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Color Gallery:Offline Hue Game

Color Gallery:Offline Hue Game for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Best Free Games Studio - Offline puzzle match game located at [email protected]. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Extra fun! Would love a bit more contrast between the white buttons and the almost white background. But great game!
Great game! There are literally 0 ads, unless you want hints, and even then one of the options is only one ad. It really gets my mind thinking, plus I feel like any artist would enjoy the gradients they are giving us. Would definitely recommend. It's an amazing puzzle game.
I loved it so freaking much. And I promise I'm not being tricked into saying this or anything. The adds are only after you finish a puzzle which I can tolerate, but I still turn my wifi and data off just to avoid those. But yeah this game is so stinking pretty. I just don't like the music. Short, repetitive, and doesn't loop smoothly.
I love this game so much! Levels are designed well with increasing difficulty. Very relaxing and satisfying, and so rewarding to see the adorable pictures made by the colors of accomplished levels. It doesn't limit your moves but does count them so you can try to beat your own record or the world average without any stress. A great concept and well executed game. Can't wait for more levels! :))
This definetly trains your brain...just make sure you aren't colorblind as some of the gradients are really close.
At first I was a bit disappointed to not be able to do the gradient matching on the image itself. However as I moved along I started to look forward to more complex pictures and guessing which area would be filled with what part of the gradient. No time pressure which is great. Adds are not too bad at all, but I did buy the no-adds because I think the devs deserve something for a nice game like this.
Pretty good tbh, haven't had an ad yet, I like that I can use it in conjunction with my blue light filter and it's very relaxing for just before bed.
Loved it. Can't wait for more levels. It was the perfect game for relaxing before bed or just enjoying curled up and cozy.
This is a new fun of color puzzle games. However, there is one thing that is very annoying about this game. When we move the tiles, no matter where we toych them, they will center themselves to our fingertip. It's demn hard to see the color, to comoare them with neighbor tiles. Please consider improving this dev. Thank you!
Fun game to kill time with. The only issue I have with it is there is an add after every single level. So depending on how quickly you solve a level. You have an add literally seconds in between.
I just installed this game. So far, so good. I didn't think it would challenge me, but its gettin there. If you like colors and puzzles, this is you. This game plays with your eyes and mind. The word that comes to me when playing this is discombobulate. I'm on Lv. 4 no ads' but I know there're coming. 4stars is high 4me.
It's amazing, just like their last game I absolutely love it and after I played all the levels and had to wait for new ones this game is great. It connects the normal hie puzzles with an artistic aspect of the pictures you fill in with those puzzles. A really creative game, I'd recommend trying it out!
This game is very fun, I love trying to guess what part of the puzzle will be used for the final picture. Unfortunately I have completed all the levels :( I hope more come out soon!
Super fun and satisfying. I use this to calm down before bed to help train my color intuition as an artist. My one complaint is that there is no dark mode setting. I play in the night and it is frustrating to choose between using my blue light-cancelling filter which skews all the colors reddish, or hurting my eyes due to the bright white background color. I would love to see an option to have a black background as an option where the puzzle section is normal colors.
Even better than the first one. The new shapes make it tricky with just the right amount of challenge. The ads start off subtle but become more prevalent the further into the game you get. Full page ads started at Level 6, which I found intrusive.
I was really into this for the first couple levels, and then I started getting ads after every puzzle. The absolute opposite of relaxing. Shame, this could have been really nice.
The game is good, can train the brain, train to distinguish colors in detail, and is equipped with soothing music. Highly recommended.
I'm loving this game. It's enough of a challenge without too much pressure. It's beautiful and creative. Limited ads too! I'm usually picky about games but I can see this one keeping my interest for a long time.
I absolutely loved it, the music is nice ,its so relaxing, it's a mix of relaxation and fun,the levels are just in the perfect point.not too easy,nor too difficult, just perfect . The look in the game is so simple yet so detailed. You can see that the creators putted a lot of work in it. Just overall amazing. Would definitely recommend.
I love color sorting games and this one was especially nice because it was several smaller boards that created a beautiful picture.
Love this it is fun watching it shade a picture after I complete the puzzle it definitely gets addicting
Really like this game! It's fun to watching the picture form in between the puzzles. I also like that you aren't counted on your moves it takes you to solve the puzzle. Very nice design!
