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Clone Evolution: Cyber War RPG

Clone Evolution: Cyber War RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Feelingtouch HK located at RM 1701(228) 17/F HENAN BLDG NO 90 JAFFE RD WANCHAI HongKong. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Changing my review to one star... one of the most quietly buggy app games I've ever played. Equipment disappears without a trace, you dont get the rest of the campaign rewards when the exp stored up causes you to hit a level that unlocks a new building, random floating ghosts of enemies that are actually dead in battle mode. Was a bit fun at first, but overall meh game. Would be 3, maybe 4 stars without the bugs.
Terrible game play with no control at all, multiple shop using too many kinds of currentcy, too many item with unknown use (item description is trivia and not useful), ridiculous "evolution" that waste too much and too little (to evolve something from purple to yellow, material are all purple from beginning, not purple that evolve from blue)
It's fun easy and if you play your cards right youl get to level 20 in an hour or 2 I'd recommend it to pretty much anyone that likes mobile games
Extremely stingy game! Love this genre, but this was very disappointing. Days to save up for 10x advanced summons only for mostly green heroes, the few blue couldn't even be upgraded to purple. No real option to get perfect scrolls for decent heroes. Store packs are way overpriced, nothing under $4.99. If you're p2w you might like it, but if you're f2p or even semi f2p don't waste your time. The games it copies do it much better.
the best game ever I started playing for a reward but I just love this so much. The clones are so creative and the game play is fun. I actully have downloaded it on my Chromebook also. I don't even mind the RPG type battles. It is so diffrent from anything else I have played, and you don't have to spend money to play even though you can of course.
Outsourced support by Helpshift is very poor. The absolute lack of a reasonable response to in-game issues is unacceptable. The game continues to be riddled with bugs. You can expect bugs and multiple updates any time a new feature, character or event is incorporated. Stay away!
The game used to be great but the developers have gotten far to greedy with most things now costing a stupid amount of money
Its the same experience as everyone else, game is grossly stingy, giving you 20 gems for rolling two slot machine roles, and 30 for achieving a new rank, its not the type of game tjat seems to encourage you to want to continue playing, i imagine a week or two before alot of people burn out from how slow the grind becomes, im used to gatcha games i play idle heroes, that game gives you 100 gems every day on login, 150 for all daily tasks, i hope they change this or they'll die out.
Came here for a low reward challenge in another game. But the only way it would even give one gem before the time ran out is if I sink 50$ in this game. Other than that itgets boring quickly.
Amazing game great graphics nice characters and just over all a really good game keep up the good work
Pretty good for only 5 minutes and then it get boring and your stuck on a level for a while unless u spend money
#®CloneEvolution isn't like any other game engine, that I've played in the Managing Character's prepping for battle, via Leveling & Evolving, due 2 IT HAVING SUCH A WIDE VARIETY OF WAYS 2 get your Characters UPGRADED that are Really Helpful!? (*IT'S NOT PAY2ENJO ie.- In a Fair to Lower Leveled Player's type of Arena, & an Auto-Battle Campaign, That u set who's in the team, & a cool thing is that: u have the freedom 2 deploy any № of Characters 1-6 to fight!) ThxDevz! Ps-Plz Add an Auction mode¿¡
FYI: 3 WEEKS TO ACQUIRE ORANGE HERO. I only downloaded this game so I could get gems for another game, however it kept my interest and it's pretty fun. It's basically a turn based rpg done different. It's very fun and you can play how you desire. If you wanna game all day, if you wanna play casually.. you can even level your heroes when you're afk. The only negative thing is the interface is not the best. It could be a lot more user friendly and pleasant to the eyes.
Amazing artstyle and clean user interface! Gameplay is smooth and objective is cleaar. This game obviously had passion put into it, yeaaah it has its pay to win factor in it but that's just how idle games work- im a big fan of idle games and this game is very unique in terms of artstyle and gameplay, truly a piece of gem!
This game reminds me of Borderlands meets typical character battle game. It has some interesting differences but the biggest thing I like is even though you CAN spend money, but you can get really far without spending a dime. I've been playing a few days and have an all purple team, over 170K power. It's worth a try.
EDIT: ALL THIS TIME PLAYING AND NOT ONE PERFECT SCROLL!!! THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!! Game is way too stingy, gives you NO WAY to get those Perfect Scrolls - which means no high end chracters for you! Evidently an attempt to strong arm cash from players. This game has some great graphics, reminds me of Borderlands. BUT... getting upgraded heroes is basically RNG. Not many chances to summon higher level heroes. Progress starts to bog down as you keep playing.
Stay well away from this game, dont even waste your time for a huge reward for another app. Game is so rigged to stop you getting needed heroes to gain any orange hero.
