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Color Alive 2.0

Color Alive 2.0 for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Crayola LLC located at 1100 Church Lane Easton PA, 18044. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Would like to give this less than 1 star! Just purchased coloring book today then downloaded app. App does not work with this coloring book!! Why is it still being sold & $7 for just a few pages! Ripoff!!
Annoyed. A long time ago i got a Color Alive book. I was excited! I remember playing with it for periods of time. Eventually i found the book again! We tried looking for the app.. we didnt find it for a long time. When we finally did- IT WAS UNCOMPATIBLE!!!! They said " Works with ios, android and windows.) (i have android) Help..?
Original app doesn't exist and can't use the item purchased. They are ripping people off and should have to return the money spent for the easy animation studio since they took the app away the item is useless
Feel bad for my son, he got a book for his birthday he coloured a page while I looked for the app on my phone. Well it turns out his book is from the first color alive and that app isn't available anymore. For some reason Crayola decided not to support these old books with the new app. There is only 5 books supported in the new app, that's means a lot of disappointed kids and a lot of parents unhappy with Crayola. I'm never buying another colour alive book for fear they'll just change it again
There are only 5 books in the app and not any of the new ones. False advertising to say a product has an app that goes with it when there isn't one.
Equally upset as many other people below. My 6 year old son was so excited to get his color alive book, just to find out that he cant use it because the old app is gone and the new app doesnt work with his book. He was very upset and I am very disappointed. Pretty ridiculous to still have old books selling but no app to use them with!
This app is awful. You should not have to connect to wifi just to enjoy it. My little one was so excited to do it and got really upset when we were unable to use it because we dont have wifi. 😠
Well. My 7 year old is upset and my 6 year old is crying. Thanks Crayola. I tried multiple ways to get the older app. Won't work with the new one. They don't understand why it looks good on your website but they can't do it at home.
Veryyyyy disappointed. My daughter received some Color Alive coloring books but apparently they are from the old version. I was unaware of the original Color Alive App being deleted before I purchased the books. If I would have known, I wouldnt have bought them for her, she is extremely upset. Why was it deleted? It should at least be brought back for those of us that still have uncolored pages in the original Color Alive books as well as having the new 2.0 version! Pretty confused and annoyed!!
I cannot even get the program to open! I have unlimited internet on my phones & tablets, but the program wont even load without wi-fi. This is crazy in a world where everyone practically uses their phone data for everything. I would love to try this program with my grandkids color alive books we just spent a small fortune on. Unfortunately at this time, I will not be able to. Crayola, please allow users to make the choice, like most other apps, to use either wi-fi or data. Pretty please? Thanks!
worst app i have ever tried; i hate being forced to rate it a one. the fact that it is supposed to be for children, really makes me angry. after spending an hour trying to "focus," we finally gave up and told our child your app does not work. you should be ashamed of yourselves.
As the other reviews say it is terrible that this app doesnt support the older books. The app tells you to download the older app but it is not on the app store. Very dissapointed child and grown up. Would have given this 0 stars if I could.
Disappointed in Crayola. My daughter has a Frozen Color ALIVE book and by surprise the new app won't work with this older book. Searched and searched for the old app like the new app said to do. Can't find it, even downloaded a qr code scanner to see if I could find it that way. I came to the reviews, low and behold I find many other angry parents that are having the same problem as myself. Won't be buying another because next thing you know they'll have Color ALIVE 3.0 that won't work with 2.0.
Why delete the original app from goggle play. My son can now not use any of his books. Which weren't exactly cheap. This was a good app,or to now not include original or older books is unfair. Supposed to be a company that inspires children not upsets them. At least should have the information on the app to stip further children and parents being disappointed.
I wouldn't even give it a one star. I got my 6 year old son the easy animation studio. all my devices in my home ( 2 note 8s, 2 LG Xcharge, 1 Samsung tab, 2 Ipads) none of them work. my son is in tears because he was so excited for this on Christmas. I'm really disappointed in crayola. looks like on the reviews crayola succeeded with disappointing not only parents but children too...especially on Christmas...
