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Colleen for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Kostas Nakos. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 1.6 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Used to be terrific in the past, now on android 8.x it mess with mebu bar and it made impossible access to options, load a tape, etc.
Well I would love to play Atari games on my tablet or Android TV but until this app supports gamepads it will have to wait. One of the few emulators that doesn't. Crashes on Android 7
It's an okay emulator, but it would be nice to include external gamepad support for use with Android set-top boxes.
This emu is great except for one thing. I use it on Nvidia Shield. For some reason the gamma is all wrong and backgrounds that should be black are like a medium gray so I took a star off for that. This makes colors and contrast look all washed out. Game screen black and unused area black should both be the same, totally black. It would also be nice if it could use analog sticks as analog for trackball and Atari 5200. Many devices now include analog sticks like iControlpad, Nvidia Shield etc. The touch area for atari menu and config are in same spot so it is hard to get the one you want sometimes. One should be on top and one on bottom of screen or something. It would be nice when scrolling ROMs with Dpad that right goes down a whole page, left for up one page. Keyboard is std android, could be an Atari layout instead as keys are missing. Those Atari keys should be able to be mapped to game buttons (on this case Shield) Other than the gamma issue great emu.
Really could do with a d-pad option instead of the naf joystick. Makes it unresponsive when mapped to hardware controls on jxd.
A bit quirky but I figured it all out. Good 8-bit fun. Had the 400 and 130XE. Fell asleep at 4am playing Zork. Hahaha good job :)
Works on Android 7.1 tablet. Nice to be able to play some of my favorite old Atari 800/xl games. Works with Bluetooth game controller although there seems to be noticeable lag. Overall a nice emulator, though I wish it would get an update with some easier-to-access menus and some more flexible keymapping options.
Atari LOGO rom isn't recognized as a cartridge with Colleen, even though it works fine on all my other Atari800 emulators. Hope this gets fixed.
Just like for it to be more compatible with the Nvidia Shield 'eh!? That seems to be the main issue with the Shield.. While It *Can* install and, use Android Apps and, such.. The use of a *real* joystick is severely lacking! Can't really blame the developments of others! I know *most* are designed for the phone market! :-)
The emulator doesn't work properly with keyboard. numbers and period are displayed straight away. All letters don't till enter is pressed. Entering a file name from dos to load isn't possible at all. Type in name.ext (enter) only results in period appearing. Everything else is ignored Otherwise, works well.
Great app, only a couple requests, please add Moga support, and second make it Amazon Fire TV friendly. Thanks for all your efforts.
This is a great app and lots of great games can be played but I find the joystick to be a problem for some games where u can't movie characters fast enough in different direction s
And thanks to Tom Hudson for revamping Planetary Defense as a sample game! I remember him from reading A.N.A.L.O.G. when I was a kid back in the day. At least now we don't have to type in the games!
Great emulator, works nicely on galaxy nexus, only issue is f-keys are a bit too small but that could be my Rom/dpi settings. Included planetary defense rocks and is very addicting. Would love to see skinned Atari-like overlay keyboard, like in zed ex (zx81) emu. Thanks!
No support for multiple joysticks. No option to assign Atari hard keys to a Bluetooth keyboard (start, option reset). If your connecting to your big screen it gets annoying having to press the button on the phone. Krazy Shootout guy is only running in 1 direction with a joystick, but all other games appear to work great. Almost 5 stars.
There's a bug when you try to load a cartridge (.rom) file. It does work for disk images (.atr). EDIT: That bug was fixed now. However, I noticed another bug. If I use a keyboard-mapped joystick on my Droid 3, it doesn't work. I just move diagonally no matter what key I press. It also would be nice to have an option for 2 joysticks, for games like Robotron or Spy Hunter.
I realy enjoy this emulator since it allows me to replay my favorite childhood games like Mr. Robot and His Robot Factory. Two minor issues are the tiny function menu and the on-screen joystick action trigger not working when not touching the directional pad.
This is based on the solid atari800 emulator, which can run virtually anything. I was thrilled to find a port on android. Bringing something like this to devices that are mostly touchscreen are tricky. The original, of course, used a keyboard with some custom keys, and joysticks, paddles and other input devices. That is where I see the greatest potential for improvement. First issue- The function keys (Start/Option/Select/Help/Reset). To expose them, you have to hit a certain unmarked spot on the screen or the toolbar comes up. When they do appear, they are tiny, even on my tablet. My suggestion for improvement is make the keys larger. Either leave them on-screen all the time or clearly mark the toggle that makes them appear. Love that it supports Wii remotes. Would be nice to be able to support 2-4 wii remotes for multiplayer Docs recommend to use 16-bit sound (the default) Did not work for me, fortunately 8-bit does. Finally atari800 supports speed toggle, it can make the emulator run as fast as the hardware will allow. Useful as some games are too slow on native hardware. It would be nice to see that feature enabled here! (assuming you have a device fast enough)
A gem that I would have paid for. Detailed instructions on how to use properly really helped me. Thank you devs for this one. Now can I have a 5200 emulator :) ?????
I would like this emulator a lot more if it played 5200 games better. The 5200 had two fire buttons. So games like 'H.E.R.O.' are pretty much unplayable in this emulator, unless I am missing something.