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Color Bump

Color Bump for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Good Job Games located at Akat Mahallesi Besiktas Istanbul Turkey. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's fun to play in the beginning. But as you progress, the game starts lagging like hell, the piece starts to teleport a lot. And the hitboxes are crazy, which needs to be fixed. And maybe a joystick instead of the current controls with adjustable sensitivity would be nice
Pieces too small for fingers, so playing is annoying, especially when you can't see the ball. Game asked for GPS info, has nothing at all to do with the game, so pretty sketchy. Good idea though for a game
Way too many ads, every time you end a level it gives you an add, often unskippable. I understand that the creator needs the ads to keep the game free and still profit from it, but this amount of ads has no excuse, it is too much. Other than that the game is not all that bad.
Great concept but way too many ads, and the "best" part happens if you turn off any internet connection to try to avoid the ads because the game turns into a lag machine until you connect again to the internet and the ads load again. GARBAGE
To many ads when I die even when I never pressed the retry button to get another life, every time I beat the level, ad. It's a nice game and all but when my finger is on the screen my block is always like an inch or more away. This game also has no detail even for a really creative idea. I wish there were more colors and shapes and less ads, I know it's how you earn money but please less ads. Ads should only pop up when please fix it, make it better.
This game actually deserves more than 5 star.. But ads make me to give 4 star. After game over, the game leads to full ad and wasting my minutes.. But for a hyper casual game, the game should only show interstial at that time.. Only possible way to show full ad is one last chance at game over .. please change full ad to intersial ad..
Your game is so stupid sometimes because it keeps pulling up ads everywhere and I can't even focus on the game because all these stupid ads I need to pull your freaking stuff together because you need to come up with a better game because of so many ads and stop asking me to rate it
On top of being littered with ads, often unskippable, this game is buggy. I'd put up with the bugs, such as glitching across the screen causing an instant fail when it strike a polygon nowhere near where it was before and the polygons sometimes being so big that it's unsolvable, if the ads weren't so incessant and in my face all the time. I'm giving it 2 stars because it was initially enjoyable and could be even more so if not for these bugs and ads
The icon for this game has vastly different colors than what are actually in the game if it was bright and vibrant red yellow and blue I would be able to play this but being red green color deficient I can't tell the difference between 90% of the colors on it and there's no option to change the color settings
I reached level 40 or stage 40 but then the game stopped working. I've tried everything to fix it and it's just not working anymore. As a final try I tried to redownload and play if it works fine but it erased all the data and went back to stage 1 plus what pisses me off even more is that it started working now. Soooo I'm like ....why stop at stage 40
This is the worst game I've ever played. It has way to many ads and it stopped my game asking me for permission to monitor my phone and personal information! This game os trying to get your personal info! If you are a parent with a kid who has this game or even just some person playing this game, BE CAREFUL. Unless if you want your personal info seen by some app, too many ads, and possible viruses. Whoever made this game needs to stop. 😡
Too many ads. Would be a good game if there weren't so many ads. You can go into data usage in settings and prevent it from using the internet though, that will get rid of the annoyingly large amount of ads
I think I played this game more than the developer might have thought of designing it to that level. I am currently on level 485 which i don't believe anyone would've reached though i would like to know the world wide ranking which this game lacks. But overall its a very nice game i play this game a lot because i think i am very fidgety and i play this at any time even if i am talking to a person.Works as a fidget spinner for my subconscious. MAKE MORE DIFFERENT LEVELS. DO IT IN THE NEXT UPDATE.
So, I have played this game for nearly a month, I am level 70+ and let me tell u the game is fun, UNTIL you pass lvl 26. everything starts repeating, and the game becomes boring. That is the main reason i didn't like it. I see it as a laziness from devs that they don't seek to improve levels. I suggest if they focus on remaking most of the stages. Regards,
Love the game mechanics but there are too many ads. I stopped after 10 minutes because there were ads after every level. And if you die and want to continue, you have to watch a longer ad- but either way you have to watch an ad.
Ok so I was liking the game but there's so many ads for a game which isn't complex enough to deserve them. Plus, I got to a level and it stopped working so I deleted and redownloaded and it did the exact same thing. Honestly dissapointed as and wouldn't recommend
The gameplay is good,but it gets very repetitive if you keep playing.Just the same thing over and over.It has other levels,but playing the same game over and over without a goal is really boring,and overall just stupid.And there is literally more ads then there is the actual game.Its really annoying and I most definetly dont recommend you install it.
Good idea, well executed, completely ruined by the ads. Wouldn't wish this game on my enemy. If you want an app to watch the same add 5 times in 5 minutes for a sh*tty mobile game this is the game for you!
Impossible to play with your internet enabled. Advice to devs: if you want to make money from ads, make it so we don't have to watch an ad EVERY life, cause we'll either turn our internet off (and not watch any) or just won't play the game.
Game is overall ok. Gets boring after some minutes and is not playable if you have internet because the high amount of ads. There is an option to resume where you died in exchange for and ad, but if you want to start from the beggining you will have to watch an ad anyway, which really cuts off the gameplay
I love this!!! so yes, there are a huge amount of ads, but the game itself makes up for it! it's easy to start with and gets harder, which I think makes lots of sense. it runs very smooth on my device and I think the controls are very unique, they make it easier and at the same time very different, I expected it to go only side to side, not any direction! I'd give the controls an A+! idk how many levels there are, but I hope there's a lot! over all just a very well done game!
Garbage, but I still beat it. After level ~80 the game defaults to a level randomizer, or some lazy devs just copied and pasted the rest of the levels. Crappy hitboxes don't even match the shape you are controlling. Pieces will just start moving again after being pushed aside. Bad programming on crappy graphics and faulted hit boxes. Avoid if you like things that work. UPDATE: Shortly I reviewed this game it received an update. Game now takes a long time to open, hitboxes got worse and pieces lag like crazy. 2 stars down to 1. Would go lower if possible.
