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Lucky Dozer Master

Lucky Dozer Master for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Nicergame Studio located at [email protected]. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really enjoyed playing this game. BUT!!!! Once you get close to reaching the amount to cash out. They stop supplying any cash coins. I am at $99.59, for 2 days now. I like the action and would probably have kept playing. Don't down load and play this game if you expect to recieve there money. Waist of time.
Allows you to get yo 99.79 and when you hit 777all coins are gold and none of your coins are green anymore..game freezes so you will have to start over all play and no winnings fake fake fake and you have to play for 7 days in a row and you still wont win
I did love playing this app but two things have made me not want to play it anymore. 1. It says I need 130 to cash out but then if you go and tap on the hundred and thirty and it says I'm at 129.36 of 130 then you tap on that and it says in order to cash out you need a 150, that's not false advertisement! 2. Now that I'm at 129.36 it literally gives no more cash coins it only gives the yellow coins which does nothing for your cash amount. I have not increased not even by a penny in three days.
Enjoying the game. I've been playing a while. I'm finally close to the required amount before redeeming but there's a shortage on the green coins now.
Very enjoyable for downtime with a little bit more realistic experience than some other applications 😉
So far so good no complaints. We'll have to see if when it comes to getting money and redeeming it whether it's like all the other's. Hard and impossible.
Great game to play with good graphics to keep you interested. Its still early in the game so havent made énough for a cash payout as of yet. But am looking forward to getting one soon.
Starting off really BIG sure hope it stays this way. Not like the others that start off big but come to a stop right before you reach cash out amount.
Great until payout time! Should be taken down if it doesn't want to let people actually win. False advertising much!!
It's a scam, don't waste your time. For the past two days I've only needed £0.27 to be able to cash out. Won't give me anymore green coins and when the slot machine landed on 20 green coins it refused to cash out. So disappointed
All of a sudden the green coins just stopped and I've been getting nothing but the same fruit over and over again. Don't download this game it's a waste of time and energy. If it's not going to pay put then why put a game that isn't legit
The app is fun lets collect all the coins .i have 99.53 ok i have been on this game since about 1am and i need one more fruit to get 1000 also it cuts off when it wants to but its self and like i said since 1am and i cant seem to get the 47 coins left to get and i need one more fruit .
Currently it's fun to play and it's paying about $2 a day the amount of time I play it it should pay more I might give you a 5-star if I'm able to ever cash out
Not able to cash out until you reach $100. Which I thought was fine, got up to $95 really easily & then it started slowly dragging on.... Been stuck at $99.53 for the past 2wks & now not receiving any green coins at all.... It's just a scam!!!
As soon as you get to £79.64 the cash coins stop coming, it's not a game I would of downloaded if I had the foresight, . Developers need to take a good look and change the game play and increase the money coins. I'd of rated more stars otherwise
I really liked this game....until it stopped counting my coins and fruit. Ive had the last fruit type drop a few times but the game doesnt register it when it does. The coins stopped counting at 99.53 and will not count any more that drop. I still like the layout and gameplay of it. I may change my rating later if this is a bug but for now it stands.
I got $99.54. And now they wont give me no more to make 100 to check out. So i say dont bother with this you might be trying for ever they dont want you to win
This was a great game at first. Got to $149.38 in no time, but since then I haven't seen one green coin. What a scam. Really disappointed.
I knew was to good to be true..... advertise how to make 80 dollars in 5mins made the 80 but kept playing when i went to cash out when it was 95 and says you need 100 to do so when you get to 97.53 they stop giving you cash not even the penny 🤔 😒 so im very disappointed
So far this is a great way to spend my time, it just keeps me going on and on that I lose track of time when I know I should be doing something else. Well in my edit I've lowered my rating from 5 to 1⭐, because it let's me get close to cashing out on everything, but when I just want a little $5 Amazon card I can't get it unless I give them all this information, and a photo of myself, which is mandatory to get my reward, stay away people, I repeat stay away.
It was okay at the beginning, but I now need a whole 20 cents, and it hasn't let me earn it. What a joke. You play because you enjoy it, and sit through countless adds, and want a little extra cash and they just lie.
I had fun playing it n was excited about cashing out to 130$ but I'm at 129.36$ n now the game is keeping me there with no green coins to get to 130$ n I'm missing one fruit to get the 1000$ but I've gotten it twice n it wasnt added to the fruit list. So I'm actually pretty upset that it says u can get money from this app when it is a lie
Game was fun at the beginning. Like others, as soon as I got to $99.54, NO MORE GREEN COINS. Waste of time. Not like any of the ads at all that showed people winning a lot!
