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Collect Cubes

Collect Cubes for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Clown Games located at ODTU Teknokent TEKMER SEM2 B9 Alictus Yazilim A.S., Cankaya 06800 Ankara/Turkey. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game, passes the time while I'm up all night with my twins. Only issue are the ads after every level completed. I get ads for a free game but every level?
This game is surprisingly addictive! This is one of my favorite games now!! (Alongside fnaf and the race game by vodoo.) I recommend this game to the people who want a good game! The only reason i give it four stars tho is because of the ads. Either than that this game is pretty great!!!😊
I have just had it with this game it's fun but it glitches a lot and when I say a lot I mean it. When I have full bars it still glitches a lot. It's fun until it glitches can you please fix this problem as soon as you get the chance to. I don't want to delete it because I know it will be amazing if you fix the problem. I haven't been able to play it because it glitches a lot. I hope you fix it as soon as you can. I know it will be super fun if you fix the glitching problem. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
i love this game! also guys stop complaining about the adds just put your phone on airplane mode and play it it is ad free!!!! when yourn done take it off it works for any game
The gameplay is good, but it is just the ads! There is a better way to make money, like make other games or have an in-game currency that you can earn by watching ads. I know some app makers struggle to make money, so they have to serve ads unless you buy something from them that removes the ads. I hope they fix this problem, the more ads reduced, the more players gained, and more money made.
Its addictive with how satisfying it is. It's pretty easy to hit a wall with it though. I did all that can be done in the game in like 30 minutes. The constant ads are pretty annoying too.
I hate this game! In the ad it said that you got to draw a collector, and when I installed it, it was NOT like that at all. It's boring, and a complete waste of time. DO NOT GET THIS GAME, unless you like being bored out of your mind.
just another game putting out dramatized clickbait. too many ads, nothing to make it even decent. don't waste your time. 500k downloads, 499,999 uninstalls.
I like the game but it always glitches in level 27 one of the cubes went into the wall on level 31 glitches just idk.
this game is soooooooo fun!!!! I love this game! My only complaint is that you cannot draw the scooper thing. :(
this is so god damn boring. I dont know what the ads show with these huge amounts of cubes but all the levels played until I couldn't take it anymore just had these stupid patterns that a only sucked up time to beat. Dont even download out of curiosity just stay away.
Great game except you can not draw the scoop thing like the ad. Also the bonus level does not give you much time otherwise it is a great game.
I personally enjoy the gameplay, but first: there's no draw scoop option like i saw in thd ad, and second: you can get loads and loads of coins! For no reason. There's no store or shop or anything, the coins are "given" in large quantities but at the end of the day, you cant spend them. 3 stars
good game. way to many adds. literally an add after every round. then a playable add after bonus round. would give much higher rating if not for the adds.
Well, this game is very good. Yes this game has ads but what do you expect, all games have ads so before you moan and put a 1 star review, play the game give it a go and then you feel its necicary to give it a bad review then im not telling you not to, but give it a go. My personal experience was great satisfing good game.
I love this game! It's relaxing! Download this!!! I love the game bc it doesn't lag that much and it froze but it already responded!!! This is underrated! If you have a problem, just send feedback and It will respond in only 1 minute!
Awesome, but the ads are very long and familiar, please remove some of your ads so I can play a few levels without ads.
I gave this app 2 stars because one an add comes on after every level which is sooo annoying two you have to collect every block no matter how big and three in the ad for the game it says you can draw your own scoop and if you could it would make this game waaayyy better so overall this game is kinda bad.
For me it's satisfyingly fun to play. To many ads but I get used to em. I relax and I'm safe to say I'm never deleting it.
I don't really like the games I give a 2 out of a 10 because you could draw and stuff and I think it had to sound but when I got it it didn't have any sound and it doesn't have a draw thing 2
Okay, I have had this game a while, but I am starting to remember the ad. You don't get to draw you collecting thingy. There are many ads after one level. But it is a fun game. I really do like to play it. Please fix the ads and make it so the ad is true. But over all, I don't recommend this game for people who have anxiety. Oh I almost forgot, if you like to play games with bad/good graphics, play this game. I love this game but 3 stars is all I can give. Thank you for understanding! πŸ˜„πŸ˜€πŸ™‚πŸ˜‘!
