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April - Oil Painting by Number

April - Oil Painting by Number for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Crimson Pine Games located at ul. Jasna 14 44-100 Gliwice Poland. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Like on the advert it is smooth when you colour a space in but it is a jaggered edge on my game. Please let me know if it is only my game
Love this app. Love how it turns out when you've finished. So colourful. Very relaxing. Only downside is the amount you have to pay to subscribe. If if was a lot cheaper just to buy out right I might have thought about getting it. But I will just stick to the free one. Otherwise I do love the app.
Beautiful pictures, however I'm not a fan of my page moving on me when I color. That said, once you get used to how to manipulate the painting it's easier and mostly enjoyable. Is it possible to put an example of the process of coloring in, instead of trying to figure out how to not make the page move around at first? After updates I will rate it a 5. Thank you
Liking it so far, but I do have a suggestion. Right now the game is set so that when you click a number on the actual picture, it will switch to that number. I would really like some way to lock the numbers so that they don't switch, because it's very easy to accidentally touch the wrong thing and then I have to switch back to what I was actually working on. Also, the game could use a better system of moving the painting around. It's very hard to move the painting vs color something.
FEB 2021:Another year of daily use I'm still loving it! FEB 2020 UPDATE: It's been a year & I'm still in love with this app! The developer consistently sends out updates & adds new pics. I've used this app on 2 different phones, it never crashes. There's a lot of TLC behind this app. FEB 2019 This adult color by number app seems to be a little different than the others. The lines are smooth & blend in. Finished pic looks like a painting. 2 days & 4 paintings completed I'm really loving this app.
Don't bother saving your progress to the cloud. Only a few pictures to color while the rest are locked unless you pay premium. You can't even color daily pictures. Extremely unattractive milking money from customers
Love it. Not just another color by number. You actually swipe like you're painting with a brush. Very pretty pictures as well!
Love it very relaxing and so different from the tap color, because you can color the pics like you would color with crayon's. It's fun. Back to edit my review down to 3 stars for the simple fact it takes so long for the picture to show for coloring. First it's slow when you open the app, priming the canvas, then you claim it, when you finally get the picture again tap on it, then tap open , then another download. Delay in every step it's very frustrating!!!
It's a good activity to do but I was expecting some experience points at the end of the completion but it doesn't give you it plus I haven't even reached Level 2 yet and its expecting me to reach 650 on level 1.
Excellent coloring app. I love that you need to do an actual coloring motion rather than touching an area and then fills in completely. The pictures are beautiful. It's very relaxing to put on a podcast and listen while you color with this app. Two thumbs up.
Great app! One thing I would like to have is a dark theme, for the background, the loading screen and the menu, because my eyes get sore at night time when playing. Other than that, it's really good!
I really enjoy this app. There are a good variety of pictures and you have some control over the number of ads you watch. My only issue is that the app causes my phone (Samsung Note 10) to run hot, even when it is the only app running, so I can only color for a short time before having to give my phone a break to cool down.
I'm very picky when it comes to apps. This app is awesome! It really makes you feel like you are coloring. I got my daughter to download it too! Very pretty pictures too.
I actually find this game oddly soothing. It's been helping me get through a really stressful period. There's something about stroking rather than tapping that seems to help. There are a lot of ads if you're not paid (1 to unlock a picture, 1 to download/open the same picture, and 1 each time you re-enter an incomplete picture). There are also a lot of subscription only pictures, but plenty of free content too. It strikes a reasonable balance.
The game is great! Best coloring app in the app store! Been looking for one like this for a really long time and finally found one. It's really calming and relaxing. Just like paint by numbers in real life! 5 out 5 stars for sure! (From an artist)
Simply put...I love this swipe & color app.& the black background is perfect also how numbrs remain until area is completely covered! Only problem I incur is while swipping at times my whole pic moves as I do need to enlarge to b able to cover whole area. Am I the only one experiencing this problem? Is it fixable or is it my cellular service?
Great painting app with smooth lines and ease of use for all ages. Good painting program to relax with.
I really want to rate this five stars but the amount of ads is overwhelming. I love the swipe to fill instead of just tapping. It's my favorite feature in the app. Although, every picture either costs coins or ads. And to get enough coins to buy the picture, you have to watch about 3 ads. There's always an ad in between each picture as well. Either make it easier to earn coins or make the other pictures free to use without watching ads.
