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CN Arena All Stars

CN Arena All Stars for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by POPJOY GAMES located at POPJOY GAMES Nunhyeon-ro 79-gil 8 Einet Building B1, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 06237 . The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It has gotten ridiculously difficult in story mode, every pack you get through the campaign and repeat ones are Adventure Time for some reason. A whole bunch of modern cartoon network characters and that is all the story gives me. Hopefully some more balancing is added and maybe some classic Cartoon Network characters. I have been stuck at 8-5 for over a month now and can still only get Adventure Time characters from the packs the game allows me to get.
Love the game so far! All the characters are so nostalgic which makes it different than the other online card games out there. The only issue I have is that whenever I'm battling in arena, the connection drops and it restarts the game. It only works when I use my mobile data which is not good for me haha
the game was so much fun but how come at 1vs1 the newbies are being match with the experienced one, as a new player I feel this is unfair cause they one have a lots of high level cards and of superior(?) card. I wish that you could fix this in the future, all complains aside i was really enjoying playing the game and hoping it will improve more. thank you to developer and team ❀
Hey game developer fix your bot tower level and card level, i'm just level 9 but I have 2800+ trophies then I battled your bots and its so damn hard to win because the tower level is 13 which is the maximum and the card level of the bot is also at max fix your damn game. I do not even gain any trophies. This game is such a waste of time. It's supposed to be a fun game because of the characters but you noob developers choose not to.
Hey, um.....I'm kinda sad because this really is an ideal game. But after two days of playing it, it won't load in anymore. And maybe, you can make a mechanic where we can battle with our friends without getting in a kingdom.
The games is great and I love it but can you please add more steven universe characters for a new update?
This game is awesome but when I downloaded this and it will say downloading of additional patches and can you please fix that
It was really fun. The graphics great and the controls arent hard to understand. I just hope when new things come in you are instructed on what to do or given at least a hint on what possible thing to do. Not that I have to guess. Especially when a set of new cards come in and they are repeating, can we trade them? What happen to it? Does it get stacked? Or it adds to the previous and similar card? Thanks.
I love playing this game. I hope you can improve the arena battle where you still can battle with data connection not just wifi πŸ˜…
Like any other people say "I cannot download this because the game said failed to download patches 😭" in my ocassian the same thing happend
I really want to play it but "im not connected in the server" so i cant, can please help me with this? I really want to give this game a chance . I wish i can play . If the producer really gnna fix the problem, i would give it a 5 stars :)
Hey, please stop and if you are thinking why this good game is turning bad and read the full article . So let me tell you that in the past popjoy had released a game "yoddha deva sangram" and the game was so good that it gains many reviews day by day but after 2017 i dont know why they stop updating the game and suddenly players started to uninstall the game and in 2020 i found the game is missing from play store . And the same thing is happening with this game. I think they all died.
So level 1 newbie can beat lvl 10? How the hell did a lvl 1 able to join arena? How did a level 1 be able to get cards that wont be able available until lvl 3? Very suspicious so i uninstall it. Too bad, not interested with broken system
bad experience in pvp ,fix the connection so the player can enjoy the game,,sometimes the game already started but cant play the game
I ain't gonna lie. This game is good. The AI gets stronger and stronger through out story mode, online mode has good graphics. But i think they should make the AI weaker. Cause it will help me win more. I'll to play more of this game, but my phone does not have enough so that i can install the new update. But this game is good. Everybody should download this.
Wont even get past log in screen, keeps trying to tell me "download of additional files failed" it won't even attempt them. Need fix now.
What's wrong with my device? I always wait for at least 2 minute for the battle. I love this game, but I really want you guys to fix this error plz I want to keep this app on my phone I don't know why but these days I can't battle with someone. Today, I entered your app about 4 times to play, but I couldn't since I had to wait for over 2 minutes Plz fix this quickly
It's fun to play this game as you have a lot of warrior types of cards and you can use them. The good part is if you are bored with some cards in your deck and you have some new cards you can really exchange the old card with the new card. I actually wanted to request that if the cards can charge up fast when we are in a battle and we want to use it because it so slow and our opponent gets a chance to win.
I downloaded, uninstall and reinstalled the game unfortunately I am still unable to play. Shared that download patch has failed and unable to run the game.
Change my mind this game is so difficult in story mode I hate it and enemies always win I don't even have a chance to win it's so hard this game sucks πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
I love that there's tons of characters in the game but right now I'm only getting Adventure Time characters because there are 7 worlds so every world unlocks the possibility for a new character from another show. I love how fast paced it is and I did get disconnected one time but it connected me immediately. I wish my kingdom just have more players activs during my active time because I want to complete the event challenges. I sometimes am forced to battle a 1v1 even when my slots is full which makes me sad.
This Game is Great at all, but The Arena Matchmaking is a load of Baloney!!! Fix Something Even Better than That!