The ui is broken when I tap on hero to develope in training area in tutorial the menu doesn't show but it keeps asking me to tap in that area. I have reinstalled it and it's still not working... I can't progress.
I started playing the game as a way to earn extra change for a game that I regularly play. It actually turned out to be a pretty awesome game and have so far enjoyed it very much. It explains itself well, easy enough to play and has a lot to keep you busy.👍
Pay to win. Multiple times my purchases were screwed up, one time I requested a refund when I didnt get what I paid for and they gave me a "warning" for being deceitful when their stuff wasn't working. This game is full of bugs. Save your time and money.
Do not bother playing the most pay to win game ever they make it impossible to get an orange grade character without spending hundreds of dollars. Would not recommend playing unless you plan on spending hundreds. Would rate a 0 if I could
I installed for tapjoy offer. It's been almost FOURTY DAYS and I still haven't gotten a orange hero. I never hated a game so much. These devs are scum if the earth.
I want to report a bug: If a player's heros count is at max and he/she tries to purchase x10 clones with 2000 diamonds, it reduces the currently owned diamonds by 200. There should be an alert message that says something like: "Your hero capacity is full. You cannot purchase more."
I have only been playing for about a week but I like this game so far...there is a lot to do to keep you busy and the game is easy to learn and fun to play, if you don't mind the grind. I already have four purple characters and am working on getting my first orange (the highest color of character you can achieve) but I see it is going to take some time. All in all though, this game is entertaining.
i play this game since there is a reward for this once i got yellow hero, however once i had it, i did not get any reward on cointiply..what a shame
The game is awesome but glitches out quite often. Just have to exit and restart app. Still a great game.
I love this game, the only flaw is that u gotta wait for a whole day to get some activity. The only activity u got when u already done with all the tasks & mission is arena. & Not much u can do in arena. Kinda wish that devs would add a few things to make the game more exciting without waiting for a whole freaking day.
It is a good game, it has been really fun for me. I'm lvl 80, but I have a question, how you put a shield (like the Earth class shield) on your heroes front line no matter the class they are? I've seem that on arena and I don't how to do it :( help me pls.
It's dull, repetitive, and I really hope kids don't play this because some of the cards are downright 18+ (Uncrowned Queen seriously?). Getting certain items requires gems or tavern which itself is pay to play or grind for hours until you have enough heroes equal to what the tavern tasks require. Don't recommend.
Great game, I started the game to get a task done in another game but quickly became addicted. Love the game but it's kind of annoying on the of the stuff it limits
Not a lot of information given for events and game play in game. Costs for items are way too high for what is given. This game won't be successful in comparison to competitors prices. Fix this.
I really wanted to like this game, I liked the art style of some of the characters. Dumped hours into the game but it is extremely pay to win. The people who dumped the most money on my server drove me to not play the game because they basically claimed all the good rewards. They need to seriously split the whales and put them all on their own server. Was fun was it lasted...
The graphic design is great. sometimes I'll get small lags and buffering but when I do, its never that bad. I've been playing this game since I downloaded it and I also put a lot of money into it. This to me is a GREAT video game.
Tell me how I'm twice someone's power level and yet they beat me in the arena? Misleading, I'd say. Nothing i do matters. Higher star level, better quality heroes.. still losing. Makes no dang sense.
Fun game love the unique line setups only complaint is needs better optimization it's a bit laggy and can freeze--> has now been fixed!! THX
Thanks again to the staff that took care of my login issue. Great game and time killer. Would give it more stars if I was able to do so. Safe to say I really love this game. Give it a try :)
My only gripe with this game title is on PC it takes way to long to load. Otherwise I'd give it 5 stars!
asked ne to rate it before I could play long enough to give a decent review so MAYBE, if i play and like it. Later I MIGHT remember to come back and give it a real review. . . .
do not install this gamee!! They scam you and force u to buy vip levels that costs up to 12k dollars and they arent of any value too! Plus they reduce rewards every event so u buy moree! If you are trying to play this game stop right heree
It takes 20 minutes to load past the title screen every time you log onto it and stops right at 96.8% every single time and refuses to continue
I wasn't expecting to really like this game when I installed it to get rewards on another game. However, the crazy characters, the unique theme and gameplay really got me hooked. What I also like about the game is that sure, you can advance faster with cash but it's still interesting and balanced regardless of whether you want to spend money on it or not.
I don't know what are you doing or updating. I love and always play this game everyday but you updating is very horrible. Herey my list : 1. My heroes space is DECREASE over 20 (twenty) people (need more than 4000 diamonds). 2. My DNA is locked. Only cam add DNA heroes after level 30. 3. I'm not see anything new after updates. I Saw in Facebook group you mention same new place, but i only see nothing. Please fix it asap if you want all player comeback. For now, i will not playing before fix.
