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CluedUpp Geogames for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by CluedUpp Games. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Loved it!! We had a ball and look forward to the next time!! Lots of walking. Lots of fun costumes and great people competing. Thanks!!
Had a great time playing this was a cheap day out for 5 people, had some problems logging in but once that fixed was all good. We learnt a lot playing this one and the next one we expect we will have a better idea what we are doing. App worked fine, there were some things we could not work out, witness being in one place then not there, but overall 5 stars from all of us
Gps tracking blows. We had two groups of 5 running around, and we spent most of the time trying to find a phone that actually had its location near the marker. This was an app issue, as we had a mix of iPhones and Android devices that both struggled to get a stable GPS lock.
Super fun! We can't wait for another game to come to our town. It was super challenging & immersive. We played a game that put us on a high speed chase & we all laughed as we chased down a "suspect"
The app worked flawlessly but I wish the game would have had more video or audio feedback. As it is now, as you encounter suspects or witnesses, you have to read their statements.
I'm really surprised by all the great reviews. The app was confusing to use, the GPS was often off so we couldn't even access witnesses some of the time and the pricing markup is insane. Also, there was either a glitch in my app that made me unable to acces some of the tips/features or it's the most confusing app on the planet. To do the event you basically pay $40 to use an app. We thought maybe there would be actors on the street or something, but no, it's all just reading an app, they aren't even videos. After 1.5 hours of walking around the city we had no inkling of who might have done the crime and felt no interest in even solving the crime and we gave up. A boring, tiring waste of 1.5 hours of our lives and money.
My friends and I had a lot of fun solving the mystery. The voice acting and story was really well done.
Huge bust!! It was incredibly difficult to get started. No clear directions were given. We wasted an hour just trying to figure out how to start. So frustrating! Once we caught on it was ok. The riddles were clever but not difficult. But there was such a long walk between each clue it was hard to follow and keep up with the "plot". Definitely not a game for children or older people. This is a young person's game. Bring good friends, A LOT of patience, and maybe some alcohol. Very disappointed!
We just completed the Ripper Murder Mystery Game. It was so much fun. The app was fairly easy to use and made the game very exciting. It also included a great tutorial to help navigate through the game experience on the app.
We had a great time playing this game. It takes a little bit of getting used to how the app works..but once you figure it out, it's great. Could do with a few more instructions on how to use your items, and on how to ask questions use informants etc, bit overall a great game!
Great way to spend a few hours with friends! We were able to explore the city, interact with other teams, and solve a mystery. We will definitely do it again!
unfortunately my phone battery did not last long enough. Found the game confusing & difficult to follow on the phone. Sorry but very disappointing & will not be doing another or recommending to anyone.
Had so much fun running around looking for clues and interviewing witnesses. Racing against other teams and competing for prizes made it even better.
The mystery was pretty disappointing - repetitive actions and dull riddles. It would've been more engaging to separate teams, go to different locations and have a linear story instead of all clues/people being visible on the map. Maybe have different initial starting point, so people can choose separate paths and not meet each other all the time. It's annoying enough to have many groups of people hanging around a limited area of space, let alone amidst Covid-19 in the narrow city center streets.
App worked perfectly fine. Instructions were clear. UI could be a bit cleaner and polished. People who are confused, reading is fundamental. Dress up is optional, don't take it so seriously. People who don't like walking or "exercise", maybe don't play it? Overall, had a great time. The game is about having fun with your squad, not winning.
I like the new layout and design, very nice. I really like the new check list where you can indicate who is a suspect and who is innocent. Much improved over the last two years and playing is really fun as well! Would love a built in note taking system (such as highlighting stuff adds it to a note list), otherwise no issues.
Such fun! We had a great time going around the city trying to solve the crime. The app worked great and was easy to use. Will definitely play again!!
Great experience!!! Had A LOT of fun with the family and the kids!!!! Highly recommended for any age!!!!!
lots of fun, but a little hard to figure out how to navigate the app and locate clues and suspects. we didn't realize how to get close enough to suspects sometimes, until we realized we needed to zoom into the map more
We had so much fun playing this game!! Only con for us was that it was a little too self guided, we could have used a little more instruction on how to play and use the app but we figured it out...Can't wait for you to come back to Houston!
Great experience with the app, especially on a tablet. Clear graphics, quick live update on maps, and quality content. Had a great day back in some form of normality!!! Poss add on in future - a bot/programmed killer chasing the user, so we're constantly feel under pressure and on the move?
difficult to use if you don't have data consistently on, experience not as fun as was expecting it to be and the app takes up so much space and drains battery. dissaponted by ticket prices too, why did I have to spend so much money on tickets for something that's essentially if pokemon go was cludo
Concept is great!...Understanding what to do with the messages or riddles could be a little more user friendly and also what to do with asking questions. It wasn't clear what we were suppose to do with the time added or taken away after a riddle or question...With so many witnesses teams should be able to split up, and it would help to know if you are getting closer to finding the killer as you find witnesses...I enjoyed the experience overall and would play again🤗
Fantastic game with both virtual and physical aspects, whilst also including COVID safety guidelines. Puzzles, clues, and challenges require your thinking cap, but won't make your head explode from excessive difficulty. 100% recommend as a thrilling and fun way to spend your day.
Excellent idea and great app. Everything worked very well!! Only the language is a bit heavy for non native English speakers. Glossary would be a good idea, ir simplify the language. Everything else was great.
