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Cluck Night

Cluck Night for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Coconut Island Games located at Room 305, Building A, No.1339, Chang De Road, Shanghai, China. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Not bad nor good ,had fun playing this game but seems pointless unless we pay to play cause the gold we gain are use only for upgrading stuff ,I would like the game to give us more options to use our gold
For anyone wondering if you should download this app, then my answer is a YES! Graphics have great quality, wonderfully made to play with friends, and has smooth controls. Love how strategic and brutal it can get! Although this game is an awesome getaway from reality, warn you that there are many bugs since the game is fresh and new. To the devs who created Cluck Night, my friends and I would like to give you a big THANK YOU for coming up with such a creative game! Keep on working hard!
A very prospective game but the connection makes it fail miserably, it never connects to server...on any network. Moreover, why on earth do you need the phone permission? And I should be able to get in if K don't permit microphone as well. Serious issues with permission management. Not recommended at all.
such a nice game and can have a tournament but lacks in characters and balancing, the chickens are kinda op because they destroy gens so fast i would suggest removing the bomb and reduce the destroying but increase rescue speed,and add roles like rescuer kiter and gen destroyer and pls just make the overall game balance like make us buy the characters and make more characters, like i have so many characters suggestions but i cant tell it here cause you can only write limited words.
Every single game we play all play not real play there are bots control every player in the game same like horrorfield Disappointed
["In-app purchases","Supports in-app purchases",[null,2,null,[null,null,"https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OHPOv1_KARAq6le0gvoUqeZ7Nr5SLmY5Jgbzutmg5LRcj3q_1lV_cgfPeuAB2mRFYDTC"] ] ]
Really fun and unique game! Can't wait for it to become more popular. And as for the people saying it's impossible to upgrade/get characters it's not. I've gotten and fully upgraded every chick but the time chick without spending a dime. You just need to go to shop and exchange your duplicates and farm boxes for shards. please Advertise this game it'd become tons more popular if you did. Classic games are mostly bots ATM but it helps you farm gold so its not too bad as for rank ques broken
Epic concept It just blowed my mind ! how in the world the developers came with so amazing and creative concept ! Its just fantastic Hope to see more in future
The herder bot stuck on destroyable obstacle for the rest of the game, many bugs, no players on ranked mode
Refuses to work without permission: To make/manage phone calls. To use phone mic. These are permissions I'm not giving to a game.
Good game so far, I love the concept! But I think theres much more to be fixed and improved. After I played a game, my friend list is gone, I can't invite my friends. Herder bots appear to be stuck in front of boards lol. Also, could you add private chat feature please OwO
Nice game,pls make more update,new map,new herder and fowl And sometimes when watching advertisements for prizes more sometimes not getting anything "even though watching full advertisements
It only saying lost connection... It not about my coverage is bad or what... Please fix this on asean server.. I will give it 5 start after it fixed.
It's a fun game for sure. I love the chickens in it. It needs more herder characters though. Also, a little buggy. The seasonal tournament matches won't load for me so I can't enjoy though and neither will Vs mode. But it's fun overall. I sure would love to play all of it.
I love this game it's really fun and u want them to add more characters I like how you can voice chat with players and play with really cool characters ;)
Overall, the games concept is nice. Games are fast but... the hoarder/killer is too fast and usually when you end up in a chase you will get downed without even reaching a pallet. Also, only one character can heal the others. My suggessions are, improve the UI (because it looks unpleasing), and give the chickens an ability to heal each other without usimg the specific chicken for it. And... THE PLAYERS ARE ALL BOTS!
Hii!!! I'am enjoying this game but is so glitchi the controler its hangeng and i'm verry enyoying this app pls fix the problem in here
I love this game so much. But now I can't creat room and play with my friends. Everytime I try the signal " You are lost connection with the sever" show up. My friends have that situation too. Plz fix it soon.
This app requests to have access to your contacts and messages. Why would a game need access to my contacts and messages? Uninstalling immediately.
Overall great game, just wish chance of getting shards from the boxes was higher (also if there are any other players seeing this, my user is coolmanalt)
This game is so fun fun to can pick you character and there even a battle I always win but I lose a bit and sometimes I'm a MVP but a little =w=
Many bugs in game, after played a game, my friends and i need to re-open the game to play together because we cant invite each other.
Why does this game want to access phone calls? πŸ€” This isn't normal at all! πŸ€” It's so ridiculous! πŸ˜‘
The game is great but i have a problem.. When im playing fowl or herder sometimes while im running the joystick would get stuck and ill just be running in one direction. And when im herder its a instant lost for me.
This game is amazing you should make more herders and fowls the ghraphics is great too i rate 5 stars
Very nice game. But while I play with friends, we cannot immediately continue next match, we need to close and open the app again and again. It so annoy. Please fix it.
Why daily mission can't be cleared. This is happen after new updates. Please fix it. My name in game is Sequel90. I change my review because they response my issue and solve it fast. Hope the best for this game and developer.
Why can't create room after upgrading? And also will very lag when playing. Actually these problems have get very long time but still no settle.
Pretty good predecessor of those dbd top view camera replicas. However the team and VS modes never work. I just can't seem to connect with my wifi or my data. Tried numerous times, but with no success. The speed when you're knocked down is like a snail, and the game ends when everyone is down, and not when everyone is being roasted. At least give players a chance to survive when they're downed. Gems need to be toned down a notch. Especially packages with their rarities. Other than that it's good
The game is great and fun but there is a ranking problem ( in herds) when u reach bronze III 2 stars and the next win will result to u to disconnect i wanna play with great players but how if i cant even rank up to bronze II if this problem gets fixed ill change my rating to 5 stars. Still its a great game
The game was great and here is why I say this it's because the game is full of BOTS no REAL PLAYERS the killer goes way to fast I can't even go past one game because of it and since the teammates are bots they don't even help and the lag is killing me, not only that but when I played this game again today it did not even load in it took me 2/3 hours just to get in a game FULL OF BOTS. Don't get this game if you hate bots or is inpatient.