My son's Crayola Color Alive Easy Animation that we just bought is not an option in this app especially when Crayola asks you to download this app. I bought the scanned pages in the store thinking it would help with disappointment but instead they make you print instead of coloring the pages digitally... Waste of money and waste of time.
I was so excited to make Hulk come to life but then I got super depressed when he didn't. Don't bother to download this app because it doesn't even work, I've waited a long time and tried to let the camera scan the drawing but it didn't even work, I would give this app no stars if I could
The app wont download correctly. I have a lot of space on my phone and even deleted several apps, but still no luck?! It was a disapointment to say the least.
This only has certain books. What about all the other coloring books? How can I animate those? Very disappointing. I have Mythical Creatures and this app does not work with them.
This app does not work with "Crayola Color Alive" coloring books, so if you buy one of those, don't expect it to work with that. Now my 3 y/o with a broken leg is bummed and I'm frustrated. Thanks a lot, Crayola...
Really disappointed,Crayola. my four-year-old and I just spent time coloring a picture and she has been so excited since last night to watch the characters come alive. Turns out, her book, Mythical Creatures, isn't even an option on the app. Her birthday present is useless. So lame
This app says you have to download the old Color Alive app to scan your old pages, but the old app doesn't exist anymore (I used to have it and it mysteriously disappeared off my phone). My four year old is crushed.
Doesn't list my son's book, removing 1.0 from the app store means that people are wasting there money on a product that does not work as advertised. Download the app before purchasing one of there products to see if it's listed, if it isn't you're wasting your money and your child will be devastated.
My son was given the original Color Alive book by his sister as a gift. Now they're both disappointed that the book doesn't work with the app. The link in the description is broken, so we can't even download the original anywhere. So much for my daughter being proud of the gift she bought her brother! Bring back the original app or update this to include ALL books!
Doesn't work anymore with older books like barbie and mythical creatures. Used the old app before and I have a second set of books I owned for a couple of years. I wanted to give away as present but the old app is gone. WHY?
my boys have the skylanders book. i give it props for when it does work a bit and i can record it for almost 30 seconds. but the downfall is scanning takes forever or wont scan at all. my son cannot scan his own pages, Ever!, i spent 10 min trying to scan a kaos picture(i colored for him) it refuses to even pick up at all but it would pick up the neighboring page. then when something does scan, and character does come to life, there is literally nothing to do besides tap on it or take pic/record
please make a difference in the color alive app and the 2.0 version. just a way to have to purchase more books
I bought the Color Alive Easy Animation Studio, and when I just tried to download the app, it's not available, & the 2.0 app won't work with the old coloring pages. You guys need to fix this. Either make the new app support both, or make the old app available again.
I just bought the marvel avengers book really excited because i love this kind of thing,coloured in my favourite hero black widow and wanted to try the app then found out they no longer have the app for the original and only 2.0 good work crayola good work😲
What a piece of garbage, Crayola!!! After installing the app on my phone it won't even make it through the loading screen. I was very disapointed and turned to the reviews to hopefully find some answers. I only found more and more people who couldn't get the app to work properly. Apparently the app's sole purpose is to be a big let down. I am so frustrated with you, Crayola. I have taught my kids that the best crayons, pencils, etc. (for their age) are Crayola products. Now I'm sitting here with an entirely colored coloring book (that my son worked VERY hard on), a junk app that won't even load and probably wouldn't work even if it did, and a VERY disapointed boy. I hope you are proud of yourself, Crayola. I very much expect a response and a solution (yeah, I know, I'm dreaming). How dare you offer kids something that seems fun in theory and then present them with a half made, poorly designed, malfunctioning app that does nothing but let them down. I realize you are trying to keep up with the technological world we live in, but you have failed miserably. If you can't keep up with the technology of the world today either A.) Hire some techy artists who can give you some more ideas and actually make an app that works. OR B.) Stay exactly how you are and just offer your fine crayons for kids. We don't need your junk that doesn't work!!! Now I have to go buy my son a new toy since the coloring book and app were a reward for a great job on a test at school. I know I won't be buying anything Crayola for him until this is resolved.
