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Colonizer for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Creative Robot located at Hungary, 4026, Debrecen, Hatvan u. 1/A VII. 3/35. The game is suitable for Teen and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
it's great simple yet hard. (that's what she said) however the difficulty difference between easy and normal is a huge gap... so please fix that.
crashes often. slow collecting stars. minus a star for constantly attempting to aquire 5 star reviews in exchange for more stars.
It's challenging & takes strategy and practice. It's also enjoyable & easy to learn the basics so you can focus on the planning.
Pretty fun but all gakes say we want advise so here it comes imagen speical ability such as sabotage takes half enemys from a planet and als9 make more ships and ship upgrades and also have special plnets that are attack ships sent do 2 times the damage deffence enemy ships at colishion crash up and have a 50 precent chance. To not do damage also make cruisers that you can trade 50 ships for and will deffend with lazers also make ships crash in tye air that it please add them thanks for reading
This game is a fun game! Its nice to just pass the time or to play if I get frustrated at another game.
Having something pop up unrequested will always be a bad idea. This could be much more popular if you had optional ads that offered stars and whatnot.
I don't usually give ratings for game benefits, but after playing for a couple of days this game deserved it. I like it. Not a stressful or busy game, it's very relaxing. I like it.
It's actually an OK game but I hate it that they're bribing players to give them a 5* rating. You should have all your ratings wiped for such underhanded practices. Now for some actual game play feedback. Consider adding a campaign/story mode.
Okay so, the only reason why the app got such high ratings is bc the developer offers in game money in exchange for a 5 stars rating lmao. The app is good but not good enough to have a general rating of almost 5 stars
I did for the 200 stars. I'm q reward h000t'n'Nelly...I'm going down down baby. Sunthing sunthing sunthing hotpants mmmm yeah....... beeeeeeerrrrrrrrnt... I farted
Please don't beg for 5 star ratings in-game. If a game can't earn 5 stars through gameplay alone then they don't deserve 5 stars. This game deserves 5 stars, but one off for the 'give us 5 stars and get ### '
This game begs you for a 5star review after each game, which gets annoying really fast. It it wasn't for that, I would have given it 4 stars. It's fun to play, but this message is just to annoying.
Normal difficulty is good, but unplayable on hard mode or higher. It's impossible to keep up with multiple ai on those difficulties. Not even with travel mode enabled(pauses game if you're not actively touching the screen) so that you can think things through.
A neat but shallow take on the cell/space warfare genre. Offers game currency for a 5 star review. Controls are tiring on the fingers
The game is fun, but $3.99 is too expensive for the limited add-ons you get when getting the unlimited version of the game. But the reason I gave poor review is that I spent 2 days saving up enough planets to unlock the next weapon and then as soon as I reached it, the game changed it to stars instead, which means it will be a couple for days before I get it... again... very disappointed in the developers of this game.
Actually great game, controls are a bit difficult at first but you can get used to them! I do recommend
This is a great game full of fun! I love games like this where you can absolutely overwhelm your enemies with hundreds of colonial planets!!
horrible interface, i.e. hard to tell game what you want. also constantly getting anoying dialogs to rate or buy full version
The concept is pretty fun, but there are a lot of bugs to the point this feels like a beta version 1.0. It takes too long to click on a planet to send out ships, a mechanic that relies on speed to be successful. The pause menu will keep scrolling down and down and down. The ship upgrades don't make much sense either, as they're not balanced nearly well enough.
I love this game, good graphics, great gameplay, lots of variation on units. I just wish it was slightly less laggy, but that's a minor issue for me
2 stars for pestering us to rate the game. Accidentally change a setting exclusive to the paid version? It takes you directly to the app store without asking. Aside from the infuriating marketing, the game seems fun enough. As I've only played a couple games I'm not used to the controls, but they do seem rather clunky. It would be nice to have some sort of scrolling feature so you can see where you're aiming when zoomed in.
This game is awesome! It's addictive and fun. It is one of those games that has you squirming in your seat with suspense and anticipation.
Fun game that keeps me coming back. Normal difficulty is easy but one difficulty higher (hard) seems impossible for me to beat. Don't forget there are 2 more difficulty after that of extreme and impossible.
Good free game, no intrusive ads. Fun strategygane that is simple to understand. Would consider buying the paid verion of the app
Game incentives 5 star ratings, be warned. A decent little time killer, but boring after the first 20 minutes or so.