Nice relaxing. I love it! Ads are not overwhelming. Levels keep increasing in difficulty. Its great mind tease!
Gave 4☆ because each little puzzle is around 30sec to 1 min and there's an ad every time. Other than that, the game is quite nice and enjoyable!!
I've actually kept this game for longer than 24 hours! I've been looking for a new game and in my trials, I'll play them for a while and uninstall them if I don't like them. So far so good. Its challenging and relaxing at the same time. I love it so far.
I absolutely love this game! If you enjoy puzzle games and have a good eye for colour this will totally be your jam. I've always been very peculiar about colours, shades and undertones so to me this game hits the spot. It's so relaxing to unravel something that seems like a mismatched Lego creation in the beginning and see how it becomes a gradient of satisfactory colour blending together. 10/10 would reccomend. It's also pretty cute how each puzzle contributes to a picture result in the end.
I've tried a lot of these hue based puzzle games, and this is by far the best. Completing the paintings provides more motivation than just solving the puzzles on their own, and there's a good mix of level styles. Ads are a little much but at least they are short
Anyone giving this anything but 5 stars isnt doing this app justice. I have "I love hue" and this is not the same thing. People saying they thought it would be dragging the pieces into the sketch are judging the game on their own stupidity because it's easy to see that's not the case. This game is very addicting and hard to put down. My favorite part is seeing the finished picture becasue it is so cute! If I had more room I would go on about how great this game is but I dont. 5 stars!!!!!! ☆☆☆☆☆
At first I thought it might be a bore but I was quickly addicted and completing level after level. It's a very relaxing experience with the gradient colors soothing the eyes. Thank you Devs for a surprisingly, simple relaxation tool that is enjoyable.
This game is very relaxing. I love the soothing music and how all the gradients become a picture in the end. It feels so satisfying and beautiful. One thing though, I hope the 'x' marks can be more darker, sometimes it can be hard to tell whether the x is there or not in some darker colors.
- 1 star because you guys ask for a review just before you start with 1 ad in between each new sector. An ad for each new puzzle, yes, but within the same puzzle picture, nt cool... Very sly. Yes devs, some people will make the effort to return to change their rating.
Calming and satisfying like their other game :) people don't like the ads but it makes it free so that's nice!! Can i make a suggestion for more hexagon puzzles!! Love them so much
Pros: Relaxing game and music. Easy to learn. Beautiful pictures that you can save. Cons: Can't mute sound effects without also muting music. Low contrast UI in places, makes it hard to see what you're doing. Can't drag tiles; have to click one, then the other. Progressively intrusive ads that completely ruin the calm effect of the game. Can't save progress on incomplete puzzles.
I really enjoy it so far. Not too difficult but also pretty challenging on some of them. Thank you :)
Originally 5 stars after the game requested a rating. Immediately after rating, ads started popping up after every single level. I would have uninstalled and moved on if the ads were consistent, but since it felt like I was being tricked into rating a better product then swapping for a worse one, it's an uninstall and amended review.
A nice game from the makers of Color Puzzle. Unobtrusive ads at the bottom; nothing that gets in the way of the puzzles. I like the setup and layout of this one actually more than Color Puzzle. A nice way to kill some time.
Wasn't what I was expecting, initially thought I would be able to colour pictures not just arrange colours on a square canvas.
Having each puzzle be part of a painting gives the game a really really enjoyable sense of purpose. Similar games I've played in the past became boring because there wasn't really a goal. The short, simple stages add a very surprising amount of satisfaction and even, dare I say, excitement! I genuinely look forward to seeing how each completed puzzle will look in its respective painting. I'm eager to play on!! Oh, and the puzzles do gradually become more challenging, but in a good way
Pretty, and soothing, game. I do this when I need to zen out or fall asleep. Highly recommend. It's just so pretty. I love colors!!! 💘
I love coloring and puzzles and this game combines those two into a relaxing experience. I was surprised how quickly I got hooked. It's so tranquil and yet still provides a challenge.
Love it😍 It's encouraging, it's challenging, it's engaging, and most importantly it's fun. Doesn't have a heck load of ads like alot of games do, and it's easy to get hints just by watching one ad. 100% will recommend. This one's definitely a keeper.
This is a lovely relaxing puzzle game to play, great for visual/artistic people! I do wish there were shapes other than squares and rectangles within which to arrange the colored tiles, it gets a little boring after a while.
