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CLUE Bingo: Valentine's Day

CLUE Bingo: Valentine's Day for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by TeamLava Games located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Teen (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I would give it more but it is hard for you to win bingos and wish it gave better prizes when u do win... Like everyone else I agree crashes a lot and they just say that it's your fault for not having a strong connection pffttt... I refuse to put money out on any game just so u can have better chances. Good time passer but just can't give it 5 stars sorry so many more other bingo games that deliver what they say and if problems happen they have no excuses in refunding or replacing lost or non given wins. Sorry not the best game
I'm all for in app purchase, but wow you basically can't play the game without forking over money. 24 hrs until you get more dice?!?! So boring. Have to wait a whole day for 10 minutes of play. Or pay a stupid amount of money to have the game available all day. A new low. Do better.
Love the game but every time I play the game goes off. U lose your tickets and it look like they would know when it does this and start back with your tickets. So I give u a4 star hope it gets better.
I've uninstalled and reinstalled this game 3 times now, but it still won't work. It will open to the basic game menu, but says "Oh, no! Downloading. Please wait" every time I click on something to try to actually play. Thanks for inviting me to play a broken game- it's useless.
Fun but crashes a lot after you have bought your bingo cards and says "this is an Internet game, you need Internet to continue".... ummm I have unlimited Internet access so this is bull!! Can be such a ripoff! Also once it states that you need Internet (which I stated I have), it eats your credits and you don't get them back. I have emailed my complaints and received a response to tell them my user name which I didn't even have set up, so then I tried to set it up and sign in and also had problems smh. Game needs serious work.... thieves.
I played this game reguarly up to this past week. Everytime I try it tells me I need a internet coƱnection. I have a internet conection and play other games and email. I don't know what is wrong or how to correct the problem. I have re-installed multible times and still no luck.
I love the game, but really annoying that you can't connect to FB. Can not get bonuses from friends or backup my game. Please fix, will give 5 stars if it is
Worst customer service of any app out there! Takes gems and dice and they will not replace, barely will email you 1/10 of the time. Sad thing is it's a great game but no business lasts without customers!!!
I spend alot of money on games I download. However, spending money on this game is way to expensive. I mean, if you want to buy dice to play you have to spend an ungodly amount of money to buy them. You consider a "pile of dice"...which is ONLY 5 dice when u have to spend between 25-45 dice on 1 game a "pile of dice"?? I love this game but until you make it logical to buy, I won't be buying anything. At least offer deals occasionally to buy some dice for a few bucks. When u make it reasonable, I'll give 5*.
Mustn't be supported on Studio BLU G phones because it crashes every few minutes. I have lost so many dice as a result.
The original Clue Bingo (not this Valentine's version) is PERFECT. Unfortunately, THIS themed-version has some glitches incl trouble loading and suddenly crashing during game play. GET THE ORIGINAL Clue Bingo, to avoid these problems. It's on GooglePlayStore.
I do suggest that you find a different way to get the jewels. Example, you could have it so you get the jewels from the achievements rather than downloading some other game to get the diamonds, because this is ignorant. I have fun playing this app and the time just fly's by when your waiting in a Doctors office for an hour. Have fun!
Crashes to often & then you lose everything. Also one can run thru dice way to quickly, especially given that it's a game of chance. Dice are not refilled until 24 hours later. Very frustrating! Try just want your money!
Keeps closing on me so I'm losing points and everything else and I know its not my fault every other games are fine but this bingo game
Would like it if they would quit throwing those stupid pop up adds up! It is knocking me off line and keeping me from getting my collectables and stuff. Please fix it! Not interested in the pop up adds for the games
Fun Game to play, but God forbid you should have an issue with it. They will make no efforts to correct the problem, nor do the show any concern over it.
Both the clue bingo apps kick me out. I really enjoy the apps but it is very irritating. Your monopoly bingo use to do the same thing but since you've updated it the app seems to work a lot better for me. Please do the same for the clue apps. Thank you :)
Very fun game...has glitches and shuts off when memory progresses or if you run more than one app. Seems like. Play runs better if you shut everything else down first. Needs a way to have dice and credits returned to you when glitches happen. Not fun or fair to pay and then have no play. Please please fix this. Other bingo games acknowledge and return immediately upon glitch or shut down. Otherwise, the game play theme is great !!!