This game is really lag and unbalanced. Other players play like they were made to win. You "helping center" keep saying "login to claim reward and use stragic card deck". And look at my deck, Adventure Time cards are now all lv 11 while the important cards to past world tour are pysiclly impossible to get. now stuck a WHOLE YEAR at world 8. Why the other players and computer are so OP. Clan members never online or donate. Unable to chat freely so is masively uncomfortable. I swear dont ever play
Its honestly a fantastic game, the only two problems are the CPU feels like it's been turned up to 9 and the recommended cards have legendaries which are super rare and force you to buy more packets for the slightest chance to get the unit you need
Every Time I Try To Play It Says Download Of Additional Patches Failed. Reinstalled, It Did Nothing. Fix This Stupid Bug Please.
I am a new player so i really wanna know how can play in world tour because when i press the play i only get to play arena and when i wanna play arena it says it not the seasons so i kinda stuck in this game.about the Korean language in the play just what is wrong with this game.this game is so different from the gameplay in YouTube
When i installed the app, he says "download additional patches failed" so i unistalled and reinstall it again, then he says it again. that's why i only rated 1 star..
Ohh thats sad because its available in android 6.0 ;( now I can't play but I like this when I see this in YouTube
CN apps are always the worst so I don't recommend installing this app there are many more interesting apps more than this one the internet connection in this app is very low, so try just watch the cartoons intead of downloading the crummy CN apps!
The only problem is the matchmaking in arena it takes way too long,but when it doesn't it matched with an opponent with super strong character and high ranks
Used to enjoy this game. With recent updates, the game is so much harder to win without having to pay for coins to level up cards through in-app purchases. I haven't had a new character card in weeks through the packs. I'm at level 8 and have only win a game every 10 losses. The game is just very frustrating now.
Dear developer, This is a really great game with great potential. The downside is new players are being matched up with high level/experienced players which makes the game feels one-sided. I hope you guys can fix the matchmaking system to make the game fairer. Thanks
Haha this game so cool babyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but power puff girl I'm not like power puff girl guys really ok really so much but I like this cartoon this name this The Amazing world of Gumball πŸ€— and i like cartoon name we bear bears
Something's always missing in the game every monthly update: (1) status of the club members have been disabled (green, yellow, red). I use this to track and exile inactive members. (2) How am I supposed to communicate better with my club mates if all I have are templated replies? (3) you're losing players. I used to get Arena opponents anytime, now I have to wait forever to find one. I love this gameβ€”I already spent thousands in respect to the devs, but please be consistent in little things.
Won't let me play the game. Consistend prompts on failure to download additional resources even if I have a stable connection and lots of space.
It is fun but about steven universe i have pearl and steven it should be fuse and bevome rainbow where is amethys and where is sunstone anyway if there is amethys there should be alexandrite, sugilite, smokey, and obsidian
A kid at heart like me love the gameplay. Its fun and entertaining. One setback is that when you lose internet connection just a couple of seconds? Youll be surprise your enemy already smashed you big time. I wish there is a way to prevent this. Or somekind of a notification or timer to give you a chance to get back on your game where you left it. But of all the fun thank you developer!
The game is fun and all but it says download of additional patches failed and it has been months and I really want to play this game :(
Can you improve it pls... I signed in and it keeps on saying " Download of additional patches failed " when I accepted it, it randomly kicks me out of the game.... Its just soo annoying... When I restalled it again and accepted it all and logged in it just keeps on doing it... So I advice you to fix the problems of this application 😭😭
It's totally awesome but can you fixed the arena because I ever win the arena then I got to pick the card from other people then I have to get out from the game
This game is way too difficult to complete I've been stuck on 8-5 for a very long time now. And also in the arena battle when I battle in the legend arena I always lose connection and when I reconnect I already lost its becoming annoying.
The game was good but the arena forcefully lost connection to server ,please fix that... I have a stable internet here.
I love it but it stop at work so I give from 1/10000000000000000 πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
Have installed this game twice. Have uninstalled this app twice. Both times it always says download of additional patches failed. Then the app just quits...please fix...(my tablet with android 6.0.1 os was factory reset n still has more than 2GB left of storage space n is free of any virus/malware n play store did not show me the "this app may not be optimized for your device" message prior to installation of this app...
I like the game but,Can you guys put offline mode so game is more exciting..If you put offline mode your game will be more fun..
Ehhhh i didint play it because i installed this game 5 times and it kicks me out of the game and says im not connected to the server
Some players using cheats. When you watch the replay its evident that they still has a low mana but then, they were able to place a high requirement mana character. This is so upsetting because it is really unfair! I hope you have a report option so you can check on yourself as well. It's so disappointing!!!!
Hate it.Waste of time 3.Omg! To think it can't get worse! It keeps saying can't connect to see er in the middle of battles and when I come back it shows I lost the battle! 1.Package takes too long to open. 2.Free candies is BS. I've taken 2 maths quiz and both showed I got 90/100 even though I got 100/100. I checked in Google.The suryes are annoying. When you say it takes 10 mins you dont count the time required to get qualified. I spent at least 3 hours And didn't get qualified!