It's cool and all, I love the fact that it swipes not taps, which is amazing. But I hate that all of them are watch an ad or get member ship, besides the first picture you do. It's cool but I wish I could color more pictures for free than watch an ad or pay for them.
I have just downloaded and did the first picture. Very pretty. I love coloring apps. But I really like the swipe motion instead of the constant tapping. Also, noticed just tap the number when each area is done and it automaticly moves the screen to the next area of the same color till it is completed. Then start the next number. Don't have to move the picture every which way. Love it, faster and feels more like you're actually coloring!!! Invest in a stylus pen.
I really enjoy the app, the only gripe I have, just takes so long to download the pics and then you select one to paint and have to wait again, just wish it was quicker
I really like this app i use it all the time. Just wish i could do more pictures without having to go premium. Wish you could get coins easier as well.
Great pictures. Ads are needed, I suppose. On my Samsung Tab A device, there is way too much lag between screens. For that reason I'm gonna have to uninstall. Waiting for it to load, just to watch an ad between pictures is not condusive to stress relief.
While I really love this coloring app I find myself having to stop playing because I get so frustrated. It has ads that pop up in the middle of coloring about every minute or so. I don't mind ads but please not in the middle of coloring. The ads frequently end up taking me out of the game and I have to start over with loading the picture. It loads extremely slow. Please fix these problems and I'll give it 5 stars.
I really love that this uses swipes vs taps to color. I think more coloring apps should use this method. Highly recommend!
I love this Color By Number app. The fee for no ads is very reasonable,(I pay by the quarter). It is very relaxing and the only coloring app that you can actually color in. If you don't mind ads you can color for free. I highly recommend this app to anyone who enjoys coloring by number. Since the last update it no longer gives you the option of earning money by selling finished pictures so if you want any additional galleries you have to spend real$.You can also get galleries by leveling up.
I really love the concept, but I can't stand the zoom feature. There is no control over it. It should actually zoom, not simply do close in or full screen. I also don't understand why you can't color in full screen. I was really happy when I started this app but i couldn't make it through one picture because i fit so frustrated.
I love being able to color pages with the more realistic way of rubbing instead of tapping and I still don't have to worry about going outside of the lines. Great app!
This app is got to be the worst app I ever tried it doesn't let you stay on one color at a time if you press a different color it switches to that one. The absolute worst paint by number's I have ever seen and tried
Nice relaxing coloring game. The screen freezes for a few seconds when you need to move on once in a while, but then it's fine.. The only thing I don't care for is that I'm pretty sure I'm getting spam text messages because of this game. **Update 5/28/21** The spam messages seemed to have stopped, so at this point I can't confirm that it actually came from this game. Play on and enjoy 😎
OMG! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I love painting apps but don't particularly like just tapping to colour or when 1 tap adds 5 colours at once. This is so calming and the nearest thing I have found to actual painting, on my phone. I just love it ❣️
Playing a game that only has a few ads, is so much more enjoyable. I really like "brush strokes" rather than tapping like other games. Makes you feel like you are contributing to the artwork! Sometimes I miss a tiny spot & you have to go back & look it over & fill in all tiny spaces.
Not what the advert shows. The colouring is chunky and is not satisfying at all. But has great potential overall
Absolutely love 💘 ❤ 💕 💖 this coloring app!!!!! Best one I have EVER used..... definitely a keeper!!!!!..well done creators and graphic designers well done,, I applaude you all..
This game is very calming and enjoyable! I absolutely adore that you don't have to watch an add to find where you have to colour. This game is also so nice because you feel like your actually drawing the picture, I feel very accomplished when I finish a picture! There is barely any adds in this game!! I definitely recommend you install it!! :)
This game is beautiful and tons of fun. However, it's very hard to level up to get new packs. The points you need goes up every level, but the points you get per picture stays the same. I assume it's so that you will buy coins to get the packs.
Wonderful I love the fact that you can swipe instead of tapping, I really can't stand those that much, only one suggestion you should make where when you swipe to paint you'll be able to see the strokes you make and finish the strokes yourself while you paint instead on the semi autofill, like put full painting control in the viewer's hands, just an idea
Love everything about this coloring app! I love the swipe instead of tap, and the fact that the highlighted area matches the color you are supposed to be coloring! The only thing I would change is that the next color would automatically roll over to the next one instead of having to select it manually. Great job, keep up the good work!