Same as all the other parents out there. Had it has a gift....got the Barbie edition and that book is non existent on the app. My daughter is still enjoying coloring in the book, but it's pretty unfortunate that the "special effect" of this book is non existent.
Horrible. Absolutely horrible. Don't waste your time. It is not compatible with the old Color Alive books and you can't get the old version. Crayola, you have made some very stupid decisions here. The graphics are also awful, and the AR is even worse. Why would you get rid of the old version?! And why can't this be compatible with the old books?! Don't waste your time. If you wanted to see if you could still use your old Color Alive books, don't get your hopes up. This app is absolutely horrid.
my daughter is very disappointed because the book she got is not a 2.0 and not supported by this version, the app only works with 5 coloring books. crayola should have kept the old version available or made 2.0 compatible with all the books.
Apparently this app only supports the new books. My kids were gifted some Color Alive books, and are disappointed they can't scan their drawings. Make sure your book says Color Alive 2.0 before letting your kids know about the cool effects scanning their pictures are supposed to have.
Doesn't work with old Color Alive books. Old Color Alive app has been removed from the app stores and even if you do find it somewhere (I did), it doesn't work with current versions of Android and can't use the camera.
Very Disappointed in Crayola. My son received the Crayola Color Alive Minions coloring book as a gift. The new 2.0 app won't work with this older book. I searched the old app like the new app said to do and can't find it. I even downloaded a qr code scanner to see if I could find it that way and found nothing. I feel bad for my 5 year old son because he was crying so bad because he wanted his Minion to come alive. This is pitiful, shame on you Crayola.
You still need v1 I have bought the set and it is not compatible it is not said when purchasing and there isn't any way of using it now thanks A LOT crayola. You app developers are showing no thought of customers and that will have a knock on effect on your business SORT IT NOW.
Not all pages are in the app, we have the skylanders version, coloured in the octopus bloke in and downloaded the app, tried scanning and it didn't work. It asked for what page I was trying to scan but it didn't list it. Also book instructions state tapping unlock within the app to scan the ice blast crayon but there is no unlock button.
the link they give you to go to the original (which most of our books are) the link doesn't even work now my son is upset. if it ain't fixed no more support from me. the kids really enjoyed this.
Similarly, as many other people, very disappointed that program does not support older books. Why did you had to remove the older app? It would be nice for Crayola representative to show up in comments section and provide some explanation. A big part of these colouring books is their "4D" feature, and it you've effectively shown that you don't care about your customers, and what's even worse, the end users - little kids, who feel that they were tricked.
We have the monster high color alive book. My daughter was so happy to see her picture come to life. Well, she didn't get to see her picture come to life because the "new and improved" version doesn't include her coloring book. So I have an upset 4 year old and a coloring book that I wasted money on. Too bad I HAD to give it one star..otherwise it would get zero.
To tell you right now, if you have the original or the first version color alive books they are not available in this app anymore because the original app is not available. But if you did buy the older ones, try to contact the Crayola team and they will give you a coupon or a gift.
Awful, as many others have stated the original color alive books can't even be scanned, my son used his money to buy the book earlier this week, poured a bunch of time into coloring it, and he can't even use the app, he's comoletely broken hearted, this is ridiculous!
the ideal of this app is awesome but it is so glitchy it doesn't work whatsoever it's a disappointment you need to remove this from the market and start over you got to keep in mind this app is meant for kids to use and if an adult can't figure it out that's an intelligent all that that what makes you think a kids going to figure this out to anyone that sees this do not waste your time downloading this you only disappoint your kid