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Coalition - Multiplayer FPS

Coalition - Multiplayer FPS for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Line by Line Studios located at SE Newport Way Bellevue, WA 98006 United States. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
U have totally destroyed this game..use to be smooth but it lags..I mean the new menu is nice the guns systems are ok but it is not smooth..hope u fix it cause I still love this game
firstly, when i did play this game, it was incredible! it is everything i wanted on a phone based shooter. secondly, on the topic of shooting, can you improve the gun sounds? thats the one thing not great about this game. the guns sound bad. Other than that, great game.
I love the concept of the game. The movements are super nice like the walk and jump animations. The gun animations are nice too. Also bullets actually do damage in this game. Most games I play, you have to waste a whole mag on one person. This game is a couple shots. I love it. The reason I gave it 3 stars is the lack of extra detail and glitches. There are a lot of small glitches I've noticed. The maps are also kind of dull. I would put a mini map in. This game does have really big potential.
I haven't played this game for a year and I come back and the controls for the controller (xbox one) were changed to a point where the game isn't even play able! I have alot of hope that the game will improve and I know that you take feedback from your fans and I hope you see this and if you do, please make the controls for the controller like Call of Duty, please.
Very good game but controls are too sensitive and not that much guns or upgrades i was wondering if you could add more guns like nova its basicly a shotgun also add more sniper rifles like umm the AWP also add more gamemodes it would be perfect add knife mode add new knives like karambit butterfly knife tanto kukri ranger m9 bayonet and more thank you i like this game very much :)
Plz!Plz!Plz!Plz!Plz!Plz!Plz!Plz! Add bot multiplayer offline because this game is dead.....if you will I will rate five stars
Take a little time to get used to the UI & controls but after that it is all good! Really enjoying this one, hats off to the developers
This game is definitely what I was hoping for! However, there's a couple bugs. Shooting through walls, a good advantage, but bullets shouldnt be able to penetrate EVERYTHING. when i aim fast, sometimes the sights aren't accurate enough to hit my enemy. Also when you chose your weapon it always sticks to an AR15 is someones perspective. When someone kills me with a sniper, looks like hes shooting an AR. Not a huge problem, but it's really great game tho!
I like it and really enjoy it it's just the engineer class doesn't make sense it also doesn't make sense to have the heavy class and the assault class to both drop ammo so I want you to add drivable vehicles like helicopters jets and tanks trucks and others and add AI teammates and enemies add a wrench to repair vehicles to the engineer class and add a medic class and add more modes and have the wrench to be able to build things
This is a amazing game graphics is also amazing but add the missing weapons like - RPG-7,P90,vector etc please.
I like the old version of the game because the hackers can be kicked, but in the new version there are still hackers that kills me even that they are dead please fixed this
Should improve it a little because I found an hacker just now.He like have so much HP and just sitting there and get shot and not die.
I find way too many hackers on this game making this no fun at all please have a way to perm ban hackers so the rest of the players can have fun
It's good, but sometimes the game feels like boring and lonely, there are small amount of player in each servers, this game would be great if there are bots to play with.
death to the original conceptual of this game is incredible and the precision you need to execute a person makes the experience vulnerable as well as uncommon for most rated shooters to reconcile the edge of difference puts the gaming as a fun time known frustration amongst the opposition suggests seperation from the group so choose gun battles and get the opportunity to fire most of the availability i enjoy throwing grenades trying to knock people out with one left hand punch from a Mexican op
This game is pretty good but there aren't many players in this game so It may a while to find a match.
I love this game and I think that this game I would come back to and play all the time because man tell me you can't go wrong with Marines and guns. But I will tell you this that this game is the best game. 5 stars.
I have been playing this game for about one day, I know it's not a lot, but from my experience this game has an immense amount of potential. The movement and weapon animations are very nice, almost like something you would expect from a pc game. The only negative thing I have to say about this game is how bullet ballistics are represented. Bullets in this game are way too slow and anyone can doge them. Over all this is a game with immense potential, with a great community.
PLEASE PLEASE MAKE IT SO U CAN ADJUST ALL THE BUTTONS ON THE SCREEN. Specifically THE AUTO/SEMI/BRUST BUTTONE .ALLOW ME TO MOVE THAT BUTTON EVERY THING ELSE IS PERFECT..IF U CAN DO THAT. ALLOW ME TO MOVE THE BUTTON that controls the brust/auto/ semi firing on the gun i will leave u a 5 star review every week for a month on different accounts..
believe me this game really has some potential, now all we need are some mechanics like peeking and more weapon customization options, but anyways good job on the game devs, kudos to u guys, good job!!