Well this game is fun But in rank game its getting freaking boring even if i win the game... my star still not added.. Well i can see that my rank promoted but when the loading screen is finish after the game and i check my rank, the star still the same.. And not getting up (like what it shows when the game ends and I've won...) my star is still not moving up... Can u fix this error... Please
Wft is this??? Why does it ask for phone permission before letting you in the app? Why does it refuse to start the app after you deny that permission? It scummily says "permission required for statistics" then they lock you on a screen saying the game might not run properly without those permissions. OK, how does statistics like my personal info that you're after stop game from running properly ? Peices of shet developers, trying to strong arm you into submission
Absolutely love the game but WHY do we win coins when we can't use them for anything? Need to provide an option of advancing chicks w/ the coins vs shards (which you have to purchase w/ cash bcuz you can't obtain them w/in the game. It's beyond frustrating). I have a butt load of coins & can't do a single thing w/ them. Players need to advance chicks so they're not trapped as easily by those able to purchase gems/shards to advance their character/herder. It's not fair/even gameplay.
Poor Server always having problem. Spelling error. Room creation problem I had reply and attached in email. Please help to fix it thanks
This game is really fun!!! But it has a lot of bugs. It won't let me open the prizes I get from my matchs and I some times faze through walls when playing the hunter. However still a good game, it just needs bug fixes.
It is a Addicting Game.But why is the Graphic Settings is Bugging when I put the Resolution to Low it Restart High
Buggy as hell. Game resolution although set to high was somehow smudgy and pixelated, game concept was cool but gameplay awful. It's difficult ro navigate and control your character, and. Sometimes there is lag when pressing buttons to attack or take or whatever. Also, things are cut off of the edges of the screen so interface is something to work on. At the moment not playable enough for me
For some reason my fowl just gets hurt without the herder even hitting me and when my teammates try to revive me i can't be revived. Just fix the bugs on this game please
The game is good. But I hope they add more players but with balanced matchmaker. Like if there's 5 chicken, it should have 2 catchers. Because many players wants to play together but can not.
This game is fun but i have about a million things im not happy with. The load time is too long, the app is too big, the chickens roast too slow, the recharge time for the herder attack is too long, the game has a lot of stuff that it does not explain, the tutorial is confusing, the feathers dont even tell you what they do, the herder skill takes too long to recharge, it gives notifications leading the herder to where a generator is being fixed, i wanna complain more but i cant bye dont download
It's a great game but..... the game it's literally broken now the server have connection problems and even when I reconnect in rank mode the game don't give me my star cause I'm "afk" it's a big problem
The game is fun. The guys who are complaining about the herders skill cooldown and staggering is too low are noobs. I win 9 out of 10 games with just Leon. The only problem with the game is the Faction system and the matchmaking system. Matchmaking takes to long when you joined the Herder Faction. Also, please do make penalties for players who dodge matchmaking in VS mode because I don't think Herder Faction will ever win against the Howl faction. Also, kindly fix the stuttering as well.
Pretty good game but it's simple and bland, I don't hate it I really think that the game is good as it is but there are alot of features that could added and some improvements but 8/10 would recommend but will not play that much
Lot of bug and error. such as i can't end game even i rich the exit, friends list missing, the hunter stuck wont' move any more easy win -*- , The most worst thing for this game is room match very BAD, etc.
This is good I like chasing and hunting games pls make more of this like others like bigfoot or rake like horror hunting
This game is great but there are major issues that prevents it from being 5 stars. One of those being it takes waaaaay to long to open a file that makes it difficult to get a character I have to watch an ad to play the character I want (Xerox send me him my account is Herment) and the killer kelly is broken. She has a fly that reverses your control's but it doe's it for way too long. Besides that it's a great game with a lot of potential.
Overall, might be a good game but I have to uninstall as the game wants a permission to access my phone call(why?) and even audio recording (up front?).
Please dont put bots in ranking mode. I'm in running fowl team and when i join solo ranking,the game always give me 3 stwpid bot teamates...and high rank herder...no way i can win like that. Are there no any other human players? (Srry 4 my poor english)
What a banger fortnite can't compete with this neither Minecraft fnaf or the classic Steve and Maggie Halloween. It's amazing the graphics are ahead of its time and are better then spiderman ps4. To say its rippin off fortnut and KFC the game it truly does make my heart race in fear that the chickens are gunna cut the electricity. But an absolute brill game brings a tear to my eye pls add hunchback of notredame as a playable chicken as well as hillary clinton and Joe Biden. Also add Kanye West.
Please decrease "Herder" attack cooldown time,it took forever,like....making the game feels very unbalanced.
This game is really good! The characters, art and gameplay. One thing that is making it dissapointing right now is everytime I play with a friend, the Friends list does not load anymore and just shows "Loading". Please fix it, that's it.
Yeah this game needs more popularity but it still has some bugs. Like sometimes my jockstick is stuck at one direction then it crashes but overall this game needs more respect.
The gameplay is fun but i have issues people camp when we still getting roasting and there's 1 alive they camp us could you like stop the roasting when the hunter is near the chicken so its fair and no one can camp
The game is super great but when daytime in the game its super hard because the hermen can see you now i tried so hard but we lose bydaway the grahpics is good and controls its super easy my issue is the daytime so can you fix it pleaseβ˜ΊπŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‹πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