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Color Collab: Coloring Book & Stress-Relief Games

Color Collab: Coloring Book & Stress-Relief Games for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Foundry IV located at 304 S. Jones Blvd, Suite 2608, Las Vegas, NV 89107. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Nudity) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
So freaking cool! Love that I get to color in designs from these amazing artists I used to watch on TV all the time. Relaxes me but also ignites my creativity mode, which I think is more helpful than just simple relaxation.
i was so exited to play this and then i got it and cant even figure out how to color anything becuase it doesnt react when i hit color now ;-; is that how its supposed to be orrr
I loved the pictures and designs but you have to pay monthly to draw pictures for fun. It's not worth it. It's a pay to draw app, I have seen alote of other apps like this that are beautiful and free. I understand that artists are trying to make a living off this and that's fine, but tell us before hand so we can decide if we wanna spend a bunch of money on a picture app. The artist do a great job and they are beautiful, but not worth the monthly price.
Absolutely horrible The pictures are nice Only good thing I can say Just about everything is locked behind a paywall Even the color wheel Not to mention the colors don't stay where they are They just start disappearing and going into areas forcing me to redo them Not to mention there's no eyedropper tool Meaning I forget which colors to use and end up using the wrong ones I hope these problems get fixed cause this looked great
Easy I think it was the other one is hf he was under br NC be home jdbbb El te hcg nc to hf de back 🔙
You have to pay so much money just to play the game and there's lots of lag but other than that the pics look good so that's why I give to 2 stars :P
At first I loved it but lately I've been having a hard time getting it to work properly and it's really frustrating
So far, I've experienced no major problems. You get multiple color pallettes and you don't 𝘩𝘢𝘷𝘦 to buy premium; it doesn't force you to. If you're missing a color you want, you can take the brush on a low opacity and 𝘮𝘪𝘹 until you get to the color you want! (FIXED) The only complaint I have (and this could be just user error) is that sometimes I'll get a median color to help with blending and some how I'll end up getting green or grey in the middle, or the color doesn't show up at all.
I wanted to color certain pictures, but I can't do that without a paid subscription. Why do coloring apps require payment at all?! I am someone who cannot pay for things with IAP. I understand the need for ads, and I'm okay with that. What I'm not okay with is less than 20 pics need to be paid for, in order to color them.
I haven't had this app for long, but I have a very odd issue: the color seems to slowly shift to the right as I color more. I started with a fowl drawing, and started with its legs, but as I finished the second, I saw that the first leg had a white streak all along the left side, and color along the right where it shouldn't be. Fixed it, checked the other leg, same issue. This will get a better rating if this issue is fixed, but I have no idea what's happening here, nor any will to keep playing.
I like the app but it can be slow at times and some of the pictures i try to open just takes me back to the selection screen. Also sometimes the app is so slow with loading and it crashes from time to time.
Eh, it's okay. Certain things like not being able to zoom in fully, and lack of different brushes and blending tools make it frustrating for me to want to use the app. The art is beautiful, but isn't getting it's full beauty with the limited art tools.
Great relaxing game if you enjoy coloring. Nice selection of images and I like the optional other pictures with ads. Clear and easy to use. Intuitive for people coloring on tablets or used to drawing software.
Enjoyable and easy to use. A lot of different artworks to choose from, to unlock some of the new artworks can just watch an ad. Totally worth it!
Don't get me wrong it's a good game but the problem I have is the collab +, it's cost too much, there's hardly any colors unless you buy premium. Almost every coloring game I find is Ethier fulled with ads or just cost so much with everything locked to make you pay. This app is no different.
I spent over an hour very thoughtfully picking out colors and filling in a design. Selected "save and exit" when I was finished, and now I can't access it again. Thought this would be a nice way to blow off steam, but now I'm just mad. I would have been better off staring at a wall for 75 minutes. What a waste of time.
I really like the pictures, color choices, tools, etc. However, I've only been able to complete one picture. Every picture I've tried to open just gets hung up on the loading screen. Coloring is supposed to be relaxing, but this app just aggravates me every time I try to start a picture.
Edit: it's been 13 days since Devs said they were going to fix the app. Not sure if that means it won't be fixed or maybe it's more complex? Very disappointed. Unskippable logo and loading screens in a game aimed at REDUCING stress??? And sorry but I can't comment on gameplay because so far I have seen None. Just 3 little wiggly dots indicating *something* is loading. After waiting several mins I gave up and reinstalled. Still doing it. Lame, was really interested in trying this out oh well.