Very simple and fun. Very nice UI, no ads, and lots of customization. This is how all games should be. My only suggestion is, it's hard to tell what some of the things are. For example, I still don't know what the planet currency is, the visits didn't make sense until I found the page accidentally, and most of the game mechanics have to be learned with trial and error. That isn't all bad, but it would be nice to know what the paid features actually do before paying for them.
This is a great game, looking forward to a Colonizer 2. But I've visited here 15 times and still quicky won't unlock.
This has been a bit exciting! I've only played one game to get the hang of it, but it was enticing figuring stuff out as I went along. Thank you!
Fun but frustrating. Urgently need to implement two-finger scrolling rather than the current system which produces almost random results. Please also remove the highly annoying drop-down that appears EVERY time you click on a planet.
I wanted to like it, but way too hard to select units. You can only really play past easy with a mouse or stylus. Uninstalled despite a good gameplay- it's just the one challenge that it's hard to select units.
Started off fun. Then ai gets harder and the touch controls aren't good the touch and drag shoots troops when you try to scroll and scroll when you try to shoot troops while zoomed out that is. Along with the "troop selection" takes to much time to adjust tactics and the ai has already steamed rolled you. Because game doesn't pause when you shoot/pick troops they take over the map making troop selection pointless unless you pay to win it seems like
Cool strategy game. Essentially a simplified Subterfuge. Thats not a bad thing though! Looking forward to keep on playing.
Noice, it's simple and fun. But the controls are rather hard to get used to. If you could make it to where you tap on multiple planets to move troops it would be easier.
Its fun. Been playing for a while now. Just use it when I have a few min to chill and want to clear my head. But it seems I've outplayed the star system they use. I have bought all the things and now have 20,000 stars with nothing to do with them. Any suggestions?
Great concept but poorly executed. If they find a way to better identify when you are trying to move your vision or shoot some ships it would be better. But besides that trying to change what ships you are firing in the heat of battle is one of other super frustrating parts of the game. Seems like it would be fun with a mouse and hotkeys but on mobile its just frustrating.
Really Fun Game, just a few suggestions tho if that's ok, one, I think it would be awesome to have online battles with real players, and have different colonies to choose from to defeat the other colonies. But awesome game, keep up the good work!
Irritating interface. Unlike most "Cell Wars" type games, you have to click-aim-drag. Badly aimed shots mean your ships go flying off to no target or miss the target.
Fun little game. Only minor issues. But constantly badgers for a 5 star review. Appreciate the ad free setup.
I have only played a few rounds of this game so far and I like it very much although you need to think and strategise on how many ships to shoot out. I like the way you can customise the game to your needs but I would like to have unlimited access to fully control my game without paying but I also understand that you need to make your money some how. I highly recommend this game if you like simple easy strategy games and like space.
This game has a great concept to live action strategy. The fact that there are upgrades gives this game replayability.
Good game I like how you shoot spaceships at planets Edit: actually shooting ships at planets is normally boring but with the different units it get pretty fun
I like the conceit, I just don't like how it controls on a phone. This is mainly because panning and shooting (the main action) are both done by the same gesture: touching and dragging. Group select also takes an extra tap which ends up making macro management clumsy and unintuitive. It seems like it would be perfect on PC, and I'd be happy to throw my cash at a Steam port. But alas, it's just not really worth it on a phone (although I could see it being more bearable on a tablet due to the larger screen, which means less need for panning).
Terrible continuous nagging about giving 5 stars and getting some in-game tokens free. Bribery doesn't go down well with me. If I could give the game 0 stars I would.
Great concept, but not so good implementation, mostly on the UI, which is most of the times uncontrollable. When navigating the locked ships, sometimes pops the "Not ebough X" message and instantly opens the web, which is extremely annoying. Apart from this it's great. Not the big hit but I didn't get dissapointed
Probably better if it was fully free but, hey everyone needs a way to earn his bread. So far a good game
Great mobile strategy game. Like another reviewer said, the random chance added to the settling ships depending on distance really adds a new variable to a game like this.
It's pretty fun. Would be cooler if it had more depth and maybe online co-op. I would suggest maybe different factions with unique bonuses, or instead of all planets maybe some space stations.