As someone else said, this is not a click to color but uses an actual swipe motion. Switching between colors is super easy, even on complex images. You can do quite a bit free, and while there are ads, they aren't overwhelming. You can choose to watch more ads to earn coins, and if you do so, you can earn enough coins in one painting to unlock another one. Sometimes the colors of the image are unusual, but it's still fun and relaxing.
This game has so much potential.. but isn't quite acting on it. Let me explain. I am extremely tired of games that just make you tap to fill in a large area to color, and this game presents a solution to that! The interface looks nice, and I like the idea behind it. The main grievance i have is it feels clunky. If I could suggest a couple things they would be too make the brush smooth, not textured, and let the player zoom out/in the canvas to any size and still be able to color on it.
I love the way you color in this app. The only problem I keep running into is that it'll freeze and I can't get through a single picture with out freezing up. If there's anything you can do for that, it would be amazing
Oil painting app is addictive for me! The navigation needs some work Now it is freezing up or closing out! I have rebooted my phone many times and cleaned it out. I hate to have to uninstall it AGAIN!
This is the ONLY coloring app (that I have found) and believe me...... I have searched for a few years. I love this. A bit pricey, but you don't HAVE TO pay because there are other options. I have this downloaded on several electronics and i show it to LITERALLY EVERYONE. Thank you so much for the thought and heart that made this possible to enjoy a "modern version" of my childhood.
Waaaay better than tapping. But takes foreveeer to load. I can handle some ads, but ad to unlock, ad to open, ad to see the categories. Too much. I would consider a one time purchase to open member pics, but $10 month subscription? No, for me. But i love this concept for coloring.
❤❤Wonderful❣❣ I really like this coloring/painting app! I feel like I'm actually coloring like I would in a literal coloring book. And, because I have a challenge with what's called Essential Tremors I can't always color in my actual books. But the tremors don't inhibit me from using this app! I really like it! MAY 1, 2021 - I really enjoy this app! I can't think of anything that would make it better. I just look forward to new pictures that I can share with friends when I finish them. Thank you
I love this app I love the pictures when they are done and it's also stress free and easy on the eye.
Enjoyable and relaxing paint by number app. Different from the others, April Coloring is more like authentic oil painting by number where you fill in shaded areas. Colors are vivid, outlines sharp and there are plenty of free pictures to do. April Coloring is the perfect app for when I just need a little down time.
the low rating is bc the lag time is ridiculous.its frustrating to have to press the swiping several times&it keeps zapping across the screen so u have to keep readjusting. its the beautiful vibrant colours that r savin u from uninstalling. i havnt decided yet if im gona put up with the glitches. ur update suggested u were fixing things.ummm NOT noticing!!!
I love this app! Yes, it has its problems as some people have mentioned, but honestly I think they're being a bit nit-picky. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous, and I love both the swipe method of filling in colours, and the way the lines between colours disappear when you fill in two adjoining sections. The adverts aren't too intrusive - I don't understand why people complain about having to watch an ad every now and then. It's a free app, how do they expect developers to make money?
I have quite a few coloring apps and this one to me is by far the best. Very unique and colorful paintings; I like the swiping-to-color technique. It is so relaxing.
Great game. My only real complaint though is the fact that you are basically forced to watch ads to get enough coins to get another picture. And as I don't want to get premium, I feel like I spend 50% of the time watching ads. As much as I don't want to dissuade anyone from getting it, it is extremely annoying how many ads I wind up watching. The idea is great but I think I'll stay more with my tap to color game where I have full access to a ton of pictures.
I could give this a five star but there is one problem that's visible Why do you have let the user download the image that we need to color why do you need to pay for coins (in game coins) in order to open the next galery You know you could've just used ads or make most of them free or something, but why pls change this And another suggestion is letting the user have the ability to change the size of the brush so the image that we're painting will be much more faster
Very very awesome. It's just like a coloring book. Rather than tapping you can a actually swipe with a stylus to color. I have so much fun with this app! I highly suggest whoever's reading this to download this app!
This is the only coloring app that I like. Love it! No tapping to color, that's what is different and great about it.
This is such an amazing color game! I love how it's all swipes instead of tapping all the time like other coloring games. Keep up the great art on this app it's so fun!