The game and app was super fun. A bit hard to understand in the beginning, but after a bit became more easy. The main complaint I have is the colouring of the app. The black background on a sunny day, looking at your phone is not optimal. We had to find shade during the game just to read the clues or see the map. Maybe consider changing the colour options so it's easier to see outside in the sun. Other than this, the game was sooooo much fun and we can wait to do another.
Great game but GPS doesn't work on Google Pixel phone. Cost us 40mins of game time wandering around trying to pick up clues! Developers should pay some attention to location access compatibility. I would play again if I knew we would be able to actually play! Great concept though. Keep it up!
We had an absolutely brilliant time playing this game. Such good fun and a really great way to spend the day with friends doing something a bit different. It was fab seeing all the teams dressed up. The app works really well and it was precise with locations for seeking clues and witnesses/suspects etc. I would highly recommend this game!
Played Jack the Ripper in Omaha. It was an awesome experience and our team had a blast! The app was a little confusing at first but as soon as I figured it out, it was a breeze to navigate! Will def play again if they're in Omaha again :)
The app ran very well and stayed in real time during the entire game. It was seamlessly run and perfectly integrated.
Neat idea, but points of interest are too small and getting them to trigger can be a lot more difficult than it should be and wastes a lot of time.
Somewhat confusing design and structure. Game is location-based but the relationship between location and game world was unclear. Narrative was pretty trope-centric and didn't have many hooks. It was unclear about what to do, where to go next and why we would want to continue the game in a moment to moment kind of way. Being penalized for walking over a question mark feels bad with no clear purpose. No real sense of choice or risk / reward. The bones are here but it's disappointing.
no purpose to walking around. would be more fun if locations you walked to had a purpose. could easily sit at home on couch and do this. wish it was more interactive not an app game.
The virtual version is really difficult and hard to follow. My group gave up because it was really hard, without instructions to follow, too much to read.
GPS sucked. the markers were inside buildings and didnt gave a wide enough range so we had to stand around for minutes at a time before it picked us up. the font size is so tiny some of our group couldn't read it. there were no explanation that pausing would result in a 20 minute penalty. And everything was text based, it should have video and be more interactive. we are intending to build a better app to take over your business.
Absolutely awesome that games like this are available, accessible and safe to use for us here in South Africa. Great to see so many people of all ages (I'm looking at you, gaggle of dolled up oumas & oupas) walking around and having fun. App is really well designed, clear to understand and really elevates interactive narratives to a spectacular level. I'm ready for the next one 💃
it's a good game. we had fun and got to explore the city. it does take a little bit of time to figure out the map and if we were walking in the right direction. I also couldn't join my team right away, so we only had one phone. overall I recommend the game and app.
Such a fun day exploring! Mystery was fun, dynamic & challenging! Really had a lot of fun getting into the character & story. App worked really well, online support active. The playing area was perfect size for adventure (not too small/not too big).
Really enjoyed my time playing ,weather wasn't great at times . Will know exactly what to expect next time .
Really fun geogame app mixing the real and the virtual! Good design and easy navigation. Geolocation sometimes takes a while and can be optimized.
Very fun. The Ripper them was epic and we had a great time. The clues would have been fairly challenging had we not some ringers who were on the ball with riddles and math. the chase caught us off guard but was great fun. would definitely do again!
This was a fantastic game. We loved it!! Brilliant experience and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking to have some fun with friends!!
could have definitely benefited from either a set start location or a slightly smaller search area, and riddles that make sense- some puzzles were just blanks shown at random and the blanks didn't add up to the word or the odd number out between 6, 11, and 13 being 13 despite 6 being the only single digit, even, non prime, or less than 10 number. Also would have like to actually have to find things maybe a qr code to scan or something, all in all it felt unfinished and not really worth the price
Really fun time, and the app functioned perfectly! The map was incredibly accurate and we were always able to find the next clue or informanr with no difficulty
We had a BLAST playing the event in our area. The online team was very responsive, the app worked well, and the case was very interesting and fun to figure out! Thanks Cluedupp!
The map would not adjust to where you are and the direction you are walking. There was a suspect that no matter which way we walked it would never trigger even though we were right next to the dot. The mini games need more instructions. Example follow the cop. Great concept but need to work out the issues.
Very fun game to do with friends while dressing up. The area covered is not too big and you can do it on a leisurely pace.
My family and I always try to find new and different activites that will be fun for the whole family. We were so glad we found this awesome event. It was a great way to get our steps in, use our brains and have our family work as a unit to solve a mystery. It was also a creative outlet for us to design team uniforms. We had a great time. The only problem is that these events don't come to our city very often. Thank you CluedUpp Geogames for a great experience!
Really disappointed with this. It was boring. Gps was a gimmick that meant basically nothing. The writing was rife with grammar and spelling mistakes. There didn't seem to be any rhyme, reason, or indication of which question marks to go to, they were just randomly punitive or not. As far as game design, it was just a little amateur, uncreative, and lazy (sorry y'all, you can do better). Nice to get out of the house during COVID, but otherwise a waste of time. We decided to leave early
super fun. great time with friends and family. social distance fun and exercise. walked about 4 miles.
Good, safe family fun. It took a minute to figure out which direction I needed to go, but that is more my map following skills, not a app problem.
This game was very confusing and hard to figure out we had multiple people ask us if we knew what was going on and our responsewas always "no". There was no rhyme or reason to what suspects to talk to or where to go and the locations were so far to walk to. We dress up, even dressed our dog up and didn't see anyone else dressed up and got a bunch of complaints and feel like we got cheated out of winning the "unique" costume contest. You would probably have more fun with an at home murder mystery