Its really a fun game but it does repeat the pictures and sometimes but theres cool animations sometimes but it repeats them to but theres timed levels so its fum it just repeats
I love it. Just kidding I dont like it.. it lags as soon as a I get on and crashes horibbly! That's my opinion though.😁
Well it show me on the ad that they drew the scoop, but I didn't have that experience. Kinda a rip off but other than that, this game is good.πŸ‘
I really like this game is get ads every 2 levels but you can skip them and all of them are like a demo game and you don't have to watch them so yea and if you are geting a lot of ads just turn off WiFi while you play the reason I gave it 4 stars instead of five is because in one of the ads you can draw the thing and so far you can't but it may come in cause I'm only on level 5 but I think this game is awesome
A fine little time killer until you realize you're playing a floor-sweeping simulator, at which point you realize you should probably just go sweep your own floor irl. So, for its ability to prompt you to reconsider your at-home priorities, I rate this game 4 stars. I hope to see a follow up game in which you must remove expired food from a refrigerator.
I got this game from an ad, and on the ad, you draw your scooper. disappointing that's not how it works. Too many ads stop scamming and fix your game, you dont deserve the ad revenue.
This game is awesome some say there's ads but for me its nothing and it calms me down I mean it this game awesome
There is an ad after every single level. No real bonuses except for extra skins for your scoop. ads for this game where they draw their own scoop are fictitious just like most ads. unless they give better bonuses or reduce ads to once every 5 levels, I wont touch it again or recommend it. uninstalled at level 18.
Dude this is stupid it glitch so much i cant even draw like the AD i hate this game the cubes making the game bad :( i will rate 2 stars ⭐⭐πŸŒͺπŸŒͺπŸŒͺ
This is by far the worst and cheapest game. It's something equivalent to Pac man in the 1980's arcades. Come on gamer makers! Quit making these pointless and tedious. HUGE THUMBS DOWN! Fyi they shove ads in your face and other minute of game! With ads of game worst then this. Uhh! Do you self a favor don't waste your time.
This game is very fun, it combines challenging levels, cute pictures, and fun bonus levels. I wish that the scoop was a little bigger, and that the levels were harder because there is no way to lose whatsoever.
i had faith in this app, i really did. the ads looked good, and maybe could have been a good time killer. the game was close to nothing like the ads. there was no β€œdraw a scoop” option, there were no cubes falling from the skyβ€”which seemed really cool in the ads. i am honestly disappointed in this app.
I've really been into simple and relaxing games lately, and this game is just that! All you do is scoop the blocks. No timer, no limited amount of moves. I love it!
From level 1 to 5 everything was fine. But after my mobile just started crashing, it stopped every second just because there where many cubes in the game. I did everything so it's works well but no it didn't work. I like the game and I wish I could play the game with my mobile crash and stops every single second
I downloaded because the add looked so fun, I've got to level 440 and it's the same pattern repeated, you can't draw your own scoop and it doesn't have the magnetic effect on all the cubes as it showed in the add, pretty disappointing, not worth downloading.
absolutely addicted cannot put it down but ads are a pain in the rear end, be better if it didnt get cut off mid level
The game was so fun! Except in their ad it said that you would get to draw a scoop but in the game you just played with one scoop in each level. They need to make a new ad and say what you really do in the game.
I love this game but the ads make it seem like you could change the scoop and I have gotten to level 200 and I've never seen the levels in the previous pictures.
You can't even draw your scoop the graphics are really bad and it glitches a lot I do not recommend this game its horrible
This is a good game. Really good if you are bored and have no wifi. This game is just about collecting cubes, as the name tells you. I recomend everyone who reads this to play it...!!!!β˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜ΊπŸ˜†
The game is fun, it just has too many ads and slows down when it's loading a lot of assets. I don't know if this is just my device or the game, but my battery drains whenever I play the game, so something to probably look into.
The app is amazing already, it's also really fun to play on your free time. Although the game is already great I do think that other things can be adding to make the game even more fun to play. Adding great music in the game would be very nice it will make playing the game more enjoyable. Adding different game modes and making it a bit challenging will also make the game even better. Overall the game is super amazing and enjoyable:)
I like it but all you can do is collect cubes, I and in the ad it said you could draw the size of the scooper, but you cant
I have rate this app a 4 star rating as it is quite addicting and has lots of adverts but the things I like about the game is that you can collect cubes like the name of the game lol and more things to discover I'm going to let you guys find out the other things though.