I like the game its great for the most part but one thing I found quite annoying was that the gay ray said it needed 3 visits to get but as soon as I got 3 it turned to 2k stars. This seems a pretty scummy way to get free advertisement and try to make people spend more money on your game to me.
I rated this poorly because after every round a pop-up appears trying to bribe me with in-game currency to leave a 5 star review. The controls are buggy, resulting in misfiring at times, and apparently 50% of content options are disguised buttons to take you to the app store version of the same game except with more content, which they want you to pay for. I get that they've got to make money but tbh either make a pay-only version or put ads into it. The begging for reviews and offering currency if you give a 5 star review seems desperate and is extremely annoying. I strongly recommend against downloading the game and encouraging this behavior. Deleting the app now.
It's a great concept and I never minded playing against an AI... however that AI will destroy you!!!! It's like playing chess with a robot
It is one of my favourite game genres, so maybe I'm bias, but I LOVE IT. Maybe the controls are a bit wanky, but that is just it.
You are trying to get 5 star ratings in exchange for stars in a game. Pitiful. Shame on you. Shame on you 2x for having a pay version of the same game. Lacks depth or content
i just wanted stars :), but i do suggest this game at least just to try becuase it is for a certain tpye of gamers. I recommend to try it first, as it is really fun.
Its a trap. Lile a virus ad, even your netflix will have ads after this. And it forces the click on the add. You guys suck to the core
It had the breath of something interesting. Fun at first, it quicky becomes just another game where the ridiculous computer team can simply do whatever it wants, and does. Between easy level and normal level skills setting there is a gap you can fit a small world into, basically easy is like playing a game with a rock, and "normal" is like trying to play Skynet. Opnipresent, it occupies all planets simultaianiously. Good job computer, Why am I not impressed? Pulling the plug :)
Great game I would love if your spaceship crossed another team spaceship they would explode but otherwise I like the base of the game definitely good
Controls are mediocre at best, winning is easy, earning stars not commensurate with winning, annoying "I'll give you 200 stars for a 5 star review" message after every game.
It is very noble and respectable of them to have no ads on such a great game with excellent design principles.
Amazing. If you need a strategy, once you have a bunch of planets do the multi selector to shoot in random directions and watch as your enimies burn. You can work on the lag though
Aim at planet, watch your ships spread out and miss. Wasted most of my fleet, this isn't fun. There's a lot of games like this that are much better. Controls are bad and the drop down menus are annoying. lost interest after capturing first planet. It might get better, but first impressions ruined this for me. Edit.. felt I'd been harsh so tried again. Controls are really bad. Sliding when trying to aim. Sorry but 1 star.
No idea what this is supposed to be. Never got through the tutorial. Needs much better explanation and details of objectives, controls and gameplay.
A good game. It's pretty simple, but the replayability let's you enjoy the game without having to really invest huge amounts of time.
Colonizer is fun but incredibly frustrating. Frustration is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does result in you suspecting the AI of cheating. Scenario: you want to dominate the AI and so you aggressively colonize every planet but leave the AI with a single, tiny planet to show off your prowess. You revel in the futility of it's situation, maniacally laughing at the prospect of spamming Hammers. Wait, what?! The AI suddenly took over two planets... now a third?! ATTTTTAAAAACCCCCKKKKKK
It's a great little strategy game and rewards planning, nothing beeter than sending 300 ships to one planets, live the noise
First, this is a great game. Who else has beaten "impossible" mode? I've cleared it about a dozen times at this point, using *the* strategy. That is, the only strategy that I've found to consistently beat anything Hard or above. Maybe you've got a better one.
"Give us a 5 star rating and we will give you in game currency" games fun enough, 3 star maybe, but that kind of conduct will not be supported. Uninstalling after this review.
This app is quite an addictive game. It is really a new kind of app and i just love it. So addictive and strategic
It's actually a well execute of quite a simple idea. It's like the old classic defender, but you have to be aggressive. Do it on normal difficulty though, hard will just make you frustrated ;) I like battling the stress the game causes, because you have to bw quick to beat the computers. Try it out!
Boring. Poor controls. Ugly UI. Worst of all: Dev tries to bribe you to get a 5 Star review. Offer's 200 "Stars" (premium currency) for a 5 Star review. Uninstalled immediately after the bribe offer.
