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Color Ball Blast

Color Ball Blast for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by mobirix located at #901 9F JEI PLATZ, 186 ,Gasan digital 1-ro Geumcheon-gu Seoul, Republic of Korea 08502 ASI|KR|KS013|SEOUL. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Everyone! ฤawnIaod (WHAFF) App. Earn MONEY Now. Absolutely, love it! Cool &genius level game. It's very Cool level game. I am in level me. Put one annozing thing aboutthis game is that the rest team had got much better weapons than the left team. Ive been getting more feed back whatsoever regardingmy game that freezes as out of as games toplay. I mosta lot of points because of this issue,and there is absolutely nothing wrong with my internet connection. The game completelyfreezing. Please fix this jug, this has been going on the real versionz.
I loved this game so far this game is epic but the more exciting thing is in the game is "THERE IS NO ADD ON THE GAME" And this is the only thing I loved keep going and make more games, updates and epic events action.... and i want a update about "1 v 1" online or offline thats all i want btw this game deserves 1millons play please make more hard levels and boss...... I CANT WANT TO EXIT I WANT TO PLAY AND PLAY THIS GAME...... XD
Pretty fun game, you get a good length of game play before needing to watch an AD, but still wish there were less ads to watch!
I got this game after playing it on my friend's phone. Many ads, but most for reqards. Great, tons of fun and addicting, until you connect ur google account. Within 1 minute of connecting to google play for some reward, my phone kept glitching out and returning to the homescreen. And I had to constantly reload. So aggravating, I'm uninstalling it
This is a good game. I am on level 22 and this is really something that is very easy because I am a professional of this. This is a good game of 2021
I'm on level 120 and the boss battles are way too easy. I want more of a challenge but it's still a really great game to pass the time.
This game though could be fun is just repeating the same conspect over and over, the ads are killing me every game ad everything you do you may say no for an add but it would do nothing even if u buy no ads stil More and More ads.
I play this game every day lol! It is so simple, yet so challenging! I am loving the new game modes with the Bosses and the "?" enemy types, etc. However: it *frequently* slows right down, gets "jolty", unresponsive, etc, and I lose the game as a result, which is most upsetting :-( I hope it gets fixed! Other-than-that, keep up the good work!
Edit: Ok now after new update. It doesn't even work anymore. offline earning is not working. I am on Level 41 . when I start playing . The number ball is not coming . It means only one time number ball come . It is great disappointment. I gave your game 5 star rating. unfortunately, now I have to give you 3 star. pls make thus game great again . I love this game. waiting for next update.
Best quality, best game. Wish i could give a 5, but no. You know why? TOO. MUCH. ADS. Srsly why do people do that? I had problems today and i want this FIXED.
This game is good but there is nothing new in any level... No new powerup no different levels... Its just pure timepass so the gamer loses the thrill after sometime
Very addictive game if you don't mind watching a ton of ads to upgrade your fire power... probably worth paying for no ads but advancing levels happens pretty fast!
Bruh why ddo so many people doesn't have common sense? just turn off WiFi or turn on airplane mode to remove ads, simple.
decent game with reasonable amount of ads and enough in game incentives that you don't need to spend money.
Fun and relaxing! I'm over 400 levels and it's still a blast. I've never had to spend any hard cash and it's been a lot of fun to play!
this game is awesome I love this game and how challenging it is! thanks for the game NEOWIZ!!!!๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡
I'm giving a 1 star cos I can't give zero stars mainly because of the constant ads after every game, quite unnecessary and annoying
It's fun but the power ups suck only last for 2 seconds and there are so many ads. Not to mention whenever you buy upgrades they dont do nothing and the boss fights are so hard it's actually stupid
It's not as great as the virus game I first played but this is one the is great for beginners, so they can get ready for the adult game. This show's a little bit of the same thing as the last episode of all the 8 and then it was the first of many of these viruses so your skillssharpen up a d where. Yourteady you cantry the afultgame. Good luck and enjoy!
a good game to pass the time... some ads yes but you can get lives and plenty of coins from watching them so it's ok...
I purchased the Meow Master but its still saying $2.99 like I didn't buy it. So definitely need this fixed
Well, before my phone updated...I watched the ads to get that free money. Afterwards...they w they wont load. Now the game sucks a little. That's right folks...someone that actually didnt mind the ads. Was at level 455...๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜“
Very stupid game! Not work offline Please don't download because it's not working in offline but the tag say it is a offline what a joke?
Very addictive.... sometimes even in sleep ur cannon blasting..plz avoid excessive playing stuff like this...too many ads too
game is good but its too east to play i got to 120th level just within some hours and no BOSS fights ,no power ups and all make those then game will be more good
The game is not working, the splash screen doesn't go away and the app stucks there. I've tried reinstalling the app but it still doesn't work.
Hey there, I play this game a lot so I have a concern over the skin collection, even if I play in 20days a row, I'm still not able to unlock the three skins with necessity of total 7 days of played in a row, please correct this issue๐Ÿ˜‘,I'll give you 5 stars...
Good game but they have toooo many ads n everyone u finish a level ugh .deleting it cause I'm so tired of the ads n we know about all games thru play store so cut the ads out please ๐Ÿ˜’
I love this game. But they need need to fix a few bugs. Once in a while when you watch an ad to continue the game your shooter freezes.