If there was an option for lower stars I would give this game it. The only thing I can say thats good about this game is the character design, other than that this game is trash. Crashes way too much, freezes a lot, not to mention the lack of freedom it has. Like why the hell is there not an option to disable autoplay, i get that it says its an autobattle game, but at least make the AI smarter and make better discisions. Also it just gets boring after a short period of time. Just add more events
Fun, turn-based combat, lots of great character art, hours of fun upgrading characters and gear, and great rewards in all combat settings
So far this is a fun little game, great premise. I hope it just gets better and does not whale out like most games... We shall see...
Decent game...Not a big fan of the auto battle and not being able to choose which fighter attacks which person...Not knowing which fighter goes first and how the order is arranged is a little confusing,but overall not bad...
Oodles of activities/quests, so has variety of gameplay. Lots of characters with different elements and powers, that get combined to summon more powerful versions. Combat is automated so can drag on and be a bit frustrating. Slower play if you don't pay, but provided me a few months of distraction.
Love it, level 73 at this point on this account which I have spent a couple hundred bucks on so far, my free to play account is level 60 and about half as strong as this one. It doesn't feel like you need to spend money at any point though if you don't you play the waiting game as parts of the campaign are level locked. Very addicting and the benefits of spending are good if you chose to do so. Will be continuing to play this one.
when will you start to show statistic. after batle i can only see who did the most damage. but who heals, who defends best is still mistery, no info. you should give more info even in creating hero. dont know who it will be unless i go see hero chart its a mess..
Its a heavy power creep game, with rigged feauteres(you wont get what you want, even if you try 1000 times(literally)), bad RNG same heroes over and over again. Those who are wallett warriors, for them its a perfect game... After 2-3 months this is a bad game, for f2p more so.
It is good but it should be easier to get gold players and you should be able to turn every person into a golden one and you should only have to put together 4 people because six is realy hard and it will take me along time. Overall it is a good game please just make it easier to get gold people. Thanks👍
Don't waste your time.. As other reviews have said, it's a MUST pay to win game, unless you have years to invest in it. I lose battles to weaker players on the regular. It's a very confusing and frustrating game, it took me a week to figure it out, by then, I had wasted quite a bit of resources. And if/when you do download and play, your dailies come in the same time each day, meaning there's only one time per day you're even able to accomplish anything!
Good game .. that's all I can say atm. There are some areas for improvement but overall it's a good game
It always crush or quit into the game. Barely enough only to see the feature of the game and then crush. I even never play it only getting to intro then stop. Please help me or else ill change a game.
Just started!! so far very fun uniqe game. I like the offline continuance of collecting. Graphics are good, not to hard to figure out. keep it up and I will upgrade to 5 star
This WAS my favorite game until now. I have been a monthly paying member of this game since I first started playing but, I did not receive the 30 days of 250 tokens daily that I paid for. I have submitted proof of pay from google play and my bank, server screen shots, everything and they won't honor the money I spent. Now, I will be uninstalling the game and will never play again. DON'T spend your hard earned money, if there's an issue, they WON'T honor it. They just point fingers and ignore.
Its super tough for f2p players, acquiring high tier heroes is hard as the premium draws will most likely give you rare heroes (instead of epic/legend), even tho 1 draw literally costs $10. The novice gear set is super good I suggest any serious new player to buy it, and I look forward to future intermediate/expert or higher tier special gear set pass cards in the future, but hopefully the price does not increase exponentially, as $15 for the items given could have got me 3 medium pizzas IRL.
Smooth gameplay,great graphics and easy play mechanics....but I may rewrite,as I play longer(early in the download)
Really enjoying this game, lots of ways to upgrade and power up which is always nice, however it does randomly crash when you play for long period of time.
I have run into a bug already where I am unable to choose which hero to consume in the tutorial. No idea how the rest of the game is due to this.
Pay to win. Multiple times my purchases were screwed up, one time I requested a refund when I didnt get what I paid for and they gave me a "warning" for being deceitful when their stuff wasn't working. This game is full of bugs. Save your time and money. I've also lost rewards and currency I've earned in game.
The game is slow, it loads real slow. Then there's the bug where the victory windows pops up in the hub area making it impossible to play the game and have to restart it. Compares to other game of its kind, the early game is really lacking in enthusiasm.
