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Coin Pusher for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by Italic Games located at Start Chambers, Wickham’s Cay II, P. O. Box 2221, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Island. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Lets you build to 1000 coins n Lvl 14, then msg pops up hit max, then they remove adds and steady decline of all coins. Toys only land out of bounds and no way to build cash or coin and forced Pay2Play!!!!
just recently started playing. like it for the most part, just one issue. i was just one yellow car away from having my second set of cars, and when i got the yellow car, it gave a notification by the toy icon but never gave me my reward. so i closed the app and restarted it, and then i was leaving one yellow car again.?
I,ts soooooo coolllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The most annoying game on the play store. I previously gave this game a 3/5 stars but i was being WAY too nice, this game is a busted up piece of garbage. The 'shake' feature never does anything but screw you over, giant coin always throws everything off the side gutters, and the coin blast always makes the coins fall off the edge. This is a great idea for a game but these losers have ZERO idea how physics works so they made a completely moronic and boring game that shouldn't be downloaded EVER
just installed but my question is. it shows cash. is the cash for cashout purposes or in game purchases only?
Great fun to play this game. However, how about adding more badges! I'm at level 619 and if I'm not mistaken the last level of badges begin at level 90. Get with it. Oh and that egg shell part of the game ...how about making it worth ones while by putting more substantial things in there to win every now and then...a jackpot coin...etc.
Everything about it is GREAT except it could use an upgrade in the graphics department but it's pretty fun 2 pass some time by.JUST PLAIN AND SIMPLE FUN !!!
Great graphics and easy to get more coins if you run out! You dont have to spend money to have fun. Great job guys!
Like all, this cheats, but for wasting time, it will do. Prizes perched on edge every time. No explanations for things, and video never available to help. Says four cash, but then no cash.
it's just like the real game. i don't go to carnivals anymore and rarely go to any theme parks so its awesome that i can grab my phone and click on the app and dont have to deal with driving anywhere and traffic or the high prices of admission to a park and the crouds. this was always my favorite game and nothing better than getting to play it at home while comfortably sitting in the recliner!thank you to anyone that took part in developing a true classic!thats my 5 star opinion!
i love it. It's so much fun and I'm not spending real money or standing up, I'm relaxing on my couch!!!
Great game to pass the time. The graphics and gameplay is excellent and you get free coins to use in the game everyday. Not much strategy is needed in this game but it helps pass time if you like coin pusher games in the arcades. Very well designed and developed game.
Ok I have not played but I need the creators to tell me this would you spend your time on this game to make money and is it real? Please answer ASAP. From what I am hearing it is a good game but also a bad one so confused!!
I love this game.all i need is a bit of candy floss .i play this in the arcade when we go to the coast.the graphics are great there are a few ways of getting coins and everything .its brill xx
I really enjoy this game be it at a carnival or virtually like this game it does really give you the feel of being at a carnival its sn excellent time killer &very fun! Give it a try you wont be dissapointed!
I had amassed over 11500 coins. Then all of a sudden they were gone!!! I watched a lot of rubbish adverts to get all them coins so that I could let my kids play on it too as they found it fun. Was not happy!!! Game deleted!
All coins are brown, please fix it. 2nd request Coins are dark brown, keys are black Can't see some prizes. Please fix this. Game isn't fun when you don't see coins etc. I'm Uninstaller. Poor service
Fun so far ☺️ seems like there are alot of ads but at least you get more coins and prizes for watching so it's worth it!
Fun game. Up to level 558 now. Have all sets done of badges new toys just opened up in toy section Are fun upgrades daily upgrades. Watch ads for new games get free coins or game cash. Excellent graphics up to 3058 on stars from badges bronze VIP badge. Now gave keys to collect for chest.s new toys just showed up. So fun waiting on next badges. To come out. Bronze VIP level now. 1/2way to silver. VIP level
This is a very fun and good amusement park arcade game. Almost like the real thing. Maybe better! Excellent graphics and game play!