I have enjoyed this game a lot, there are some additions I would like to see overtime. I would like to see more gamemodes, these don't have to be too special, just something fun to play like Hardcore (damage is increased), Hunt (Players of one team are tasked with killing certain players of the opposing team). However one I would also like to see is more of a grand operations game mode from BF4. and the second addition is more maps.
The game is dead... There are no players playing.. It would be fun if there are bots here And bluetooth hotspot multiplayer
i want to enjoy this game game but people keep hacking and it makes it stupid and unable to play, please fix the problem with the hackers
hello you need to put a ban settings and ban pheda loudgg beef wnd deadahead plssss no one can play with hackers plllllssssss i really love this game please and update security
Add more mods like zombies vs special forces and have more people play the game. The game is the most realistic game out there. And yeah, work a little more on graphics
The game is good but... You have to update this game. With new stuff like tanks and more guns and.. why cant we have attachments to guns? Like tactical scopes, and much more... If you make a good update in the game with new game modes, there will be a lot of players playing this game !!! Plz update
This game has potential, the problem is that... There are only 1 people playing which is me. Don't give up on the game, please? And also, can you please let us be able to change some controller settings like button mapping and atleast add a bot-match mode.
The reload guns are soooo realll that, s why I five star this I wish this game is offline and my ping lower that, s why it would be faster
Good game but I have 1 issue you removed the votekick function it seems there was some guy obviously cheating and I couldn't play or get a single kill because it was that bad there was no way to get him out of the match so there could be a fair game
absolute one of the best game tht i have ever played when i was a kid until now very fun game don't mind the graphics gameplay very cool and the control are very smooth and the game aswell but very not so realistic but it's enough to make the game good unlike the other games there's alot of fake content but this. this is real content just tbh hope you update this game so this game can be still be very more fun than this old update. 😁😁
Good game! Loved it as a kid, still do now. I have great memories of running around with a AKS74U and enjoying myself despite barely getting a kill. Playing this brings a bit of Nostalgia. It's normal for it to die, but in corona times where everyone is free??? kinda odd, expecially since I remember the game being active a year ago. I'd like more guns and a king of the hill map, possibly more. What else can i say, well not much, more scopes can work, so could a Discord Server.
You need to advertise it. One of the best mobile fps (low bar, but still) but no players. Gun sights also bad. However, I see why you can't advertise- you have no money from IAPs. Not pay to win, so great game.
The gameplay is really good and its really entertaining, but there are problems like people keep shooting after they are dead, you can shoot through everything so cover is useless, and money is bugged so you cant actually get money
5 stars. This game has a great amount of potential. Enough said. Right now it appears as if it's still at a bit of a developing stage.
this has good graphics and got good guns you can also be recon, engineer, assault, and something else but you should play with me and this awesome game πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
just in case the Devs want footage of the HACKERS running fast jumping real high and killing everyone with unlimited Frags Let me know I'll send u the footage if u get rid of hackers and fix controllers and work on graphics it could be good but for now its unplayable cause of the hackers
Pls make the have an offline mode pls add an offline multiplayer mod even if the game is played online add more options so people that don't have data can play with friends in local multiplayer the game is the best good texture but pls make the game have local multiplayer and offline mission mode it's very easy to play but when u don't have data it's a problem
Yoo this game has so much potential.. the graphics look amazing it reminds me of Battlefield 3.. dont give up on this game it looks better than any mobile fps out there and the guns are sick too! It's a shame it has no servers. Would be real cool if you made a bot mode tho
Amasing Game i love it but the game/creator is forcing to rate pls dont put that cause its super annoying i will give this a five star if game is fixed
good game but lot of things can be improved you should have separate iron sight or scope sensitive from looking sensitive graphic could be improved more should be added with FAL M14 M1 garand mosin nagnant SW 686 SW 29 Ruger redhawk Ruger super redhawk Gewehr 98 karabiner 98should have more bullet selection like FMJ HP AP API JHP JSP SJSP SJHP LRN moreaccessories optic,mounting, I khow lot about gun, i see potential of the game if you need help in firearms for this game you can contact me
love the graphics, control, multiplayer support even my phone i used is on a limit of things that fully support it, so i add 5-star ratings, nice game!