The game is good but after a few minutes of play it starts lagging so much that it is unplayable. When you restart the game it goes back to normal but you have to restart maybe every 10 minutes because it gets laggy every time. It's unfortunate because it would be a great game otherwise. I have read other reviews that complain about the same thing and my note9 is nearly brand new so I dont think this is a problem with anything other than the game itself.
The game is fun but I hate this trend that every stage or two now requires you to watch a video. Even when you select the no thanks option for continuing you are still forced to watch a video. That is just poor planning on the developers part.
Waaay too many ads. This would be a great game if there weren't so many ads. And with the permissions, why does an arcade game need to know my location. And why does an arcade game need to collect information about my device. It's adware built around a game. Shame on the developers.
Another game littered by ads and this time you can't skip the ads when they show up every time you fail. Well, it's clear that ads in games clearly become too much. It became multi million (even billion) dollar industry but when i think before all that i remember that i was happier. Back then when you buy a game it meant something but today we play just to get the time to pass and even then we get annoyed by those stupid ads.
It's alright. Except for a few things as a lot of ads and constantly asking for reviews even if I clicked "No, thanks". You could fix those things and it'd really bring your ratings up.
Absolutely obnoxious level of ads. Too bad your game isn't good enough for me to pay for it. Try playing this game with your finger and you're lost. You can't see what forces you to lose the game because you can't see your controlled object anymore. Lucky I have a stylus. Even then, the controlls are so latent and often elastic. Doesn't matter if your stylus was never within range to hit the wrong object, if you moved fast, the controls elastically moved you into the forbidden object.
I'm glad I played two level and got three ads. When a game developer makes a sinple mb n game they should not use ads until they have a game worth waiting through ads for. This game is not good in my opinions and apparently everyone else's opinions in the reviews comments as well. You'll get there, give it time and put a little more work into your next game.
The game is a lot of fun but can be very frustrating (can be triggering). The controls are simple but at the same time they don't work too well. Having your figure over your shape does not work since you cover the object and its hard to avoid narrow paths. While having your finger any where else on the screen also works but then its hard to align and get through narrow paths in a timely manner. Either method of control works but as difficulty increases it becomes more crucial to be precise and fast which with current control methods is very challenging and frustrating.
every thing is fine but wast of time because they give ad in every level you pass you can pass a level in 10-15 sec and the ad's was full i mean that you can not skip any add. although ad's was important to earn but organisation of ad was very bad . If i play the game for 30 min it means i play actually 10 min and other 20 min i watch the ad.
Way too many ads. Once again we have a good game that is made not fun because of constant bombardment from ads. Most annoying is when you're offered something if you watch an ad and you say no and then it starts an ad regardless for which you get nothing except boredom and annoyance.
WAY TOO MANY ADS. Fun concept, but controls are too jumpy, levels are too frustratingly hard. You get to aggravated with losing and ads to keep playing. I'm all for a challenge, and I know you have to make money, but you need a happy medium
Not only was I able to reach level 100 in less than a week (4 days), I also noticed that after level 95, all the levels are just repeated levels that I've already played. The amount of ads in the game is excruciating, as the game would be so much more entertaining without them.
Even though there are ad's, that is with every game, so that does not worry me. People complain about lagging but maybe they need a new phone, since I have not experienced that. What I love about thos game is that the ad's it produced on other games it completely true, while there are so many ad's I see that are so fake when expressing the gameplay!
Very bad game. Asks for location for absolutely no reason. the only other app I have that asks for location is Google maps The game itself is kind of dumb the 2nd level is way too hard and it keeps asking for me to rate the game so I am uninstalling the app If the creater of this game is reading this no offense but this game sucks
It's a good idea, but the entire system is awful. There is no menu/tutorial and the adverts are so annoying! You get one pretty much every time you tap the screen. Also if you die, it gives you the option to continue and if you choose yes you watch an ad but you still start from the beginning!!! Even if you press no, you still get an ad 😩😠😡👎👎👎 Do not install!
reviewed this game once before gave it another chance and it appears that the ads have gotten worse! not worth anyones time they went down from a two star to a one star and if i could i would give it a zero. what a shame.
The game is great but the ads! So often and so loud!!! The volume for the ads should be lower, it comes on full volume when trying to listen to music while playing. Blow out my ear drums
When it was called color trouble it was a great game, addition of % of stage was a good addition. Ads to allow continuation from last death was a good idea. But now there are too many ads I want to try a level 30 times and see an ad, but now it's too many and I can't escape. Tone back the ads
This game has more control lag than if a quadrepeligic had to write down every one and zero himself despite presumably not needing a Wifi connection. It asked my location which would be redundant considering it can barely track my fingers on a small glass panel. This, in every sense, is an unfinished game, bewilderingly. I fail to understand how a game so simplistic feels like whoever made the game gave up, this game barely functions as a visual medium, and again, given up on. Fix this trasheap.
Loved the idea, but the levels get too tough too soon. Also missing is the option to go back to a lower level, essentially making it unplayable very quickly. Still, I deleted it because advertisements. Too too many.
I'm of the older generation and so I don't quite understand the game. I got to level 2 I'm not sure exactly how because there's no instructions but I watched more ads then I played. I'm not sure what colors or shapes I'm supposed to knock away. Tried to knock everything away that didn't work Comet ride certain colors nope, tried certain shapes nope. Don't understand why all these games these days have no directions. ADS, ADS, ADS! Usually the ads start coming more the higher you get up and levels. Don't let the young ones play parents. Asking me where my location is? Are you serious your complete idiots. I can't believe you're allowed to do this on Google Play.