Great fun to play this game. However, how about adding more badges! I'm at level 619 and if I'm not mistaken the last level of badges begin at level 90. Get with it. Oh and that egg shell part of the game ...how about making it worth ones while by putting more substantial things in there to win every now and then...a jackpot coin...etc.. ( update review 1/24/21) after the above review was written these folks DELETED my ENTIRE keys section on my game. No response to my emails. Retaliation?
I absolutely love this game. I just wish I didn't have to watch 30 seconds to a minute of ads to play 10 seconds of game. Way too many ads. If they were 5 - 15 second ads, it would be better. And, what am I supposed to do with all the coins I get? Like I said, I love this game - but, I might have to uninstall if the ad situation doesn't improve.
I love this game! Fun, addicting, and they give you enough free coins to enjoy playing for a long time. Great app! "Thank You" - Italic Games!
Game is ok. It is obvious that the ad structure is mere propoganda lies for Sleepy Joe Biden. Trying to enjoy the game while getting the same two crappy ads about how Joe Biden is rediculous and intolerable. Screw Joe Biden.
way better than Coin Dozer, which is FILLED with ads...this one at least gives you an option. Will change rating if it gets littered with ads though.
like this game! just hate the ads. I had to change to 4 stars. When you win all cash or all coins, press to collect it just freezes up. Doesn't give the cash or coins. Also, when I bought coins, all the 200 in cash was wiped out and I never got the coins and lost the cash :(
i like this coin pusher game much better than the other ones i have played so far.i will keep this app.😁
Just really started this game and its ok you level up faster, there's a lot of ads and it wasn't bad at first because they were less than 10 seconds but then they turn into 30 second ads.
Fun game to pass the time. Ads optional only if you want to get extra coins, spins, etc. But on the slot machine, 2 gold coins + random only gives 5 coins, not the 50 coins it's supposed to give.
really is one of the best games in the play store. very fun and exciting. keeps you on the edge of your seat, literally πŸ˜€
Playing this all the time to find out you cant even cash out your money have to spend your money to get vip points. I was hoping i could just get my hundred dollars. This sucks
.I did give a 5 star before but now I'm watching all these ads to get free stuff and not getting credit for any. I watched 5 free spin 4 big coin 4 walls 2 bonus that's alot of ads to not get anything for. Rating down to 3 stars until mabey fixed. Did it again watched a bunch of ads and got nothing. Did take away some of my cash when it came back when I watched a ad. And still gave me nothing. Raiding down to one.
great and exciting game can play it for hours without getting board, great c ointment earner as well.
They take your coins, I had 22,000 coins and they are gone now, they where there this morning and gone this evening. This is BS!!
Waiting to see if it really pays out rewards(cash) or not ?! But i really enjoy the graphics and the play time ive spent on it . hopefully its not one of them phony pay games , again!
Removed an important part of the game, the key system. Will be uninstalling it. Was a decent game until then
I am having some issues with my screen.The screen stays black for a while before it ever loads up.I love the game but don't know what is going on with my app.
I love it! I can find myself spending A LOT OF TIME PLAYING!!!! HOWEVER.. ..... I DO want to say it is simply because........''' YES'',,, i think its cool, it be a lot cooler if we couLD get rewarded
Gameplay is simple and unhindered by the usual stuff games like this suffer from. Ads and microtransactions are a thing, but completely optional in that it doesn't throw the ads in your face every minute, and the game isn't throttled by the microtransactions.
Really enjoyed my experience with this game. As for it paying out I havent tryed it yet not will let you know
So far the best pusher game. The removal of the keys without putting in something else makes the game less fun
pretty fun. just about right for lunchtime fun. too many ads. i don't mind the small bars but i don't like the full screen things. I've only got so much data.
This game seems fun at first but you end spending more and more money. You don't really win that much and you can't reach the levels without spending more money.
I am really enjoying the game. But cannot find a way to play on multiple devices keeping progress. Switched to a new tablet but can't play the game from previous tablet.
Good game pity there are so many faults that need to be fixed 1 keeps freezing 2 not paying out 3 some prizes not registering and 4 when hit hundred it won't accept it stops dead you have to turn off and restart game and you lose out gos back to 99 please fix on level 70 and would like to complete game thank you from a very grateful player this game is or was very enjoyable at start
Lot better than coin dozer. That you have to download app to get coins. At least this one you watch an add you get coins. I'm actually interested in a few things.