Funny it says how would you use the fertilizers as the last picture, but you finally get 500 planets and it changes to 600 stars once you finally get enough, it's done that with every ship so far
I love it so much! it would be cool if the more you popyulate a planet it would have defenses. Other than that it is a grate game!😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
What a terrible game. The game isn't difficult, but fighting the poorly made controls is frustrating and some hint as to what we should be doing would be helpful. Not worth the time.
Slow, unoriginal waste of time that bribes you to give a five star review for coins. I took the bribe to see what the deeper game is like, and will probably edit or delete this review if I remember...
The controls are pretty clunky. Choosing a planet is a long press, sending units is a random direction in a cone. It really kills the pacing. 2 stars for running smooth and being generally bug free.
It's fun and really cool about all that visitor currency. (I don't think a game has ever done that) it is really fun and it is just like in a battle where you march your troops and conquer an area.it is really cool and fun. P.S. please make it so tgat the menu pauses the game because it is annoying that it doesn't pause
Controls are not sensitive enough and its repetitive. Also I don't like being pestered for 5* reviews with bribes which is the main reason why I'm leaving this review interest of just deleting it.
Game mechanics are simple, but engaging and challenging. Not sure how long this will stay fun, but there seem to be plenty upgrades available. Stars for upgrade can be bought, but earning them through playing games seems easy enough, so I think the inapp purchases are not in the way of good gameplay (and there is a paid advanced versions, so you can still support the devs).
Love the concept. One complaint: the User interface isn't quite as good as it could be. Simplifying it a bit could certainly help.
Excellent strategy game. You need to think fast, even in easy mode with only 1 AI opponent, and should be good at multitasking.
Great game it could do with a tutorial and the controls are a bit difficult to use and, well, control but good game thanks
Seems like a neat idea but the AI feels poorly tuned for a game being controlled by touch. This game begs to be on PC with wider field of view and substantially better controls to keep up with the AI who seem to have no problem dogpiling the player.
Here's 1 star for constantly reminding me to rate this app 5 stars. Cant stand these popups, hopefully the developers will learn their lesson.
Great game with great customizability. If you just want to relax and have some fun. Set it to 1 opponents on easy with large Map. If you want a challenge, add AI opponents and increase the difficulty. It's great.
Genuinely a super fun game, if you like strategy and don't like being swamped with ads this is the game for you, if I could rate more than 5 stars I would,
A little trouble with the controls l, sometimes sending ships out into space, otherwise not a bad time killer. Some features need to be payed for though.
Fun game, interesting mechanis. Some what wonky controles wish they could be more precise, but maybe its me. Overall really fun.
more seemless firing controll with less junk thrown in. And you should be able to just punch whatever planets you want to attack and then hit your own to fire. I t has potential to be a fun game though. I played ai on noob and needed 8 ai before they could take me so it is not overpowered or anything. Needs work.
Good start so far been playing for a day. its a good colonizing game. Kind of like a tower defense game, but with offense also. and a lot more random pathways, not just one set travel path from point A to point B
Pretty unique game, no problems encountered, just need a sound fix for mass deployment. And slight graphics fix for the same thing. Very good game. Edit: great humor on the power ups.
I let myself get blinded by a rating of 4,7 stars - turns out, many ratings already told me what to expect: a kind of unfinished game. Yes, it feels like beta. The controls are clumsy, the gameplay is original but somehow gets boring fast. No missions, no achievement, no incentive apart from collecting stars and planets to unlock new ships. I gave it 30min of time - there are better games out there.
Alright, when I first started playing I was super sceptical. It looked odd and felt a little off. But I've just won my first game, it makes a lot of sense and its rather fun to play. The thing that sets this game apart from other colonizer games is the idea of inaccuracy. It definitely adds a new function and ideas to consider. 10/10 Ps: I love the fact that the dev's have a good sense of humor, it makes me 100% more likely to support them and continue playing.
So apparently if I rate this 5 stars I get some stars. OK, sure! Well, everything is cool; the variety of troops, the strategies you can play with, that's all well and good. But the one thing I think this game could add is a guiding system for airships (its a bit unrealistic for them to fly so far off some of the times) and maybe a bit more.... detail when it comes to colonising planets and taking planets from another player/AI. Obviously these are just my recommendations. Thank you!