Levels take 20 seconds to finish and to have to watch an ad just as long every time you start. Forced to watch an ad to evolve a specific skill. Watch an ad to get 3x more coins than a level. Too hungry for ads?
so far I am addicted!!! just wish there were more cannons to choose from! Over all,, I love the game!!!
1. it says its offline but it requires net every time i open the game. 2. the offline coin system doesnโ€™t work. otherwise the game is decent time passing game.
The additional options that you have added in the gane are superb. At one point of time the game was becoming boring though these options habe added an additional interest in the game. Keep up the good work
games good enough, but there is a banner ad at the bottom of the screen that prevents me from being able to upgrade, please fix this devs
So i really love this game but sometimes it goes overkill on me eith the number of enemies and small space to run away non theless i love the game and give 5 stars
I've noticed while playing that the game produces a LOT of lag, which accounts for about 90% of my failures. I don't know what's causing it, but if you happen to discover the source of the lag, I would highly recommend that you optimize the app so that minimal lag is produced, which in turn makes this game "fairer" (unless if that has already been done). Everything else in this game is fine, at least for me.
This game is my current addiction. The latest update added some really nice features, including a daily bonus, new canons, and boss levels.
perfect game no any problem for first time u most contacted to internet after u can play offline if ads tomuch disturb u disabled your internet connection or just install lucky patcher on ur device no need root no need anything just install and start play your game now im playing without any ads or any problem. thanks for this awesome game i loved โค๏ธ if u love the games really pls buy pro version to support developers thanks.
the game is good. i like this game. but this game is lagging in my phone so it is like a hinderence in playing this game. so please fix this. overall game is great.
Fun and relaxing! I'm over 400 levels and it's still a blast. I've never had to spend any hard cash and it's been a lot of fun to play! Now at level 1780+! Not sure if the game has an end level. But my power is over 32000! Still haven't spent a penny on the game!
Fun game slighlty addicting. Only real issue I have with it is. Evertyme I start the game. Instead of giving me my offline coins it brings me to a menu where I have 2 accounts. There an almost exact copy of eachother. Just like 1 min playtime difference. Once I choose my account. It resets my canon and I never get my coins. Must have lost out on an easy 30k coins if not more. Which slows the pace of the game and makes me want to play it less.
Surprisingly addictive! Wish powerups weren't so expensive, but I have gotten so far in the game it's understandable.
More cannons are needed and new backgrounds. The event isn't really an event, it was just a new mode added in the game. We want a real event... An event we can get rewards for.
All round GREAT GAME and everything is on point i would like to tell you that with most idle games there are bugs and or glitches and you have one of them and its not a bad one its just a glitch so that you can get infinate coins with the time change glitch please fix at your pace because its really not that big of a deal
I really like this game. But when you change back ground you loses your up grade. And have to start all over. I think you should be able to go back and your up grade still be on the back ground board that you were on in the first place. It is a fun game to play.
A very very nice game with cartoonish graphics exactly how I like and the background music it's very relaxing the adds aren't annoying like u get one add at about 5-6 levels and u can skip it instantly. From it has 5 stars much better than the one made by voodoo that company it's hungry for money.
The Game Is Amazing i never play a game like this But one thing i don't like the game lag to much please fix this, Give updates faster & Please Add More Music ๐Ÿ‘โค๏ธ BTW I Love This Game โค๏ธโค๏ธ
Love this game! The ads aren't super invasive like most apps, i can back out of almost all of them. The graphics are great and i haven't noticed any lag at all. I was playing a similar app for about 5 minutes and got so annoyed with the ads that i decided to look for a different game. This one is great!
Fun little time waster. Very colorful and a bit more stable than part 1 now that these bugs have been patched. My 5 and 8 y/o love it. My only gripe is with support ignoring requests for support, even if it is a known issue. Rhe upgrades are well balanced and the amount of in-game ads between one level and the next have been dialed down compared to part 1. All in all, a decent game to progress through.
I found myself playing this game on a daily. It was awesome, had great graphics well it was something new for me. That being said once I started making purchases. I found that the game would start to glitch which was annoying so I decided to try the no ads. It stopped the glitching for a while, but it can back with a vengeance. I made a $3 purchase that would unlock all the Cannons and for whatever reason it doesn't show up in the game as a purchased item, but my bank account would say otherwise
This is very good game. I am enjoying it. But there is one problem that sometimes I didn't get offline earnings
The game is very cruel .. But the money to eat very little .. Want to update the money to be very expensive
Has been fin these last 3 days since I installed. However I am at lvl 1200 and the max fire rate is 200 and everytime I beat a lvl the mass payout for watching an ad is 5mil but the levels do not get any harder really. Ball blast has more of a challenge but I like this better. Just need to have an actual level progression and balls over 10k. I can pop every ball before it hits the ground and run through levels in seconds. Getting very bored with it after buying the meow cannon and paying forads
It's a good little time waster. The ads aren't too obtrusive, but occasionally, they do pop up before I can upgrade and then it goes right into the next level. Just means I need to die or beat the level to upgrade after that, but sometimes, it's a little annoying.
very fun game, also thanks for the God Hand cannon I mean I knew I'll get a reward because I preregistered for the game. very relaxing game.
game used to be great and full screen , now theres a black bar at the top and a two inch ad banner at the bottom. hideous. edit: still not fixed :(