Downloaded this game for a reward from another and now it's my favorite game way different from all the other online games out there -edit- played for a few days now terrible game very pay to play there shouldn't be an option to spend $1200 for one pack I can't pass any level after 40 it's almost like I have to pay to pass more levels very bad almost as pay to play as castleclash just awful
I wanted to like it because I play other games with similar concepts. This game is among the worst in terms of graphics, game experience, enjoyment, and ability to play without having to pay. The tutorial might as well be removed for all the good it does. I spent the first 3 days just trying to grasp the basics and I still feel lost 6 days in. Clones are broken down into different categories but there is no explanation for any of it. Poor design. Poor execution.
decent game, i like the fact you don't need to spend big to compete. used a little google reward money and I'm vip2. with that I'm 15th on the server with a red hero. some more guild features would be nice
Over priced in app purchases and when you ask for a refund on a purchase not recognized Feeling Touch kicks you despite the thousands of other dollars I've spent
After 2+ years, getting tired of playing this. The frequent crashes are more than just annoying and nothing is being done to fix it. Where are the updates?! No bug fixes at all! Would not bother downloading this and the expensive costs (to advance) are just plain ridiculous. Avoid!
An absolute waste. I downloaded this game to earn points for a GPT site and I just couldn't bring myself to keep playing it, even for money. Firstly, the gameplay is horrifically dull. Secondly, the game is suuuuper P2W. Gacha rate is garbage too. Thirdly, it's downright tasteless. I like edgy humor. The caricatures of Hillary and Marie Curie made me chuckle. But making Hitler and Osama obtainable heroes and joking about their victims? That's just downright cringe. I wish I could leave 0 stars.
The gameplay is kind of fun, but the support staff is absolutely awful. I have a UI bug where I can't upgrade the VIP pass, and the response was "what do you mean by upgrade VIP" as if VIP passes aren't extremely common practice among games anymore. Upgrading VIP pass is self explanatory. There's only one thing called a VIP pass and the word "upgrade" has no connotations. Devs seems to have zero interest in solving problems
Good easy to follow get good team and level up pretty fast lot of it is auto play but you still have to equip and strategize not fully auto but battle is full on auto all in all been good so far for me
The other nice thing I can say is the artwork is cool.. Essentially an idle rpg with less content (they basically removed the aspects that were most beneficial to the player). Its most definitely pay to win, if not just pay to play (a lot locked behind vip walls), which is fine, but you'd be better off playing Idle Heroes or AFK Arena or any countless better options of the same game.
This game has more bugs than a goddamn ant colony. They have a discord for players where they give you 'support' but they laugh at the game breaking bugs that people tell them about. The do not care about you or your gaming experience, only your money.
you guys cheat. I completed an event task and you didn't even count the points so I could receive the reward.
The only way to increase hero experience and the player experience is through the campaign only? This becomes tough as the player goes on higher level And I played this game for more than 2months and still no orange hero Unless u intend to pay u can't do anything interesting in the game
I've had yellow/gold and red equipment just disappear out of my inventory witch is why I'm down grading asked about it they want a screen shot of something that's no longer there.
It's not cheap to play oh god no it's pure expensive to progress and it lags a lot and has too much loading runs to slow and it's too hard to get orange or red characters it was fun untill I open my eyes and realised if I continue playing I'll be paying over 100 pounds on the stupid game throughout game play adding it all up the game ain't worth the time or money and some things don't make sense there isn't a tutorial where there should be I'm struggling with chips and other things
Very cool art style to use for the game. It is very appealing. I would suggest implementing an optional more interactive approach to combat as opposed to automatic battle that would allow me to skillfully customize my battles along with stats to keep it interesting and dynamic.
Worst game I've ever downloaded. Everything about it made zero sense. Wish I could give it zero stars.
This is actually fun to play, it's just pricy to buy. Besides, I can get certain item in long term playing. I hope there would be online PVP where players can challenge online players and gain atleast reasonable experience and golds. I hope all hero color can be cloned even the grey one's. Right now I cannot connect that's why I have tome to write a review lol.
Just started, artwork style reminds me a lot of the Borderlands Universe, will update this after played more
Typical gacha money grab game. Collect heroes, collect resources, spend money to get ahead of your competition. On the plus side, it's frequently updated with new heroes, events, and other content. On the con side, there are constantly lots of bugs ranging from minor to extremely annoying, and the in-game support is very poor. The farther into the game you progress, the more it becomes purely about $$$ and RNG.
I like to test a game before I sink money into it. Since clone evolution is a rebrand I wanted to see how it differs from the original version. Sadly it was as expected, forced P2W in order to be moderately successful. An example of this would be the latest event. The first couple days of this event allowed the 'random' market to show the high end perfect clones scrolls. On 10 servers checking the market 3to 6 times daily no scrolls. It's to bad I had high hopes for this version of the game.
Advancement is slower if you don't have $$ but it's possible and gives a feeling of accomplishment. Others called it "pay to win" but it's more like pay to accelerate. Mostly optional. I've been playing for a couple years now and have 1 red quality & several orange quality "heroes", all earned honestly. I try to get to my daily tasks daily :)
This game has and new twist on an old style of game that I used to play on my phone. Hero development is easy and innovative. Resources gathering is quick and simple. They really hit the nail on the head for this one I must say.
