not complex or difficult, but interesting enough to pass the time. Also, VERY FEW ADS!! Cathartic for those who have kids with Legos and wish the floor would open up and swallow them all (the Legos, not the kids), preferably before you walked all over their sharp edges in the dark.
It's a fun game and I like playing it but I have a problem with the ads. I don't mind the ones between levels, but the game should switch to an ad while I'm in the middle of playing a level. If that gets fixed I will give the game a higher rating.
I like the game and there are a lot of ads bit I could deal with that if there was more of a challenge. It's the same levels over and over. Make higher stacks like in the ad for the game!
I like the game so far. It's challenging enough for the player that wants to exercise their brain a little bit but not too hard to be impossible....at least not yet anyway. Has ads but they are short enough not to annoy me too much.
It's an interesting game. Something new. If I had been able to experience more of it I might have loved it. But we'll never know, because the ads are way too frequent; interrupting gameplay nearly constantly. It just makes it instantly annoying to play. $3 is too much to ask to turn off ads when I've barely played the game long enough to know if I want to keep playing it.
There's something so soothing about this game. Can't understand what it is but ill keep it. What I dont understand is whats the purpose of the coins? Also, im on level 800 & just curious if the levels repeat or are they gonna get harder or...either way, ill keep this game.
the game was far too laggy to even play. I would choose zero stars if i could. Non-stop ads as well but thats with most games.
I would have given this game more stars if it wasn't for the challenges in the game. There is little concentration needed and the levels do not get harder as you go. Also the adverts, I found that I can play offline and there are no adverts at all so that's a little hack for you
It was really fun for like the first 15 levels, then they kept repeating themselves. Iplayed up til level 107 and they still kept repeating the levels.... I would keep it if the levels changed and got higher, but because it got boring, I'm going to uninstall it.
cons: Wasted potential Mind numbingly simple levels 20 secs per level(2 stages) and an add on 2/3 of levels pros: runs smooth movement of hole is slightly faster(adds to difficulty assuming this was intentional) pretty fun(until it gets too repetitive)
It's a rarity that I say a game has to many ads. This one is the rarity. It doesn't work well and has WAY to many ads. I could hardly get in any game play because of them and the horrible glitches. If I could give it zero stars I would. It also looked nothing like the ad for it which is to be expected but still.
Good game, but its too easy... After you've done over 100 levels, the rest are all repeating... Needs to be more challenging...
Yawn. Once you've played the first, there's not really that much variation after. Also, the payout goes from 50 to 30. The controls are hit or miss it seems; I found my cursor going where I didn't need or want it going multiple times.
Have to repeate the levels but with different colours is is so much fun.I love this game,I am even in level 399 and going to 400.This is the best game ever.I will never stop until I get to the end but if there is no end then I will play forever and ever. BEST GAME U GUYS
I love the game it hat 2 ads every 50 levels and I hope they come out with a new game !!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Levels don't increase in difficulty and simply repeat. I really liked it at the beginning; so much so that I bought the ad free version. but now I see that the levels don't increase in difficulty and they are just repeating I am very tempted to just delete and move on. I an very disappointed.
Honestly this game is just really boring, there is no real challenge ever presented and ads every 30 seconds to top it off. I got a notification that said "only 1% make it to level 200" and honestly I'm not surprised, it's just incredibly dull.
Well umm yeah this game is....okay I guess๐Ÿฅด? To me the game is partly offensive cuz theres curtain colours that you cant touch...E.G: You can touch the white๐Ÿค but not the black๐Ÿ–ค...also the LACK OF ADS are HORRIBLE๐Ÿคฎ...Less Ads And We Should Be Able To Touch EVERY Colourโค๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ๐ŸคŽ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿค!! UGH.....NOT A GOOD GAME๐Ÿ˜ต 3 STARS๐Ÿ˜  C'mon VOODOO I know you can do better then this๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ™„
I dont know if this is my phone or the app, but I cant see anything whenever I am playing except for the background. Because of that I havent even passed level 1. The game is also a little laggy. Anyone know what I could do to be able to see the game, and play the game.
Good addictive game, just way too easy. Some earlier levels are harder than the later levels. Needs to be more challenging
First, put your phone on Airplane mode. The game is not worth all the ads. Having said that, this game is a lot like vacuuming up a mess of sawdust. It is quite aesthetically pleasing (like those "satisfying" videos), but 99% of the levels don't offer any real challenge. Makes a nice zen-type game.