The game is good but the game kept freezing. This doesn't help when there is the bonus rounds. I would personally not recommend it to anyone who is impatient. I personally feel like this game is just not worth taking up storage on your device when there are better games that take the same amount of storage and are better quality.
The game is the same level with different pictures. Very repetitive and very boring. Made it to level 15 before quitting. After each level is an ad.
I love this game and so does my 3yr old! I just wish there was like a zen mode without the "killing things" because my 3yr old stresses over these. once she got so upset she threw up. Shes verry sensitive :( and maybe a couple more levels with the mini blocks!
This game is REALLY FUN and I like the bonus levels, tho the thing that I would agree on is the ads! They are super annoying and wastes your time. But it is your decision if you want to download this!
It's good .it's just when you get to the bonus levels it gets hard because you get 25 seconds to finish that level.
I really enjoy this game. It's a very slow and relaxing game. It's great to calm down before going to bedroom. I highly recommend it to everyone.
This game is awesome. Lots of different blocks u can break and different skins! Even no adds! All u gotta do is turn off WiFi and I could play for free! Love it
I'm reading all these negative comments and felt I had to jump in. Yeah, it's got ads.... sometimes a lot. But every game I play has ads..... sometimes more and longer. And the pictures are fine. And it adds challenges as you move through it. Only reason I didn't give it a 5 is that's there's nothing to spend your points on. I have accumulated 150,000 pts. I already have all the scoops...... what else can I use pts on?
Although the game does glich and sag sometimes its still a very relaxing game, at least to me. And if u have a problem with the music well get over it. Play some of your own music on your own phone. You dont need to say oh i have nothing to listen to, no just play ur own.
This is an amazing and relaxing game. This is a nice game for any ages. You do get a lot of ads but if you dont want that you can either pay or just play without wifi or mobile data....it works because i do it. 10/10.
it's ok I guess the game is fun and easy but the ad showed that there would be a noise that's really satisfying but it was actually no sound at all and that's really the whole reason I got it anyways but other then that it was pretty good
Honestly I have seen people saying there's no point to the game but there is there doesnt have to be a goal or upgrades for it to be a game I literally got this ten minutes before posting this and its more one of those stress free games to relieve stress and about the ads you can just put your phone on airplane mode and switch it off after but i like to keep it off sometimes to support the creators so stop moaning and don't say there's no point of the game because there love the work !
Love it! Not many ads, fun game. Every game on earth has ads, and this game has about one every four levels which isnt bad, considering other games like it. Im very surprised its got such a bad rating! I absolutly love the game. Definetly try it, no anoying in app purchases of any sort. Just a fun game! πŸ™‚
It could be a really nice and satisfying game if it didn't always lag and the scooter got bigger earlier
Decent game when it works. I open it and it freezes. Have to force stop several times before it will work
This game was mildly entertaining while waiting 10 minutes. But you had to bring the trollface into it, therefore I leave 1 star and will be uninstalling. Your skin is bad and you should feel bad.
Game is decent but SO MANY ADVERTS!!!! I'm getting them after most levels (bearing in mind a level takes less than 30 seconds generally). Uninstalled.
I love the concept of this game! After about 40 minutes of play the levels just recycle. It gets boring, and after buying all the scoops there is no point of playing, nothing new to get and the levels dont get any harder. If these two things were improved i would play this game forever! Oh also if I could buy a larger scoop for harder levels that would be fun!
lol, seen an ad that claimed that you can draw your own scoop. Had a strong gut feeling that it was just click bait. Everything about this app was incredibly boring and unpolished, not even including the fact that it was ad after ad every time I finished a level
It's a super good game but after when you keep on going your arm gets really tired. But after really long day that's a game you should play πŸ™‚
A really good game theres no ads iam so happy about that and this game is so relaxing u should download it
Controls are terrible, graphics suck and for christ sake, reduce the amount of ads! I totally understand the need for ads in a free game but the amount you have shoved in this game is enough to drive people away!!
Its a fun game. Addictive. Hardy no adds. But if I may. The screen slowly fading out every level is a bit dramatic. Its not like I just threw Bowser off the mountain I collected cubes.