I was doing really good, I have got $99.61 and I only need 39 cents to cash out but all money coins have stopped, I will change this review to 5 stars if I'm able to meet the target of $100 and able to cash out, you creators make thousands a day from this game and you cant let us have $100 of it, unfair on everyone who plays your game, watches the ads etc etc, this is fraud, you advertise this game stating you can win and cash out, that's false advertising and a scam, this game should be deleted
Game was great and winning alot until I got to 1 fruit to win 1000.00 been trying to get it for 3 days and nothing. And stopped giving money when I reached 99.54 for cash out. Not really happy that it just quit giving me a chance to win. What happened to this game is legit qin real money.. Hahahaha what a joke.....
Its a fun game to play , tho ive only just started playing im half way to the payout so shall see if it happens and hopefully it will but its a free game and I'm enjoying it.
Load of rubbish.. Got to 79. 64 and don't get any more green coins.. Spin thing says I have 27 free spins.. But won't spin st all . Been unjstalled
Ok...I don't usually do the reviews but if this keeps others from wasting time...I have gotten to $99.87 and have seen the green cash coins come up twice on the the spinner and the game completely ignored them. STAY AWAY!
This game get you so close to redeeming prize then won't allow you any green coins to reach the prize I've ..played 4 days an the last 36 hrs not one green coin I'm 66c off pay out it's seems like it just won't reach the win ??? So scam ? Maybe but likely it will reset before any real cash is paid
I use to enjoy playing games like this as a child and I do enjoy playing this but it is yet to be seen if it does what it says on the tin and pays out 👍😷😷
Frustrating got to $149.96 and needing 1 fruit real quick then bam nothing from then on not even a green coin even the wall and shake tiles have stopped no Have been on that dollar amount now for 3 weeks. Be nice to actually reach cash out amount. Misleading and fake. Google shouldn't allow this to happen . Like all other money games misleading. Haven't rated high due to the frustrating
Disappointed another Con game get to a certain amount and it stops paying out so u never get to cash out don't waste ur time false advertising again 😔
It's fun but as soon as your near pay out level, it literally stoped paying 😣 I've tried for a few days to see if it will to give a fair chance before rating. But to no avail. I'm not impressed. Just like other games like these, they make it impossible to get your payment. Rip Offs and scammer.
Why do you people say play for free to win all of your games are a scam 79.71 dollars yet the money as stopped just before the cash out amount I want that money into my PayPal account today or I am reporting you to the games comisson for false advertising I have screen shot it all
I have got to £79.69 and no green tokens have dropped since scam app if ever I have seen one don't download the game unless you want to be scammed into thinking you can win Real money. I would appreciate a response from the developer of the app if you fix the issue of no green tokens been dropped then I may review my rating. If you do nothing then I will report your app as being a scam to Google.
I have now got 23 spins built up and wont let me access them, whats the point in them if they just build up and wont spin
FAKE you cannot cash out ! Even if you get to 100 it says 130 so I made it to 130 bucks guess what, it changed to 150. Developers like this should be charged with fraud period. What a waste of time , also I have needed one more fruit to win for 6 weeks so dont waste your time on scammers, these guys are making a fortune off the constant ads with 0 payoff in the end.
Great way for the creators to get payed for players watching adds got to 99.84 and can't get to 100 to cash out
I tried to give you a chance even after bad reviews but not anymore I have not seen a green coin since I got to 99.51!I should have listened!!! I'm gonna uninstall very soon!!!
FAKE APP it only lets you get too £79 just before payout then suddenly no more coins appear at all, Don't install and waste all your time.
Wont let you win. I got to $99.55 within 3 days and it's been over a week and it wont give me anymore money coins.
Really fun game to play but as soon I got £79.68 the green coins stppoed coming all I need is 32p of green coin. Watch out people you will be playing it forever to get a cash out if you ever do. Play this game if you only want fun but don't play to earn cash as to cash out as you won't get it be warned. I will change my review if anything changes in my game but so far the game is a con as green coins has stopped.
Don't waste your time on this. I've made it to $99.59 and have not seen a green coin for over 6 hours. That tall me it's all fake. And a waste of time.
So far this is a great way to spend my time, it just keeps me going on and on that I lose track of time when I know I should be doing something else.