This was always my fav game in the game rooms growing up. While everyone else wanted to play the claw machines or driving and shooting games, this game was the ones that intersted me. I once spent my life savings as a little girl on this game when we went to a local amusemnet park. I spent $237 that day Which at that time was alot of money to me cause we grew up very poor. So earning some of that money back playing this again really makes my year. I am also a single mom so every lil bit helps
I think this is a cool game I got so many things I got a camera I got a phone and I also got Stacks of cash This game is fun and real you can try it for your self it is fun Addicting and you can get so much money I can't even III it's awesome Buy anything you want with the money you get
Love the game but so frustrated that the same badges keeps dropping from sets that have been completed, been playing this for over a month and don't seem to be moving on. Got so fed up with trying to get the last 2 badges that I have now deleted it.
At first i thought was ok but when I havent been recieving my cash rewards luke for exsample nust won $4 never was added been doing this for some time it shows going to the cash colum but never actually adds to it. It should read alot more.than over and over only having $9 on my cash.
Fun game. Well made. I thought you could win gift cards or prizes. NOT. i have $182 and it is worth nothing but buying gadgets in the game. So, if you just want to play for nothing, it is a great game. If you want to win $$, better download something else.
Not sure what you did but game stopped working for me. Not all graphics are showing up. Please fix and I will update rating to 4 or 5 star. Thanks.
Dissapointed!!!!! Cash won but not awarded at least 5 inodents that i caught??? NOT COOL??? ILL DELETE SOON IM SURE IF I SEE THIS OCCUR AGAIN?? Getting WORSE! NOT AWARDED MANY ITEMS I HAVE PUSHED IN???
been playing for quite sometime and built up lots of coins etc and all of a sudden the game crashed and I'm left with a blank screen no matter what I do... I'll assume if I uninstall it and install I'll lose everything I have??? not happy
Its alright would be better if i was standing in front of it getting to take it all right then and there!!!
I play this game with quarters at the state fair and always spend way too much. Its nice to be able to play whenever I want and not go broke.
I had almost 10k coins and after the most recent update, it erased all of them. I mean it's a free game, but after all the work to bank that much to have all of it randomly be erased for no reason after an update is super annoying. Might just switch to the other coin pusher game and stay away from Italic Games all together.
Almost like being at the carnival really enjoying the game, graphics are pleasant all around well done
You earn cions in piggy bank but then have to pay for them. The walls take 30 second add to earn then last 10 seconds play time.
Way too many ad interruptions. I paid a $9.99 premium to minimize ads. Only seems to have increased them
this game is very addicting and its actually LEGIT and gives you REAL CASH ive played so many other games and never won money so quick as i did in this .. for anyone that is iffy about it i suggest you download it and try it for at least 5 mins and i promise you will want to keep playing. *Good Luck*
I did enjoy game but now when you fill up toys you dropped some of full ones but nothing. Collect badges i have been working on my last badge but its never going to come and no new badges. So guess game is over.
Brilliant game can't put it down so much fun graphics are brilliant you have done super with this game .hope you make some more games like this .I would gladly play them and try them for you a give you honestly reviews
I love coin pusher because it is fun I don't now wy but it is just so fun 1 time I got 100s of coins by whaching ads it took forever!!! I love the game.
This game is great, it's such a good laugh playing this game so much so I'm even happy to pay a few quid to keep on playing although I don't need to do that very often infact I have only done this once and I am progressing quite nicely through this game. Enjoy!
This game is soooo much fun..... Really enjoying it, more guard wall please and longer time will a plus..... Thanks so much developers.... Great work
Game is nice, if you want to enjoy it without spending real money you'll have to watch a couple of ads to get some extra premium currency. Overall it's just a coin pusher nothing less and nothing more.
I absolutely love this game. Has to be one of my favorites. But the ads - OMG! I dont usually complain about ads cause i know you gotta make your money. But, 30 secs of ads for 10 secs of play is ridiculous. I cant do it. And, if you cant change that to shorter ads, im gonna have to uninstall the game. Sorry, I love your game.