The game is very addicting but it has some bugs like when you pick up a group of cubes on the 2x bigger bonus levels it lags please fix this bug thanks
It is a fun Game And I love it so much and I told my friends about it and they love it to and I love it soooooooo much I told my mom and she got it.
The ge is good but it keeps on freezing the screen and when I play it the battery quickly die can you fix your gameπŸ₯°
This game is so amazing I bet if u try it you will love it and there are a most no ads! I'm on level 10 and I have got no ads don't listen to the ratings this game is the best So y are u still reading this INSTALL IT!
I gave this game till level 200 and i am VERY disappointed with the game! There are levels but they are all the same just different pictures. I have more coins than i know what to do with because you dont use them for anything. Its basically a game just to pass time when your bored. If they added new claws different colors different sizes and achievements inwould rate this game a 5 star but the way it is now only deserves a 2.
Controls are garbage, ive completed 20 leves and there is no possible way to lose. In an ad for this game it showed someone drawing their own collecter thing and that was a complete lie. To sum it up, bad game.
1 there was no lag 1 when is the make your sc oop 2 it's really entertaing. 2 it's fun but boring 3 it's really carming
This game is so bad there's a lot of ads and I downloaded ot because of a fake ad that said "Draw a scoop" and there's not such thing
I installed the game thinking it would be moatly like the ads (it wasnt) instead i got a peice of trash collect the cubes shovelware game. shovelware is a type of game you can overuse its the kind of game that is just an infinite level or copied version of another game. And you get an ad every 1-2 levels at least make it 5 or so levels before an ad or else most people will just uninstall it thinking too many ads. Plus the game is really boring all you do is shovel up some blocks and thats it.
I don't really like this game to much because it dosnt have the sounds and all the adds lie to you, it's an alright game but it's not for me. If it had the sounds and u could draw what u scoop the cubes with I would 100% like it but it's just like most adds for games, most of it is lies.
This game is an awesome time consumer, the only thing I would recommend is to make this game more like what the ad shows. when I saw the ad it gave an option to change the size of the scoop the only time to do that is on the bonus round. other then that this game is a great game.
I like this game and I'm thanking the creators because when I am angry it calms me down and for people who dont like the ads may I suggest putting whatever device you are on onto airplane mode or turn of your wi-fi because that will get rid of the ads. Something that I dont really like I'm not saying you have to but can you update it so we can draw our own scoop but apart from that I love it.
The advert shows a gane where you can draw your own scoops but you can't and also it's not like loads of cubes in the advert. I suppose the game is fun but it's nothing like the advert which was very disappointing. I won't be installing this game again as it is slow and full of ads. I wouldn't recommend this terrible game.
It's very fun you get to scoop stuff it's just really funny you should download the game if you don't have it but the only thing that I don't like is on the ad it shows that you get to draw your scoop you don't get to draw your scoop that's the bad thing but other than that it's a great game.
The game itself is amusing, but there is heavy repeatition throughout the levels along with laggy UI. Force play ads interuppt every level, without the option to close them. Limited options for skins, as I unlocked all of them in less than a day. Play in airplane mode for the best experience.
Not like the ad shows, I don't suggest downloading if you like the features shown in the ad, I just wish the ad wasn't so misleading with things like drawing your own scoop.
Oh so this game has alot of potential, and its made from a company that at first seemed liked they tried, bit every 2 levels theirs a add, and right now there isnt a way to purchase a no add thing. And like make the adds like every 5 to 10 min apart. Not every mineut.
No audio, the ads for this game made it look more fun than it really is. This game is also full of lag. Not impressed. Uninstalled.
It's a nice game you can't draw a scoop like I would like in the ads I've seen (kinda false advertising) but you can still be a little bigger in some bonus rounds. Please don't false advertise and maybe update the game so we can draw a scoop.
This is a good game. By the load for the next level takes so long and then the adds. Here are alot. Other than that the game itself is very good
When i downloaded this game after watching the ad, i thought we could draw our own scoopers. And when i downloaded it, it was starting to lag for me. I would rate it a 5 star if you can make it less laggier
I mean, I suppose you can call this a game? If you just like interacting with physics, it's ok. Wish they would throw something more to make it at least a little challenging, or a new game mechanic? I got bored in 5 mins
This is the stupidest game I have ever downloaded to my phone. You play a dust pan in the shape of a horse shoe collecting bits left on a floor in a pretty pattern. There is no goal, unlockables, or even a point. With all the games to choose from I really don't understand why I bothered to give this a try. Do not waste your time or space on it.