Would give it more stars if the game reimbursed the stars you lost when it crashes on you. It takes 24 hrs. for dinner e refill unless you pay for them out of pocket which is a really steep price, and then to have them lost during a glitch is too much. I have lost 12 dice in one crash while playing in a room. It is extremely frustrating.
It's a simple and fun game, but the pop ups for buying more dice and all the events can get a little obnoxious. Just a simple pop up when an event or offer starts is enough, and leaving the option open on the screen is plenty of reminder
Love the game but I'd give it 5 stars if it wasn't so hard to get dice so I could play more than once a day and if didn't crash so much, also I'd love to be able to play both this clue and the original without them both syncing up and everything from one being the same as the other. I think my dice and money on one shouldn't roll over to the other game, that makes no sense to me.
Attempted to play game, game automatically closed or and I lost my dice :( not pleased, especially since you have to either wait 24 hours to get more or purchase dice to continue playing. Total rip off
Have been playing all Storm 8 games for over a year and every last game crashes, taking the truckers it dice it whatever you wait 24 to get. I have notified the makers several times to be told that I have to do extra stuff for the game to work. Also was promised replacement to what kept being taken in the crack and never received. Nerve racking and a disappointment
You need to give dice more often not once a day. Its fun to play for a whole 5 mins you get to play. Need to improve payout & maybe give dice when you level up. I'd buy dice but not worth the $ for little amounts you get. It also rips you off your $ or dice when you can't get into game. A warning that you can't get into game would be nice before spending $ Was fun to play but now just rip off
The game loaded find but none of the rooms would load. The game just stalled. I've had problems every time I try play this game. I am uninstalling and won't play it again.
I wish you guys would come up with something where we could play more than one tournament. I hate waiting so long to play that and the game
I'm really enjoying this game so far. It has a few glitches n bugs that need to be worked out yet like I dnt like how u dnt get any tickets for leveling up. N I'm waiting to be able to socialize with other people and or fb.
Glitchy and constantly crashing. Very, very aggravating. Would be a good game otherwise. Also attempted a $5 gem purchase and ended up getting a $10 one (unintentionally) that never got credited it to me. Upset. Would not suggest.
The sound has gone out. Still works on your other bingo games, but not this one. I can't play as many cards if I cannot hear what number comes next. I hope this gets fixed. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it fixed nothing. I guess I should consider myself lucky that all my progress wasn't wiped. I've spent real money on this game, and now I feel it was wasted because I can't play as I like :-( please fix it
Was having a great time playing until my screen started blacking out, lost dice and possible bingo. Just might be an uninstall if not corrected somehow or dice given back.
I downloaded this version thinking it was different than the original Clue Bingo because it takes to long to get more dice to play once you run out. So I seen this one and I noticed when I opened this version it was exactly the same a the original I am on a limited data package and if I had known this version was the same one I already had I wouldn't have downloaded it. You should give dice for leveling up like ALL the other games do. I am uninstalling this version and the regular CLUE VERSION
In this version there are more rooms added to play, as well as weekly challenges to earn gems. I'm unable to send gifts which is unfair for Android players
I would give 5 stars if you ever get bugs out...everytime I go to play lately i am in game ..picked cards and boom..it kicks me out in mid game I lose dice used and get nothing!! You need to fix this
I love the other bingo games u make, this one is cool too however unlike the others there is no dice reward on level up like the other bingo games. Without that the play time per day is shorter... Dice go so fast.
You run out of dice then got to wait hours to play again.. All bout money. I wouldn't recommend this game to no one šŸ‘Ž
After u buy cards the game ends all of a sudden and it dont replace dice even if u didnt get to play and it takes to long to get dice for it to take them without playing. Don't waste your time.
This is one of my favorite Monopoly Bingos! But a few weeks ago I lost the sound at a certain point in the game, I contacted the support team, And they were on it. They emailed me back that they needed my Storm ID and before I could respond they had another email letting me know the problem has been resolved, And It Has! Thank you everyone who helped resolve my problem. It is greatly appreciated. (This is actually the fist app game that has responded to an email complaint and fixed the problem)