You need to give more options to open the piggy bank instead of paying cash are going down to get a gift card I did not get into this game to play to pay cash just to get the piggy bank you fix that and I would be happy to give you a five.Overall it is a good game except I'm not going to spend money at all on any game
Not as fun as some of the others. An I haven't been able to cash out . Got like $20 more dollars to do so an it won't give me the ads to watch keeps saying loading try again later.
I love playing the game come and play with me and my family and friends and relatives because it is a great game to play with me I can play it on or without Internet
I love this game but too many Advertisements to do everything on here too much takes you out of the fun.
unless you just want to play, there is no money, no payout and if you try and contact them, there is no address they will get it. they get your info to sell and thats all they do.....
A lotta these games are cool to play aside from the ads but that's the whole point. They get a list of client tell that pays them to run so many ads so those companies don't care how it gets done so they lie to us promising what everybody needs $ then find some way out n usually either originate in China where the US won't do anything or with a minor detail in the privacy contracts that covers their tails. Got 1 won't give me last 7$, 1 $1.70 worse last $.04
Playing this game for hours l love it. Just don't send coins that have prizes down the same all the time. Not fair!!!
A lot of flash lights. So pretty. And fun to play. So much going on at once, who the heck knows if you are winning or not.
I like this game alot,smooth running, relaxing and the fact that you can get boosters just by watching a short video is a Plus Good game guy's. Give a try...
I had over 27,000 coins yesterday prior to the update. Today I have about 300. I've enjoyed playing the game, but don't feel like starting all over. You've taken the fun out of it.
My first time playing a coin pusher. So far I am having fun learning. I have been playing for a while now and I have learned a lot. The more I learn the better I play which makes the game more fun. (3rd entry) I have learned a lot more since my last entries. I am realizing how intense the action gets and the skills and planning that are involved.
This is a nice game for all ages and very therapeutic πŸ’― I give it 5 stars overall due to it's rewarding prizes.
it's a very fun app BUT.........I HAD IT FOR ABOUT 7 YEAR'S AND IT RUINED MY LIFE... thanks to it i got so caried away and my Mom don't like me... now she does like me because i UNINSTALLED IT SO.................never get this game.......pls..,Bye
Full of ads to play. It has 2 big holes both sides and anything falls there will be a waste because its a trash. You need to push it in the center to win it. What a scam game.
Just started,but it's fun. Not. I just found out you can't cash out right?? I have almost 400 $ game sucks
It is not a good game and its not free cash not when it is wanting my dollars but i dont have any money for a ripoff games its a true liars that has already has more then any poor person ever see in their lifetime but you richpeoples will not be in the kindom of heaven at all
It's a fun game so far I'm not good at five stars because I don't know too much about it but so far it is and this is perfect anyway right that's pretty damn good game
Playing more than a month and would love to give 5*, but since Sept, 20 2020, all common coins and chest and some other items changed color from gold to dark orange/brown... If that is corrected: 5*
Great fun and you won't get tired of playing the game. Needs a little more variations. Thanks you guys !I
i just started playing and so far it's ok lets see if they pay up now but so far so good im wanting to know how you cash out or win prizes ? it just keeps going on and on,and there is no cash out or anything telling you what's going on
Still love this game but do find the egg smash a huge waste of time and throws the rhythm off! For me at least
I was having a lot of fun.. Until the game updated, then all 3,000 of my keys vanished. And the key,logo disappeared. As well.
Really enjoy the game but recently the colour seems to have faded from the coins, has anyone else had this problem? Have updated the app but still the same issue
There is no challenge s left were is all the tools at the top that's how I ran out of coins theres there's only a parcel and 2 couples ready to dance nothing what going on its no use to me if I have no challenge s nevermind coins every thing is ok now what happened anyway
Had nearly 6,000 coins, last update took all my coins and gave me Max regeneration of 52 coins, I'm on level 274 got over 2,000 cash and more than 250 slot tokens, all my badges completed but for 3 which only need one badge each to be completed and they took all my coin. it took a lot of time and effort to accumulate all that just to have them take it away real bummer [email protected][email protected]?!