Love it!! The best game I had to delete it because of my data but then I redownload it and is the best it does not glitch it lag and its fast and it's easy to play when your bored it has the best ads and there is not a lot I love this game.😁😁❀
It's a fun enough game but you get ads after every single level. You may get a level done fast enough to do 2 before an ad but that's about the most you can hope for. It's just like many other simple games like this. Nonstop ads service. I'm uninstalling now due to the amount of ads being way too much.
It's okay I liked it at first but it's the same levels with different pictures and I wish it was actually like the ad where you could draw a scoop and to much ads bro.
The add was misleading I should be drawing the scoop in this laggy full of bugs game I do not recommend this at all I hope you go bankrupt and delete you're game
WAY too many ads... The game itself is awesome. However having an ad between every level made it very difficult to be a relaxing game for me.
Poor quality, very glitchy, nothing like the ad, no sound everything is very slow, its dissapointing very creative idea though !
Literaly so boring. Uninstaled this app at level 4. No music so you just sit in silence. The game is very laggy and sometimes wont move. Wayyyy too many ads. This game just overall sucked. The ad looked so fun but its just not. Also faulse advertising on that draw the scoop thing. I would not even play this game to pass time its so boring.
The reason this lost a star is because there is times that it is very slow to move the scoop. It is like there is some lag in the game. If the scoop would move a bit faster then it will get a star back. The other reason for a loss star is that in the game ad it showed that you were able to draw your own sized scoop and that is not the case. It is one sized scoop and you can get different skins for the scoop. Other than that it is a fun game if you are wanting to kill time.
5 stars is is very cool cubes is very good it like it a lot i like this game and i i'm not playing now in 5 years going to play because this is very cool collect the cubes
It's not very relaxing when it spasmodically glitches ;-; I had it on my old phone and it worked very well but when I tried to download it on my new phone it always glitches whenever I bring the scoop to the core and clearing the cache didn't work and uninstalling and reinstalling didn't make a difference ;-;
This game is soooooo fun to play when your bored. The problem is that every time i beat a level there is always a lonnnnnnnngggggg ad and it take like 3 minutes and i cant skip it
The frame rate was trash(I have a better frame rate playing PUBG), and the game's ad showing you make a "plow" is just clickbate to get you to think the game batter. Overall, don't get this game and you'll most likely uninstall within five minutes as I did.
This game is cool and fun but it gives me ads tho...the reason why I give this 5 stars because I been playing this for 3 years and I'm 11 years old but,THIS GAME NEVER GETS OLD!!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Its soo fun and when u draw a scoop im pretty intrested but not that much when i saw the ad it looked like fun and many games consider ads but there still fun just to let you guys know. But still i have a good feeling that if this was the only game made i would probaly give this a 4 star im sorry "the creator of the game", but its not that fun too bad. But i would prefer less ads and more funnes if "the creator of the game " khows wat i mean so i thinks its a "EH" for me.
Why I give this game 5 stars is because you shouldn't care about clickbait or ads, it's about how fun it is. And to me, I find it very satisfying. So if you're reading this review, try rethinking what you think of this game.
This isn't as good but it's good the only good part about it is when you collect the cubes it gives you good points in a lot of money and it also makes it cuz you can poop out poop
The game was starting to glitch and now its not moving and i cant do anything to the scooper notning is moving and i can play please update and fix your game thanks
I like this game a lot and its very fun, I just have 2 complaints. The 1st one, the ads. There is just so many! When you start a level, when you finish one, even sometimes in the middle of one!!! As for the 2nd one, the control. Its not that bad, but it is laggy most of the time. Other than those complaints, I love this game ! β™‘
It is satisfying and a bit calming but I think it is a bit tplain maybe it could use something else like let us draw our own scoop
This game is amzing!! i dont get how people say theres LOADS OF ADS there isnt lots of games have a ton of ads bit there isnt much and ITS SO LAGGY its not u get a better quality phone maybe πŸ˜‚ But this game is extrodinary well done to the people who made this πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘…πŸ‘οΈ
For the First level it was fine a bit laggy but nothing much then I couldn't even get to the third level because I would be on the last scoop needed and it would crash and start glitching madly so if you want to waste your time and look at glitches crashes and lags all the time I would definitely recommend this but if not don't get it its not worth the time
There are many ads in this game. There will be a bonus level but it will be big only at a couple levels. This game is not good but not bad.