I enjoyed playing this game. It's challenging in most sets. But I only gave it ๐ŸŒŸ ๐ŸŒŸ ๐ŸŒŸ ๐ŸŒŸ because it didn't warn the player NOT the sink the coloured tiles (which matches the gate ~ which is cool), aka how to play the game, and it's on the same twin pool table shape board in EVERY game set in each level. It needs to be updated, unless I just haven't reached the more challenging advanced levels, with different set shapes, like a mini golf game, for more variety and fun. Otherwise, it's enjoyable
Good time waster. Unfortunately, the app is basically garbage because there's an ad after every 15 second long level. Can't listen to a podcast or music without constant interruptions. If the app didn't stop music or podcasts or ebooks for every ad, it would be perfect as something to do while listening to any of those things. If it was worth 3 dollars, maybe I'd be ecstatic. Hell, if the ads were less disruptive, I wouldnt care. I'll watch ALL the ads if they didn't stop everything else.
Nice game, but ads out weigh playtime. I understand the reason for the ads, but come on guys, play 10 seconds and watch ads for 30 seconds. If I want to watch commercials, I can turn on tv. Too bad.
I'm sure it's a great game but I give it a 3 star at best because I've seen the adds and there really cool so I know it's a great game but mine is really laggy and it's way slow and I definitely have enough space on my phone it is a great game from what I've seen on my friends devices and the adds
Horrible game. Only 20 levels and they just repeat the extremely easy 20 levels over and over again. This is just a quick cash grab. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. If you do decide to download turn on airplane mode so no ads pop up ๐Ÿ‘
Haven't played a huge amount of this yet, but as a first impression this is quite fun, but awkward. It's either so easy there's no challenge, or a very precise level that doesn't work well with the fiddly response times. Adverts are INCREDIBLY invasive in this game as well. They pop up randomly, but especially between levels and after choosing not to watch an advert for a free life (what's with that?) which are so frustrating I've literally stopped playing the game to avoid the adverts.
Would be much more relaxing without the random ads, you can really get lost in this game. If the ads were optional and gave some sort of bonus, like 100 coins an ad I'd be more willing to keep playing and watch the ads.
Cool game but a little things there to change well SO MANY ADDS every time you lose win or something an ADD you all know adds are Nightmares. btw I love the game but not as much colour can you please put more colour the game is really good I reached level 12846 and still EASY make it more challenging that might make this game better but if not it's good when your mad or something then t h is might calm you down a bit it's cool when the blocks/balls fall in the hole it's satisfying. Byee๐Ÿ’–
Game is fun, but once you reach level 50 it crashes every couple levels. So far that's my only compliment, because it is fun!
The realistic look of the squares pouring into the hole is cool! However, there are too many 30 second ads, not sure what the reward is when you capture the coins, and was not challenging enough for me. Level after level were almost the same. Gave up and uninstalled after level 400.
Great game, addicting, simple, just great. But... And that's why I'm giving just 2 stars: After each level, each screen, commercials, commercials... In an ggressive mannor. Lots of games have commercials but this one has spots of 30 seconds and you can't close them after a few seconds just like the ones before level 50. @the developers: guys, I'm sorry, too many...
I'm on level 1180-something but I seem to be getting the same level type puzzles. When do I get to do the giant cube they used in advertising this game?!? They updated a bit a few months(?) ago,and, while the puzzles may be a bit different, and a few are challenging, I STILL have NOT seen the giant cube of little cubes that takes a little while to totally clear!!๐Ÿ˜ก I'm getting really close to uninstalling this game!!๐Ÿ‘น Update: I have uninstalled this game. I WANT the Giant cube!!!๐Ÿ˜ก
Not like the advert i got over 300 levels in and still hardly any blocks to easy no fun. Dont know how it got 4.1 stars as most people have given it 1
This game is ok but the reason I gave it only one star is because it's like all the other games.It has thousands of ads and sometimes have extra problems.Like hacking,needs wifi, does not open.So if there was a game with no problems I would be amazed
So far it's aggravating. It started off a week ago as a fun, no thinking, relaxing, time killing game. Now after every game an ad pops up and it freezes. EVERY....SINGLE....TIME. The only way to continue is to leave the game and restart it. They need to fix this ASAP.
Over level 1000 and still haven't seen any levels close to those advertised. False advertising! An ad after every level is extremely irritating too.
If I had it to vote but I could not put zero I would have to put one because this game has lots of ads once one at shows up another ad shows up and others and this game has a lot of glitching for me
Great concept but way too many ads. I spent more time waiting on ads to end then actually playing the game. I refuse to pay for no ads. I have never played a game with this many ads. Sometimes back to back ads. Uninstalling.
What a waste, great concept and enjoyable for the first 20 or so levels, then the repeats start despite the promise of 'harder than it looks' it really isn't, in fact it just gets mind numbingly boring, As for the ads, I have never seen a game with so many it does indeed feel as though the game was created purely as an ad push platform. And the ONE reviewer who says there is no repetition has either reviewed the wrong game or is the developers girlfriend.
this game sucks!!!! Get past the first level and the whole screen goes black and you can't do anything. all the adds keep running at the very bottom, but nothing else. uninstalled and reinstall nothing force close nothing. not even worth the one star.
too many ads and too easy. it says in the ad for it "harder than you think" but its really not. it has too many ads (literally after every single level). it is a waste of time and you spend more time on ads than on the levels. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL REGRET (unless you under the age of about 8)
If you like watching ads this is the game for you. There is an ad every minute, sometimes twice a minute. Don't waste your time.