It's funny that on the description not description but the tell us more( optional). Like is this a massively multiplayer game it's you put no and with the is this a virtual novel game you put no and with the is this a breeding game you put no and for certain thing on the bottom and how to put a save this for the top so not really saving it little bit more but I'm running store on words
This is the real deal! I can take ads when they pay off and this game is doing just that! When i start to play i have to stop myself and it's not because im out of coin! I have to get back to the real world but i jump back in this game soon as i can! Thanks for an arcade memory in my own home! Ok i rent but still...
If you are into noise and excitement watching computer images this will be the game for you. But you are not going to win any money and it's a waste of your time, battery and energy trying to win.They're making their money off of you watching those stupid ads. And you're not getting nothing but a waste of time.
This really sucks. You play the game. No cash value. When you get cash you can't cash it in. Cos you have to download another appt. To supposedly get the prices. Then you get nothing at all. This really sucks.
Really fun. I would recommend it to anyone.. I have to stop shaking my phone trying to get coins on the edge to drop Lolol
Way COOL!!!! Never thought a actual coin game would be so much fun lol Thank you for the enjoyment....
Waaaaay to many 30 second ads. Free coin guard, free big coin but you still have to go through the ads..uninstalling
The game is a great but I don't see how one can win real cash, i have looked the game over and i never seen anything the shows a cash amount or anything in that manner. Maybe i will play a little longer just to see what happens.
Very upset. Game ran perfect for months until recently when all coins are now grayed out on the board and the only normal colors are the big coin tokens and the board itself.
Typical bait and switch forcing you to spend $10 on "welcome package" on the second day to continue to play.
I really enjoy this game but my coins suddenly dropped from 31,000 down to 200. I still enjoy it and reached out to the developer hoping they can help. I still recommend it as a must play, you'll like it.
i give it a 4 stars for the fact its "watch to win" basically watch adds to benifit, but i dont mind that because i enjoy the game and i already have plenty of cash and coins
Don't waste your time! You never win anything! What you do get is alot of ads every few seconds! Very very boring and a waste of precious time! Deleting this very fake game!
I upgraded my phone so i had to start over and the game is even better now! So many new features, i love it! I play this every day for over a year and just love it. I was past level 600 and over 100, 000 coins. Best coin pusher game on the market! Very few adds and you choose if you want to view them. Challenges every day makes it fun and exciting. Very real physics used with the board. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to have fun. Only change, Wish the slot machine didnt pop up.
Ok. I enjoy the playing and the amazon credit but that banner stating $100 winners everyday is a bs taunt. Bad enough being stuck at 95.52 for over a few months but those winners seem made up. If you developers were in the US you would have been sued for fraud a lot. So many scam games
I love it and fun?. Cool to play so fun. I like it i so love it so much.and i cant stop playing it. I love how you make cool stuff. I love it πŸ˜€ i get so much coins and lots of stuff.
Would be a great game if the ads weren't the same ones over and over again. The coiner pusher reward only happend twice when I first started but I'm on level 26 and it never happened again.
Fun But it gives you a coin Tower in the first and then never again LOL Reels you in and then gets really boring . They need to make the fun things appear more often
Great game! Far, far better than coin dozer. Much easier to level up, get coins, and bonuses. Fun game and can be played longer than 5 minutes (coin dozer I am looking at you!).
its cool but waaaaayyyyyyyy to many 30 sec ads..i mean over an over an over again...ruins it...and i havemt seen any way you win real cash but the ads are terrible
I played it all day, it was super fun, this coin pusher game with so fun, I got lots of toys, a lot of coin, it was so fun, I say all day, I know I already said that, but OK, I just said it again, ok, it was a fun game, it was fine, I'm so, so super fun I love it!