Its is so very satisfying but they are too many adds, but over all I cant put it down its so satisfying and calming so try it! 🀩
So much lagging I am on level 2 and it froze I go back it glitches go back to the game again ad go back to the game again lagging froze ad but I can't exit the ad if I do it makes it worse hate this game!😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😠😠😠😠😠😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
If I didn't get an add every single level I would rate higher it's a nice game but you rely to heavily on adds for revenue.
Every 10 seconds theres an interruption for an ad. This would be fine if said ads didn't stop whatever music, podcast or audiobook that was playing in the background. The only point to these games(for me) is something to do while listening to something else. The apps arent "fantastic" enough for me to spend money on. The graphics and gameplay arent some new, great thing. If the ads just played in the background without interrupting anything, I'd be fully onboard. Unfortunately, it's just annoying
Apart from the fact that there are only 18 skins to buy and don't have anything to spend on anymore, the game is awesome! I just hope you update the game where you can customize your own skin (if it's even possible). All in all, the game is great and satisfying! (Except that it butns my thumb after playing too longπŸ˜‚)
I played this game before it's really fun and you know how other people are like "I got to this level and then it froze on me!" Well if it does that search it up on play store uninstall it and then install it again I did that with another game when it wouldn't let me play and it worked perfectly! But other than that I think its awesome so far and is a really fun game to waste time!
Does NOT let u draw the scoop. Is not original. In fact is worst than most. Dont waste your time on this trash game. Also u r bombarded with ads. And 4 the people who spend money to remove them and then "suggest" that others do it I have 2 things to say to u. One is dont waste your money cos half the time it doesn't work and the other thing is if u have spare money GIVE IT TO CHARITY!!!!!! They will need it more than games!!!!
I give it a 2 star because the is .Way to easy ads and can you update to game so you can draw a scoop?There's not enough blocks in the first levels can you update that too? It's not really my game but so far it's really easy! I recommend you to not download this gameπŸ˜‘πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜’πŸ’”πŸ˜πŸ€”πŸ€¨
I have this game and it is very fun but it keeps on gliching almost every single time and it makes me so mad i just want to smack the app in the face.
This was an ok game so I gave it 3 stars but the reason I only gave it that much was because when I tried to continue my game and clicked continue it says no ads available all fine right? Wrong. Immediately after AN AD CAME ON.AND I DIDNT EVEN GET TO CONTINUE THE SPECIAL LEVEL.
I like the idea of this game but the ads are really misleading for example one ad had it where you drew the horse shoe but in the game you don't draw it but the most annoying thing about it is that there is no sound which makes no sense.
The game itself is fun, but you spend more time watching ads than you do getting to play the game. If an ad after almost every 15 second level isn't enough for you, you can watch a longer ad to skip the level because why play a game when you can just watch commercials!
Too glitchy. also really false ad? You cannot draw the scooper! This game sucks! Do not recommend. and don't give feedback I am NOT taking what I said back.
It's different, something so simple just proves I am very easily amused with the amount of time I seem to have already burned up while playing this game.
The app is boring and pointless. The ad showed me that i could draw the scoop and have noise. it doesnt. :( dont waste your time on this game!!!
It keeps freezing right before I can start playing. Not sure if it's my phone, or if it's just the app, but I can't play on a frozen "tap to start" screen.
I give it 1 star because by you never get to play it bugs and lags out a lot and theres more ads then the game...
The game is amazing but I give it a 4 because it gives you really good art but thin you have to mess it up.
i hate and like really a bit this game cause it GLITCHES SO MUCH, but for the player who don't glitch, I hope it's really fun and relaxing
It's a good game except on the bonus levels the cubes normally get stuck in the corners, wasting all of your time
Level 93 is too hard I cant beat it and you should have more time on the bonus levels but other than that it's a great game and I would give it a five but level 83 os really hard
This game is so good, but there's a few problems, if your play with your fingers on this game it starts to hurt so I recommend a pen to play this game also the pictures are fake but this game is really fun and I'm on level 366
I am obsessed with this game and every 2 games i get an ad which is good and i can play it offline which is amazing you shsll download it its AWESOME!!!!!!!!