the delirper this game so on fair because I got just kicked out for no reason and I just got my first kill I hate you
The kick system is abused by the players. Maybe take it away because it ruins the fun. Also, make new maps, gamemodes, and even vehicles, and even shotguns please. Maybe some more customization options like scopes, grenade launchers, and lasers could do too. 2020: It's been a year, and nothing has changed. If you're expecting something new, no. It is still the same. They removed the kick system though.
sir, i love ur game since before updates untill right now. but, after the updates it's kinda borring...would u add something like more mode gameplay, and more guns or add an vehicle? so it's like a pc game😁
Hi line by line studio first thing i want to thank you for this awesome game and i will suggest for you 3 changes to make the game better than pubg(from my opinion) first thing the controls and sensetivity actually they are poor organised make the controls get bigger and smaller by the player in settings they are too small second improve the opponents system when somebody kills me or when i see my friend in team moving he looks like mario and they all have the same weapon last add lan multiplayer
good game fix minor bigs and some maps dont have no texture on it yhank you for your game and you time
This game has so much potential and what i really like is the animation there is a lot need to add to this game i will email you
The games is fun but heres some suggestions 1 make it so when you shoot your gun or shoot the surface dust or smoke comes out (view real war footage or guns shooting) 2 fix spawn because i get spawm killed alot or atleast add big map 3 add gore like blood puddles and bullet wounds 4 add bots for offline 5 add leaning feature like peaking around corners Thats all 1 star until atleast one of those is added
hackers that all I have to say they ruin the game and make it not fun, hackers were threatening me cause we tried to kick them, so that's why this game is trash and needs to be worked on
its ok but there is a glitch people can sometimes shoot you threw walls and can you make it so then there is a 10 second resistance after you.die i get spawn killed everytime i join a game
I used to play this game a lot when I was just a kid of 14 who just got his mobile phone. Now I'm 20 and This game still has a huge place in my heart. Please don't let this game die. It is a hidden gem in playstore. U don't need to do much. Just add bots on the next update that will make the game playable even if nobody is online so that we can earn money and unlock more guns Or if it's too much then you could work with SteveRyu on his game STRIKE TEAM ONLINE. U have great skills as a dev
This game is bad. No way to get rid of hackers (just ran into one who kept killing me while they were dead), maps could be more detailed, I have played for over a week and haven't collected cash, so I cant buy attachments, there could be more modes, maps, guns, and attachments. And the m96 keeps getting spammed. Recoil also seems to be a little too much. There is also only 4-5 people on at a time, which means the servers are basically dead.
Edit #2: Votekick remains the same but the community changed itself for the game, intant one star for that, good game overall, decent and big maps, big weapon variety, and decent graphics and gameplay, animations together with player and gun modelling should be improved, since all the players look the same and the models all hold an m16 (even tho the player is not), game modes are generic and gets repetitive, hackers... not much, with that aside, I would totally recommend...
My only complaint is the maps, add more detail to them. If you keep the graphics the same, you have alot of room to pack the maps alot of detail and give players more objects to hide behind. Add vehicles also, this will make your game way attractive. The gameplay is awesome though, a little laggy, but awesome. I believe this game could be a huge competitor to CODM if the developers give it an over haul. And please fix the control adjustment save, it doesn't work.
This game is addicting, but there is several bugs. The players use buildings that have glichties and they shoot through the wall. Many hackers, there is not enough space. Many bugs.
Can you update the "adjust controls" because every time I save it and leave the game it turns back the way it was. Please fix this and leave the rest. Thank you. Also please add offline mode with bots.
this is the best fps games i have ever played on mobile. And dont worry the photo gallery is not fake it is 100percent legid. You must play this
this is no longer smooth like it use to be guns sound awful please bring back the old coalition....the new way to buy attachments is very goid though and the menus are better but not the best otherwise this game has potential and add an offline mode.
Dropped it from three to two stars! Stuck on wait screen after choosing "Play Online". if it would load then it would be a Great game. If you like FPS PvP, this is IT! I just want to remove these annoying ads!
it is a very good and well made game it's really fun and enjoyable to play i do suggest adding more guns and secondary gun types as I find my side arms are a bit lacking
its a really good game but the only thing that worries me is that when you voye to kick someone they can just join back and start cheating/hacking
this game very fun because like the marines..but plss update this app..i want m249 saw gun..if you update this game i give rate 5 star..plss update security app..many people hacker this app..ok thank..plss update scope..we need scope awesome..plss update auto shoot..so hard to kill touch button shoot..plsssssssssss
We'll need bullet ballistic and all types of sight/or maybe just scopes should have their own sensitivity,good game btw
I'm only giving it a 3 star because these freaking hackers are annoying. Do something about it please. The game may not have as much players as it use to but people do still get on. It's an awesome game and just has that unique feel to it that other shooter don't have. Now I do like cod mobile but I personally feel that this game can truly go some where and achieve battle field 2 like game play. Just take care of them hackers please.