I really liked taking someone elses artwork and putting my own spin on it, it was a bit hard to figure out at first but once you get the hang of it, it gets pretty fun
Was enjoying the app for awhile and have a decent amount of saved pieces. But the app keeps crashing all of a sudden after a minute or so of having it open. It's a little disappointing
Has many beautiful illustrations to choose from. I'm only giving 2 stars because the controls are glitchy. You can't zoom in enough to color in some of the spaces and it doesn't always zoom in where you intended it to. You can only undo like 5 times. There are several other glitches. With only a few improvements, it could be perfect.
I am no artist, but this app definitely brings out my creative side. I have always found coloring to be a great way to relieve stress and free you from anxiety, however, my RA prevents me from doing much of that these days. Color collab makes it possible again, and I am really enjoying it. The art work is incredible. So many amazing pieces to make your own. I highly recommend this app!
Hey man, I don't like how you fasely advertise of that female artist drawing on Procrate and ITS SO ABVIOUS THAT ITS FAKE AND NOT WHAT PEOPLE EXSPEXTED TO BE. If your app is coloring app, can y'all just use that video in the slides and not the fake one that is advertised the game I'm playing? Thanks. Please take a fake ad video down. Please advertise properly. <3 I wanted to rated it for a reason, not just install the app.
For a coloring book app this aint bad. Would be nice if i could unlock the locked picturs by watching the adds sence i have to see the adds any way. But other then that its pritty good.
Love the concept and the art but the color selection isn't really good. I love shading but there's not enough of one color to do that nicely. For someone like me that can't afford, or they aren't that committed to art, or don't want to put money in the app, its easier to use a free app like "coloring book" or "adult coloring" if you'reok with ad's. If there were more colors i could use i would give it more stars. BTW I don't mind the ads in this app
It keeps blending into the wrong spots I had a beautiful skull colored and it got messed up when it starts to shift 2 the right pls fix this I enjoy coloring like this but the bugs need 2 be fixed
I wanted to color this app very bad after seeing all of you talking on your app but when I downloaded it I got to the pictures but then when I got to the paintings and I tapped on one I couldn't get it to pull up I tried it three different times I even went in and got rid of the data and started over and then I got rid of the cash and started over but it still wouldn't do anything it just froze up I'm going to have to uninstall it because this I know what I'm doing I've been doing this for about
The title is a bit misleading I thought I was going to be coloring with other users (the collab part) but you don't and the layout is strange but not hard to get used to though love the fact it's not another color by number way too many of those.
I've been loving this app for awhile and have quite a few different drawings going but recently the app has been crashing and even after an update it does the same. Was going to get full version but idk now. Fix the crashing and you have a five star app.
So far, I've experienced no major problems. You get multiple color pallettes and you don't 𝘩𝘢𝘷𝘦 to buy premium; it doesn't force you to. If you're missing a color you want, you can take the brush on a low opacity and 𝘮𝘪𝘹 until you get to the color you want! The only complaint I have (and this could be just user error) is that sometimes I'll get a median color to help with blending and some how I'll end up getting green or grey in the middle, or the color doesn't show up at all.
So far so good. Lost track of time while playing. One suggestion is to increase the max size of the brush from 100px. Might be an idea to have a mode where the brush size is relative to the zoom so when I zoom in I can do touchups and shading without changing my brush size.
It is fun to do, but my biggest issue is I cant color into the corners and along the edges. When I try to move, it won't go all the way down. So I can only color in the center of the image. Not much fun if I can't color the entire picture. Zooming works fine and moving the image around the center works. Just won't go all the way to the edges. And if you leave it zoomed out its impossible to click on those tiny sections.
Disappointing, I downloaded it last night and I have been trying all morning to just color one picture but nothing. It won't even load, I tried closing it out, turning wifi on and off and still nothing.
It loads too slow, plus 225$ per year is pretty damn steep when you can pay by month instead and get a year for 60$.
Cute idea, but color sensitivity is ridiculous. You paint something, it should stay that color, unless you use an eraser. Even expanding didn't help. We are not all professionals. Creative...yes
As I am coloring the whole color not including the line work shifts to the right. And with limited color choices there are other apps that are better. The way the colors are placed and I was working with pink and brown but there not on the smae palette witch sucks and made my fingers sore I have been looking for a good coloring app for awhile and there hard to find for free so I really hope these issues can be fixed because I see great potential in this app
best coloring app out there. i have downloaded just about every coloring app there is. but this is the only one i kept! great job to the staff! GET THIS APP!