Well, some of my items were lost for no reason. I got a purple hero and when I was about to convert it to its gold version, the other purple one went missing. I guess that's it for me. I just wanted to get Hanzo.
Game sucks unless you spend money for VIP rewards . Don't spend, you stay in quicksand. Not recommended. Greed killed this game. Wish I could give "0" or "-*". Minus 5 stars.
Don't bother. Support is the worst. Pretend to listen and do nothing. I reached out because of a bug that ruined an event for me for a whole week. They are known for fraudulent practices. Like having an item in an event that you need $100 for it, just to have its counter in the next event. They don't care about player complaints, since they make thousands of dollars off of some addicted crazy player. I hope Google looks into their practices. Heard some players want to officially complain.
this app is a rip. cannot achieve the needed things even with odds in favor. from five stars to one star.
Games fun and graphics are not bad either. My complaints lye within the fact that the VIP level indicator does not show you how much more you need to progress to the next VIP level for example if I purchased a 4.99 pack would it increase by 1 level or no levels? Nothing is clear, also when do events take place if ever? Please add more events at least twice an month for a weeks length time, I have yet to even see a time indicating there will be one. Please add these few things and its 5 stars!
this game is a good one, can't deny it, i can progressed well as a free user that i can defeat some of the paid user, but the fact this game isn't a truly fair game, the more u spend the money the more u stronger, the longer i play as a free user it will take me a longer time to level up and get a stronger heroes, as i said, it is about which user paid the most to be stronger, this is why i prefer to spend money on fair play moba instead to a simple rpg, fair play is needed
not play the game in a while come back today and good to see it's still mostly about money grabbing you can get to level 60 then it turns to being very sleep to level up unless you pay game play is pretty good overall but not wasting money on a mobile game
Alright, I don't rave about games much.. I don't play many of them much anymore.. THIS GAME has REPLACED the need to play ANY OTHER GAME for the last 2 years. The character designs are sick.. The game has SO much depth and genius it occupies ur eyes and captivates the mind. Anyway.. KILLER.
Build up your clone army and climb to the top of the arena. Pretty fun game and challenging without costing an arm and a leg.
Hilarious lampoons of famous figures. Game play is fun but the arena is tough. I haven't spent much on the game and am still doing well. Like most of these game I am plateauing and kind of getting bored of the redundancy of these game. Same gameplay over and over.
Got to spend alot of money to get going but definitely a beautiful game with graphics and fun to play.
This game has too many bugs,customer service is just so horrible with no reply,you can't get any good updates from support. Money milking machines, no new inventory updates for years now...
Leveling is rough. Level 35 is basically a paywall with the steep difficulty curve. "Gameplay" is ok but basically meaningless to take any part in except to see weak points in your squad. Rewards for leveling is nice but often times it just leads to more responsibilities. Equiptment is it's own buff system with it's own upgrade system and literally any unit can have upto 5. Then there's the chip system which has it's own upgrade/leveling system and again, you can equip an increasing amount of c-
Pro: no ads, funny characters, good graphics Con: takes months to get orange, evolution system is ridiculous - need multiples for orange+ that you'll never get, progression slows to a crawl, packs are expensive, it's very grindy, no strategy, not an RPG, half the people in the guilds drop in a couple weeks and there is little interaction. At level 71 and I won't finish TapJoy offer in time - if this is your goal, don't bother unless you plan to pay.
Fun, actually can achieve end game without money, if you have patience. Recently the events are getting greedy though. So this rating may change. Rewards got better in recent event. Back to 4 stars
Honestly, this is one of the most enjoyable and addicting games on this app for me. I don't usually get hooked on to games like these, but after a while, I realize I like this one more then any other so far. I like the graphics, the characters, and overall the way the game was made and how it functions. Very addicting and enjoyable games out there! 10/10 recommend to try this you might get hooked like I did! Great game. 5 stars from me.
Addicting and I can't stop playing..I originally installed it for free dice but I keep playing long after I have to. Its not FTP but its still fun without paying
Just started the game, but so far it's pretty good. been playing for awhile now and have only a few things that I'd like to see improved. After playing for a while you have to restart because it gets sluggish. I would like to see the rewards improved as you move up and get kind of stingy. But other than that I have opened another server so now I have two different teams still playing so yay!
Overall decent game to distract yourself with. With their interface was better on one or two points and feel the performance couls be better what what the game seems to do but guess that is mostly duw to background script and such.
I really wanted to like this game, I liked the art style of some of the characters. Dumped hours into the game but it is extremely pay to win. The people who dumped the most money on my server drove me to not play the game because they basically claimed all the good rewards. They need to seriously split the whales and put them all on their own server. Was fun while it lasted...