Game is nice but pls banned hackers i know them names- DU and Unbanned theseplayers are extremely hacking pls fix. I like the game grapichs
i love the game so much its just so many hacker plz make it to where after 2 kicks the person gets a 1 day ban plz then i will give a full 5 stars
The game isn't that bad like you can get a bunch of free weapons,it's simple,and you can customize stuff but there are too many hackers
I really love this game but it feels dead as servers are most of the time empty, addition of bots would make the game feel more alive. Thank you
Severely underrated fps game. A combination of the Attachments and Graphics of CoDM and the Realisticity and Accessibility of some CS mobile clones. It might be dead but its still fun. Hopes for it to develop more, getting a full server is a once in lifetime experience you can enjoy in this game
The developers deserve alot of credit for eliminating the majority of the sissy hackers. Huge improvement! Without the modders this is a great game.
The reason why it's so good is because of the aiming mechanics. The gyroscope feature is a huge improvement to this type of first person shooter and if all mobile shooters had the option for a gyroscope and a gyro sensitivity adjustment bar then most games would be so so much better and most importantly easier to play.
This is a great game! The controls are good and the sound and everything is spot on, and my favorite thing about this game is the animations for reloading and stuff and it's just all very good. Maybe you could find a way to make it a bit more balanced tho cause at times it seems quite unfair and maybe make the maps a bit smaller? This is a great game tho and I would pay money.
Don't get fooled by the size of the game it is really worth playing. Very nice game with easy controls. Most of the players are real and very few hackers. Really loved the game. Best of luck developers for future.
it's very cool game I love it and I'm a god at this game people try to kick me or saying I'm a hacker and they say hey tell them the owner to ban me lol πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Well this sucks,its only me,i looked at different servers,but theres no one there.Even that Squad Strike 4 is better than this cuz they have single player mode,if u add single player mode,maybe u will become better than them,also add lan multiplayer mode,im looking into this game once u updated it cuz i know u will update it while squad strike 4's devs are lazy af.So,im here,waiting to give u 5 stars once u fulfilled mah requests.
Cool game in the next update add the ak 47 and the acog and suppressor for all weapons and ak 5c And p90 also remove the hackers cause they piss me off
We are unable play in pvt rooms... users cannot enter the room after entering the code post this update... can you pls address this ASAP
The game is amazing... BUT no one seems to play it. It is very hard to find a game with more than 1 players. If the game community is active with a lot of people this game would be the best like how arma in pc is one of the best realistic fps game. It would be great if we have offline game with bots and stuff because of the inactive community. Thank you, Keep doing great.
Add a more maps,modes,Characters and finally add a offline mode for people that dont have internet please :(
Fix your control on gamepad I used to love this game now I feel like no kills I suck I can't play on my phone I only a PS4 controller on mobile player and they need to fix it I just wanted to to see my childhood game I am a grown man like see this to be good
would be a good game BUT the hacking in this game is unreal. too many people cheating with there mods. needs policing big time. wouldn't entertain playing unless you get the hack/mods like the rest of the losers. sad times 😒
Hi this is a good game but u can add more maps like a desert map make it more large scale, radio and map, voice cominucation ,veichles ,more teams, more weapons a bit better lighting and an offline mode ,better atachments such as m203 grenade launcher acog scope holo sight better grenade explosions free atachments . and this game has a bug when i kill people it says 22 kils but 0 money an ads dont work and add more weapons such as m249saw ,laying on the. Ground more grenade type like m67 frag
Plz brother 2month earlier i come on game there is so many players but now in game 3 or 4 playrs com plz any solution of this critic
Indeed the most realistic mobile game I've ever played. I felt like playing CoD Modern Warfare! The only bad thing is that every weapon has sniper range, including the grenade launcher. Other than that great and fun game.
New update ruined the optics. They all now have a horrible dark tint making them almost useless. And the gun selection is pretty small, so many more that could be added. No new layouts no vehicles. So many possibilities but nothing good ever comes out of an update.
Only if the servers were live ): or if you made a similar game but offline, because these guns and animations are incredible. But the sounds could be fixed.
