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Color Bump 3D

Color Bump 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Good Job Games located at Akat Mahallesi Besiktas Istanbul Turkey. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game so fun! But the only thing I would change is not so much adds. But rather then that it's a very good game! (Edit 2 years after I wrote this review) I was 9 when I wrote this review. What.)
App is really fun I love it I've been playing it every single day and always bring me joy and happiness every time I have to get on it I just feel so happy but every time I have to get off it it's sad yes there is a bunch of ads but I still love the game that's why I'm giving it five stars goodbye.
I would rate this 5 stars if there weren't any ads every two levels. That's the thing that I dislike about this game. It's really satisfying and enjoyable, and would be more enjoyable without ad interruptions every few levels. Overall, decent game.
this game is the best 😌 I feel amazing I swear it's like a maze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this game is really fun it starts out on the harder levels but they are still decently easy in my opinion there is an ad after every game for every round you play this game is simply made off there ads the first two minutes I played I had to ads and another thing is that there is no background sounds like in the ads there is no clicking noises or music like there is in the ads which makes it really interesting satisfying and enjoyable although it is fun I'm not even sure if it is worth the ads
it fun to play , but it's quite slow , I don't know if it will get faster as I go , but the beginning is slow for me , but still download it , it's cool
cool game i like it but so many ads and some levels are hard for me so yep but i rate it nice 5 stars byee!!
Fun game, without ads so far as I could see. My hand went numb playing it, so give yourself a break every so often.
It's good. The only thing I hate is that after every attempt, regardless of success or failure or even if you decide not to watch an ad to continue where you left off, there is ALWAYS an ad. It's annoying. Otherwise a great game
This game is so amazing that l play it everyday. only the ads are a bit too much. Besides that it is one of the best games. Thanks to the people who created it they did a great job.
It was fun for a while, but it is extremely repetitive. Ads make sense in a free game, but not after every level when it only takes 30 seconds -1 minute to complete each level. Not worth it.
Ive been playing since i was a child, this is my all time favorite game. If you have a problem with the adds just turn off the enternet; )
I like the game alot. however it feels a bit slow and also has a lot go glitches. And where's the background music?!!!!
I've had this game for over a year now and I'm around level 600 odd. Ive enjoyed the game itself and how it allows time to fly by the the ads have always been a problem. Recently the ads have become an increasing problem and they appear to be extremely common now which just ruins the actual gameplay experience.
Great game! Love it so far. Pretty challenging on my level. Just too many ads πŸ˜‚. But other than that, very fun. ;)
EDIT: This game was so good that I bought the no adds. THEN I got to level 56 and it is 100% impossible. There is an obstacle that basically has an hour glass shape balancing on a tall, thin, rectangle. The designer did not balance the shapes correctly and it falls, covering the path entirely. There is no way to get the ball through pass these obstacles. The first one i was able to get through before they fell, but there was a second obstacle that had already fallen down. Extremely frustrating.
I give it a 4 star! The game is over all fun. I like the concept. So you might ask, why 4 stars if the games so great? Well the answer is the ANGLE of the game. The angle you see the game from to me is uncomfortable and makes it harder to play. But I definitely recommend the game!πŸ‘πŸ˜
Ok hear me out. these games are great and very addictive, but the ads are way to much. also when I press on the ads because I wanna get the game it turns out that the same person that made the ad and the game made the game that showed me the ad. So it just double the ads some real and mostly fake ads. overall the gameplay isn't very great Ethier I'm not very impressed. but I suppose other people like it afterall it is a pretty fun game but not when it comes to the overload of ads. uejh3ujejeijd
If you love loads of adverts interspersed with about 3 seconds of gameplay, you'll love this game. They should call it "colour adverts 3d" and describe it as "a game where you watch adverts and in between have a short loading game for the next advert"
I love the idea of the game,but overall it always has ads after every round. And it never allows u to skip it or else when the ad ends you sometimes need to wait much longer for the close button to come. But if I say the idea of the game once again it is nice work,(exept the ads).