Very unhappy Bought some addon packs spent about £200 in total over several months... then my account gets banned for what appears to be no reason? No response from customer services... If you're going to play this game don't spend money cause they may just lock your account and steal your money... fumming...
Decent game, pay to win gives you a SLIGHT edge but it isn't overpowered (alot of games fail doing this so golf clap to development team). Easy enough to pick up and characters are entertaining to see/get. I get a frequent bug where the game will take a couple sec to render then boot you off game but closing and reopening solves it so solid 4 stars!
The strategy aspect of this game is pretty good, but it has a lot of hands off controls, which kills most of the fun. My main dilemma is with the initial loading screen. It cycles through this loading phase for a few seconds before repeatedly telling me I'm offline "failed to connect to the server" (I stream 1080p movies). Most of the time after hitting 'retry' for a few minutes it will eventually load the next screen, but it's been getting worse lately and never loads at all or just crashes.
One of the best mobile phone games since borderlands on PS3. That's what it kind of reminds me of. It's great and I love challenges as well as upgrading my characters...they are all different and the graphics are on point. Just an all around amazing game...I can't believe I almost missed it. Oooh and it would be phenomenal if they had this for a ps5 game. I think this would be a too pick. Just my opinion.
The game is truly great, it has amazed me and I'm desperate to collect every single card of every color. The downside is that "the system" takes ages to load, as if it were some sort of punishment for being "offline". I expect your answer developers.
awesome game and cant stop playing but... the bounty missions are to far apart... Please release more bounty missions and more frequently...
I like this game. Reminds me of real life, in life the white and green cards are everywhere, left to our own devices we would consume them for our own gain and continuation, understand.
After the new patch I am a Currently running into major problems with the game from units randomly disappearing to equipment for units doing the same thing.Also new "feature" to select a server doesn't do anything cause only one of them keeps a halfway functional signal. I would avoid the game in its current state. Especially since some of the stuff that went poof magically was stuff I had to pay actual money for.
its easy to get high up in levels, ive been playing for 3 days without vip and i have power level of over 70,000 and im level 37
If you plan to download this game or spend in this game, don't. Developers are greedy, they don't care about players at all, just the money. It's getting worse over time
Game was kinda fun until lvl 50ish when you either had to wait for a week to get your people to a point you could progress 1 more level. Or spend money.
i spent a decent amount of money on it my friend deleted it and now it wont let me use my original account
Besides the obviously amazing art style, the comedy is 10/10. Wish there were slightly more perks as you push through the VIP lvls. Keep up the great work! These characters need a web show. Hit me up for voices if you need any. 😄
Great game, nice graphics and battles. Rated 4 stars, would have gave 5, but the characters are not very good. Needs better looking characters. I play another idle game, and 90% of the people playing the game play because of the awesome characters. It has the most hottest and sexiest characters. This game has only a bunch of fat ugly slobs...lol
Love the game. Characters are awesome. Sit and play for hours at time. Do wish that there was an option to chose attacks rather than game automatically doing battle for you. outside of that it is an exceptional game.
fun time waster. graphics are a mix of Borderlands and girlx. characters range from blackbeard to Ben Franklin and user interface is smooth. Unfortunately it's super pay to win bs.
The artwork in this game is absolutely fantastic. Only cause of that I am giving 3 stars. Everything else is just bad. Not to mention how hard is to get orange or red heroes. You can play months without just getting one. In game shop can be made a lil better,with some price adjustments. Also deals that are offered for RL money are just so overpriced. All in all, game has a big potential but it needs to become a lil bit focus on everyday players,and their needs.
Quite complex -- takes about 10 days of serious play to get the gist of it. The advanced graphics make this real eye candy, but the gpu slows down often, and might even crash your unit (you might have to root your device and tweak the gpu speed to prevent that, if that will work, even). Would pay around $20 to $22 if it were made into something for monetary competition !!! WARNING: Requires a lot of patience, for serious game geeks only!!!!
after the initial trouble opening up the game, it's all in all a good game. beautiful artwork and strategy. good job.
fun game with good graphics. came here to get a bonus for another game and now im hooked... great development guys awesome job
TERRIBLE!!! The greed on this one is astonishing. Not even worth playing to complete an offer for currency for another game if you need gold/orange heroes. Progression is show and boring not to mention the stupid events which are basically asking for more money. 0 stars if I could. Your time is better spent elsewhere.
I usually hate these clone games (they're all so similar), but this one is ACTUALLY about clones AND it's pretty decent. I enjoy the art style, the mechanics and minutia are all par for the course though. I've even been tempted to pay $5 for the grotesque caricature of Trump (it's nearly funny enough looking to warrant the expenditure). Of course there's a pay wall, at this point, can anything else be expected? Idk, it seems worth a few minutes here and there, but it's nothing too special.