The advertisement for this game told me I could draw my own cup, I downloaded it because I wanted to make a fun shape and try to collect cubes, but it ended up not being very fun. I mean sure, it's still kind of fun, but the fact that the advertisements we're more fun than the actual game, which I guess is kind of the point of advertisements.
I love it so much but it is a little laggy πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ŒπŸ’œπŸ’•πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™β€β€πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’•I gave it two stars.
You don't get to draw your own scoop like on the advert so I don't recommend it unless you add that feature
This is actually the worst game I've ever played there's no point to this game at at all all you do is collect Little square dots with a horseshoe looking thing it has no meaning each minute I played this game I lost brain cells I wish there was a zero-rating so I can press that instead of one
Ad after Level 2, Level 3, then level 5. uninstalled. Ads are understandable, but this is ridiculous. follow the lead of egg inc, adventure communist, or archero. they have ads but they are by choice to assist your gameplay. forced ads are an immediate uninstall from me.
I'm not rating 1 cause it's bad I'm rating 1 only because have not played it yet. I downloaded but I have a question, do you actually even get to draw your own scoop?πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
This game sucks jk if you know what that means this game is amazing just lay down the ads! It needs more skins i hope the update will be a little bit more better so it can get to 5 stars
On the ad it say you can draw a scoop. Then i download the app and its not there! I really want to draw a scoop but it won't let me!!!
This is a perfectly good game the reason it's 4 star is that in ads it implies that u could make your scoop but that doesn't happen. .
I kind of like it, however after every single level there is an add. Plus, in the add I saw this in, they showed features I did not see in the actual game. It has potential, but still I'm uninstalling it.
Game is just the same 15 seconds of gameplay level after level, with the sole purpose of shoving as many ads as it can down your throat to make as much money as possible with the least amount of effort. The ads shown about this game show completely different gameplay thst isnt present in the actual game.
The ad showed the ability to draw your own collector. That's the reason i clicked on it. Not to just collect cubes..
I've played this before, and it's LOADS of ads. And it also takes up to much storage! I DON'T recommend.
Honestly its an pretty fun game, but the ads are not true. On the ads it shows that you get to draw your own scoop, which is NOT true. Please fix the ads.
It's very laggy and you can't draw your own thing, so I wouldnt highly recommend it , but if it's not laggy for then yes I would recommend it, and it glitches so I can't really play this game
It's an amazing game and exciting it but there just to many adds can you just fix that other than that it's just an amazing game I bet everyone likes it but I'm giving it for stars because there's just too many ads!!
this is so fun if you get on a game with ads but you don't want ads download this game after a level there is no ads and i really like there is no ads but you don't draw scooper but i still give this game a 5 star you should download this game.
I like this game, if there's to much ads i'd turn off my wifi, also i would've gave it 5 stars if there were sounds
Im on level 50 something and was hoping there would be some kind of change after so many levels. There's not. It's the same 10 or so block set ups the entire time.
The same 2 candy crush ads back to back after every single level. First one is skippable, second one is not. I got this because I wanted to draw weird "scoops" but the game is not as advertised.
This is a ........ an ok game. The controls are HORRIBLE, especially when you first start. The graphics are not bad. The gameplay is only 3 stars for me because it doesn't really calm my nerves like the ads say. Just sayin', game makers, you really could improve A LOT!!
If you're going to make an ad for a game.. show what's really in the game.. instead of clickbait ads.. You cannot 'draw' the scoop..
The ads are clickbait, they say you can DRAW your scoop but that was a lie. Another thing doesn't tell you when you're going into " Timed mode " So that's not fair and the graphics are BURNING MY EYES! I would give this 0 stars if I could! Stay away from this app if you don't want a potential virus and click baiting scum bags to get more attention. That's all. Edit: THIS GAME IS HORRID! A BIKI WITH A ALMOST NAKED PERSON IS NOTT OKAY! I'm assuming the collect color IS CLOSE TO SKIN! Delete NOW!