This is a really fun game and I especially like how there aren't many adds just the only thing I don't like is that the game is super laggy
Compared to IOS, the game is exactly the same BUT! (There always a but!) The graphics for the background you choose on the path are very pixelated. I dont mind that as I'm a heavy minecraft fan, so I use the noodle one. Very fun when your bored but don't be a rage gamer please!
Advert greedy. The levels are completed in around 10 seconds.. and you get a 20 second advert every 2 to 3 levels. Avoid this hot garbage idea.
This game is not at all nice I advise people not to play this game this is the worst game I ever played you ppl will also understand why am I saying this once you play the game we cant see what is coming in front of us and the ball moves very fastly I am very unpleased with this game they have done a very bad job
This game is ok ok but after only one level a add comes I don't like this game because of ads I am giving 2 marks because this game is ok but it loses it's 3 points because of too many ads
This game is very nice . But at 1000th level I was having the repeated levels . Please improve . You levels . But game is nice for brain development . And I am still at 1010 th level I need some help and crores of people need help in this game , add some more tabs here. No much adds that is a good thing , and hope in all your games should no more adds . But there should be little to get information about other games too. In all I love this game my grandfather also plays . Thanks Regards
Game is very addictive yes, but the ads are too its much almost unplayable. I will change my rating once they take some of the adds away so you can actually play until then 1 star
I downloaded this game a while ago... the amount of ads is truly horrendous. Now I remember why I uninstalled it. Uninstalling again. Maybe next time.
It's really y fantastic game it gives u different type of relief it may look boring but when you will play it for a while it will definitely give u a different kind of happiness. The reason is colour. The way it changes colour and how you have to clear the level is amazing and it's best feature is that it is offline. I have no lags or errors with this game. So five stars from my side
Nvm this game is bad it tricks u by letting you play the first 3 levels without ads and right after it asks for a review u give 5 stars, but after that they starts spamming you with ads, it's just like the other mobile games, garbage basically.
This game is fantastic and it's awesome but every time if you finish a level it pops out one ad and it's interupting by the ads but calm to play the game. Install and have no internet so you can play the game calmly and no ads.
I personally love this game it's very addicting and I'm currently at level 180 it's fun and sometimes it's Challenging and contrary to popular belief it doesn't have many ads and when it does they aren't to long and most of the time playable in my experience I highly suggest it and I hope you have a good day
This game is very fun I was stuck on level 10 but I beat it. also I installed this game today I haven't seen much ads so that's good because I dont like ads.
It has less ads, I haven't really experienced ads, but insted the game uses ads to claim rewards at the game, and that's a good technique. It's a free game so it also needs ads, this is a simple game to kill time :)
This game used to be a lot more fun and then they changed it completely. I'm talking before the days of the 'keys' and random boxes. Now the levels are infuriatingly difficult (472!!!) as you try to move the ball and it's hidden behind objects and it's nearly impossible. On the previous version I was over level 1500 and gladly paid to get rid of the ads. Back then if you died it would restart you from just before you died but now it restarts the level from 0%. That's SO frustrating! Bug??
this game is okay they just need to add some music and attraction to the players of this game the race is also slow and short like you will start now and finish within 12sec of playing
I really honestly love this game I really think that its amazing its entertaining fun and advertising I highly recommend this game for a long car ride! thank you!
It is so horrible game . Always they give ADD in this game after 1 match . But from 1 to 30 level it is good . ADD = Advertise, And they tell to purchase β‚Ή 250 on this game only for the ADDS . So I Give only 2 stars. I downloaded 2 times and unnistaled 1 time . But also they will give more ADDS.
Used to be fun until it started requesting access to my photo and media. Not really sure why that's required to play so I deleted it
This is a very fun game that all people should and could enjoy. I play this when I am mad and it cheers me up. It can be hard but you just know what you have to do.