Well,the game is Great,kinda like Arma ,it's fun with being a FPS and unintentional strategy,it's all great, except for hackers,I've experienced twice now that there are people that has infinite health or can shoots when dead. I wish the gaming community is still active in this game.....
best game I've ever played. I played it for 2 years and It's worth downloading. However, There are hackers in the game that need to be dealt with and the vote-to-kick system needs to be removed. Also, if the HK416 can be added i'd give it 5 stars! overall, the game should be downloaded! it's worth it because it gives the player a battlefield-like experience!
The reason i am giving this 3 stars is because I've been playing for pretty much an hour and already found 2 bugs 1st bug i found some of the guns sight's don even work because the iron sight just cover it 2nd bug is one of the map you can just walk through the wall i recommend this if your board i kina recommend this to kinda also there are little people in this game
The control, it's super clumsy like I can barely control my actions in the game using my XB1 controller, please for God sake fix the issue, I didn't return to the game only to experience clumsy controlling. (2 stars for now)
This game was pretty good it's like battlefield 3 without all the tanks and vehicles and it's nice that it can run decent frames per second on some weak devices. The thing I really don't like about it is that you cannot really customize any of the button layout to make the controls more comfortable when I tried to adjust the controls on the options it just resets when ever I exit out a match so you cannot save the controls that you adjusted to make the game more comfortable to play sadly.
I would've given this game 4 stars if there weren't so many cheaters and modders, but still, I love this game, the only other thing I would change about this game is the recoil of the guns, it is way too low, making shots across the map with automatic rifles one of the easiest things you could do, so more recoil and less modders, please, thanks!
Need to be able to change size of buttons and the joystick on left of screen moving backwards or side to side is too slow and fowards is too fast if there could be ways to adjust that that would be fantastic. Absolutely stellar app, most fanstastic firefight i have had on mobile in terms of simulation realism along with pubgm and bulletforce but this app wins. For some reason small developers always make the most realistic games flight sims for example most realistic is gsww2 from phanotek.
It used to ve really good Now it sucks. If you watch ads you dont get money. After playing a mstch and getting money it acts like it doesn't exist. Only thing you guys did was disable attachments and remove being able to kick hackers.
This is the greatest moble game I have ever played. The updates that keep coming are helping the game tremendously. Many problems have been fixed. Currently, there are two things that I wish were in the game. With the vote to kick feature, good players are constantly getting kicked from the game because new players either think they are cheating or don't want to play against them. The second thing is that there is no MP7 in the game. Developers, please add one to the game. It would be amazing.
93R pistol don't shoot straight it shoots upwards. Ads are never available so u can't buy attachments which are most important , each kill earns you 100 cash but you can't use the cash for anything, Older players who already have attachments pick of new players from miles away. I am just sore that I can't be a sniper cause there is no way to buy 8 x scope as cash through kills of capture flag don't register please fix
It doesn't connect to the server after playing once, tried restarting the internet, force stopped the app, tried clearing the app data and cache but still doesn't work. Please give me a solution. Gameplay wise very entertaining and controls need a little more polishing and customisation options but overall I got used to it as I've played this before. Please my above problem though.
one star because all of the hackers its not fun to play anymore me and my friends used to play alot until now every server has atleast one hacker please fix this.
I like this game it could use tweaking at least for some guns like vΕ‘s scope but I like it because there are these spots in maps that normal players.can access it's so fun to discover them and see how people get rekt and yeah the hackers it's quite rare for me but they come on populated servers .other than that the gameplay is good and controls could or should be adjustable at least for button size other that a fantastic game .if you want to add something new map or new spots in the old ones
Was pretty fun but there were too many bugs that everybody exploited and now all the servers are empty due to people quitting after being killed through a wall
Hi please add better lighting better grenade explosions , roles such as rifleman support ,new maps like deserts, veichles like a10 ,su25 apaches humvees and better atachments like m203 grenade launcher acog scope and an eotech sight and offline mode.
Just reaching to say that you all have an excellent FREE game. Did you guys plan on any new bug fixes, anti cheat coding, glitch fixes and such with the game? I think you all should continue to develop the game further maybe new animations (high ready double sprint, shell ejections, etc.), maybe new guns and attachments, maybe character customization, maybe voice chat in game.
Love the game but it's not as possible to do anything now. With the vote kicking system, you can get kicked from a server for no reason or for being too good. I know, it's happened to me alot and I've witnessed it so many times. The second the cool down ends there is a votekick being initiated on a random person. Maybe it will be you, maybe it won't. Only thing we can do is be horrible at the game and hope that lowers your chances of being targeted. Please fix this.