Okay, this game isn't bad. But the game definitely ain't good! The gameplay is very laggy and slow, and it's hard to control the scoop. Also, in the advertisement it looked much smoother, and it showed you could draw your own scoop! It looked so much better then reality. But, if your a person who loves ads, this is a game for you! But sadly, this game wasn't too fun for me. This was all my opinion, sorry if I offended anyone, but yeah. I'll give you two stars for trying. Thank you.
I can't beat the 5th level because it keeps lagging and I keep needing to restart on my old phone this game was fine but now it's just crashing I would of gave this a five star if it didn't crash so much I deleted and downloaded this again but it kept on crashing please fix this.
too many ads per game. i understand ya want to make money but games here are going crazy on ads. if you want money just charge us for the whole game if not limit the ads... i am going to stop supporting games with ads every 7 secs of a game or after every level.
The controls were more difficult than I thought it would be. There are also way too many ads and the game was not fun at all. You also just sit in silence because there are no sounds. It was also very laggy compared to the ads. I really thought it would be a lot more fun.
The ad I saw for the game showed features I did not see such as drawing your own scoop. The ads in the game are ridiculous. One after practically every level. Overall, very repetitive game play. The scoop only gets bigger for bonus levels, then goes back to the same size. The layout of the cubes changes, but there's no sense of progression.
So, it's a great game. But, theres not a lot to it. What I'm saying is it could be better. What I think you should've added is that you can get bigger collectors. You could unlock it, or buy it, both achievements or Money that you have. That would've made it way better, and that's the only reason I'm giving you 4 stars instead of 5 stars. I do recommend it, and whoever read this review, I hope you agree with me.
This game was not as good as it was advertised. The controls were wonky asf and you could not draw your own scoop like in the advertisement. On top of that the game got boring after the first level at in my opinion. Overall the game was not very enjoyable and disappointing.
It's fun until you realize that the coins you collect don't do anything. Made it to level 350... Same maps over and over... uninstalling
Slow on my level 70 bonus leave and they didnt give it to me until level 75 and they skipped it so I did 10 levels with no bonus level HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Way too slow! It took me 5 minutes to do one level because of how slow it was going, i appreciate how its trying to be fun but maybe just make the cube collecter faster
I really like this game but the reason I put 4 stars is because there are too many ads so if you would please put less ads that would be great.
This game feels so pointless. You dont get to draw your own scoop like in the ads, and it doesnt run that well either. It's not challenging because it feels like theres nothing stopping you from gathering the blocks. Unsatisfied
The game is good it did lie though, there are way to many ads like every 2 times you play boom ads, there isn't any music so its awkward, and for me it is really buggy or laggy sometimes.
The game is very laggy to me. It doesn't seem like the controls are that smooth either. The ads about his game just lie. I haven't seen any of the features the ads show. The ads shown in the game, is way out rated. There are so many. I suggest not getting this game. It really isn't worth it.
Δ° played till 100 and hot every skin in about a week cool idea but very short game. Levels would be copied and pasted, but I guess its just a scam to make money off of ads
This game has no way too loose.. it is way too easy.. if you did the time challenge in normal levels just like the bonus levels, it would be fun. There are too many ads that you can't even skip.speaking of ads, the advertising for this game is false advertising. You can't draw to get bigger. Waste of time.
Hey you!yea you! stop scrolling and lemme explain this game.people are writing reviews for this game and are saying ADS OMG TOO MANY but guess what? everyones a little Sherlock Holmes now so TURN AIRPLANE MODE ON.boomshackalacka!oh its oddly satisfying too.
i hate this game there is no drawing scoop thing and there is no cube thingys falling from sky (thats why updates are needed) so make a update what are you waiting for DO IT! MAKE A DRAW A SCOOP OPTHIN AND MAKE CUBES FALL FROM THE SKY! GO!
THIS GAME IS WORST !😠😑i'm so mad the controls move too slow or too fast ,and don't believe the fake ad that show where it says you ca draw your own scoop becausa they are lying it is just a wasye of time to install it or uninstallet (uninstalled level 4)I really don't recommende it to anyone its the worst of the worst πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž I have say that you more looking at ads than playing the game itself,DO NOT INSTALL IT