I honestly enjoy majority of the game and its humor and my only dislike is the combat. I personally feel the combat could be improved upon because as of right now it is to simple and automated. Would be nice during battles if we had more control and say over clones and their actions and that battles involved more then just choosing and equiping your clones period. There are better and more fun ways to approach combat then how it is currently.
Money hungry, poor balance Devs have no idea how to balance new heroes. Tons of bugs run rampant and remain uncorrected for months. There's no customer service. If you experience any issues, you won't get help. As for end-game, you'll use (or want to use) the same team setup as the top players. There's little room for variety, despite having tons of options. The options just aren't balanced well, so there's little point to most of the units. Stay away. You've been warned!
Why a 5 star rating? Well this game kinda deserves it, this game is like half afk gameplay, u don't have to play more then 1-2 hours a day, the stuff i like about this game is the evolution system of heros and the strategies, i mean there are some heros that are much much more overpowered then the other but every hero has its weakness, there are some bad stuff like less raritys/elements and it is p2w but now days nearly every mobile game is p2w i might get bored of this game pretty soon tho
Signs you up in both Facebook and Google without permission, then freezes your email access to both. Facebook will buy Pi and somehow launch their libra coin through Pi and some of theses silly coin games may actually get monetized. Facebook and Google are fighting for the same access to free platforms, free social platforms, trading personal info for corporate gain.
The game is fun enough (although it crashes frequently), but the game support is one of the worst I have ever seen. Instead of answering your questions, they just copy paste the same standard phrases that don't solve *anything*, and no matter how many times you clarify your actual issue, they just keep sending the same unhelpful copy paste replies that they already sent you a couple messages earlier. Super unhelpful and frustrating.
Game play is about average, in-game currency/packs/powerups purchase prices are OUTRAGEOUS. Characters are the stuff of nightmares, not nice looking at all. The game loads quickly and flows fairly smoothly. Tutorial text is a little jarring and has some spelling errors...
Edit: Fun, however Recently the events are getting greedy though. So this rating may change. Rewards got horrendous for the Christmas event, officially ptw. In honor of the Chinese new year they spit on the players. The event is reworked with worse rewards than last year. Thousands of dollars needed to get decent rewards.
Well, I was actually enjoying the game as I'm a huge borderlands fan. But today for some reason the game won't load and it keeps saying "Load bundles error" and will not let me play. It's been like this all day. Not at all satisfied as I'm pretty decently far in the game....
A unique game among hero collectors. Unique caricature style animation and artwork. Heroes are few. May be 75. Still interesting. Lot of events. You have an advantage if you pay. But I'm in top 75 consistently being completely f2p. I don't know if I'll be able to make a red. But I'm enjoying the process.
So far another Rpg collector game. Always P2W if you care about rankings. Im just playing because of tapjoy to get credits for another game......
It's a pretty good game so far. Still have a lot to unlock and haven't really played it enough to tell if it's great or not. It is definitely different.
if I could,I would give this game 10 stars,no cap,this game is a great time consumer,so if your bord,an out on the go,or just at home( alone and bord),this game would be a great source of entertainment😍💯💯💯
This game's very much like clickbait but interesting enough to keep you playing, I've been playing for over a year and every now and then the events give you something to do otherwise this is a daily login to your daily events and log out type of game all in all though for what it is it's definitely not a bad game, I like it.
You're probably here from an offer wall somewhere. If you are, don't bother, it's not worth the time. This game is based on RNG rolls for characters, and all offers are based on getting a certain level character. It is incredibly likely you'll waste days trying to meet that offer's requirements and still fail through no fault of your own. As to the game itself, it's incredibly basic. Historical figures dressed up as superheroes, with automatic gameplay. It got old in about three minutes.
HELP NEEDED. my daughter deleted my game from my phone and i downloaded it again and for some reason i cant get all my stuff back my level back. i need help!!!!!
It's fun and brilliant game play so glad I dont hav eff to build and up grade fortress and trsing camps and such
i have to say 4 bc i can't get my old game back if not for that it would be a 10. great graphics, they give plenty of diamonds and always have an event going on.
Not a great game to play for free. Hard to progress unless you get VIP Levels by making in game purchases that are pretty high.
Stingy gacha game with no f2p avenues for real progress. Within a couple days of starting, all means of procuring the tokens with a (very small) chance of summoning purple or orange quality evaporated leaving a very unrewarding day routine with very few rotating events that are so unrewarding you'll quickly find yourself asking why you bother when there are so many other gachas out there that will at least provie f2p players a reasonable rate of power advancement.