I like it so far, color combination is quite fascinating. This is quite good to play even with adults like me.
To move the squares, you have to tap on one then tap on the one you want to switch it with, which is fine except I would MUCH rather drag the squares and fix your lag its so annoying. Probably going to delete this, I'm giving it a chance but if I don't find it good, it's going.
This game is fun, challenging, and relaxing! It's nice to see how I matched up on average after I finish. In the meantime, I can just zone out into playing with colors and imagining patterns.
Edited. From 5 stars to 1, after I rated the game the 1st time, adds were added to every level. I would gladly pay to remove adds if I like the game but not now
Relaxing yet well-balanced with challenge. The only thing I dock off a star for (and it would honestly only be half if I could) is the world average counter when you finish the puzzles. Like sometimes it's cool to be like "yeah, I'm pretty good at this I guess" but sometimes it sorta makes me feel.. idk, inadequate may not be the right word. Maybe it's meant to be motivational? But yeah, tl;dr overall great relaxing game with beautiful art. 4.5/5
Relaxing & Different. I really enjoy hue-based games/apps & this one has it's own unique spin that I've not seen before where you're putting together a picture out of a set of boards. They give you the world avg # of moves, but I wish it showed the fewest moves possible for each puzzle board as well. Another critique is that the controls could be more responsive, they're a bit slow/delayed imo. Other than those 2 little things, I love it! Keep up the good work!
Nice graphics, relaxing background music. The levels have just the right difficulty. I enjoyed it. I hope there are new levels coming soon.
You can't draw anything but its cool and fun you can also save the pictures and puzzles to your own gallery!
Very nice game. Cures boredom although some levels are pretty confusing but overall it's a great game. You can also download the artwork / puzzle. And the puzzle can be used for color palettes if you do digital art.
Very fun and relaxing! I really do enjoy this game and I'm glad that there's no pop up ads (just banner ads which I'm completely fine with), and I just love how after completing the levels you make a nice little picture. Definitely recommend!
I love this game. The premise is so simple but keeps you hooked. I hope they add additional puzzles soon!
Nice game but too many ads makes it unplayable. I'd watch the ads if there were fewer of them. Instead, I'm uninstalling the game.
not really sure what to say it's just an interesting concept for a puzzle game. it doesn't really have any problems except for whenever I try to tap it, it sometimes recognizes it as a swipe.
The levels are quite the same ones from that award-winning hue game we love. The difference is that istead of cute motivational messages the hues color a picture and you can lock a piece of the puzzle the same way you do it on that other very famous blending game. The deja-vu is inevitable - they even have diamonds and hexagonal piece-levels like the other game. If you didn't play the original or didn't like to be called a shimmering unicorn when you complete a level you will probably love this.
I really love this game. It's simple and relaxing. The ads are practically non-existant. Instead of just solving the puzzles and moving on, the puzzles color in different sections of a picture. It's a lot of fun to see the whole picture in color and see what colors of the puzzle go where.
The game is very relaxing, excellent if you have a good eye for colors. I like to play a few levels to wind down after work or when I'm stressed.
At first I loved it. After I gave it a great rating, ads started popping up after every game; annoying ads with loud sounds that I had to mute every time. I like to listen to audiobooks while I play and it became very annoying to have to wait 5 seconds to be able to turn off the ad and return to my story.
I love solving the puzzles and getting the pictures filled in. The ad after each puzzle us mildly annoying, but pop-ups at the bottom during the game are maddening - especially the one that looks like an incoming message.
Plays an ad after every single puzzle, I wouldn't mind some ads but the puzzles aren't that long so the ads are very often and are therefore quite annoying. This is still a really cool game, I even came to rate it 5 stars a few days ago, but ever since then it seems like it changed how it did ads to be way more often :/ feels suspicious to me that I tapped the "rate us 5 starts" button and now ads play more often :/
This game is so amazing and relaxing. This game is so addictive I have had it for a week and couldn't stop playing it and I have not seen any ads
I love how this turns the puzzles into paintings! It's a uniques twist that adds so much to the color/hue games. All that I would add is a playground with the colors like in I Love Hue. I can't wait to see more levels, too!
I find this game mesmerising and soothing. It engages my brain enough to quiet my thoughts but not so much that it feels like work. I'm really looking forward to more levels as I've finished them all so far!