Why cant i enter the game? It only says you are not connected to the server. Excuse me!? I have good wifi.. and so many people are saying the same thing! AND YOU ARE NOT FIXING IT. You only bug fixed it, A YEAR AGO!? PLEASE FIX THIS
The game doesn't function very well and the matchmaking is unfair. I will give a better star review if you fix all this. And the gameplay is LAGGY! If my internet connection is strong, it doesn't let me do anything. And I played before, and it said my opponent left, but when it actually loaded it said that I lost. Please fix.
this game is great cause you can join clubs and compete people on any contries I give this rate only four stars cause every time I almost win it keeps logging until I loss and when im in world tour that wifi with the x icon keeps disturbing me on playing
I love this game the only problem is that it says error when I join But I have an idea for world 11 it can be the unikingdom from unikitty Legendary: hawkadile,master frown Hero;unikity,dr fox , brock Ultimate: Richard,dr foxes lab Rare: puppycorn Normal,robots
After the new update the game has been a little boring , the game which was before the update was kind of nice than the new version and the arena free season was good too . So if you can return the arena free season for once more it would be nice for me and all fellow CN Aren All Stars players . And the time that you have gave to complete a match in challage is a bit hard for me but if you could increase the time it would be better to play . But anyway I like this game .
The best game ever i love it so much but i want a update request pls i want the steven universe characters fuse pls it will be awsome yay and also what is error "download of additional patches failed" 😐
I can't open it, no matter how many times I try, but it was working before. Now I can't even play it anymore.
I have never played such game using the cartoon network ip. It gets exciting every game because we meet new players every game. We can steal adorable cards such as we bare bears and power puff girls.
I really like this game a lot like yeah i like how they fight with the cards and the cards are from different moveis i like these cards i well say the cards i like i like steven perl ruby sappifire and connie the Crystal gems and pls put amythist in
Can't play the game. Keep saying download fail even though I have an excellent wifi connection and lots of spaces in my device. Before I can play this game and it's ready fun but now I can't even play. Please fix this! I know many people have the same issue so please do something. It'll be a waste if we can't play the game but the game itself is fun.
I alredy playd this when i was little Actually last time when i reach on bear bears stage it didnt give me any characters only ice bear someone plz give me a guide and Can you add teen titans and make this game more easy
I love this app it had all my favourite characters in cartoon network.I also loved the rules and how to play this app.I really loved the arena contest if you won you got points and if you have complete the pack (gold-legendary lv.pack) you can claim it,I loved it because i've claim the powerpop girls,we bare bears and the steven universe hero.I REALLY LOVE THIS APP
The computer is too difficult and often times frustrating. I wish there was a farming system to get more resources, maybe a trading system where we can exchange cards with other cards that we want outside the guild system.
Please tell them add offline mode becuase its so boring without offline mode please udated this and fix it please
Dear sir or madam, Will there be update for next week since it is November already?The last update was 26/8 already! Thank you. Yours sincerely, Samson Lai
it is fun to play, and with tons of your favorite CN characters, you will spend days to collect all of it. But it not without its flaws. The gameplay is fun, yes, but it is too much like clash royale. a bit more creativity would help here. and because how much characters there are, it is not easy to understand the mechanics of each card, or what its role is. afterall, 3 stars will be my score.
This Game Is Broken . Can You Fix It?.It's Have Been a Month Now.Guys I Think The Creator Is Dead.I Just Spend My Money For Nothing :/ . Fix It Or Continue To Be A Bad Game
Yo guys r u really serious . Damn thrash game there is huge bug always saying " please wait a second wait a seconds !!! " Whenever I tap play button damnit trash!!!! Game ever 😠😠😠 waste of internet!!!
I love it in general but there are some things that i fell like it isn't fair. 1. why all card packs only have AT id?(except specific rarity packs and chest) 2. Is online arena really can't find any opponent around the world? And when it does the game keeps getting disconnected. (that only happen after i played for a while thou). 3. 8-5 and 8-10 is really overpowered. Like REALLY overpowered. Gnomes immediately after powerpuff girls? Is the CPU hacking? Other than that is a pretty good game!
freaking maintenance its too longggggggggg im bored and the match making itsssss so unfairrrrrrrrrrrr
The battle takes so long before to battle also if you got a fight to the others player its hard to win cuz your enemy is higher than you its like you level 5 but your enemy is 10 or 20
I love the gameplay it's quite simple and strategic but there is lack of characters. I think you need to add some more characters and worlds to make it more interesting😊. Overall i love game.πŸ˜‰
I liked this game so much but now when I log in, I have no wifi. And maybe you can add more we bare bears characters and gumball characters and maybe world 11 is teen Titans go! Maybe u could add the villains from teen Titans example, Trigon
I love it i wish they would add some gumball guardians card or a goblin army and even obsidian (steven universe)🀟
III... don't really like it. But the gameplay is not bad, the characters are pretty strong, but I feel like there's something wrong that I don't know
World 3 is way to hard can't pass it without good cards took me a month to past world 3 ai is too hard sometimes there needs to be another way to get hero's then just buying then in shop like a puzzle mini game or another mini game
The game is nice, i have played it ever since it first released and i love the new update where we can get free cards through world tour but can you guys pls fix the matchmaking system in arena, i keep getting paired up with players with an incredibly high rank while im just silver with not many cards compared to them and can you also pls increase mana cost of some cards like vilgax which are very powerful and can be spammed easily now due to the mana cost reduction.