The paywall was bad, but they have since increased the already overpriced microtransactions with no increase to reward. If the microtransactions were cheaper it would be less of a moneygrab but at the moment it's rediculous. They need to either mega increase the reward to make it worth it or really decrease the costs of transactions. And it goes without saying, drop rates need to be increase for purple heroes and for the red scrolls, orange drop rate needs to increase! Not a single orange drop
Your casino is rigged, ive spun it 40 times today, and evertime it slows down and stops are exaly the same, ok so my almost last token landed on the purple 50x fragment then jumped to the next square very fast. it was like a barrier around it causing me purposly to miss it. i watched it screw me i acually seen the game just pull down my pants and made me say ahh and gave it to me hard. i cant wait to get my reward from tapjoy for my other game, then im uninstalling this awful game asap
Ima give ya'll a 3 star cause it froze up on me a couple times and cause I can't see my fighters other than that this is an awesome game. Graphics 10/10 Gameplay 10/10 Controls 10/10 Experience 10/10. Fix the veiw though. Thanx
I installed a third time just to comment. I really cant say much but its never worth it for me to waste my time on this. Its not a complicated reason. Im female, and prefer female teams. Normally its random and worth the gamble, on the freeby.....chances for new recruits. But its always been gross male characters, with this. Never a single female. Just ugly males. Which i have no use for when relaxing. Maybe they happen, but...never has....and thats just bad luck. Its an easy uninstall.
Amazing game only one I play now. I have to update this because I usually spend about $10 on a game I really like and I ended up buying one of those things that you have to collect every day for a month and if you don't login that day you don't get it I usually don't buy them cuz they screw you but I did this time and I learned this game sent them to your email if you don't log in that day and still gives it to you that's amazing and I appreciate that. this is the best game out there hands down.
What's good about the game are the characters, graphics and the way its leveling system are good. But after a few missions the game gets hard fast. Dont know whether or not to call it pay to win but it kinda feels like the game pushes you to buy everything so you can win. Sucks bcuz the game itself is great...owell I guess lol.
Addictive fun and and plenty to keep you going. I enjoy this alot. Would definately recommend to others.
The game is fun and all but progression is kind of slow even for an afk game. I havent even gotten one unit of prange and ive been playing for over a week. Game just needs more options for free to play sadly. Also crashes randomly without warning or reason.
So will do I quick review, cause there is so much wrong with the game that 500 characters can't even scratch the amount of problems this game has. This game is so pay to win I don't think they could make it more so easily. I wouldn't pick this game up unless your problem is that you have to much money, I personally didn't care much for the art and the music I turned off after not even 24 hours after opening for the first time.
Originally saw this on an ad and thought why not try it out and I'm so glad I did. Its an amazing time killer and it's overall gameplay is absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend checking this one out.
Not a bad game. Graphics are stylized after Borderlands which isn't a bad thing. Only been playing for 2 days and it seems fairly straightforward if repetitive. We'll see how fast the pay wall will hit.
Excellent game! Slow pace, partially idle, and deceptively in-depth strategy game. Some comments say the game is stingy. No; this is a strategy game. You have to save your resources for their associated events to get max rewards. Game is not very explanatory-you are supposed to figure the strategy out. Don't use ANY scrolls till scroll event, for example. Only pop 10 blues at a time. You can do well as f2p with good strategy. If you do spend, the VIP system is the most rewarding I've ever seen.
I downloaded this game from Tapjoy for points on another game (I do that A LOT, lol).. I usually reach my goal and uninstall the game, but this one I'm going to keep. I gave 4 stars because the in game purchase options could be better.. like maybe give the option to purchase certain heros or at least a couple 99 cent options.. idk😅 .. also, it would be nice to know when events like the bounty missions are going start.. over all, I love Clone Evolution 🙂
Pretty cool game....just wish had more control during fights and to have an easier to understand chart for the characters and how to evolve them as well as where to get them. For example something more comprehensive and inclusive instead of how in the gene chamber(not sure if thats proper name) where it is shown like almost in a family tree type of style that is confusing and doesnt really let you know where to even get some of the clones needed to evolve.
Good game at the beginning. But recently a bug deleted the whole equipment of all my heroes, some yellow/orange sets maxed, and purple equipment of high level. I'm very disappointed with this
Poor customer support. Almost non existent. Only one person taking feedback from players and they take days to respond with terrible resolutions to issues. Do not invest money into this game.
Nice game with lots to do! Collect heroes level them up. Manual battles and idle auto battles! Arena mode, guilds, quests, achievment, some free stuff and way more. It has a special graphic design! And you unlock everything at a pace!
I do not recommend downloading this game. Seems fun enough in the beginning. This place rips off your money and provides no support for their in game bugs that are pretty constant. Spent significant money and didn't get my rewards and no response from support. If you spend money in game, you will be a victim here.
This game always has server errors. Its annoying. Everytime you start to play it kicks you out and you might be able to get play again in another hour or so.