Honestly super excited about this but ive installed twice and the app loads and then crashes instantly. hope you can fix it soon.
I really wanted to use it but the app is soo slow, and the colors wouldn't go where I wanted them to go, I had to exit and restart the app several times.
Very painless install and user experience. My girlfriend really enjoys coloring the daily free pics on our tablet with a stylus (Samsung Tab S3). IMO, this app qualifies as a "gateway app" - the first use leads to more and more and then, almost inevitably, you will find yourself paying a monthly fee due to the compulsive nature this app causes in some of its users. Color with care and restraint at all times. Coloring - Set a limit and stay within it.
Only coloring book that is not "by number" that I've found. I just wish there were more options for increasing your color options without paying for a subscription.
I'm sorry but what a letdown. It has the potential to be great but first off it gets stuck loading and no matter how much you restart or redownload it it still freezes and the one time it didn't it was very laggy and worst of all like alot of other apps you have to pay to get better stuff which is alright but damn it's expensive especially since it's in the middle of a pandemic and not many people have the money for the full experience. I hope you guys can fix it but until then I won't bother.
The idea is great but the app is jankey. It ruens jerkily and when I try to put down a color I may have to press many times over to get it on the page. It has great potential though. Hope they fix it.
Amazing game, I'm not a premium user but there are still so many good pictures, shading is easy and the artists are amazing! 10/10 would recommend. However there is a glitch were everything goes black. Please fix this as soon as you can
I really enjoy this app but I can't get into it any more I get stuck at the loading screen. I have left it for over an hour and it still wouldn't load up. This happened after it froze and then I got a message saying it stopped working. The usual message you get on a phone asking if you want to wait or close the app. I chose to close it but when I tried opening it again later and I get stuck at a loading screen.
Hello, i only gave this a 2/5 because i had to pay to get all the colors. And I just wanted to relax and color. If you want to pay to have all the colors then go right ahead but for me i wouldn't i also had really had problems with the images it would come up and then just blur out randomly. If you see this review i hope this helps and please fix these problems if you have an idea on how to help me please tell me :(
This is a little too challenging for me as I am on a 6 x 9 tablet. I am not an artist, but I wanted to give it a whirl. I had to go back, erase, or refill alot. I did part of a picture of a lovely maiden. I kept messing up my own coloring. I like being able to choose my own colors! I think I would need a simpler version of this since my arthritis bothers me a lot! Thank you for the experience. I think it needs some tweaking and fine tuning. Would love to be a tester for this!
there is no way this app is worth $224.99 a year I wouldn't pay $20. to own it for life ...still way over priced
I really love this app it's so cool and I can make an animated or not but I remember my childhood I was drawing a bike and it's funny because I destroy but it's okay just don't give up ... Remember your future you can be an artist 😇
A great app for a (Non)Paint Byowood Numbers Has an amazing and beautiful gallery of pictures from talented artists wish there were more free tools to use ... Example like crayons, wooden colored pencils and several different types of gel pens different kinds of lead pencils
Love the app able to choose my colors my tool of choice also adjust spray and brush size also how light or dark to apply color just hoping to see the bug fixed soon were colors stop running! This latest update didn't seem to solve the issue yet!
After reading all the reviews I am giving this a 1 star and will uninstall and download it at a later date when you guys get it together. Then ill change my rating.
I really love this app! There's only a couple things I wish were a lil bit smoother/better, for one the paint brush is rather choppy, it'd be a lot nicer if it was more like an airbrush tool. The other thing is I wish there was somewhere you cud sign in so that way if you were to get a new phone you wouldn't loose all your previous work. otherwise I give you guys 5 stars
I really enjoyed this app, however, I recommend downloading this app on a tablet or an iPad or something with a bigger screen than a phone. There are so many details and I would also suggest to get a screen pen. It is a really good app though!
it's so amazing the arts is beautiful everything but can you add some smudge brush ang blur brush that's all .I wish you guys have a tiktok cause why not making vids in there it's a famous social media app in the world right now
I wish I could use this app on my surface pro instead. There's no option to do so on the model I have.
This is a one because on the ad it showes the premium I dont like it since it has so much lag Pls fix it its not the best and Why do you have the premium and there are less art works and its not a good app
The game is good in all. But when I try to move the screen it won't let me move it. Also there is not a lot of pictures/paintings. I recommend to not download this app.
I cannot leave the app!!! I love it I'd so much fun!! I recommend it if you like art!💖💖💖🥰