Fun app. Subscribed for premium and still can't figure out how to access a library or something. I don't want the ones the app picks for me.
I love this app. I feel coloring is more realistic due to swiping rather than tapping. My only wish is that I could move the screen faster. There seems to be a lag when I try to move around the color area. But, I truly love that I can choose my color from the picture rather than the color palette.
I love the game. I would have given it 5 stars but i hate the way the screen moves if you dont swipe on the uncolored areas. Can you guys add on the option of using 2 fingers or 1. That way i have the choice of moving the picture whenever I want to.
It was a cool concept but I had issues with it. First, the coloring wasn't as smooth as I was expecting (like in the ads), it was super laggy for me, having constant ads were super annoying for me, and the whole membership thing was annoying too, like with alot of color by numbers there are alot of things you can do without watching an ad and most of the other ones you can just watch a quick ad to get the others. This app was super annoying with that, you literally had to watch an ad EVERY TIME
I love this game but I had one account with a bunch of painting already finished, but because I accidentally pressed a different email it wont let me sign out and sign into my other account, even when I uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Please make it so that I can change my account it's not fair that I'm being forced to redo all the paintings I already did when I shouldn't have to. Other than that, I love this game.
This is the best coloring game I've ever plaid it's the most relaxing and there is something new everyday and hundreds of galleries that are amazing there are pics for everyone if I could give it more stars I would I totally recommend this app is for all ages and I'll always have the app on every device and I have subscribed and recommend subscribing best 10 dollars I spend a month
Really excellent controls and fill-in response. Even so, when I'm done with a pic there is no sense of achievement. If I'm careful or sloppy how I "draw" it doesn't matter. No way to pick my own colors. No way to blend colors across predefined boundaries. No way to make a mistake. Every finished pic looks the same, no matter who does it. What's the point? STILL, THE BEST DIGITAL PAINT-BY-NUMBER I'VE SEEN SO FAR. If only it was interesting...
Too much 'pay now' options shoved in your face. Can't get into the free pics without having to watch a video either. I recommend 'happy colour' instead, it's TAP only but completely free to use. None of that subscription BS.
This app is the closest thing to true painting that I have done since I had a stroke. I am 70 yrs old. I used to to use oils, acrylics, pastels, etc. Really realistic!!!!!
So relaxing. Definitely worth buying a stylus for. I was hesitant at first about buying a stylus but it really helps my carpal tunnel and is just really satisfying to watch. It helps my anxiety and depression too; I color at least 3 photos a day. It's also worth buying the premium subscription to not only support the devs, but you get no ads along with unlimited pictures to color. I love this app and tell all my friends about it. If you're hesitant about downloading it, try it!
I really wanted to like this one, the swiping seemed like a cool feature, gave me an opportunity to use the pen on my note phone. But it isn't a good app, let me explain. It comes off as very cashgrabby, an egregious amount of ads, for everything. And I don't know if I feel 99 NOK is reasonable for the amount of content you get for a subscription. Another issue is that it feels a bit clunky, how it controls and such. It's a great idea, but executed terribly
Very comforting and if you have anxiety attacks or panic attacks or if you have a hard time settling down, play this game for a bit and I promise you will feel so much calmer after having completed a sheet. The only note I have is the wish to be able to upload pictures from our private reels to paint them as well.
Colorful & beautiful puzzles. I love the fact that you just click on area to color & color is ready, no need to scroll through color chart for correct number.
Really enjoying this app (for the short time I've been playing) Only issue I have come across so far is there isn't a way to lock the screen when doing a large area. I'll be trying to colour a section and the whole picture moves.
Really nice game, a lot of options to colour even without the premium, not too many ads. I do wish the actual coloring would be a little smoother. Great game devs! Would definitely recommend this.
Literally haven't been able to stop coloring! Which is a problem cause I'm doing this at work too lol - literally this is the best coloring app I ever found and it's a kind of coloring up that I've been always looking for. One that you can swipe and actually do the coloring instead of just tapping. Far more addictive. Far more calming. 🤜🤛 Thanks for creating this. Don't change a thing. It's awesome.
I did one pic and I can tap or color. Not to impressed with how the pic turned out. I color another app and I love it. This one would have to wear on me for awhile. I will try it for a few days but may not keep it. I gave 4 stars because it's simple and easy to do. My other app is still my favorite.