Love this game but where do u find your winnings? Should really have something ive had many many dollars pushed down...PLEASE HELP 5 star if i get help with it...this game doesnt guve you credit for the big items like cell phones and more i had more than 10 of them fall correctly and have only gotten credit for one it will take your miney amount even when you arent using it it just goes away...it is still a fun gane all in all but guess what none of us are winning anything im afraid..im disapoin
Keeps crashing just lost 300 coins and 350 cash. This welcome package is a turn off. I recieved my google play charge of 9.99 +tax in my email. No items purchased eere added. After several time of logging in still nothing. Help. Won't play til fixed.
If it a tually pays i will rate it again, fun, easy to tome coin drops, lotsa extras and mass pushes so far so good. I guess the proof is in the pudding. Im from the deep south so pardon my colloquialism. Im gonna try to cash out. In a few mins.
The free spins are a joke... i never win anything and when it blocks the screen when i have a big move!!! Its annoying enough i may delete this app...
Much better than other "pusher" games that I've played in the past. I have to say, "Bravo" to the creators of Coin Pusher! Awesome job with this one, you've hit a homerun with this one!
Something happened to the color of coins and other features they are dun colored or black. Tried to reload without success. It makes the game unattractive to play.
I have made it to 3rd level it gets boring at times loved it a lot at first but it starts to get annoying when it doesn't give you what you're trying to get it keeps give the same toys over and over that you are full on your badges I collected all of them and it just keeps give me the same ones over and you have to keep collecting to open boxs with little to nothing you really need it's ok after the 2nd leave the first two levels is were you get most all you need after that the excitment slows
Loved this game until they started poping eggs up there to smash. Takes to much time and can't get put or bypass it. Now I hate it stopped playing it all together
Very fun and exciting game! I love it in real life and I love it as a game! Does exaclty what it says it does!
I thought it was so-so at first but somewhere in the first 15 minutes I lost track of time and was having a blast. Great Game! Thanks
Beat the game in less than a month, no new expansions to continue playing. Very disappointed that I reached then end and there is no way to progress otherwise I enjoyed playing it. Installed on Jan. 20th and finished it Feb. 15th.
pretty fun so far. great click based game, and rewards that part of your brain that prefers instant gratification.
I like this game, so far. I am not sure if it's possible to win actual cash, though, I didn't really read the description. I liked the icon for it, so I checked it out, and I really like it! I think I will probably keep this game on my phone for a long time to come. Good job, Devs! Keep up the good work!!! πŸ˜ƒβ­β­β­β­β­πŸ˜ƒ
love the game. got even better when the lottery coins were added and the mega push coin and coin tower coins more often but after this last update to the game i no longer have the lottery coins and the coin tower barely appears and the mega push coin has yer to appear when this is fixed, i'll definitely give this game 5 stars
What happened to the graphics? Why are the coins all blacked out now? Same with some toys and some badges. It's really annoying. After newest update still the same. This is really annoying.
LIES & DECEPTION!! At first I enjoyed playing this game. I didnt mind the ads. I was actually going to rate this "SCAM" 5 stars until they decided to rip me off. On this game, you have the option of breaking a piggy bank after your meter bar reaches 100%. Well my piggy won me $100.00 and it went to my coins instead of my winnings in $. TOTAL SCAM. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. MY FRIEND HAS BEEN SITTING AT $99.99 FOR MONTHS. WONT GIVE HIM THE $.01 TO CASH OUT. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME. THEYRE LIARS!!!
Reminds me of growing up going to the Clark County Fair and playing this game for what seemed like forever. Thanks for creating this.
Quite fun comming from a dedicated coin dozer player but overall it's got the same feel! Great game overall!
I just started playing you guys asked me to rate this 5 minutes after I started playing I think you should let the player play for a few days before you get here is a comment other than that it seems to be a pretty fun game you can control the coins a little better than most of the others so keep up the good work and thank you I have downloaded a lot of pressure games and I got like seven of them and I play this one a lot
It's okay, but don't bother unless you're ready to watch a LOT of ads! I download a game to play, not watch ads. I'm removing it.
I had to adjust my rating because they took away the key options! I'm at level 680...there are no more badges and now I have no way of boost or getting extra toys. Im extremely sadden by this update
The app is fun to play. Its froze on me a few times. Ive only been playing a day. Thats why i give it a 4 . ill check back later and let you know if its another fake app.