It's controls are extremely annoying. When selecting multiple planets, if you accidentally press just outside the planet circle, it cancels all selections, so you waste time on it. You can zoom in, to make the window bigger, so to speak, but that too is annoying because if you're not careful you will deselect everything you just selected. Its annoying. I am uninstalling the game now because it is THAT f***g annoying
Simple, fun time waster. it doesnt seem to respond well, or is able to tell between clicks and swipes well though. I put 4, since it could very well be my phone, but it also could be an issue others are having
First try, It looked fun, it was fun, it was silly (perfect) but it still felt like it was missing something
Quite a good game. One thing I would like changed however, is that using at least maybe 10 or so planets at the same time to attack glitches the game out a little, if that is ironed out I would give it 6/5
5 star ratings are fake. Played AI on easy. For every planet I get it gets retaken by fire from 6-10 ai controlled planets. No way to win without Obviously paying real $$$. another fake ad game with Paid Fake 5 ⭐ Reviews. Uninstalled after only 5 minutes. Will be glad when players can finally sue over these fake as hell Free 2 Play games that are not free.
Controls suuuck. This is one of my favorite simple strategy games but executed poorly. You take a cell and throw units from it in an arc and hope your swarming hits something and your units dont fly off into the void of space. That is, if you manage to actually select a cell instead of panning the camera into the void too. Sorry but this game can't really be improved, the concept is just sucky.
Only giving a three star because I am unable to purchase the colonizer unlimited as anytime I click on the options to do so, I am skipped to the play store screen with a spinning wheel for days. Furthermore, I am unable to contact the developer as I have tried sending an email to the address provided in the play store, only to have it bounced back for unknown email address despite having clicked the option/link from the page directly in the play store. Frustrating.
It was very fun and entertaining. It was kinda my stress toy because it was gradual and slow paced. Overall a realy good game
Love the idea. BUT! Be careful selecting the planets. If you accidentally miss touching the planet using multiselect you have to select them all over again. Other than the accuracy of selections it's not a bad game.
This game tried to bribe me to rate it 5 stars so I rated it 1 star because that's cheating the Play Store rating system. You will still get 200 stars in-game if you rate it 1 star, I did.
Giving 5 star review for 200 stars. But still a fun and frustrating (in the way a game should be) game.
I actually enjoy this game, yet I am rating it 1 as it pesters me to give it 5 stars in exchange for in game money.
Great time pacifier. Seems good only just started playing so only time will tell what the game is really like.
they tried to bribe me to rate five stars. I dont like that. so the rating of this game is probably false
This app rewards you with in game currency for a 5 star rating. Over all, the whole "you can change that option in the non-free version" is really annoying. Just grey it out, thanks.
5 stars for the 200 stars promised in game. Simple, fun, worth the download and quick play. Nothing too big or flashy or super impressive.
Awesome game.. Doesn't make you feel easy at first step. Even though I'm giving this for 200starts it worth.
Easy to get going and get the hang of it. A simple strategy game to pass the time. Controls are not great, limiting you to slower play mode.
App begging for five star rating for bonus in game currency in exchange. Fun game and I would give it a 4-5 star rating anyways. Controls are bnit of bugger on mobile and PC (emulation)
This game gave the same goosebumps when I bought my first online game. To be honest it is not a kind of a game that I enjoy. No doubt This is a awsome game. I sincerely thank the dev for building this game and apologize at the same time; since I have to uninstall it. Keep up the good work and I'll keep tab of your new releases. Good luck.
I had considered making a purchase and support the devs but the game tried to bribe me to rate it 5 stars.. so I'm rating it 1 star.. I don't support devs who try to manipulate ratings!
Poor controls compared to dozens of other games in the exact genre, graphics and sounds are remedial at best, not optimized for phones, and on and on.
Boring, controls are horrendous and it tries to bribe you for 5 star ratings. I'd give it zero if I could.
Great game but dislike the pay for full. It's nice for spare time but spending cash on full game is a bit silly.. I'd rather buy new maps and challenges. Recommended
It is extremely simple to learn how to play. I have been looking for a galactic war game like this for so long. There is a slight problem that isn't really necessary for a fix but, when I select all of my planets, and I have almost all planets available, the number for the total amount of ships I'm sending becomes the map itself. So it's more for being able to really see than actual game problems.
Ok u guys say this game is fair but if you try and do a harder difficulty, all that happens is that instead of bots playing a better strategy their production is doubled and so instead of you both getting one per minute they get two or three and u still only get one.