This would be a good game if there weren't so many ads you don't need to have ads every time you play a level it's ridiculous
How can you tell if you like a game if all you do is watch ADS? Ads after each round ADS in the middle of the round. ADS ADS ADS by the fourth rounds it was so aggravated I just uninstalled. Get a clue, let people play 10 orv 20 rounds without ads then hit us with the ads. We might like the game and might be willing to deal with it or we might pay for it to be AD free. I got to aggravated and just uninstalled.
this game is like super easy I really know if I like it I mean it's way too easy I haven't really recommend downloading it but if you're someone who really likes easy games the best time then I would but for me I kind of like it to be a little bit more challenging and a little bit more fun and have some upgrades and no just a little bit more harder
Level 112 is broken badly, peices are warped and moving erratically across the board. Other than that the game is okay not a huge fan of the ads.
This really a very nice game and really addictive I must confess but, when you have got all the way prints, there is no other thing to do with the coins you make. Presently I have more than 30,000 coins but have got all the way prints there is no other thing to do with the coins and there is no other aim which bores the game at that level. So I suggest you guys realase and update with made different ball to buy lol, or anythung at all to make the game more lively and competitive. Thanks.
The ads are terrible I just started playing and the first thing I get greeted to is an ad. I hate mobile games that instantly give you an ad, it's like a warning to "HEy WeRE GonNA SpAm AdS" so don't bother downloading if you don't like waiting.
keeps freezing up...good game but you can't enjoy it because its freezes all the time so IMA rate this 1 star PLEASE FIX
Love It. I Don't Care About Dumb Ads. If One Comes And There Is An "X" Sign On It, I Could Just Skip It.
Best game ever....... These levels are harder and hardest going on but in my opinion it is very easy. Such a wonderful and beautiful game. I will not feel bored playing this game......it is interesting and amazing and little nervous...By the way it is best game I ever sawn.... Thank you for the game creators !!!
I had this game long back so I decided to download it in this device again. So when I first started this game, it was bit laggy but then the lag stopped so now there are no problems, except the accumulation of ads. And now I have a lot of money in game and there is nothing to buy with it, (I have over 71k in game lol) so Im suggesting to put more items to buy. But overall the gameplay is AMAZING. I play this game every single day.
I downloaded many games but this game was good to play and also all my co was playing this so also i started and ya as some said that a problem yaa after all level ad waas coming cant skip alsoo . Only this problem other all the things was properπŸ˜ŠπŸ™‚
After each time you fail a level you have the option of watching an ad to continue where you left off, or restarting the level. Clicking to restart then gives you an ad most of the time. Needless to say the game is absolutely crawling with ads. Expect to spend about half your time playing and half your time watching ads.
Good and fun and addicting game like it has adds but only if you want to unlock some new thing. It's so fun.
This is actually really good. I don't mind the ads, I know other people get bent out of shape about ads but I realize it's a free game and it needs ads or else it wouldn't be free. Anyway, the game promises fun abstract visuals and relaxing gameplay, and it certainly delivers. Thank you!
What an easy and amazing game. At first I watched the ad on this particular game I see all the time but never did I download it . I finally downloaded it and thought it would be hard but in my opinion the levels were decent and easy. In all I love this game and commend gamers or any fellow to also try out this challenging recreation.
OK, but don't buy it. If you buy, you lose some functionality like extending the play where you are when you bump the wrong color. So imagine being 80% thru and you hit the wrong color. You can't continue. You will have to start over. Problem with the free version though are the incessant ads. This app, like so many others kill you with ads! I tend to not have games on my devices just because of the ads.
100+ levels? I'm on level 1730 and still going, how many levels does this game have? I have been playing for over a year now, it's relaxing, unassuming, you can stop playing and resume at anytime, no sequences or things to keep track of, if you don't want to try the hardest ones you can watch a video to move closer to the finish line but I'd rather try and try again until I pass... Perfect game. Just reached level 2000 and still going...
Absolutely love the game, it's addictive and a great way to pass the time. I have noticed the coins become pointless after collecting all the background patterns. It could be fun to maybe make the ball costomizable and be able to use the hundreds of coins I keep collecting. But overall, really recommend the game!