I love coin pushers and this game is pretty fun. I had about 300+ coins saved up and decided to save them for later. I logged in to find my coin bank was down to only 40 again. A real bummer for sure. The features on the game seemed different as well. There must have been an update that reset my coins or something. My progress and dollars seem in fact though. Whatever happened to my coins makes me very hesitant to spend more time trying to progress in this game seeing that data may be lost.
Game sucks either the ad lied an no real cash or you have to be a certain lvl to cash out it's not clear an is annoying I have better things to do than sit for hours figuring this out
Very good game however i have completed all my badge sets and now its kinda slowed down in getting my toys for the boost to get my daily rewards. Ive been playing this game awhie. What comes next? And by the way what happend to the keys??? That was one of the best part of the game and getting rewards!
This game is a huge disappointment. I downloaded this game 2 weeks ago , gained 10 thousand coins .. then the developers did an update on the game ... and guess what ???? I have 100 coins !! Isn't that nice of them ? Took all of my coins away ! Uninstall !
u can actually win money faster on this game then any of the others i have ever played truely like it now to see how hard it is to cash out
The game is fun! With ads, you control when they happen - not a common thing with games. About the only complaint I have - when you push TWO PILES of cash in your bank, you get one dollar (not cool). It is great playing coin pusher, while you are pushing pee, poop or diarrhea in the bathroom!
It's a coin pusher game. Pretty decent. The power up options on the side can be a tad overwhelming, but they don't force you to watch ads, just if you want free power ups. At least as far as I have experienced.
I like this game very much i am so in to this game. I was just wondering when do the new budges comes and maybe toys because im at level 1077 and i need to upgrade my game now. Please let me know when do the new budges comes. Thank you for this lovely game.
Loved it until Update! Since I updated, all my coins and graphics are grayed out. It really takes the ennoyment away. Please fix this!
The game was fun, but I have completed all badges & there is no more to do. It just says coming soon, but it said that when I started playing. The game gets boring when you have no more badges to work for. Also the egg game needs some umph to it.
Its a fun app. Rating 2 stars from the 5 I would have given due to when I logged in today all my coins were gone that took me weeks to accumulate. This needs to be fixed.
Can't stop playing. Great fun. We should be able to buy or earn cash so we can get a coin tower or that fast pusher coin. A few more options like that would be great. Looking forward to new items.
Really amazing game, the quests make it so you can play every day and it is nice to play every day. All the bonus features and jackpot is really great, makes the game really fun. No ads spam, you can watch adds for in game cash but this is not necessary. I would really like to see more features maby like a wheel or fortune or some mini games. Overall great experience, and i almost forget but the badges is a nice thing too. But please a minigame or something were you can use coins to play games.
Fun to play. Just wish pusher worked faster Payout has been low they want you to buy booster packs to enjoy game.
This coin pusher is one of the best i have played so far,as in getting money back for playing a d that is cool.
Ridiculous really. Cannot even know the actual game rules. If any special features appearing it must show. Initially special items appear at exact drop point. But as the level increase it will appear at loosing place. Ridiculous. Not for enjoy game but also for watch ADS. U only enjoy games now if u a paid user or u have lots of patience to keep watch ads. If niether useless now is all game developers or even is google to show such ridiculous apps always.
Everything about it is GREAT except it could use an upgrade in the graphics department but it's pretty fun 2 pass some time by.
I love this game. But I've collected all badges & toys , it says one mkre set of badges is coming soon but when?? Ive been waiting for a long time!!!
Love the game but payouts are fixed of course. Once you get to a certain dollar amount, the payouts are far and few in between.
I'm sorry but I am giving this game a lower rating than before. I don't mind watching advertisements while playing the game, but what I hate is seeing the same advertisements over and over and over again and again. That is annoying. I want to uninstall the game and never play it again.
Used to play coin dozer until they changed so much about the game that it became impossible to get coins without paying. This game is much more fun and I'm happy I gave it a chance
simple and easy game super duper addicting game . and its really nice you can play offline and online . satisfying games. thanks for this kind of games.