Its an okay game but Unfortunately right when you get close to winning the $100 to cash out that does not happen I am at $99.72 its been 4 days im thinking at this point on the advertisment is false 🤔🤑😒
Best coin pusher I have played by far.Better than any game I have downloaded.I have downloaded a lot and uninstalled a lot.now,we will see if it pays.so far so hood.
When it comes to earning real money this is a complete fraud in every sense of the word. This app should be removed. Or a class action lawsuit filed against the company. You can't withdraw the money. I just made a video of where your at the screen where you claim the $100 PayPal card but says out of stock with a timer and I made a video of the time which flips back to 24hrs before the timer went below 4minutes from when I could withdraw. Which violates us and international laws.
Been stuck at $99.63 now forever and have not gotten any money chips forever, and I need one more fruit for cash out as well and imagine that I have yet to see it as well. Its kind of disappointing in that aspect however I understand you will not win every time but come on at least let you win once like the commercials show. Just like all the rest of the so called win real money games. I would be the first one to recommend it if it was legitimate but don't waste your time completely fraudulent.
Started out fun and promising, but I've been stuck on 99.54 for days now, never get any green coins to reach the 100. to cash out. DISAPPOINTING but then why did I ever think I'd actually get it.😏
Just like all these apps on here they promised you hopes and dreams and give you a b******* I got to 99.57 and it craps out of dollars or pennies whatever and the wheels not dropping no more just as I figured this money earning app is just like the rest of them
Love this game but it isnt giving me any more money coins right now and keeps saying network error it shouldnt be like that i just like 49 cents and i will have my 100.00 payout can you fix this please thanks
As with every other so called money making games this one is the same you can not reach the cash out target as when you get close it stops giving the money coins I got to 79.70 and thats it you need 80.00 to cash out total joke
Coin dozer master isn't responding unfortunately coin dozer has stopped a lredy reported it's the same story when my redeem cash out 99.55$ no more cash coin only coin point then if you ready to cash out unfortunately coin buzzer has stopped you just wasting our time money to buy load for wifi NETWORK ERROR don't do this to all player like me 68 yrs old senior I'm very much disappointed big hassle
So far its good . Just started playing. Will let you know when I can cash out for the first time. Well at the rate if PENNIES I'LL NEVER be able to cash out. My first prize was $60.00 and that made me excited but that was THE ONLY win worth mentioning. I have like 64 dollars and change . Wasted more time trying to win money on another game that isn't gonna pay. FAKE ADVERTISEMENTS AGAIN
This game is a bunch of bull. I have been playing this game for months. I have $99.56, the game doesn't even give me green coins(money) on 777. I need one more fruit and it won't give it to me either. Why can't I get get money on 777. This is bogus and a waste of my months.
Don't install it. I was playing since 1week got 99.59 until now no more dollars stop giving more chance to win. Useless app
This game was pretty fun, but, I got to 145.00, and wanted to cash out, but it won't let me, and then no video avlaibale, now it won't even load, this isn't a bug, this is a total waste of my time, DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP
pathetic it guarantees that it pays but as soon as u get close it stops paying the add for this game is a fraud
I'm actually tired of the mishaps on these games mind you it's fun& miss leading at a certain point I beleive if the game says you can win $100 then let it get to$100 then slow it down false advertisement
Dont waist your time trying to win anything on this game. You get near to the point where it says cash out then doesn't pay out. Ive got to 95.68 and not I have no green coins coming down. DONT WAIST YOUR TIME 🤬
I'm rating a 1 a zero if that was possible. im stuck at $99.57 and it has stopped paying all together. i have emailed the company and received not one response from them its been almost a month. The game is entertaining i will give it that but if your looking to make money for your time wasted don't bother.
Wowsers! This dozer really gives you instant cash, and right now....not days from now. This is Amazing to say the least!....I love it!
Don't bother, as soon as you get close to the pay out value it stops giving you money coins! I am at £79.62 and have been for the last week...DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!
Advertised withdraw at £80 and says in game cash out at £80 but when you click on it to cash out it then says you need £90 that is false advertising and labelling which should fall under the fraud and deception law as developer is deceiving people with false inaccurate information relating to their goods and services
Rubbish its a lie. You have to get to £80 to cash out as soon as you get to £79.65 you dont see any of the cash coins again so your never going to get the cash. Its pointless don't advertise that you can win cash and take it out if you don't allow it.
Fun to play until you hit $99.50. Then it's the last time you will see any cash coins. Only token coins after that.
This is a really good game so far.. I just hope that it's not like most of the games I have been playing lately