It's a trap! Don't install it!! Its an ad-sploding ad-stravaganza of ad-nauseum, ad-pocolyptic advertising adssault. Shamelessly over-the-top ad bombardment, and the sneaky shady kind, like that you can't close, where clicking the (x) (when it finally appears,) behaves like you clicked "I'm interested! tell me more!". This developer is surely getting rich and doesn't deserve it. I'm ashamed I did my part and played along as long as I did before uninstalling -- don't you make the same mistake!
I get through the very first part of level 1 and then my screen goes black. I tried uninstall and reinstall and the same d**n thing. I WAS really excited about this game but all I can say is it is a MAJOR disapointment. Dont bother installing. If I could give negitive starts I would
There's just 1 thing to this game that makes it bad, well actually 2 or 3 ,but whatever. 1 the main reason is that you dont really accomplish anything, what I mean is that your only objective is to get some backgrounds, and nothing else changes so they need to a point to the game. The other reason is there are ADS now I'm sure that nobody likes ADS. This is all I have to say about the game. UWU
Pretty nice not really any ads only every like 4 levels I recommend getting it especially if you have anger issues Pretty satisfying as long as you move the hole slowly I've experienced 1 or 2 glitches every now and then But the game fixes them before they become a problem Not really any color though Not like the pics ether It still calms me down tho -1 star
This game is so relaxing and addictive. It slows my mind down and helps me calm dow. The vibration of the items falling is very soothing. Just wish the levels would get more complicated.
DO NOT GET THIS GAME This game is a total waste of space do not get it even with the best internet in the world after playing this game a couple times it'll start lagging it will stop working I was only on level 30 and it just stopped working so what ever you do dont download it because you will regret it and resent it so whatever you do DO NOT GET THIS GAME
Every 8 seconds it would have an ad pop up which you had to watch for 15 to 20 sec before you could get out of it. This game doesn't decrease anxiety - it causes it!
I deleted this after just a few levels because there is an ad every time you finish one. I'm ok with ads after a few levels and to get extras in the game. But after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL?! Bye!
Relaxing, but after playing a few times I've realized the levels are just repeating. The ads were maddening, so I paid to get rid of them. Disappointed I did that considering the lack of variety. And, is they are varied they sure as heck aren't varied enough to tell the difference!
I really love it! Great time killer, fun game and even though there are many ads, I can just turn my phone on airplane mode and it works fine! Its perfect if you need to calm down after something and it's just awesome. I definitely recommend!!
i cant get past the 1st one it stops working too. i only see one thing and everything else turns black. this is a game i would try but it didnt work for my phone maybe it does work for other people but it didnt work for me. my phone is a stylo3.
I love the idea of the game. I do wish that it got a little bit more difficult the more you played. It seems that the blocks that are used to end the game or the ones you're supposed to miss are sometimes non-existent or in super easy spot where you can avoid them. Not a lot of challenge to the game but it is a lot of fun.
It is a nice game I play it daily but it is filled with ads by which our fun get spoiled for that I can tell u one trick by which ad will go and that is whenever ad came press home button and then open the game u will see ad will go
look im going to be real with you. i actually liked the game but thats the only reason it gets 2 stars no one. the ads arent even bad thats really not the problem. the problem is there is only 20 levels in the game. after level 20 it repeats with different colors. add more levels and ill give it atleast 4 stars... for now its so bad (i played till level 41 anyone eho says it fosent repeat hasnt played past 20)
I love this game except for one thing. I click on the no ads button and nothing happens. Is there a glitch in the system? My sister was able to click on it and take the ads off. She has an iPhone and I have an android. I don't know if that makes a difference. I also think you should get some points in the regular rounds because some of us can't finish the bonus rounds. And when you do run out of time and click continue it doesn't start where you left off. You go back to beginning.
Well its a good game but it has ads after every level if this can be sorted out it will be an amazing game
It is a relaxing game for killing time but I've gone through 160 levels so far tonight and I'm pretty sure I HAVE in fact mastered it because there's no real difficulty in it and it hasn't gotten any more challenging. I'll keep playing just because but I wouldn't buy it without knowing exactly how many more levels there are and if they get harder. 100+ levels is not much when they take LITERALLY only 5 seconds to play... I've spent more time waiting for ads than in actual game play.