Fun game but not until you run out coins and then you have to pay to countinue playing or wait 12hr? Hmmm its seems to play along there game or pay along there game to collect real money
I'll rate it 5-stars,my friends have been telling me aboutthis game, I can play with it for hours!! πŸ€”πŸ‘€πŸŸ,, Thanks again for your time and consideration,!!
Tons of fun, its thrilling watching as the prizes rack up and the coins pile up very exciting and I hope it gets so much more fun as the game grows so thanks for the joy and I look forward to more 😊
I don't Recommend this app for making real money even if $1.99 dollar you dont make payout ..I have already 129 cash but need to enough balance of Gcash compare to the other app no need to enough balance ...I recommend this for playing purposes only not to making real money .Scam! and also waste of Time..!!!
I'll you know how long it takes. Seems a lot of these games pay off way low when it's close to payoff.
Very relaxing but very exciting at the same time you can actually win real cash this is good therapy for me I love it give it a try you'll like it too!!!!πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ€”πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š
I love this game,but its addictive, so what it's fun ,that's all that matters to me!!,thank, U,much!!!πŸ˜πŸ‘€πŸ™ƒπŸ˜œπŸ˜
I like this game very much but I just lost all of my points. I've contacted the game people to see if I can get my 7500 coins or points back. I wish you could earn cash or gift cards tho.
It s fun and entertaining, haven't played it long enough to see if it pays out. Let you know later when i had more time.
George Smith I think it's a good game I enjoy it is a lot it is not the games it is who's running the game that can make it difficult that kids make it unpleasant some operators aggravate me so bad I can bus phone wide open when there are good operators can't find a better game sincerely sincere. I started playing this game free I was given 20 coins I look at all the commercials I was entitled to all the rewards I received nothing I have a phone now that have g653412 coin own it have not receive
I had roughly 1600 coins built up, as of yesterday. When I logged in today, it was down to 42. I worked pretty hard to build up my coin bank. Yeah, this is just a game, but super annoying to lose all of that. Also, I hate the egg game that we're now forced to play every time an egg coin is won. The game takes a lot of time for very little reward (unlike the slots game that is much faster).
The egg coin and game is stupid, it is a waste of time. If it wasn't for the stupid egg part, I would have rated it a 5 star.
Fun, relaxing and addictive. Good graphics. My only complaint is the 'mystery boxes' which become increasingly irritating since they interrupt the game and don't give you much.
Other than a portal for ramming so-called 'get rich quick' ads down your throat at every opportunity, WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS (in my opinion only) SENSELESS AP? Uninstalled.
This game is basically an add a minute if you want to progress. I seen its registered off shore in the virgin Isles so they don't like paying tax on their revenue either! That's just about sums up what this app is about.
This game is so fun, entertaining, exciting, but to get your money you are shown you won I ain't able to figure that out but I'm sure they follow through with there word I just don't seem to comprehend to A++ Status so I'm sure the adverage individual would be able to figure it out just fine
Great timr consumption... And makes you use some strategy to get the prizes... Also a luck thong too.
After spending a few dollars here, I'm sick of being asked for more money. Unable to get free coins by even watching ads. DO NOT BUY INTO THEIR HYPE!!! Shame on you greedy things! Uninstalled!
it's enjoyable, seeing that reaction on the girls face for $40,000 in her bank account acredid to her, I'm happy for her.
I love this game. I searched for 2 hours 4 a good fun game that will hopefully pay off too. This might be the 1!!!
So far I am having fun playing the game, can't put it down, so many ways you can get rewards playing this game. I will give it five (5) star⭐ later if things do not change as I continue to play the game without any glitches or other problems. πŸ‘β˜Ί
ain't no money to make foo. you making all that ad revenue. let me get some of it. ain't you advertise you make money off this app?
This game is so much fun. I installed it to be a time- killer while I'm waiting in line at the drive thru or grocery, but I play it ALL THE TIME!! Super addictive!
I would give this game 5 stars but when the update was released before I installed the update it reset my game from level 30 back to 1 all that progress out the window. I tried to play it anyway but it just feels like l am wasting my time.