I do like my town the game but this is a great game ๐ŸŽฎ I love it. it is very satisfying so yah. I consider it myself so I think you should install it ๐Ÿ˜Š ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜„
I feel like the ads are excessive and the most challenging thing about the game is seeing how many levels you get to play before a 45 second ad is shoved down your throat. After playing 403 levels all I can say that I see more ads than play time and that this game is the least challenging one I have ever played. There is no difficulty at all and the levels are quite repetitive. I have lost track of the amount of times I have repeated levels...changing the colors is not enough. We're not morons.
this game color hold 3D it's kinds of little boring but if you just build it up a little bit and make a little exciting kids maybe we'll just play with it more I just downloaded it is fun but you just have to put like more big buildings so it can be like really messy and we just have to clean it up. this game is really good for kids
super cool, relaxing game. im on level 300 and something, and all the games are the same! wish it would at least get a little more challenging as the levels get higher. still fun, but getting boring! maybe add some harder levels.
there is truly no point or objective to this game, there is no difficulty, you literally drag the hole around to have the white spaces fall in. there is no puzzle or obstacle to this game. it is one of those games that is designed purely for ads
Game is awesome and should be called as "@$$" hole for showing ads in the game after every 5 to 10 seconds!!!
I started playing this game and it lag and give like 18ads in 5 min and its sooo dumb and easy im sorry but this is the worst game i have ever played so if you are like is this game good...welllll......NO NOT AT AAL so please read this if you want to know what this game is then here we go. This game is to easy this game has a bug this game is not worth it this game is have way to meany ads its not worth it for sooo meany ads and and i can go aan and aan but i wont so dont download this game
If i could i would give it a 0...there is NO NOISE! There is stuff to dodge there is WAY TO MANY adds. This is the worst game and thats saying something.
The game is amusing and fun, but the adds on here are crazy like an add per level and it shuts down most the time! It takes up alot of your battery too. Thank you!
you'll get a better rating from me when you make it more challenging. I'm on level 720 and for a long time now it's just been repeats of earlier levels. I've opened all the backgrounds hoping for different patterns or more challenging levels but only got different colors of the same old patterns and levels. Where's the variety I saw on the ad advertising this game? I haven't seen any levels that resemble what I saw in the ad. I do love the game, epic time passer,please add more challenging levels
So. Many. Ads. Each level takes a max of 10 seconds to play and you have to watch a 5 second ad after every other level. Also, they split each level into two parts and count it as two levels, so there is really only 50 levels. The levels dont get progressively harder either. There is one "hard" level and the rest are all the same difficulty. It takes less than 1 hour to play through the whole game. It's also weird that there are no sound effects or background music. It's just completely silent.
This game is positively addicting! I cannot believe how relaxing it is to play while listening to books or music. I read some of the other reviews, and would request that if you do include music in future versions please also include an option to turn off the music! My suggestion for an addition is to give the player control of the disc when traveling between boards. Could the "doors" be activated to drop when the disc nudges them? Thank you SO much for the ad-free option!
This game is not satifiying like it is in the ads. You do not draw your own hole and you can fail and i though it was a stress reliver but trust me. This game is not worth your time.
This game is nice, but need to give more challenges.There are no challenges at all.The adds are here crazy like up to every level.This app needs to be improved.I have not understood the point to collect the coins in 26 minutes.I rate this app 3 stars....
I love the game but i gave this a 4 star because after i finish with a level a AD pops up and its like a 10 or 20 minute long AD and i just dont like it if you could fix the problem that would be great.
The BEST game ever created!!! I am so addicted to it! I'm over Level 200 and I can't stop! So easy and I like games I can play because I had a stroke. The only drawback is my phone gets really, really hot, when I play and it starts lagging. Thank you, for creating this.... just for me! ๐Ÿ˜‹Lol!
Buggy and slow. When there is lots of elements it slows so much you can just sit and wait until it comes back. Useless
Game is wall to wall ads with infrequent breaks for a moment of game playing. You're not told the rules and break one you get an ad. Catch a wrong color block? Get an ad. Click continue? Get an ad. Wait for timer? Get an ad. Blink your eyes? Get an ad. Frequently the cursor goes where IT wants to instead of where you want and that breaks a rule and gets an ad. Curse at the cursor? Get an ad. Dinner time? Get an ad. Get frustrated? Get an ad. Get the picture? Get an ad. UNINSTALLED!
Possibly the most boring game I've ever played. 300+ levels and the difficulty hasn't increased at all and the ads are relentless. Also random coin levels.. but you can't buy anything with the coins? Dumb as hell..
Those who says that this game is boring or whatever I would I like to say to them that this is the best game I have ever experienced or played I never get fed up playing this game because it is so bright and enjoyable I would thank the founder of this game for such a great game i would recommend it to everyone
It's terrible. So easy! It glitches and lags.and my hole has a glitch. Giving it 2 is being generous. Please make it harder. The levels don't get harder. They get easier in fact. If it was 2x harder. It would be 3 stars. If it was 10x harder. It would be 4.5 because of the glitches.